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Words: Annie Caughey

TWENTY-FIVE years ago, one of the Sunshine Coast’s most well-known and prestigious construction companies was born - Ausmar Homes. Ausmar was formed on a foundation of innovation and dedication, originally specialising in custom designed homes for the Noosa and Cooroy market. The family values directing the business from its core, quickly grew the company throughout southeast Queensland. Over the last few years, many aspects of the business have changed to accommodate the evolving needs of home owners. However, one thing that has never changed is the commitment of employees to deliver cutting-edge designer homes. Ausmar is a team of close-knit, friendly and highly skilled individuals who take pride in their work. When you build with Ausmar you are welcomed into this family, our team will look after you like their own, from the first enquiry through to handover and beyond. Unlike many other companies, three months after handover our team will visit you to ensure every aspect of the house is still the premium standard you’d expect. Come and learn everything that has made Ausmar what it is today, the dedicated faces behind the brand, the award-winning projects and the unparalleled service.


FEATURES SALES MANAGER: Jess Watson, jessica.watson@scnews.com.au CONTENT SUPPLIED BY: Ausmar Homes CONTRIBUTORS: Annie Caughey and Karina Eastway DESIGNER Marlize Duggan Ausmar Homes 25th Anniversary magazine is published by News Corp Australia. Those who make advertising placement and/or supply copy material or editorial submissions to the magazine undertake to ensure that all such material does not infringe the Trade Practices Act or other laws, regulations or statutes. Further to the above-mentioned, these persons agree to indemnify the publisher and/or its agents against any investigations, claims or judgements. Published October, 2018.

Kevin Holt Consulting is proud to be associated with award winning builder, Ausmar Homes and as another Queensland business we congratulate Ausmar Homes on achieving the terrific milestone of 25 years in business.

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HISTORY AND BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION AUSMAR Homes, one of the Sunshine Coast’s most award-winning builders are thrilled to announce they are celebrating their 25th birthday and to mark the occasion are giving one of their lucky clients a brand-new Toyota C-HR from Sunshine Toyota. Director Tim Hendy said this milestone could not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of our managers Josh Green and Sean Fraser as well as our employees, suppliers and loyal trades. “Long term employee Sharon Crampton has seen Ausmar grow from the very beginning in 1993, from our humble little office in Cooroy to our award-winning headquarters and Atelier in Maroochydore,” Mr Hendy said. “We started out with just four employees and have grown to employ over 60, which really is testament to our loyal client base, the commitment consistently displayed by our team members and the quality of the projects delivered.” Owners and joint managing directors Tim Hendy and Tony Bryan continue to work full time in the business and their passion for all things Ausmar continues to grow. Ausmar is constantly aiming to exceed every quality standard, meaning great outcomes for its clients. Page 4

Director Tony Bryan said with over 150 local contractors involved on Ausmar construction sites at any one time, the company has developed a mutual loyalty with many of these contractors that have now been with in partnership for more than 10 years. “We are passionate about building which is reflected in our awards but without our dedicated trades and suppliers, we would not have the honest and transparent reputation we have today,” Mr Bryan said.

Mr Bryan said he was excited to celebrate 25 years in business by giving a client a brand-new Toyota. “Building a new home is one of the largest investments most people will make in their lifetime, so we felt winning a brand-new car would be the icing on the cake.” he continued. To find out more please contact Josh Green at Ausmar Homes 5319 1500 or www.ausmarhomes.com.au/birthday.



business can only succeed with really good quality local trades and suppliers, so treating everyone this way has always been really important to me. Respect and appreciation are two other values I would hope to pass on also. This will then flow through to clients too.

What do you love most about having a career in construction? It’s been a huge part of my life for well over 30 years, I left school at 16 years old and started as a carpenter so I know nothing else. Probably the part I’ve loved most is the people I’ve met along the way. Our industry has some really great, down to earth people in it and I’ve made many lifelong friends. You’ve worked your way up from a supervisor position all the way up to director. Why have you found working for Ausmar Homes so rewarding? The most rewarding part for myself is watching our team work so hard to continually do what’s best for our clients. A huge amount of time and effort goes into designing and building a new home and meeting (or exceeding) clients expectations is what it’s all about. Also having happy staff is a huge thing for me and one is not possible without the other. What important values do you like to pass on to your employees? I would hope they see values like honesty and fairness. Our

offer a whole lot more than just a high quality home. I think our industry is full of good builders that are great marketers and there’s not many of us left that actually care that what we are creating will be around for the next 100+ years.

Do you have a favourite project that you’ve worked on during your time with Ausmar? Wow, this would be hard to narrow down! Probably any of our retirement village builds would rate as high favourites. We start with most developers in a bare paddock and years later I drive through a thriving community. It’s super rewarding as only a hand full of us actually see what goes into making this happen from start to completion. Its many years of really hard work.

