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Introducing the 2018 Artist Lineup!

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2525 Northwest Bay Road, Nanoose Bay. Public parking at Natural Gift Farms off Claudet Road. Additional parking on Stewart & Northwest Bay Roads Limited parking inside for the elderly and handicap only.

Kat Cearns Art Growing up on Vancouver Island has instilled in me an intense love for the life that surrounds us here. A naturally observant person, I find myself stopping every 20 feet on a walk in the woods or at the shore to take a closer look at a little mushroom, or the roots of a tree, or, if I’m lucky, an owl up in a branch. This appreciation for flora and fauna is reflected in my paintings. I focus on colour, movement, and light to create a story in each image. Painting is what makes me happy and I love when I can use my art to share that happiness with others.

Richard Sandstrom & Diane Spence mixed media wooden art sculptures and mixed media acrylic abstract art.

Radiant Runes

Aged and worn roots from BC and brilliant crystals from around the world. These truly unique wood/crystal sculptures bring the spirit of the forest and deep earth into your space, and magic into your dark corners. The translucent crystals are set aglow with integrated heatless LED lighting units, and plug into the wall.

Urchin Bags

Urchin Designs owner, Clare Mackinnon, loves to re-use materials otherwise destined for the landfill. Her designs are made on Vancouver Island from locally reclaimed seat belts, used bicycle tubes, scrap vinyl and upholstery material. Urchin products are eco-friendly, durable and designed for everyday use for both men and women. You will find everything from hand bags, coin purses and wallets, to wrist bands, key chains and bike accessories in her collection. Each Urchin item is handmade and unique - no one else will ever have the same wallet or purse!

Anchored by Arlene I have always had a passion for crafts and have made signs and other painted items for years for FAMILY AND FRIENDS and they encouraged me to start selling them. We started making small boat shelves and they took off. We have evolved and we now make 6 and 7 foot boat shelves... some with wine racks and some without. I also love to make things with pallets such as signs and have done lots of furniture for clients that are nautically themed. My passion is of course FISHING and anything to do with the OCEAN that surrounds us.

THANKFUL EVERYDAY for all the support from everyone for allowing me to DO WHAT I LOVE.


Janet McDonald Art THE MAGIC IS IN THE MOMENT. My mission as an artist is to remind us to seek the beauty in the moments of our lives. I love to paint people lost in a moment as this is where the energy and magic of life reside. I BELIEVE IN PROTECTING OUR NATURAL WORLD. I also paint the natural world to remind us of the beauty that we need to actively protect. Like the ripples from a stone thrown into a pond, the effect of what we do on a daily basis (or don’t do) has an impact on mother earth and her inhabitants. What will your impact be?

Janet McDonald works in acrylic and oils depending on her subject matter and objectives. She loves the buttery feel and blend-ability of oils and the brilliance of the acrylic colours and their quick-dry nature. Colour, light and texture are all elements she is especially fond of using, to support her paintings’ concepts and are strong components of her unique style. McDonald

Shiningsun Garden Works

ShiningSun GardenWorks is a metal art business that makes funky metal art for the home and garden.

The Rising Stone Studio For me sculpting is a journey the recording of a story. The sculptures seem to have a life of their own and know exactly what they want to be. I just have to carve, listen to what they have to say and try not to take too much off. In return they show me what I need to see, tell me what I need to hear. Relationships and connections are important to me. With life casts I like to see something as beautiful as the human body morph and transition into a hand carved sculpture that tells its own unique tale. Paintings are more about what I see and feel at the time. They teach me how to look for what I want to find and more importantly, that what we want to find is in us. Art is my teacher, healer and friend.

Emma Henry - featured young artist 2018 We are very excited to invite featured young artist Emma Henry from Langley to participate in this year’s Art in the Garden! Emma is only 16 years old and currently goes to school at Brookswood Secondary in Langley. My love for art started back in grade six when I decided to attempt to draw an eagle. I was surprised to find that it looked remotely similar to the photo so I kept going. I practiced and soon started to draw in colour. I experimented with oil and chalk pastels, water colour, oil paints, acrylics and even spray paint but I settled on my pencil crayons. I mostly do realism art of wildlife and animals. Some I do for fun. Some are commissions. Some for shows like this. I plan to take my art to Emily Carr and hopefully keep going.

Marlee Rae

Marlee Rae studied at Capilano College, North Vancouver where she graduated with a diploma from the Studio Art Diploma Program in 2009. She then carried on to receive a Visual Arts degree at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver in 2012. Upon graduating she has completed many commission pieces for customers and managed a ceramics studio in West Vancouver. She now resides in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island where the beauty of west coast trees, lakes, mountains and ocean views inspire her work.

Ron Stuart

I was born in Saskatchewan but moved to Calgary at a very early age. During High School I developed an interest in art and after graduating I attended SAIT, but only for 1 year. I painted some in oil at this time but I tried and preferred acrylics. Unfortunately life got in the way and it was years before I painted again. When I was 23 I moved to Victoria and for 10 years I lived there until I married, and at this time I moved to the US and I lived in Oregon for another 10 years before relocating to Banff, Alberta where I worked and dreamed about moving back to the Island. Finally at 65, I retired and a 30 year dream finally became a reality. I quickly picked up some paints, brushes and canvas and set to work painting the local scenery, some from my days in the Rockies. I am in love with the area around central Vancouver Island and along with my passion for landscaping my yard, socializing with a wonderful new group of friends I have also restored my desire to paint. I work exclusively with acrylics at the moment and try to have a showing as often as possible.

