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gallery guide / art insights / Oct - Nov 2012

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gallery guide / art insights / Oct - Nov 2012

gallery guide

things when all of a sudden he said something to the effect of there

good press recently. We were shooting the shit about a few different

is an ex-pat like me, playing in a great band that has had some pretty

turned up before the show and sat down next to me to have a beer. He

It started with a conversation I had with a musician friend of mine who

for decades, in Berlin that can’t exist simply because the foundation is

which supports itself and fosters its own continuation and renewal

have been playing, building and developing a cohesive community

elsewhere or heading home. While in Auckland there are some who

is full of people who lived in Berlin ‘for a few years,’ before heading

with the fact that so many people move through this city. The world

and what they are seeing/hearing in Berlin. On top of this, there are

arguably often a lack of critical engagement between the audience

other cities in (Western especially) Europe. That being said, there is

exclusionary and totally bourgeois scene which could be identified in

much lower. I am also by no means advocating the kind of alienating,

cost of living is higher and the support for the arts seems to be so

it must be to pursue artistic endeavours in other centres where the

Selective Hearing

not being a ‘scene’ in Berlin. Not ‘scene’ in some contrived kind of way, always falling away.

distance from Berlin. In both those cities, he and I could name a lot

My buddy and I both come from small cities some considerable

But then I gave it some thought.

them that the very idea seems totally crazy.

I have seen so many great shows and spent so much time documenting

reaction was one of disbelief, not least because over the last three years

without any sort of independent critical awareness. Things are cool if

people will often come to the city and go to its events and parties

The fact that the city has such a pull based purely on spec, means that

cool, hipster mythology is actually totally working against the city itself.

from an acquaintance of mine a while ago about how Berlin’s über

I am also given pause to consider a commentary I read about the city

harder to find affordable living space and more and more land is

fact that reputation is leading to massive changes in Berlin, as it gets

While the mythology of the city seems to be alive and well, in actual

more could not be made with such promising raw materials.

others. For some though, it will always be a source of frustration that

but then made it safely aboard another with a good story to tell the

happy to be part of a fleeting thing, a rat that was on a sinking ship

pulling power. This has been going on since long before I moved

spaces and also out of their venues. The amount of invitations I

middle class in Berlin are pushing bands out of their rehearsal

Gentrification, rising rents and the changing values of the blossoming

self-sufficient scene. The first is the way the city itself is changing.

working simultaneously against Berlin’s ability to foster a cohesive,

get to sleep. If people are serious about Berlin’s music scene, there

people who really do want it quiet after 10pm so that the baby can

to build and more and more of the foundation is being eaten up by

few will be here long enough to do anything about it. No one wants

complacency. Many will complain about the way things are going, but

The second factor then working against the city is people’s own

Images courtesy of W Gresson.

Cover: Du Champ, 14-1-2012 General Public.

Top left: Mysticats 7-8-1212 Bei Roy.

Far left: Krapoola 13-2-2012 Madame Claude.

further afield.

discusses music, art and cinema among other things in the German capital and

Permanent Pollution is a blog by another Berlin based writer, Cesip Xynic, which

The Zone, organised by Noisekölln.

where Du Champ (It/DE), Ancient Ocean (US) and Expo 70 (US) performed at

Septmeber 13, 2012. The original was a review (of sorts) of a recent show

Note: This article was edited from a post on Selektives Hören Archiv dated

Will Gresson

Imagine the possibilities.

being bought up by developers who simply want to cash in on Berlin’s

turn into something very different. It might also be that many are

that its Pseudo-Bohemian appeal, real or imagined, will eventually

will in the next ten to fifteen years change and become so gentrified

I’m not naïve about this, I promise. It is totally inevitable that Berlin

really doing very little to add to the city’s creative landscape.

also far too many who lay claim to some sort of “contribution” while

but a proper group of people, artists and audience, who contribute

of bands, clubs, bars and promoters who constitute what we could

they are in Berlin. People are cool if they are in Berlin, going to things

something constantly evolving to Berlin’s musical landscape. My initial

comfortably assert to be the respective cornerstones of the scenes

which are cool….because they are in Berlin.

of years. The cost of simple things like train tickets has noticeably

here in 2009 but the rate is undoubtedly picked up in the last couple Except tonnes of what happens in the galleries, and bars, and clubs

increased every year since then, and while still comparatively cheap,

the rise in the cost of living across the board does not look set to stop

have received recently from promoters and bands specifying early

needs to be a much more engaged, critical approach from all areas to

any time soon.

start times and strict finishing times due to neighbours and noise

combat the trends which you can see developing. what two artists in particular must have thought, coming to the

the large size of the crowds often leaves me considering how difficult

number of people who have come through on tour and remarked at

with so little money, and still play to some fairly large audiences. The

musicians are fortunate in Berlin that they can accomplish so much

I feel at this point, however, that I have to add a caveat to this;

Noisekölln shows).

last 8-10 months as a member of Fausto Maijstral have also been

together (I should also add that my favourite shows in Berlin in the

through intimate and well organised shows that Noisekölln have put

the best small touring acts I have seen in the last year have been

identifiable, positive forces behind Berlin’s creative scene. Most of

his supporters and their work with Noisekölln are one of the main

My friend and I were both quick to agree that Michael Aniser and

complaints is pretty disheartening. I was wondering at a recent show

many, I would suggest that there might actually be two things

Now while that might seem enough to cause consternation in

and whatever else here is terrible.

of those cities. There are certain people I could name from Auckland who have been around since I was still in high school (too young to get into the shows, but still aware of who they were and what they were doing), that will forever be the central figures in the musical and cultural life of the city. I remember the first time I became aware of The Wine Cellar; when Whammy Bar opened and also D.O.C (which opened not long before I left). I also know a lot of people who have played in numerous different bands over the last ten or so years, covering every conceivable genre and mood, releasing small print run records, CDRs and zines, and hosting radio shows and club nights in venues across the city. The list of the established elements of Auckland’s scene goes on, things like Cheese on Toast and bFM, and in more recent years MUZAI records and now Hell is Now Love alongside it. Before I left, I even knew which vintage stores I could go past to get tickets to some shows (I remember running to St Kevin’s Arcade when I found out that The Evens were playing, I was such a Fugazi nerd that the idea of Ian MacKaye being in Auckland had me calling them up and asking them to save me a ticket because I would be there in twenty minutes. The kind young women remembered me and peeled me off a ticket from a huge bundle she still had without laughing once). The up-shot of all of this is that Berlin’s music scene, such as it is, seems vastly different. Granted that it is much bigger and more spread out, but there is more to it than that. The very nature of this city itself means that nothing lasts for very long and thus nothing is ever built up very much. While so much is said about the music scene here in the 1970s; the current scene (and this is, I admit, totally aside from the techno scene which is very much a different kettle of fish), exists in a much more pronounced state of flux. Much of this clearly has to do

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