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INSIDE 03 – HEALTH How much protein is too much protein? Let’s take a look at how much there is in some of our favourite foods. 05 – HOME Choosing how to decorate your home can be a big task. Find out how having the right flooring can be the perfect first step. 07 – ICONIC BUSINESSES The Maranoa region is home to a number of businesses who help to make our towns what they are. 16 – TOUR LOCAL A great way to see more of our iconic businesses is to be tourists in our own back yard. What places have you visited in the region? 20 – RECIPES Need a little inspiration in the kitchen? We have you covered with some easy recipes to try out at home.

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22 – STARS What does March have in store for you? Check what your horoscope predicts for the start of Autumn.

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ExplorE what thE wEst has to offEr:


• Two large Artesian water pools • Free Gym • Weekly Yoga • Beauty by Jess • Julie’s Healing Room • CAFE on the Deck

Open 8:00am - 6:00pm Download Lunch and All Day Menu by going to www.greatartesianspa.com.au 02


2 Cambridge Street, MITCHELL 07 4624 6923

@ Great Artesian Spa 7132609aa

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Balancing protein intake

While protein is a vital part of a healthy diet, keeping your consumption at recommended levels is also important GINA HORN – DIETITIAN PROTEIN is an essential macronutrient required by the human body for growth and maintenance. Foods rich in animal protein include meat, fish, dairy products and eggs, while plant foods high in protein are mainly legumes, nuts and grains. The recommended Australian daily allowance, or RDA, for adults is 0.75-0.85g/kg/day. For a 70kg woman, this would calculate to around 53g of protein per day. High-protein diets, defined as an intake above the current RDA, are promoted intensively by the nutritional supplement industry and endorsed by countless celebrities, for muscle development and body fat loss. However, numerous adverse effects have been identified with excessive protein consumption, including bone disorders, renal issues including kidney disease and kidney stones, increased cancer risk, and higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Muscle protein synthesis has also been shown to be stimulated

maximally at 20-30g, meaning if you consume more than this in one sitting in one meal, it won’t benefit muscle development. So, all those expensive protein shakes may not be worth downing multiple times a day, when you could get the same amount of protein from a cup of milk or a few eggs. Good quality protein sources include (one serve): • 150g raw weight beef, chicken or fish • 100g tofu • 95g can tuna • 1 cup milk • Tub of yoghurt • 2 eggs • 30g nuts Currently, there is no scientifically reasonable evidence to recommend consuming protein above the current RDA. Include 20-30g of both animal and plant protein, if you consume animal products, at each meal every day for optimal benefits.

Creationss 130

Absolutely everything you need for Scrapbooking, Card Making & Mixed Media Art

9am till 1pm every week day & 9am till 12pm Saturdays 130 Duke St, Southern Rd, Roma PH: 07 4622 1155 M: 0427 1200 3944

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Great Memories for you, your attendants & Guests



Foods and drinks that have a lot of added sugars contain calories, but often have few other nutrients. In order to eat a healthy, balanced diet we should eat these types of foods only occasionally and get the majority of our calories from other kinds of foods such as fruits and vegetables. Sugary foods and drinks can also cause tooth decay, especially if you tend to eat and drink them between meals. The longer the sugary food is in contact with the teeth, the more damage it can cause. The sugars found naturally in whole fruit are less likely to cause tooth decay however, because the sugars are contained within the structure of the fruit. But when fruit is juiced or blended, the sugars are released. Once released, these sugars can damage teeth, especially if fruit juice is consumed frequently. For a healthy, balanced diet, cut down on foods and drinks containing added sugars.

Kiss sugar goodbye While fat has been the bad guy for years, it turns out the number-one enemy in our diets is sugar.


MAKING small changes to your diet will add up over time and before you know it, you’ll be consuming fewer kilojoules every day. You can cut down on sugars by eating fewer sugary foods, such as sweets, cakes and biscuits, and drinking fewer sugary soft drinks. Sugars occur naturally in foods such as fruit and milk, but rest assured that even though these do contain sugar, they don’t need to be cut out of our diets. Sugars are also added to a wide range of foods such as sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and some soft drinks and juice drinks — these are the sugary foods we should aim to avoid. Evidence shows that most adults and children consume more sugar than is recommended as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Many foods that contain added sugars also contain lots of calories, so eating these foods often can contribute to you becoming overweight.