Aside from your professional life, tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m a ‘tiny’ bit past 50 years old and happily married to the world’s most supportive wife for 27 of these. I have two awesome daughters who are 19 and 21, that both live in Brissy (for the most part) and are busy making their own lives. I live in Maroochydore and still love going to work every single day, outside of work sees me heavily involved in triathlon and staying fit and healthy, plus spending as much time possible with my family.

What do you think is the difference between a good builder and a great builder? To be a great builder you have to have a real passion for the construction industry and a drive to continually make things better. This might be small stuff like recycling left over materials through to bigger ticket items like keeping up with new design trends etc. A great builder needs to

What would we find Tony Bryan doing on the weekend? Lots of mountain biking at present! I am currently 10 weeks out from a six day mountain bike race in the glorious Queenstown NZ area, so training time is high. Then either chilling with Jackie at home and around town or a quick Brisbane trip to catch the girls. There’ll be lot’s coffee and food in amongst that too.

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(L-R) Tony Bryan, Sean Fraser, Barry Bryan (Tony’s dad) and Josh Green.


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How did your journey with Ausmar Homes begin? I started out as a new homes consultant in Ausmar’s first ever display home in Gympie. In my previous life, I was a sales rep and became Ausmar’s account manager for Steel-line Garage Doors. After doing that for a number of years, Tony approached me about selling homes for Ausmar. I have never looked back. What is it like working for Ausmar Homes? Amazing – like all careers it has its seasons and challenges but as a business, I think you would struggle to find a better workplace. We are consistently evolving and changing our internal processes to improve and meet new markets which definitely keeps us all on our toes daily. As a manager, what values do you like to pass onto other employees? Integrity, Honesty and Transparency. They are tough things to measure your business decisions on each day, as the process to deliver a home is not always an easy, clear path. But when you align these key points against any decision it


does keep you consistent. Plus if we deliver this to our staff correctly it’s easy for them to pass it on to our clients. Where do you see your professional career heading in the future? Hopefully in a similar direction – helping Ausmar become the builder of choice for anyone looking to build a home. Aside from your professional life, tell us a little bit about you? I like to try and keep reasonably fit, so I can keep up with my five boys. So, most mornings I like to try ride either my mountain bike or road bike – this allows me to enjoy playing with the kids. It also helps us stay outside on weekends and off the PlayStation, which is really important to me. I also love food – so either cooking or going out for a nice feed is another thing I love to do with my partner Kate. The Sunshine Coast is full of great places to eat and an awesome place to live, so it’s a win-win. What would we catch Josh Green doing on the weekends? Riding, eating or drinking coffee – not always in that order...ha ha ha.


How did you get into the construction industry? It is the family blood, I started out as a third generation house remover working in the family business. I felt most rewarded when we renovated the home for the customer and realised I wanted to build houses from the ground up versus recycling them. I completed my carpentry apprentice and my builders licence, not long after I was lucky enough to land a job at Ausmar Homes. It has been a rewarding experience from that day on. What’s your favourite part of the building process? I actually love the whole process. My favourite part of building a home is the completion, seeing the home finished. Pride in knowing I contributed to building someone’s house, a home for them and their family to live in.

As Director and Chartered Accountant of the group, where does your passion for building come from? Dad owned and drove a concrete truck so I would spend my Saturday’s and school holidays riding around in the truck to all the job sites delivering concrete. Dad would let me drive the truck around the concrete plant yard and when we were on quiet country backroads. I loved visiting all the job sites and watching the construction take place. What do you feel sets Ausmar apart in the building industry? We genuinely try to do the best we can for all our customers and sub-trades/suppliers. We are proud of our industry and want everyone to have a great experience when dealing with us. What’s been your proudest moment at Ausmar? Winning the HIA Australian Builder of the Year awards (multiple years). This is recognition that our SE Qld-based company has gone toe-to-toe with the best builders in the entire country and we have come out on top, being judged independently by a panel of experts in our industry. Can you tell us about your family and family background? I was born in Ballarat (Victoria) to hard-working and honest parents. I have an older sister and younger brother. We are a very close family and I have fond memories of growing up playing cricket and football with friends and the family dog on the street outside our family home. Congratulations on your 2017 Australian Tarmac Rally Championship win. How did you become involved in motor sports? I actually met Tony through racing dirt bikes. Dad loved motorbikes and I was always surrounded by mechanical things. When I hit mid-40s, my body said “enough” so I transitioned into cars. In hindsight the skills I developed on motorbikes have helped me a lot with the cars. What’s your favourite part of motor racing? My best mate helps me with car set-up and maintenance, so it is fun to spend the weekend in the workshop getting the car ready for a race. I really enjoy developing the car to perform better at each race meeting so I guess the technical aspect of the sport is what I enjoy the most. Having said all that the driving is obviously the fun part – winning an Australian Championship is the icing on the cake. What are your favourite local spots to visit on the weekend? I have a pilot’s licence so Tash and I are lucky to be able to travel far and wide in a weekend. If the weather suits we often pick somewhere unusual and fly away for the night, although we are yet to find a better place to visit than the Sunshine Coast…..we need to constantly remind ourselves how lucky we are to live here. Could we get a final inspirational quote? Don’t be afraid of failure.