Westcoastkitsch If you align with a philosophy of sustainability, recycle-reuse-reclaim, then you are going to fall in love with Westcoastkitsch. Our art pieces show a connection to our natural coastal surroundings while maintaining the simplicity of clean design. All of our products are made by a husband and wife team (Kent and Ashley) from their home-based studio in North Qualicum Beach located on beautiful Vancouver Island. We hand paint graphic designs on reclaimed wood, create linocut prints and update tired, vintage Furniture. From start to finish, our pieces are full of so much love!

Rubius Glass Glass has captured the imagination and been used to make beautiful creations since the birth of civilization. My sculptures are a combination of my love of mythology and fantasy with my appreciation for the majesty and complexity of nature. The process of sculpting a glowing molten blob into a dryad or dragon takes patience, planning and daring enough to get up close and personal with your torch. My reward is the joy of creating new forms and

expressions in the dazzling colours made possible by the variable translucency of the medium. I also enjoy the challenge of making custom characters upon request. I am grateful for the opportunity to create each day and share my miniature creatures with the world.

In The Pines Leather In The Pines Leather developed from temporary insanity which involved a winter in a cabin, on an island, off of another island, in the middle of the ocean, with Lead belly as my company.

SpiritSong Fibre Studio

by Cara Barter

SpiritSong Studios improves the world through art and connection to universal energy. Every piece of art is infused with good vibes. True to traditional Indigenous teachings

work is done with a good heart and a good mind. We strive to enliven the local fibre market with the production of environmentally conscious fibre arts. I feel a deep connection with the land and I want to showcase the place where I live in the work that I do. The culture of the business follows the teachings of my Indigenous culture. One of the core teachings is to create with a good heart and a good mind so that only good energy goes into the product to be passed on to the wearer. Wherever possible, the raw products are sourced locally and are hand processed in a healthy way, without the use of harmful chemicals.

Sue Pyper Fine Artist Sue Pyper is a fine artist specializing in watercolour, pyrography (woodburning) and pen and ink of animals and the natural world

Paintings by Doug Doug Giebelhaus was born in Edmonton Alberta Canada. He started painting in water colors while living in Edmonton in the early 1990's then switched to acrylics shortly after. He has studied Acrylic Painting and Design at the University of Alberta. In 2000 Doug moved to Parksville, Vancouver Island, B.C. and continued developing his style as a Figurative Acrylic painter. He likes to use his digital camera to capture meaningful moments in time of people in real life situations or events and turn them into paintings. Some of Doug's influences are "John Singer Sargent" and "Pino Daeni".

Leanne Helin LEANNE was born in 1964 in the North Coast City of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. Her ancestry is rich and unique as she comes from a long line of distinguished native ancestry. Since 1991 Leanne has worked designing, producing and promoting her own line of jewelry out of her studio on Vancouver Island, BC. She creates original jewelry depicting the legends and crest of her Tsimshian Native heritage. Designs are handcarved in gold and sterling silver with great depth and detail to provide generations of wear and enjoyment. Leanne also works in copper and a small line of cast reproductions are also available.

Fiddlestick Pottery By Jackie Walker & Ruth Cook Fiddlestick Pottery started a few years ago with the unexpected receipt of a kiln. We both have gardens and decided to try making something for our own gardens, and to give away as Christmas gifts to family and friends. Requests soon arrived for more, and Fiddlestick Pottery went into production. Fiddlesticks can add interest to plants such as ferns, hostas and grasses, or can brighten up an empty spot in the garden. Ruth and Jackie

RavenSong Bath & Body By Valerie Lamirande I’m Valerie and I am the creator at RavenSong Soap. I enjoy expressing my Haida culture and travel through soap design. I believe when you begin with beautiful ingredients you can create beautiful products. RavenSong Soap is about small batches, using an ancient method that allows me to choose each natural ingredient to suit skin care benefits and desired scents. Each piece is made by hand, from formulation to blending and curing; every bar goes through a four week process. RavenSong is an award winning soap with the most recent being “Best in Show” at the International Soap Making Conference in Las Vegas and has caught the attention of Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank and As Seen on TV. 250-203-0783

K-Originals By Karin Schieber

Karin designs beautiful and unique Sterling Silver Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings, Brooches and Rings.

Yvonne Acheson Art

I am an artist, wife of a surfer/ board shaper, and mother of two boys. My family and I moved to Vancouver Island from the mainland in 2007. My love of the ocean, its amazing coastlines, and the rest of God’s beautiful creation on Vancouver Island, is the inspiration for my paintings. I enjoy working with vibrant colours, blending in curves to portray the essence of each piece.

Red Cod Forge Dave was an artist from an early age and began working with clay and drawing wildlife with pen and ink. The interest to heat steel in order to mold and ply it like clay became the focus of Dave's art. He built his first forge in 2002 and began his foray into the steel medium. Ever since, Dave has been continually practicing the ancient art of blacksmithing. Dave's hand forged work is mostly done with recycled steel. Through this medium, he incorporates marine themes with coastal wildlife to create abstract and freeform steel sculptures. Dave's works range from small one dimensional pieces to two or three dimensional sculptures, gates, railings, and functional art for use in the home and garden.

Living Earth Pottery Lightweight and refined Living Earth Pottery is created with care and intention. Katy is currently working with wheel thrown stoneware clay bodies, micro crystalline glazes, and batik like glaze patterns.

Pacific Rock Engravers Enhance your property with professional rock engraving. Engrave your address into a rock to add curb appeal, have a rock display a unique graphic or message in your garden, create a special memorial rock for a beloved friend or build a commercial sign to display your company name and logo. Pacific Rock Engravers works with you to create a timeless compliment to your home, garden or business. Pick out a rock from our yard or send us a picture of one you already have and we can engrave it onsite. The possibilities are endless! Give us a call to discuss what you have in mind.