1. Instead of sugary soft drinks and juice drinks, opt for water or unsweetened fruit juice (remember to dilute these for children to further reduce the sugar). 2. If you like soft drinks, try diluting fruit juice with sparkling water as an alternative. 3. Swap cakes or biscuits for a piece of fruit. 4. If you take sugar in hot drinks or add sugar to your breakfast cereal, gradually reduce the amount until you can cut it out altogether, or try using a natural honey. 5. Rather than spreading jam or honey on your toast, try a low-fat spread, sliced banana or low-fat cream cheese instead. 6. Check nutrition labels to help you pick the foods with less added sugar, or go for the low-sugar versions. 7. Try halving the sugar you use in your recipes — it works for most things except jam, meringues and ice cream. 8. Choose tins of fruit in juice or water rather than syrup. 9. Choose wholegrain breakfast cereals, but not those coated with sugar or honey.

WESTLANDS PLAZA Wyndham St, Roma 04







Blending indoor and outdoor living Have the best of both worlds by bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out, giving you more relaxation and entertaining options at your home

To make your outdoor living space ‘flow’ into the rest of your home, completely or partially replace a solid wall with hinged, folding, or sliding glass doors. Even when closed, glass doors let in plenty of light and provide a view. When opened, they allow you to connect to nature without leaving your home.

REPETITION, REPETITION Unify your two living spaces by carrying a single design scheme through both. Pave a patio with tiles in the same hue as your interior flooring for example, or build a deck with the same colour timber as one you have used inside.


TO ENCOURAGE people to make the most of their outdoor living spaces, contemporary architects are looking for ways to blur the boundaries between inside and out. Learn how to blend indoor and outdoor so you too can make the most of your home.

Outdoor living areas wouldn’t be quite so welcoming and relaxing without some greenery. A well-landscaped yard will feel like a lush oasis. Introducing plants inside your home will bring this feel to your indoors and up your indoor air quality.



To make the most of outdoor living, define the area by building a deck or patio. Make the transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces seamless by attaching your deck or patio to the house. Try to keep the floor of your outdoor living space level with your indoor floor so you can effortlessly move between the areas. Keep your outdoor area usable year-round with protective shade like a roof, pergola, or awning.

Up the ante when it comes to how you use your outdoor space by introducing features traditionally found indoors. Ambient lighting will set the mood for outdoor entertaining and let you enjoy your space well into the night. If like most Australians, you like a good barbecue, then you can try taking your al fresco cooking to the next level with a fully equipped kitchen outside.

For a free measure & quote call 4622 5629 or visit 113 McDowall St, Roma



beatable UnGUARANTEES *Terms and Conditions apply. See in store for details.

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Gretel Gretel lane Lane


Providing women comfortable & stylish fashion & footwear x



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Welcome to Iconic Businesses

Our region is home to countless brilliant and unique businesses run by local people SOME of these businesses are franchises that have become part of our community over recent decades, others are family owned stores that have been around for generations. Others still are new, independent businesses that have opened to fill needs in their towns and the wider regions.

Each and every one of the businesses featured has a different story of how they came to be where they are today. They all serve the community in different ways, both through the products and services they offer and through community support and engagement. We here at Maranoa Style are inspired daily by the efforts of our local businesses and we are honoured to bring you some of their stories in our Autumn 2020 edition.

TAKE A SEAT And a Bed • And a Couch

And a Fridge • And a Mattress 7131642aa

And some new Carpet

HOME WITH HALLS 90 Raglan St, Roma • P 4622 4186 OPEN 6 DAYS • CARPETCOURT.COM.AU V1 - TMSE01Z01MA




Part of the community Meeting their customers’ motoring needs is just one aspect of the job for the staff of Black Toyota Roma LOCAL knowledge of the Roma community and the people who live and work there is a key part of the job for Sam Henry. A salesperson at Black Toyota Roma, Mr Henry knows that being able to find the right car for a customer’s need means knowing about how the vehicle will be used for work and lifestyle. “You want to fulfil your customer’s needs and wants, and you’ve got to make sure the car they drive away in matches their needs,” he said. “The customer needs to go away feeling secure with their purchase and I just want them to go away happy and excited and in something very reliable. “As Toyota says, it’s not about the car, it’s about the feeling and you want repeat customers so providing them with the best service possible is key.” Having staff in the business from various backgrounds helps Black Toyota Roma to give the best local knowledge to their clients. “Black Toyota staff come from all walks of life,” Mr Henry said. “I’m from a farming family, we’ve got an ex NRL player with in 08


