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2000 - 2010

GREETINGS FROM THE MAYOR: On behalf of City Council, I would like to extend sincere greetings to all Steveston businesses, residents and visitors. Now in its 26th year, Steveston Villager Business Directory continues to serve the Steveston community. The Villager is the only publication dedicated to the promotion of Steveston businesses, and is an integral part of this vibrant community. It is a welcome and valuable resource for all who use it. One of Richmond’s many gems, Steveston has something to offer everyone. Visitors are often pleasantly surprised at the richness of offerings in this quaint seaside village. Both historic and picturesque, there are trails, dykes, natural parks and gardens, and a wide selection of amenities. One can stroll along the docks, purchase fresh seafood directly off the local fishermen’s boats, enjoy the area’s fine cuisine, visit a museum, or shop the unique galleries and boutiques. This summer, the Steveston community will once again be celebrating its annual Steveston Salmon Festival. A well loved tradition since 1945, the Steveston Salmon Festival is a wonderful opportunity for the entire community to gather and celebrate Canada’s birthday while at the same time, welcome visitors from other parts of Richmond, the Lower Mainland, and the world. Best wishes to all the contributors and users of the Spring 2012 issue of the Steveston Villager Business Directory.

Malcolm D. Brodie Mayor



GREETINGS FROM JOHN YAP, MLA As your Member of the Legislative Assembly for Richmond-Steveston I would like to offer greetings to all the residents, businesses and visitors to Steveston. The Steveston Villager has a place on the coffee table in the welcoming area of my office. The publication is easily recognized and frequently read by constituents and other guests who want quick, accessible information on Steveston. It is a wonderful resource to have available and I would like to offer my congratulations to all associated with the Steveston Villager on their 26th Anniversary of serving the people of Steveston Welcome to Steveston and I hope you enjoy all that our special community has to offer!

John Yap, MLA Richmond-Steveston



Keep Your Smile in Shape Providing dentistry that is caring as well as professional. New Patients are Always Welcome! Dr. Doug Nielsen

Dr. Michele Nielsen

Family And Cosmetic Dentistry




Digital X-Ray One-Appointment Crowns Nitrous Oxide Sedation Invisalign Smile makeovers


Come in and see us: Monday, Tuesday, Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm Wednesday, Thursday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Saturday 8:00 am - 2:30 pm

3951 Steveston Hwy (corner of No. 1 Road)


Follow us on

Map #5 AY EVERYDPM 6 M 4P l d Specia Early Bir

Caesar's restaurant serves the freshest ingredients available using fresh herbs, cheeses, fresh seafood and extra virgin olive oil.




professional service with exceptional results o u r t e a m m e m b e r s a r e p r o f e s s i o n a l , r e s p e c t f u l a n d m o s t i m p o r t a n t l y, people you would be comfortable having in your home or business

interior & exterior painting kitchen & bathroom renovations tenant improvements general contracting & project management floor installation & finishing Woksafe BC & general liability insurance solid references

for inquiries or a free estimate, please call

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Spray Tanning Premium Tanning Units Exceptional Service 6PDUW 7DQ &HUWLÂżHG

Reader’s Choice Award

604-295-6410 #110 - 3591 Chatham Street, Richmond BC, V7E 6S2


Best Tanning Salon in Richmond for 2010! Map #20 VILL261202

A Gem of a Place By John Yap MLA for Richmond-Steveston

I’m sure we all say it every single day. “I love Steveston.” I believe Steveston is the gem in the crown of the Lower Mainland. Its beauty, history, community spirit, attractions, and wonderful people constantly make me feel lucky to live here. All of the above qualities also contribute to another great aspect of Steveston – its outstanding business community. I worked for twenty years in banking and financial planning, so I have a keen appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit and hard work needed to make a business thrive. I can honestly say that Steveston’s business community has these qualities in spades. Our small business people put everything they have into their businesses, and helping small business to succeed is one of the most important reasons I got into politics. I chose to run for the BC Liberals, because it is a party that understands two very important things. First, small businesses play a fundamental role in creating jobs and building strong communities. Secondly, government’s role is to support this sector by reducing lowering taxes and reducing red tape. On the tax front, we have cut the small business tax rate from 4.5 per cent to 2.5 per cent – a 44 per cent reduction. We have also more than doubled the small business tax threshold from $200,000 to $500,000 – an increase of 250 per cent. All of these tax measures keep more money right where it is needed – in the bank accounts of smallbusinesses so it can be used to make them grow. We have also worked hard to reduce red tape, which Finance Minister Kevin Falcon described as “the silent job killer” in a recent interview with Global BC Noon News. Since 2001, we have taken on this job killer by reducing regulatory requirements by more than 42 per cent. On January 17th, this government’s work in reducing red tape was recognized by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) when they gave B.C. an “A” on their Red Tape Report Card. British Columbia was the only province to get an “A”. Now, this is all well and good, and I’m proud of this government’s record of helping small business. However, none of what we have done matters without the entrepreneurs who act on their dreams, who have the drive to keep pushing and overcoming obstacles, and who work so hard to make their businesses survive and then thrive. Steveston is blessed with a great many of these entrepreneurs who see all that Steveston offers – its beauty, history, community spirit, attractions, and wonderful people. These entrepreneurs build their businesses around these outstanding qualities, making Steveston an even greater place in the process. Steveston truly is a gem of a place.