Seasonal Decor Solutions

By Cheryl Baxter

Jewellery and decor items, all my stones are all harvested by myself .

Kees Wood Art Kees has been a Vancouver Island artisan for over 20 years . His work reflects his philosophy that function can be expressed in beauty "Art that Works " A European background and love for elegant simplicity is evident in the clean, organic lines of his designs . Recently he has been exploring tactile bird and bear shapes to celebrate BC wildlife . Kees works from his home studio in Lantzville .


By Tristen Weiss

Fun, functional, and eco-friendly! Tristen Weiss is the owner, designer, and one-person factory at mirabeans. Using upcycled sweaters and other recycled fabrics, mirabeans creates one-of -a-kind clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Her collection includes fingerless gloves, mittens, flip-top mittens, arm and leg warmers, hats, cup cozies, aprons, and more. Each item is unique and handmade with attention to detail, colour, and originality.

Mike Rebar Stone Sculpting Mike started sculpting in sand stone and cement in 2000 and was introduced to stone carving in 2001 by fellow sculptor Ian Howie. He sculpts local granite and marble he harvests from various sites on Vancouver and Quadra Islands off the west coast of British Columbia. His sculptures and garden art are held in private collections all over North America. Mike sees the integral form of each piece inside the stone, then works with both traditional hand tools, carbide chisels and diamond blades until his vision emerges. Fine details are achieved with hand files followed by wet and dry sanding to complete the process. He creates free form and realistic designs that continue to evolve as the stone is worked. His pieces range from 6 inches to 6 feet high and reflect a west coast theme. The body of his work embraces natural themes emulated in powerful freeform designs, birds, seals and orcas. Visitors are always welcome at Mike’s studio and gallery located at his home just off of highway 19A north of Parksville BC.

Ethan Taylor Designs

By Ellen Atkinson

Only She Who Attempts The Absurd Can Achieve The Impossible

To say that we are a product of our environment is very true for me. I was born in Williams Lake and grew up on a hunting lodge in the interior of B.C. My dad, a hunter, was a man of few words but with a true talent for creating and improvising. I watched him work in his tool shed, a memory that I still hold dear. My mother, who would sew our clothes, can our food, cook and clean (without electricity or running water) still had time to read aloud to my father every afternoon. Both unknowingly taught me to use what you have, make what you need and take time for family. I have done many trades and crafts but Sterling silver is my home. I keep a photo of my dad beside my bench to keep me grounded and as a reminder of where I came from. I am grateful each and every day for what I have and what I can give. Each piece I create is one of a kind, made with love and full of spirit.

Email. Or Cell 250-713-2231 Vernon, B.C.

Michelle Kennedy Being a mainly self-taught artist, Michelle is not limited by adherence to the rules of traditional art and composition.

Not knowing what her constraints should be, she has none besides those she places on herself - namely to create in an environmentally conscious manner, and to learn from others as much as possible without veering from thoughtful emulation of their practices and processes. She has attended the Calgary School of Art with a focus on abstract painting, and completed certification to teach the daSilva Method™. She has curated group and solo shows in Calgary's Art Central. Michelle has always been a creative soul and cannot imagine a life without learning, growing, and creating art.

Phillips Pottery My earliest memories of clay come from playing with the beautiful blue clay found on our farm in south eastern Ontario. Years later, in 1986, I took my first pottery class with a guild in Beaumont Alberta and was hooked! When we moved to Airdrie Alberta. I was fortunate enough to have Greg and Lori McRitchie of Mudslide Stoneware as neighbors. Greg's pots are still my standard for "quality control". In 1992 our family moved to the Parksville and Nanoose Bay area on Vancouver Island. My work has since progressed and diversified from strictly functional pottery, to include more creative pieces fired in Raku, Tozan, electric, gas, and wood-fired kilns. All pieces are individually hand thrown on a Shimpo wheel or hand built from slabs and extrusions. Consistent quality workmanship is found in the glazes and pieces for those that like to collect completed sets. Currently I am a member of the Nanaimo Potters Guild, past-president of the Arrowsmith Potters Guild located at the Parksville Train station. My work can be found at "Pyromania Pottery", a store located behind the Coombs Country Market in Coombs B.C. just outside of Parksville, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Beads of Joy By Wendy Maurer

Beads of Joy are hand-crafted glass beads made in my home studio. All my beads are kiln annealed to ensure they will last many lifetimes. The inspiration for these beads comes from the colors in my garden, the lush forests that surround our community and the ever changing ocean outside my windows. The form and texture of foliage, the light on the water, the lines of intersecting shadows, the hues of sunrises and sunsets, a drop of rain on a leaf - all create joy in my heart and make me happy. I hope you find my beads interesting and they make you feel good when you look at them. As a self-taught artist I am on a continuous learning adventure and I am blessed with time, energy and wonderful people to support me as I follow this adventure. Wendy Joy

For more info call 250 752 1604 or email: wendy@beadsof

Wander Among the Wildflowers By Sandra Scott

Handcrafted earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made from nickel free antique brass. Accented with Swarovski crystals and pearls.

Phoenix Gallery Phoenix Gallery exclusively presents the work of Dragonfly Pottery and Glaskrafter Art Glass, located in their Lantzville home/studio gallery. Jane Murray-Smith's ceramic work features unique and eclectic raku, horsehair and feather as well as high fired functional stoneware. A member of the Nanaimo Pottery Co-op, Comox Valley Potter's Club and the Mid-Island Potter's, her work can also be found in Pyromania Pottery in Coombs.

