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Photo shoots in New York LAMBERTVILLE & South Florida

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Action... Up Close and Personal with author

Lindsey Alexandra Dawson

PATRICIA NIX The Best Art in Palm Beach

L’EXCELLENCE in the Miami Design District

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Art Bodega Magazine selects

The Pelican Grand Resort Beach Hotel Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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n this edition of art bodega Magazine we did some amazing photo shoots at great locations in South Florida, New York city and Lambertville, New Jersey. one of the best stories we feature is the art dealer Jim alterman and his view on the american art market. His love for art shows a dedication for all things beautiful due to his early experience in this field (his annual exhibition and sale the “thrilla of Lambertvilla” is one of our favorites!). another great feature is architect and Interior designer rosalba calvo’s showroom in the Miami design district, L’excellence. She was photographed at Palm beach Mar-a-Lago’s thanks to well-known ladies in the luxury market, Moneca Kaufmann, owner of Kaufmann de Suisse and stylist angelika Kouznetsova, who represents designer diana dorozhkina. the combination of these talents produced a very high quality pictorial that will delight our readers. also thanks to Josselle crocker from Kaufmann

Not only is the location perfect for a paradisiacal vacation or romantic getaway, this place transports you to the unique charm of classical Florida and it’s crystal blue waters. Nestled in the hub of grand new hotels to open in the area, Peligran Grand Resort is owned by a Swedish businessman whose Pure Spa mantra transports you to a luxurious journey of relaxation, excellence and serenity. After a massage session with breathtaking views on the 11th floor, you can access the outdoor space and meditate under the clear sky, enraptured by the Floridian breeze. Downstairs you can enjoy the Plantation style ambiance, with direct view to the palm-dotted, white sand beach. The manager of the hotel, art collector Robert Keesler also hosts great art gallery openings at the Pelican Grand Petite Gallery every month. Charming and unique in the area!

The Pelican Grand Resort Beach Hotel | 2000 N Ocean Blvd. Tel. 954-568-9431 | 4 | ART BODEGA | FALL 2015 |

de Suisse who assisted us. gloria Myers from the private club Mara-Lago for allowing us to do this exclusive shoot. another great story is the launch of antonio ortega’s Haute couture line in the United States. art bodega Magazine is planning to bring this brand from Paris to the US east coast with trunk shows and private events in Palm beach, New York and Miami. La dawson and Patricia Nix are some of the most unique women we have featured in the past. one hails from New Jersey and just launched a book on online dating. Patricia Nix is one of the american treasures in the arts now living in Palm beach. tabasum Mir delighted us at artSpace PS 109 and alenka Kraigher, an artist-in-residence was photographed by carlos david while modeling burberry and Maximilian. check out our new fashion designers glenys rivas and Jeanette Limas. Find our art basel guide, the astro gallery of gems owners dennis and Marc tanjeloff and the new trends that make us love art. because Life is art!




FOR EDITORIaL: teLePHoNe NUMberS: New York 646-761-9123 Miami 305-989-6230 addreSS: Po box 1084 NY NY 10029

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rebeca Herrero


elizabeth in beatly gown by Nix



Jeanette Prenger (in the middle), rebeca Herrero (right) and a guest at the orphaned Starfish Foundation gala at cipriani wall Street.


antonio ortega & annalisa garini from art bodega

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48 www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 3 | ART BODEGA | 5


Art BodegA | must hAve

ciTyzen by azin designer azin Valy uses NaSa satellite imagery of cities from around the world printed on the finest fabrics and materials to create women’s and men’s apparel and accessories. the special edition “Las Vegas” scarf was launched during the accessories the Show in Las Vegas, available from the cityzen online shop at www.cityzenbyazin. com and at select specialty stores in chicago, Pittsburgh, washington, dc, New York, New Jersey and around the country.

bags & accessories

 bLoom + grace is a stunning new jewelry line handmade

by artisans in developing countries, including Haiti, cambodia and Kenya. they also partner with the United Nation’s Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign, so every piece purchased provides children with lifesaving vaccinations:

List S


 The book for Lamborghini coLLecTors From the countach to the diablo, this luxury book based on the Lamborghini Supercars properly titled “Lamborghini Supercars: 50 years” reflects on these magnificent vehicles designed for the car aficionados and true lovers of these unique brand. the book by car journalist Stuart codling and photographer James Mann shows some beautiful pictures of the Lamborghinis throughout time: the Miura, the countach, the diablo, Murielago, gallardo, reventon, the aventador and recently the Huracan. For more information go to www.quartoknows. com /Lamborghini-Supercars-50-year


Books, scarfs, and jewelry make this section a unique pleasure for our readers.

 The amg naTuraLLy five-sTep skin care sysTem msrp ($248) is derived from all-natural plant sources. For more information visit: (botellas)

by rebeca Herrero

riedeL is the premier wineglass luxury brand specializing in grape-varietal specific glasses. the riedel’s Superleggero Series is defined by its supremely lightweight, ultrathin crystal. another new line is the riedel Veritas Series which is also thinner than normal wine glasses while maintaining dishwasher safety, resistance against breakage, and suitability for long term daily home use. For more information go to: www.riedeShevanne, Michelle and Danielle Helmer, Founders of Helmer create their collections in Bali by local, family-run artisans. All their

snakeskin products are CITES certified, an international certification whose goal is to ensure that the international trade in certain specimens of wild animals plants not threaten their survival. For more information go to:  TThe essenTiaL arTisTand series 2015does ediTion Inspired by the art of Keith Haring available at | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM 4 | 4ART BODEGA | FALL 2015 |

Tiffany T diamond band rings in 18 karat yellow and white gold and Tiffany T wire ring in 18 karat rose gold with diamonds. $1950 $1950 $1500 Tiffany T smile pendant in 18 karat rose gold with diamonds. $3300 Photo credit: Tiffany & Co. | ART BODEGA | 5

JetSmarter keeps growing there is a new application in the market that puts booking a private jet literally in the palm of your hand. JetSmarter, conceived by entrepreneur, Founder and ceo of Jetsmarter Sergey Petrossov, just received a new round of funding under their belt ($20 million to be exact) to keep expanding its operations in the United States. Solo Rugs, get your oneof-a-kind amazing rug at www. solorugs. com New service in Manhattan, New York


Basel Delight

If you love luxury, these are the great services and products you can’t miss! Also check out the Art Basel guide in Miami photographed at national jets in fort lauderdale by ignacio rivera

Highly refined vodka distilled in copper stills www. absolutelyx .com

 Maserati presents the ermenegildo Zegna edition of ghibli SQ4. It has leather with zegna fabrics.

 de de La gallery In Key west, the gates Hotel features work by local Key west photographer Jorge de la torriente of de La gallery. Limited edition prints can be shipped to all parts of the world. don’t miss this great art venue in the Florida Keys.

 From dec. 3 to Feb. 14, 2016 the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU will exhibit discovery and recovery: Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage, which details the dramatic discovery of historic materials relating to the Jewish community in Iraq from a flooded basement in Saddam Hussein's intelligence headquarters, and the National archives' recovery work in support of U.S. government efforts to preserve these materials. the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU is the only museum in the Southeast U.S. to show this exhibit.

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 Michel Madie in the heart of Harlem the top real estate broker renovated a church in west Harlem that’s become a true gem of design, located in the heart of this old-feel neigh-

Presenting: Patricia Nix, barbi Leifert, Lu-

ciana Pampalone and many more Location: L’excellence in the Miami design district FRidgE ARt FAiR MiAMi dec 3-6 VIP and press preview

6 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

thursday 5-7 pm Holiday Inn Miami beach

dec 2-6 Private view dec 2 by invitation only miamibeach

LocuSt PRoJEctS will present Pore with brooklyn-based artist Martha Friedman

PintA MiAMi dec 2-6 opening wednesday 5-9 pm by Invitation only


El nuevo Lincoln MKZ, que sale a la venta en el verano del 2016, combina la tecnología intuitiva, el rendimiento sin esfuerzo y el diseño distintivo para ofrecer una experiencia de conducción mejorada. “Nuestros clientes están buscando tres atributos en un sedán mediano de lujo, con un hermoso diseño que se hace a mano con la atención al detalle, y un vehículo con una potencia impresionante que hace que sea un placer de conducir”, dijo Kumar Galhotra, presidente de Lincoln. Las características del MKZ incluyen los espacios para el almacenamiento organizado, la disponibilidad de tres paquetes de interiores de Lincoln Black Label. El techo panorámico de cristal completamente retráctil y un sistema de audio Revel con calidad de concierto con puertas diseñadas especialmente para un posicionamiento óptimo de las bocinas.

borhood. “I’m a true renaissance man. I love everything that has to do with the arts,” admits Madie. He travels constantly throughout the world in pursuit of the artistic experience. So why the move to west Harlem? “I needed to convince my clients that this area is the future of the luxury residential opportunities.”

art baSeL gUIde 2015 MiAMi November 30thdecember 6th art bodega Magazine the true Masters collection November 30th (opening night) 6:30-8:30 pm



dESign MiAMi dec 1-6 VizcAyA’S contEMPoRARy ARtS Nov 30 to dec 4 Fantastical Vizcaya ARt MiAMi/contExt VIP preview tuesday

dec 1 5:30-10 pm www.artmiamifair. com PuLSE contEMPoRARy FAiR dec 1-5 tuesday Private brunch 1-4 pm

El control de crucero con función de frenado de forma automática puede frenar el automóvil, reanudando la marcha a las velocidades más altas cuando se despeja el tráfico. El sistema activa los frenos automáticamente para llevar el automóvil a una parada completa. El MKZ también ofrece una alternativa híbrida; y un motor de cuatro cilindros GTDI, de 2.0 litros con 245-caballos de fuerza y tracción delantera. La nueva cara de Lincoln se destaca por los faros LED adaptados que ayudan a entregar una iluminación más nítida y más clara para los conductores complementados con la parrilla totalmente nueva. En el interior, los ingenieros prestaron atención especial al sonido y el tacto de los nuevos interruptores y diales que sustituyen a los ajustes deslizantes, para facilitar el control de las funciones de ventilación y de audio.

Ashley John Gallery



Martha Walter (1875–1976) Sunday Skaters, Central Park Oil on board, 25 x 30 inches

Martha Walter (1875–1976) Two Green Umbrellas

oil on board, 14 x 18 inches, signed lower right

Edward Willis Redfield (1869–1965) Melting Snow, c. 1908 Oil on canvas, 38 x 50 inches Philip N. Yates frame

Henry B. Snell (1858–1943) Summer Afternoon, Boothbay, c. 1925 Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

Martha Walter (1875–1976) A Hot Day at the Beach

oil on board, 14 x 18 inches, signed lower right

Daniel Garber (1880–1958) Shadows, c. 1922 Oil on canvas, 30 x 28 inches

PALM BEACH: 410 S. County Road, Palm Beach, FL (located on the NW corner of Worth Ave. and S. County Rd.) (561) 429-8454 Mon-Sat 10:00am-6:00pm

Edward Willis Redfield (1869–1965) Island on the Delaware, c. 1910 Oil on canvas, 18½ x 22 inches


6 BRIDGE STREET, LAMBERTVILLE, NJ 08530 609-397-7700 · FAX 609-397-7722 email:

GALLERY HOURS WED. - FRI. 10:30 - 5:00 SAT. & SUN. 10:30 - 6:00

Art BodegA | up And rising

Dr. Tabasum

Mir A glam star conquering television By Rebeca Herrero


anhattan, New York- I arrived at an office building in Soho thinking I was going to find a doctor’s office. When I enter the premises where dermatologist Tabasum Mir sees clients, I find a spectacular venue where mirrors decorate the entrance, with a glamorous chandelier and periodicals highlighting the space atmosphere for you to read and enjoy. Well it happens that Dr. Tabasum Mir is more than a doctor, she has become a TV personality and fashion influencer thanks to her appearances on Bravo’s “The Singles Project”. When I meet her she is beautiful, tall, and exotic, her looks are also a symbol of her aura. Perfectly coiffed and dressed, she goes straight to business about her blogosphere world, where she has more than 50,000 followers on her social media who belong to her name and fun tags. She has created a blog called GlamMir where you can find interviews with television personalities, see photos of her wearing the latest fashion and fascinating make up. On top of it all, as well as being a New

York socialite and knowing everyone about town, she has a good heart. “I was always very ambitious, I started college when I was 16 years, I knew I had to work hard to become a doctor,” says Mir whose instinctual drive brought her to New York eventually. Born in Karshmari, near the Himalayan mountains (on the Indian side), Mir came to the United States with her father at a really young age. She grew up in Washington D.C., but now lives and loves the concrete peaks of Manhattan. Now having her own practice in downtown New York, Mir realized as a young specialist she could not work for someone else. “I knew I was never going to be happy. I am not the typical dermatologist from the Upper East Side, I work hard to bring my clients downtown. It’s been a learning experience, knowing how to develop your own business, at times it can be challenging but it is the most rewarding,” admits this determined stunner. Her place of work is very opulent. She describes herself as a creative type that does all her own decor, recreating a look and feel that reflects her personality. It is very welcoming and appealing to the eye. 


Tabasum Mir wears a 3 way leopard by Parides Maxi Dress $395.00 available at www. azulmerrickpark. com or at the store 360 San Lorenzo Avenue, Coral Gables FL 33146 Tel. 305-774-1625 Brand: Isharya Name: Royal Filigree Cascade Earring Price: $138.00 Where to Buy:


by John Caballero


by Rebeca Herrero


Art BodegA | up And rising Mir is considered the Children's Miracle Network Hospital celebrity influencerhelping raise awareness and money via social media driven campaigns.