Building your child’s brain! he human brain consists of two parts, the left and the right hemisphere. The left brain is used in logical thinking and analytical processes. This is the part of the brain that is developed through math, reading and science. The right brain is used in emotional perception, intuition and creativity. It is the right brain that is mainly used when a child is involved in creative endeavors such as music, art, drama or dance. For the brain to work efficiently, the two hemispheres of the brain must work together. By stimulating and exercising the right hemisphere of the brain, the arts strengthen the connection between the hemispheres. Children should be exposed to the arts as their cognitive skills mature so that their right brain will be as developed as the left, and both hemispheres work in tandem, thus achieving the full potential of the mind. In addition to the physiological benefits of the arts, there are also many practical life skills that your children will learn from good quality arts programming. They learn to: ‡ 7KLQN FUHDWLYHO\ ZLWK DQ RSHQ PLQG ‡ 2EVHUYH DQG GHVFULEH DQDO\]H DQG LQWHUSUHW ‡ ([SUHVV IHHOLQJV ZLWK RU ZLWKRXW ZRUGV ‡ 3UDFWLFH SUREOHP VROYLQJ VNLOOV FULWLFDO WKLQNLQJ VNLOOV ‡ 'LVFRYHU WKDW WKHUH LV PRUH WKDQ RQH ULJKW DQVZHU PXOWLSOH SRLQWV RI YLHZ ‡ &ROODERUDWH ZLWK RWKHU FKLOGUHQ DQG ZLWK DGXOWV ‡ %XLOG WKHLU FRQILGHQFH EORVVRP DQG H[FHO HYHQ LI WKH\ KDYH SK\VLFDO emotional or learning challenges ‡ 'HYHORS D VHQVH RI FUDIWVPDQVKLS TXDOLW\ WDVN SHUIRUPDQFH DQG JRDO setting ‡ 'HYHORS OLIH VNLOOV VXFK DV DQ LQIRUPHG SHUFHSWLRQ DUWLFXODWLQJ D YLVLRQ PDNH GHFLVLRQV GHYHORS WKH DELOLW\ WR LPDJLQH ZKDW PLJKW EH DQG DFFHSW responsibility to complete tasks from start to finish. The Arts Connection has offered quality arts education in the Steveston community for 23 years! Check out our wide variety of programming for children of all ages beginning at 6 months ‌



Through creative expression, children develop fine and large motor skills, concentration, language and social skills and an understanding of rhythm and pitch. Our creative and talented teachers specialize in working with young children and developing inquisitive and artistic learners! F I R S T S T E P S I N A R TS Ages 2 and 3 BABY’S FIRST MUSIC Ages 6 months months to to 5 years years PARENT AND TOT ART COMBOS Ages 12 - 30 months months

THE ARTS CONNECTION 604.241.0141 #170 - 3900 Steveston Hwy.



“WE CATER TO COWARDS!� Emergencies, Hygiene and Prevention, Fillings, Cosmetic Bonding, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Implants, and Laser therapy.

Dr. James Cadigan DMD

. .

Ample free parking Wheelchair accessible Dentistry for ages 1 to 101 New patients welcome!

Dr. James Cadigan, DMD 604-271-5622

211 - 3740 Chatham Street, Richmond, BC V7E 2Z3 Fax: 604-241-0693







The vision? Steveston becomes a dynamic economic, experiential and heritage hub for all citizens, whether they live there or are simply visiting for a few hours.

What? A Steveston Development and Heritage Corporation to: > serve the public > harness Steveston's potential > act as champion of a vision > plan, coordinate, promote > steward and develop public infrastructure, properties and events > stimulate business investment > preserve Steveston's unique character and heritage

Why? > To maintain the synergy among all of the players, public and private, that makes Steveston an attractive destination and experiential hub for residents and visitors. > To be more nimble and responsive to emerging opportunities. > To be able to develop long-range plans that are beyond current political mandates. > To leverage public assets and their revenue potential, to provide long-term sustainable funding to re-develop, revitalize and maintain those publicly-owned assets. Today, public funding to maintain those assets is indeterminate at best. > To develop a physical master plan for Steveston's built form that protects the heritage and character that makes Steveston unique and responds to realities of current and future changes.

How? > A not-for-profit corporation, with the rights, powers and privileges of a natural person, owned by the City of Richmond, acting as an agent of the public, carrying out a public mandate in a private-sector environment. > A corporation that provides oversight and direction with a mandate to maximize assets to ensure their self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability. > A corporation that can incur debt, serviced by revenue created from the public assets, to finance public projects. > An umbrella body that forges partnerships with existing community organizations, businesses and others. > The City of Richmond and the Government of Canada would each lease on a longterm basis their assets to the Corporation, with lease terms specifying the obligations and rights of both parties. > The Corporation would enter into management and service agreements with other parties and enter into sub-leases, management agreements and other memoranda of understanding with third. Who? > A high caliber Board of Directors, with Board members selected for their specific competencies rather than their representation. Between seven and eleven people. > Chosen by a Selection Committee: 1 City representative; 1 Federal Government representative; 1 Steveston Community Society representative; and 1 person elected by the other 3. The scope? > Long-term physical planning for the 8 Waterfront Neighbourhoods



