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Jun Ogata Ogata To create a work is to face to a canvas without a wicked heart. That exactly summed it up my theme of creation for me. The colors on a canvas appear naturally or not is the most important for me. For these few years, I have been exhibit my works in the theme or title of "ZEN GARDEN" especially in foreign countries. My paintings are synchronized with "ZEN GARDEN". Both are not a real nature, but a created natural world. The world of "ZEN GARDEN" synchronizes and expands my creation. Which is not only to inspire me, but also able to be the important keyword and tool to comprehend my paintings. My primary emphasis is on the colors. The colors which was produced with mixture of colors on my canvas might be not in the real nature. But you can see the varied natural colors that changes with time and season in the garden. Ancient Japanese people had a delicate sensibility recognized these varied natural colors, withered colors of plants and varied natural scenery as a different color and named them all. Such flexible sensitivity of color is also very important concept for me. That has been realize the technique of how to paint the ground, how to mix the colors and how to superimpose the colors. In Japan, there are "KARE SANSUI" (zen gardens without water) which express a waterfall, a sea, a flow of river and even a space with only rocks and white sand. Using the motif of rocks and sand as a symbol. It might be the world of "enlightenment" and "mystery". Also "KARE SANSUI" expresses a blank space with rocks. Same as the blank space on the canvas which was produced after draw an one line. Both the paintings and the Japanese gardens give a meaning of "Beauty of Blank Space" to the extra space. In my thought, the minimum and simple expression lead the colors of my painting to more beautiful and attractive. Japanese garden and Bonsai are the straightforward expression of the Japanese aesthetic sense and modeling which use natural phenomena well with natural materials. My paintings which use natural phenomena such as water, air and humidity in the atelier are made in a very Japanese way of thinking unlike the strictly constructed Western paintings. Although sometimes unknown forms and colors appear, I keep creating with unnatural effort while repeating failures to pursue the "more natural". Using a flow of water and natural phenomena is validity to express the infinite "colors of ZEN" and able to reach the "natural colors and shapes" more than a limited specific description or style of depiction. Although expression of painting is not so easy to create same as a flowing water, soil and air does not have a shape, I keep creating to pursue the "truth of paintings" like a natural scenery which glows strongly. I face to my paintings with such philosophy.

Persimmon Garden and ZEN Pond from the solo exhibitio

Jun Ogata

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ART Habens Art Review // Special Edition // January 2016  

ART Habens Art Review // Special Edition // January 2016  

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