Dresses are hand embroidered by Sha Ali Ahmad


by John Caballero at El Barrio's Artspace PS 109 in Manhattan For more information about the designer and sales in the US contact Art Bodega Magazine Luxury Representatives at 305-989-6230


t’s important to Mir to makes sure her appointments are met on time, and her punctuality reflects her dedication to her patients. They are her priority. “The great thing about having your own practice is the reason I can manage my hours. I can set up appointments and commit to my patients, while I can organize a social and glamorous schedule on the side. It is important for my traveling needs,” affirms Mir. Recently she traveled to Houston for a conference as she is constantly keeping track of the latest trends on skin treatments. During her photo shoot with us, she made sure we got advice about skin ailments, maintaining the concern and professionalism of the exceptional specialist that she is. Seeing Tabasum Mir in action during the photo shoot at Art Space in Manhattan was in many ways a spectacle of art and fashion. Glam12 | WWW.ARtBoDEGAMAGAzINE.CoM

orous dresses that cost thousands of dollars were worn at ease, perfectly fitting her statuesque physique. Another interesting point about her social media component is that she provides fashion advice, or simply makes a recommendation, and giving advice about what to buy online. Not many doctors can say they have this side job that lifts her status as one of the most attractive celebs in the country.


ecently featured in Ok Magazine as one of the most stunning celebs on the red carpet, she does not let the buzz get in her head. “I want people to know that first and foremost I am a doctor. I am young, yes I have been offered some TV roles, but I think television is a platform to do broader things, help people and it a major trend that is here to stay”, concludes Mir, while wearing the latest designs of Sha Ali Ahmad, Cenia, Silvia Tcherassi and Ann Taylor.  For more information on Tabasum Mir go to:

She is the owner of MirSkin Cosmetic Dermatology in New York City and MirSkin skin care line. designer by Cenia available at www. Gold accessories by Bloom & Grace Brand: Isharya Name: Filigree Spoke Aztec Earring Price: $178.00 Where to Buy:


by John Caballero at El Barrio's Artspace PS 109 in Manhattan


Alenka ModelS Glenys Rivas excluSively for Art Bodega Magazine

Art BodegA | up And rising

top and bottoM Skirt by Glenys Rivas www.ModadSign.coM

caption goes here modit ero bem reni Iti ut volorernate pepta dolupta coreperum quas dipsum harum volumquos dolore perro quia quos doluptur ra dolore natatis essum qnt voluptas alignim eate cocza

The socialite has her own blog GlamMir and gives expert advice on several television shows nationwide.

Designer All high couture dresses by Designer Silvia Tcherassi Available at www. Tel. 305-529-0004 Brand: Silpada Price: $89.00 Where to Buy: https://silpada. com/public/

pHotograpHy by Carlos David Hair & Makeup by Angel Morales Sculpture by Giannina Gutierrez froM artSpace pS 109


by John Caballero at El Barrio's Artspace PS 109 in Manhattan

Special thankS to: from artSpace pS 109 rolinda ramoS & Jennifer marmol, photographer carloS david, model alenka kraigher, StyliSt 14 | WWW.ArTBoDEgMAgAzInEA.CoM

angel moraleS, faShion deSignerS glenyS rivaS and Jeanette limaS, artiSt and choreographer elliot ortiz, StyliSt gail Wernicki, JeWelry deSigner Svetlana martynova, child model avery finn Wernicki, pet model oliver. thankS to taller latinoamericano for the red bench!

alenka wears aqua silver Top, red valenTino shorT skirT and BurBerry cashmere coaT


exclusively for arT Bodega magazine handmade Jewelry By sveTlana marTynova


availaBle aT Bloomingdale’s 1000 3rd avenue, new york ciTy


PS 109 models


exclusively for

Art Bodega Magazine

Photography by

Carlos David

Hair & Makeup

Angel Morales To conTacT angel, go To insTagram: angel153 | NoVember / december 2015 | ART BODEGA | 00

available in the maximilian fur salon at bloomingdale's, select stores.

tel: 212-705-2000

Pampalone plays to our darker side, our fantasies & desires. Luciana Pampalone’s pictorial sensibility is keyed

a n a i c Lu 18 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

e n o l l a a p u s m n a e P s

M s i t e n g a M

perfectly in chiaroscuro mise-en-scène photographs that echo film noir –minus the murder and incessant smoking, for this Modern American photographer also happens to be a Feng Shui expert and pyschic medium and knows with a clairvoyant certainty neither work well for healthy living. But a good dose of mystery does. And as the Hollywood ‘black film’ crime dramas of the late 1940’s and 1950’s wonderfully attest, secrets, aroused curiosity and speculation so too emanate from the work of Ms. Pampalone. With strong forms and clean lines juxtaposed conformingly via dramatic use of light and shade, Luciana Pampalone not only captures the sensual magnetism of her sitters with grace and ease but renders for us, perhaps, a fragment, a still, from a longer, more ambiguous and unresolved picture show –the one constantly unraveling and reeling in our mind’s imagination. And yes, Pampalone plays to our darker side, our fantasies and desires. Pampalone’s photographs, mostly of women, are imbued with dignity and reverence for subject. They are confident and empowered subjects, willing participants in charge of, and loyal to, their bodies, hearts and minds. Whether the imagery is blurred and obscure as in Dark

Angel or sharp and revealing like Triangle, Luciana’s pictures are inviting and always alluring. Do we dare follow that Dark Angel to that party we’re certain she must be going to? The mystery builds. Can we stop our eyes (our desire) from wandering between the triangular space composed with a woman’s supple leg while a second woman

lying down on her back atop a

white shag rug looks fixated on us? Who is this siren in black and white? What does she want with us? We are left to ascribe names and roles to them. Perhaps Eros personified awaiting our answer to her offer of intimate love – the best kind. Perhaps she is the lovely Beatrice from Dante’s Divine Comedy ready to guide us through heaven? How do we not succumb and follow? We remind ourselves o f O s c a r W i l d e ’s infinite wisdom: “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.” And so we do. Shamelessly. –Bodega de la Haba An Image Specialist for the last twenty years, Luciana Pampalone travelled the world shooting for the world’s most iconic brands and periodicals and is represented by Ramin Hachemian Gallery, New York. An images specialist for the last twenty years, Luciana Pampalone travelled the world shooting for the world's most iconic brands and periodicals and is represented by Ramin Hachemian Gallery, New York. www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 19

Presenting her new exclusive design during Art Basel 2015 | The Design District | Miami | Worth Avenue | Palm Beach | For updates on events this winter visit

Amazing never waits Your moment is now

Tiannia Barnes

Art BodegA | luxury & style This picture shows a 32” X 40” Redfield during the “Thrilla of Lambertvilla” exhibit and sale, priced at $745,000. This 32” x 40” Edward Redfield sold at Sotheby’s on November 18th, 2015 for $730,000. It was estimated to $250,000-$350,000. High quality paintings by the Pennsylvania I mpressionists are very desirable and continue to perform well at auction.

Art dealer Jim Alterman arranges Jim’s of Lambertville before the “Thrilla of Lambertvilla” exhibition and sale. (right) Vaclav Vytlacil (top) Edward Redfield (bottom) Mercedes Matter

Living with


as told by art dealer Jim Alterman By Rebeca Herrero • Photography by John McGee

22 |


ajor pieces of art are being auctioned at record numbers, learn what is hot in the art market through the eyes of an expert. Q&A by Rebeca Herrero Lambertville, NJ- Living with art is a luxury we all enjoy. For art dealer, Jim Alterman whose art galleries are “Jim’s of Lambertville” in Lambertville, NJ, and “Ashley John Gallery” in Palm Beach, art is in his DNA. He is often called upon by museums and major auction houses, and has been featured in many art publications for his expertise in the 20th century American art. Alterman authored “New

Hope For American Art” and is considered the foremost expert on Pennsylvania Impressionism. Today he offers us an insight on how the market looks like and how

he positions himself in the art world. We also provide a glimpse into the art world and the luxurious homes of collectors around the United States. From Manhattan to Palm

Beach and places in between, American painters of the 20th Century have a staying power in the international market, more so now than ever. | 23

Art BodegA | luxury & style

Contemporary female artist from Mongolia Xue Mo. The Event sponsored SPCA, a shelter for suffering animals in Bucks County. (left bottom) John Alterman shows the SPCA brochures.

RH: Today, The conTemporary arT markeT is hoTTer Than ever. Where do The conTemporary arTisTs ThaT are feaTured in your galleries (vyTlacil, maTTer, eTc.) fiT in The markeT? JA: Good question! I can't empha-

size more strongly how I feel Vaclav Vytlacil is a true sleeper in the contemporary art market. Not only was he exhibiting with Rothko, De Kooning, Hans Hofmann and Calder, he was a teacher to Twombly, Rauschenberg and Rosenquist. He painted the same styles as Picasso contemporary with when Picasso was painting that way, same thing with Hofmann and De Kooning. He was not a follower but a true pioneer of American Abstract Painting. A work by Cy Twombly recently sold for $69,000,000 at Christies, Vytlacil was his teacher! I bet Twombly would be amazed that his art is valued so far above that of his mentor. Mercedes Matter is another artist who is way under the radar of this hot market as well. Considered a New Yorker, she was the daughter 24 |

exhibition. Mercedes married photographer, Herbert Matter, and was the subject of many of his best images. She shared friendships with many of the most influential and important figures in the contemporary art movement. Both Matter and Vytlacil are my picks for high quality and undervalued artists in a market where much more of the opposite exist.

of famed Philadelphia pioneer Modernist, Arthur Carles and best friends with Lee Krasner, wife to Jackson Pollock. She had a long romance with artist Phillip Guston

as well. Her art is unique, appealing and very popular. She is the subject of a major coffee table book which accompanied a two year travelling museum retrospective

RH: WhaT is The besT piece of advice ThaT you can give To collecTors Who are Trying To build an invesTmenT qualiTy collecTion? WhaT do you look for in a Work of arT? JA: Rule number one is only buy

what you like. Then try to determine if that work is of high quality and potentially investment worthy. To my thinking, a work of art that

is of high value should not only be unique to that artist's style, but extremely difficult to duplicate. For example, a major work by Edward Redfield or Daniel Garber, would be easily identifiable by a knowledgeable collector from across the room. Very few, if any, could create a painting that would successfully appear to be by one of these artists, therefore forgeries are much harder to create that would fool a true expert. When I see so called important works by some of the contemporary greats fetching tens of millions at auction, many of these | 25

Art BodegA | luxury & style

Inside a collector’s home that showcases the great collection of Pennsylvania Impressionist paintings.

RH: What is one piece of advice that you Wish you Were given When starting out (to collect art)? JA: It would definitely be to buy

The crowd mingles surrounded by prestigious works of art, while enjoying champagne and hors d’oeuvres.

works appear to be similar to what I used to see hanging when my kids were in preschool. I realize that the contemporary art market is very real, but if I’m spending huge amounts of money on art, it should not only look unique to the hand of its creator, but impossible for any half way talented artist to recreate. 26 |

the very best examples within your comfort zone. The higher the quality, most likely the greater the level of financial appreciation will be long term. Instead of buying several lesser works, save your money and buy one more important painting. That has proven itself recently as the midrange of most markets has shown weakness, while the top end has gained strength. RH: What type of trends have you seen emerge in today's art market and Which do you think Will have a lasting effect? JA: Ultimately history will tell

the story but I think 20th century Impressionism will always be considered among America's finest art categories, and will be attractive to all generations, past, present and future. Now, I see by far, the most spent on art is within the contemporary category. Single works bringing the prices of a small town...repeatedly, not just once or twice. I hope for those purchasing these expensive contemporary creations that their investments are sound….but I feel American ImA spectacular view of art and furniture at a luxury home. On the right image a Harry Bertoia “Dandelion” sculpture is placed in front of a mid 20th century stainless steel sculpture. Further back is a 1970’s Val Bertoia “Rain Tree” copper sculpture that was on the lawn of the Bertoia Studio for over 30 years. | 27

Art BodegA | luxury & style

Above the billiard table in the club room hangs Brooklyn Bridge at Night, circa 1909, by Edward Redfield (1869–1965). Below it a coconut husk table displays sculptures by Harry Rosin (1897–1973) and Boris Lovet-Lorski (1899–1973).

The great room’s “modernist wall” (left to right, top row) shows Red Center, circa 1941, by Lloyd Ney (1863–1964); Blue Lady, circa 1930, by Charles Frederick Ramsey (1875–1951); Canal in New Hope, circa 1932, by R.A.D. Miller (1905–1966); Checkered Abstract, circa 1938, by Charles Frederick Ramsey; and In Flight by Lewis Stone (1902–1984). Below them are (left, top), Pink Lady, circa 1939, by Josef Zenk (1904–2000); (left, bottom) Three Graces, circa 1931, by Charles Evans (1997–1992) and New Hope Mills, circa 1932, by R.A.D. Miller. At right are Casual Smoke by Joseph Meyerhans (1890–1980) and The Wrench by Lewis Stone. The “speedboat” is a 1940s radio. PREVIOUS PAGE: The living room’s array of decorative arts includes an early-twentieth-century fire screen, Chinese ceramics on the mantel and Chinese bronze-inlaid pewter vases on the hearth, a Victorian Pietra Dora table in front of the hearth, and a circa-1910 bronze sculpture of a running horse. Above the mantel, in a Max Kuehne (1880–1968) frame, is Nude with Parrot. Painted circa 1915 by George Bellows (1882–1925), its provenance includes ownership by Gertude Vanderbilt Whitney.

lifestyle sun-filled Mediterranean Revival style home, which though built in 2004, appears to date from the 1920s, thanks to its architectural vocabulary drawn from classical Greece and Rome and Moorish-influenced Spain. “This home provides many great places to showcase art, because of its high ceilings, wide open spaces, ample wall space, and layout,” notes the collector. To cruise through its generously proportioned rooms, wide hallways, and gra-

7th Anniversary


Antiques & Fine Art character of those locales with intuitive charm. Another surprise is painter Morgan Colt, who also pursued a career as a craftsman, creating Arts & Crafts furnishings in ironwork, hammered metal and oak. As he discusses their work, the collector recounts the painters’ personal histories. This includes accolades like winning gold medals in the era’s prestigious academy shows, but is sometimes poignant: Colt, Spencer, and Rae Sloan Bredin (1881–1933) all died before turning 52. It also includes one of the only consortiums in early-twentieth century modernism: Ramstonev — a brief (1937–1939) collaboration among New Hope painters Charles Ramsey (1875–1951), Louis Stone (1902–1984), and Charles Evans (1907– 1992), which produced a small, prized number of abstract works. A reference this collector cites as his touchstone is New Hope for American Art: A

Comprehensive Showing of Important 20th Century Painting From and Surrounding the New Hope Art Colony, self-published in 2005 by James M. Alterman, owner of the Lambertville, New Jersey, art gallery Jim’s of Lambertville. “It is always best to buy a great painting as opposed to a couple of good or several average paintings,” Alterman writes, ”…a great work will always be great, and as a collection develops, the mediocre works won’t hold up to the trained eye.” And, “The most sensible approach to collecting art is to use discretionary funds with the idea of beautifying your home and gaining enjoyment from living with and looking at art. Past history shows that, many times, over the long term fine art outperforms other much less pleasurable investments.” This collector’s enjoyment of his collection and the investment appreciation the works have shown during the years of his stewardship are proof to him of that advice.

