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Get back to basics to stay healthy.


Nutrition and exercise tips Get back to basics to avoid weight gain as the cooler season rolls around

IF YOU’RE worried about packing on the pounds during winter, let’s get back to the basics. If you’re not worried about your weight but would still like to be healthier, here is a good place to start. Here are some simple things from Healthy Lifestyles Australia for feeling fit and looking more vibrant than ever in 2017.


Australian Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists has compiled the following nutrition and exercise tips to help people get back to basics on a daily basis. If we start making the daily choices easier then results just happen.


■ Drink two litres of water daily. ■ Limit tea and/or coffee to three drinks maximum daily and use water to keep hydrated. ■ Avoid or minimise consuming drinks with high kJ contents (iced coffees, soft drinks, cordials, energy drinks, sports

drinks, juice, alcohol, milkshakes or thickshakes) ■ Eat two pieces of fruit daily (remember if you juice your fruit, it is still considered fruit as it contains natural sugar). ■ Try to incorporate at least three omega-3 rich fish meals into your nutritional intake every week (fresh or tinned – salmon, tuna, mackerel, kingfish, sardines). Tip: If buying tinned fish, choose the tin with the highest amount of omega 3. ■ Accumulate a minimum of 30 minutes of activity (walking, riding, rowing, swimming) most, if not all, days of the week. If you’re wanting weight loss, ensure activity is as continuous as possible and a minimum of 35 minutes daily. ■ Doing sit-ups won’t make you lose weight from your stomach. Start with healthy eating changes initially, along with aerobic exercise (walking), and slowly start incorporating strengthening exercises (major muscle

groups including abs) into your lifestyle once weight starts to release. ■ Instead of salt, start using other ingredients to spice up your meals like garlic, chilli, mixed herbs, pepper, lemon, lime, basil, parsley, coriander, balsamic vinegar (buy the one in the glass bottle), paprika.


■ Cut off all fat from meat and remove the skin from chicken before eating. ■ Avoid processed meats and include lean, fresh meat in the diet that includes a variety of choices (chicken, lamb, pork, beef, fish, turkey, kangaroo).


■ Ensure you readily incorporate protein and iron-rich foods into your diet from a variety of food sources: nuts, lentils, baked beans, kidney beans, four-bean mix, tofu, mushrooms, iron fortified breakfast cereals, spinach and parsley. ■ Consume vitamin C (oranges or juice) with meals to assist iron absorption. ■ Avoid tea and coffee close to meal times as they decrease iron absorption. Page 3


New name, new services Within a few months a range of new mental health services will be available at Mackay Private Hospital MACKAY Private Hospital recently changed its name from Mackay Rehabilitation Hospital, in anticipation of the extended services to be offered at the Mount Pleasant facility. Within a few months a range of new mental health services will be available at the hospital overseen by the medical team of Dr Somnath Sinah, Dr Alok Rana and Dr Ashish Rana. Mental health services will be in addition to the existing rehabilitation care provided. Mackay currently has no private mental health facility and patients with health insurance requiring hospitalisation for such conditions as depression or anxiety must travel to larger centres of Townsville or Brisbane for treatment. Apart from the cost and inconvenience associated with time away from home, patients are often without family or friendship support. Under the leadership of Dr Ashish Rana and Dr Alok Rana, Mackay’s only private inpatient mental health service will be launched shortly. Inpatient services will be supplemented by an outpatient day therapy Cognitive Behavioural Group program. Mackay Private Hospital CEO Chris Page 4

Dr Somnath Sinha and Dr Alok Rana. Walsh sees the new private mental health services as an important step in expanding the region’s access to a broader range of medical care options. “One in five Australians will need help with their mental health during their lifetimes but those living outside of capital cities are less likely and less able to get help when they need it,” Mr Walsh said. “There are various barriers to accessing care but the most obvious is the lack of facilities in regional areas. We are trying to address this.” Mr Walsh said developing mental health services required a significant investment in facilities, staffing and training, so implementation would be rolled out throughout the year. An outpatient day therapy Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program will be the first cab off the rank, with hospital based inpatient services by August. “Expanding into mental health care is a natural fit for Mackay Private. As part of the Healthe Care group, patients will benefit from Healthe Care’s collective mental health expertise and service offerings, as the nation’s second largest private mental health provider, with over 800 beds across 15 facilities,” he said. “We are exploring options for those


Dr Ashish Rana.


with complex older persons’ mental health and related issues, like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, with our doctors Alok Rana and Somnath Sinha working collaboratively on patient management. “Dr Somnath Sinah is a general physician with a special interest in geriatrics, and Dr Alok Rana is a psychiatrist with training in psychogeriatrics. “Together they have a very unusual and valuable skill set.” For information, visit mackayprivate.com.au or call 4942 3848.


