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Celebrating 113 Years of Freedom

Substantial Relevance of Philippine Independence on Philippine Society Congress Reports: Job Padding at the POEA Legarda: Reviving the Filipino Soul through Indigenous Cultural Exhibits at the Senate Environment: Renewable Energy in the Philippines

Dr.Sesquicentennial Jose Rizal

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he month of June is something special for all the Filipinos all over the world. In Singapore, the Filipino community started the first week with a bang by becoming a beneficiary of huge amount of donation from Community Chest, the fundraising arm of the National Council of Social Services (Singapore), for the Philippine Bayanihan Centre, to assist in providing training and development opportunities for the Filipinos working and living in Singapore. The joint effort was realized in the holding of a charity dinner entitled, “Gifts of Love Charity Gala 2011,”a testament to our long standing mutual cooperation and ties of friendship with the people of Singapore. It is a very special appreciation for the Overseas Filipinos’ invaluable contribution to the robust economy of this country. Then came the commemoration of the 113th Philippine Independence Day celebration on the 12th of June, a special day for every Filipino all over the world and from all walks of life. It started with the word Freedom, the battle cry from Kawit to Edsa. Our forefathers have fought hard against our colonizers with their sweat and blood and successfully built the foundation upon which our beloved country, the Philippines, stands amid the challenging world that we face today. The quest for Freedom was first heard of when the abuses of the colonizers were fearlessly discussed in Noli Me Tangere and the path towards revolution bravely laid down in El Filibusterismo by Dr. Jose Rizal. It paved the way for Andres Bonifacio and other patriots to carry on and put into practical application what must be done to achieve redemption and emancipation, in his own way and in the means he knew how. Both men cared nothing but independence for the Philippines and its people. While Rizal instituted enlightenment through education to achieve Freedom, Bonifacio was more realistic and practical. He demanded absolute freedom from Spanish rule at all cost and by all means. Different folks, different strokes; and in his speech at the Malolos convention, President Emilio Aguinaldo proudly addressed the representatives and I quote, “ We are no longer insurgents, we are no longer revolutionists, that is to say armed men desirous of destroying and annihilating the enemy. We are from now on, Republicans, that is to say, men of law, able to fraternize with all other nations, with mutual respect and affection. There is nothing lacking, therefore, in order for us to be recognized and admitted as a free and independent nation”. After years of lobbying, the United States finally recognized and declared 4 July as the Independence Day of the Philippines in the Treaty of Manila in 1946. Interestingly, it was only in 1964 upon the signing of RA 4166 by President Diosdado Macapagal that our country made use of 12th day of June rather than 4th day of July as our Independence Day. Viva Pilipinas!!! To Rizal, Bonifacio, Aguinaldo, to the rest of the brave men and women, and to each one of us, regardless of time and space, independence is more than just a word. It defines and describes the Filipinos as a free people.

Another significant event was the celebration of Father’s Day. As the Holy Bible states in Proverbs 10:11 and I quote, “A wise son maketh a glad father”. This is very true. My own father did not give me riches to squander, instead, he let me watch him and observe how he lived his life. He truly lived a good life. Like Dr. Jose Rizal, he believed in the power of education. He would always remind me and say, “Knowledge is power but use it properly and wisely.” But like Andres Bonifacio, he was also realistic and practical. He molded me for what lies ahead and what the future holds. A visionary in his own right, he was a loving father and a principled man. He has always been my inspiration. Whenever I think of him, it gives me comfort. At least, he can be rest assured wherever he maybe now that I am living life to the fullest of which he always wanted me to be. I will not fail him. Yes, I am and will always be my father’s daughter. The commemoration of the 150th birth anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal completes the three most important celebrations this month of June. I will not be satisfied if I will not revisit Rizal’s works and writings that inspired us to be what we really ought to be. Although Rizal was not into revolution as he only advocated reformation of Spanish rule in the Philippines as exemplified in Noli Me Tangere, he could not be as diplomatic in El Filibusterismo. Both were the perfect incitements for Andres Bonifacio and the brave men and women who fought hard against the Spanish authorities through radical means; and the rest is history. But I am more interested to talk about Rizal and his similarities to us, the overseas Filipino workers. He was once like us. He lived and worked in a foreign land. He was an ophthalmologist in Hong Kong. Dr. Jose Rizal was the most famous OFW. So, you see, even during his time, Filipino workers were considered world-class. To the world and to the rest of Filipino people, Dr. Jose Rizal is our national hero. But to us, the OFWs, he was just like us. Rizal was just like you and me, a proud and respected Overseas Filipino Worker. So, I encourage everyone to let the example of Rizal shine upon us and let us challenge ourselves to live up to the ideals and aspirations that Rizal had advocated and fought for all his life. Let us not forget what he uttered and now inscribed in Fort Santiago and I quote, “To foretell the destiny of a nation, it is necessary to open the book that tells of her past.” The Philippines and the Filipino people have so much to offer as we have a glorious past. We have a great history. Great heroes like Dr. Jose Rizal. Let us discover the Rizal in us. Let us embrace the Rizal spirit in each one of us. Let us make him proud that every OFW not only in Singapore but in other parts of the globe is worthy to be called a hero, like him, but this time, BAGONG BAYANI, a modern-day hero. God bless us all, God bless the Philippines. Mabuhay po tayong lahat.


6 Substantial Relevance

of Philippine Independence on Philippine Society


Philippine Independence Day Celebration in SG


Father’s Day


Cover Story: Dr. Jose Rizal

28 The Pinoygraphers@

SG Mount Bromo Photo Expedition


Renewable Energy in the Philippines

38 Philippine

Independence Day 2011 in Auckland, New Zealand 4 Bagong Bayani APRIL 2011

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Substantial Relevance of Philippine Independence on Philippine Society by Lucas Banzon Madamba II


ince time immemorial, our country has been struggling in its state of independence. Independence is a condition of a country, nation or state in which its residents and population or some portion thereof, exercise self-government and usually sovereignty over its territory through a regime of democracy. Democracy is a form of government in which all citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Democracy is a form of government which is for the people, of the people and by the people (as reflected in U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address). The Philippine Declaration of Independence occurred on June 12, 1898 in Cavite II el Viejo (now Kawit) in Cavite, Philippines. With the public reading of the Act of the Declaration of Philippine Independence, Filipino revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo (the 1st President of the 1st Philippine Republic) proclaimed the sovereignty and independence of the Philippines from the colonial rule of Spain, which was defeated at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War. We can discern from times past that the Philippines has struggled in its journey towards attaining freedom and independence through the ages. The Philippines has trekked through the dark shores of Spanish colonization where the Filipinos were rudely treated as low individuals by the Spanish Authorities to the malignant walls of the Japanese during the Japanese Occupation, to the cancerous halls of the Dictatorship as well as to the tumorous skylines of Poverty. It was the profound patriotic courage and bravery as well as the nationalistic devotion of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, who fought for the achievement and realization of the pinnacle of freedom and independence (through peaceful means via his two classic novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo) to awaken the spirit of the masses en route towards enlivening national consciousness against the dark halls of Spanish rule. Andres Bonifacio, on his part, led the Katipuneros and the entire Katipunan in fighting for Philippine freedom and independence also against the Spaniards through the spark of the revolution. Apolinario Mabini (Brains of the Revolution), Emilio Jacinto (Brains of the Katipunan and Writer of the Kartilya ng Katipunan), Graciano Lopez Jaena (Greatest Orator of the Propaganda Movement), Juan Luna (Great Filipino Painter), General Antonio Luna (Greatest General of the Philippine Republic), General Gregorio del Pilar (Hero of the Battle of Tirad Pass), Marcelo H. del Pilar (Editor of the La Solidaridad and One of the Leading Propagandists), Lapu Lapu (Hero of Mactan who bravely fought the Portuguese Navigator, Ferdinand Magellan), General Emilio Aguinaldo (1st President of the 1st Philippine Republic), President Ramon Magsaysay (3rd President of the 3rd Philippine Republic, the 7th President overall, the President who opened the doors of Malacañang Palace to the 6 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

people and the most loved Philippine President), Senator Ninoy Aquino (who fought the Marcos dictatorship and awakened the eyes of the Filipino masses to aim for the zenith of national freedom and independence during the 20 years of authoritarian rule of the architect of Martial Law) and many other heroes who fought courageously and against all odds for the benefit of freedom and independence in the Philippines. Now, what is the current state of our country? Is our country free already? The answer may be a yes in some aspects. But it can also be a no in some other ways. Yes because our country may have been freed from the dark walls of the Spanish colonial regime, from the dark halls of the Japanese Occupation during World War II and from the dark corners of the dictatorship but No because our nation is still lingering in the darkness of national poverty and still struggling in its journey towards the attainment of the summit of national and international prosperity (that is, in its aim to become one of the major forces in Asia and in International Communities). It is the national poverty that has prevented our nation from “moving forward” not only in Asia but also in international arena. What factors account for the national poverty in the state of our country which has hindered our nation in its trek towards progress? Unemployment, corruption, lack of education of some people, and declining health system of some sectors are the answers. Based on the national statistics, the unemployment rate in the Philippines has increased from 7.3% to 8 % and around 3 million people are unemployed. In addition, the budget deficit has ballooned and capital accumulation has somewhat bogged down. If the Philippine government and other sectors of society make good and productive use of its funds (especially funds acquired from other countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, etc…) for the progressive benefit of communities and humanity like providing jobs and livelihood for the unemployed, promoting livelihood programs for communities and humanity, protecting the general welfare of the public as well as protecting, preserving and defending our Constitution and if we will continuously place ourselves in the spirit of genuine and absolute unity, energy, devotion, faith, sacrifice, patriotism and service towards humanity and the benefit of communities with the aid of Almighty God, then our nation will surely succeed in its journey towards progress not only in the local environment but also in Asia and in international settings. As U.S. President John Kennedy said: Ask not what your country can do for you; Ask what you can do for your country.” As President Ramon Magsaysay said: “ Our country and people shall shape a future, worthy of our noble heritage, if we but act together, act unselfishly, and act with courage in a spirit of patriotic dedication.” As the Philippines celebrates its Independence Day on June 12, 2011, the call to “move forward” in the next coming chapters of democracy will always remain.


113TH Philippine Independence Day Celebration in Singapore Photos by Pinoygraphers@sg, Pinoycsers, ManyunyUTAC

Lito CamaCho

margie Pagdanganan

maria ressa

Power Lunch

Six powerful personalities that remarkably stood out tall and resplendent, exemplifying leadership and excellence in their fields, the true embodiment of the global Filipino.

Celebrating 113 Years of Freedom 8 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

ramon Padiernos

renato de guzman

riCo hizon

CONGRESS REPORTS by Pamsy L. Tioseco

Kiko Led Independence Day Flag-Raising Rites in Historic Pamintuan Mansion Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan led the flag raising rites in the historic Pamintuan Mansion in Angeles City, Pampanga for the 113th commemoration of Philippine Independence. The Pamintuan Mansion, built in 1890 by Don Mariano Pamintuan and used by Gen. Antonio Luna as the army's headquarters in March 1899, also became the seat of the Aguinaldo government in June 1899 and was the site of the first and only public celebration of the Declaration of Philippine Independence. The National Historical Commission of the Philippines has recognized the historical value of the Pamintuan Mansion and has included it among the seven official sites for the simultaneous flag raising ceremonies in this year's celebration of the Philippine Independence Day nationwide. Pangilinan, a Kapampangan hailing from Santo Tomas, is proud to return to his hometown to mark Independence Day in a historically significant location.

