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All art presented is the sole property of each artist. Used by permission. To submit work for consideration in a future publication of artbook, send at least 10 jpegs of your work along with titles, dimensions, medium, and an artist statement to There are no fees for an artist to be considered, but donations are greatly appreciated. Published by Pocket Collections Publishing. Edited by Carrie Ann Seymour.




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Kayleigh II

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Unplugged Acrylic on foamcore on plywood 20�x30� I am interested in human emotion and the way in which spiritual symbolism, color, and exaggerated imagery can become metaphors for self-discovery, relationships, and environment. Consequently, my intent for creating art involves a need to better understand why and how the world works, and what my role is within it. By remaining open to the sensory feedback that I receive from my environment, I am able to make meaningful personal associations with past and present thoughts, emotions, dreams, and experiences. I then meditate upon this feedback, allowing the medium and my emotions to guide my creative process in an intuitive manner. As a result, I am able to connect significant aspects of myself with visual symbolism, color, texture and shape.


I feel that by allowing my emotions and the medium to evolve in a manner that is natural for each, it enriches the collective symbolism of the entire piece. By following this recipe for creation, I believe that my final product becomes a sincere representation of my progressive mental, spiritual, and emotional awareness, as well as a record of my journey through life.

Behind My Eyes Mixed Media 16�x16�x25


For many years I have been deeply influenced by the many animals used in art and architecture both real and mythological all over the world. Their forms and symbolism, used throughout history and the many cultures of the world, intrigue me. I am curious about the human connection, past and present, to animals and what they have meant to mankind throughout the ages. Zoomorphism; attributing animal characteristics to humans, and anthromorphism; attributing human characteristics to animals, fascinates me.

Guardian of Rebirth Ceramic 16.5” x 13”

I often use clay, plaster, metal or mixed media in my work, and try to capture what these animals mean to me and how they make me feel as well as how they make other people feel.


Of many inspirations, I was inspired by Etruscan helmets after my 5 years of living and studying in Italy, and I developed a series of helmets in terra cotta for the contemporary woman, with various animals represented on them. The woman would then connect to the certain animal that she felt she had similar characteristics too or that she wanted to be more like, attain that power or grace. After the helmets, I concentrated on sculptural animal talismans that correspond to our various human needs, desires and personalities. These talismans lead me to my current series called the “Guardian Series”. These various “guardians” protect, guide, and watch over you in various areas of your life. Each animal acts like a spiritual guide, a reminder of where you need help or guidance, the guardian of a certain room or of a person, as each animals has its own symbolism and acts as a particular guardian.

Pace Ceramic, 23” x 17.5” 9

Getting Away From it All Mixed Media

I paint and draw every day, it’s my only job, sometimes I do it for other people, usually just for myself. With each picture I try to push my process a little further. If I don’t work I’m irritable, and when I finish a new image I always feel like I’ve exorcised a spirit. I do my best to explain each picture through the title, after that I don’t have much to say. I’ve been a full time artist for six years. My work has been exhibited in several countries and commissioned by companies including Nike and MTV.


Always Spilling My Guts Mixed Media


Collage II Mixed Media

Collage V Mixed Media

Gio nasce a Napoli il 4 Maggio 1976, Dopo gli studi tecnici, si dedica al graphic design e alla fotografia, non tralasciando mai la sua grande passione per l’arte. Nel 2009 fonda il gruppo Moga, dove edita opere in tiratura limitata di artisti e designer di livello internazionale. Nelle sue opere attuali si avverte la contaminazione della filosofia Memphis, del grande maestro E. Sottsass, la geometria di Bridget Riley, ma anche la sfrontatezza di Mimmo Rotella e Mario Schifano, senza mai tralasciare l’impronta decadente e malinconica di Janez Bernik. Le sue opere sono esposte in Francia, Stati Uniti, Australia, Inghilterra, Giappone e Italia. Attualmente si dedica parallelamente alla realizzazione di opere in ceramica, plexiglass, legno e collages su tele che attraggono collezionisti da ogni parte del mondo.


Cover:: Collage IV Mixed Media

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“When seeds find their resting spot, there appears a garden. Whether planned or wabi-sabi, it’s a garden all the same.”

Wild Roses, Detail Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 24”


Roadside Garden, Acrylic on Canvas 48” x 48”

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Memory Book,


Mixed Media 6”x6”x7”

My work is metaphorical as a visual, autobiographical timeline that is under-toned by primal human fears and anxiety. In relation, it is my attempt to understand the unlikely relationships and the juxtapositions of social boundaries that create tension within our culture leading to isolation and exclusion. It is also an investigation of that “cause and effect” in relation to my personal role in culture and counter-culture. This has always been something that has eluded me and intrigued me both at the same time. I also work with emotional scopes such as anxiety, tension, hate, depression, disconnection. As of late, my work has become more resentational of the personal, daily lives of people I come into contact with. I hope to accomplish that by conveying my viewpoints through an artistic language that I have developed over a long period of time. My process is simple, all of my work is done without any pre-sketches with everything included; ghost lines, daily to-do notes, my checkbook balances, shopping lists, mistakes, spills/coffee stains etc. etc. creating a “timeline” of events in my personal life that lead to its creation. Most of the imagery is just based off of a feeling that I get or emotion that I am feeling at the time that morphs and changes through the process naturally by a technique I call, “reveal/conceal”. At its completion, the work maintains a very flawed and raw emotional aesthetic. So, my work is very personal, both in concept and in practice. Through time, it has developed into an artistic expression that I call “Drawn Dialogue” and “Dysfunctionalism”.

