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Takku Foster+Partners

Authors Foster+Partners Foster + Partners is an international studio for architecture, engineering and design, led by Founder and Chairman Norman Foster and a Partnership Board. Founded in 1967, the practice is characterised by its integrated approach to design, bringing together the depth of resources required to take on some of the most complex projects in the world. They have always had a strong interest in the making of things as an integral part of the design process, rooted in what they believe is a duty to design well and responsibly, whether that is at the scale of an airport or a door handle. The practice has never drawn a distinction between architecture and industrial design. The point of contact, the thing that you touch, is as important as the broader vision. The industrial design team established in 1980, has developed a wide range of products from door handles to wind turbines; from a fountain pen to the cabin of an executive jet; from a tap to the fit-out of an ocean yacht. Frequently, products are designed in response to a particular project, but they also work directly with clients on product commissions or with companies to develop new products for commercial manufacture.



Takku Foster+Partners 2021 Takku is an absolutely transversal portable light with a diffused but controlled light, perfect for the office and reading, which can accompany us freely not only in the workplace but also in personal and living spaces. Essential and elegant, it is characterized by high performance, attention to compositional details and materiality. A thin profile of light marks the end of the head revealing the soft light emitted from the lower surface. In addition to a white or black painted finish, it is made in four anodized colors: red, green, blue and gray. 20 hours of freedom from the network make it an ideal solution for flexibly interpreting personal light spaces in private and public places.



Photo by Pierpaolo Ferrari, 2021



“The name Takku comes from the Japanese word for a pin or a thumbtack, in addition to recalling its shape it also alludes to its implicit portability, like a pin used to temporarily attach notes to a surface.” Foster+Partners



Innovative Technology → High efficiency → USB-C Port → 3 Intensity levels → up to 20 hours autonomy → up to 2,5 W → 4 hours fast charge



Power Autonomy Intensity




0,6 W 20 hrs 25%

1,25 W 10 hrs 50%

2,5 W 5 hrs 100%

6 Finishes White



Red Blue Green



“In terms of engineering, the reinforced base gives the lamp stability and grip. The base is made of extruded aluminum and contains a single LED source and a rechargeable battery which is optimized for disposal. We have revised the light diffuser in order to optimally distribute the light then we also created a visible and lit border around the lampshade and extended the volume of the light.” Foster+Partners

Takku Materials:

Total Power: 2,5 W Colour Temperature: 3000 K Delivered Luminous Flux: 165lm

Aluminum body Colours: Anodized Grey, Anodized Red, Anodized Green, Anodized Blue, Varnished White, Varnished Black

CRI=90 USB-C recharge Dimmer


W 2,5 W

Lm 165

CCT 3000K

Code 0151020A


Code 0151030A BLUE

Code 0151050A GREEN

Code 0151060A


Code 0151040A


Ø 180


Ø 65



Code 0151010A

Headquarters Artemide S.p.A. Via Bergamo, 18 20006 Pregnana Milanese (MI), Italy Tel. +39 02 93518.1 Tel. +39 02 93526.1 Numero verde 800 834 093 (from Italy only)

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June 2022

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