> > > > > > >

Infrastructure development Property management Business development Community use of public space Community event management Heritage promotion Financial management and planning for long-term financial sustainability

What assets? The scope of the public assets that the Steveston Development and Heritage Corporation would manage includes: > Scotch Pond Historic Moorage Site > Garry Point Park and moorage pontoon float > All of Steveston Harbour Authority's waterside assets/infrastructure and upland real estate assets > Parks Canada's Gulf of Georgia National Cannery National Historic Site > Steveston Museum and Japanese Fishermen’s Benevolent Association buildings > Steveston Tram and tram barn > City-owned Moncton Street property (Imperial Landing) > City-owned Imperial Landing public waterfront walkway and piers > City-owned Imperial Landing water lots > Phoenix Net Loft > Britannia Heritage Shipyard > Branscombe House > United Church Manse (Steveston Hwy and Railway Ave house) > The Number Two Road Pier > London Farm Please email your comments to or

GEORGE’S TAVERNA 130-3760 Moncton Street, Richmond, Steveston Village

(604) 275-5502

Over the past 10 years, George’s Taverna has become a staple in Steveston; with its central location, its quirky history and of course with its great food and service. We hope to welcome you to our restaurant soon, and if you have already visited us, then we hope to see you again! Yiasou! (Greek for "Cheers")


HOUSE SPECIALS Roast Lamb__________ ______$11.95 Mousaka___________________$10.95 Lamb Chops (2______________$10.95 Kalamari (Squid)_____________$10.95 Above served with Greek salad, rice, potato & pit

Take Away Delivery To Hotels, Office, Home

Open from 11:00am - 10:00pm



Let us revisit the existing plans from 1976 – attached are plans for Steveston Harbour Development prepared by the Small Craft Harbours Branch of Fisheries and Oceans

Hi Everyone, Attached are plans for St eveston Harbou prepared by th r development e Small Craft Harbours Bran and Oceans Ca ch of Fisherie nada in Oct. 20 s 08. This is a the "Initial" St follow up to eveston Fishin g Harbour eva by the Small luaton produc Craft Harbou ed rs Branch, Ju In 1976 this wa ne 2, 1976. s one of five proposals co harbour re-de nsidered for velopment. Th e other four a bridge across proposals req the east end uired of Steveston Steveston Is Channel to us land as a sand e hauling site. Se was an econom lling river sand ic incentive. Ho wever, Stevest objected to de on residents stroying the isl and and truck No. 2 Rd. ing sand down Now, in 2012, there is an ec onomic incentiv the Steveston e to close of Channel at ea f ch end from river in order direct flow of to reduce the the amount of sil channel. Dredgin t deposited in g the channel the every few years of dollars. W hat was dubb co st s millions ed the environ 1976, as it pres mental option erved the east in end of the isl preferred optio and, is now th n. e However, 35 ye ars have gone by. It is time community an fo d all three lev r the Stevest els of governm on the proposal ent to get behin and make it ha d ppen. Cheers, Harold

Please pass th is on to others who may be int erested.



Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site of Canada OUR HISTORY Along the banks of the lower Fraser River in the boomtown of Steveston, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery opened its doors for business in 1894. That was during the free-for-all days of the salmon canning industry and soon “the monster cannery� boasted hundreds of workers producing over a million cans of salmon every year. Each canning season brought together a diverse mix of workers, usually of First Nations, Chinese, Japanese and European origin. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery was representative of an industry that was one of the Province’s largest employers and whose work force laboriously churned out one of the Province’s principal export commodities. Over the years, the hordes of people manually canning salmon gave way to rows of high-speed machinery. For the Gulf of Georgia, the price to pay for these advancements would be a diminished role in the canning of salmon, as the last can of sockeye rolled off the production line in 1930. Instead of canning salmon, the Gulf’s new role would be as a salmon receiving and trans-shipment point within the large network of canneries being marshalled by its new owner, The Canadian Fishing Company. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery remained quiet during the 1930s, but with the outbreak of the Second World War in Europe the Cannery was revitalised by an onslaught of new capital and expansion in anticipation of a new enterprise, namely herring. New machinery and an army of workers produced case after case of canned herring in tomato sauce, the major source of protein for allied soldiers and civilians struggling overseas during the war. Herring canning became an industry-wide endeavour and alongside it grew the business of herring reduction, that is, the transformation of herring into protein rich oil and meal for animal feeding purposes. The end of the war meant the end of a market and the end of herring canning in British Columbia. For the Gulf of Georgia Cannery,herring reduction would become the predominant activity by the late 1940s. The rise of this industry is reflected by the growth of the Cannery complex which saw three successive waves of expansion before the herring reduction industry was crippled by overfishing and government closure in the late 1960s. By the 1970s, a new market emerged in Japan for British Columbia herring roe and this ensured that the reduction operation at the Gulf would run once more. However, the new roe industry generated only a small amount of raw material for reduction, as catches formerly in the hundreds of thousands of tonnes were limited by regulation to the low tens of thousands. By 1979, the cost of operating the Cannery’s ageing reduction equipment became too much and the reduction plant was closed. The buildings would serve as a net loft and storage for The Canadian Fishing Company’s seine boat fleet and the era of transforming the Cannery into a museum would begin in earnest. Throughout its history, West Coast fishing has helped fuel the economy and enrich the social fabric of B.C. This vibrant heritage is justly celebrated in Steveston, which was and remains an important centre of the West Coast fishing industry. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is now a National Historical Site owned by Parks Canada and operated by the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society. In 2011 the Society celebrated its 25th anniversary with a gathering for all who had been involved in saving this important part of Canadian history.