Privilege Speech By Senator Teofisto "TG" Guingona III Chair, Senate Blue Ribbon Committee

Job padding at the POEA

Delivered June 7, 2011 at the Session Hall, Senate of the Philippines Good afternoon Mr. President, and to my fellow senators of this august chamber. Today is Migrant Workers' Day. And as I rise on a matter of personal privilege, Mr. President, more than a thousand OFW dependents are gathered at the SMX to celebrate this day. The Overseas Workers' Welfare Administration, the Land Bank of the Philippines and Development Bank of the Philippines jointly launched a Php 2-billion reintegration fund to help returning OFWs put up a business of their own. I expect the usual rhetoric about the extraordinary contributions of our OFWs as modern-day heroes to abound today. I expect the usual promises from every nook and corner of the bureaucracy, to see to their needs, to protect them from harm, to nurture and nourish their families with hope. Yet, have we really done enough for them? Are they truly protected? Or is our own government - their 10 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

"Throughout our colorful and sometimes turbulent history, we have witnessed the courage and the resilience of the Kapampangans, as well as our fellow Filipinos, who have valiantly fought for our sovereignty against colonial powers. Although times have changed, we still have many battles to overcome and we still need to wage daily battles against poverty, hunger, and corruption. This Independence Day celebration reminds us that freedom in all its forms will not automatically fall on our laps. We have to earn it," Pangilinan said. PH INDEPENDENCE DAY: SENAtE PrESIDENt Pro tEmPorE JINggoY EJErCIto EStrADA DElIvErS A SPEECH bEforE tHE fIlIPINo CommuNItY IN DoHA, QAtAr for tHE CElEbrAtIoN of tHE 113tH PHIlIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DAY. IN HIS SPEECH, SEN. EStrADA CAllS for uNItY of fIlIPINoS AgAINSt AN “uNfINISHED rEvolutIoN” – tHE StrugglE for INDEPENDENCE from PovErtY, ExPloItAtIoN, CorruPtIoN AND govErNmENt mISmANAgEmENt.

government - also a party to the abuse and exploitation of their rights and welfare? I raise these questions, Mr. President, because the sole agency entrusted with ensuring the safe, legal, and yes, protected departure of our OFWs is now under investigation by the National Bureau of Investigation at the behest of no less than its administrator. I refer to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. The POEA was created by presidential decree in 1982 as the main overseer and developer of the overseas employment program. To date, it has a daily clientele of 3,000 to as many as 5,000 a day. It is the only agency tasked to regulate more than two thousand licensed recruitment agencies and manning agencies that deploy our land-based and sea-based workers. During the time when the much-revered Ka Blas Ople headed the labor department, overseas job applicants were always told to have their contracts approved by the POEA. "Kapag hindi lisensyado ang ahensya ng POEA, tiyak na illegal recruitment 'yan." Kapag may tatak ng POEA, legal ang proseso.

congress reports SINE DIE BREAK: SENAtE PRESIDENt JuAN PoNcE ENRIlE DElIvERS hIS AccomPlIShmENt REPoRt BEfoRE thE SINE DIE ADJouRNmENt of thE fIRSt REgulAR SESSIoN of thE 15th coNgRESS, WEDNESDAy. DuRINg hIS SPEEch, ENRIlE cItED thE gocc govERNANcE Act, AND SBN 2756, SyNchRoNIzINg AND RESEttINg thE ARmm ElEctIoNS, Both AuthoRED By foRmER SENAtE PRESIDENt fRANKlIN DRIloN, AS AmoNg thE mAJoR AccomPlIShmENtS of coNgRESS. (Photo By JoE ARAzAS) cANcER AWARENESS: SEN. PIA cAyEtANo tuRNS ovER cANcER AWARENESS EDucAtIoNAl vIDEoS to locAl govERNmENt ExEcutIvES lED By (fRom lEft) BAtANgAS cIty couNcIloR ISAy mAcARAIg AND mAyoRS moN IlAgAN of cAINtA, lANI cAyEtANo of tAguIg, AND JoEy mEDINA of PAtERoS. (PPRIB Photo By JoSEPh vIDAl)

That was then, Mr. President. Today, the POEA is under a heavy cloud of doubt after its own administrator, Atty. Carlos Cao, Jr., admitted with a heavy heart that indeed corruption reigns in his backyard. A POEA employee confessed to being involved in the padding of job orders in favor of certain recruitment agencies. Sa sampung job order para sa domestic helper, Mr. President, sa isang pindot sa keyboard, nagiging isangdaan. Yung sobra, binebenta o pinapagamit sa ibang mga ahensya kapalit ay komisyon. The same employee admitted that she earned P1, 000 per job order padded. Administrator Cao, in a TV interview, recounted that this employee was able to accumulate Php 2-million in eleven months simply by increasing the job orders assigned to "client-agencies". Hindi po dagdag-bawas ito, puro dagdag lang ang nangyayari. At sa bawat dinadagdag, automatic ang isang libong pisong pabuya sa kanyang bulsa. How long has this been going on? No one can say for sure though it seems like no one within the POEA was really surprised by this employee's confession. That job padding has been going on at the POEA is an open secret among licensed recruitment agencies. This is also the reason why so many of our workers hold on to POEA-approved contracts only to be just as vulnerable as the next undocumented migrant worker once they leave. May mga pagkakataon na ang isang aplikante ay nag-apply, nagbayad, at bumisita paulit-ulit sa opisina ng isang lisenyadong ahensya pagkatapos ang kanilang Overseas Employment Certificate na mula sa POEA ay ibang ahensya na ang nakalagay. May mga pagkakataon na ang OFW ay kasambahay pero naprocess bilang waitress o utility worker o sales lady gamit ang

mga pekeng job orders na ito. Reprocessing po ang tawag dito. Iba ang employment agency na inaplayan sa agency na nagpaalis. Kasi hindi magkatugma ang job orders dahil sa job padding na naganap. Mr. President, ang kapalit po ng isang libong binulsa sa bawat numero na dinagdag ay ilang gabing paghagulgol ng isang OFW na baon sa utang, pinagsasamantalahan, at humihiling ng saklolo para makauwi na lamang. Ang masaklap, ayon na mismo sa mga nagiimbestiga sa mga anomalyang ito - ay nasa tip of the iceberg pa lang daw sila. We need urgent and permanent reforms at the POEA, Mr. President. We need an in-depth investigation not only on the padding of job orders but also on other acts of corruption and connivance between some POEA officials, and employees with unscrupulous licensed recruitment agencies. Before anything else, we need to clean up the POEA registry of unscrupulous agencies that have repeatedly violated the rules and regulations imposed upon them by our government. I urge the NBI and the POEA to come up with a list of licensed agencies that paid for their job orders to be padded so that their licenses can be cancelled and criminal charges can be filed against them as illegal recruiters. I propose a more stringent screening and approval process for new licenses that would include extensive public hearings and publication of the names and faces of those wanting to go into overseas recruitment. I seek the overhaul of the POEA website so that an overseas job applicant can verify at lightning speed whether a licensed agency had a previous string of complaints leveled against it. For A-list agencies with clean records over the years, incentives for sustainability and growth must be made available. I am for legislation that would improve and strengthen the POEA as a regulatory body, removing from its mandate the marketing of our overseas workers, which contradicts its own oversight functions over the recruitment industry; for how can you regulate an industry that you also rely on for marketing services? Mr. President, there is a pending resolution filed by Senator Antonio Trillanes calling for a Senate inquiry by the Blue Ribbon committee on the alleged anomalies within the POEA.


JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 11


This humble representation as committee chair is now engaged in talks with the NBI and the leadership of the POEA as to the appropriate timing of our own Senate inquiry.

houses more than that envisioned by the creators of the PagIBIG Fund. The least we could do is to ensure their protection and guarantee the integrity of their documents before they leave. The least we can promise them is for good governance to reign, for the corruption to stop, and for their interests to prevail in all of the agencies created to serve our OFWs. If the POEA as the sole regulatory agency for licensed recruitment agencies is weighed down by corruption and stands accused of being a party to the illegal recruitment of our workers, then what kind of protection can we afford those who leave the country through legitimate means?

We have no intention of impeding the ongoing investigation by the NBI. But certainly, we will not give up our mandate of legislative oversight especially when allegations of human trafficking and illegal recruitment have placed the POEA under the darkest clouds of doubt.

If we even need to regulate the regulator, then what becomes of our moral ascendancy to require, if not demand, labor-receiving countries to take better care of our workers? And if the padding of job orders is but the tip of the iceberg as far as anomalies in the POEA is concerned, then how many OFWs should be compensated by this agency for being an instrument to their degradation and exploitation? Ilan na bang OFWs ang napaluha at pinapaluha dahil hindi ginampanan ng mga taga-POEA ang kanilang trabaho?

My friends, ladies, and gentlemen of this Chamber, today is Migrant Workers' Day. Our OFWs hold up more than half of our economic sky. They send more children to school than all government scholarships combined. They feed more people than the CCT program of DSWD can hope to accomplish. They build

Mr. President, we believe that a great majority of officials and employees of the POEA sincerely care for our OFWs; are decent and law-abiding and are thus able to sleep well at night. Our overseas workers deserve to know the truth about alleged anomalies within the POEA. No less than their lives are at stake.

Legarda Pushes for Stronger Efforts, Strict Penalties Against Racial and Religious Discrimination Senator Loren Legarda   said she is hopeful that there will be lesser cases of discrimination in the Philippine society and that all Filipinos, regardless of their racial, ethnic or religious affiliation, will be treated equally through the proposed Anti-Discrimination Act. "Our Constitution provides that the State has the mandate to protect any person - an all-encompassing term that applies equally to all human beings, regardless of their racial, ethnic or religious affiliation. We even entered into various international commitments to end racial discrimination including the International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination. Despite this, we remain a nation that throws all forms of bias and prejudice at those who we perceive to be 'different' from the majority," she stressed. Legarda, Chair of the Senate Committee on Cultural Communities, is set to sponsor the Anti-Discrimination Act of 2011, which seeks to promote a society that values the dignity of every human person and guarantees full respect for human rights regardless of race, religion and ethnicity. 12 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

This measure will penalize acts of discrimination in the following fields: employment, education, delivery of goods and services, accommodation, media, and in search and investigatory activities. A person who is found guilty shall serve between nine months and twelve years in prison, and/or will be obliged to pay between Php100,000 to Php500,000. Furthermore, agencies, corporations, companies and educational institutions, whether private or public, shall be mandated to create an Equal Opportunity Committee, which shall have administrative jurisdiction over cases involving discrimination and racial profiling. The Commission on Human Rights, in coordination with other concerned agencies, will provide for the procedures for the resolution, settlement, or prosecution of acts of discrimination and racial profiling as well as the creation of Equal Opportunity Committees. "We need an effective and comprehensive legal framework if we are to start the fight against discrimination and racial profiling, “ Legarda concluded.

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6/23/11 10:34 AM

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psyche me up

Super Power Father: A Knight in Shining Armor in Modern Times by Dr. Mariglo Vicente Camero,CCI, DAAETS


OYS don’t cry. At least, that is how the male

individuals “behave according to some social or cultural norms and

species are expected to be, and this toughness

“standards” set by society.”

is extended to every man whether in an elite circle of businessmen or in the ragtag circle of

Psychosocially, dads who work across the miles almost always

any community. As the commercial goes, “Men

highly meet one of the two (2) most common expectations of

should act like men.” But there is more to being what a man is and

being a father: that is being more of a provider (give what the

how a man should be. Fathers who are overseas workers know

family needs like financial & material resources) than a protector

more about this.

(defending & saves the family from harm, usually physically). \

Men have gender and social roles. Gender roles refer to “the

Nonetheless, as a dad working abroad, he is to be working

attitudes and behavior in relation to one’s biological imprint” like

really hard to meet both. He can still protect by looking after his

predisposition or natural tendency to act or not to act. This is also

family every now and then (when he goes home), continuous

closely associated with sex differences with the opposite sex. It

communication with them through the phone or the internet

includes one’s psychological make-up, hormones and biological

(best if it is done with a webcam), asking someone (usually a family


member also) to be in charge of the wife and the family; and be certain that the wife still keeps the faithfulness to the marriage and

On the other hand, social roles refer to instances when 14 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

to him intact (this goes the same with the OFW dad). Overseas

psyche me up dads need to consider all of these things not only to protect the


while being distant from them.

children but to protect the marriage as well. 5.

He sacrifices his emotions for the family (trying to be emotionally detached so as to be able to maintain focus;

While fathers, because of their roles, are perceived to be more

being at par with colleagues at work).

responsible than any other single men in the planet, girls and ladies look up to them. In fact, there are more ladies out there who

He has to joggle providing for himself, the wife and the kids


He goes to work with a feeling of being in charge of everything even the very own lives of his family from a distance.

would admire or get attracted to men who are daddies (that is why wives should take extra precautionary on that and be more sweet


He has to be resourceful for himself and his family.

and loving to their husbands) because of the perception that


He has to fight off his “visual sensory organs” (eyes),

they are totally nurturing creatures. Psychodynamically speaking,

extrasensory powers, and hormones to remain faithful to his

girls at a certain age (between 3-6 years old) and stage (phallic) in

wife and be a good example to his kids (especially being away

their lives get so attached and close to their dads which is known

from home).

as the Electra complex. Successfully overcoming or resolving this complex is attained when daughters eventually identify themselves with same-sex parent (mom). On the contrary, not all dads can be emotionally close or “malambing” to their children, since this is a part of their social role;


He aims for high and better positions to satisfy the “ego” and feel good about the self; an achievement for his family

10. He would always want the best for his family! Boys don’t cry, perhaps; but real men do. To all the fathers working abroad, keep up the good job!

that is they are expected to impose discipline on their children as well as to be very protective to their daughters (that is, to keep

Happy Father’s Day this June!

them off from guys who just fool around and break a girl’s heart). Three (3) personality traits frequently associated with fathers, especially with overseas dads are: high level of self-reliance (they can stand on their own, trust on their own strength and be confident that they can manage), high risk-taking attribute (they will do everything and anything to achieve and do what they need to do), and highly cognitive/logical (emotional detachment because he also keeps in mind that he needs to provide). Talking about personality, this can be stable, enduring, and makes up the character of an individual (unless, of course one wants to modify it and change for what he thinks deemed fit for him); the impact of culture and environment where one stays for most of the time has a huge influence too.

What makes DaD a “totally” super human being? let us count the Ways: 1.

He serves as a model to the family by keeping the self healthy and do away with vices.