What’s your top tip for first-time home builders? Communication – never be scared to ask questions. The better educated you are on your home and the process, the better experience you will have. What’s your favourite thing about living on the Sunshine Coast? The landscape – the beaches and blue ocean back dropped by mountain ranges. I feel we are so lucky to live in such a scenic place. Tell us a little about your passion for cycling and triathlons? I was an avid surfer and wanted to be a little fitter. Tony Bryan and Josh Green here at Ausmar had been cycling and doing the odd triathlon so I thought I would join

them for some fitness. It went from the odd ride and run to being a major part of my life. Both of these sports communities intertwine, from them I have made some great friendships. That camaraderie and the enjoyment of an endurance sport drives my passion. Not a day goes by I don’t either swim, ride or run. What’s the biggest race you’ve competed in so far? I have completed in half a dozen 70.3 Ironman races (half Ironman distance). I’m yet to mix it up with the big boys and complete a full Ironman – that is in the near future. What’s your ultimate triathlon or cycling event goal? The Ironman World Age Group Championships held every year in Kona, Hawaii. Page 7



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AUSMAR HOMES, STILL GOING STRONG AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. BlueScope warmly congratulates Ausmar Homes on their 25th anniversary. An award winning local builder, Ausmar Homes offers a wide range of home designs with house frames made from TRUECORE® steel. Frames made with the inner strength of TRUECORE® steel won’t shrink or warp over time, helping to keep walls straight, as well as doors and windows from sticking. So before you choose the benchtops or basins, or the doors and floors, think about an even bigger decision: the frame that holds everything up. Visit: truecore.com.au/hall-of-fame/ausmar-homes

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Ausmar was founded by John Martin, he and his wife managed the business from their modest home in Cooroy and spent the early years specialising in custom designed homes for the Noosa-Cooroy market. Before long Ausmar became known for building high quality homes and their incredible work ethic producing 15 homes per year with just four staff.

With more than 20 years building experience, Tony Bryan was employed as a supervisor for Ausmar Homes and quickly progressed into the construction manager role. Tony was pivotal in the next few years of growth and implemented systems that we still use today.



2000 Steady growth over the next seven years saw the need for the business to expand into a bigger office space, which resulted in the opening of the Cooroy office in Myall Street. The business operated from here over the next 16 years.


15 With the future in sight, Tim and Tony thought it was the perfect time to rebrand. Along with this rebrand came instant success and the business quickly grew to 15 staff. The build area expanded to Gympie when the company built its very first display home. This home was a massive success and went on to win QLD Display Home of the year amongst various other awards. AWARDS 2006 HIA Display Home of the Year


2005 Tim Hendy and Tony Bryan took over the reins of Ausmar Homes and started the rollout of their future expansion. By this time the company was building approximately 40 homes per year.




2008 The business opened its second ever display home in Peregian Springs which went on to Best Home for QLD living. At this time Ausmar were building 74 homes a year with just 15 staff members. Due to expanding markets and a push for work on the southern end of the Coast, a Caloundra office was opened. Staff were split evenly between Cooroy and Caloundra and displays homes were now becoming very common in new southern estates.

Congratulations Ausmar on 25 Years Dulux are proud to Partner with Ausmar Homes


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The Cooroy office was totally renovated and expanded to cater for the fast growing business. During this stage, Ausmar had doubled its staff numbers to 30 and were now building up t 120 homes a year from Hervey Bay to Caloundra. During this period of growth, Ausmar also opened a small boutique sales office in the Gympie region, which later succumbed to the Mary River floods in 2013.

Ausmar launched its most popular plan, The Carson at Brightwater 2 Display Village. The company also welcomed its 50th staff member.

The construction company won the 2017 Master Builders Sunshine Coast Commercial Building $2.1 million - $5 million award for its Ausmar Group HQ & Atelier.








The company spread heavily into the southern end of Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane after the completion of a beautiful display home in North Lakes. At Birtinya Island Ausmar build two of the first designer collection homes Smart Home at Brightwater, Bells Reach and Northlakes. With so many innovative designs to work with Ausmar introduced its first standard plan booklet. The company also began utilising Facebook for customer communication and marketing purposes.

To celebrate the festive season Ausmar’s new office and showroom in Maroochydore was opened by the Mayor. The company won 11 awards as well as two nominations at the Sunshine Coast business awards.