The collector communicates his sporting interests in the den with Moderne boxing-glove chairs and, atop a 1960s copper and slate table by New Hope artisan Paul Evans (1931–1987), a bronze by Philadelphia sculptor — and onetime Princeton University boxing coach —Joe Brown (1909–1985). Paintings and drawings include (from left) an American boxing genre scene; three pen-and-ink drawings by Robert Riggs (1896–1970) depicting Joe Louis and Max Schmeling; a circa-1935 portrait, Happy Man, by Julius Bloch (1888–1966); The Outdoor Bar at Colligan’s Stockton Inn, circa-1935, by John Folinsbee (1892–1972); and John Grabach’s circa-1930 Wrestlers.

Top left: “The Brooklyn Bridge” by

THIS PAGERedfield, , TOP: c. 1909 Edward


pressionism, specifically the Pennsylvania Impressionists, also known as the New Hope School, is a much safer and more affordable market to invest in.

lasting impact on collectors? What do you think that this market Will look like in 25 years? JA: Collectors can connect and relate

RH: Why do you think that the pennsylvania impressionists have had a

to these paintings. So many visitors come to New Hope and Lambertville for weekend getaways, and fall

28 |

in love with the art that was created here. 100 years later the picturesque landscape up and down the Delaware River appears seemingly unchanged. People like that and have an immediate connection with this art. When you look at a bunch of squiggly lines or blobs of abstract colors, some definitely find it ap-

pealing, but it is difficult to have the same kind of connection with that art unless you were smoking something you probably shouldn't have. I think 25 years down the road the Pennsylvania Impressionists will be thought of as an international market just as the French Impressionists are and always have been. I've

Man with Shovel, circa 1933, by John Graba important of the early twentieth century Ne new furnishings that have an Art Deco sens watched this grow from a local to which is one of a pair, and the console, whi regional, and now a nationally colDeco a bust Boris Lovet-Lors lected pieces group ofand artists. In ourby Palm

7th Anniversary

Beach, Florida, gallery, the Ashley THIS , BOTTOM : been very JohnPAGE Gallery, we have successful in selling At the base of theimportant formal staircase, a sculp works by the New Hope group,next and to a Louis X (1899–1973) is positioned surprisingly to mostly non-northkingswood cabinet, which displays George east collectors. These painters have and Emile Galle glass. A period Newcombbecome internationally recognized, 50by 60-inch oilgroup painting, and were the largest of Down in Penns Daniel Garber (1880–1958). American Impressionists from the 20th century. I believe their popularityPAGE will continue THIS , INSET: to grow, and valuesawill follow as well. In guest room with reproduction period fu

include (from left) Still Life with Iris by R.A RH: you have been WorkFrench ormolu-embellished vase; a circa-19 ing With many of your Overlooking the Harbor, by Nancy Mabin Fe clients for 20+ years. Underwater a your circa-1920 three-pan hoW have Garden, you and by Eleanor Abrams (1885–1967). Both Ferg clients' taste in art members of the Philadelphia Ten. evolved together? JA: Yes, I have been very | 29

Art BodegA | luxury & style

Jim's of Lambertville Location: 6 Bridge St, Lambertville NJ 08530 Telephone: 1-609-397-7700 Ashley John Gallery Location: 410 S County Rd, Palm Beach FL 33480 Telephone: 1-561-429-8454

A room that is a perfect blend of great design, with a display of carefully chosen items that blend in with the American Masters.

nate to have made some great long-term clients as well as friends from being in the gallery business. Being an antiques dealer since I was 12 years old, I find my tastes heading in new directions. Although I still have an appreciation for antiques and 18th-19th century art, I no longer wish to live with it. Cleaner lines, more simple designs, mid30 |

century (20th) modern furniture and art has become an area that I now find appealing. Many of my sophisticated collectors have found themselves experiencing the same change in tastes. The Impressionist art actually blends really well with this more modern furniture, sculpture and art as well. I'm finding that my clients have not lessened their in-

terest or passion for the art they’ve collected, just added another dimension to their collecting, as have I. RH: you said botH Jim’s of lambertville and tHe asHley JoHn gallery Have develoPed many clients wHo are not from tHe nortHeast

and now collect Pennsylvania imPressionist Paintings. How does a collector from somewHere far away from new HoPe (Pennsylvania) fall in love witH tHis kind of art? JA: This art is of international ap-

peal. It showcases America's beautiful country and village

A the end of a hallway, Snow and Ice, by Fred Wagner (1861–1940), which won the Fellowship Prize at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1914, hangs above an Anglo-Indian punched-metal-on-wood chair. At left, Boothbay, circa 1925, by Henry Snell (1858–1943), surmounts a Louis XV commode displaying a pair of silver gilt English Georgian candlesticks and a Chinese ceramic bowl in oxblood glaze. At right, a nineteenth-century Adamesque demilune table displays a lidded Wedgwood jar; over it hangs Woodland Mansions by Arthur Meltzer (1893–1989).

landscapes in all four seasons. There is virtually no one who won't find either some kind of personal connection or warmth from looking at this art. And for anyone that has visited this area, it is very easy to see the familiarity of this very same place, but 100 years ago, in the art. It has the same appeal as Norman Rockwell, but to those who are more attracted to impressionism. It’s the “apple pie” of American Impressionism. For more information about the art dealer and his galleries go to: Jim’s of Lambertville

The living room’s eclectic mélange of furnishings and art includes a nineteenth-century inlaid burled walnut table displaying a Japanese cloisonné vase and two giltwood wildlife sculptures; Buckingham Valley by George Sotter (1879–1953) hanging above a lateseventeenth-century English carved and gilded cabinet with iron feet; a Pairpoint lamp with a reverse painted shade standing below Crowds Overlooking the Harbor, Gloucester, circa 1910, by Martha Walter (1875–1976); In the Park, painted circa 1915 by Nancy Maybin Ferguson (1872–1967); Italian carved wooden monkeys; a Handel lamp; and Shinecock Hills, circa 1915, by Morgan Colt (1876–1926) above Lock Keepers House, circa 1925, by Clarence Johnson (1894–1981).

modern periods, as well as eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European and Asian pieces. I believe these different periods complement each other,” the collector says. The diverse mix gives the interiors a lively au courant sensibility, while evoking this part of Florida’s heyday in the early twentieth century, when it first became a playground of the elegant and well-to-do. Each room in the house has a distinct personality; the casual great room, club room,

The club room’s Art Deco furniture includes new pieces, such as a table made of c barrel chairs, along with vintage ones, such as the black chairs. The yacht, circa 19 builder’s model of Drottning Victoria ocean liner. On the wall are (left to right) A Pe by the prolific Walter Baum (1884–1956), Brooklyn Bridge at Night, circa 1909, by (1869–1965), and Broomal, circa 1926, by Antonio Martino (1902–1988).

7th Anniversary

Anti | 31

A CLASSIC YACHT IN WEST PALM BEACH Allowing yourself to immerse in a great fisherman’s boat requires the per fect yacht. This classic beaut y called Blues Cure, named to make your ride pleasurable, is a true boat available to the professional fish spor t aficionados and tastemakers. The luxur y yacht runs smooth, at unexpected speed, and has gone through a complete renovation (see detailed lists of items, new additions and products).

NEW ADDITIONS AND RENOVATIONS • E x terior refinished with the hullsides & transom in sk y blue and the rest in oyster white • 2 8V92 MTI Detroit recently rebuilt 720 h.p. @ 2400 RPM less than 100 hours • New Simrad AP-24 Auto Pilot and Steering Ram • Nor th Star 6100 Char t Plut ter (updated) • Furund naunet V X 2 cmap nt ma x (updated) • New Lewmar VI-6 & Spor t Windless • 1987 48’ Viking Conver tible Spor t fish with tuna tower • Interior completely refinished with new carpet, • New glasstop leather sofa with rod storage. • Leather sit ting in dinet te • New Venetian blinds

If you are looking for an ideal boat, this is it! It speeds in excess of 30 knots, has the most luxurious and revamped interior, t wo private staterooms, t wo heads, galley-up with dinet te and a salon with enter tainment center that provides amenities and the most pleasurable experience. Be it that you plan a vacation trip to the Bahamas, or just to enjoy fishing in the pristine Florida waters, this Viking Yacht behaves sof t when charging into a headsea. You would not even spill a beer inside the boat while in motion. • New Kenmore Washer & Dr yer • Detailed engine room with new paint • Rupp Outriggers

SPECIFICATIONS LOA 48’7” Beam 16’0” Draf t 4’7” Displacement 45,500 lbs. Bridge Clearance 33’ with tuna tower Freeboard f wd. 5’9” Freeboard af t 3’5” Cabin Headroom 6’5” Fuel 680 gallons Water 200 gallons

So if you are looking for a tgreat sport fishing boat with pedigree but have a budget, the Blues Cure may be the boat for you! SALE PRICE: $225,000 Serious inquiries only call 305-775-4514 24 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 | | ART BODEGA | 25


Acqua di Parma presents “I’ll be there forever”, curated by Cloe Piccoli Since 2009, Acqua di Parma has been engaged in highlighting the Italian landscape and architecture in cooperation with FAI, the Italian National Trust. The brand has been a leading player in the luxury market for over 100 years, producing a series of true masterpieces of traditional Italian craftsmanship. The company was established in 1916 with the classic Colonia, an authentic and iconic fragrance that inspires a passion for beauty, an eye for details and the contemporary expression for luxury. Acqua di Parma has been a part of LVMH Group since 2001.

Acqua Diparma For more information go to: & 4 | ART BODEGA | FALL 2015 | | ART BODEGA | 5

Art BodegA | in style Bloom + Grace is a stunning new jewelry line handmade by artisans in developing countries, including Haiti, cambodia and Kenya. they also partner with the United Nation’s Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign, so every piece purchased provides children with lifesaving vaccinations:



Justin Golf the luxury golf shoes and boots for men! an extravagant gift for dads, grandads and husbands alike, the line features a selection of exotic and nonexotic leathers in classic solid colors.

This section is inspired by all things luxury, like the Hermes Birkin Handbag. by rebeca Herrero

Prive Porter, the world’s largest secondary-market purveyor of the world’s most iconic, sought-after handbag - the Hermes birkin. Prive Porter customers have the rare luxury of bypassing years of waiting lists having direct access to the impossible-to-get handbag of their dreams.

Boll & Branch is a vertically integrated, socially conscious provider of home textiles made from 100% organic cotton in Fair trade certified™ mills. the luxury products can be pre-ordered at the full towel line will launch in the fall of 2015.

hana DeBs akkari Inspired by the passion to bring new life to the enchantment and joy of oriental bathing, Hana debs akkari created Senteurs d’orient to bring the authentic bathing rituals of the Far and Middle east to life. She explored the worlds of traditional soap-making with artisans in Lebanon, where she based the company.

www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 37 | ART BODEGA | 5

Art BodegA | luxury & style



in the heart of the Miami Design District

38 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

nder the vision and talent of architect and designer rosalba Calvo, L’excellence designs have been for more than 20 years the reference point for lovers of high end interior design. elegance, charm, classicism, and artistic sensibility are some of the characteristics that may best define the exclusive world of L’excellence. “My job is one of my life’s great joys. L’excellence gives me the opportunity to work with the best in italian products and craftsman-

By Rosanna M. Perez

ship, to always be surrounded by beautiful things.” rosalba is committed to an eclectic, sexy, and lavish approach to design, carefully measured for a discerning clientele. “one of the most important trends lately is the use of redesigned, updated versions of classical pieces. Placed strategically in an urban contemporary setting, these allow us to marry traditional and contemporary styles, while being adventurous with color, materials, and textures. this is a key design tendency that brings warmth and artistic quality

to any modern interior.” according to rosalba, interior design and fashion are intimately linked. “although in interior design the pace is not as frenetic as the runway, new trends and movements definitely develop. the use of different materials, such as furs and skins, crystals, and precious metals are common themes in fashion and design. and of course, different cultures can have their own unique preferences and themes.” rosalba has collaborated on many projects around the world, and her

work is present not only in different cities in the United states, but also in europe, Latin america and the arab emirates. “one of my most satisfying jobs was to decorate a condo in the only cruise ship that serves as a residential community, traveling the world throughout the year. Working on the World was a privilege, and at the same time, a challenge, since it was not only a design project but an entire logistical feat as well. every minute was crucial, since we only had a few hours in port to complete the installations.”

L’ExcELLEncE the Italian furniture that architect rosalba calvo offers in her showroom located in thedesign district is one of the best in South Florida.

www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 39

Art BodegA | luxury &with stylestyle

the market offered was very similar, light wood finishes or ‘whitewashed’ textiles, and little use of colors and contrasts. L’Excellence offered something different. A selection with its own personality, pieces with precious woods and sharp finishes; vibrant warm colors that the consumer wasn’t accustomed to. The reaction was astonishing.”

Jewelry provided by kaufmann de suisse in palm beach 1. feuille bracelet set with 5 rhodolites $23,000 earrings in 18K yellow gold with 4 round brilliant diamonds $5,800

“We are immensely proud of contributing to close the gap between fashion and interior design when Gianni Versace entrusted us with his Signature Home Collection. “ Rosalba’s demeanor is graceful and comfortable in Palm Beach’s iconic Mar-a-Lago, formerly the residence of Marjorie Merriweather Post and today a private club owned by Donald Trump. One of the jewels of South Florida, the ballroom radiates an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance – and draped in the elegance of Kaufmann de Suisse, Rosalba feels right in her element.

2. bracelet: 5 rhodolites in 18k yellow gold, $23,000 earrings: 18K yellow gold earrings with 4 round brilliant diamonds $5,800 Tsarina ring: Handmade in 18kt yellow gold, with 3.35cts rhodolite garnet and 100 diamonds $18,000


Interior Designs

Around The World


very year, Rosalba travels to the different cities and towns of Italy in search of unique and extraordinary pieces. The furniture and accessories on offer at L’Excellence are the result of exhaustive research and the skill of Italy’s finest artisans. Over the years L'Excellence has built an important legacy in the design community. For the first time in the American marketplace, the best brands in high end Italian design were all under one roof. “When we first opened our showroom in DCOTA, everything in 40 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 41


Art BodegA | luxury & style

Kaufmann de SuiSSe rosalba calvo models at Mar-a-Lago wearing a dress by designer diana dorozhkina and styled by anjelika Kouznetsova. Necklace is "the Sea Siren", blue topaz necklace. See the ad in the back cover.


Palm Beach...

