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We feel so fortunate to live in Eindhoven! Jen Frey

International’s Women Club Eindhoven (IWCE) is a social club for international women living in the Eindhoven area with approximately 150 members from over 40 nationalities. Every edition of HOWDO, Aga Dremza, chairwoman of IWCE, will interview one of its members and ask their opinion about living and working in the Eindhoven area. The kickoff will be done by Jen Frey, who left the USA with her husband for Eindhoven. Where did you move from? What was life like there?

When did you arrive in Eindhoven? Why Eindhoven?

“We moved here from San Diego, California, where

“I came to Eindhoven in July of 2019 with my

we lived for 15 years, but we also consider Arizona

husband John who accepted a job at Thermo

home, as we have many family members there

Fisher Scientific. It’s the best thing my husband

including my grandma who turned 101 last August.

and I have done at this point in our lives! It is

I feel San Diego is a great place to live due to the

the perfect balance of city life and country life,

nearby ocean, generally great weather, and friendly

Genneper Parken is very near our home. I enjoy

people. The food there is amazing, my favorite is

riding my bike all over the city and countryside.”

local Mexican. By profession, I am a teacher and have taught people from ages 10 years old through

Is this the first place abroad you moved to?

college level.”

“Actually, no. We lived in Hartlepool, a city in the

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HOWDO 22 December 2020  

HOWDO 22 December 2020