Greenmommy’s purpose is to provide new mothers and fathers with natural, organic, safe choices for themselves and their babies. We each have differing views on the world in which we live, but as loving, caring parents, we all share in the need to do what is best for our children. Greenmommy is based on this belief and is committed to introducing new parents to natural, organic and safe choices through our network of partners. When you register with Greenmommy you’ll be introduced to healthy choices for you and your baby through FREE and PROMOTIONAL OFFERS extended by our partners that share in the need to do what’s best for our children. Greenmommy will continue to search for and share natural, organic, safe choices for you and your baby – that’s our commitment to you. PROMOTION CODE




The Cover Page “Loading For The Morning Tide”


“I painted this before if was a national historic site, and I sat on the foundation committee to save and develop the site. I wanted to create a feeling of how the waterfront would have appeared at the end of the season, when sailing ships would fill the harbour to load the pack of salmon in one-pound tins or salted down in brine and barrels. Here, the night shift continues to load a ship destined to sail on the morning tide.” John M. Horton

10% Off Coupon #110-12240 2nd Ave. Steveston, B.C. V7E 3L8


Map #16



If looks as if artists never retire. But


John Horton’s lifelong love affair

with the sea and maritime industries is readily apparent in his paintings and his lifestyle. John cruises B.C.’s coastal waters and observes keenly and recreates on canvas the life, the history and the industries which have arisen from the sea around our coast. He is a scrupulously realistic painter whose works embody tecnical mastery, a discerning eye for detail, and accuracy of representation. John’s natural feeling for the sea is complemented by his profound sense of history and sensitivity to the many moods and subtleties of which the sea and marine life is capable. Mr. Horton’s works have become part of many international private, corporate and public collections (Ralph Westmark - ‘Playboard Magazine’).

A Shaft Of Light

In 2009, John was invited by Winchester Galleries to paint a “Venice Exhibition”. This meant going to Venice to gather sketch material and experience the “ feel ” of this fabulous old city. He has attempted to paint Venice as he had seen it - in perhaps a new light – not just the tourist view. While some paintings are historic others illustrate the working crumbling fabric of today’s Venice.

Beside The Ponte Dei Pueni

Romance In Venice



John M. Horton C.S.M.A. F.C.A. Marine Artist

Winter Sun Over The Bacino De San Marco | | 604-943-4399

Record Store

. New CDs . New DVDs . Records . Posters . T-Shirts . Richmond's

.Basic Tax Preparation .Electronic Filing .Established Since 1993

Only Music Store The Beatmerchant Record Store 160-12240 2nd Ave, Richmond (Steveston Village)

R obel Income Tax Service


Providing Affordable, Quality Tax Services for over 15 years

Please call Elly at 604-241-7595 or email

Map #6



Saving for your child’s education is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. It takes planning, patience and people you can trust. Education savings plans from Knowledge First Financial * have helped thousands of Canadian parents make the most of their education savings – creating a world of possibilities for their children.

Get started today.

Peter Chan Sales Representative Knowledge First Financial

Direct: 778-867-3800 Office: 604-248-2450 Email: Website: * Knowledge First Financial is a registered name of Knowledge First Financial Inc.

AP564 09/2011

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HAIRDRESSERS AND BARBERS Alen’s Golden Scissors Amy’s Hair & Beauty Studio ARRZ 2 Ask Hair Studio A-Styles Hair Salon Gentlemans Chair Barber H2O Hair & Nail Co. Hair by Lenny Inter Beaute Haircare Salon Minato Hair Design Remark Hair Design Salon Six Shades Hair Salon Ship n’ Shore Steveston Barber Shop Tender Loving Hair Unicutters

604-274-4247 604-277-8229 604-272-0041 604-241-8600 604-277-4883 604-241-9793 604-241-5593 604-241-1755 604-275-7708 604-271-1100 604-250-9245 604-204-0564 604-274-2224 604-272-4822 604-277-7815 604-271-5464 604-272-4247

Fusion Fitness Studio Gemini Fitness Inc. Geoghan Spa Healing River Acup. Centre Jazzercise, Page 28 LA Lifestyles Health & Fit.Consul. Lightheart Healing Lulu Family Fitness Natailia’s Spa Pangaea Clinic of Naturo. Med. Papillon Spa Paradigm Shift Martial Arts Studio Past Tense Massage Therapy Psychic Readings Studio - By Angela Radiant Tanning Salon, Page 4 Raintree Day Spa Serendipity’s Backyard Shinka Martial Arts Shizen Wellness Steveston Mass. Therapy Clinic Steveston Qigong Steveston Village Yoga Steveston’s Nails Salon & Spa Tao Day Spa Turning Point Thera.Mass. Clinic