the group, we’ve got everything. “We can really offer personal experience and knowledge to almost anyone when it comes to finding what car will suit their lifestyle.” Being a part of the Roma community is important to Black Toyota and their staff. “You’ve got to be seen out and about, it’s important that our customers know we’re a part of the town and the community,” Mr Henry said. “Black Toyota and it’s staff go to lots of local events and provide sponsorship to local groups and clubs where they can. “I just think us being out and about as a company, getting out and about to events and around town to see our customers know what life is like for them. “It’s part of living in a town like Roma, to be part of it.” Black Toyota Roma value their customers in the Roma community and look forward to helping future clients find the perfect car. TMSE01Z01MA - V1


a half years ago, Karen has relocated to a bigger, new coffee shop and continues to change the range they have on offer, catering for a wide variety of customers. Menu updates have included more healthy options and treats; conscious of dietary requirements. “We now include a range of gluten-free and vegan options, including specialty milks from our menu as they become a more preferred choice with customers,” Mrs Thom said. For Karen and the Timber Crate staff, buying local is all about the give and take. “A lot more people are aware of the importance of purchasing and supporting locally and buying from the bush,” she said. “ We give back in return through sponsorship with local community groups, Sporting associations and the state school as well.” The Timber Crate is a great place to stop on your way through Surat while travelling or as a destination on its own. With the log fire blazing in the winter months and the air conditioners through summer; along with being only an hour out of Roma, it provides a great opportunity for a day trip with family or friends to enjoy some great food and maybe pick up something from the gift section. Follow the Timber Crate on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with specials and events, like Mother’s Day.

The Timber Crate Over its five and a half years of operation, the Timber Crate in Surat has become the perfect “catch up” place for locals and visitors alike. WHETHER it’s one of their “to-die-for coffees” and a bite to eat that you’re looking for or the perfect gift, Karen Thom and The Timber Crate ladies can certainly look after you. Since purchasing the business from its original owners three and

4626 5151 Surat Qld V1 - TMSE01Z01MA



Shop local buy in the Bush



Driving ambition With the amount of time people spend in their cars, it only makes sense to have them looking their best, inside and out.






AutoSpa & Service take pride in the high quality of their work with their staff having over 20 years combined experience in the industry. “There are many people who can clean your car,” Mr Bangash said. “The reason we operate from a commercial property and the commercial sector is because we want to do it professionally. “We know the importance of our clients’ vehicles in their work and day to day lives, so we need to have the space, staff and equipment to do nothing short of the best. “We are a business for locals, by locals.” Follow AutoSpa & Service Australia on Facebook to view their ever-growing portfolio and be sure to give them a call for all your vehicle’s detailing and cosmetic needs.

Car, Caravan, Boat or a Bike.We have got you covered @ AutoSpa & Service Australia. For a good deal on your wheels. Call now on 0488 902 085 0488 902 087 or visit us @ 83 Raglan Street.


AUTOSPA & Service Australia pride themselves on their work, keeping their clients’ vehicles looking clean and refreshed. Director Hamza Bangash said since opening the business in January, AutoSpa & Service has developed a strong client base of satisfied customers in the Roma area. “A lot of the community have brought their cars to us, which we are grateful for,” he said. “The portfolio of work we have developed over the past months speaks for itself, showing the quality services we are able to provide for our clients.” In addition to detailing your vehicle, Mr Bangash and his team can take care of other cosmetic services, including waxing, polishing, paint protection and rejuvenation, interior protection, and more.

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An inn worth exploring Since new General Managers Jill Gordon and Richard Condon took the reins almost 12 months ago, Roma Explorers Inn has grown in leaps and bounds.