Ausmar celebrate its 25th Birthday. Ausmar continues to win prestigious awards taking out the Master Builders Brisbane Individual Home up to $250,000 and Master Builders Sunshine Coast Individual Home $451,000 - $550,000 Custom Project.

For over 30 years, we have built a reputation for quality custom built kitchens, vanities, BBQs, wardrobes and other cabinetry in and around the home

Known for our commitment and attention to detail, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and only use quality materials 8 Commerce Avenue, Warana (by appointment only)

Ph: (07) 54 933 733 formatkitchens.com.au Page 11


SAVING UP FOR A HOUSE DEPOSIT? WHY buy someone else’s house when you can build your own? This was exactly the logic of Erika Pernoud and Josh Lazarevski, who are now proud and happy first homeowners. The journey began with some confronting number crunching. After living together for six years in various rental properties, Josh discovered the pair had paid around $120,000 worth of rent to ‘someone else’s mortgage.’ Enough was enough and the two professional hospitality workers started researching their options. “We did literally every single thing you could think of,” Erika said. “I was reading blogs and forums all about first home buying. We both wanted it so bad,” Josh said. “We were working seven days a week, moved in with the parents and were living on basically nothing,” Erika said. “Eating a lot of baked beans,” Josh joked. It was one of the biggest and scariest decisions of their young lives but the pair were obviously committed, they had worked so hard and knew there was no turning back. So finding a builder they could trust became their number one priority. “We went to every single display home on the Coast to figure out which builder we wanted. They (Ausmar) were the only ones who didn’t try to sell us a house, they just tried to help us.” Individuality was also very important to Erika and Josh and while the dream of renovating a rustic suburban beach shack was tempting, when push came to shove, nothing trumped the idea of owning a brand new home, fully customised and designed specifically for their needs. “I love cooking and I’m really good in the kitchen Page 12

and the gas cooker was an upgrade, but for us, that was a need, not a want,” Josh said. New to the market, the pair were pleasantly surprised at the affordability and convenience of building. “We gave them an amount we didn’t want to go over, right from the beginning and now, we are still under that amount, “ Erika said. “It was 100-per cent transparent; we knew where every dollar was being spent, there were no hidden surprises,” Josh said. Erika and Josh likened the building experience with Ausmar to finding a second family. They were consistently kept in the loop with updates and weekly phone calls, they developed genuine friendships with staff members and the whole process was as it should be – fun, exciting and darn life changing! “Finishing our build, we were almost sad because it meant it was over,” Erika said. “But we definitely have to mention Emma, our Client Liaison Officer, she was amazing, she was like a second mum, she looks after everybody, making sure everyone was okay and she answered any questions we had,” Erika said. “Also our site manager Russel, such a chilled guy, it was funny because he was so relaxed but he always had everything 100-per cent under control and all the trades on deadlines.” After wet weather delays early in the build, Erika and Josh still received handover on the agreed date. They have been happily living in what they call ‘the first home to call their own’. They are looking to start a family there and until they eventually outgrow it, they’re looking forward to living the lifestyle they love in the home they always dreamed of.


What made you decide to build instead of buy? As first time buyers it was more achievable for us to build, especially having the $20,000 first home owners grant to help. Building a home meant we were able to have a smaller deposit and get into our home sooner then we could have ever imagined. What research did you do in the lead up to your build? We went to a LOT of display homes. Researched online, reviews, word of mouth. It was all very daunting until we sat down and spoke with someone from Ausmar. Why did you choose Ausmar? We heard the ad on the radio, so we went in to have a chat with a new home consultant. We felt comfortable immediately and once we went over a few house plans he came back with a quote we couldn’t believe. So many inclusions for a price we could definitely afford. All the display homes were built to perfection, real quality workmanship. Describe the building process with Ausmar. Our build with Ausmar was the most memorable, exciting and stress free experience we will ever have. As first home builders you do tend to only expect the worst, I will be honest. But every single person we communicated with through the whole build from the office to the work site was absolutely amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a smoother or better build if we tried. We even got the keys to our new home sooner than expected. What are your future plans for your house? At the moment we are just concentrating on getting all of our landscaping done, that is a massive job and takes time. Then we can sit back and enjoy our beautiful home for a few years. We hope to be on acreage eventually and we hope to build again the Ausmar a few years down the track when we find the perfect block.


