Artisan Spirit: Summer 2014

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Our mission at ARTISAN SPIRIT is to share and celebrate the art and science of artisan craft distilling. We are humbled by the support of our sponsors. With their help, we We work with many great distillers whose passion and dedication can further our common goals to quality make it exciting to be part of their journey. For example, we of supporting creativity, helped Wilderness Trail Distillery, the first distillery in Danville, Ky., bring innovation, and integrity their Blue Heron Vodka to market quickly in our Crescendo bottle. Now, they have within the industry asked us to help build on the vodka’s award-winning image with an upgrade from PSL to ACL in-house decoration. They continue to impress us with their ability to live up to we all love so their motto, “We are not interested in making the most, just the best.” – Danielle Catley much.

TAPI USA sells to almost 300 Craft Artisan Distilleries in the United States. Across the board their drive, spirit and dedication to furthering this industry is unmatched in American business today. Entrepreneurs like Tom Mooney, Rory Donovan, Olin Sorenson and Ralph Erenzo have stepped up to take leadership roles in the industry, inspiring us to do the same. Creative people like Jordan Via, Melkon Khosrovian, Yuseff Cherney and Troy Ball push the boundaries of our supply chain, driving us to be innovative. And certainly there are a variety of characters that make the industry fun….well, you know….most of them. – Kevin Dunbar

Steve Beam of Limestone Branch. Yup, Beam, as in Jim ‘Beam’. Steve is one of the hardest working guys I know. With all of his legacy and background, he is incredibly humble, and rolls up his sleeves on EVERY activity. From working the stills, to ringing up a t-shirt, to conducting a store tasting on the weekend, Steve does it all. He is a reminder to me just how hard our clients work, and how all of us at TBSG owe it to them to work just as hard. – Scott Schiller

Craft Distilling is a great industry, with great people. What we really enjoy is helping out with the birth of so many new companies and brands, all of which will be special in some way. Getting to share the enthusiasm of fathers and sons, husbands and wives, and entrepreneurs, all dreaming about filling that first barrel, or reviving their 5th generation family brand, is what it’s all about. It is a privilege to get to be a part of our customers’ dreams. – Rob Sherman