42 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 43

Art BodegA | luxury& style

Beauty is a combination of natural elegance, luxurious clothes, well selected precious gems designed by the best minds in the jewelry business. At Kaufmann de Suisse, a name defines the brand. Monica Kaufmann has taken the helm of these powerful gems to the next level, offering glamour in a fast paced world that sometimes overlooks the gifts from God, found in nature, in mines, in the depths of the oceans and mountains.

Amethyst & Citrine Flowing lines PendAnt; 182.90 cts. amethyst and 33.57 cts. citrine $27,000 Amethyst ring: $17,600 Feuille Bracelet: 18k yellow gold with 5 rhodolites garnets $23,000 Feuille Bracelet: 18k yellow gold with 5 amethyst set in 18k yellow gold, $24,100 tsarina bangle in 18k yellow gold with 4 rhodolites garnets $28,400 tsarina bangle in 18k yellow gold with 4 rhodolites $22,000

there is

Timeless elegance

Classic beauty at Mar-A-Lago with Kaufmann de Suisse and Designer Diana Dorozhkina and Anjelika Kouznetsova

44 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 45

Art BodegA | luxury with style

the ballroom at Timeless beauty at Mar-A-Lago with Kaufmann de Suisse and Designer The House that built Kaufmann de Suisse deserves the best, and what better place than Mar-A-Lago. Conceived and constructed in between 1923 and 1927, the estate that Marjorie Merriweather Post (then Mrs. E.F. Hutton) searched for several years between the ocean and Lake Worth, resulted in the Hispano-Moresque house that Palm Beach residents respect and cherish. Sculptures from Professor Franz Barwig who 46 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

carved parrots, monkeys and other motifs remained intact at the house known as “The Jewel of Palm Beach”. Architect Marion Wyeth worked closely with the dowager of Palm Beach at the time, to create the most spectacular private club standing today in the world. Joseph Urban, once the architect for the Emperor Franz Joseph and for the Khedive of Egypt was called in from Vienna for the more elaborate details.

Mar-A-Lago Diana Dorozhkina and Anjelika Kouznetsova • Photography by Pia Star Hair & Makeup Tia Maria Interior Designer, Architect and Venezuelan beauty Rosalba Calvo from L’Excellence in the Design District models haute couture dresses by Diana Dorozhkina, and was also styled by the careful attention of Anjelika Kouznetsova. The exquisite bolero lamb fur, and the skirt in French lace recreate an allusion to the early 20th century fetes from the Old World and New World. Mar-A-Lago was purchased by Donald J. Trump in 1985. Mr. Trump mod-

ernized the Gold and White Ballroom, whose exterior was designed in the Spanish/Mediterranean style to conform to the exterior of the house. The interior is a Louis XIV gold and crystal finish that is one of the finest spaces of its kind in the country. Thanks to his perfectionism and love for preservation, Mar-A-Lago continues to be the most beautiful and exclusive private club in the world. www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 47

ANTONIO ORTEGA Now Available in t he United States New York • Palm Beach • Wellington • Miami

For more information contact Art Bodega Magazine Luxury Representatives at 305-989-6230 | ART BODEGA | 5

In Manhattan,

the best minerals

and gems in the world...

Renee Robles mODEls Antonio oRtegA CoutuRe ExclusivEly fOR ARt bodegA MAgAzine in WEllinGTOn, flORiDA $8,550 | phOTOGRAphy By bogdAn AsCiu WWW.AnTOniOORTEGAcOuTuRE.cOm | fOR pRivAte showings cOnTAcT 305-989-6230 OR EmAil REBEcA@ARTBODEGAmAGAzinE.cOm | miAmi pAlm BEAch nEW yORk WEllinGTOn | fOR the exClusive fAshion events schEDulE in ThE WinTER – spRinG 2016 | GO TO WWW.ARTBODEGAmAGAzinE.cOm | / december 2015 | ART BODEGA | 51 00

Art BodegA | gems


Astro Gallery of Gems is the largest retail store for collectors By Rosanna M. Perez • photography by John Mc Gee

New York CitY - there is a flagship store on Fifth Avenue that gleams and shimmers like no other - the Astro Gallery of Gems. A longtime favorite of celebrities such as John Lennon and Salvador Dali, the venue showcases the most exclusive semi-precious stones that can be found in the world. For several generations discerning Collectors have been able to enjoy this iconic place in Manhattan. At the Astro Gallery you can find Garnet, Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine, blue and turquoise topaz. An impressive collection of heart shaped stones kept in drawers, on tables, in boxes, on murals - simply the best finds unearthed from the mines all over the world usually end up in the hands of the tanjeloffs. the business, presided by Dennis and Marc tanjeloff, boasts the largest array of stones that you can find in the world. Leading aficionados’ agree that the presentation of the merchandise resembles that of museum collections. Connoisseurs, tourists and locals flock to the store just to get a glance of the wonders the planet holds and creates and keeps erupting marvelous creations of mother nature

52 |

thanks to the deep excavations of audacious miners. the colors are unique, and they are set inside boxes, as well as accessories ideal for collectors. tanjeloff admits that people come to admire the showroom with great delight. “From the youngest children who enjoy collecting small rocks to the very serious collector; our vault holds the best finds in the world. As investors get more wary of the market changes we face, buyers take into account these circumstances and buy many large scale pieces for their homes or yachts,” says Dennis tanjeloff. A third generation family business, both brothers make sure the staff is well trained and informed about the specialties they offer. “when you Bythey Rosanna M.ofPerez speak to a paleontologist in our store, will be informed the origin of the fossils, some date back to the pre-existence of humans on earth. it is quite unique,” expresses tanjeloff, while holding in his hand a rock that is worth possibly more than one million dollars.

“Many women are collectors. they love these pieces in their homes because it adds value to their assets. You would be surprised how the savvy female part of society can know well the privilege of owning one of these treasures.” Having been groomed in the business by their father Cesar, their adventures took them to faraway lands where they could stay for weeks under very rural conditions. “we are talking about rivers in China were there were no lines of communications. Sleeping under tents waiting for that special stone to be found. we used to own mines in Argentina too. our family business started with our grandfather in South America. once politics took a turn for the worse, he decided to move to the Big Apple, and the rest is history,” admits tanjeloff. Colors and brightness enhance the store with unique gems that make visitors smile and look in awe at the great pieces they find. it is a true spectacle for the eye. Visit the Astro Gallery of Gems is located at 417 5th Avenue, New York, New York, 10016, | 53

Art BodegA | AB mArketplAce


BLue Barite, morocco $7,500



caLcite On amethyst, Uruguay $25000

ceLestite, madagascar $40,000



Ostrich egg carOuseL music box $350

Branch cOraL, Phillipines $5000


Astro Gallery of Gems by Rosanna M. PeRez

fLuOrite On sphaLerite, tennessee $10000



hand-carved ash wooden box $275


ammOLite ammOnite (170 mya), alberta, canada $28500


Nis mod quae vidi occaboria si ut atiatem eoste soleseq uatur, sandiae nosse

4 54 |



White Onyx Lamp, mexico (large size) $5000

scOLecite, india $20,000


ButterfLy arrangement, acrylic box $699


mOrphO ButterfLy display (acrylic) $11,000

amethyst cLOck, brazil $150


pyrite cuBes in matrix, navajon, Spain $15000

maLachite and brass box, congo $1500

serpentine (seven color jade) vase, madagascar $5000

13 kyanite, brazil $15,000


Quartz formation, brazil $6500 | 55

Art BodegA | events themselves with canapes and champagne throughout the night. Others in attendance were captivated by the beauty of the “Paraiba”, a 191 carat precious Paraiba tourmaline, the largest in the world certified by the World Guinness Book of Records. The event was the beginning of a series of events titled “The Paraiba Tour”, marketed by Art Bodega Magazine, with the sole purpose of showing this incredible piece of art to the world and the general public, and to create awareness of its existence. The magazine launch in New York City had restaurant owner Olimpia Zuccarelli on the cover of the Hamptons and the New York issue. Lincoln was also a presenting sponsor. 



1. a summer cocktail event hosted by art bodega magazine 2. rebeca herrero & christopher rodriguez 3. stephan likosky, alicia dunnigan, rebeca herrero, irene plonczak & rosanna herrero 4. rafael brito, alexa dosik & viet n’guyen 5. albert collazo on behalf of lincoln, erica mariero from fabulous entertaining & sisko cruz 6. leonardo Karalis, moneca Kaufmann, paul Yanon from ornellaia, rebeca herrero, holly signorelli & christian renait





anhattan- dozens of renowned media, VIP’s,

jewelers and business people gathered at the summer launch of Art Bodega Magazine at the prestigious location of Astro Gallery of Gems, to present for the first time in New York City the “Paraiba” necklace, owned and designed by the House of Kaufmann de Suisse. The Palm Beach and Montreal jewelry brand is owned by Moneca Kaufmann. In association with the most prestigious semi-precious stones retailer in the world, Astro Gallery of Gems is a multiple generation family operated by Dennis and Marc Tanjeloff, who also displayed their wonderful merchandise for customers to enjoy and purchased while delighting 56 |

photo credit goes here:Ut verciene eaqUi aspedit qUi Ut facearUm reperit volUpta tUristibUs molUptatUr, sitas nonseqU iassUnte as sUm repera nUm velecto


Astro GAllery S of S Gems,


Kaufmann de Suisse & Art Bodega Magazine celebrate the summer issue by Rosanna M. PeRez PhotogRaPhy by John CaballeRo


"the paraiba" arrived to new York city in the summer. the event took place at the world renowned store located on 5th avenue.




7. from left to right: dennis tanjeloff, rebeca herrero, moneca Kaufmann & marc tanjeloff 8-9. guests admire “the paraiba” 10. alice alexandru and moneca Kaufmann from Kaufmann de suisse and a guest 11. olimpia Zuccarelli’s graces the cover of art bodega magazine “the style issue” – the hamptons | 57


his exhibition wil l present around 100 spectacular objects from or inspired by the jewellery traditions of the Indian subcontinent, drawn from a single private collection. It will showcase magnificent precious stones of the kind collected by Mughal Emperors in the 17th century and exquisite objects used in royal ceremonies. It will reveal the influence of India on jewellery made by leading European houses in the early 20th century and dis-

Art BodegA | Living

Gold Ebroiderers by Shivashanker Narayen, ca. 1873-® British Library

Silk sword sash with jewelled gold fittings, ca. 1900, India

Bejewelled Treasures:

Al Thani The


Part of the V&A India Festival 21 November 2015 – 28 March 2016 by Wartski Gold finial from Tipu Sultan’s throne, 1790-1800, Mysore, South India.

play contemporary pieces with an Indian theme made by modern masters. Highlights include an Indian turban jewel made for the Maharaja of Nawanagar set with large diamonds; magnificent unmounted precious stones including a Golconda diamond given to Queen Charlotte by the Nawab of Arcot, South India in 1767;

Ceremonial sword with jewelled gold hilt, ca. 1880-1900, Hyderabad, South India


Mughal jades such as a jade-hilted dagger that belonged to the 17thcentury emperor Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal; a jewelled gold tiger’s head finial from the throne of the famed Tipu Sultan of Mysore; pieces from the collections of the Nizams of Hyderabad who possessed legendary wealth; and renowned jewels from the early 20th century by Cartier.

Al Thani collection, notable for the quality and size of its precious stones, both unmounted and set in jewellery. It reflects India’s position over many centuries as an international market for precious stones, including diamonds from its famous Golconda mines, emeralds from South America, rubies from Burma, spinels from central Asia and sapphires from Sri Lanka. The Mughal emperors and their successors used objects made of luxury materials in their court rituals and the exhibition will highlight the techniques used by goldsmiths in the Indian subcontinent to make them. The exhibition also includes three important loans from the Royal Collection, lent by Her Majesty The Queen including a jewelled bird from the gold canopy of Tipu Sultan’s throne. The exhibition is drawn from the Al Thani Collection – the private collection formed by Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani  Brooch set with emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, 1922, Cartier, Paris, France.

There will also be contemporary pieces made by JAR of Paris and Bhagat of Mumbai which combine Mughal inspiration and Art Deco influences. The objects are drawn from the


Art BodegA | hidden treAsures

ointe shoes, ink pens and paintbrushes when placed in the hands of an artist, create a few of the magnificent works we affectionately know as the Arts. these are the instruments used by Lindsay Alexandra Dawson whose life is like a film that she is at once directing and starring in as the most dimensional character a writer could imagine. Author, ballerina, musician, athlete, fashion designer and interior decorator, the vastly talented L.A. Dawson known to friends and family as Alexandra, is no stranger to the stage, but her presence is far from theatrical; warm, genuine and connected to all the earth represents, she joyfully invites artistry to shape her life. From the age of four when she started piano to today when her fingers tap out the beautiful music of her words on the computer keyboard, L.A. Dawson has found truth and beauty in self-expression. tall, blonde, serene and spiritual she lives to express herself through the arts. “Creativity was ingrained in me early on by my mother, an actress, a singer, truly an artist herself. the vision and drive to capture the vitality and energy that is present in any art form is with me

Art BodegA | Living

Lights, Camera,

Action... La dawson sits pretty while posing in a floral dress.

