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Hello! Welcome to Artic Design! Launched in 2009, we hope to be inspiring and offer unique and beautiful home accessories and gifts! This is our first Christmas magazine, discover our selection of decoration and gift ideas and get ready for the Christmas in the Scandinavian way!

Finnish Christmas Traditions Finland is the home of Santa, and every Finnish child knows that Santa lives on the Korvatunturi Mountain in Lapland. There are many many reindeers in Lapland and, after all, why wouldn't Santa live where his reindeer are? The standard Christmas breakfast is rice pudding. Thick and creamy, it is served hot and topped with cinnamon and sugar. After the breakfast comes an important task: to get the Christmas tree and decorate it. Even though nowadays many families get it already before Christmas! All the stores will close at noon and in the city of Turku, when the Cathedral bell strikes twelve, the declaration of Christmas peace is read. This Finnish Christmas tradition is so famous that it is broadcasted also in the national TV. The ceremony ends with the trumpets playing the National Anthem. After a light Christmas lunch and declaration of Christmas peace, many people head out to relax in the sauna. This is a nice way to ease tensions before guests come to dinner. Dinner, of course, is a feast. There is ham or pork roast, different casseroles with carrots and rice, potatoes and liver. Several kinds of fish including herring and salmon, lots of whole grain breads, prune tarts and berry pudding. The holiday drink is called glögi, which is kind of mulled wine.After dinner, many families go to the cemeteries to leave candles on the graves of loved ones . Thousands of flickering light, reflecting against the snow and trees create a memorable scene. A bit later in the evening there is a knocking at the door, the Santa has arrived. He asks," Are there any good children in the house?". Of course there always is and Santa never misses handing out presents. The children love to sing Rudolph the Reindeer or other Christmas songs to Santa before he leaves to visit the rest of the world. ( from

Merry Christmas - Hyvää Joulua!

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Artic Design Christmas Catalogue 2011  

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