DOUBLE DELIGHT FOR AUSMAR WITH a new baby on the way and a family home to build, Jessica and Brendan Bedford knew they needed a builder they could trust. And having built with Ausmar previously, it was the easiest of decisions. The young couple built their first home with Ausmar in Peregian Springs in 2015, and said Ausmar was the only building company to take them seriously with what they wanted in a home. "We did a custom design, realising we wanted to do something a little bit different," Jessica said. "Ausmar sat down with us and ran through everything we wanted out of a house and came back to us really quickly. Their customer service was amazing, and they actually engaged with us and gave us the options we wanted. "The whole process was so easy. They were fantastic, running us through things we hadn’t thought of with the layout trying to get it right for us." Jessica said it was a very quick process to have the home built, and Ausmar were very upfront and honest. "Just to get a response really quickly to any questions we had. Nothing was a hassle, and nothing was too hard." The couple said communication was one of the most important factors for them. Busy running their own business, and working full time in addition to raising their daughter, Summer, now 5, Jessica said Ausmar made the effort to come out to them making it easier for them to go through things as a couple.

"The finishes, the quality, the street appeal, on site communication. There was never a sense that we couldn’t go out on site and have a look." Jessica and Brendan went on to sell the Peregian Springs home a year later - at their first open house and for more than the asking price - before turning their attention to their new family home in Cooroy. "We were actually really devastated that we sold (in Peregian), but we were also really excited. We just instantly knew we had to build with Ausmar again.” Pregnant with their second daughter, Madison, the couple wanted to build straight away and choose an off-the-plan home for their new family home at Cooroy. "All the staff and the design team were the same from

the previous build, so we just felt like we were at home. Bec Weston, Atelier Design Expert, and New Home Consultant Marc Wood knew straight away what we would like, which made the second time even easier. "They’re just really good at their job. It was the little things that they did for us that made all the difference and there were no surprises." With six other Ausmar homes now built in the same street as Jessica and Brendan’s in Cooroy, a great reputation travels fast. "They’re just honest. We’ve built a custom and an off-the-plan home with Ausmar now and we’ve been happy with both.”

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Congratulations Ausmar on

a fantastic 25

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MAROOCHY RIVER GOLF CLUB 2016 MBA Regional Commercial Building up to $5million 2016 MBA Regional Sporting Facilities up to $5million

AUSMAR GROUP HQ & ATELIER 2018 HIA Excellence in Showroom Display 2017 Master Builders Sunshine Coast - Commercial Building $2.1 million $5 million STATE-of-the-art and client-focused, the Ausmar Group headquarters and Atelier showroom is one-of-a-kind. Built by 85 local contractors within 10 months and to a $2.2 million facility budget, this grand design centre has been created to inspire. The two-story building offers an open-plan office for staff on the upper-level, with care and attention to detail clear in every aspect of the staff-focused space. From the boardroom to the work stations, every element is on-trend and designed to offer inspiration and comfort. The building also includes solar panels on the roof, and a bio retention to treat storm water. A lift was also included to accommodate easy accessibility to the second storey. But the star of the project is the expansive showroom, Atelier. Located on the ground level, this space is

bright, luxurious and welcoming, offering the ultimate creative experience for every client. In the showroom, clients can see, touch and imagine every element of their new home from the shape of the bathroom sink to the way the water falls from a shower head, from the way Colorbond roofing looks in the sunshine to how different flooring options feel under the foot. Here, clients can choose every aspect of their home without leaving the building. The showroom boasts a stylish kitchen gallery and on-trend bathroom designs under one roof. All the windows, doors, cladding, tiles, stones and paint options available, as well as outdoor selections presented so clients can see exactly how they will look in their new home. This client-focused space is unique and has been designed to offer Ausmar clients the chance to enjoy a hassle-free home selection process in a one-of-a-kind building. For added convenience, the headquarters have been centrally located around the new Maroochy Sun Central development.

THIS project encompasses the main Golf Club building, the Golf Academy Building and the Maintenance Sheds. The Golf Club building comprises of a function room with commercial kitchen, restaurant and bar, gaming lounges, pro shop, offices and amenities and change rooms. The main entrance features an architecturally designed Porte Cochere supported by stone clad structural columns. A similar structure is also constructed at the back of the building overlooking the golf course.

Finishes include a combination of dry stone clad walls, rendered walls, panelled cladding and feature timber ceilings. The project delivery method was a DBB (Design-Bid-Build) or a DAB (Design-Award-Build). The contract period was 12 months and the project was delivered on budget and on time. The construction was fairly straight forward the only issue being working on sand. Installing the stone work at heights presented a bit of a challenge as it had to be done using scaffolding. This project required kilometres of cabling and trenching to connect the many cameras around the site. A fully integrated audio and visual communications system was installed as part of this contract.

NOT JUST A HOUSE... • Bricks & blocks to build your house • Retaining walls & Pavers to landscape your outdoor areas

Contact us for your next project!