Pulmonary rehabilitation brings relief

TOP: Exercise physiologist and pulmonary rehabilitation co-ordinator Callum Dreghorn with patient Edith Sealy. ABOVE: The pulmonary rehabilitation team, back from left, Dr Pranav Kumar, Callum Dreghorn, Jayna Wallace, Clare Farrands and Lorna Reddy (front). PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

PATIENTS with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease can now breathe easier, thanks to Mackay Private Hospital’s new Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. The program, endorsed by the Lung Foundation of Australia, was spearheaded by respiratory physician Dr Pranav Kumar and developed in conjunction with Mackay Private’s Allied Health Team. The program aims to give those living with COPD a greater understanding of their condition, more control of their symptoms and the skills to better manage daily activities. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is the name given to a group of conditions including emphysema, asthma and other lung diseases. COPD affects the ability of the lungs to work in the normal way and people living with COPD can often find themselves breathless and gasping while trying to do even the most basic tasks like showering or hanging up laundry. Pulmonary rehabilitation can increase strength, reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression. Research shows that pulmonary rehabilitation improves breathing, overall wellbeing and quality of life. The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program offered at Mackay Private Hospital combines education and fitness classes and aims to achieve improvements in activity and exercise levels by 20–40 per cent. Exercise physiologist and pulmonary rehabilitation co-ordinator Callum Dreghorn enjoys supporting participants’ progress during the six- week group program. “People start the program not knowing what to expect. “Some are anxious about the increased exercise; others feel uneasy in a group of strangers,” Mr Dreghorn said. “By the end of the program they see great improvements in their overall wellbeing, strength and confidence. The energy that builds up within the group is also great.” Clinical oversight is provided by respiratory physician Dr Pranav Kumar. “These types of programs are vital to enable patients to better look after themselves, stay well and enjoy their lives to the full,” he said.

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HEALTH SERVICES 2019 LEFT: Queensland Respiratory Services senior scientist Caitlin O’Halloran and chief scientist Shane Power. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

Guiding treatment with lung function assessments The largest private respiratory laboratory in Australia QUEENSLAND Respiratory Services has been around for more than three decades. It is now located at 14 sites around the state including one in Mackay. Chief scientist at the Mackay branch,

Shane Power, said Queensland Respiratory Services was first established in 1984 at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane. “Queensland Respiratory Services has 12 shareholder respiratory physicians,” he

said. “The role of the laboratory is to provide our respiratory physicians with lung function assessment in order to guide treatment.” Queensland Respiratory Services also provides this service for patients commonly referred by cardiologists, oncologists, general practitioners and anaesthetists. “We provide a large number of tests for pre-employment in the mining and construction industry as well as defence and police force recruitment,” Mr Power said. Queensland Respiratory Services was the first private respiratory laboratory in Queensland to gain accreditation by the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand. It is also the largest private respiratory lab in Australia. The Queensland Respiratory Services is located at the Mackay Private Hospital, Suite 1, 57 Norris Rd, North Mackay.

Lung Function testing at Mackay Private HosPital • Flow Volume Loops, Pre & Post Bronchodilator • Full Lung Function – Including Flow Volume Loops, Lung Volumes and Gas Transfer • Bronchial Provocation Testing – Mannitol Challenge

Registered Spirometry Practice with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines Registration Number: S2053

57 Norris Road Mackay Q 4740 • T: (07) 3607 5194 • E: reception@qldrespiratory.com.au Page 6


• 6 Minute Walk Test with or without supplemental oxygen


Helping clients to feel the benefits of sleep Offering home visits to make it easy and relaxing TWO years ago mum-of-four Vera Stringer began working in the field of sleep therapy and discovered the disturbing consequences of snoring and sleep apnoea. Up to 9 per cent of our population has obstructive sleep apnoea resulting in health consequences like increased stroke risk, shortened life span, heart disease and diabetes. A sleep apnoea diagnosis can be distressing and Mrs Stringer felt she could help patients better accept their diagnosis and their experience of continuous positive airway pressure. And so, Sound Asleep Mackay was born. “Patients are shocked to learn their snoring, is actually sleep apnoea which cuts airflow during sleep. Some patients stop breathing up to 100 times an hour,”

