Artisan Spirit: Summer 2014

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Grain Neutral Spirits

Consistent Quality From Batch-to-Batch

White River has some advice for how to make sure the fit is right. “We would recommend doing all of your due diligence and research on not only the distillery you are looking at approaching but the other distilleries in their area.” Making sure you and your potential partners fit in every way will be the key to ensuring both sides benefit. Brian and the team at White River both mentioned


that many meetings took place before an agreement was made, which resulted in both sides being clear about each other’s role in the partnership.


There will be many aspects to discuss before entering into an agreement like this, and covering your bases beforehand may save you headaches later. Things like where the grain will come from, who will buy it, who/where will store the product, and how the bottling will be handled all need to be considered. Company branding will depend on applicable laws (such as which of the two distilleries will be listed on the bottle) and will need to be agreed upon. Brian from Blue Flame told us that “Due to some federal laws our holding company may appear on bottles. Some situations are different than others.” And from the established distiller’s point of view, Brian also mentioned that special insurance procedures are put into place for everyone’s benefit. In this case, White River work as individual contractors, not employees of Blue Flame, and all appropriate considerations are made. White River is looking forward to operating their own distillery, and they would like their partnership with Blue Flame to evolve into other business ventures. Blue Flame echoed that sentiment, saying “we are currently looking to expand their product line, so I would imagine that we will be working together for quite some time.” No matter how their initial run of spirits fares, these two companies have found a long term partnership that will benefit both distilleries.

Blue Flame Spirits is located in Prosser, WA. For more information visit or call (509) 778-4036. Visit for more info on White River Distillers.


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