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Phone: 1300 781 620 www.apexmasonry.com.au



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What is My Build Diary? ■ Stores all your key documents in the one, easy to find location. ■ Notes about the job will be added each week so you can login and see what’s happening on site. ■ We understand there is so much happening during a build (finance, organising to move, and life in general), My Build Diary allows you to login at your own convenience without having to worry about ANOTHER email. ■ Variations, extensions of time and other key documents that require signing will still be emailed directly to you and then added onto your My Build Diary once signed. ■ A ‘to do’ list which clearly shows what is required from you to help keep your job moving forward ■ Progress bars for your paperwork & construction stages ■ A countdown bar of how many days until your Practical Completion based on when we commence on site. ■ You can also see progress photos of your new home and share on social media if you like to show friends and family your new Ausmar Home.

“Ausmar kept us up to date with photos and progress statements posted in the client lounge in their web site.” - William & Ana “We loved the weekly My Build Diary. The updates and photos were especially good for family not close by.” - Rob & Jenny “Ausmar also have a my build diary portal that we could log on to anytime and updates are done daily on any progress admin or build side of things. I felt I didn’t have to call them all the time we could literally sign in and see photos and notes on everything they had been working on throughout the day and what we can expect to see done next. It also had ALL of our documents in one spot in the portal so We weren’t continuously pulling out the paperwork! It was SO handy!” - Giverny & Sam “The Ausmar app was also invaluable in helping us track progress of our build and was a great touch.” - Claire


Nastasi & Associates is a Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy firm founded in 1999. We are focused on providing a high level of customer service through our experienced team of Engineers and Draftsmen.

Our open record management approach to tasks and communications creates a transparent builder-client relationship. With constant up to date management, each Ausmar project achieves a harmonious and safe workplace that is able to meet deadlines and a higher level of workmanship ensuring customer satisfaction. Philosophy Our vision is to be the first company you think of when you need size and scale. We aim to be the commercial builder that earns our clients confidence and trust, every time. We deliver and exceed our promise of service through our experienced, highly qualified teams, robust systems and tried and tested processes. By being transparent, forthright and honest, our commitment to our clients is absolute.


Ausmar Commercial was created following the successful growth and expansion of Ausmar Homes. Market demand and large scale developments across South East Queensland required specialist industry knowledge, innovative systems and buying power beyond the scope of a domestic building company. Ausmar Commercial offers tailored commercial construction services specialising in medium density projects, lifestyle villages and various non-residential projects. We optimise each project with dedicated management teams and streamlined processes allowing for instant communications and job progress monitoring. We work closely with developers, architects and local authorities, and our relationships and experience are underpinned by effective communications, job progress monitoring, resource efficiencies and capacity to deliver to deadlines.

Our commitment is to ensure that the design and documentation we provide meets the time, cost, NASTASI & A SSOC C IATES build-ability and quality Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers expectations of our clients www.nastasiassociates.com.au

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THE HOUSE THE COAST BUILT IN 2015, many Sunshine Coast businesses combined their skills, resources and expertise for one collaborative project - a home built for the community by the community. ‘The House the Coast Built’ was later auctioned off to raise over $300,000 for local children’s charity, Wishlist. These much-needed funds were used by the organisation to develop pediatric services at Sunshine Coast hospitals. It was a massive effort, with over 60 different contractors volunteering their services for one heart felt build. But what many people may not realise is, this project was actually championed by Ausmar Homes. It took organisation, precision and passion to successfully schedule all these different trades that were working around the clock on the job, whilst also juggling their client projects - to transform a patch of mud into a beautiful family home. On-site, managing things from the ground was Ausmar construction manager Sean Fraser. For the father, the project was particularly close to his heart, having spent his fair share of time next to the hospital bed of a sick child. “It’s giving back to the direct community, the House the Coast Built is about raising desperately needed funds for local medical charities that otherwise wouldn’t be there,” Sean said. “You know you are making a direct impact which is great to be a part of.” While Sean admits it wasn’t always smooth sailing throughout the build, the commitment of the Ausmar team and associated contractors’ turned every challenge into a triumph. “I had a great feeling of pride for the project, it was very rewarding, I was only a small cog in the wheel in the process, everyone contributed to getting it built,” Sean said. “From the drafty who drew the plans, to the client liaison officer that submitted them, to all the trades and suppliers Page 16

that contributed, all the way down to the people that donated the furniture and the real estate and auctioneer that sold it. It required all those people to make it happen.” Having participated in the construction of the charity’s other fundraiser house builds in 2011, Sean said their commitment to helping the worthy charity would never fade. “We’ve always got our hand up for Wishlist,” he said. This compassionate relationship is reciprocated by Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe, who said that the contribution from Ausmar over the years had provided a vital lifeline for the work of the charity. “Ausmar Homes has been a major supporter of Wishlist since 2010. We have come to know the award-winning Ausmar team as authentic, generous and completely dedicated to their clients and to the Sunshine Coast community,” she said. “The Wishlist House in 2011 helped provide $430,000 worth of ophthalmology equipment to Caloundra Hospital in 2012, immediately reducing the need for patients to travel to Brisbane for eye surgery. “And the House the Coast Built in 2015 raised $300,000 for years of music therapy and Clown Doctor visits to the local Children’s Ward. Proceeds also funded camps for children living with mental illness or addiction in the family and provided distraction therapy equipment that’s helped countless children and their families in our hospitals. “Ausmar Homes directors Tim Hendy and Tony Bryan made a choice in 2010 to align their organisation with a charity, and through giving generously they’ve helped grow the health service that their families and that of their 33 employees all rely on.” “Congratulations Ausmar Homes on all you’ve accomplished in 25 years of being a great deal more than a little bit better, and thank you.”