He is supposed to maintain, rekindle and nourish the commitment with wife and children.


He has to be a husband, a father, and a protector as well as to give a sense of clear direction to the family. JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 15

usapang legal








overemphasized. In the olden days, it was the

possession of the status of a legitimate child or by any other means allowed by the Rules of Court and special laws.

father who would go out of the house, go hunting and fishing, while the mother bore and took care

In Cabatania vs Regodos (441 SCRA 96), Florencia Regodos was

of the children. Later on, as civilization rose, the

a household help of Cabatania. Florencia Regodos was married

father was the one who would seek employment in nearby offices

to another man. She filed a petition for recognition and support

Laws On Paternity and Filiation atty. hazel r. riguera

so as to support the family. In the present time, although women

of her child Camelo alleging that Cabatania impregnated her.

also have an active role in the provision of support for the family,

The Supreme Court ruled that physical resemblance is not proof

it is generally the father who would seek employment abroad. The

of paternity. A birth certificate identifying the putative (alleged)

father generally bears the pain of separation from the family so as

father is not competent evidence if it is not shown that the latter

to meet the ever-increasing needs and concerns of his family back

had a hand in its preparation. The child born to Regodos is

home. As we celebrate Fathers’ Day, it is worthwhile that we focus

presumed the legitimate child of her husband because the child

on the Family Code provisions on paternity and filiation.

was born while the marriage of Regodos to her husband was still subsisting.

Filiation oF Children The filiation  of children may be by nature or by  adoption. Natural filiation may be legitimate or illegitimate (Art. 163).

In Fernandez vs Court of Appeals (G. R. No. 143256.  August 28, 2001), the Supreme Court held that baptismal certificate is not a competent evidence of filiation but only a prima facie evidence of

There are three kinds of children: legitimate, illegitimate, and

administration of sacrament of baptism.

legitimated. Under the Family Code, children conceived or born during the marriage of the parents are legitimate. The Family Code

In Lim vs Court of Appeals (270 SCRA 1), the Supreme Court

also provides that a child shall be considered legitimate although

considered the love letters written by a father promising to be a

the mother may have declared against its legitimacy or may have

loving husband and father as competent proof of filiation.

been sentenced as an adulteress. This provision seeks to avoid the situation where the mother, in a fit of anger or to arouse jealousy

The action to claim legitimacy may be brought by the child

on the part of the husband would deny the legitimacy of her child

during his or her lifetime and shall be transmitted to the heirs

or children. The fact that the wife was sentenced as an adulteress

should the child die during minority or in a state of insanity. In

should not affect the legitimacy of the child.

these cases, the heirs shall have a period of five years within which to institute the action. (Art. 173)

The filiation of legitimate children is established by any of the following: (1) The record of birth appearing in the civil register or a

Legitimate children shall have the right: (1) To bear the surnames

final judgment; or (2) An admission of legitimate filiation in a public

of the father and the mother, in conformity with the provisions of the

document or a private handwritten instrument and signed by the

Civil Code on Surnames; (2) To receive support from their parents,

parent concerned. In the absence of the record of birth, the filiation

their ascendants, and in proper cases, their brothers and sisters,

of legitimate children shall be proved by the open and continuous

in conformity with the provisions of the Family Code on Support;

16 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

usapang legal and (3) To be entitled to the legitimate and other succession rights

the child could not have been that of the husband, except in

granted to them by the Civil Code. (Art. 174)

the case of artificial insemination.

The law seeks to safeguard the legitimate status of a child

3. That in case of children conceived through artificial

against whimsical or baseless attacks. Article 166 of the Family

insemination, the written authorization or ratification of

Code enumerates the only grounds for impugning the legitimacy

either parent was obtained through mistake, fraud, violence,

of a child. These are:

intimidation, or undue influence.

1. That it was physically impossible for the husband to have

In Andal vs. Macaraig (89 Phil 165), the Supreme Court held that

sexual intercourse with his wife within the first 120 days of the

tuberculosis does not prove that a husband is incapable of having

300 days which immediately preceded the birth of the child

sex therefore the child born out of the wife is presumed to be that

because of:

of the husband.

(a) the physical incapacity of the husband to have sexual

IllegItImate ChIldren

intercourse with his wife; (b) the fact that the husband and wife were living separately in such a way that sexual intercourse was not possible; or

Unless otherwise provided by the Family Code, children conceived and born outside a valid marriage are illegitimate.

(c) serious illness of the husband, which absolutely prevented sexual intercourse;

Illegitimate children may establish their illegitimate filiation in the same way and on the same evidence as legitimate children.

2. That it is proved that for biological or other scientific reasons,

(Art. 175)


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JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 17

usapang legal The action to claim illegitimacy must be brought by the child

In Abadilla vs Tabiliran (249 SCRA 447), the Supreme Court held

during his or her lifetime. However, when the action to claim

the respondent Judge administratively liable for registering his

illegitimacy is based on an admission of filiation in a public

children as legitimate although they were born at the time when

document or a private handwritten instrument and signed by

his first marriage was still subsisting.

the parent concerned, the action may be brought only during the lifetime of the alleged parent.

In Babiera vs. Catotal (333 SCRA 487), the Supreme Court held that the periods to impugn legitimacy applies only if the child is

Illegitimate children shall use the surname and shall be under

the undisputed offspring of the mother, and not when the child

the parental authority of their mother, and shall be entitled to

is alleged not to be the child of the spouses. The Supreme Court

support. However, illegitimate children may use surname of their

likewise held that the cancellation of a void birth certificate does

father if their filiation has been expressly recognized by the father

not prescribe.

through the record of birth appearing in the civil register, or when an admission in a public document or private handwritten instrument is made by the father.

In Liyao vs Liyao (378 SCRA 563), the Supreme Court held that a child born during marriage is presumed a legitimate child. Unless the husband has impugned the legitimacy of the child born to his

In Briones vs Miguel (440 SCRA 455), the Supreme Court held that the recognition of an illegitimate child by the father could be

wife, his wife cannot indirectly impugn such legitimacy by claiming that the child is her child by another man.

a ground to order him to support, but not to have custody over the child. The law explicitly confers to the mother the sole parental

In De Jesus vs. Estate of Dizon (366 SCRA 499), the children were

authority over the illegitimate child. Only if the mother defaults

born during the marriage of their mother and their registered

can the father assume custody and authority over the minor.

father. The Supreme Court held that the children cannot directly impugn their legitimacy by presenting affidavit of the deceased

The father has the right to institute an action before the regular courts to prove non-filiation during his lifetime.

acknowledging them as his illegitimate children. Legitimacy can only be impugned by their father directly.

As to the legitime, each illegitimate child be entitled to one-half

The heirs of the husband may impugn the filiation of a child only

of the legitime of a legitimate child. The legitime is the portion of

if: (1) the husband should die before the expiration of the period

the property of the father or mother, fixed by law, to be given to

fixed for bringing his action; (2) the should die after the filing of

their child or children.

the complaint without having desisted therefrom; or (3) If the child was born after the death of the husband.

Legitimated ChiLdren Children conceived and born outside of wedlock of parents who, at the time of conception of the former, were not disqualified by

A common theme running through the law is that the legitimate status of a child is protected and may

any impediment to marry each other, or were so disqualified

only be challenged in limited instances and in the

only because either or both of them were below eighteen

manner provided for by law. This is as it should be

(18) years of age, may be legitimated. Legitimation shall take

for society still attaches a stigma to illegitimate

place by a subsequent valid marriage between parents,

children. In fine, our laws on paternity and filiation

and the effects of legitimation shall retroact to the time of

seek to strengthen and to nurture the Filipino

the child's birth. Legitimated children shall enjoy the same

family, for after all a strong family is the

rights as legitimate children. The legitimation  of children

cornerstone of a

who died before the celebration of the marriage shall benefit

strong nation.

their descendants.

18 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

Munt ing Pangarap

munting pangarap

Layunin ng pahinang ito ang magbigay katuparan sa mga munting pangarap ng mga OFWs. Ang kanilang mga kahilingan ay sisikaping tuparin at bigyang katuparan ng Bagong Bayani sa pamamagitan ng pakikipag-ugnayan sa ibat-ibang tao, organisasyon o ahensiya ng gobyerno. Ang mga may “munting pangarap” ay ina-anyayahang sumulat sa – Editor

Ang BAGONG BAYANI (Modern-Day Hero) magazine ay taos pusong nagpapasalamat sa mga taong nakalathala dito. Sila po ang may mga ginintuang puso na tumulong para maisaayos ang operasyon ni AJ. Sa ngayon ay kulang pa at nangangailangan pa din po kami ng inyong tulong: Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Padiernos - 200 SGD Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Lim -100 SGD Ms. Anita Johnson -100 SGD Ms. Rachelle Tiongson Dunggan -100 SGD Mrs.Maria Lourdes Aloot -50 SGD Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Cu -50 SGD Mr. Juan Alonzo -10 SGD Grand Jewellery -50 SGD Hortaliza -50 SGD Mary Samantha Cariaga- 50 SGD Mediatrix Ilagan-50 SGD Marivic Sucaldito-10 SGD Susan Luzadas-10 SGD Clark Benedict and John Raoet-100 SGD Si Amiel Joeneth Ullegue Dy or AJ ay may karamdaman na HIRSCHSPRUNG’S DISEASE. Ayon po sa medical certificate na binigay ng ospital at ng doktor ni AJ, 50,000 to 60,000 pesos po ang kakailanganin para maisakatuparan ang nasabing operasyon. Muli po kaming kumakatok sa inyong mga puso at damdamin. Magkaisa po tayo para matulungan ang pamilya ni AJ lalong lalo na ang kanyang nanay na si Antoneth na OFW din na katulad natin. Nandidito po sya kasalukuyang nagtatrabaho bilang kasambahay sa Singapore. Anuman ang tulong na inyong maipagkakaloob na bukal sa kalooban ninyo ay taus puso namin pong tatanggapin at tatanawing malaking utang na loob mula sa kaibuturan ng aming puso. At sigurado po na ito ay malaking bahagi para makamit natin ang munting pangarap ni Antoneth para sa kanyang anak na si AJ. Maraming Salamat po.

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MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 19


By Malene Palaje The contributor is a true blood Bicolana. A graduate of Engineering course and currently based in SG working as an IT professional.She has been an active member of Rotaract club and enjoys doing Community Service. She write poems and into journal writing.


Father’s Day read this post a few days ago in twitter, “Why does Mother’s


The following year, June 19, 1910 was chosen for the first

Day seem more important than Father’s Day?” At first I was

Father's Day celebration, proclaimed by Spokane's mayor because

taken aback, at the same time this tweet made me think. I

it was the month of William Smart's birth. Decades later, the first

wasn’t quite sure it the one who posted was just thinking aloud or

presidential proclamation honoring fathers was issued in 1966

really asking for opinions.

when President Lyndon Johnson designated the third Sunday in June as Father's Day. Father's Day has been celebrated annually

Could it be really true that we put much importance on Mother’s Day over Father’s Day? Or it could just be subjective. Since Father’s

since 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed the public law that made it permanent.

Day is just within the corner; one more week to be exact (as of this writing), it would be good to dig in through this occasion that is celebrated worldwide.

This tradition complements Mother's Day and similarly it typically involves gift-giving, special dinners to fathers, and familyoriented activities. Among the usual gifts associated with Father's

It’s really nice having these special days that we honor our dear

Day comprise of a necktie, greeting card, and flowers. Cards are

parents for everything that they have done for us. We have two

purchased for fathers, husbands, grandfathers or some people

different special days of recognition; Mother’s Day comes in May

who served the dad role in people’s life which make this day as

and merely six weeks apart, it is followed by Father’s Day.

the fifth-largest card-sending holiday in the world as claimed

According to Wikipedia, “Father's Day is a celebration honoring

by Hallmark (renowned greeting card maker). Rose is the official

fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the

flower for Father's Day. Wearing a red rose signifies a living father,

influence of fathers in society.”

while white one represents deceased father.

It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries

While it is nice to learn about these interesting facts, it suddenly

and on variety of dates worldwide. This day was introduced by

comes to my mind that as much as I would want to shower my

Sonora Dodd (now known as “the Mother of Father’s Day”) in

“DAD” with all those gifts, I won’t be able to hear the compliment

Spokane, Washington while she listened to a Mother's Day sermon

that comes with it. Why? Here’s my story:

in 1909. She wanted to honor her widowed father, William Smart, who took care of his six children in the civil War.

I am a self-confessed papa’s girl and I believe it is still the same until now, even if he is no longer with us for more than 20 years.