HOME, OFFICE DECORATING & SERVICES Acme Rental Centre 604-271-3014 1-877-777-5458 Men in Kilts NeunDesign 604-724-0747 Steveston Painting, Page 4 604-818-0733 Style Studio West 604-271-9730 The Little Contractor 604-329-8337

HERITAGE SITES / COMMUNITY / SERVICES GROUPS Britannia Heritage Shipyard NHS 604-718-8050 Com. Arts Council of Richmond 604-241-2790 Finn Slough Heritage Society 604-274-0057 Gulf of Georgia Cannery NHS 604-664-9009 London Heritage Farm 604-271-5220 Richmond Food Bank Society 604-271-5609 Steveston Community Society 604-718-8080 Steveston Farmers Market 604-718-8094 6WHYHVWRQ 0XVHXP 3RVW 2IÂżFH Steveston Rotary 604-277-8882 Steveston Salmon Festival 604-718-8094 604-939-5774 Vancouver Wooden Boat Society HOLISTIC, HEALTH, WELLNESS & FITNESS 12th House Healing Arts 604-271-4325 B&D Spa 604-304-9005 Basic Nature 604-271-1142 Body & Health Sports Nutrition 604-275-9200 Cool Secret Spa 604-803-5359 Curves 604-878-8000 Focus Pilates 604-551-6593

604-275-1110 604-304-9119 604-241-4556 604-277-5550 604-813-3990 604-644-5564 604-240-7406 604-204-0333 604-204-0333 604-275-0163 604-271-7717 778-297-7870 604-272-9995 604-447-3404 604-295-6410 604-274-4426 604-275-1683 604-275-5425 604-271-1906 604-272-2747 604-346-2050 778-229-3692 604 284 5178 604-277-9821 604-275-4641


JEWELLERY Juvelisto Rockabout Gems

604-241-7376 604-271-2070

LADIES & MEN’S CLOTHING & SHOES Bare Basics Beau Monde Souvenir & Gifts Elves Embroidery From Seeds to Fashion Irish Fancy Jet Lag Boutique Lulu Island Designs Seas On Shore Stepin’ Out Steve’s Board Shop Treasures Boutique VIKA Intern. Atelier Boutique

604-271-5330 604-275-7969 604-275-8191 604-277-3676 604-272-1101 604-277-3331 604-275-0558 604-271-5822 604-304-0602 778-297-7422 604-275-7119 604-271-4696

LAWYERS AND NOTARIES Henderson Livingston Stewart John Skapski Patricia A. Fleming Sara Levine, Barrister & Solicitor Sharen Janeson Tammy L. Hoolsema, Notary

604-241-2855 604-274-2526 604-277-0177 604-351-5917 604-272-5171 604-275-0070

MARINE AND HARDWARE Rod`s Building Supplies Steveston Marine Hardware

604-277-1191 604-277-7031

LIQUOR STORES Shady Island Cold Beer, Wine & Liquor Store


MEDICAL & RELATED SERVICES Always There For You Home Support

604-271-4427 VILL261202

Dr. B. Peters, B.A.K. Dr. Cheryl Nagle, MD Dr. G. Bernadette Yuan, MD Dr. Jack Kliman, MD Dr. Jane Donaldson, MD Dr. Kee S. Leong-Sit, MD Dr. Peter Quelch, MD Dr. R.AJ.E. Carvalho, MD Dr. Robert Baker, MD Dr. Sebastian Howie, MD MCI Medical Clinics Inc Steveston Village Ortho/Spts Physio Clinic Pharmacies & Labs Medicine Shoppe, The, Inside Back Coverr Steveston Pharmacy Steveston Pharmacy SuperGrocer Pharmacy Life Labs

604-275-9776 604-274-6644 604-277-9577 604-277-7166 604-277-7166 604-275-6652 604-277-7166 604-277-7166 604-277-7166 604-277-7166 604-276-9550 604-241-0933

Steveston Community Police Station Steveston Waterfront Prop. TravelBoecker W.L. Dueck & Co. Welcome Wagon