Up Close and Personal With Creative Spirit and Acclaimed Author Lindsay Alexandra Dawson By Lori Simmons Zelenko • Photography by Carlos David

always. on any given day, when i am writing one of my novels, i find inspiration in moments that make me feel alive…being in my garden, digging in the dirt, getting my hands dirty or playing my native American flute or taking a Rhumba lesson and even painting.“ www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 59

Art BodegA | Living

A design by Jeanette Limas

.A.’s love for music and art has always been a force in her life, growing up she explored music first, learning early on to master her father’s alto and soprano saxophone. She played the piano for 11 years until a dream became the catalyst to start dancing. She smiles at the memory, “I woke my mother up at 6:00 am and told her I would begin ballet on that day. I did!” Proudly she reveals, “It was not long before I danced in the Harvest Moon ball at Roseland ballroom in New York City, after I studied ballroom dancing.” With her statuesque looks and graceful carriage, it’s easy to 60 | www.ArTboDegAMAgAZINe.coM

imagine all eyes upon her as the mirror ball whirls. Artistry took on yet another dimension in L.A. Dawson’s young life when at age 15 she designed a pantsuit for her mother, and “the next day, I took orders (for money) from each of the neighbors!” Her interest in design resurfaced again when she started a handpainted clothing business which morphed into an interior decorating and bridal accessory business which she maintained until 2001 shortly after 9/11. Sports too are integral to L.A. Dawson’s creative life force, and are imbued as well with a connection to the arts: “Lacrosse, field hockey, track and field, tae kwon do, and fencing to me are all reminiscent of ballet’s repetitive, choreographed move-

Photography taken at ArtSpace PS 109.

ments.” A sense of performance and a need for inner strength comes with excelling at sports (she was scouted for the Olympics) so it’s only natural this dedication so present in L.A. would transfer over into other art forms. But she acknowledges, the skill to achieve success and recognition through her creative endeavors, especially writing, is a reflection of God-given gifts. “I think artists in any form carry the concept ‘of the greater good’ deep within their souls, and they must express it. Like Mount Vesuvius this concept will erupt wildly and uncontrollably if not nurtured. To me, souls are like stomachs and need to be fed regularly. How do I feed my soul? By loving the earth, loving animals, loving myself. The nourishment that comes to me when I put pen to paper is a life force. How I put the words together matters greatly to me. My intention is to write respect-

“I feel


to have already lived a lot of my dreams. I truly want to touch people’s hearts with my words.” fully, consciously and honestly without malice. Of course when I am creating a character then all bets are off!” Perpetually juggling, never letting an idea come fully come to rest, L.A. Dawson is a creative engine rarely idling. As she explains with vibrant excitement in her voice, “My job is to

LA Dawson recreates a dance move with her own attire. The bolero is available at www.

take black and white and make it purple! It is so amazingly rewarding for me to do this…even to contemplate this! I’ve always said books run around in my head like movies. I have been creating scenarios about people, places and wonderful, fascinating things as far back as I can remember. My parents would beg me to stop because I would make them listen to my stories, fanciful tales that could go on and on for hours.” Sometimes, L.A. reveals, she wakes up in the middle of the night, scrambling for a pen and a paper to write down ideas for a character or a scene in one of her novels. But during the day on the computer her words come to her quickly, typing speedily she is able to get her thoughts, her characters down almost in real time. Of all the arts, writing is L.A. Dawson’s greatest passion. With fervent honesty, she shares “I have always used the written and spoken word to express myself. I considered making it my life’s work when several people approached me at my brother’s wake after I read his eulogy. They told me that I touched their hearts at one of the worst moments of their lives…and my life.” Seven years later she began pursuing that dream, just one of the dreams that have motivated her to explore so much of life. As she confesses, “I feel blessed to have already lived a lot of my dreams. I truly want to touch people’s hearts with my words.” If there is a signature for L.A. Dawson it has to be that she looks at the world with “happy eyes.” Finding beauty where it is least apparent, even in desolation, L.A. feels grateful to be able to feel life at it fullest: “I am always present and aware in life moment by moment…tasting, savoring everything in front of me.” Travel, especially anywhere near water stirs L.A.’s creative juices, Italy’s Lake Como is an

adored destination, a lovely, languid luncheon there with her mother and several oil paintings keep this beloved retreat close no matter how far away it might be. Next trip, Southern Italy, the Amalfi coast, where one is entranced by Mediterranean breezes, terraced gardens, pebble beaches and Limoncello at sunset in Positano; this is the destination on her horizon. Where does she find “crazy” inspiration? Anywhere near the ocean. “I write like a mad woman because the inspiration is just crazy, wild and wonderful. The sticky sweet salt air, warm winds, tepid seas, whether tumultuous waves or dead calm, I am mesmerized by water. Near the ocean is where I am most at peace, and yes, most inspired.” Immersing herself in other cultures and experiencing the beauty of faraway lands is something she craves, sharing these enriching moments in her books. Growing up believing she was of Native American ancestry, she decided after her mother died, to have her DNA tested to learn if indeed this was the culture at the root of her being. As it turns out, her DNA revealed that she was Aymara Indian from Peru and Otomi Indian from Mexico. Although her ancestry was not exclusively Native American, her sense of connection with the tribes did not depart. “I was entrenched in the cultural background of Native American Tribes because of all the discussions with my mother, and so many spiritual experiences in my life since then. But what was incredible was that I discovered that every place where my DNA originated it turned out that I had friends in that country, or loved the food, or dated people with that heritage. I wondered if that would be true of everyone.” Generous, intuitive, loving, L.A. Dawson speaks to the truest form of giving: Sharing withwww.ArTboDegAMAgAZINe.coM | 61

Art BodegA | living out expecting anything in return. ting a dog for my mother’s nurse’s “Being an artist and sharing your daughter, and Juliet jumped into art is inherently sharing with the my lap. She adopted me. My world. Over the years, many peochildren and my dogs are the ple have asked me to write somegreat loves of my life.” thing to go with a photo they It’s no wonder her children have, or about a person in their life, etc. When I become aware that someone Coat by Acqua from Bloomingdale’s. needs a pat on the back, a Jewelry by Svetlana hand up or a kind word, Martynova it’s a joy for me to be able to give people the written word as gifts. After high school and college, a time when I was painting a lot, I gave my work away to people I could see genuinely found it inspiring. Today, I focus on helping children that are left behind by society. I am not seeking approbation for my giving. It’s not about me. But it doesn’t have to be friend or a family member who is ready to give a child in need love and life’s necessities; it can be a stranger who cares and wants so very much to make a difference.” L.A. Dawson has raised two children, a single mom divorced for over a decade, she is immensely proud of daughter Lexi, 26 years old, successful as a practicing attorney. She is equally proud of her son Mike, 25 years old, who is busy applying to schools and writing music. Both, she says, have a creative eye. She has fur babies too, her beloved dogs: Bella, Nico, Juliet (all Cockapoos) and a Shih Tzu/Pomeranian mix, King Julian (KJ). Why the multiple Cockapoos? “Because I share her artistic sensibility as used to have very large dogs who they grew up having fun with died by the time they were seven creative projects enjoyed as a years old and at that time, Cockfamily. For a brief time L.A. apoos were the longest living taught art in her home and durbreed. I never intended adding ing a few summers, she taught Juliet to the pack, but I was getart at the camp her children at62 | WWW.ArtBOdegAMAgAZINe.COM

tended. What’s her advice to those who have yet to quite discover their inner artist? “Start with identifying the elements, the essentials that feed your soul. If you feel wonderful after cooking a

gourmet meal, maybe culinary school is in your future. For me I identified early on that I crave immediate gratification, so seeing my words on paper after a day of writing satisfies my soul. Do what you love…and love what you do.

We all are going to be working for a long time in our lives, so it is my philosophy that loving what you do is critical.” L.A. Dawson’s guidance: Embrace your life and hold dear the creative gifts that fill your soul. For L.A. Dawson, what feeds her soul and her creative spirit is a deep spiritual connection with the earth and its creatures, human and animal. “For me these creatures are gifts given by God; giving a gift then for me becomes all about love.” Art is the food of love for L.A. Dawson, “I cannot live without art surrounding me. Most days I am in my home writing, close by are all the things that make me smile. My four furry creatures keep me laughing. They make me realize that nothing is that important.” It is vital she reminds us, to understand that for creative individuals sharing art is part of our responsibility, a gift that deepens each other’s lives. “There is unfathomable sadness and tragedy in the world; art brings us moments of wonder that can take our breath away and remind us that the world is indeed a magnificent place. Experiencing great art in any form - sports, painting, dance, film, theatre, writing - can make me feel like a child again, seeing a Christmas tree for the very first time.” For Lindsay Alexandra Dawson, art is a beautiful gift to be unwrapped every day.

My children and my dogs are the

great loves of my life.”

White dress by Vintage Halston, model child Avery Finn Wiernicki and pet model Oliver.


Art BodegA | Food & LIFeStYLe

Zuccarelli wears a Ralph Lauren ensemble available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach 172 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach FL 33480

A life of food, traveling And all things good… By Rebeca Herrero

Photos by Ignacio Rivera

Palm BeachBeautiful Olimpia Zuccarelli is the Italian cook that is propelling her career to the next level, with television and radio appearances nationwide, plus a great cook book designed with love and care: “A chair at my Table”. In some excerpts and photographs, you can see how she savors the life she has lived in the last 25 years, always surrounded by love and family. Being a world traveler, she constantly visits New York and other countries in search of the best places to dine and wine. Zuccarelli tells us her soft spots for traveling, tips and as always, she keeps it local with her restaurant Zuccarelli’s, one of the best Italian fine dining venues in the region of South Florida. 

all wardroBe Provided By

in Palm Beach 150 WoRth ShoPPing centeR 172 WoRth Avenue, PALm BeAch FL 33480 teL. 561-833-2551

64 | | 65

Art BodegA | Food & LIFeStYLe Favorite places to go? New York City. Anywhere that has to do with art and fashion.

At ZuccArelli's you can enjoy succulent dishes made with extraordinary food and recipes passed along by tradition.

What do you pack? Credit cards, never leave home without it. hoW do you Find your Favorite spots to visit? Word of mouth or a map! Favorite city in the World? NYC, I can describe New York in one word: Cosmopolitan. Favorite stores in your hometoWn? Any store that carries sophisticated, yet classy and elegant fashionable clothes. I just did a photo shoot with Saks Fifth Avenue from Palm Beach. Love their clothes!

Favorites restaurants? Zuccarelli’s!

sunny quiet setting and watching a sunset (especially in the beach!).

and any great Italian Opera music composer.

hoW do you relate your business to travel? Zuccarelli’s is the most visited destination that offers fresh, authentic Italian food.

hotels? Love waterfront hotels, room service. Recently I stayed at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach. Love their décor, the art inside the hotel. It’s stunning!

What do you collect? I collect many things but I have a soft spot for high heeled sexy shoes and beautiful jewelry. 

hoW do you relate your business to luxury? Zuccarelli’s defines luxury by using the freshest ingredients and offering exceptional service in a cozy yet elegant ambiance.

tell us about art? I’m not an expert in art, but everything I’m learning about art, I do from reading Art Bodega Magazine.

For nightliFe? Nightlife for me is laughing, smiling and sharing a good time with family and friends.

Favorite museums? The Norton Museum and the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in New York City.

relaxation? I love to relax in a

Favorite artists? Frank Sinatra

Zuccarelli’s just launched a cook book, “A Chair at My Table”, which includes family recipes created at her famous restaurant in West Palm Beach. For more information about Olimpia Zuccarelli’s and one of the best destinations for authentic Italian food in South Florida contact: Zuccarelli’s @ Emporium Shoppes, 4595, Okeechobee Blvd #126, West Palm Beach 33417. Tel. 561-6867739

the MondriAn hotel is one of zuccarelli's favorite hotels in miami beach. the room and lobby are filled with art. Here she wears etro available at Saks Fifth avenue in Palm beach. the mondrian Hotel is located at 1100 west avenue, miami beach FL 33139

66 | | 67

Art BodegA | Art

“ My grandmother and mother loved dance. My aunt and cousin are great dancers. So I became a dancer! ” FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Smoke Montage 24 X 30 mixed media on canvas. beach dancers 16 X 20 mixed media on canvas. barbi Leifert at her studio in Seattle.

ing a decline in this specialized art form of dance education. “It was something that was always grounded in my world. Today, I paint all types of dance forms - Modern, and classical. I try to represent interpretations of what I visualize in these dance moves.” The renowned Realist, Edgar Degas has always been an inspiration in her art. She studied Degas’s mastery of movement through the history of Impressionists and watched ballerinas and dancers backstage. Degas, is one of the early founders of Im-

Henri Matisse like Edgar Degas before him was a Draftsman, Printmaker and Artist. One of the quotes Barbi Leifert admires the most is by the renowned Matisse: “Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence.” Nowadays Leifert applies acrylic to the canvas, and uses different mediums such pastels, collages, beautiful handmade paper and a plethora of paint layers. Leifert captures the moments in dance. “I don’t paint them representationally, instead I

Enchanting Ballerinas

BarBi Leifert art Work


ew York City- Barbi Leifert has exhibited in the United States with great success for over a decade and with the passage of time the invisible thread which weaves itself through this prodigious artist’s work was revealed – Her immense love for Dance and in particular, Ballet. Through the fusion of colors, an abstract series of contorted dancer’s bodies in a variation of classical positions and degrees of energy comes alive. Barbi Leifert creates an expressive canvas depicting the discipline of dance with a fluency of movement

68 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

that is classical but also modern. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Leifert showed great promise as a child while attending the Brooklyn Museum Children’s program. She later earned a scholarship to the Gage Academy of Art and Dance in Seattle. Barbi Leifert continued to study her passions, on both coasts, and attended the renowned Columbia University - School of

Journalism. As a freelance Journalist for the Gannett Newspapers, she dreamt of starting a career as a Painter out west. Leifert settled in Seattle in her 40’s and started showing her paintings in 2001. She, subsequently, established her good name as an acclaimed Artist with an identity that is now well admired in cities like New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Pasadena and many more. “My grandmoth-

er and mother loved dance. My aunt and cousin are great dancers, so I became a dancer!,” expresses Leifert. During her time in New York City, she worked as a Writer covering ballet and dance and created the Manhattan Dance School Directory - a great compilation of all the ballet studios that emerged in the 70’s and 80’s. As rents escalated in the city, dance studios gradually started to disappear, caus-

pressionism and is well known for his still life’s’ of ballet dancers in Paris. Her life provides a glimpse into this classical world. As Leifert admits, she could dance classical masterpieces, from Swan Lake, to Jack Cole style jazz and, the Ziegfeld Folly Tap. Documenting the ballet scene and the 84 ballet studios in Manhattan (which were part of the book she wrote for the Marcel Dekker publishing company) instilled in her a great appreciation for this form of art.