20 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

feature I lost my father when I was in the fifth grade and our youngest

praying he would be saved but he was declared dead-on-arrival.

brother was only nine months old, but I can still vividly remember

Acceptance and recovery seemed so livid and uncertain because

how much he had cared and loved us. Being the eldest among the

there were so many questions left unanswered as to why it had

brood of six, I was lucky to be able to witness how responsible and

happened to us. Why him? And why he had to die that way? If we

good provider he was.

had to lose him, why did he not just die a natural death ? With that we could have spent more time with him and my younger siblings

My father worked both for the government and the private

could have felt how it is to be loved by him.

sector. He was the Barangay Captain at that time apart from his regular job in an electric company. He was very caring and sweet

My mom was left to single-handedly raise us and I stood like

husband to my mother doing his share in the household chores; he

a father to my younger siblings. Many milestones and events

would normally cook lunch before leaving for work. Being a public

had passed our family life, but we wish Papa would be there to

servant, it would usually eat up his time that was supposed to be

witness those momentous days. How I wish I could share with him

spent with us but he we never felt neglected. In the usual routine

personally everything: my joys, pains and even heartaches and see

before going to bed, we would be in their room singing, playing,

that look that would mean “Everything will be alright”. Though I

and bonding. We would end the night praying together, knowing

would usually talk to him when I’m down but it would be nice to

that tomorrow would be a new day and we would be doing the

have a hug when I feel like giving up and a pat on my shoulder for

same things again.

a job well done.

My father was a very dedicated man not just with his family

“My father died many years ago, and yet when something special

and work but above all with his relationship with the Lord. I

happens to me, I talk to him secretly not really knowing whether he

remember he was very keen in family attending mass on days

hears, but it makes me feel better to half-believe it.” – Natasha Josefowitz

of obligation. We were also devotees of some Patron Saints that we would frequently visit travelling an hour or two just to reach those churches. He was a loyal follower of some Catholic traditions

From then on, we would celebrate Father’s Day by hearing

such as the “Dawn Mass”, processions during the Holy week, and

mass, light a candle and offer prayers to remember Papa. For some

the “Salubong” wherein he would wake us up as early as 3 am to

children whose dads are still alive and with them, this is a joyous

prepare so that we would have a good spot to see the momentous

occasion and a chance to give back the love to their fathers for

meeting of Mama Mary and Jesus.

their hard work and loving nature. For those whose fathers have passed away, this holiday maybe far from festive but still it is the

Life has been good to us and I couldn’t ask for more but just

best time to express our gratitude to that one man who did his

as any other plot, there has to be a height to a story, but ours was

best to provide for his family and led us with his caring and guiding

not the ending that anybody would want. My father was stabbed


to death and what hurt us more was that he lost his life while performing his duty as a public servant. The man who had slain

As it was written in the Bible, “Honor your father and your

him was under the influence of drugs and did it to him because he

mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord

was summoned for complaints of hurting a kid. It happened a few

your God is giving you.” - Exodus 20:12

meters from our house so we heard the commotion, my siblings and I ran to see what was going on. There we saw Papa being

Whatever your story may be, you love him or hate him, still, a

carried by some guys. His white shirt turned red and blood rushed

father plays a very significant role in our lives, so better love him.

from his body.

So, I say, “Happy Father’s Day, Papa and also to Mama”; most of all, “Happy Father’s Day to our greatest DAD above”

My mother was in denial by the time she knew about what happened even if she saw that we were crying. She thought Papa would just be hospitalized and would soon recover. It was so heart-breaking and traumatic to see him in that condition. I was

“Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers – and fathering is very important stage in their development.” – David M. Gottesman JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 21

money matters

Financing Your Dream House? by Xty Vicentina


hen MJ dropped by the Bank to inform me that the

have you thought how much is the additional cost of In-House

next issue would be a tribute to the great Dads for

Financing against Bank Financing? It’s about 7%! How much is 7%

Father’s Day, it kept me wondering for a while what to

in money terms?

write as I practically grew up without a Dad and I don’t remember a single celebration of Father’s Day in the house…But as I walk

Refer to the table below for a sample comparison of an average

around the building still thinking of a material to write, I noticed

in-house financing and regular housing loan from your friendly

that even PNB have prepared a special treat for all the great Dads in

Bank. An average in-house financing that charges say 16% as

Singapore… Free remittance charge for the whole month of June

against a 9% pa Bank Loan will generate a monthly savings of

2011 for all NEW male remitters!

Pesos: 3,559.70 (SGD 104.70, at assumed rate of SGD/PHP 34.00) or a total savings of Pesos: 213,582.00 (SGD 6,281.82) for a loan of 1

It’s a Special Day indeed! So I decided to ask around the male

Million pesos payable in 5 years.

friends across the globe: ‘What is that one dream that fathers wish for their family?’. I got varied answers ranging from good health to “I

For a similar loan of 1 Million pesos payable in 10 years, it will

don’t need to dream”. But one of the common answers is dreaming

translate to a monthly savings of Pesos: 4,083.73 (SGD 120.11) or a

of their own house, own home for the family….

total savings of Pesos: 490,047.60 (SGD14,413.16) if you go to your friendly Bank instead of in-house financing.

Here it goes, ready to finance your dream house? So, before you decide to sign that promissory letter for your The quickest way of course is thru in-house financing, not

developer or to send those postdated checks to your agent for

much documentation needed just sign a promissory note to your

your dream house, make that one visit to your friendly Bank and

developer or issue post-dated checks and inform your agent how

check how much you can save!!!!

long you wish to pay for the property…. 5, 7, 10, or 20 years and you will get an instant housing loan. Quite convenient right? But

Happy Father’s Day!

Author’s note: Buying a property is another investment tool. It’s not just an OFW or a fathers’ dream… If you have the cash now, in this regime of Low Interest Rate, you may opt to pay in cash and avail up to 10% discount from the developer then you can go to your friendly Bank and get a refinancing loan….

22 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

cover story

Dr. Jose Rizal

(Philippine National Hero) Sesquicentennial By Lucas Banzon Madamba II

the Philippines (during the Spanish colonial era) through peaceful institutional reforms via his two classic immortal novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which awakened the spirit and fervor of Philippine Nationalism en route towards the attainment and realization of National Freedom and Independence thus enlivening National Consciousness. These are social commentaries on the Philippines that formed the nucleus of literature among peaceful reformists and spurred the militancy of armed revolutionaries against Spanish rule. Rizal was a polyglot conversant in 22 languages and dialects as well as a prolific poet, writer, essayist, correspondent, diarist, painter, farmer, sculptor and novelist in addition to being an ophthalmologist (eye specialist). As a political figure, he was the founder of the La Liga Filipina, a civic organization which subsequently gave birth to the Katipunan, led by Andres Bonifacio, which aimed to unite the Filipino people.


Rizal believed that the only justification for national liberation and self-government were the restoration of the dignity of the

n celebration of the Sesquicentennial of Dr. Jose Rizal

people as well as the protection and defense of the rights of the

(Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda), the

masses. He also believed that the Youth is the Hope of the Land.

Philippines commemorates his historical memory and

Before his execution and death, Rizal wrote the Mi Ultimo Adios

legacy of devotion, love and sacrifice for the benefit of

(My Ultimate Farewell). Rizal was executed at the Bagumbayan

freedom, independence and democracy for the Republic

(now the Luneta) on December 30, 1896 and his democratic

of the Philippines. Rizal’s sesquicentennial will be celebrated in a

memory and legacy will remain forever. His death was the catalyst

new monument that will be unveiled in his historical memory in

which precipitated the Philippine Revolution and a symbol that

his nativeland, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines.

freedom is worth dying for.

Dr. Jose Rizal was a significant historical figure not only in the

As the Sesquicentennial of Rizal unfolds, may his love, devotion,

Philippines but also in Asia and in the whole world. The seventh

and sacrifice for freedom, independence and democracy forever

of eleven children born to a rich family in Calamba, Laguna, Rizal

ring and be enshrined in the halls of History as well as serve as

(having been highly educated in prestigious universities) was

a patriotic reminder to the call for our nation to continuously

a Filipino polymath, patriot, the Pride of the Malay Race and the

move forward not only now but also in the next generations of

most prominent advocate for freedom and self-government in

Philippine society. JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 23

cover story

, a d a r o d a a i r Adiós, Pat e t n e i r o e d r a m l Pkerla de i r t a l e r g e l a y A darte vo m , e t n a l l i r b s á Y fuera m , a r e i d a l i t r o p También Bakit Kakaiba si Rizal By CGD (CGD is in Singapore for work and this is her overseas job) akaiba ang paggunita ko sa kabayanihan ng ating

edukasyon upang maiangat ang antas ng buhay ng isang tao.

pambansang bayani na si Dr. Jose Rizal ngayong taon.

Kakaiba sapagka’t sa pagsabak ko sa paghahanapbuhay

Hindi rin sana niya nakilala ang mga tao at lugar na humubog

dito sa Singapore, mas lalong makabuluhan sa akin ang kanyang

sa kanyang kamalayan at katauhan sa panahong siya ay malayo sa

pinagdaanan noong sya ay namalagi sa ibang bansa upang

kanyang pamilya at sa kanyang bayan.


Para sa akin, dahil sa kanyang mga naging karanasan at mga

Ngayon ay mas dama ko ang hirap na dinanas nya nang lisanin

natutunan sa pag-ikot sa buong mundo at dahil nawalay siya sa

niya ang kanyang pamilya at ang Pilipinas upang mangibang-

bansang kinagisnan, mas lumalim ang pagmamahal ni Dr. Jose Rizal


sa bansang Pilipinas. Kaya maluwag sa kalooban niyang tinanggap ang kanyang kapalaran. Imbes na panghinaan ng loob, sa palagay

Mas naiintindihan ko na bagama’t mas maganda ang tanawing

ko ay nakita niya ang paghatol sa kanya ng kamatayan bilang

kanyang nakita at mas marami siyang pagkakataong magkaroon

paraan upang patunayan sa mga mananakop noon na kaya rin ng

ng tahimik at maginhawang buhay sa ibang bansa ay ginusto pa rin

mga Pilipino na mamatay para sa kalayaan ng bayang Pilipinas.

niyang bumalik sa ating bansa.

Mapalad tayo sa panahong ito na hindi na natin kailangang

Mas alam ko na rin ngayon na dahil din sa pagmamahal sa

mabaril sa harap ng isang firing squad upang maging bayani.

pamilya – nag-aral si Dr. Rizal ng medisina sa ibang bansa upang

Maraming pagkakataon ang ipinagkakaloob sa atin bawa’t araw

gamutin ang kanyang ina na may karamdaman sa mata - gaano man

upang maging bayani. Katulad na lamang ng ating mga overseas

u l , a l l a t a b e d s En campo i s s a d i v s u s n a Otros te d c , a t r o p m i a d a n El sitio o t r e i b a o p m a c o Cadalso l n e d i p o l i s s e Lo mismo kahirap mawalay sa mga mahal sa buhay at sa bayang kinagisnan

Filipino workers. Sa pamamagitan ng money remittances na

ay kailangan niyang paglabanan ang lungkot at pangungulila.

kanilang ipinapadala sa kanilang pamilya sa Pilipinas, nagbibigay

kakayahan ang ating mga kapamilya na palakasin ang ating

Totoo palang hindi nababago ng pananatili sa mas maunlad


na bansa ang pagnanais na makatulong sa bansang pinagmulan, makabalik at maging bahagi ng pag-unlad nito.

Higit sa paggunita sa kanyang kabayanihan, dapat ay kapulutan

din natin ng aral ang buhay at kabayanihan ni Dr. Joser Rizal. Tularan

Kaya para sa akin, ang pangingibang-bansa ni Dr. Jose Rizal at

natin ang kanyang pagpapahalaga sa

ang kanyang pagiging kauna-unahang global Filipino ang ilan sa

magandang edukasyon, ang pagsisikap

mga dahilan kung bakit katangi-tangi siyang bayani.

na maging mahusay sa anumang larangan o gawain na kanyang

Magiging pambansang bayani kaya si Dr. Jose Rizal kung siya

ay hindi nangibang-bansa? Sa palagay ko ay hindi.

pinasok, gaano man kalaki o

kaliit ito, ang pagiging matatag sa kabila ng paghihirap at

Kung hindi sya nangibang-bansa, hindi nya makikita ang

kalayaan at maraming pagkakataon na tinatamasa ng mga

mamamayan sa bansang kanyang pinaglagian. Dahil nakita nya ito, ninais din ito ni Dr. Rizal para sa kanyang mga kababayan.

kalungkutan, ang pagmamahal








kanyang pamilya na sa kanya din ay

nangungulila at pagmamahal sa bansa

Hindi sana niya napagtanto ang halaga ng mabuting

24 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

na walang hinintay na kapalit.

, a d i r e u q l o s l e d egiónthe Global Filipino , rRizal, ! n é d E o d i d r e p e, Jnuestro , a d i v a i t s u m iste , a d i r o fl s á m , a c s más fre . n e i b u t r o p a r e i la d cover story

By Anne Luisa Villarico

ose Rizal was born with a burning passion to do something

Rizal is the first well-known globe-trotting Filipino, struck with

for a change, a chance to do something that would make

the wanderlust to explore and live life overseas. He is truly a global

things better for his country. But in order to do that, he

Filipino talent.

needed to get out of the country on a different passport name and

endure days and weeks travelling in a ship which was a far cry from the conveniences of air flights and air-conditioned cabin.