604-713-2323 604-274-3393 604-338-9211 604-448-0200 604-940-0177

REAL ESTATE SERVICES Louwin Property Management 604-207-9316 Macdonald Realty-Cynthia Chen 604-279-3838 604-250-4555 Macdonald Realty-Dolores Werk Macdonald Realty-Esnie Shum 604-842-2626 Macdonald Realty - Harris First 604-295-4091 Macdonald Realty - Jody Copple, Page 13 604-295-4091 604-275-3567 604-271-2820 Meisterman Appraisals 604-271-7177 604-271-2820 Quality Home Inspections Ltd. 604-880-8083 604-271-2820 Remax - Brenda Q 604-218-1412 604-271-2722 Remax - Diane Cardoso 604-341-8368 604-271-1712 Remax - Larry Biggar Remax - Lynda Terborg 604-250-8676 604-737-8865 Remax - Rob Viccars MEMORIAL SERVICE 604-240-4837 Steveston Passages 604-720-0841 Remax - Sean Lawson, Inside Front Coverr Remax Westcoast - Deb Robson 604-328-3507 Remax Westcoast - M. McCaffery 604-307-9722 MUSIC, DANCE & PERFORMING ARTS Arts Connection, The, Page 7 604-241-0141 Steveston Real Estate Sales Ltd., Inside Front Coverr 604-274-7326 604-802-0292 Beatmerchant, The, Page 19 604-204-0044 Sutton Group - Ryan Beggs Berke Academy of Dance 604-271-1271 RESTAURANTS & BEVERAGE SERVICES Steveston Folk Guild 604-272-9294 Bakeries and confectioneries World Of Music And Arts 778-297-5505 Cake Art Inc. 604-271-8865 Candy Aisle 778-995-6883 OFFICE SERVICES Candy Dish 604-277-6866 Island InK Jet 604-273-8863 Chocolate Lover Cakes 778-297-5955 Total Package Computer 604-241-4000 'DPLHQœV %HOJLDQ :DIÀH /WG Page 28 604-304-2884 'DPLHQœV %HOJLDQ :DIÀH /WG Page 604-241-9134 Diplomate Bakery PRINTING, PRE-PRESS & MULTIMEDIA SERVICES Heidi’s Cookie Creations 604-270-2709 Amark Printing 604-272-2849 Outpost Mini Donut, Page 17 604-448-0005 Artico Communications Group Inc. 604-275-9452 Sinfully The Best, Inside Back Cover 604-272-2655 Horizon Multimedia 604-275-4525 Steveston Bakery 604-271-3656 Print in Motion 1-778-869-6666 The Steveston Cookie Company 778-297-1597 Steveston Villager, The 604-275-9452 The Sweet Spot Bakery 604-271-8865 Typographika Words and Images 604-448-1980 Coffee, Espresso Etc. Beans and Beyond CafÊ 604-277-2687 PET SERVICES AND SUPPLIES Blenz Coffee 604-272-8700 Bark n’ Fly 604-277-4686 Robusto Cigars and CafÊ 604-448-5485 Richmond Dog Walking 604-785-1476 Starbucks Coffee Imperial Landing 604-204-0288 Little Paws Animal Clinic 604-241-7387 Steveston Coffee Company 604-275-1983 Meow & Bark Avenue 604-271-3647 Waves Coffee House 604-448-9283 SPCA Education & Adoption Centre 604-277-3100 Casual Steveston Veterinary Hospital 604-274-9938 Alegria CafÊ & Giftware 604-274-1215 British Home 604-274-2261 PHOTOGRAPHY Cimona CafÊ 604-275-3753 Artisan Photography 604-278-0252 Cottage Tea Room 604-295-8946 Brechin Maclean Photography 604-277-5787 Fisherman’s Boot 604-275-9343 Sandra Steier Photography 604-277-7437 Mary’s Italian Ice Cream 604-277-8210 The Lighthouse Photo Studio 604-644-8907 McDonald’s Restaurant 604-513-0378 Mondo Eatery & Burger Bar 604-275-8355 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Oasis CafÊ 604-270-3552 EHL Consulting Inc. 604-512-6749 Pierside Deli 604-448-0071 Erl’signs 604-250-3958 Saras Ice Cream 604-644-4176 Hon. John Cummins, MP 604-241-8452 Shady Island Seafood Bar & Grill 604-275-6587 Jefferson’s Dry Cleaners 604-271-8223 Steveston Cannery Cafe 604-272-1222 John Yap, MLA Richmond, Page 19 604-241-8452 Steveston Dairy Queen 604-277-0646 Kim’s Electronics 604-241-6544 Steveston Hotel Restaurant, 604-277-9511 Mardon & Campbell Insurance Ltd. 604-274-9971 Subway 604-274-8850 Miloush Adv. Mobile Welding 604-272-4225 Timothy’s Frozen Yoghurt 604-275-7547 Minato Village Cleaners 604-274-7313 Chinese/Asian 604-288-2688 Kari House Malaysian Restaurant 604-275-5274 Nu-Tech Systems 604-271-9222 Timmy’s Kitchen 604-275-1112 3DFL¿F 1RUWKZHVW 3ODQQHUV Zen Fine Chinese Cuisine 604-272-2777 24 VILL261202