Christopher Smith has been making fine stained glass, sand carved, fused and kiln cast glass art since 1977. His recent work is an exploration into the luminous and transcendent aspects of cast glass sculptures focusing on life sized salmon and trout swimming through undulating steel river grass.

Driftwood Magic

Island driftwood that is hand sanded and finished with oil verathene. Driftwood made into lamps, tables, grass arrangements, candle holders, wall mounts, and table center pieces.

Whether it is painting around the pond, building bird houses, flower arranging, clay, or crafts, Bumble Bees Creative Studio provides a fun creative environment. Offering afterschool art classes for children & adult workshops.

Look online for this summer kids & adult Workshop! The studio is located on a 10 acres family farm at 2525 Northwest Bay Road, same location as the Nanoose Bay Art in the Garden. Fall Art Program scheduled to begin this September 2018.

“As a Graphic Designer, design arts and crafts have always been part of my life. Growing up in a talented artistic family with our own art studio & wood working shop, gave me experience working with wood, paint, clay and glass. This past 5 years has been a wonderful experience teaching and creating my art studio here on our property. I look forward to many more evening workshops and an additional after school class. Lesley Seselja

Susan Boutillier Art I have always loved art in all of its forms, from fabric and mixed media, acrylic, oil, watercolour to my new love of fluid art. Fluid art originates with the early 20th century artist David Siquieros who called his discovery "accidental art"- art that plays with the effects of fluid dynamics. My art reflects what I see in nature, from forest moss and lichens, to ocean colour and movement, the changing sky from sunrise to sunset.

I love the unpredictable movement and colour that fluid art presents. No two pours will ever be exactly the same. Each of my pieces is truly unique and one of a kind. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do creating them.

Esther Sample Artist

As a boat builder's daughter, and having commercial fished for a decade, I am never far from the sea. The west coast has been a great source of inspiration and passion for me, and my creative expression of my life's experiences are crafted in oil and acrylic paint. With meticulous realism I strive to share my deep connection with our natural world. I want you to feel like you can walk or jump into my painting and have an adventure right there. I am primarily self taught, yet ever the student as I paint every day. The discipline of daily work allows for inspiration and growth each time I sit at my easel. Esther Sample-Artist

ROY HANCLIFF PHOTOGRAPHY Roy Hancliff has become a world renowned in-flight bird photographer, you can find his work in art galleries, wildlife magazine covers, and on the internet. Below is a little bit about Roy in his own words. I was born in Oxford England. My first real camera was Nikon F2S with a photomic head, longer ago than I care to remember. I moved to Spain in 1985 with my wife Sharon for a better climate and simpler life. Photography took a back seat as we carved out a living. We finally moved to Canada in 2003, settling in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. I now had the time to dedicate to my passion of photography that had been put on hold for so long. I chose to concentrate on birds in flight as they have always intrigued me. I wanted to capture the beauty of nature that is not normally visible to the naked eye. Even Birds that we consider to be common and uninteresting come into their own element when wings are frozen in mid flight. I often find myself sitting in a hide at temperatures of -15 C trying to capture that all important shot. Or in the case of the Hummingbirds +35 C with sweat running down the backs of my legs but I would not have it any other way. I study their flight patterns and feeding habits for hours to determine where they will come into the frame, every bird has a completely different approach as they feed. I think it would be fair to say that whatever the shot ,it is calculated and taken in my mind before I even begin. I hope that you enjoy my site and it has given you a different perspective into Bird and Insect in- flight photography. "This has given me the opportunity to challenge myself further and branch out into some Seascape photography".

Biscotti Di Notte & More

Biscotti Di Notte is a biscotteria located in Chartwell, Qualicum Beach, B.C. which retails and wholesales homemade "Italian inspired Island approved baking including but not limited to, biscotti, pizzelle, shortbread, muffins and cake,". Biscotti Di Notte (which translated means "biscotti of the night" because I bake at night when my children are asleep) bakes each batch on stone "con amore". Established in 2004

Biscotti Di Notte & MORE

nan.c designs

Nancy Wesley (nan.c) is a creative contemporary felt designer from the Cowichan Valley. Trained as a graphic designer at the Ontario College of Art her works shows her love of line and clean simple design. My process begins by hand dyeing wool roving to create my colour palette inspired by Natures’ myriad of shades. I then combine needle felting techniques with the ancient methods of wet felting to create my line of art, toys and home décor. My mantra of ‘create -encourage-inspire’ guides me as I teach many students how to felt and also create felting kits so everyone can enjoy my favourite art form.

I have been involved with dogs almost my whole life. I accidentally became an artist after someone who claimed to be an intuitive employment counselor told me that I should be painting. At first I thought he was nuts, but it stuck with me and I took a few art classes. When a class on how to paint your pet's portrait was cancelled, I thought to myself "I can do this". So I painted my l abrador on a wooden plaque and hung it on his pen at his agility trials. As a result, I've been privileged to paint many lovely pups, a few cats and a horse. I enjoy painting all animals and the beautiful Vancouver Island scenery.

Sugar Shack Cupcakes, Cookies, Coffee & more...

Amy Fuchs

Amy is a 12 year old student at NBES who has been busy creating art since she could hold a pencil. She especially loves pencil sketching, watercolour painting and sculpting. When she's not making art, she keeps busy surfing, rock climbing, skateboarding, writing, playing her ukulele or building yet another vending machine.