He aimed for something better, though not for his family as he

came from an affluent class, but for the Filipinos as Rizal desired

to champion his cause for Filipinos to gain independence for the

Travelling then was so much of a hassle and more so when


you were already in another country because there was no wire transfer or ATMs if you needed money, no emails, no cable TV, no

He decided that the best way to do it was to see and observe

internet to keep you updated of everything that was going on

the lifestyle, culture, government, customs and tradition of people

elsewhere. If you wanted to travel out of the country, you must do

overseas and gather as much information along with his continued

it with firmness as it was too costly and you must bring home with

studies so that he could use everything that he has learned

you the essentials to make the trip worth your while and not just

overseas to move the Filipinos to wake up and fight for their rights

focus on getting souvenirs from sightseeing.

to be freed from centuries of oppression.

That was it; what it was like to travel in the 18th century; and today, this is what it is like to be an overseas Filipino.

But as it was a secret mission, he had to travel off the radar of the Spanish authorities and even from his own family so he had to

, o i r i l e d n o c o uchand ; r a s e p n i s , s a d u in d , o i r i l o l e r u a l , s cipré r i t r a m l e u r c o e o, combat . r a g o h l e y a i r la pat JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 25

cover story use a passport under the name Jose Mercado which was already

Unlike now wherein overseas Filipinos have to send money back

possible to produce at that time. Onboard the ship, Rizal had to

to their families in the Philippines, it was the other way around for

play chess with other passengers to keep him from getting bored

Rizal. It happened when there was drought in the Philippines and

although they were no match for his skill. Well what else was there

his brother was not able to raise money for his allowance. With the

to do? With nothing to do, he had to keep himself entertained also

little allowance that he had at the time, he resorted to eat one meal

by sketching scenery and observing the passengers of the ship.

a day and do his own laundry.

His five-year sojourn abroad, starting from his trip to Spain has proved to be an impactful journey that produced the ground-

Rizal and the Filipinos of today share similar dreams and passions. It is always about for a better future.

breaking novel that affected the lives of the Filipinos living in the Philippines.

But while Rizal went abroad to study and work at the same time, he came with a purpose of sharing his knowledge, skills,

May 9th, 1882 was a significant day for Rizal as he came to

and expertise to Filipinos in the end. He yearned to come home

Singapore aboard the ship Salvadora. It was Rizal’s first time to

to his country and show Filipinos what he has learned and fulfill

travel overseas and Singapore was his first pit stop on his way to

his mission.

Spain. We are here with a different sense of purpose for ourselves, for One can imagine the awe and excitement Rizal felt at that time landing in a different shore, in a different environment, seeing a

our family. Like Rizal, we are living in a place which is better than where we were before with advanced systems and infrastructure.

different race who spoke different languages. The sights, the smells - all were brand new.

Rizal had concrete plans on what to do next after his overseas stint. How about us? Have we even thought of going home in 2, 5,

Rizal spent his two days in Singapore doing what a first-time overseas traveller would do—sightseeing. He went to see the famous Botanical Garden, the beautiful Buddhist temples, the busy shopping district, and the statue of Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles, who was the founder of Singapore. Too bad, cameras were scarce at that time so Rizal has to resort to documenting details of his travel in his travel notes. Indeed living overseas could offer a lot of possibilities. Abroad, Rizal was able to write and publish a book—Noli Me Tangere which was published in Berlin with the help of his friend, Maximo Viola who helped in funding the book. Rizal has also made a grand tour of Europe, charmed by the architecture and sights of Paris, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Madrid, Geneva and all the other major historic cities of Europe. It was truly a feast for the senses. One can just imagine the allure of walking on the cobbled paths, visiting the museums, churches, theatres, parks and the rich culture of these much more developed cities. But living abroad despite the amazing experiences it brought him has a price. Rizal has to overcome racial prejudice, homesickness and becoming flat broke at some point.

On Our Cover

MANNY AENLLE FRANCISCO, is an editorial cartoonist for the straits times. he’s been a political cartoonist for the manila times, the daily tribune, the philippine post, tanod tabloid and isyu newspaper. he is also the creator of comic strips doG fud, sun stroKe and biZ-cuit which appeared in the manila bulletin and pm tabloid.

his bitinG political cartoons have appeared in several international news maGaZines such as newsweeK, time maGaZine online, der spieGel, one of the leadinG German political maGaZine, cnn news and in booKs such as the best political cartoons. he represented the philippines at the 8th asian cartoon festival in 2003. his worKs are also syndicated in he has a bachelors deGree in visual communication from the university of the philippines colleGe of fine arts.

26 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

cover story 10 years time? Do we want to live abroad forever?

Anne Luisa “Lui” Villarico is an oil and gas recruiter by day. Prior to working in Singapore in 2007, she used to write for a major broadsheet in the Philippines.

There’s no right or wrong decision as we are faced with varying

She went to Taiwan to study Mandarin in 2006 for 6 months and has

levels of commitments and obligations but again as the cliché

continued studying the language this year. She likes to travel overseas when

goes, there’s no place like home.

time and money permits

Rizal the Romantic: Is he for reel or real? By Dr. Mariglo Camero, CCI, DAAETS


r. Jose Rizal was known for his intellectual prowess

Analytical, emotional but rational, intelligent, religious,

but alongside his analytical skills was his capacity to

passionate, idealistic, practical, pragmatic… the list can just go on.

love. One thing astounding about it was that it was

Rizal’s many good qualities cannot be dimmed by his weaknesses.

not limited to only one geographical location. Rizal’s puppy loves

It was no wonder why women from different races fell for him.

were Segunda Katigbak and Leonor Valenzuela. Then, came his sweetheart for 11 years, Leonor Rivera, his cousin who later on

His words, said or written, captured any woman’s fancy in his

married an Englishman believing that Rizal had forgotten her

time. His well-built physique was not that of a steroid-tempered

when in fact, her mom kept Rizal’s letter from her. It almost ruined

body builder but one knew he liked to keep himself in tone. He was

the second novel El Filibusterismo.

every inch a man, and as a real man, he knew how to grieve. He also shed tears. He also knew how to stand his ground and fought for

Among all his “heart matters”, it was Rizal’s relationship with

his right. He was his own man.

Josephine Bracken that was considered the most controversial but also the most enduring. Most importantly, she was the only one,

Rizal is really for real though he seems to be always like someone

among the many women he had met, that Rizal can be said to have

from the highlight – reel, and it is by knowing his love affairs that

truly lived with.

one realizes that a man like Rizal is human after all.

Rizal, our a national hero, was indeed of a completely elite

Rizal, as a lover, may be a character lifted from the book of fairy

stock. He was an ophthalmologist, a scientist, a writer, a politician,

tale. He was prince-charming redefined; but anyone who would

a filibuster, if you prefer to call him such. He was every inch the

dare to love him should know that he needed someone who could

personality that any modern day rock star, president, prince, or

fill the void created by years of patriotic activities. Rizal was the boy

king would have. He was a giant in the world of politics and history.

learning the world in a man’s strong body.

He was even more magnetic as Pepe, the short but muscular intellectual whose stature never got in the way of his dealings with others.

“Love conquers all,” and love captures even the strongest and most powerful of them all.

Rizal, the romantic, is a psychological enigma. His romantic tendencies can be obscured by his patriotic inclinations. Loving a woman so deeply, he chose to go to Spain at the bidding of his brother to study and later on improve the lot of his countrymen. But news of his love’s marriage almost burned one of the most important historical manuscripts of our time.

JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 27


There and Back Again

The Pinoygraphers@SG Mount Bromo Photo Expedition (6 to 8 May 2011) By Jude Lim With contribution from Wheng Dichoso


nyone who has read“The Lord of The Rings”will recognize the title of this article as the name of Bilbo's biographical book about his adventures in middle earth. Similarly, Pinoygraphers@SG's trip to Mount Bromo evokes the same spirit of adventure, danger, happiness, frustration, and triumph. Everyone who joined the expedition will be sure to tell you that it was an unforgettable experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

So What iS PinoygraPherS@Sg anD Where iS Mount BroMo? Pinoygraphers@SG is a group of Filipino photography enthusiasts based in Singapore. They are the biggest and oldest Filipino photography group in Singapore with more than 220+ registered members as of this writing. The group engages in the pursuit of photographic excellence while at the same time engaging in charity work by offering their services to the community. Since its inception on the 23rd of April 2007, the group has been actively giving support to charitable institutions including the Philippine Embassy and the Filipino community. Mount Bromo is an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. It is the most popular volcano in the Tengger massif (group of mountains) and can be reached by flying to Surabaya followed by a long land trip to Probolinggo. On the 6th of May 2011, twenty members of Pinoygraphers@SG embarked on an expedition to photograph this magnificent natural wonder. This article documents the experiences of the group during this monumental expedition.

PLanning The expedition was a brainchild of organizer Eman Patricio III who is one of the officers of Pinoygraphers@SG. After the initial invitation was posted on March 29 at the team’s website (, a steady stream of enthusiasts signed up. Having been out of the country at the time of the posting, I was one of the last ones to sign-up. Each of us had 28 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

to book our own plane tickets but the logistics once we arrived at Surabaya were all covered by the agency appointed by Eman.

Day 1: arrivaL Taking two different flights, the group converged on Surabaya Airport at 4 p.m. (Indonesia time) on the first day (Friday). Taking three different vans, the group first stopped at a bridge to take sunset pictures before heading off for dinner at the agency’s restaurant. They then proceeded to take the long uphill road to their hotel. By the time the group reached Cemeru Hotel at 10:30 p.m., they were all exhausted and ready to call it a night. Unfortunately for the team, they will only have a maximum of three hours of sleep on that night.

Day 2: Mountain hike At 1:40 am, with barely three hours of rest, each of the team members were awakened by loud knocks on their hotel doors. It was time to get up. It was a chilly 5-degree Celsius. The temperature coupled with the lack of sleep made a number of us shiver with cold despite having five layers of clothing, including gloves and thick head gear. The team piled onto five 4X4 vehicles for a 20- minute procession to the base of a neighbouring mountain. There, the group got off their vehicles to start an 8km trek up the mountain so that they can reach the summit in time to take sunrise pictures of the Tengger group of mountains. As the sun rises at 5:30 am, the group had to complete the uphill journey within three hours.

feature Just 10 minutes into the hike, it became apparent that this was no easy feat. The trail was engulfed in darkness with the only lights coming from flashlights held by the group. Each step was unusually difficult as the air was very thin due to the high altitude. The damp ground filled with volcanic ash stuck to our shoes as we slowly trudged towards the peak. Despite the cold, everyone started shedding clothing and gloves as the exertion made us feel very warm. The procession started to look like human chimneys as wafts of “smoke” drifted out of the adventurers’ mouths every time they exhale. As the morning mist creeped in, the wet ground became more dangerous especially at sharp turns in the trail and at places where the trail was partly eroded and slippery.

onion plantation to set-up their equipment. This location was potentially financially hazardous as each wrong step may cost IDR 5,000.


THe SavannaH

When faced with adversity, a group can either wither or grow. During the dangerous mountain trek, the weak were assisted by the strong. The load of exhausted members was shared among those with fresher legs. Thus, the members of Pinoygraphers@SG have again showed the camaraderie and resilience that made the group weather adversity through its four years of existence. It was truly a remarkable sight to behold this team of people working as one.

At 3 p.m., the team decided to separate into two with one group heading down to a valley called “The Savannah” to take pictures. The other group opted to stay back for more recovery time.

Fog and rain After three hours of hiking, the group reached the top of Penanjakan Peak View Point 1 and was greeted with a spectacular sunrise view of the Tengger massif. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, a thick fog slowly rolled in covering the scenery completely in a cold curtain of white. Undeterred, the team waited for an hour hoping to get another glimpse of sunshine but to no avail. Aside from a 10-second period when the fog temporarily separated to show the valley below, the scenery never showed itself again while we were at the peak. Disappointed with the unpredictable weather, the team started the 8km trek down the mountain. All in all, the team would have hiked 16km before they reached their hotel at 9 am. Learning from experience, about half of the group chose to hire porters to carry their equipment during the return trip. It was a very good move as rain during the return trip made the journey more treacherous.

recovery and HoTel SHooT Upon arriving at the hotel, the group had breakfast, then ran back to their rooms to sleep and recover from the morning ordeal. After just a few hours of downtime, most of the photographers were again rushing outside their rooms with gears in tow as the view outside the hotel cleared up. It was as if Mt. Bromo and Mt. Batok was now encouraging the members to take pictures of their majestic peaks. Scrambling for position, the weary photographers ran to opposite ends of the estate. Some even went to a nearby

Before reaching Savannah, the group decided to have a quick stop-over to take pictures at a location called The Sea of Sand where the two mountains served as the groups’ background. The path going to Savannah was very rough as the team was jostled about inside their 4x4 jeep. Soon however, they were rewarded with a refreshing scene filled with green fields and blue mountains. Some members lay on the soft ground while marveling at their calm surroundings. They had arrived at Savannah. Seeing the beautiful cloud formations overhead, the team decided to stay in that location and wait for the sunset. The eager members were in eager anticipation when a thick cloud covered the sun. Fate dealt the team another blow as the sun remained hidden while they waited for half an hour to no avail. Discouraged by this latest bit of bad luck, the team headed back to the hotel

reunion The group that stayed back was fortunate enough to capture a spectacular sunset scene of the mountains and valley below right near the hotel. In the evening, the team that went to Savannah arrived as both groups reunited to take star trails at various locations in the compound. Later, over a few bottles of beer, the team compared notes while discussing the experiences of the day. It was a perfect way to end Day 2.

day 3: SunriSe aT mounT doom On the 3rd day, the group had a “late” call time of 3 am. Unfortunately for me and my room-mate, I mistakenly typed in 2 am in my alarm and I was unable to get back to sleep after that. A few of the events of the 2nd day was repeated as the group started hiking towards Mentigen Hill that was overlooking Mount Bromo. This hike was a lot easier as most of the trail went through slightly inclining paved streets. Only the latter part was through uneven JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 29

feature fine earth created by volcanic ash.