ENORMOUS effort from Jill and Richard and a dedicated team of staff have helped mould the Explorers Inn into a destination hotspot. “With the accommodation we offer so many varied configurations of rooms for families, corporates, tradies and long stay guests,” Jill said. “We noticed over the Christmas holiday season, travellers on holiday or relocating were using the inland road and that was really good for business, traveling from the Northern Territory, North Queensland, right down to Victoria, South Australia and back.” Richard said their restaurant is also a major draw that’s bringing people in. “There’s no question about it,” Richard said. “The reviews we’re getting online, on TripAdvisor, for the restaurant have been outstanding. “At the moment it’s rated as number one in Roma.” Richard said it is a common occurrence for people to call asking if the restaurant is open for the evening, then also booking a room to complete the experience. Jill credited their growing focus on paddock to plate as a drawcard for customers. “We’ve joined with our paddock to plate partner Maranoa Beef and Lamb to provide out guests with local produce,” Mrs Gordon said. “We now also have Riversands Wine, from St George, on our wine list so we’re trying to promote local product wherever we can.” The unique combination the Explorers Inn can offer their guests of accommodation, a great restaurant and a beautiful function space have made it an iconic business in the Maranoa region.

We’re an impressive estate conveniently located within minutes of Roma’s bustling town centre. Close to all major attractions, we offer a touch of luxury not often associated with the Australian Outback. With 89 spacious rooms, a 150 seat restaurant and a state of the art Function Centre, we’re clearly a step above the rest. Add our sunny pool, the fully equipped kids room and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the entire grounds, and you’ll find that there’s something here for the whole family. Open 7 nights a week Delicious dinners from 5:30pm Join us for bar snacks from 4:30pm Bookings preferred Event and Celebration specialists Fully equipped kids room

For accommodation and restaurant bookings call 07 4620 1400 admin@romaexplorersinn.com.au | www.romaexplorersinn.com.au

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Support keeps money in town Plumber Glen Thomas knows the locals have his back covered and he does the same for them in return ROMA born and bred, Glen Thomas knows the area well and enjoys putting that local knowledge to use helping his clients. Glen Thomas Plumbing and Gas has been servicing Roma the and surrounding area for years. Mr Thomas had operated his business for a decade before selling and relocating. It wasn’t long, however, before missing his home town and his

client base had him back in his own business. For Mr Thomas, being a local tradie and having the support of the community means he can also give back that support. “We spend our money in town,” he said. “I shop at the local hardware for my materials and equipment, and it keeps the money here. “It’s important to support your town, especially when we’ve been going through such hard, dry times and things are a bit tough at the moment, it’s very important.” It’s not just Roma that can call on Mr Thomas for its plumbing needs. GT Plumbing services the wider western Queensland area, completing a range of jobs. “We do everything from blocked drains and leaky taps to new houses. “Any plumbing job really, you name it, we can do it.” A business can’t exist without its customers and Mr Thomas is grateful for the support of his loyal customers in his hometown. “I’d like to thank the community for their support.”

Specialising in:

QBCC 1209805 Lic. No. 20672

• Blocked Drains • Drainage Repairs • All Renovation & New Work • Stormwater Repairs • Water Leaks • Rainwater Installations & Repairs • Sewage Treatment Plant Servicing & Installation • Septic Maintenance & Repairs • Taps & Toilet Repairs • Solar & Heat Pump Hot Water Systems • Gas Hot Water Systems

Servicing Maranoa & South West Qld Call Glen on

0439 909 823 | Email: gtplumbing@live.com.au 12



✔ Family Owned & Operated ✔ Honest, Reliable Service ✔ No Job Too Small

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You can still look great at a lower cost A large part of starting a new business is knowing the needs of your community. RACHEL Wilson saw a need for fashionable and affordable clothing that wasn’t going to cost an arm and a leg or break the budget in her hometown of Charleville and that’s how Rachel’s Clothing Rack was born. ‘I was looking to give the community back a price that would be similar to what they would expect to pay at a store like Target for example, but not necessarily the same experience where everybody is wearing the same,” Miss Wilson said. Since opening her doors in May last year, Miss Wilson’s store has been well received by the community and its visitors. “I opened with three racks and I now have eight,” she said. “It’s grown considerably in a short period of time and that can be put down to the tremendous support of the community.”

Rachel’s Clothing Rack covers all departments – men’s, ladies’, babies’ and kids’ wear, and specialises in ladies’ plus size clothing. “It’s not a very big shop, however there isn’t anything in here over $50, some item’s carry RRP’s of $100+, so there are big savings and bargains to be made.” Miss Wilson said. “That doesn’t necessarily mean substandard products, because I’ve been working very hard to get some quite well-known brand names in here as well at the right prices to stay within my price promise. “And if people come in and ask for a particular item I will try and source it to get it in, because quite often, if one person is asking for it, there are others. “I will do what I can to bring in what the community is saying they need and what’s missing.”