Affinity Stone Jewelry & Design By Debra Kasprick

At Affinity Stone Jewellery & Design, I strive to create beautiful, freeform gemstone pieces using a mix of metals and leather. My styles range from very dainty and feminine, to truly rustic, with an organic feel. My designs are very abstract and sculptural. I let each stone as I hold it, dictate the flow of the design, so the end result is a unique, one of a kind work of art to wear, every time. I love to work with my clients to create something unique and meaningful using stones they have hand picked from their travels, or special affinity stone combinations they have chosen for their birth sign. I look everywhere in art and architecture for inspiration and am obviously influenced by my life partner Dave, and the metal medium I am surrounded by! As my designs are always evolving, each year is an exciting and fresh experience in creativity!!! Debra

Gulf Island Cribbage

I make my cribbage boards from driftwood because I believe that most things can and should be reused or recycled .Driftwood has always fascinated me, there is so much unknown history behind each piece of wood. Where did it come from? How long has it been at sea? How old was the tree when it came down? So much to think about and I think that adds to the magic of each individual board that I make, each one has a story. Beached wood will always be there, always replenishing itself after stormy nights. You could say Driftwood is my one true love, but I wouldn't tell that to my partner .

Things Janice Makes

By Janice Hofman

I have been making things since as long as i can remember, i did my first craft fair at the age of 11, and was hooked ever since. Beads and Jewellery were my original passion / obsession, and in the last 3 years I have rediscovered the joy of painting and journalling.

The Heron Guy

I first began woodcarving as a way to keep busy after retiring but after completing my first bird, I was hooked. I studied in Ontario under various carvers for many years before relocating to the island in 2003. Since then I have been an active member of the Oceanside Carvers. I enjoy carving ducks and birds and of course, my families of garden herons. Gibson Abbott

Vintage Redesigned

By Lindsay Spreeuw

My earliest memory of sewing is sitting on Nana's knee and "helping" her sew aprons, I've been creating art with fabric ever since. Using time worn patterns and repurposing vintage linens into a wide variety of items has become a passion of mine. From baby quilts and stuffed pigs to tea towels and tote bags ,all my products are inspired by the past.

Larry Stuart " I am an accomplished artist working in various media and have been producing art since achieving my degree in Art from the University of Calgary in 1983. I have works in both private and corporate collections such as Pan Canadian Petroleum (Encana) and Esso (ImperialOil) . My works include architectural renderings , portraiture and images of the west coast of Canada where I now make my home . I enjoy working in graphite , oils , watercolours and have recently started working with silverpoint and goldpoint. “ Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.“ Claude Monet I am always searching for images / ideas, looking for the contrasts , the play of light and shadows on objects or the play of one colour against another . It can be the arrangement of the pebbles on the beach or a rocky outcrop stretching into the sea or tonal values in a wave . I only want to show the way in which I see the world around me as any artist will do . DON’T pass by what many deem as “ordinary” - STOP , WITNESS AND APPRECIATE the intricacies of the movement of light and colour in the simplest of things …..

Gwen Spinks & Maxx Duncalfe Gwen Spinks—I have been collecting and selling art and working with artists most of my adult life. It wasn’t until November of 2011 when artist Sheila Norgate put up a blank canvas and said “just throw some paint on it”. Well, … I had no idea that was the beginning of a whole new career. I work with acrylics on canvas … and I love everything about it. I love using palette knives to create rich textures, rags to create moods & contrast, brushes to … well, the rest!

Maxx Duncalfe - I love form and function, the West Coast and the softness of felted rocks. Maxx has called Vancouver Island home for over ten years now. In 2011 she started felting, making animals & gnomes for her granddaughter, which were a big hit of course! Now she has mastered creating seamless cushions and ottomans that emulate the rocks from the shores and rivers of the west coast.

Dragonfly Design

by Barb Creber

Wire wrapping pendants and hand knotted necklaces

Photography by Randy Hall Randy Hall is a Vancouver Island photographer specializing in nature photography, whether it is capturing natural settings such as seascapes or forest landscapes or the plants and animals that inhabit this part of British Columbia. Randy considers himself a landscape photographer first, but also an opportunistic wildlife photographer. “My photos are my interpretation of works by a true master…Mother Nature”. Randy has developed a style that shows enhanced colours and contrast. When many people think of contrast, they think colours and tones. There can also be contrast in content. An example of this can be seen in some of Randy’s early morning images of Parksville Bay. Towering or threatening clouds can instill the feeling of unrest, while the calm waters of the bay say serenity. “It’s this type of scene, and the incorporation of weather, that interests me the most”. Randy is a resident artist at Studio 2 (Side Door Studio) at The Old School House Arts Centre in Qualicum Beach. You can also find his work on his website:

Cute But Stupid

by Amy Baxter

Beach Pebbles Studio Each pebble is individually selected capturing the majestic beauty from the west coast and inspired by the love of nature. The one of a kind Creations are embellished with various unique and natural findings from the most beautiful beaches of Vancouver Island. Sharon specializes in personalized pictures and custom work.

by Sharon Beatch

Qualicum Clothworks Roxanne Bouchard

I am a person who absolutely LOVES what they do. I love to create patterns and sew. I love mixing dyes and coming out with new colour combinations and designs constantly. I really enjoy making beautiful, comfortable clothes that make women of all sizes feel and look beautiful. It is very satisfying to have as many happy customers as I do. It means happy customers that look beautiful in clothes that will last a long time and look as good when they are old as they did when they were new. I want the clothes to be as comfortable as your favourite old sweatshirt, but make you look dressed up. I make clothes that make you want to wear them all the time. I start with high quality fabric and I finish with fine, professional details. I keep the garments simple in design with shapes that flatter, and colours that WOW.