Shooting Location Mid-way through the journey, the group decided to stop at a point that was optimal to view both the spectacular sunrise and Mount Bromo on opposite sides of the mountain trail. This was not the original intention of our tour guide who was not experienced in catering to the needs of photographers. The decision proved to be a good one as the group members were able to take their best pictures of the trip so far. If you have watched “Lord of the Rings”, you will swear that you are looking out at the scene where Frodo and Sam look down at Mount Doom. The scene was eerily similar with nothing but total desolation in the valley below. Despite the desolation, the scene was so picturesque. There was a time when the team had difficulty in deciding which way to point their cameras. Mount Bromo continuously erupted while spewing volcanic ash towards us. We were fortunate that the team had brought surgical masks to combat against the smell of sulphur. The masks worked well as the team happily took arguably their most memorable pictures of the trip.

heavy Rain & WateRfaLL The team headed back to the hotel for a quick lunch and to retrieve their luggage. Before the team headed off to the airport, however, they made a side trip to Madakaripura Waterfalls. This trip was not fruitful, however, as the team was greeted with pushy locals who were hard selling “guide” services to the waterfalls. The group eventually decided not to proceed to the waterfall due to time restrictions and to avoid a confrontation with the pushy “guides”. If I were to name a low point in the trip, this would be it and I would urge anyone travelling to Mount Bromo to avoid the waterfall side trip if you have a choice. Nevertheless, the side trip was not a complete waste as some of the braver ones were still able to take pictures of the flowing water as it surged through the rocks during a strong downpour.

RetuRn tRip The group finished checking in at Surabaya International Airport with only 15 minutes to spare. Fate had given us a wise nudge as we could not have made our flight if we had successfully reached the Waterfall. Upon arrival at Singapore, the team had their last group picture taken inside the plane before going back to the reality of life in Singapore.

SynopSiS This is the first overseas trip of Pinoygraphers@SG in 30 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

2011 and it has proved to be another milestone for the group. So far, this is the biggest overseas photo expedition by the group in terms of number of participants. Although the trip itself was physically demanding, the experiences learned by the group-not just in photography, is well worth the hardship. The fun, camaraderie and bonding that are trademarks of events organized by Pinoygraphers@SG were indeed present during this trip. Personally, what I took back from this trip was a renewed interest in the splendour of nature. During the hectic work life of an overseas Filipino worker, it is very easy to take for granted life’s simple pleasures like watching the beauty of a setting sun. After three days of chasing after the rising and setting sun, I now can’t help but pause and watch with awe whenever I see the sun setting on buildings near my work place. Overseas trips like the Mount Bromo Photo Expedition help the Pinoygraphers@SG members to remember that they should also stop and smell the flowers by the roadside. Life is indeed a journey. But in this life journey, the trip itself should be as enjoyable as the destination. Jude Lim is a Filipino photography enthusiast and is the current President of Pinoygraphers@SG. Wheng Dichoso is one of the latest members of the Pinoygraphers@SG and is fondly known to the group as the Cloud Interpreter. For more information about Pinoygraphers@SG, please go to www.

Whether you are a newbie or a professional

photographer, if you are Filipino and own an SLR camera, you are warmly welcome to join the group.



Renewable Energy in the Philippines


By Esperanza Garcia

ave you ever entered a class only to find

you on the other hand, are in shock asking yourself, "Why didn't I

yourself in complete shock to hear your

get the memo?"

teacher announce that you're just about to take one of the biggest exams of the

I had one of those moments today, except I wasn't in class,

semester? You look around in class and

and I didn't forget about a big exam. I was at a pet store with

everyone around you seems to have known about the exam, but

my siblings choosing fish for our house-pond when it dawned

JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 31

environment a leader in renewable energy initiatives. Worldwide, the Philippines ranks second to the United States in producing geothermic  energy. Geothermal Power Plants on the islands of Luzon, Negros, Mindanao and Leyte, provides  27% of the country's total electricity production.  In 2000,  during the World Geothermal Congress 2000 in Japan, it was reported that the Philippines is the largest consumer of electricity from geothermal sources and highlighted the potential role of geothermal energy in providing energy needs for developing countries. Due to the tropical climate and the geological circumstances of the Philippines, there are several other possibilities on me that I had missed an event that would have been (or so it

in getting cheap and clean energy. Solar energy is

seemed) one of the most historical moments of my life. Okay, well

cheap and inexhaustible and there is an enormous mass of natural

maybe I'm being just a tad bit dramatic, I could probably settle

gas found in Palawan.

for, one of the biggest moments of my year, (and also one of the top moments for my country, too). 

Electricity is something that many of us take for granted, but for some people in my country and other developing countries, it

Over a month ago, I received an invitation from the Philippine

remains a luxury. Five years ago, I designed a prototype of a bahay

Department of Energy Secretariat to attend the grand launch of

kubo by the ocean powered by solar power and wind energy in my

the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) that honored

Model-making class. I look forward to the day when bahay kubos

Philippine President Benigno Aqunio III, to be held at the Makati

will be powered by our earth’s natural resources. As my country

Shangrila Hotel on June 14, 2011. The invite had been sent to me

envisions, when children in the fifth-class municipalities in Lanao

twice, and the confirmation email of my attendance, sent to me

del Norte, Bukidnon, Kalinga, and Antique, will soon be able to send

two weeks prior the day of the event. The attire for the event was

their children to schools powered by renewable energy .I take pride

the native formal wear, a Barong Tagalog for men, and a Filipiniana

in being from a country, wherein despite our limited resources,

for women. Like every girl when it comes to "big" events, I already

we aim for technology that pursuits sustainable initiatives and

had an attire in mind-- A Filipiniana I've only had the chance to wear

development and are mindful of the future generations to come.

once, designed by Philippine fashion designer, Oliver Tolentino. Born and raised in Cebu, Philippines, Esperanza Garcia is a Global Youth Leader,

As a sustainable solution junkie (call it, if I may), missing this

Speaker, Advisor, Climate Change Policy Specialist and Advocate, Mentor,

event was a total tragedy for me. For those of you who do not

Educator, Blogger, and Mother. Esperanza Garcia is co-founder and director of

understand why, I'd compare it to missing a first date with someone

International Youth Council, providing educational resources and leadership

who'd you'd think would be a potential "love of your life," or for

opportunities to thousands of young global leaders. She was a consultant for

diehard soccer fans, it would be like missing the FIFA finals, which

the Philippine Senate Oversight Climate Change Committee and founded the

only happens every four years. The invite itself was a big deal for

Philippine Youth Climate Movement, visiting schools and universities in the

me. Having been told by my elders to "stop my passion," by passion

Philippines, awarding climate heroes and raising climate change awareness

meaning my environmental advocacy, I had discontinued contact

to over 50,000 young Filipinos. She has also been engaged in planning events

with most of my colleagues in the environment field over the past

like the Youth Assembly at the UN and the MDG Awards with South-South

few months. It was encouraging to know that even despite my

News. She served as a negotiator and official delegate of the Philippines at the

absence, there were people who still recognized my climate work

UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen ‘09 and in Cancun ‘10. Esperanza

in the Philippines, a government agency, to say the least.

has received awards on youth leadership and is invited to speak at international conferences, including the UN, on the importance and necessity of young people’s

Even before the launch of the NREP, the Philippines has been 32 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

engagement in global affairs and environmental sustainability.

BAGONG BAYANI shirt is available at Unit 04-65 Lucky Plaza or call

BAGONG sARAh michelle cAiRo ophthAlmic technologist/ Admin AssistAnt. mAyBe weiRd But not neRd, just coxy.

9388 6515

jeje pAcuRiB, mARRied fRom noRth cotABAto And is A household help foR 4 yeARs.

AlAn Aikien R. AlcAntARA iiindustRiAl engineeR,-life in singApoRe hAs tAught me to chAllenge my limits And to ReAlize my dReAms. dR. RhezA mARisse s. BAdon -RegisteRed opticiAn/licensed optometRist (ph)-- i Am enjoying this fAst pAced countRy to gAin self-confidence, discipline,to nuRtuRe my futuRe And of couRse to Be whAt we tRuly ARe, filipinos.

cRislyn gutieRRez: “my fAmily hAve Been in sg foR 10 yeARs And i’m cuRRently woRking As An it pRofessionAl on one of the Biggest it compAnies in the woRld & Been with the compAny foR 5 yeARs”

dexteR june olAyAo dioquino- i Am 27 yRs old, mARketing executive of A philippine BAnk in sg. hosting And singing ARe my pAssions in life. i love deAling with diffeRent kinds of people.

jAy R pAulino delos Reyes customeR seRvice executive - youth/student leAdeR, cyBeR Activist, most sociABle Anti sociAl, most fRiendly loneR, AdvocAte of mAny cAuses, hAve A young peRsons tendency to speAk out ABout whAt i think is wRong, And i tRy to stAnd up foR whAt is Right..

eRickson Alejo opeRAtion supeRvisoR, vAloRous heARt, insAnely tAlented, eccentRic eloquent, And exquisite..

RAmon pAdieRnos, mAnAging diRectoR of gemAlto pte ltd mARco Antholin sAntos - RestAuRAnt supeRvisoR, RestAuRAteuR By pRofession, chef By fRiends And RelAtives, A fReethinkeR in own stAnce, A hAppy go lucky lAd who will tRy to mAke youR dAy..

lovell B. AliAnzA. “i Am 29yRs old. woRking As An enRolled nuRse in singApoRe”

engR. peteR RienAnt d. cAstRo, 36 yeARs old site engineeR And is A devoted husBAnd to ARvie cAstRo.

mel feRAsol, single mom with 2 kids, A household help foR 17 yeARs. she hAils fRom cApiz And gemmA guilleRmo, household help foR 18 yeARs And is now with A fAmily fRom new zeAlAnd. she is still single

Bles del RosARio- "i've Been woRking heRe in singApoRe since july 2010 foR A semiconductoR/mAnufActuRing fiRm. i feel gReAt And pRoud As well BecAuse mAny filipinos heRe like me ARe shARing theiR skills And ARe veRy competent in theiR pRofession."

G BAYANI SHIRT eRnie estRellA, cPA, emBA, PRoPeRty consultAnt And conceRt PRoduceR

micHAel cAsAPAo- “i Am woRking in tHe BAnking industRy foR Almost 3 yeARs HeRe in singAPoRe”

RicHARd osAl, ceRtified PRoject mAnAgeR, PRoduceR And PRoPeRty consultAnt

ABigAil siAsoyco- "i Am woRking in singAPoRe As An ARcHitectuRAl AssistAnt in fuRnituRe & constRuction comPAny."

mj witH fRiends: venedistA BAllesteRos - woRking witH 1 Boss foR 14 yRs. now. sHe loves to ReAd Books of Any kind. mA. louRdes gAHum- 5 yRs woRking witH tHe Boss, sHe loves listening to music And singing HeR HeARt out. gloRiA sevillA- woRks in singAPoRe foR less tHAn A yeAR And loves to ReAd BAgong BAyAni mAgAzine wHile listening to music As sHe is insPiRed By its ARticles. RosAlinA AuRelio- sHe's AlReAdy 18 yRs. HeRe. HeR HoBBies include ReAding, outing Ang listening to music. stAnding: mARcelinA ABAlos Angeles, fiRst coveR of BAgong BAyAni mAgAzine And loRdy AllAdo, wHo Believes in tHe sAying tHAt "you sHould love youR neigHBoR As you love youRself"

Rico Hizon, news PResenteR of BBc woRld news

PHiloxenos: l-R monnA lisA de guzmAn-Been A full time wife And mom foR tHe lAst 10 yeARs But now tRying HeR luck woRking ABRoAd. "neveR too old to tRy sometHing new foR tHe fAmily."And cRemonA mieR silAdAn, sAles cooRdinAtoR, "stRengtH, BeAuty And success is in tHe loRd" stAnding: l-R HoPe lAs, is A BelieveR of tHis veRse: "let All youR tHings Be done witH love"- 1 coR.16:14, mARicHo RAymundoPRoject designeR mAnAgeR Believes in tHe PoweR of tHis BiBle veRse "cReAte in me A PuRe HeARt, o god, And Renew A steAdfAst sPiRit witHin me" -PsAlms 51:10 (niv84), And dione lyn silAnA, ex ofw in duBAi And Believes in woRking HARd And Being HumBle All tHe time.