Mrs Stringer said. “Hearing about the health consequences and needing to adjust to wearing night time breathing apparatus can be very stressful.” Vera supports clients through diagnosis, arranging and setting up a home-based sleep study, trialling equipment to test their options and purchasing their own CPAP machine. “It might take several trial masks or different styles of equipment, but we eventually get there. Seeing the difference when someone’s therapy works - it’s beautiful,” she said. “Patients say – I feel great. My mood has lifted; I have more energy. I feel clear headed - That’s what makes my work rewarding.” Mrs Stringer’s support is provided in

Vera Stringer, of Sound Asleep Mackay. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED conjunction with patients’ respiratory physicians, GPs and other healthcare providers. She offers home visits on occasion because for particularly older patients, having a new device set up in situ can eliminate stress and anxiety. “A new machine can be intimidating if you’re not used to the equipment. I set it up and show them how it works which makes a huge difference to their confidence,” she said. Sound Asleep Mackay offers home based sleep studies, CPAP purchase, hire equipment, data downloads for work purposes, replacement parts and advice around cleaning and maintenance.

Feeling the eFFects oF sleep apnoea? WE CAN HELP!

Sound Asleep is your trusted, independent, local provider of CPAP advice, services & products. Untreated Snoring & Sleep Apnoea can have a range of unwanted health & lifestyle impacts, including: • High blood pressure & risk of stroke • Heart disease • Daytime micro sleeps resulting in motor vehicle & other accidents • Increased insulin resistance & risk of diabetes • Depression & anxiety • Relationship strain or breakdown • Poor concentration • Decreased sex drive & impotence

APPo By intM e


Mackay Private Hospital M

57 7 Norris Road, Mackay | 9 Michelle Crescent, Bucasia P: 07 4846 1509 | M: 0447 079 042 E: vera@soundasleepmackay.com.au www.soundasleepmackay.com.au w


Stockists of Fisher & Paykel, Phillips & Resmed Home based sleep study provider H

Page 7


Prioritise your sleep health Are you sleeping well? Are you showing symptoms of sleep disorders? An underlying sleep condition could be the cause of your restless nights Dr Robert Edwards, of GenesisCare, is a respiratory and sleep physician. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED SLEEP disorders are a large and under-recognised problem in Australia. Although many people realise the importance of getting enough sleep, many are unaware sleep disorders can lead to serious health problems. Some of the more recognised sleep disorders include obstructive sleep apnoea, insomnia and restless legs syndrome. Obstructive sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder which can stop you getting restful sleep. This can have a significant effect on quality of life. OSA happens when the soft tissues at the back of the throat temporarily block the airway. This affects breathing and disrupts normal sleep patterns. This can occur many times throughout the night and most people are unaware that it is happening. The good news is that treatments are available. While OSA is being increasingly identified, it remains largely undiagnosed in the community. Inadequate sleep (of either duration or quality) and its daytime consequences are common in Australian, Page 8

affecting 33–45 per cent o adults1. Symptoms There are some symptoms that might indicate you’re being affected by OSA. These include: ■ Snoring ■ Waking un-refreshed ■ Witnessed apnoeas ■ Excessive daytime tiredness ■ Drowsy driving ■ Abnormal activity during sleep ■ Problems initiating / staying asleep. If you suspect you or your loved ones may have sleep apnoea, it is important to speak with your general practitioner. You/your loved ones may be considered for a sleep study. Risks of untreated OSA The effect of good sleep on your overall health can’t be overstated. OSA is associated with a series of health and social issues, so it’s important to identify the problem and find solutions. If left untreated, people may experience: ■ High blood pressure ■ Motor vehicle accidents

■ Workplace accidents ■ Anxiety and depression ■ Decreased sex drive ■ Cardiac disease ■ Heart failure ■ Stroke. Treatment and management options Obstructive sleep apnoea and other sleep disorders can be diagnosed with comprehensive sleep testing, available from GenesisCare in Queensland. Treatment and management options are available for sleep disordered breathing and can greatly assist patients. Experienced Sleep Specialists at GenesisCare are able to recommend and implement treatment options and provide comprehensive follow-up and support. ■ For further information about your sleep health please contact GenesisCare on free call 1800 155 225 or visit genesiscare.com. 1: www.sleephealthfoundation.org.au/ pdfs/surveys/SleepHealthFoundationSurvey.pdf.

Not sleeping well? Untreated sleep disorders can occur at any age and may be affecting your health.