Bryony Beads

Twisted Lane Home DĂŠcor "A twist on style" By Christine Bryant

Taking unloved furniture and creatively turning it into that special piece for your home.

Jill Carr-Hilton

Jill was exposed early to art, as her mom was an oil painter. She has been creating art for many years, but only in the last decade has had the time, and space, to spread her wings. Largely self-taught, she has attended a number of workshops over the years, especially ones that are held deep in the woods immersed in nature, or offer free wine. While living in Asia, Jill developed a love of Chinese Brush Painting and the simplicity of composition common to many of its styles. Our friends the trees, and oceans, make frequent appearances in Jill's acrylic works, as she is fond of abstracting their form to evoke a sense of natural tranquility. Recently she has embarked on a series that is inspired by rocks and crystals; the sparkle of geodes and agates is mesmerizing! A Jill-of-all-trades, she embraces a variety of mediums, and will strive to learn techniques until the day it's time for her to relocate to that studio in the sky.

Broken Fish Studio By Lynn Farwell & Stacey Wright

Broken Fish Studio opened as a pop up artisan gallery and working studio in the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island, in November 2016. It is the home of fused glass artist, Stacey Wright, who shares the creative space with painter Lynn Farwell. Broken Fish exhibits the work of other Comox Valley artists, currently featuring the abstract expressionist paintings of Loretta Busch.

Kealy Art Team Designs By Jai and Val Kealy

We design whales, birds, bowls, vases and other things that spark our imagination out of wood, stone, and leather. We have tools and carving supplie too. We are glad you came to visit us. If you would like something custom made, please let us know.

Strange Bird Studio


Katherine Moore

Strange Bird Studio creates curious and eclectic kiln formed glass that is sold in locally owned shops on Vancouver Island. Strange Bird Studio

Judy Mojo Art I am a Mixed Media Artist living on Gabriola Island, B.C. My art comes from a place of healing and growth. I am inspired by the compassion and love I feel for humanity, nature and all living beings. I have

a heartfelt desire to reach people through my art by spreading the

message that we are all connected and equally deserving of love. My wish is that my art speaks to you in ways that leave you with a warm feeling of connection and love.

Shambles Jewelry Design Born and raised on Vancouver Island I cannot remember a time when I was not crafting and creating. I grew up in a family where every weekend was an exploration of a different part of Vancouver Island and every evening was a chance to knit, sew or flip through craft magazines for more projects. I learned and explored through macrame, knitting, cross stitch and beading to find my passion for working with metals and making jewelry. I love the shapes and textures you can create and there is challenge and discovery with every piece I work with on my bench. I love to find beauty in the imperfect and the unique and I am grateful for every day.

Clay Roots Studio

My pottery works are inspired by the soft colours found in nature. The textured creations have an aged and organic appearance. They are hand built and slab rolled using a hand carved press mould to create a three dimensional effect. I hand draw on every surface and hand paint each creation in a watercolour style with underglazes. All pieces are highlighted in a 3rd firing with real gold. From plates to platters, bowls and tiles, I am inspired to create new themes and new collections every year. No two pieces are the same. The high-fired stoneware is also functional with food safe glazes . Linda de Beeld Clay Roots Studio

Knot by Hand


Tide Line Gallery

“Glass is my answer. It is my path. It is only when I am creating that I feel like I am going in the right direction in life. You might think it’s the intense heat, the beauty of molten glass or the rush of completion; but that’s only part of it. Making allows me to express myself through process, design and sometimes even the finished product. Glass is a challenge, the process is rather cathartic, enjoying the freedom and control the glass has over me. I am forced to push limits and sometimes explore the medium on an unconventional level which just makes my job creating that much more satisfying. Sometimes I leave the studio feeling defeated, but every other time I leave feeling empowered and content.” ~ Toni Johnson

Ernie Kudrick Custom Leather

Ernie Kudrick learned to work with leather from a saddle maker during the years that he lived in northern B.C. All his products are hand stitched using the traditional method of two needle stitching. His specialty is custom crafting knife cases, bags, belts and leather jewellery.

D.F. Gray Gray’s pastels are impressions of the moment. Born in Vancouver B.C., he has worked in soft pastel since 1975. Always painting from live models.....always 'en plein air' when painting the landscape. I have work in Art for an Oil Free Coast travelling exhibition also featured in the documentary ‘Reflections, Artists for an Oil Free Coast’. My work can be seen in the book ‘Artists for an Oil Free Coast’, on the cover and in ‘Far and Near Horizons, places of interest’. www.

Painting...a gathering of the senses." "I paint from life....of life " D.F. Gray

Aldas Art Studio

ALDA SAUNDERS received a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Art History from a university in the United States, at which time she pursued her childhood interest in painting and drawing as well. Alda moved to Canada in 1993 and has since been able to rekindle her love of painting, particularly in watercolours, acrylics, and oil pastels. She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, a past member of Art 10 Gallery in Nanaimo, B.C., the Nanaimo Art Group, the Nanaimo Arts Council, and the Ladysmith Waterfront Arts Council. In more recent years Alda has also developed an interest in metalwork, especially silversmithing, and also lampworked glass bead making, for making jewelry. Her designs are one of a kind, mixing mediums, and not mass produced. Alda says that putting glass to a torch is like painting with molten paints, and the light within a gemstone is every changing. Her workshops for these art pieces are also in her Nanaimo, B.C. studio.