0409 860114




Rachel’s Clothing Rack.




Stories and Scones tours at Hotel Corones The towns of western Queensland have unique and amazing histories that can’t just be read about, they need to be experienced. ONE Charleville landmark history buffs should be sure to visit is Hotel Corones and there isn’t any better way to fully experience this place than with a guided tour. Rachel Wilson has more than 20 years’ experience in tourism and guiding tours and has an amazing knowledge base for Charleville and Hotel Corones.

Her Stories and Scones tour allows guests to see a side of the hotel they wouldn’t normally get to experience. “Hotel Corones is an iconic hotel in Charleville, and has a story that I often refer to as one you would be mistaken for thinking it actually the script of the next big feature film to come out of Hollywood,” Miss Wilson said. “The man who built the hotel, Harry ‘Poppa’ Corones, has actually made Australian history more than once and to this day he still holds an Australian record.” Many famous names, which do include royalty, have also graced the halls and spent a night in the hotel, some of which include Johnny O’Keefe, Gracie Fields and John Paul Young. “He was a quite a character, so a lot of his comical antics make for brilliant and entertaining stories.” The impressive bar of the hotel was history making when constructed. It’s on the tour you’ll find out the reason why and why a drink around it could become a significant one for you. Guests who embark on Miss Wilson’s tour gain access to parts of the hotel they wouldn’t normally get to see, even if they were spending the night there, and they end the tour with a scrumptious Devonshire tea in the dining room. Tours run 2pm daily from April to October and on select days in the months between. To book your place, call Miss Wilson on 0409 860 411 or see her in store at Rachel’s Clothing Rack.

Hotel Corones ‘Stories & Scones’ Tour Charleville, Outback Queensland.

A story like no other, you’d easily be mistaken for thinking the history of Hotel Corones and the man behind it all Harry ‘Poppa’ Corones was actually the script for Hollywood’s next big feature film! During this tour you’ll: HEAR the amazing rags to riches story of Harry. A remarkable early day entrepreneur who made not only local history, but Australian history more than once and still holds an Australian record to this very day. BE AMUSED by the Stories of Harry’s comical antics. [Just what does the H.C. on the bar pillars stand for?]. LEARN of tales of many rich and famous who have all stayed in the hotel at least once [including Royalty]. GAIN exclusive access to areas of the hotel not available to the general public. [some not even available to guests staying in the hotel]. FIND out why a drink around the bar could become quite a significant one for you. ENJOY a scrumptious afternoon tea in the dining room and more…..


Certificate of Excellence Winner for years 2017-2019 consecutively. Things to See & Do & Tours

TOURS OPERATE all year at 2pm April – October: Daily November to March: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday PRICE: $30 per person – includes tour, souvenir handout and afternoon tea. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: PHONE: 0409 860114 IN PERSON: Rachel’s Clothing Rack, 39 Wills St, Charleville, E-MAIL: hotelcoronesstoriesandscones@gmail.com 14


Hotel Corones ‘Stories & Scones’ Tour TMSE01Z01MA - V1


For For an an event event you you will will remember remember The Barn @ Mt Hope has turned country hospitality into a thriving business DESPITE one of the driest years on record, The Barn @ Mt Hope, Roma District’s newest event centre, has shown steady growth for the 2019/20 year. Latest trends in the hospitality industry indicate that people are looking for memory-making experiences from their holiday and milestone life celebrations, so being able to customise what they deliver has really worked in their favour. “We are a working cattle property as well, so there’s always something to see and do when they’re out here,” owner Ree Price said. “Common feedback we get from guests is that they love the welcome feeling they get and the old-fashioned country hospitality. “It’s all part of providing that special experience.” Being involved in the delivery of every aspect of the event to the client means that the team at The Barn is able to create a truly “one

off” experience for guests. This means they are able to deliver a diverse range of activities and entertainment. In addition to hosting private events, the Barn is also hosting art workshops. “In the coming months we have an exciting program of art workshops,” Mrs Price said. “Mosaic, resin, garden sculpture, and wire and rust are some of the mediums to be used.” Mrs Price is also in talks with tour bus companies to make The Barn @ Mount Hope a stop for tour groups on their way through southwest Queensland and beyond. “We are excited to be able to share our little piece of the Maranoa with our guests and as a family are extremely fortunate to be able to live and work in a place that we love,” she said.

