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ON F LY IN TH E SALT American Saltwater Fly Fishing from the Surf to the Flats

A Groundbreaking Initiative by the American Museum of Fly Fishing

An important exhibition documenting the history of saltwater fly fishing in America The American Museum of Fly Fishing has embarked on an innovative and comprehensive effort to bring the history of American saltwater fly fishing to audiences across the country. Saltwater fly fishing is a natural progression of the Museum’s mandate to document the evolution of the fly-rod sport through art, craft, industry, and conservation. As the repository for the world’s largest angling collection, and to augment its most recent conservation initiative, the Museum is perfectly positioned to present a visual exploration of the history of saltwater fly fishing from its European origins to its current fast-growing popularity.

The initiative will compile and document historical records and artifacts important to saltwater fly fishing On Fly in the Salt traces the sport’s progress through artifacts from its collection and the personal collections of individuals and organizations. Major themes include: »» The evolution of tackle and equipment »» Pioneers of the sport »» Major fisheries and the conservation efforts made to protect them »» Fine art, literature, and craft inspired by saltwater environs »» Regional events that influenced the sport throughout the country

The exhibition will engage audiences through a full range of visual media In addition to interpretive displays, fine art, film, and audio, visitors will access a virtual exhibition through the Museum’s website and interactive kiosks powered by iPads. The online exhibition presents an expanded archive of artifacts, films, and documents with rich background information of interest to sportsmen, historians, and the public.

The Museum will collaborate with featured venues to present regional histories The exhibition will include sections focused on local fisheries, people, history, and events. These displays will be compiled in collaboration with the featured venues. Each venue will work with AMFF to develop one display panel highlighting their selected focus.

Please contact us by phone at 802.362.3300 or email

Photograph courtesy of Barry and Cathy Beck

The American Museum of Fly Fishing is seeking both participating museums and supporting sponsors.

Saltwater Fly Fishing is the youngest, most challenging blood vessel in the body of worldwide fly fishing. Coursing with the adventure of travel, technical equipment, and fish that could stop a freight train, it could only be chronicled by the American Museum of Fly Fishing. The record of the pioneers, contributors, and anglers will now be preserved thanks to the Museum’s watchful eye. k

Flip Pallot

A Rich History on Display Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Lefty Kreh, Beulah Cass, Bonnie Smith and Frankee Albright, Early engraving of fishing scene, Dan Blanton’s Sunset Whistler Streamer, satellite tracking fish migration, Bill Curtis’ original platform boat, Long Key Fishing Camp circa 1917, Dupont ‘s revolutionary nylon fishing line

An interactive, informative, and inspiring exhibition On Fly in the Salt will be the most innovative and engaging exhibition developed on the sport of saltwater fly fishing. Curated and designed by AMFF, the installation will appeal to audiences of all ages and walks of life. This is just a small sampling of what museum and online visitors will enjoy:

Discover the personalities who lived the sport »» Watch and listen as saltwater pioneers recount their history and memories »» Watch videos that bring the champions of the sport to life »» Hear stories of conservation organizations and restoration projects »» Get to know people such as Stu Apte, Jimmy and Frankee Albright, Flip Pallot, Bob Stearns, Lee and Joan Wulff, Bill Curtis, Dan Blanton, and Russell Chatham

Learn how innovations in technology advanced saltwater tackle and equipment »» See the development of high-strength and corrosion-resistant tackle »» Hear how Lefty Kreh created his popular Deceiver fly »» Learn about the development of watercraft

Photographs courtesy of Ben Estes (top row, right) and Dan Blanton (second row, right). All others courtesy of AMFF archives.

Understand the role of environmental and fishery conservation »» Learn about conservation organizations such as the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Coastal Conservation Association, Stripers Forever, International Game Fish Association, and American Sportfishing Association »» See how fishery statistics have helped marine scientists protect coastlines and estuaries »» Learn about satellite tracking devices used to monitor fish migration

Marvel at the unique wonders of the sport »» Experience colorful stories directly from the legends »» See how innovative tiers design flies to attract enormous fish »» Watch historic video clips »» Learn why fish migrate by the thousands »» Discover why striped bass traveled by train across the country

The research, planning, and design for On Fly in the Salt is currently underway. We invite your participation.

Opportunities for museums Institutions in coastal regions with a saltwater fly-fishing tradition are encouraged to consider becoming a host museum for On Fly in the Salt. Benefits include: »» Opportunity to present a first-class exhibition in your facility

Photographs courtesy of Seline Skoug / Artifact

A call for collaborators and supporters

»» AMFF will collaborate with your staff to develop an exhibition display featuring saltwater fly-fishing history in your state/region »» AMFF will work with your staff on federal and national grant applications »» Your museum will benefit from national press and cross-marketing For further information, contact: Cathi Comar, AMFF Executive Director

Opportunities for collectors, historians, and scholars We are seeking individuals with ties to the history of the sport who would be willing to provide stories, documents, and artifacts for the exhibition. Areas of interest include: »» Stories of people who lived the sport »» The history of conservation organizations and materials »» Early equipment (flies, rods, etc.), historic photos, documents, movies, and art For further information, contact: Yoshi Akiyama, AMFF Deputy Director

Opportunities for sponsors and donors There are many ways to support the initiative, from making a donation to becoming a sponsor. Options include: »» Become a national sponsor of the exhibition »» Support the project with a financial pledge »» Host a reception or outreach campaign »» Make an in-kind donation of goods or services For more information, contact: Sarah Foster, AMFF Development Associate

For further information The American Museum of Fly Fishing P.O. Box 42 Manchester, Vermont 05254 802.362.3300

An attractive, informative, and interactive museum installation On Fly in the Salt is a visual and dimensional traveling exhibition accompanied by an online component accessible through iPads, smartphones, and computers.

As the definitive authority on the history of our sport, the American Museum of Fly Fishing is uniquely qualified to bring this exhibition to the public. k

Lefty Kreh

The Mission of AMFF The American Museum of Fly Fishing is the steward of the history, traditions, and practices of the sport of fly fishing and promotes the conservation of its waters. The Museum collects, preserves, exhibits, studies, and interprets the artifacts, art, and literature of the sport and uses these resources to engage, educate, and benefit all.

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Photograph courtesy of Barry and Cathy Beck

The American Museum of Fly Fishing

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On Fly in the Salt  

This illustrated prospectus was written and designed for the American Museum of Fly Fishing. It promoted an upcoming exhibition on the hist...

On Fly in the Salt  

This illustrated prospectus was written and designed for the American Museum of Fly Fishing. It promoted an upcoming exhibition on the hist...