The voice of the universe as it relates to me‌ as it turns out, it is held in a graphite pencil. I am a Vancouver Island native, born and raised in the Comox Valley. As a self taught artist, my art is inspired by life, animals & nature. Expanding my portfolio with more prisma colour pencil and water colour pencils added to my drawings is proving to give me very satisfying results. I hope to create something that is clear of noise and stirs an emotion or a memory... with only my pencils. To date my best compliment has come from one small girl, "I want to draw like her Mom" ‌ if you just want to be inspired to draw... come see me I can help you with that.

Hot Rocks Jewellery Hot Rocks Jewellery, by Susan Stevens, is Jewellery With a Story to Tell! Susan designs jewellery by repurposing forgotten treasures from the past into original designs, for fashionable, eclectic women, that appreciate the story behind the design! Creating and collecting have been a part of Susan’s life since she was a young girl, in London, England. As a child, Susans past time was to collect and trade buttons, rhinestones and pretty beads, with her schoolmates. That was the beginning of what she is now passionate about. Her love of antiquing, and collecting time worn treasures, is combined with her passion for creating unique jewellery. Vintage keys, antique book latches, old coins, medals, antique thimbles and metal tags, are some of the things Susan repurposes, into beautifully, wearable jewellery pieces.

www.hotrocksglassjewels.etsy .com

Creative Spirit Glass Bead Studio Wendy is a Hot Glass Artist from Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, BC. She started her journey into glass bead making in 2002. Her beads are made by melting Italian glass rods over a 2200F propane/oxygen flame. The molten glass is then wound onto a stainless steel rod, called a mandrel. By using heat, gravity and a variety of tools, a bead is born. Wendy finds working with a substance that is molten one minute and solid the next very technically challenging yet liberating for her “Creative Spirit”. She then anneals her beads to remove all the stresses from the glass thus strengthening them; making them more durable in her jewelry. Wendy uses only the finest components such as sterling silver, bali silver & swarovski crystals. Wendy feels very blessed to be able to create these pieces of “wearable art” each one with its own unique personality. Spirit Glass Bead Studio

FaeGarten Clay How I ended up retired and playing in mud!

I have always loved drawing, arts and crafts, anything like that as far back as I can remember. I got my first introduction to clay in high school art and knew I found a medium I loved! I had no opportunity to explore it further until I was a mom at home with my daughter and signed up to join a pottery club. While I enjoyed the wheel work, I loved the freedom and creativity available with hand building. Once a week at the club was just not enough to satisfy my creative urges, so I started doing dough art at home. I started selling the dough art pieces at the farmer’s market and that expanded to bigger and bigger craft sales until it was a full time job selling retail and wholesale.

The Candy Empire By Hayley Bennett The Candy Empire, a small batch confectionery on Gabriola Island, brings mouthwatering handmade candy to your local farmers markets and special events. thecandyempire

Funky Fungus Creations

Hand thrown functional pottery adorned with flora and fauna from local forests.

Cherry’s Stained Glass


She Sells Sea Shells

Lisa Alexander Has been making whimsical wind chimes for 18 years, many feature shells from local beaches that she hand picks and combines with beads, beach glass and wood to create beautiful pieces of art.

Keeping Afloat Kim Naylor was born and raised in Prince Rupert on the north coast of British Columbia. Her maternal grandfather was a fisherman for over 40 years and collected glass fishing floats. Kim inherited her fascination with the precious spheres from him. Keeping Afloat began with the repair of one of her grandfather's floats over 24 years ago and the rest, as they say, is history. Mostly self taught, her work is always evolving and although it is a bit of a cliche to say the artist's work is ocean inspired, in this case it truly is. Kim now lives on Vancouver Island and is never far from a beach.

Brian's Pottery Creations By Brian Bagatto

The Craft Room

By Janice Roberts

We love working with our clients to create something custom and exciting whether it's custom mugs, home decor items, a special design for a birthday, invites for a wedding, or a printed onesie for that new special addition. Contact us with any special orders questions or wholesale inquiries. Looking forward to hearing from you, xo Janice

JK Beadworks

By Jodene Kilner

Hand loomed beaded bracelets consisting of glass beads, vintage beads and buttons, Czech glass beads and buttons, leather, bamboo, linen and much more.

Kathryn Galvin

Original Watercolours, Handmade Dolls

Island Rustic Creations We specialize in just about anything made out of WOOD! We have ready to sell pieces, and can also do custom orders! Thanks for checking us out!

Rea Harfield The natural beauty of Vancouver Island really inspires me. My jewellery is hand fabricated using ancient techniques such as fusing, granulation, engraving, and repousse. These combined with modern processes such as salt water etching and a rolling mill help create the depth and texture I see in nature. The iron pieces fused with high karat gold, silver, gems, pearls, and even pebbles from the beach, are incorporated to add to their uniqueness. My silver jewellery is made with multiple layers of textured silver sheet which are fused together. 18 to 24 karat gold is added for extra richness. Harfiel

Pattiann Withapea Fine Art I began painting late in life. Just over a year ago, I couldn't even draw a stick man. Seriously, nobody ever wanted me on their team in a game of Pictionary!! I participated in an art/painting class with a small group and I was instantly hooked, however, I couldn't devote any real time to painting until August of 2013. Since then, I have been experimenting and learning and thankfully, people have been commissioning me to paint for them. I am so grateful that I am able to sell my work so that I can pay for my art supplies and continue to follow this path of creativity. One of my friends calls it a, "Midlife Debut"...which is much more fun than a midlife crisis!! lol I have loved animals all of my life and painting them in a way that captures their spirit, with a bit of whimsy, is my objective. I do not aspire to become a, "photo-realism" artist. If you would like me to paint for you, please message me here on this page and I will happily paint your pets or just about anything else that you may wish to have captured on canvas. I feel a tremendous buzz each and every time that I pick up a paint brush‌it has become my true passion.