Think The Barn at Mt Hope.. • Weddings • Corporate Functions • Workshops • Life Milestone Celebrations • Community & Club Gatherings & Meetings. We will work with you to make your event Perfect The Barn at Mt Hope 339 Mt Hope Road WALLUMBILLA QLD 4428

Ph: 0428 634 933

V1 - TMSE01Z01MA


thebarnatmthope@outlook.com MARANOA STYLE, MARCH, 2020



Don’t wait to explore RURAL and regional tourism is a quickly growing sector in Queensland. Advertising campaigns are often angled towards city folk, but when was the last time you were a tourist in your own back yard? Landmark events such as the Roma Cup or the Cunnamulla Fella Festival are great fun and draw crowds each year, but you don’t have to wait for an event to explore the region. While in Roma, check out the Big Rig and learn more about the

region’s oil industry. Take time to walk through the War Memorial and Heroes Avenue where each of the 93 bottle trees represent a person from the Roma district who died during World War I. A trip to Charleville will give you the chance to visit the Cosmos Observatory Centre or to take part in a Stories and Scones tour at Hotel Corones (page 14). Every kid in the Maranoa area has heard of Cobb & Co, but


Keep on Move’n with the Morven Truck Stop 62508 Warrego Highway MORVEN QLD 4468 E: morventruckstop@gmail.com T: 07 4654 8246 OPEN FROM 5AM TO 10PM Daily 16


Menus available to view online www.morventruckstop.com Phone Orders Welcome



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when was the last time you visited the changing station in Surat? If you’re looking for a chance to stretch your artistic muscles, why not visit the Barn @ Mt Hope? In addition to their growing popularity as an event venue, the Barn is hosting a series of workshops from now through until June (page 15). A big part of taking a holiday is the chance to try new foods – that you don’t have to cook for yourself. There are plenty of places to enjoy a good meal in the Maranoa region.

The Explorers Inn (page 11) in Roma is a great option for dinner and, if you’re travelling, you can spend the night in their accommodation as well. Taking a trip to Surat means you can drop in and enjoy lunch or a coffee and cake at the Timber Crate (page 9).


• Garden and Plants

• Hose and Poly Fittings

• Animal Feed

• Micro Irrigation and Spinklers

• Vet and Animal Supplies

• Hardware

• Cleaning Supplies & MORE

62508 Warrego Highway MORVEN QLD 4468 E: morvenrural@gmail.com | T: 07 4654 8246 OPENING HOURS: 8:30AM - 5:00PM MON to FRI V1 - TMSE01Z01MA

We are also able to offer bulk orders for our customers. Please contact us for more information or to place an order. 7132609al




From desolate to delightful The award-winning transformation of Graham Andrews Park is popular with residents and visitors IN A time and place where so many people spend so much of their time busy with work, it is important to have a good quality of life. The team at Murweh Shire Council knew their residents needed a place to relax when the work day was over, and a stop for visitors or those passing through to pull over and stay a while. As such, the decision was made to transform Graham Andrews Park in Charleville from a desolate, dry, little-used park to a fresh meeting place with a green urban-play area, walking and picnic space. Located at the southern entrance to the town, the park is the only recreational and leisure space in town for family meet-ups, visitors, parties and barbecues. The upgrade of the park has seen its use increase exponentially, with the walking tracks being very popular and the weekly Parkrun also making use of the concrete paths and other amenities. The council team beautified the lake area and introduced a 18


variety of new native and exotic trees to help encourage native birdlife into the area. Visitors to the park are now treated to the sound and sights of many birds, including galahs, kookaburras, willie wagtails, lapwings, yellow-throated miners, wrens, ducks and even emus! They also installed new park furniture, solar lights along the walkways, electric barbecues that are free for public use and interpretative signage at strategic points around the park. All of these upgrades came together to create a vibrant and popular space for Charleville residents. The hard work and planning Murweh Shire Council put into the redesign of Graham Andrew Park has paid off in more ways than one. In addition to becoming an important space for the community, Graham Andrews Park was named the Park of the Year in 2019 in the Park and Leisure Australia Regional Awards (Queensland). TMSE01Z01MA - V1

Murweh Shire Council Ph: 07 4656 8355

95-101 Alfred Street, CHARLEVILLE Q 4470

www.murweh.qld.gov.au For out of hours emergencies please call 4656 8355 and follow the prompts