By Rosanna M. Perez

use an abstraction of the figure of trained individuals, and it could be as simple as a line through the space of an arm that is extended. I like vibrant colors to convey the energy of a moving performance. I like to seize the moment,” says the gifted and accomplished Leifert. For Art Basel, Leifert will exhibit several of her paintings at L’Excellence in the Design District on November 30th of 2015. For more information about the Barbi Leifert go to: or call 206-459-7001 www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 69

Art BodegA | hidden treAsures

Patricia Nix wears a dress provided by Saks Fifth avenue at her atelier in Palm beach. In this image she wears her own jewelry.



n your search for the allusive Pat Nix you may find yourself leisurely strolling the Boulevards of Paris, crossing the open plains of Texas or sauntering down the famed Worth Avenue where you discover this Paradise window shopping amongst the world’s ultimate luxury stores, shops and boutiques on one of the most beautiful avenues imaginable; such is Palm Beach. But where is she? You then step into her elevator and enter her world. Because of her renown we cannot divulge the actual location but suffice it to say it is one of the most engaging and absolutely lovely, let alone awe inspiring locations in the US. No wonder she finds inspiration there. Having recently relocated from her legendary brownstone in Gramercy Park, NYC it’s not surprising she, most fortunately for us, discovered her new xanadu in Palm Beach. Her home and studio graciously rambles through numerous ele-


70 |

“the moon

gant and large high ceilinged rooms surrounded on one side by large orangery windows and balconies amongst the tops of Royal Palms on the other by French doors opening out onto a gorgeous second floor garden replete with fine sculpture and lush vegetation. Immediately one’s spirit is lifted not by the privacy of her lovely environment but by her thoroughly engaging colorful artwork which is displayed throughout. You can’t talk, you are in the trance of her creation. You meet this quick witted, fun, wonderful, petite, vivacious blonde and this is the Pat Nix you are seeking; one of the art world’s treasures; an American Icon! Albeit a very well known and globally respected artist she originally hails from Texas yet has lived and traveled extensively. She is a devoted mother who can recount holding a baby in her arms while creating some of the most popular images of flowers. She smiles and giggles as she tells tales of her own family life in Texas, her young years as a mother, then her years studying with the fabulous and popular art teacher Vaclav Vytlacil in NYC at the Art Students League.

h By Pat O’Brien PhOTOgRAPhy By IgNACIO RIvERA

er work includes, but is not limited at all to her famous collages, mixed media works and her shadow boxes that her friend, Andy Warhol, coveted. Pat started her artistic endeavors at age 11 growing up in El Paso as an only child, without cousins. Cutely she remarks that for her family she was ‘the only game in town’. She would entertain herself and easily fall in love with all sorts of images she encountered. Her first was a birthday card sent by her maternal grandmother. The image was of a lovely rose that she just had to co- | SePtember 00, 2015 | ART BODEGA| |71 7

Art BodegA | hidden treAsures py. She sold her copy for $35 to her first Collector thus starting an affair that has lasted many decades creating sheer joy for her numerous eager and anxious Collectors; individual, Institutional and Corporate. At this interview she had just returned to Palm Beach from a very successful solo show at a Texas Museum.


icture this: she is riding her bicycle on a back road near her grandmother’s home in Big Springs, Texas when she spots a piece of weathered white wood by the roadside. She grabs it, drags it home and paints on it the image of a flowering weeping peach tree, and again sells it for $35. Critics and curators alike are astounded that she was totally self taught as a child. It was in 1972 that one of her best friends, Elaine de Kooning, a very famous artist, along with her husband, Willem, strongly urged her to move to NYC immediately and join the American art movement of the time. That is when she found Vaclav Vytlacil at the Art Students League where she studied off and on over the next dozen years. Vaclav when asked about her would reply with that famous twinkle in his eye, ‘Oh, that little girl with those Big paintings?” As she stated to us, “my work was very serious from the beginning; I live in my own world”. You recognize and admire this revealing aspect as you view her latest unfinished work mounted on John Singer Sargent’s tall, heavy, paint covered wooden easel surrounded by an artist’s work table of half spent oils, brushes and other tools of creation. Seated below one of her portraits of Elizabeth I Patricia happily recalled for us how, married at 17, she would hurriedly put their 3 children down for their nap. 72 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

Painting on the left: “chesapeake bay annunciation New”, also art work at her atelier in Palm beach

my work was very serIous from the begInnIng Magically she would enter her little art world and take over the kitchen spreading her paints and materials everywhere; on top of the washer, the dryer, the kitchen table, the floor, cabinets and even the stove, where she painted her well known little flower ditties, mostly ‘floppy poppies’ and would sell them to an eager group of collectors for $100 each. She said the food that came from that kitchen wasn’t great however, her children did grow to sufficient size and became successful lawyers.

She used the proceeds to travel back and forth to NYC to study and start exhibiting at the Tower Gallery in Southampton. She became friends with many artists, some of who also exhibited at the Tower Gallery including Any Warhol, Larry Rivers, Louise Nevelson and Alfonso Ossorio sharing their lives, loves and friends during that amazingly creative American art period. She was academically precocious, casting aside what might be described by others as normal so-

Patricia in front of one of her masterpieces.

cial development intent on exploring her magical and creative genius. On the mixed media side her artwork combines items she collects and those given by her friends, curators, collectors and unknown people who admire her work, all kinds of bits and pieces; a

lone earring or glove, buttons, beads, pieces of broken ceramic, furniture and glass, doll heads, arms, legs and eyes, leather, paper photographs and uncounted items of familiarity. She then creates perhaps a Series, including several pieces be they long and hung in line like belts of fantasia along on a large wall or items intricately placed in creations of framed boards or multi embossed levels of intrinsic involvement – all speaking of the powerful meaning


she envisions in each work. Some get it and others obviously don’t yet either way you are immersed in another world of communication, her world. Patricia Nix’s absolutely amazing oil on canvas paintings are of fabled stature and highly prized. Collectors you would think would not understand her work, including Credit Suisse Bank, NYC, SOS Corporation in North Carolina and the Nestle Corporation in Geneva, Switzerland, have dozens and want

more, they are voracious Collectors. She is an avid reader and student of History and in one Series utilizes such illustrious Tudor characters as Henry VIII, his daughter, Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots and Shakespeare. One may easily recognize and identify the main subject yet are transported into the many facets of inspiration expressed in these wild and wonderful portraits; whereupon you may discover mini images of Patricia’s mother and other relatives set as Elizabeth I’s eyes, the kind that ‘follow you wherever you go’. Very involved and electric one might think, yet to her its so natural. She is currently continuing her Series of oil portraits of the Tarot cards and the many characters involved, which she began in 1986. Alongside is a highly coveted portrait of Sam Houston astride his famed horse at

the Battle of San Jacinto. Then in another room in her home you will find some of her whimsical paintings of outrageously colorful flowers for which she is famous. As you can imagine Patricia Nix is very difficult to categorize and that is one of the most intriguing aspects of this artist in Paradise. She states her ‘whole career has been a miracle’.


magine every time you passed the bus station your son asking, “Mother, when is the Fat Lady coming home?” referring to the huge roll-out mural, her first big Prize winner, which had very ignominiously departed on a bus to New York for a Show. In 1974 she started an undying love affair with Paris where she has a phenomenal flat that in 2004 was featured on the cover and 16 pages of the Arabic version of their premier luxury Architectural magazine. The space is so Paris, highlighting a true fantasia of her beautiful artwork where you easily picture yourself living, loving, even having a cocktail with famous friends. Ah, the joux de vivre sans souci of it all.  www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 73

Horses Healing Hearts Director & Founder lizabeth olszewski wears bennett uomo and rangoni from Florence shoes. Jewelry by Sequin (tel. 561-833-7300) For more information on the non-profit in Wellington go to

all wardroBe Provided By

rangoni shoes 212 Worth Avenue

in Palm Beach 150 Worth Shopping Center 172 Worth Avenue, pAlm BeACh Fl 33480 tel. 561-833-2551

bennett Uomo

bennett uomo Palm Beach 296 S County road palm Beach Fl 33480 561-430-2110 954-462-9440

Interior Designer, Architect and owner of l’excellence rosalba Calvo

MARGO MARGO ROCKS ROCKS MANHATTAN MANHATTAN Uberchic chicjewels jewels beloved Beyoncé moving across country, Uber beloved byby Beyoncé areare moving across thethe country, Margo Manhattan is poised grab brass ring, asasMargo Manhattan is poised to to grab thethe brass ring, launchingher her into million homes - and a TV screen near you. launching into 8888 million homes - and a TV screen near you. Rebeca Herrero ByBy Rebeca Herrero

Margo’s Margo’sGerman GermanShephard Shephard Mika, Mika,her herloyal loyalmascot mascotwho who never neverleaves leavesher herside, side,will willbebe making makingher herdebut debutwith withMargo Margo ininOctober OctoberononEvine EvineLive, Live, kicking kickingthings thingsoff offinintrue true “Rock “RockStar” Star”style. style. Black Blackleather leathertrench, trench, Missoni. Missoni.Slip Slipdress, dress,LaLaPerla. Perla. Vintage Vintagemotorcycle, motorcycle,Triumph. Triumph.


ewewYork up up in New York, Margo was was always immersed YorkCity City- -A Avisit visitto toMargo MargoGrowing Growing in New York, Margo always immersed Manhattan’s sleek Madison Avenue boutique feels like in the classical arts. Ballet surrounded her and out of of Manhattan’s sleek Madison Avenue boutique feels like in the classical arts. Ballet surrounded her and out every girl’s dream come true. It’s a sweet discovery, a petite this incredible environment, grew her love for classical every girl’s dream come true. It’s a sweet discovery, a petite this incredible environment, grew her love for classical jewel precious metals andandmusic. “My“My mother waswas a prima ballerina and and one one of of jewelbox boxoverflowing overflowingwith withbeautiful beautiful precious metals music. mother a prima ballerina sparkling gems. Margo’s sensibility is at once edgy and George Balanchine’s principal dancers. Life was very sparkling gems. Margo’s sensibility is at once edgy and George Balanchine’s principal dancers. Life was very polished, Music andand ballet werewere all around me. me. I lived polished, luxe luxe yetyetaccessible, accessible,and andplayfully playfullysophistisophisti-dynamic. dynamic. Music ballet all around I lived cated. It’s the perfect choice in contemporary jewelry within a set of beautiful dancers, the feeling was theatrical, cated. It’s the perfect choice in contemporary jewelry within a set of beautiful dancers, the feeling was theatrical, for herheracrobatic andand veryvery cultural. That’s whywhy I think I’m so ” ” forthe thewoman womanwho whotravels travelsthetheworld, world,andandenjoys enjoys acrobatic cultural. That’s I think I’mathletic. so athletic. downtime in Paris, St. Tropez, Miami and the Hamptons. downtime in Paris, St. Tropez, Miami and the Hamptons. Traveling around the the world constantly withwith a troupe Traveling around world constantly a troupe The subtle sheen of silver is a favorite material for of ballet dancers, Margo was imbued with a global The subtle sheen of silver is a favorite material for of ballet dancers, Margo was imbued with a global Margo, she reveals from her chic enclave on upper Madison perspective at an early age, thanks to her mother Margo, she reveals from her chic enclave on upper Madison perspective at an early age, thanks to her mother Avenue. mymy aunt hadhad these York CityCity Ballet’s Prima Ballerina, Karin von von Avenue.“When “WhenI was I wasgrowing growingup,up, aunt theseNew New York Ballet’s Prima Ballerina, Karin Swarovski crystals that I would use to make bouquets. Aroldingen. “Just to think of my mother and her world Swarovski crystals that I would use to make bouquets. Aroldingen. “Just to think of my mother and her world Later, I started designing rings for my friends, and the which instilled a new level of culture in this country, it was Later, I started designing rings for my friends, and the which instilled a new level of culture in this country, it was rest is history. Silver is amazing, I really love to work almost a ballet revolution. It makes me who I am,” admits rest is history. Silver is amazing, I really love to work almost a ballet revolution. It makes me who I am,” admits with sterling, white gold or platinum.” Margo. On her relationship with her godfather, the legendary with sterling, white gold or platinum.” Margo. On her relationship with her godfather, the legendary

Creative Director: Laurie Wolfe, Wolfe Design + Consulting. Creative Director: Design + Consulting. Photography: Luciana Pampalone. Styling:Laurie CanonWolfe, MediaWolfe Group. Hair & Make-Up: Gunnar Schendera Photography: Luciana Pampalone. Styling: Canon Media Group. Hair & Make-Up: Gunnar Schendera 76 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 77

My mother was a prima of George Balanchine’s principal dancers. Life was very dynamic, music and ballet were all around me.

I lived within a set of beautiful dancers the feeling was theatrical, acrobatic, and

very cultural.

Orange chiffon dress, Alexander McQueen. Jewelry, Margo Manhattan. Silver platform shoes, Jimmy Choo.

78 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

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Leather motorcycle Leather motorcycle jacket & pants, Carla jacket & pants, Dawn Behrle NYC. Carla DawnbyBehrle NYC. Jewelry Margo Jewelry by Margo Manhattan Jewelry. Manhattan Jewelry. Mika’s red leather & Mika’s red collar, leather & sterling silver sterling silver collar, custom designed by custom designed by Margo for Margo Margo for Margo Manhattan Jewelry. Manhattan Jewelry.