ARvie cAstRo, 28 yRs old, sHoP AttendAnt And A PRoud mom to emmAnuel tHAddAeus cAstRo, And A devoted wife to engR. PeteR RienAnt d. cAstRo, 36 yeARs old, site engineeR.

RoB veldHoen And mAe din veldHoen HAPPily living in togetHeR desPite tHe imPAct of cultuRAl diffeRences. RoB joked tHAt “Being witH mAe din foR mAny yeARs mAkes me A BAgong BAyAni oR modeRn-dAy HeRo too”

RodeRick RosARio: is woRking As An it PRofessionAl. “tHeRe is moRe to A modeRn-dAy HeRo tHAn simPly Being ofws And How tHey HelP tHeiR countRy economicAlly. Being A BAgong BAyAni, in deePeR sense, is like Being gRAnted An oPPoRtunity to sHow tHe woRld How gReAt tHe filiPinos ARe, not just As woRkeRs But Also As PeoPle witH A wARm PeRsonAlity And HeARts AlwAys BuRning witH nAtionAlistic PRide”

lines to ponder

Good fences make good neighbors… “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, That sends the frozen-ground swell under it, And spills the upper boulders in the sun; And makes gaps even two can pass abreast.” These are the opening lines of Robert Frost’s famous poem, “Mending Wall.” A great American poet, his poetry breathes of the soil and speaks of farm life in New England. They are in conversational blank verse that has the distinct flavor of the farmer’s language. It is this quality, casual and colloquial, that in a way cloaks the seriousness and depth of Frost’s ideas. Why am I so interested with Frost and this poem? It’s been a long time since I had my student teaching at the University of Eastern Philippines Laboratory High School (UEPLHS) under a very meticulous but incredibly patient cooperating teacher, Dr. Mindanilla B. Broto (who else?). The first lesson which was assigned to me was the poem “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost; and how would you expect a student teacher to execute the lesson? Paradoxical to my expectation, Ma’am Broto commended me for “teaching so well.” I was inspired (of course!). My first teaching as a student teacher at the UEPLHS was a springboard to make me appreciate the value of literature, especially the message of a poem, just like Frost’s “Mending Wall.” To go deeper, other lines of the poem said:


“My apple tree will never get across And eat the cones under his pines, I tell him. He only says, “Good fences make good neighbors.”

36 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

Dr. Marilyn D. Surio

Today, some people tend to be more materialistic (even greedy) without compassion and consideration for others, as long as they get what they want, as long as they are more than satisfied with what they have. The “Live and let live” policy is totally strange to them. As a young student teacher then, I wondered, “Why do they make good neighbors?” Now, I can answer my own question. Well, people have different priorities in life. In a way, it’s good to set limits or boundaries if it will bring out better understanding among people. Some, however, feel that “there are no cows,” hence, they react negatively. To the conservative and traditional people, it really works out. In terms of national and international relations, it seems all right. The government should “build good fences.” If a super powerful country like the United States went through terrorist attack, what more of a country like ours which faces threats from outside and dangers from within? Now, take time to ponder, are you convinced that “good fences make good neighbors”?


I wrote a poem of love and life, But ended up a loneless life. I painted mountains, high and low, But nobody viewed them the way I do.

The Artist Prof. Cecilia C. Caguerhab

College of Arts and Communication Faculty University of Eastern Philippines

I wrote a song of birds and trees, With timeless words and melodies. But friends and kins can’t keep the tune, They say they love to read a poem. So, once again I tried to write, A poem ‘bout man, his joyful heart. Soon I discovered to my surprise, The world needs laughter, sheer delight. I painted laughter in man’s eyes, And made him humble, just and right. And true enough the world proclaims, “If humility and righteousness remain, then surely, love and peace will reign.”

JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 37

ofw connections

Philippine Independence Day 2011 in Auckland, New Zealand Submitted by Ms. Pilar Galero-Boyle with contribution from Mr. Bert Ricacho

very year Filipinos everywhere, be it at home or abroad,


The Cultural programme was attended by the Hon. Minister of

commemorate and celebrate our Philippine Independence

Parliament (MP) Dr Jonathan Coleman (Minster of Immigration) and

Day. Auckland celebrated the 113th anniversary of our

Councillor for North Shore, Ann Hartley. Both gave a brief message

independence from the Spanish colonization on the 11th and 12th

emphasizing the great contribution the Filipino community

of June this year.

has been to the NZ society. The Honorary Consul General Mrs Shi who invited several members of the Consular Corps, read an

Spearheaded by Mr Norberto Ricacho, the president of Federation of Filipino Associations, Societies and Clubs of New

Independence Day Message from our Philippine President Noynoy Aquino.

Zealand Inc. (FFASCNZ), along with the Philippine Consul General Mrs. Emilie P. Shi and the Philippine Embassy in Wellington,

In the evening the Filipino Society of Auckland presented the

celebrations in the Auckland region once again demonstrated

Ginang Kalayaan 2011 Pageant, a celebration of Womanhood

the growing desire and enthusiasm of the Filipino community to

when we honoured 12 of our more famous and well-known

become involved in Filipino group activities and to encourage our

women in our history, women who have made their mark and

young members to love our Filipino culture and heritage

contributed greatly to our culture and heritage. Some of them have come from humble beginnings and have lived simple lives but have responded to the call of duty and heroism; some have given their lives for freedom and democracy that we all now enjoy. The modern Filipina is the embodiment of the nation's ideals, trials and triumphs. Her ability to remain strong, determined and broad-minded despite adversities and challenges has become the cornerstone of many a successful career path, be it motherhood or entrepreneurship. Twelve modern day Ginangs represented these heroines in a spectacular show of fun and glamour enjoyed by all.

L-R: MRs Yvonne Dabb, ex-Hon ConsuL GeneRaL GRaHaM Dabb, MRs viRGie RusseLL, Hon ConsuL GeneRaL of auCkLanD MRs eMiLie P. sHi, MinisteR CHaRGe D'affaiRes MR Giovanni PaLeC, MRs CoRa nobLejas, DR tonY nobLejas, PRes. of CounCiL of auCkLanD PHiLiPPine oRGanisations, Min RoCHe, Gene sMaLLwooD, PiLaR GaLeRo-boYLe PRes of tHe fiLiPino soCietY of auCkLanD; MR beRt RiCaCHo, PRes of tHe feDeRation of fiLiPino assoCiations, soCieties anD CLubs of nZ; anD MR PauLo GaRCia, fiLiPino LawYeR attaCHeD to tHe auCkLanD ConsuLaR offiCe. (PHoto bY: PiLaR boYLe)

38 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

The following morning, Sunday the 12th June, members of the Council of Auckland Philippine Organizations (CAPO) headed by the president, Dr Tony Noblejas along with the members of the Filipino Society laid wreaths on the Rizal Reserve in Avondale. The marker was installed by the Filipino Community of Auckland on the 5th of July 1998 in honor of Dr Jose Rizal on the occasion of

ofw connections

the Pageant Coordinators, Mr ed Lozano, Mrs Min Lozano-roChe, Mrs CLaudette gaerLan and MyseLf, PiLar gaLero-BoyLe. (Photo By PiLar BoyLe)

the 102nd anniversary of his death and the commemoration of the

for all Filipinos wherever they may be; the Holy Rosary to highlight

centennial of the Declaration of Philippine Independence in 1898.

the Filipino’s eminent devotion to Mary; and the Dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit to commemorate the Pentecost.

The Pinoys in Auckland are enjoying the privilege to be the only one outside of the Philippines who have such a monument/marker

Indeed, this is one time in the calendar year that we Filipinos

for our beloved hero. Other places have plaques but the Filipino

gather together and rejoice what an independent nation has done

leaders at that time headed by Dr Tony & Cora Nobeljas and Ms

for us and what it can achieve for our future generations. May we

Virgie Russell together with the then Honorary Consul General

continue with God’s Blessings to be thankful for such freedom and

Graham Dabb persuaded the Avondale Community Board and the

liberty we now all enjoy.

government to give us a piece of land now named Rizal reserve. (Ms. Pilar Galero-Boyle was born in Catarman, N Samar but grew up The wreath laying was followed by a Thanksgiving Mass

in San Roque, N Samar. She was married to a New Zealander for 29

celebrated by a Filipino priest, Fr Ruben Ilago. For the Symbolic

happy years with 5 grown-up children and 10 grandchildren. She is

Offerings to reflect Filipino values the following were included:

now a widow. She is based in Auckland New Zealand since 1981 and

Fruits of the land including fruits were export from the Philippines-

has worked as a registered nurse for 19 years. Currently the elected

pineapple, bananas, papaya and the whole buko, and thanking

president of the Filipino Society Inc of Auckland, she is actively

God for a fertile and bountiful Philippine land; Bahay Kubo, to

involved with community work, with various clubs and associations in

depict the Bayanihan spirit; the Philippine Flag, the uniting symbol

Auckland and in NZ as a whole)

L-r: PearL CoiLta, LeteCia derByshire, zeny giLLett, Josie MitCheLL, MariCeL Pangan, theLMa dustin (1st runner-uP), sarah reed, LuCy CantiLLas-Jenkins, winner; LoLita young (2nd runner uP); fLordeLiza CaLuya, Candy herLihy and giLda soBerano-franCisCo. (Photo By: Mr. wayne anderson)

JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 39

kulturang pinoy

Legarda: Reviving the Filipino Soul through Indigenous Cultural Exhibits at the Senate “We will not be who we are as Filipinos  if not for our culture and heritage embodied in the life, art, crafts, talent and skills of our indigenous peoples,” Senator Loren Legarda, Chair of the Senate Committee on Cultural Communities, expressed during the opening of the “Panay: Memory and Enchantment”,  the  third   indigenous cultural exhibit she organized in the Senate.   Legarda, a daughter of Antique, said this latest exhibit showcases the world-class fabrics, arts and crafts from the provinces of Panay Island and highlights the exceptional skills of the Panay Bukidnon indigenous group led by Federico Caballero or “Tay Pedring”, a chanter and one of only eleven awardees of the Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan or the National Living Treasures Award.   “We have a lot to discover and rediscover in our culture and it is quite a difficult task  to make our people embrace our culture again. So, if they refuse to visit our history, we must let history visit them.”  

To commemoraTe The NaTioNal heriTage moNTh, SeNaTor loreN legarda, a daughTer of aNTique who chairS The SeNaTe commiTTee oN culTural commuNiTieS, orgaNized The exhibiT “PaNay: memory aNd eNchaNTmeNT”, which ShowcaSeS The world-claSS arTworkS, haNdicrafTS, aNd fabricS made by The aTi aNd PaNay bukidNoN iNdigeNouS grouPS of PaNay iSlaNd. alSo iN PhoTo are (lr): dePuTy ombudSmaN for The ViSayaS Pelagio aPoSTol, former goV. Sally zaldiVar Perez, fr. forTuNaTo abiera, coNg. roSeNdo labadlabad of The 2Nd diSTricT of zamboaNga del NorTe, elSie caballero, coNg. ferjeNel biroN of The 4Th diSTricT of iloilo, federico caballero, romulo caballero, former TouriSm SecreTary Narz lim, lucia caballero, aNd dr. alicia magoS.

Legarda said she believes that, “the 110 indigenous people’s groups in our country constitute the Filipino soul.” “Let this exhibit in the halls of the Senate, be a testament to the greatness and richness of Filipino heritage through our cultural communities or IPs. Let us make the Senate not just a venue of investigation but also a place of inspiration.”   Previously,  Senator Loren Legarda  initiated  the “Isang Habi, Isang Lahi” exhibit which displayed the various fabrics and artifacts by indigenous groups from different parts of the country. This was followed by the “Mangyans of Mindoro: Myth and Meaning” which showcased the baskets, textile, and handwriting of the Mangyan ethno-linguistic group.   40 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

memberS of The PaNay bukidNoN iNdigeNouS grouP, led by dr. alicia magoS (Third from lefT), ParTiciPaTed aT The oPeNiNg of The “PaNay: memory aNd eNchaNTmeNT” exhibiT orgaNized by SeNaTor loreN legarda, chair of The SeNaTe commiTTee oN culTural commuNiTieS, which diSPlayS The world-claSS fabricS, arTS aNd crafTS from The ProViNceS of PaNay iSlaNd highlighTiNg The excePTioNal SkillS of The aTi aNd PaNay bukidNoN iNdigeNouS commuNiTieS.

kulturang pinoy Legarda said she would continue to arrange such exhibits in the Philippine Senate to invite more Filipinos to embrace their heritage, to preserve our nation’s culture, and promote our indigenous peoples’ welfare and rights.    “Our pride in being Filipinos fundamentally begins with the awareness of the beauty of the  Philippines—the land and its people—our heritage or ‘pamana’ which we must rightfully pass on to the next generation of Filipinos.”   “We must find common ground in all these efforts and weave them together, creating one unbreakable fabric that is the Filipino soul. So that wherever we go, we know who we are, where we came from and take pride in our being Filipino,” Legarda stressed.   The Panay Exhibit is open to the public until June 9, 2011 at the Second Floor Hallway, Senate of the Philippines.