TESTIMONIALS We have had a great association with Ausmar over the last decade and have seen the Ausmar brand become one of the most recognised brands on the Sunshine Coast. We congratulate Tim, Tony, Josh & the crew on helping build the Sunshine Coast.

Ausmar has been a long term sponsor of our Breakfast show and we absolutely love them. They are all about community, just like us. They work hard for Wishlist, just like us. And they don’t mind a drink, just like us. We’re a match made in heaven.

John Williams

Caroline Hutchinson (92.7 MIX FM Breakfast Announcer)

Congratulations Ausmar On your 25 years in the industry We are proud to supply Trucks, Machines & Materials.

Sunshine Coast Excavator & Earthmoving Hire Services • Quality Machines • Available 24/7 • Experienced Operators

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(92.7 MIX FM Chief Executive)

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AWARDS... 2018 HIA Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay - Excellence in Showroom Display 2018 HIA Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay - Steel Frame Project 2018 HIA Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay - Commendation Display Home $300,001 to $500,000 2018 Master Builders Brisbane – Individual Home up to $250,000 2018 Master Builders Sunshine Coast – Individual Home $451,000 - $550,000 Custom Project 2017 Master Builders Sunshine Coast - Lifestyle Housing for High Care Needs, Disabled and Seniors Homes4Life 2017 Master Builders State Award - Lifestyle Housing for High Care Needs, Disabled and Senior Homes4Life 2017 Australasian Housing Institute - Highly Commended Leading Housing Development Project Award Homes4Life 2017 Master Builders Sunshine Coast - Commercial Building $2.1 million - $5 million Ausmar Group HQ & Atelier 2016 MBA Regional Display Home (Less than$ 401,000 500,000) 2016 MBA Regional Commercial Building up to $5million 2016 MBA Regional Sporting Facilities up to $5million 2016 MBA Regional Community Accommodation for Aged Care & Nursing Homes 2016 MBA Regional Lifestyle Housing for High Care Needs, Disabled & Seniors Awards 2016 HIA Regional Specialised Housing 2016 HIA Regional Townhouse/Villa of the Year 2016 HIA Regional Project Home 2016 HIA State Specialised Housing 2016 HIA State Townhouse/Villa of the Year 2016 HIA Display Home up to $200k

Dowell is proud to introduce the Dowell DesignerLine™ range. A new addition developed from the ground up. The Dowell DesignerLine™ range has been welcomed

Dowell congratulates

d design aesthetic, including substantially wide sash fframes and superior hardware as standard, it delivers tthe much desired “premium” look and feel to any

Ausmar Homes for aarchitectural project.

25 YEARS in business

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by Architects and Builders alike. With a clean, modern


2016 Sunshine Coast Business Awards - Finalist Excellence in Customer Service and Engagement 2016 Sunshine Coast Business Awards - Finalist Building and Manufacturing 2015 Sunshine Coast Business Awards - Excellence in Customer Service and Engagement Award 2014 MBA Regional Display Home of the Year (Less than$ 475,000) 2014 HIA Custom Build (Less than$ 500,000) 2013 HIA Innovation in Building Design 2013 HIA Regional Townhouse Development 2013 MBA Individual Home (Less than $ 750,000) 2013 MBA Regional Display Home (Less than$ 275,000) 2012 Australian Business Awards. QLD Regional Finalist 2012 Australian Business Awards. QLD Med. Business Finalist

2010 HIA Display Home of the Year (Less than $ 250,000) 2010 HIA Display Home of the Year (overall) 2010 HIA QLD Small/Medium Builder of the Year 2010 HIA QLD Display Home of the Year 2010 HIA QLD Finalist Home of the Year 2009 HIA Professional Builder of the Year 2009 HIA Custom Built Home of the Year 2009 HIA Energy Efficient Home of the Year 2009 MBA Lifestyle Housing for Seniors 2009 HIA Display Home of the Year 2009 HIA Townhouse/Villa Development 2009 MBA Excellence in Building for QLD Climate 2009 MBA Display Home of the Year 2009 HIA Special Purpose Housing