80 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

choreographer and ballet icon, George Balanchine, the jeweler Patrick Kelly and famed Vogue photographer Arthur choreographer and ballet icon, George Balanchine, the jeweler Patrick Kelly and famed Vogue photographer Arthur thinks their conversations were influential to her upbringing. Elgort. Princess Diana’s favorite photographer Patrick thinks their conversations were influential to her upbringing. Elgort. Princess Diana’s favorite photographer Patrick Demarchelier discovered Margo’s jewelry, and featured her in Demarchelier discovered Margo’s jewelry, and featured her in “I cooked with him, we had long conversations at the dinner French Vogue. “Everything that makes up this city inspires me. “I cooked with him, we had long conversations at the dinner French Vogue. “Everything that makes up this city inspires me. table - he reflected on world issues, politics and all the things It’s home.” She describes her creations as 3D interpretations of table - he reflected on world issues, politics and all the things It’s home.” She describes her creations as 3D interpretations of that impact a society,” says Margo, a gorgeous blonde who modern luxury, designing her jewelry to bring out the inner that impact a society,” says Margo, a gorgeous blonde who modern luxury, designing her jewelry to bring out the inner exudes youthful energy and excitement, as she searches the beauty of the wearer as their personality shines through. “Each exudes youthful energy and excitement, as she searches the beauty of the wearer as their personality shines through. “Each world for inspiration, to create new collections of her jewelry person that acquires a piece of my art wears an expression of world for inspiration, to create new collections of her jewelry person that acquires a piece of my art wears an expression of that are are so so visually visually superb superbthat thatthey’ve they’ve artistic vision. Margo Manhattan jewelthat mymy artistic vision. Margo Manhattan jewelearned a co-starring role in several of Bery is meant to spark a conversation. I always earned a co-starring role in several of Bery is meant to spark a conversation. I always yonce’s videos not too long ago. Now, her piece finds person. There is no yonce’s videos not too long ago. Now, her say,say, thethe piece finds its its person. There is no brandisispoised poisedtotobebelaunched launchedinto into8888milmiluniversality to the pieces, transform brand universality to the pieces, theythey transform on on lion homes and a TV screen near you, the body becoming one with the wearer. lion homes - and a TV screen near you, the body becoming one with the wearer.” ” when she becomes one of home-shopwhen she becomes one of home-shopping network networkEvine EvineLive’s Live’slatest latest‘It-Girls’ ‘It-Girls’ InsideMargo Margo Manhattan, bouping . . Inside Manhattan, as as herher boutique is aptly named, you feel a calm tique is aptly named, you feel a calm LeaptotoTelevision Televisionand andDigital DigitalMarketing Marketing respite. a chic oasis is remarkably AALeap respite. It isItaischic oasis thatthat is remarkably serene stylish, patronized by discernserene andand stylish, patronized by discern“Of course it is going to change our busiing women looking for pieces that “Of course it is going to change our busiing women looking for pieces that are are aes-aesness. I have to travel to Minneapolis and thetically remarkable...taking you from ness. I have to travel to Minneapolis and thetically remarkable...taking you from preparefor forthis thisgreat greatadventure, adventure, saysMarMarfrom relaxed days at the beach, to black prepare ” ”says from relaxed days at the beach, to black tie tie go, referring referring totothis thisnew newepisode episodeininher her events fabulous nights town. go, events andand fabulous nights on on the the town. life. From a small boutique to a national life. From a small boutique to a national retailgiant giantthat thatreaches reaches8888million millionhomes, homes, “Well first, I chose location because retail “Well first, I chose thisthis location because it it Evine isis well well poised poisedasasa anew newcompany, company, convenient, close to home, to be Evine waswas convenient, close to home, andand to be (foundedinin2012) 2012)bybya aformer formerexecutive executive close to my children. They goschool to school (founded close to my children. They go to on on from from another another “home “homeshopping” shopping”network network thethe Upper East Side. I also sought a good Upper East Side. I also sought a good giant, space that adapts to luxury andand affluence in in giant,QVC. QVC.Now, Now,Margo Margoisispart partofofthe thenew new space that adapts to luxury affluence wave thethe best area of New York. ” Celebrities flock waveofofdigital digitalcommerce, commerce,and andher herlife lifewill will best area of New York. ” Celebrities flock change in terms of sales and exposure. to her boutique, loving the rock and roll change in terms of sales and exposure. to her boutique, loving the rock and roll sensibility of of herher designs. Beyonce, the the sensibility designs. Beyonce, Inside pop InsideMadison MadisonAvenue Avenue popmega-star mega-starused usedMargo MargoManhatManhattantan jewelry during thethe toptop secret pro-projewelry during secret Far from an overnight sensation, Margo duction of her chart-topping music Far from an overnight sensation, Margo duction of her chart-topping music has videos forfor thethe Visual Album. has earned earned her herspot spotasasone oneofofthe thebest best videosreleased released Visual Album. contemporary jewelry designers in New It all happened thanks to Margo’s relationcontemporary jewelry designers in New It all happened thanks to Margo’s relationYork. ship with Beyonce’s stylist LysaLysa Cooper. York. Soon, Soon, throughout throughout the the world, world,a a ship with Beyonce’s stylist Cooper. new audience will discover her through It was Margo’s creative passion thatthat new audience will discover her through It was Margo’s creative passion Evine caught eye.eye. Margo’s elaborate Evine Live, Live, her hertalent talentsurely surelyand anddeddedcaughtCooper’s Cooper’s Margo’s elaborate ication to her unique aesthetic brought her to this tipdesigns have a Byzantine flair. “My uncle once toldtold me,me, ication to her unique aesthetic brought her to this tip- designs have a Byzantine flair. “My uncle once ping point and will take her even farther as she becomes you breathe life into silver, ” comments this jewping point and will take her even farther as she becomes you breathe life into silver,” comments this jewaaname nameon oneveryone’s everyone’slips lipsvery verysoon. soon.Her Herstore, store,intimate intimate eler elerwho whois isbecoming becominga astarstarin inherherownownright. right. and anduber uberchic chicisisone oneofofthe themost mostinviting invitingshopping shoppingspots spots for ex-ex- Whether forfine finejewelry jewelryininthe theUS. US.Her Hercustom customjewelry jewelrydesigns designs Whether using usingdiamonds, diamonds,amethysts amethystsor orsapphires, sapphires, press a modern twist without sacrificing feminine allure. Margo creates with equal reverence, setting precious and semipress a modern twist without sacrificing feminine allure. Margo creates with equal reverence, setting precious and semiThe location also represents very much of Margo’s life. precious stones in spectacular silver designs. The effect is The location also represents very much of Margo’s life. precious stones in spectacular silver designs. The effect is Affluent but accessible, sophisticated but not distant, chic transcendent, bringing the wearer to center stage, as if she Affluent but accessible, sophisticated but not distant, chic transcendent, bringing the wearer to center stage, as if she but still classic avoiding trendiness and emphasizing glam- too were a prima ballerina. “My life is music and theater,” but still classic avoiding trendiness and emphasizing glam- too were a prima ballerina. “My life is music and theater,” our and style she is perfectly paired with Madison Avenue. she reflects, and as Balanchine would be sure to agree, he had our and style she is perfectly paired with Madison Avenue. she reflects, and as Balanchine would be sure to agree, he had a strong hand in shaping this audacious girl, who blossomed a strong hand in shaping this audacious girl, who blossomed Margo traveled the world, learning and growing her into a swan of perfection. After all, Margo’s jewelry is modMargo traveled the world, learning and growing her into a swan of perfection. After all, Margo’s jewelry is modcreative collaborations with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, ern perfection - and the perfect New York story! creative collaborations with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, ern perfection - and the perfect New York story! www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM | 81

Art BoDegA | in seArCH For LongeVitY

What have you learned in your travels around the World that separates you from other medspa physicians? i have seen different perspectives, products and techniques. i have trained in unique approaches in the cosmetic and anti-aging field Which international conference has inspired you the most? i have attended dozens of conferences across the us and in other countries. The international Congress of aesthetic Dermatology in Bangkok, Thailand and both The international Masters Course on aging skin in Paris 82 | www.artboDegaMagaZine.coM

journey eXPerT In the hands of an

A Palm Beach doctor travels the world in search of anti-aging and wellness By Rebeca Herrero

and in Dubai were the most inspirational. hoW do you decipher Which conference Will be the most beneficial to travel to? i read extensively regarding new procedures and techniques. i look for conferences that offer

advanced training on the subject that is important to me. i enjoy when i stumble upon new ideas.

What is the coolest beauty therapy you’ve seen thus far and in What country? When i visited the himba tribe in northern namibia, africa, i was intrigued by their youthful looking skin despite living naked in the harsh environment of the namibian desert. Their beauty remedy to which they attribute their youthful looking skin consists of a potion made from cow dunge and clay.

Why is traveling an important part of your selection process of neW technologies? as we all know, the Europeans are always ahead of us when it comes to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and regenerative medicine. They usually have years of experience with new approaches that may be introduced years later in the us. it’s important to me to explore different countries’ techniques.

you are originally from europe, so Why did you choose the university of miami school of medicine in south florida? i wanted to receive extensive training on a diverse population with a prestigious organization. Why do clients travel from around the World to visit your medical spa? i pride myself on innovative and creative treatment therapies. My clients usually receive services in other states and countries. When they arrive here in south Florida, i am told that many of the services i offer are limited at other places. My staff is exceptional, they provide smiling faces and stellar service.

in Which country have you learned the most about beauty and antiaging? and Why? Definitely Paris. What i love about the approach in France is that people truly seek a natural approach. Microcurrent is an example of a technology that i learned about years ago that had been used in Europe many years prior. Microcurrent lifts and tones the face giving a nice youthful lift.

What skincare product do you most favor and Why? Tensage intensive serum ampoules. i like Tensage ampoules because of its natural ability to heal and repair using a secretion from a spanish snail. There are extensive clinical studies that prove its effectiveness.

have you formed any relationship With other medspa physicians or medical spas in other countries? if so, hoW has this helped you? Yes. i have a very strong relationships with a medical spas in hungary and Turkey. We exchange ideas and keep each other informed on recent updates in the industry. What country Would you like to visit next to research neW beauty techniques? india. Because i haven’t explored that market yet. and i’d like to see a completely different point of view in the anti-aging and cosmetic arena. They have unique raw materials that are not available anywhere else so far and i would love to learn more about it. tensage intensive serum ampoules are one of MD beauty labs favorite products available.

“ unique a

Where are your offices located? i have two offices. One is a 4100 sq ft Medical spa in West Palm Beach called MD Beauty Labs and the other is in Palm Beach. it’s called BioageMD.

I hav e

PhotograPhy by aaron bristol

Why do you enjoy traveling and Why does it play an important role in the choices you make for your cosmetic practice? i’ve always enjoyed traveling and i have seen more advances internationally in the cosmetic industry than we have here in the us. in the states it takes many years to approve technologies and products. These same products have been safely and effectively used for many years prior in other countries. it’s important for me to get out and explore all aspects of the industry so i can position myself as an expert in the field.

A Beauty

Trained in PProaches in the cos and a meTic nTi-aging field


r. DaDurian has been known for her extensive travels around the world and being on the forefront of technology. Her spas in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach are a must for the client who expects a complete service that satisfies their aesthetic desires. Be it MD Beauty Labs or Bioage MD, these centers are a worldwide destination for the most demanding individual that seeks perfection, good treatment and beautiful results! Here she talks about her practice and one of her biggest passions, traveling.

Why are your services considered luxury? Luxury to me is something you don’t need but can’t live without. i think a lot of beauty therapies fall under that realm. however, looking good results in a more confident “feel good” attitude. so the fact that i offer the latest technologies in an upscale environment makes it a luxury.  For more information visit or call MD Beauty Labs 561-513-5817 or Bioage MD 561-288-6678 www.artboDegaMagaZine.coM | 83

A theatrical & culinary experience like no other



Only at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Art BodegA | trAvel MiaMi

…and other destinations


Best New Museum in Miami


B e s l e t o H st


The PAMM The Perez Art Museum Miami located on 1103 Biscayne Blvd, was created by the architecture firm Herzog and de Meuron. The contemporary museum has changed the landscape of this southern city making it an international hub for art collectors and aficionados. The museum was originally named MAM (Miami Art Museum) and renamed to the PAMM, in recognition to Miami developer Jorge Perez and his significant donation in 2013, which makes this 200,000-squarefoot facility overlooking Biscayne Bay the most original and wonderful art space in the area. 1103 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132

Best red carpet entrance & lobby

The SLS Hotel in Miami Beach One of the coolest features of this hotel is the Red Carpet at the entrance. The vibe of the lobby is great, and has an unusual artistic decor, making it the best presented and receiving lobby area on Collins Avenue. From the minds of Sam Nazarian, Phillipe Starck, Chef Jose Andres and Lenny Kravitz, the surreal oceanfront hotel is one of the best stays in Miami for vacationers and locals that want to enjoy a good drink at the outdoor pool. Very trendy! 1701 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach FL 33139 Tel. 305-674-1701 www.

By Rebeca Herrero

Now owned by famous designer Tommy Hilfiger, the Raleigh has seen many facelifts, but its outdoor pool keeps being the most spectacular scene from the sky in terms of architectural design. 1775 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139 Tel. 305-534-6300 www.

Best Cabanas in Miami

The Thompson Hotel One of the reasons tourists from around the world flock Miami Beach is because of the amenities great hotel names have. One of them, and considered by most one of the best new properties in town,

The Raleigh Hotel


The Raleigh Hotel The grande dame known for its art décor palm-lined pool, with private access and destination dining has one of the coolest retro pools in the world. Created and designed by architect L. Murray Dixon, whose other architectural staples include The Grossinger (The Ritz Plaza), The Atlantis, The Tides and The Victor, the Raleigh has endured the past of time with its uniqueness and appeal for old school glamour.

Best mega suites and ocean views

W South Beach Hotel If you want space and nice décor, you can’t miss the W Hotel in South Beach! One of the best hotels which hosts great events like Miami Fashion Week or art exhibits, is amazing from the entrance door to the private mega suites, all adorned in minimalistic and eclectic styles. Mixing it up with grand accessories, the lighting makes it cozy, yet modern enough for the world traveler. The views are quite unique, and the space makes you feel you are in an international hub of trade and business like no other. 2201 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139 Tel. 305-938-3000 www.

The SLS Hotel

W South Beach Hotel

Best Rum Bar & Art Gallery


Best Retro Pool sexy

is the red hot new building known as the Thompson Hotel. The cabanas are quite beautiful, with fun art deco colors inspired in all things Miami. The same with the services offered by the hotel management. Enjoy Kardashian style, with a flavor for Victoria’s Secret models and Leo Di Caprios in town. 4041 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33140 Tel. 786-605-4041 www.

The Thompson Hotel

The Gates Hotel This unique new boutique hotel boasts one of the best rum bars in the country. The Rum Row pool bar and lounge partnered with Key West First Legal Rum Distillery and Rodriguez Cigar to give it that extra Caribbean flavor. Also the De La Gallery offers some unique photography by the artist Jorge de la Torriente. Beautiful images of Key West, be it in the sunset, or magnificent views of the ocean with some sophisticated retouching and technical maneuvering makes them collectibles for art lovers. The photography is also featured in each room of The Gates Hotel. Guests have the option to visit the gallery and indulge in art. De La Gallery is located at 419 Duval St, Key West FL Tel. 305-395-2210 Gates Hotel Key West, 3824 N Roosevelt Blvd, Key West FL 33040  WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAzINE.COM | 87

Art BodegA | trAvel

B e t o H els st

WhAt mAkes this property completely uniQue in the culinAry World? In Riviera Maya, we have developed the first authentic culinary theatrical experience of its kind in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil. Bringing to life a fine dining experience that mirrors the content of a Cirque du Soleil performance – both in menu and presentation – was no simple feat. Vidanta executive chef Alexis Bostelmann worked hand-in-hand with creators for Cirque du Soleil to refine and hone a menu that traced the show’s both Mexican and Canadian roots, while also considering a variety of operational challenges – imagine preparing to serve 200 of the same dish in the same prepared manner each night. Sourcing local and responsibility grown, farmed or fished ingredients was a huge undertaking. The cuisine itself visitors will find playful and intriguing – from our appetizer of “Dragon’s Breath” to the selection of a land, sea or garden entrée (rotates seasonally) to dessert served up in a most creative manner. Even your menu itself is edible parchment! Guests of JOYA that opt to include the dinner service are also treated to an entertaining prelude act, complete with a string quartet and mischievous characters from JOYA, giving them an intimate and interactive setting to begin immersing themselves in the show experience.

the dining room

chef Alexis bostelmann

INFO: Ebitassi ius elic tecatemodit vendero beatem reni Rem. Iti ut volorernate perupta dolupta coreperum quas dipsum harum volumquos dolore perro quia quos doluptur ra dolore natatis essum quunt voluptas alignim eate coOnes ex eos dentis etus ius, consecaborum qui ut autem vella nimporest,

A view of the pool at the “mega-resort”

A view of the pool at the “mega-resort”

the theatre


Best New

shoW & dining experience

ne of the best destinations in Mexico are the Vidanta Resorts and Hotels. One of its many properties is the Vidanta Riviera Maya, an outstanding “mega-resort” that features the Joya Cirque de Soleil show. Here the company explains to Art Bodega Magazine why they are so unique in their element.