Convenience & Grocery Stores 7-Eleven No. 1 Road 604-271-1811 7-Eleven Steveston Hwy 604-271-9817 Golden Apple Farm Market 604-448-9918 Minato Food Mart 604-271-7732 Pavels 604-271-3635 SuperGrocer & Pharmacy 604-271-2722 East Indian La Tandoori Restaurant 604-204-0077 Sanjay’s Foods Ltd 604-241-9344 Fine Dining Blue Canoe Waterfront Rest. 604-275-7811 Charthouse Restaurant 604-271-7000 Steveston Seafood House 604-271-5252 The Point Restaurant 604-277-7118 Greek George’s Taverna, Page 11 604-275-5502 Kisamos Greek Taverna 604-277-5626 Italian Big Bite Pizza 778-297-4404 Domino’s Pizza 604-275-1133 Correli’s Restaurant 604-272-7264 Mama’s Pizza 604-271-6400 Paesano’s 604-270-9252 Panago Pizza 604-310-0001 Steveston Pizza Co. 604-204-0777 Timbuktu 604-274-0012 Japanese Ichiro Japanese Restaurant 604-277-1150 Le Nakamura Japanese Dining 604-204-0023 Tokyo 10 604-279-8802 Village Sushi Bar 604-271-1067 Yokohama Japanese Restaurant 604-271-8896 Mexican Little Mexico Cantina 604-272-5123 Pub’s, Bistro’s, Wine Bars Buck and Ear Bar and Grill 604-277-9511 Caesars Bar & Grill, Page 3 604-274-1268 Gudrun Tasting Room 604-272-1991 Mandalay Lounge & Steakhouse 604-628-2500 Mondo Eatery & Burger Bar 604-275-8355 O’Hares Pub & Bistro 604-241-8513 Shady Island Pub 604-275-6587 Tapenade Mediterranean Bistro 604-275-5188 Organic Food Products Nirvana Organics 604-272-0115 Seafood, Fish & Chips Dave’s Fish and Chips, Inside Front Cover 604-271-7555 Pajo’s At The Wharf 604-272-1588 Pajo’s Garry Point Park 604-204-0767 Pats Galley 604-277-1812 Seaside Marketing 604-329-2484 Shady Island Seafood Bar & Grill 604-275-6587 Sockeye City Diner 604-275-6790 Services with Food / Beverage Bayou Brewing Club 604-274-9463 Heringers Old Fashion Meats 604-274-6328 Imponderable Vent. Garlic Farm 604-271-1645 604-277-7873 Pure Water Shoppe, Page 28 South Harbour Fish & Gifts 604-277-3008 Steveston Farmers Market 604-718-8080 Steveston Fish Shoppe 604-277-3135 Steveston Landing Fish Co 604-275-4746 Steveston Pure Water 604-272-8850 Steveston Seafood Auctions Inc 604-272-5520 Steveston SuperGrocer 604-271-2722 Steveston Winemakers 604-275-9463 Veggie King Market 604-274-8816

SPECIAL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, SPORTS Centre Line Stables 604-275-5463 Kaymaran Adventure Tours 604-271-5544 Steveston Bicycle 604-271-5544 Steveston Water Taxi Services 604-720-0841 Village Bikes 604-274-3865 WHALE WATCHING / ECO TOURS Steveston Seabreeze Advent. Vancouver Whale Watch

604-272-7200 604-274-9565

WORSHIP Steveston Buddhist Temple Steveston Christian Church Steveston United Church

604-277-2323 604-271-3786 604-277-0508

WEB, COMPUTER & INTERNET SERVICES Abalone Designs 604-244-7597 Computel Home Services 604-275-3548 Laura Galloway Design 604-272-3047 Millennium Technical Services 604-241-8324 Pinecone Web Development Inc 604-272-1982 PMC Wireless 604-277-5607 Stand Out Online 778-918-3121 Steveston Community E-Newsletter 604-275-9452 Steveston Village Community Website 604-275-9452 Total Package Computer 604-241-4000 This complimentary listing of Steveston Businesses, or information on the Steveston Community Website, or in The Steveston Community E-Newsletter have been compiled from the best and most current information available. However, Artico Communications Group Inc. does not assume responsibility or liability for any omissions, errors or subsequent changes of any information. If we have missed you, we are sorry. If you would like to be included in this Directory listing or its’ subsidiaries, please send your complete business information to the publisher, Artico Communications Group Inc., Email: . No Part of any of the products published by Artico Communications Group Inc. may be reproduced mechanically or otherwise without the express written permission of the Publisher, Artico Communications Group Inc., email: ©, 604-275-9452. THE STEVESTON VILLAGER BUSINESS DIRECTORY THE STEVESTON COMMUNITY WEBSITE THE STEVESTON COMMUNITY E-NEWSLETTER


Dedicated to the promotion of Steveston Businesses and Community Groups since 1986. The “Villager”was designed to help residents and visitor discover how truly unique and beautiful Steveston is and the varied businesses available as an alternative to the malls. The Steveston Villager Business Directory is delivered to homes, apartments V7E E\ &DQDGD 3RVW DQG GLVWULEXWHG LQ KLJK WUDI¿F DUHDV RI 5LFKPRQG DQG 6WHYHVWRQ Let the “Villager” with its many years of experience and vision help to promote your business! 604-275-9452, The Steveston Villager Community Website SLRQHHUHG WKH ¿UVW VLWH solely dedicated to Steveston. For 14 years it has brought visitors and residents up-to-date information and continues to do so at:

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2012 Steveston Community Calendar *Please contact the Community Groups below individually for more details or on TBA activities. In some cases, calendars were not all in place or events confirmed for publishing dates. ANAF - Army & Navy Air Force Veterans BHS - Britannia Heritage Shipyard, *call for ages, info times & to register for classes, 604-276-4300 or 604-718-8050 GOG - Gulf of Georgia Cannery - 604-664-9134 LHF - London Heritage Farm - 604-271-5220 SCC - Steveston Community Centre - 604-718-8080 SCS - Steveston Community Society - 604-718-8094

SR - Steveston Rotary Club - 604-277-8882 SOS - SOS Children’s Village - 604-574-2964 SBT - Steveston Buddhist Temple - 604-277-2323 RFG - Steveston Folk Guild 604-272-9294 RLC - Richmond Lions Clubs SMA - Steveston Merchants Association