Entry through the Library no admission charge

Opening Hours

For exhibition enquires please email: mail@murweh.qld.gov.au V1 - TMSE01Z01MA



Monday to Friday 9.00am - 1.30pm & 2.30pm - 4.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 12 noon



Mexican Taco Pizza SERVES: 4 PREP: 5 minutes COOK: 15 minutes INGREDIENTS 2 (450g pkt) pizza bases 300g medium chunky salsa 425g can mex beans, rinsed, drained 20g (1½ cups) grated mozzarella or pizza cheese 200g cherry tomatoes, halved 1 small red onion, sliced 1 avocado, sliced Fresh coriander sprigs, to serve Sour cream, to serve Hot sauce, to serve Sliced fresh chilli, to serve Lime wedges, to serve

METHOD 1. Preheat the oven to 220C/200C fan-forced. Place the pizza bases on 2 baking trays. Spread 3–4 tbsp salsa over each pizza base. Place the beans in a bowl and lightly mash. Divide mashed beans between the pizza bases. 2. Sprinkle a quarter of the cheese over the pizzas. Top with tomato and sliced onion. Sprinkle with the remaining cheese. Bake the pizzas for 10–15 minutes or until the cheese is melted and golden. 3. Serve the pizzas topped with avocado, coriander, sour cream, hot sauce and sliced chilli, and with lime wedges alongside. Recipe by Kerrie Ray Photo by Taste Magazine

SERVES: 4 PREP: 5 minutes COOK: 15 minutes INGREDIENTS 300g wholegrain spaghetti 400g can chickpeas, rinsed, drained 120g pkt baby rocket leaves ½ cup fresh basil leaves 20g (¼ cup) finely grated pecorino 2 garlic cloves, peeled, halved 80ml (cup) lemon juice 1 tbsp water 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 80g (½ cup) drained peppadews Pecorino, extra, shaved, to serve Micro basil, to serve


Chickpea, lemon and rocket pesto pasta 20


1. Cook the pasta in a large saucepan of boiling salted water following the packet directions or until al dente. Drain, reserving ¼ cup cooking liquid. Return pasta to the saucepan. 2. Meanwhile process chickpeas, rocket, basil, pecorino, garlic, lemon juice and water until finely chopped. Season. Add oil in a slow, steady stream until well combined. Reserve ¼ cup pesto mixture. 3. Add the cooking water, peppers and remaining pesto to the pasta. Toss well to combine. Divide the pasta mixture among serving bowls. Top each with a spoonful of reserved pesto. Sprinkle with the extra pecorino and micro basil. Recipe by Katrina Woodman Photo by Jeremy Simons TMSE01Z01MA - V3


Roast strawberry compote with waffles SERVES: 4 PREP: 2 minutes COOK: 15 minutes INGREDIENTS

Baked bean vegie nuggets MAKES: 12 PREP: 20 minutes COOK: 10 minutes READY in 30 minutes, these crispy vegetarian fried balls are made from baked beans, mashed potato and cheese.

250g punnet strawberries, hulled, halved 1½ tbsp honey 1 tbsp fresh orange juice ½ vanilla bean, seeds scraped Waffles, toasted to serve Greek-style yoghurt, to serve

METHOD 1. Preheat oven to 200C/180C fan-forced. Place the strawberries in a baking dish. 2. Combine the honey, orange juice and vanilla seeds and bean. Drizzle over the strawberries. Roast for 15 minutes or until strawberries are tender. Spoon over waffles. Serve with dollops of thick Greek yoghurt. Recipe by Katrina Woodman Photo by Al Richardson

INGREDIENTS 300g can baked beans in tomato sauce 2 cups mashed potato 80g (2/3 cup) pre-grated pizza cheese 75g (1½ cup) panko breadcrumbs 1 egg, whisked Light olive oil, to deep-fry Tomato relish, to serve Baby spinach, to serve (optional)