2012 MBA Low-rise Multi-Residential Housing

2008 HIA Energy Efficient Home of the Year

2012 MBA Display Home (Less than $ 275,000)

2008 MBA Excellence in Building for QLD Climate

2012 HIA Australian Prof. Small Builder of the Year (Finalist)

2008 HIA Renovation of the Year

2012 HIA Project Home of the Year

2008 HIA Professional Builder of the Year

2012 HIA Display Home of the Year (Less than $ 300,000)

2008 HIA Display Home of the Year (Less than $ 250,000)

2012 HIA Custom Home of the Year (Less than $ 750,000)

2008 MBA Display Home of the Year

2008 HIA Display Home of the Year (Less than $400,000)

2012 HIA QLD Small/Medium Builder of the Year (finalist)

2008 MBA Renovation of the Year

2012 HIA QLD Project Home of the Year

2008 HIA Energy Efficient Home of the Year (national)

2011 HIA QLD Small/Medium Builder of the Year

2008 MBA Display Home of the Year (statewide)

2011 HIA Australian Professional Builder of the Year

2007 HIA Professional Builder of the Year

2011 HIA Australian Display Home of the Year (Finalist)

2007 HIA Project Home of the Year

2011 HIA Kitchen Project (Less than $30,000)

2007 MBA Display Home of the Year

2010 HIA Australian Professional Builder of the Year

2006 HIA Display Home of the Year

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Rheem have been manufacturing water heaters in Australia for over 80 years and are proud to be associated with Ausmar

Premium Epoxy Floors


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• Seals & Protects Floors • Slip Resistant • Hard Wearing • Easy to Clean • Huge Range of Styles & Colours




on your 25 year Milestone


It has been a pleasure providing our Air Conditioning service to you over the past 15 years. We look forward to continuing our relationship with your professional and successful business in the years ahead. From all the team at Simply Cool ….

A big congratulations to all the team at Ausmar Homes on 25 years in business. We are proud to work with Ausmar Homes and we look forward to the next 25 working together.

“Well Done Ausmar”!

Your local Air Conditioning specialists

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Aura Display - The Avalon

13 Berry Terrace, Bells Creek QLD 4551 Check out our Avalon design. A maximum house with minimum waste. Every area is designed to flow the next with minimal movement making the home feel much larger than it is. Open 10am - 5pm 7 days a week

For more information or to make an appointment outside usual hours contact Rusty Manser on 0417 099 599

Aura Display - The Staten

13 Berry Terrace, Bells Creek QLD 4551 The Staten is impressive in size and impressive in features. With four bedrooms and three separate living zones, this home will suit families of al sizes as well as guests. A kitchen designed for those who love entertaining, featuring a walk in pantry, large island bench and plenty of preparation spaces. The master suite boasts a large walk in robe and ensuite and includes double basins. Open 10am - 5pm 7 days a week

For more information or to make an appointment outside usual hours contact Rusty Manser on 0417 099 599

Birtinya Island Display - The Ashbury

Lighthouse circuit, Birtinya Island A small lot home with large lot inclusions, the Ashbury has everything the modern home owner could want or need. Open by appointment only

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Atelier - Design Studio

8 Flinders Lane, Maroochydore QLD 4558 In the showroom, clients can see, touch and imagine every element of their new home from the shape of the bathroom sink to the way the water falls from a shower head, from the way Colorbond roofing looks in the sunshine to how different flooring options feel underfoot. Here, clients can choose every aspect of their home without leaving the building. Open 8am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday

Harmony Display

3 & 5 Cornflower Road, Palmview QLD 4553 The floorplan is perfect for family living with the master suite separate from the guest bedrooms. Complete with a walk-in robe and ensuite, this is a relaxing space where the parents can escape at the end of the day. Open 10am - 5pm 7 days a week

For more information or to make an appointment outside usual hours contact Rod Kennerson 0410 779 325

Newport Display - Bellevue 7 Crusade Street, Newport QLD 4020

Open 10am - 5pm closed, Thursday and Friday

For more information or to make an appointment outside usual hours contact Roger White 0409 614 951

Renovation to Relaxation “When we first bought our house, Joe actually hated it. It didn’t always look like it does now. It used to be a brick bungalow with a bad 80’s reno but I had the vision of turning it into a Hamptons style home. Thanks to Linea™ weatherboard, lots of patience and some tears and laughter along the way, we got the forever home we dreamed of, somewhere our kids can always come back to.” Visit scyon.com.au for design ideas to help transform your customers’ homes.

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WIN! FIND OUT MORE WWW.AUSMARHOMES.COM.AU/BIRTHDAY Sunshine Toyota Build an Ausmar Home with a frame and trusses made from TRUECORE® Steel, and you can enter the draw to win a new Toyota CHR Koba. Conditions apply. Contract must be signed between 1/1/17 & 6/12/18. SEQ res. 18+ only. QBCC1083000

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Ausmar Homes Celebrates 25 Years  

Ausmar Homes Celebrates 25 Years  

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