In Vintage Style I love to create from my extensive collection of vintage linens, buttons, fabrics, belts........well anything vintage really. I create in the traditional vintage style, but often add a little boho!

My Noisy Boys Designs Caroline Storie is a Brit, who moved to the Cowichan Valley nearly 13 years ago. She lives in a little blue house that came with a cat and added her noisy family and barky dog. My Noisy Boys Designs is a creation of art works made from a mixture of stitched thread, paint, paper and fabric. Caroline tries to capture feelings and show them in simple, quirky illustrations that she hopes make you smile and feel brighter about your everyday. Her work is sold as original pieces, prints, calendars and cards.


G&L’s Fabulously Funky Creations Gord and Lisa Strain are the people behind G&L’s Fabulously Funky Creations, the originators and the Artisans creating the work. A lot of our work is inspired by the natural beauty and magic that surrounds us here on Vancouver Island. We wanted to provide others with pieces that were

unique, interesting, one of a kind creations and that were affordable to everyone. We have also added pieces that utilize the idea of up-cycling or repurposing of old items, turning them into new pieces, thereby saving them from a date with a landfill site. Giving them a new life. We love the idea of the pairing of vintage items with natural finds, creating innovative, new one of a kind pieces. We have been doing creative work since moving to the Island over thirteen years ago. Our work is a one project at a time process, making certain that every creation completed is a unique, one of a kind piece to enjoy.

The Coombs Old Time Fiddlers

Old Time Fiddling is a music genre and has nothing to do with age as we have fiddlers from pre-school age to many in their 90’s. In fact the very best way to have the music we love live on after us is by involving youngsters. One of the best ways to get youngsters involved is in the school system. A good way to promote fiddling is by asking to hear more of it on either TV or radio. There is an app. called “CBC music” that is available through itunes. This is a free little app that works on either your computer, ipad or your smart phone. The app. features music genres of many different types from classical to hip hop. The CBC is receptive to hearing from people if they would like something added and I have asked them to include a fiddle stream – I got a response saying, they will if and when they get enough requests! If we want to hear more “Old Time Fiddle Music” then the best thing to do is be proactive. You can contact CBC and let your request be known at: Radio Music It doesn’t have to be long and complex a simple request for a fiddle music stream on “CBC music” would be all you need to do. Throughout the province the BCOTFA is comprised of 13 active branches. Most branches have weekly music jams; many hold monthly old time dances; some host annual fiddle contests; others feature jamborees; most host concerts featuring nationally recognized fiddle stars, and at least one branch hosts monthly Contra dances.

Marimba Jangano

"Marimba Jangano is a youth African music ensemble. Jangano consists of 9 marimba players, all between the age of 10 and 15. After forming in 2009, Jangano has been mentored and developed by the leadership of marimba instructors/performers Jasmine and Fahlon Smith. Marimba Jangano plays traditional Zimbabwean music on traditional Zimbabwean marimbas (a large wooden xylophone). In the five years of playing together, Jangano has played at numerous events such as Kidfest, the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay, and the Maple Sugar Festival, just to name a few. Jangano has recently been focusing on expanding their repertoire, and flourishing as young performers. This energetic, joyful group has a rhythm that will keep you dancing!"

Patricia Plumley

Peter Mason

"Well lets see, I am as old as my tongue and little older than my teeth, I have been singing, playing and having fun since my first words, my music is Most definitely not canned and covers a variety of style and influences and I look so forward to being part of the Art in The Garden this year"

Mackenna Jardine MacKenna Jardine is 15 years old and is currently finishing grade ten. She enjoys being a dancer, writer, artist, singer, pianist and ukulele player. She was born into a family full of musicians and artists, and has always been inspired to work hard. Musically, she is completing her Royal Conservatory Grade 6 piano exam this year. She taught herself to play the ukulele when she was eleven years old and is now working on learning the guitar, by teaching herself new chords and strumming sequences. When MacKenna was younger, she took singing lessons, which helped when competing in musical theatre dances and in Parksville Idol, where she won first in her age category. For dance, MacKenna has been dancing for 13 years now at Innovate Dance Arts. She is enrolled in the Intensive day program which involves more than 13 hours a week in the geres: jazz, ballet, modern stage, tap, contemporary and improv. Every year her group competes at the North Island Festival, Upper Island Music Festival and Core. Next year she is hoping to do solos in her favourites, tap and lyrical jazz, making her eligible for BC’s Provincials. In the past she was chosen to be the stage and ballet provincial alternate and has won bursaries for her solos.

Mackenna likes performing and has been fortunate to take part in Kidfest, the Knox Fall Fair, the Seniors Drop-in Centre and Art in the Garden in 2016. She is looking forward to growing as an artist and taking her music to another level.

Iris & June - Salt Spring Gelato I’m dreaming of salted caramel, Belgium chocolate, mango coconut, key lime pie, so many more...omg it’s GELATO time!

Mr. Potato Baked potatoes with great toppings baked in an English oven. Tornado fries, chili dogs, battered mushrooms and zucchini. Great for catering and events.

Tayrex Food Truck

Tay Rex is not just about the food. We are all about giving you an awesome experience of enjoying fun appetizers that are sure to satisfy your appetite on.

Nanoose Bay Art in the Garden Committee:

See you soon!!

June 23rd & 24th 2018 2525 Northwest Bay Road, Nanoose Bay, BC

10am — 4pm

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