ARTiculAction Art Review 2015 Biennial Issue

Page 168


Alwina Heinz (Germany)

Every painting and picture has his own universe. For me its interesting to show the very depth of a choosed small piece of the world. Like for example: When I imagine how is to be a black hole in the universe, I really can feel that this condition is inside me too. So all science-in particular the natural you can find in the human and his behaivor. In the pictures "Clean the plate" and "Heavy on wire" you can see the strong gravitation. Nothing can get out of this. But there is more in this picture- I create a hole philosphy in it which gives me wisdom throgh painting. With my pictures I reduce situations to their essence, bringing the message of a situation to light. My painting is concerned with the experience in different situations, in which the obvious is extracted and the subtle, not obvious, is highlighted. This results in parables and patterns that can be transferred to other situations. For me I see a decryption of the situations for the viewer it is an encryption.

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