WhAt mAkes your hotels stAnd out? At Vidanta resorts and hotels, we put our guests first. Many of the guests that visit our resorts in Mexico’s premier beach destinations have been members with Vidanta for decades – and some have even passed their membership down to their children! We’re a 40-plus year old tourism developer with a proven track record of continuing to push the boundaries of luxury vacation travel. these Are destinAtions in mexico And lAtin AmericA thAt Are very AppeAling, WhAt specific plAns hAve you outlined in the pAst yeArs to expAnd it And excel. Vidanta carefully selects the most luxurious locations for its resort and hotel properties. Since starting in 1974 with one hotel in Mazatlan, our founder (now retired), Daniel Chavez Moran, executed a careful expansion plan to develop wonderful resort attractions across Mexico’s most desired beach destinations. In recent years, Vidanta has expanded the footprint and offerings at its two premier destinations - Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta and Vidanta Riviera Maya – to such a degree that we consider them “megaresorts.” At these properties you will find multiple hotel/resort brands housed in one 88 | WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAzINE.COM

BY Vidanta RiVieRa MaYa & JoYa CiRque de Soleil

common property, as well as luxury golf courses, private beaches, fine dining and casual restaurants and more. In Riviera Maya, we developed and launche JOYA by Cirque du Soleil at the Vidanta Theater in 2014. The theater, located on a property adjacent to the Vidanta Riviera Maya resort, was designed and built by Vidanta to exclusively house the first permanent Cirque du Soleil show in Mexico, JOYA. The show has been a great success for visitation to Mexico and the Cancun/Riviera Maya area. At Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, we are finishing the development of a Greg Norman Golf Course Design signature course that will open in January 2016. Already the largest golf course operator in Mexico, Vidanta Golf has additional plans to bring a second Greg Norman course to our Los Cabos resort within the next five years. This summer, in conjunction with Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto, Vidanta announced a $1.3 billion investment in the development of the Mexico tourism industry over the next decade. In addition to property enhancements, our investment in tourism will also bring major attractions and attention to all of Mexico. In Nuevo Vallarta we are in the early stages of developing a theme park experience in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil – the entertainment park would be the first of its kind as is expected to open in 2019. In Cabo, we have plans to develop an expansive new resort along the East Cape in the near future. describe your fAvorite locAtions And Why? With more than 25 hotels and resorts throughout Mexico, it is difficult to choose a favorite. Each destination offers guests a unique experience or



specialized vacation journey. Which is one of the reasons our members have been so apt to return to Vidanta resorts year-after-year: for members that enroll with us in long-term contract, we offer the ability to travel to any of our resorts annually. So why you may first fall in love with Vidanta at Nuevo Vallarta, you have access to our properties at Riviera Maya, Los Cobos, Puerto Penasco, Acapulco, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Among our selection of resorts, the Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta is AAA Five Diamond award-winning, and we count multiple AAA Four-Diamond award-winning resorts among our best properties. One of the projects that most exemplifies Vidanta’s approach to developing vacation dreams is the Vidanta Theater in Riviera Maya. Building new within the Riviera Maya jungle is a careful balance of preserving the natural jungle habitat and constructing spaces that visitors find alluring, easy to access and amazing. That’s what we’ve accomplished in Riviera Maya – a home for Cirque du Soleil that is an escape into the natural jungle; a beautiful testament to preserving and using the natural environment to bring an experience to life more fully. Anyone who visits to see JOYA will recognize the correlation between the environment setting and the show itself.

you hAve cirQue de soleil, WhAt do Audiences tell you After WAtching the shoW during dinner, Whose ideA it WAs? The inspiration to build a permanent Cirque du Soleil project in Mexico – one that would be one-of-a-kind and reinvent the entertainment market – was the joint idea from Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Lalliberte and Grupo Vidanta founder Daniel Chavez Moran. The two visionaries challenged their teams to imagine new vacation dreams that would benefit all of the country of Mexico. The final product delivered was created by the artists at Cirque du Soleil with input from the Vidanta culinary, operational and leadership teams. Audience reaction in the first 10 months of the show run has been extremely positive! We have operated a near-sellout of the theater each of the five nights the show is available per week. The show will go on hiatus during the month of September as the artists are given a much-deserved vacation, and is reopening in early October. Ticket sales are already underway. hoW do you AllocAte so mAny inventive And highly produced shoWs in these properties, do you vAlue the context of the city? hoW mAny cities? With each and every project developed by Vidanta, we seek to bring to life the best of our destinations in terms of heritage and culture. Much of our guest programming at Vidanta Riviera Maya is developed in Mexican tradition. JOYA’s storyline traces Mexico’s cultural heritage Joya’s storyline through an exquisite dining experience and acrobatic traces Mexico’s Cirque du Soleil perforcultural heritage through mance. Other projects inan exquisite dining clude our annual Novemexperience and acrobatic ber representation of the Dia de Muertos altars that Cirque du Soleil honor the dead, and invite performance. our guests to a celebration complete with “calaveritas” (allusive poems) and Mexican themed costumes. The evening showcases Mexican folklore, as well as cultural and gastronomic heritage. Our goal is to bring worldclass entertainment to all of Mexico and Latin America. What we have begun in Riviera Maya and Nuevo Vallarta, we plan to extend to Los Cabos in the near future and all of our resorts and properties as time allows.  WWW.ARTBODEGAMAGAzINE.COM | 89

Zuccarelli with Uncle Lou

arT bodega | healTh & beauTy


besT Plastic surgeon

arT bodega | evenT

Dr. Steinbrech admits NYC is the greatest in the world.

By reBeca herrero


The atmosphere at the white Party

Dr. Steinbrech


Why did you go into the specialty of plastic surgery for me? While in the early years of medical school, I began to research specialties, I also realized that plastic surgery was like no other medical specialty – it was a unique marriage of skills where technique and creativity join together. hoW has the trend changed for men. it used to be the gym, Why do plastic surgery? For most men, plastic surgery is an extension of what they do in the gym. One trend we see is that people are considering procedures because of the role they play in the public eye. For example, models, musicians, and actors are among the population of people concerned with maintaining their outward appearance. We are also seeing more and more fathers who have spent the last several years of their lives focusing on raising a family and now feel that they want to re-focus on their health and appearance, just like mothers. Another area of growth is the

CEO’s and Boardroom Executives. This group of men are finding themselves across the table from younger executives who are fit and have a strong appearance, and in many cases they feel that maintaining their physical appearance gives them a competitive edge in the boardroom. you have been featured in books, and have done conferences on the subject. What makes you the best plastic surgeon for men. I understand men. I think that is the most important part. I have a very high volume of men that come through my practice and the number of men I see continues to increase. Over the years of focusing on men, I have learned a lot and adjusted my technique to tailor results to their desires. My goal as a surgeon is always to continue to innovate and offer my patients the best possible out-

comes through advances in technology and technique. I am very honored to be working with CRC Publishing, Inc. to put together the first textbook focusing solely on male plastic surgery. It’s slated to be out in the Fall of 2016 and I hope it will be a great help to other surgeons who are bringing procedures to the men in their communities.

Zuccarelli's Olimpia Zuccarelli made a splash during her White Party event celebrated this Fall at the famous Italian eatery, Zuccarelli’s located in West Palm Beach. Guests enjoyed the elegant atmosphere where they danced the night away. The book “A Chair at my Table” was personally signed by the famous chef while she was dressed impeccably in white.

specializing in male surgery

orn and raised in a small farm town in Iowa just outside Cedar Rapids, Dr. Steinbrech has a passion in the field of plastic surgery like no other doctor. He attended college at the University of Iowa for both his undergraduate (B.S. Biology with honors) and MD (medical doctor) degrees. Now an iconic figure in the city of New York, he gives us an insight into his life in the Big Apple.

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What places are the best for you to shop and dine in the city. I love NYC shopping – but I have to say my favorite places are Ralph Lauren, J Crew, anything I see in Soho. Of course living in NY we have every kind of restaurant anyone could ever want, but like shopping I have my favorites. If I am downtown I always try to dine at Pastis and when I am uptown my favorite place is the restaurant inside the Mark hotel.


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There are Three MyThs abouT plasTic surgery ThaT i wanT people To beTTer undersTand:


All plAstic surgery is bAd. Plastic surgery is only bad if it is overdone, and in my practice we want patients to have a natural look when it’s all said and done. Plastic surgery can be very good if it is unnoticeable; which is exactly what we focus on. Natural results.


plAstic surgery does not meAn you don’t diet And exercise. Most people think that people who get plastic surgery are lazy or don’t want to work and take care of their bodies. This could not be farther from the truth. Some of my very best patients live very

healthy lifestyles. They eat healthy, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest.


FAt should be “lAsered” out And thrown AwAy. There are so many good uses for our own fat I hate to hear when it gets discarded. I have devel-

oped a technique called BodyBanking (Patent Pending) involves saving that fat and putting it into your biceps, pecs, breast and bottom’s. It creates natural volume and it helps prevent the patient from getting a bulging tummy if they put on a few pounds after surgery.

90 | www.arTBoDegaMagaZINe.CoM

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Diana Fusca, Jimmy and gilda Fitzgerald

Art BodegA | heAlth & BeAuty


ince the beginning of time, women have discreetly sought magic potions, elixirs and creams that attempt to provide or, at least maintain their beauty. Today, the market for beauty and personal care is saturated with products and services. Faced with this superabundance of offerings, woman of all ages tend to, more often than not, obsess over trying new products and visiting facilities they see advertised in glossy magazines. The results, though, can often be disappointing and significant percentages of consumers don’t achieve the anticipated results. Too many women end up with bungled procedures and great dissatisfaction. To be smart about beauty and personal care, you must know that selecting the combination of the right experts, clinics, techniques and products matters. At the luxurious Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center, we’ve discovered an oasis in Manhattan where no deceiving advertising will derail you from your journey to perfection. For our editors, the Lucy Peters facility is one of the best-kept secrets in town. The spa offers services that are truly unique, and

their expertise defines their brand, their identity and what they represent. “At Lucy Peters, the experts know very intricately the processes we need medically to assure our patients they are in good hands”, admits Kinga Bagnowska, manager of the Spa located at 150 East 58th Street in 92 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

the BeSt SPA in MAnhAttAn

Lucy Peters


AeSthetic center

Manhattan. The venue offers excellent treatments to eliminate unwanted hair on your body. Internationally recognized, Lucy Peters started her medical engineering research more than two decades ago following a poor experience related to unwanted hair. A clinician and dermatologist, Peters’ experience and research created patented techniques and adopted aesthetic solutions that together contributed to defining her brand name. Several years ago, Peters partnered with world renowned dermatologist, Dr. Albert Klingman (co-inventor of Retin-A) to create the Lucy Peters Smooth System, the only

By Rosanna Perez

FDA approved permanent hair removal treatment. After Lucy Peters retired, the spa continued to thrive and is expanding its services to include new techniques for permanent hair removal, hair restoration, skin tightening, tattoo removal and more. “We have a nurse that is unique, Yone Tierney. She’s been in the spa for 20 years so her knowledge is part of this treasured spa where you can get the best results possible. When you have to get FDA approval and encounter hundreds of regulations, you need the best doctors in the handling of your skin and body. It’s a wellness package like no

other”, says Bagnowska. One of the reasons that the Lucy Peters hair removal process is unique, is the fact that Lucy Peters developed a system that applies to different hair colors. It’s a process that is color blind, be it gray, red, blonde, brown or black hair, the system adapts to the person’s individual condition, thus removing effectively without seeing the hair grow back. The clinic environment of Lucy Peters is very tranquil and professional. Owned by plastic surgeon Gil R. Altman, the venue is nestled in midtown east. It is a convenient building where you will get pampered and treated for the tailored services you need. “We make an assessment based on your needs, but the fact is that coming here once and applying hair removal just a few times, without having terrible consequences on your skin like in grown hair or other side effects, it’s a big plus for our clients”, concludes Bagnowska. The Lucy Peters Spa is located in the A&D Building at 150 East 58th Street, Suite 2901, N.Y., N.Y., 10155. For a Free Consultation or more information, call 212-486-9740 or visit their website at

Bennett uomo 296 S Country Road Palm Beach

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Art BodegA | Politics & todAy

Bart rossi, Ph.d.Political Psychologist, emmy award winner (2014)

& t∏umPism Staying M

any have said that Trump is appealing to those who are tired of politicians. Pundits indicate that he sets himself out as “different” and therefore is attractive to those who feel disen-


franchised by political figures. The view here is that this is only partially correct. Trump is without a doubt the most interesting candidate EVER! He is projecting an personality like no other and deserves credit for

pushing himself to the top of the GOP. In recent debates he has made “blunt” into an art form. However, his appeal is beyond the criticism of the typical politician. The “psychology of the day” in my opinion is

that he is pitching to those who do not like the direction this country is moving toward in a rapid manner. Trump is attractive to those Americans who are angry about issues relating to gay marriage, abortion rights, religious freedom, the view that minorities are primarily on welfare, the thinking that the US should be primarily a Christian country, and certain ethnic groups who possess too much power. In short, they like a “straight shooter” and relish the fact that he is abrasive. The Trump smack downs and put downs are what they feel this country needs at this time and he is delivering it. Analysts say Rubio won the last few debates, but the opinion here is that Trump was also a winner by solidifying his base. Whatever one’s position on Trumpism and what he is projecting it must be said that he has done a masterful job of presenting himself as Authoritative and all knowing. He may be new in the political scene, but people want someone who will take charge so they can “get back their country.” These factors lead me to believe that Trump will have remarkable staying power and could very well win him the GOP nomination. When the primaries actually take place GOP voters may specifically move toward Trump and his much more dynamic personality. In addition, Trump has remarkable skills associated with attacking anyone who he wishes to target. It is part of his basic personality makeup. As the process moves forward “going after Trump” will most likely result in an attack by Trump himself that will dwarf any impact against him. It is still early in the presidential race but Trumpism is here to stay. 561-301-5772

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“Extraordinary! ... exquisitely beautiful.” — Cate Blanchett, Academy Award–winning actress


Jan. 9-10, Broward Center

TICKETS & SHOW INFO: 94 | www.artbodegaMagaZINe.coM

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