Fabrics, dolls and other handicraFts made by the ati and Panay bukidnon indigenous grouPs are disPlayed at the “Panay: memory and enchantment” exhibit at the senate organized by senator loren legarda, a daughter oF antique and chair oF the senate committee on cultural communities. the exhibit showcases the world-class Fabrics, arts and craFts From the Provinces oF Panay island and highlights the excePtional skills oF the atis and Panay bukidnons.

senator loren legarda is Joined by mr. Ponyong kadlos, Petronila tarnate, anya Postma, and uyan daay, members oF the mangyan ethno-linguistic grouP, during the oPening oF the exhibit “mangyans oF mindoro: myth and meaning” at the senate. legarda, chair oF the senate committee on cultural communities, organized the exhibit to showcase the mangyan PeoPle’s craFtsmanshiP and rich heritage, to encourage FiliPinos to Preserve and Promote indigenous culture, and to suPPort the livelihood and education oF our mangyans and other indigenous PeoPles in the country.

members oF the higaonon indigenous community PerForm a ritual to bless the “isang habi, isang lahi” exhibit organized by senator loren legarda, chair oF the senate committee on cultural communities, during the national indigenous PeoPles’ month which disPlayed the indigenous Jewelry, textile and costumes sourced From all over the country to show various indigenous PeoPles communities’ distinct culture, rich heritage and ancestral wisdom. legarda shared Fabrics From her Personal collection which were woven by diFFerent indigenous PeoPles all over the country.

senator loren legarda, together with mr. Jaime zobel and mrs. beatriz zobel, examines the raw materials such as buri, nito and rattan used by Petronila tarnate who demonstrated how to weave a basket during the “mangyans oF mindoro: myth and meaning” exhibit at the senate. the chair oF the senate committee on cultural communities Put uP the exhibit to showcase the baskets oF the alangan, iraya and hanunuo, which are made oF rattan, buri Palm leaF and nito vine; the traditional clothing and textile oF the alangans and hanunuo including the weaving loom used to create these Fabric and the handwriting oF the mangyan ethno-linguistic grouP.

JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 41

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC Republic o of the Philippinees 


                      ________________________________________ ______________________     


Notice is  he ereby  given  thaat  under  Republic  Act  No.  9189,  otherwisee  known  as  “TThe  Overseas  Absentee  Voting  Act  of  2003”,  all  citizens  of  the  P Philippines  abro oad,  not  otherw wise  disqualifie ed  by  law,  at  o the  day  of  tthe  election,  an nd  who  are  reggistered  overseeas  absentee  least  eighteen  (  18  )  years  of  age  on  voters  with approved  application to  vote in absentia, may vote fo or Senators and d Party‐List Rep presentatives.   For  thiis  purpose,  all  qualified  Filip pinos  citizens  n not  registered  as  voters  under  Republic  Acct  No.  8189,  otherw wise known as ““The Voters Reg gistration Act o of 1996”, (the ssystem of continuing registration) shall file  an  app plication  for  reegistration  while  those  who  are  a already  registered  underr  the  said  Act  shall  file  an  application for certificcation.    For purposess of the May 13, 2013 electio ons, the filing of applications ffor registration/certification    and  traansfer  of  registtration  records  shall  be  filed  at  the  Post  or  other  designatted  registration n  areas  from  Octobe er 31, 2011 to O October 31, 201 12.      The  30‐day  voting  period  will  w commencee  on  April  13,  2013  until  3:0 00  o’clock  in  th he  afternoon  pine  time)  of  May  M 13,  2013  at  a any  Philippiine  embassies  or  consulates. (The  time  for  voting  to  be  (Philipp announ nced later)      For details, p please contact __Mr. Tony Raym mundo__ at telephone numbeer _(65) 673739 977 Ext. 121_   or via ee‐mail:   

                             (Post)): Embassy of th he Republic of tthe Philippiness (Singapore)                                                  

DFA‐Ove erseas Absentee Voting Secretariaat (Manila)                            COMELLEC‐COAV (Manilaa): / www w.dfa‐ h                                     Hotliness: +6328330914, +6328328363                                                     Hotlinees: +63252222511, +6325212952, ++6325239924   

8 Bagong Bayani APRIL 2011

Importer, Exporter and Wholesaler of Filipino Food Stuffs, Cosmetics, and Other Asian Products

GO Regional Trading Import and Export Pte Ltd

196 Pandan Loop #01-25 Pantech Business Hub, Singapore 128384 Tel: (65) 6776 0953 | (65) 6776 0965 Fax: (65) 6776 9076 | Email:


MJ with President s.r. nathan of singaPore and PhiliPPine aMbassador to singaPore h.e. Minda Cruz. l-r: Ms obelia laCanilao-CutiongCo, sPeeCh CoMMuniCations training sPeCialist of high reaCh Pte ltd, Ms.nori sarMan, direCtor of high reaCh Pte ltd, the aMbassador and the President, MJ, Ms. Perlita tiro, Managing direCtor of tiro Consulting serviCes Pte ltd and Mr. edMund tie, ChairMan of the steering CoMMitte of Charity gala 2011. the gifts of love Charity gala 2011 was held at the fairMont ballrooM of the raffles City Convention Centre, singaPore, 3 June 2011.

MJ graCed the diPloMatiC reCePtion sPonsored by the PhiliPPine eMbassy in singaPore on the oCCassion of the Celebration of the 113th PhiliPPine indePendenCe day whiCh was held at Pan PaCifiC hotel, singaPore on the 10th of June 2011.

MJ with dr. vivian balaKrishnan, singaPore’s Minister for the environMent and water resourCes

MJ with the distinguished and honorable Cover Personalities of bagong bayani (Modern-day hero) Magazine...Proud Pinoys!!!. (l-r: Ms. MarCelina abalos angeles, filiPina doMestiC helPer in singaPore, Mr. riCo hizon, PhiliPPines’iConiC broadCast Journalist, father angel luCiano, filiPino Missionary and Master KeePer of Christian faith in singaPore and Mr. raMon Padiernos, PhiliPPines’Pride in the high oCtane world of digital teChnology. this year’s PhiliPPine indePendenCe day Celebration was held at hong liM ParK, singaPore, 12th of June 2011.

44 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

front row, l-r: Ms. nori sarMan, direCtor of high reaCh Pte ltd., Ms. obelia laCanilao-CutiongCo,sPeeCh CoMMuniCations training sPeCialist of high reaCh Pte ltd; aMbassador Minda Cruz; MJ; Ms. Marila revilla, Country Manager of Pal; (standing) l-r: Ms. Carol Manaloto, offiCer-in- Charge of i-reMit singaPore; Ms. Perlita tiro, Managing direCtor of tiro ConsultaCy serviCes Pte ltd; Mr. lloyd Pagulayan of gMa 7; viCe Consul Catherine rose torres; and Manang enCar Montales of Polo.

MJ with h.e. Joe hayes, ireland aMbassador.

wreath-laying CereMony on the oCCassion of the 150th birth anniversary of dr. Jose rizal, national hero of the rePubliC of the PhiliPPines front row (l-r): Mr. louis Mazel, Charge d’affaires of the us eMbassy; aMbassador K. KesavaPany, direCtor of the institute for southeast asian studies (iseas); h.e. olivier Caron, frenCh aMbassador: aMbassador Minda Calaguian-Cruz; honorable senior Minister of state for inforMation, CoMMuniCations and the arts, and the environMent and water resourCes Ms. graCe fu, the guest-of-honor; h.e. sin serey, CaMbodian aMbassador; and h.e. nguyen trung thanh, vietnaMese aMbassador; baCK row (l-r): h.e. roland d.a. van reMoortele, belgian aMbassador; h.e. luis fernando danus CharPentier, Chilean aMbassador; and h.e. JosePh hayes, irish aMbassador.

MJ Posing with the rizal MarKer at aCM green, the asian Civilisations MuseuM, 1 eMPress PlaCe, singaPore, 20 June 2011 at 5 PM.

MJ at the rizal MarKer and standing side by side with the honorable guest of honor, senior Minister of state for inforMation, CoMMuniCations and the arts, and the environMent and water resourCes, Ms. graCe fu. the event was held at the rizal MarKer, aCM green, the asian Civilisations MuseuM, 1 eMPress PlaCe, singaPore, 20 June 2011 at 5 PM.

MJ with viCe Consul Jed llona and h.e. aMbassador Minda Cruz at the CoCKtails reCePtion whiCh was held at the arts house, 1 old ParliaMent, singaPore, 20 June 2011 at 6:30 PM


MJ with L-R: Ms. Digna CRuzeM-Ryan, DiReCtoR, the spiRit of asia. Ms. BeRnaDette aLBReCht, pResiDent, fiLipino expatRiate wives singapoRe, Ms MauReen sChepeRs, ManageR, aDMin anD MaRketing, afReight CaRgo pte LtD anD Ms. CaRoL ManaLoto, offiCeR-inChaRge of i-ReMit singapoRe.

MJ with MR. MeLvin Requino, founDeR of Batangas vaRsitaRian inteRnationaL (Bvi)-sg ChapteR, Ms. BeRnaDette aLBReCht, pResiDent of fews, MR. RaMeR oRtega, Co-ChaiRMan of piDC 2011 anD heaD of anD geRaRD MontaLBo of Bvi.

MJ with Captain kenneth pauL pagLinawan, Defense attaChe of the phiLippine eMBassy to singapoRe

MJ with DexteR June oLayao Dioquino, MaRketing exeCutive of MetRoBank singapoRe

MJ with MR. LLoyD paguLayan of gMa 7

MJ with Ms. LinDa Low. Managing DiReCtoR of eDwaRD De Bono inteRnationaL netwoRk

MJ with Ms. patRiCia Chua, viCe pResiDent of westeRn unionsingapoRe anD fRienDs.

MJ with MR. RiCo hizon, anChoR anD pResenteR of BBC news

MJ with Ms. Joni feRRieR, pResiDent of up aLuMni assoCiation singapoRe

MJ with MR. tiMothy go, pResenteR anD anChoR of MeDiaCoRp- singapoRe, guest anD Ms. CRisty viCentina, heaD of tReasuRy, pnB in singapoRe

ReD MoDeRn fiLipiniana anD MoDeRn BaRong in piÑa, DesigneD By MR. aRvi Diaz Conanan haiR anD Make up By BaMBi of saLon De Rose spa seRviCes By neLia's naiLs & Beauty CentRe pte LtD

JUNE 2011 Bagong Bayani 45


MJ with perforMers of “Jota de Manila� Ms. althea Mari and Ms. Celia defato

Mr. Manuel Cabrera ii perforMing kundiMan ni rizal

MJ with ogie alCasid and rJ rosales

MJ with Mr. riCo hizon and Ms. MarCelina abalos

Consul general neal iMperial, MadaMe siew fong Quek-ng, senior deputy direCtor of the Ministry of Manpower in singapore

MJ with Mr. riCo hizon of bbC and Mr. raMon padirenos of geMalto

MJ with Ms. noeMi ferrera, Ms. Malu roQue, Ms. nathalie faJardo and Ms. arlyn duCusin

MJ with Mr. noel perdigon, ChairMan of the philippine independenCe day CoMMittee 2011 (pdiC), Mr. raMon padiernos, Md of geMalto and daughter and Ms. Carol padiernos, webMaster at Citibank-singapore

the girls with Mr. ogie alCasid and rJ rosales

Mr. wong tai yan of tee-yan eMployMent agenCy and atty.rodolfo sabulao, labor attaChe.

Ms nathalie faJardo, ViCe Consul Catherine torres, MJ, ViCe Consul Jed llona, aMbassador Minda Cruz, ViCe Consul reiChel Quinones and Ms. Malu roQue, at the old parliaMent house. 46 Bagong Bayani JUNE 2011

l-r: Mrs. Mildred gonzales-tupas (guest), Ms.fernette ubanos, dr. t. ruanni tupas (leCturer at the Center for english language CoMMuniCations, nus), Ms. nanefer aguelo, Ms. Millet Jose, Ms. Merly aleta, Ms. Jo ignaCio, welfare offiCer eleonor aliManza and Ms. Joy yebes.

Grand Jewellery & Dept Store Doreen Tok 22K (916) Gold & Jewellery

Retailer of: All kinds of Phone Cards, Philippine Groceries, Magazines, Pocket Books, CDs & VCDs

304 Orchard Road #04-61/62 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863 Tel: 6738 3343 • Fax: 6732 9919

Bagong Bayani Magazine - Vol. 1, No. 5  

Bagong Bayani eMagazine Issue #5 June 2011

Bagong Bayani Magazine - Vol. 1, No. 5  

Bagong Bayani eMagazine Issue #5 June 2011