Jan 16 - Feb 28 Tin Can Challenge, GOG Help raise a tonne of food for the Richmond Food Bank. Visit our unique tin can sculpture. Bring a food bank donation to receive 2 for 1 admission. Feb 1 – Mar 15 Salmon Festival Craft Fair Vendor applications - Steveston, SCC Vendor applications available: or please call 604-238-8080. Feb 4, 5 Chinese New Year Tea, LHF Feb 5 Steveston Winter Market, SCS Indoors at The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, from 10am to 3pm. Feb 11, 12 Valentine Tea, LHF Enjoy a full tea for Valentine’s Day, including tea or hot chocolate, a scone and other homemade goodies for $8.50 per person in the quaint team room in the London Heritage Farm House. Feb 18, 19 Tea House Open, LHF Feb 19 Steveston Winter Market, SCS Indoors at The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, from 10am to 3pm. Feb 20 Family Day Feb 25, 26 Tea House Open, LHF Feb 26 Eating Together Dinner, SCC Celebrate Family Day by enjoying a family meal together prepared by Steveston staff members. Program takes place at Steveston community center from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Mar 4 Steveston Winter Market, SCS Indoors at The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, from 10am to 3pm. Mar 10 – 25 Spring Break at the Cannery, GOG Kids can take part in maritime related crafts or join our popular guided tours through the fascinating history of the Cannery, which run every hour on the hour. There are plenty of hands-on exhibits for kids to enjoy as they hear tales of BC’s fishing heritage. Daily from 10am - 5pm Mar 11 Daylight Saving Time Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day Mar 18 Steveston Winter Market, SCS Indoors at The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, from 10am to 3pm. March 24 Kids-Only Swap Meet, SCS Mar 31 Earth Hour - 8:30pm to 9:30pm Apr 1 Steveston Winter Market, SCS Indoors at The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, from 10am to 3pm. Apr 15 Steveston Winter Market, GOG Indoors at The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, from 10am to 3pm. Apr 6 Good Friday Apr 7 Easter Scavenger Hunt, GOG Kids can take part in a scavenger hunt for plastic eggs hidden throughout the Cannery and learn about Steveston's fishing history. At the end of the scavenger hunt they'll exchange the eggs for prizes. Apr 7, 8 Easter Tea, LHF Apr 8 Easter Sunday Apr 9 Easter Monday Apr 22 Earth Day Mother’s Day Tea, LHF May 12, 13 May 13 Mother’s Day May 19 “Seafood for Thought” Exhibit Opening, GOG The exhibit will explore issues regarding sustainable fishing and will help visitors make seafood choices that benefit our waterways Steveston Winter Market, SCS May 20 May 21 Victoria Day Steveston Villager Business Directory is NOW ONLINE Saving trees at a time! For current changes to the calendar see “Helping to keep our community connected; Committed to the promottion of Business and Community Groups in Steveston since 1984” The Complimentary listing of the Steveston Community Directory, Emergency and other numbers mentioned, as well as the Steveston community Calendar have been compiled from the best information available. However, Artico Communications Group Inc. does not assume responsibility or liability for any omissions, errors or subsequent changes of any information. No part of this publication may be reproduced mechanically or otherwise without the express written permission of the publisher, Artico Communications Group Inc. Phone - 604-275-9452, email - PRINTED IN CANADA



No part of this publication, including the maps, may be reproduced mechanically of otherwise, without the express written permission of Artico Communications Group Inc., all rights reserved. Tel: 604-275-9452, Email:



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Richmond Contact Janice

(604) 813-3990

Damien’s Belgian Waffles Ltd.

Experience The Difference Purity Makes !

Liège Waffle


2 - 3891 Chatham St. Richmond, Steveston Village 115-3571 Chatham St , Richmond, BC, V7E 2Z1 Rd (Corner of 3 Ave & Chatham )

2nd Ave

604 304 2884

Pick Up & Delivery

No. 1 Road

No Eggs & Preservatives Real Butter, Honey Pearl Sugar from Belgium

Call Now For A Healthier You!

Chatham St.


Moncton St.

Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 5:30pm



. Experienced Compounding Service . Quality Vitamins . Compression Stockings . Expert Advise

Steven Chang B.Sc. Pharm. Pharmacist/owner

778-297-5777 11-3993 Chatham Street Richmond, BC V7E 2Z6

Medicine Shoppe Med_Shoppe_Stvs Steveston

Sinfully The Best Artisan Chocolates Corporate Gifts & Wedding Favours

Specialty Fine Foods Custom Gift Baskets

13 – 3993 Chatham Street Steveston Village, Richmond B.C. Tel: 604-272-2655

Map #21

Ima gin e t h e possibili t i e s.

At Meadow r idge School our emphasis is on the development of well-rounded individuals, w here our s tudent s lear n to live well, wi th other s and for other s, in a jus t communi t y. Come and see for your self w hy our families are proud to be a par t of the Meadow r idge communi t y a t our open house ever y Fr iday from 9:0 0 am to 11:0 0 am. Applicat ions are now being accepted for September 201 2. Don’t delay, apply now! For more infor ma t ion call 604.467.4444 or email info@meadow r Visi t us online a t In dep en dent | Coeduca t i onal | Int e r na t i o nal B accal aure a t e | U niv e r s i t y Pre p a ra tor y 12224-240 th Street | Maple Ridge, BC | phone: 604.467.4444 | email:

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