METHOD 1. Place the baked beans in a bowl and use a stick blender to blend coarsely. Line a baking tray with baking paper. 2. Add the potato, cheese and 20g (½ cup) breadcrumbs to the bowl. Season well with salt. Use a metal spoon to combine well. Roll 2 tbsp of the mixture into a ball and transfer to the prepared tray. Repeat to make 12 balls in total. 3. Place the egg in a shallow bowl. Place the remaining breadcrumbs on a plate. Dip a potato ball into the egg, allowing the excess to run off. Roll in breadcrumbs, pressing well to coat, then return to tray. Repeat with the remaining potato balls. 4. Pour oil into a deep frying pan or large saucepan to a depth of 7cm. Place over high heat. Add half the balls. Cook for 3–4 minutes or until golden. Use a slotted spoon to transfer to a plate lined with paper towel. Repeat with the remaining balls. 5. Arrange baked bean balls on a serving platter. Place the tomato relish in a small serving dish. Scatter over baby spinach, if using. Recipe by Alison Adams Photo by Nigel Lough V4 - TMSE01Z01MA





Nov 23rd - Dec 21st CHANGES in your family dynamic will come as a surprise this month. Doing good deeds will result in some good karma for you in the middle of the month. Take care of yourself — a health issue may cause some concern, but don’t worry, all will be well. A financial boost will be welcomed by yourself and your friends.



June 23rd - July 23rd IT’S time to relax. If work has been stressful, if you’ve been itching for a holiday, or even if you just need time to shut your eyes and be present, this is the time to do so. Spend some quality time with people you don’t get to see as often as you might want to, but don’t forget you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take time for yourself and you will start to feel better from the inside out.

LEO July 24th - Aug 23rd LOVE is in the air, and it’s coming from a number of different sources. If you’ve been talking to someone and developed an interest, just remember there are plenty of fish in the sea. Assert that Leo confidence and suss out who is the most compatible for you on a social and emotional level. Be mindful of your spendings this month.


Aug 24th - Sept 24th IF THERE is a job you’ve been avoiding, it’s time to have a long think about your priorities. It’s time to delegate responsibilities to others and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s family first this month — spend some time letting the people who matter know how appreciated they are and they will return the favour. Some late nights are in store during the next couple of weeks, so eliminate distractions that will disturb you from getting some quality sleep.


Sept 24th - Oct 23rd IF YOU treated yourself over Christmas, now is the time to smarten up and save. You’ve had your fun, now it’s time to be responsible and save your money and time, no matter what it takes. Be assertive during any confrontations that arise this month, and don’t make any emotional decisions without first consulting someone you respect.



Jan 21st - Feb 19th THIS month is going to be a challenge. Conflict will arise but keep a level head — it’s not permanent, and it will pass. This is the month to be financially conscious. You might want to think about cutting back on the little expenses that add up. Cook at home to avoid eating out, and put yourself and your financial needs first.


Feb 20th - Mar 20th PISCES babies, you’re in for an exciting month. If there’s something you’ve been putting off, now is the time to take action. While a time for celebration, you should also use this next month to relax. Take care of outstanding jobs or neglected responsibilities, and then sit back and enjoy some downtime with the ones you love.


Mar 21st - Apr 20th THERE’S two words to describe what this month means for Aries babies: chill out. The start of this year has brought stress, both work and family related, so this is your month to take a step back and take a deep breath. Make time for the people who matter, but keep an eye out for any unusual behaviour from your loved ones.


Apr 21st - May 21st YOUR focus this year has been something to be admired. If you’ve started a new job or a new role within your company, you’ve felt as though you need to prove yourself and prove that you’re a valuable employee — and you’ve done exactly that. But the hard work can’t stop yet. A getaway is on the horizon for you and your loved ones.


May 22nd - June 22nd IF NEW opportunities arise, be sure to weigh up both the pros and cons. When stuck in a bad situation it’s easy to see a new opportunity for all its positives and not recognise the downsides. Think about all the factors in play, and don’t take unsolicited advice from anyone. Honesty is key when talking to people close to you. 7132609an

Oct 24th - Nov 22nd THIS month will be full of conflict. Be respectful of other people and their emotions, and be rational in resolving any arguments. A new arrival will brighten up your life this month, but this may be short-lived. Scorpios will thrive financially this month, so treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting for some time. Be prepared to have some tough conversations, but don’t worry, all will be well in the end.

Dec 22nd - Jan 20th AN EXCITING adventure awaits this month. An angel in the form of a colleague will come through to help you through challenges this month. Give yourself some downtime in the beginning of the month as work and family life becomes hectic, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do it all.

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Houston ReclineR suite

Leather | 3 Seater Leather Sofa with 2 Reclining Chairs. Match with the Marlo Buffet, Marlo Coffee Table and Marlo Table Lamp.

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