Mr. Blue and the Occasional Cruelty Mixed Media


Boys and Byatt Mixed Media 92 x 82cm 22

Inspiration: All can & will inspire. The potential is present in everything. A word, the scent of warm wool, painted lines on a roadway, the tilt of a person’s head, milk in one’s cereal bowl. You have to create inspiration, you have to search for it, design it; you have to want it. There must be a need to be dazzled, intrigued, overwhelmed, interested. You have to take yourself on little crusades of curiosity and fulfillment. You have to dig in the dirt to find it, you have to enjoy scratching the surface, you have to sift the sand to find those things that many never see. Here lies the marvel of life. The marvel is not in the luck of occurrence or the waiting to be hit over the head by surprise, but that which is found through your own personal search and thirsts for wonder. And if you set about on this search, you will find that inspiration can be the beginning step of a path one cannot stray from. And the most important step lies beyond inspiration, and that step is the process of creation. For it is there that lies salvation and one’s definition as an artist and a human being.

Little Bay Peanut Mixed Media



Mixed Media on Cavas 4’x5’


Oil on Cavas 20”x40”

While pursuing my design career, I have been using painting to stay fresh. I use painting as a great exercise off of the computer. I embrace the paint by letting the brush run wild all over the canvas. I then analyze the composition and emphasize nteresting relationships. After I have created a loose structure, I work around thecanvas to rebuild. It turns into a challenging and creative exercise Whether it be in oil, acrylic or watercolor, the vivid colors emerge. I refine the composition until your eye moves effortlessly around the work. My dream is to show people how valuable it is to create. I have seen in-person how beneficial it can be for others to express themselves.


Fantasy Forest Acrylic on Cavas 36”x48”

“I was born on a farm on Springdale Road in New Berlin township. Guess what? The whole farm with its acreage, barns, and Victorian house is still there!

Fantasy Field Acrylic on Cavas 24”x18”

Today I live in the big city (Milwaukee), but my painting carries me back to the farm; my fantasies of life there are lively, colorful, and bright--just like my paintings.”

Fantasy Farm

Acrylic on Cavas 18”x24”


Firme Acrylic on Canvas 50 x70cm

Kounou Acrylic on Canvas 40 x70cm

Quand je n’ai pas de Bleu , je met du Rouge.. / When I do not have Blue , I put the Red..


I use my art as a weapon, to combat the plague of social injustice and the war on consciousness. Through my work, I have set off to liberate myself from this modern-day despotism by piercing the veil of ignorance, thus awakening man to these great truths, which are, at all times present before him. The truth is not told but Realized.

Big Brother Acrylic on Canvas 27

Art Bar Oil on Canvas 30”x40”


Pink Ruffles Oil on Canvas

Knowles Creek Wetland Oil on Canvas

Art...painting exalts my mind and spirit. Oils, pastels, acrylics-it all stirs emotion through my senses, to the point where I can hardly contain my enthusiasm!

Lion’s Den Marsh Oil on Canvas


Coy Mixed Media 30

Elephant Mixed Media


1-11-11 Bic on Paper 9�x12�

I use pen & ink to draw lines that create multiple layers and depict complex views of dimension. I also like to use mixed media such as collage & paint in my work. Using many different kinds of medium allows me to explore how texture can affect visual space. Landscapes, both urban and natural, inspire much of the work I do. The juxtaposition of the busy dimensionality of man-made environments and the flow of organic systems is a point of fascination for me. The rigidity of city lines and the fluidity of nature seem to be in opposition, but I enjoy discovering their ties to each other as it unfolds through their complex patterns and sophisticated structures. Mysticism plays a large role in the imagery that I choose to use. I often incorporate such objects as pyramids or constellations in order to reflect the symbolism and intellect behind ancient wisdom and myth. I feel that these legends and stories lend themselves to the development and discovery of spirituality and human connectivity. The internal and external struggles of human conflict is portrayed in my work. I often portray figures in groups. They can be read as a singular entity portraying many facets of emotion, or as many humans coming together in response to a shared experience. The role of memory also plays into the way I render human struggle. I am constantly trying to explore the ways that we grapple with our past, present, and future. Humans often find it difficult to reconcile the decisions they’ve made in the past with the consequences that unfold in the present and future. I try to explore the duality of the infinite amount of choices we have to make and the singular result of these decisions.


Orion Bic on Paper 9”x12”


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Frank Juarez Michael Hirschmann Paul Matzner Kathy Sahagian Katie Curl Douglas Krimmer Philip Atilano Trent Benavides Pamela Andersen Pat Brehm Kat Behling Christopher Roze Jennifer Brown Cricket Krengel Kathy + Rick Elbe Laura Cherek Nicole Dolly Jeffrey Morrell Tina Morris Brian Quinn Zachary Worth Kathy + Rick Elbe Christopher McIntyre Alisha Berry Melissa Thornton Alex Olsen Greg Schoeneck Melissa Kolstad Sara Risley Kevin Spatt Daniel Buchner Karina Schafer




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