How is your sleep health response? Do you...? • snore • suffer tiredness (daytime sleepiness or excessive fatigue) • stop breathing overnight

Do you have...?

• untreated high blood pressure • high BMI • a neck circumference of greater than 40cm

Are you...?

• aged over 50 • male

If you answered ‘YES’ to four or more of the above questions, you may have a high risk of sleep apnoea. Please talk to your GP about your results and arranging a sleep study.

GenesisCare in Mackay provides a high quality sleep service including consultation, testing and access to the most experienced team of sleep & respiratory physicians in Queensland.

T: 1800 155 225 E: infosleepqld@genesiscare.com genesiscare.com

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Eye health in middle age Keep your eye on the ball and preserve your sight as you age: Optometry Aust

Look out for symptoms of eye conditions.


Family Medicine & Occupational Health Harbour Road Medical are based in North Mackay and specialise in:

Family Medicine

Coal Board Medicals

Occupational Health

Travel Medicine & Immunisations

Women’s Health

Employment Medicals

Quality HealtH Care

See the same doctor each time you visit Health advice tailored to you Supportive health care team

Long term continuity of care Experienced doctors Female GP doctors

47-49 Harbour Road, North Mackay harbourroadmedical.com.au Page 10


Call 4953 2566 or book your appointment online today!

AFTER the age of 40, it’s normal to experience changes to your vision. Adults are also at a greater risk of certain eye conditions. Symptoms to look out for after 40: ■ Blurred text and the need to read the newspaper at arm’s length or closer to your eyes to see clearer ■ Poor concentration, eye strain, headaches or tiredness from reading or other close work ■ Signs include spots in your vision, sudden eye pain or redness, distorted and double vision and regularly bumping into or spilling things. Five major eye conditions among over 40s 1. Presbyopia – causes gradual loss of the ability to change the shape of the lens of our eye, to focus at normal reading distance. While presbyopia cannot be prevented, it can be easily treated by using correctly prescribed reading glasses or contact lenses. 2. Glaucoma – progressive damage to the optic nerve cells, often due to pressure inside the eye, causing loss of peripheral vision. You may not know if you have glaucoma until irreversible damage has been done, so it must be treated early. It can also be hereditary. 3. AMD (age-related macular degeneration) – central retina deteriorates, distorting central vision. Your chance of developing AMD is higher if it runs in your family. While it cannot be cured completely, treatment must be started early. 4. Cataract – clouding of the lens inside the eye, causing gradual loss of vision. Cataracts are common and can be easily removed and replaced with a plastic lens via surgery. 5. Diabetic retinopathy – diabetes can start to affect the blood vessels at the back of your eye which can cause serious vision loss. Diabetic retinopathy should be detected and treated early and can require laser treatment. Advice to over 40s from Optometry Australia ■ Know your eyes. Be aware of the health of your eyes and how your vision is affecting your everyday life by learning the warning signs and looking for changes. ■ Have your eyes tested regularly by an optometrist. You may not know when you have a serious eye condition and after 40 your prescription is likely to change significantly. The earlier eye conditions are detected, the greater the chance of successful treatment and retaining your vision.


New study helps patients Monthly visits will help alleviate waiting times NEUROLOGIST Dr Ravindra Urkude now has the capacity to perform Nerve Conduction Studies in Mackay. These studies evaluate the conduction of electrical impulses down nerves in the patient’s legs, arms or both. Dr Urkude said this was done by applying small electrical shocks to the nerve and recording how the nerve works. The shocks cause a mild tingling. The nerve conduction study is sometimes combined with electromyography which measures the electrical activity in muscles. Visiting from Townsville, Dr Urkude will commence a one full day monthly private clinic as well as neurology consultations.

Dr Urkude is an experienced neurologist and neurophysiologist. His speciality areas include neuromuscular disease, epilepsy, central and peripheral nervous system infection, dementia and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Trained in India he undertook research in CNS infection and a fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology in Singapore, has extensive experience developed in India, Bahrain and Australia. Since 2011 he has been a consultant neurologist at The Townsville Hospital as well as a lecturer at the College of Medicine and Dentistry at James Cook University.

Neurology CliNiC at

Mackay Private HosPital

Dr Ravindra Urkude. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

Dr ravi UrkUDe proviDes high qUality neUrophysiology services, inclUDing: • Electroencephalography (EEG) • Visual Evoked Response (VER) • EEG Telemetry • Sleep Deprived EEG • Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) / Electromyography (EMG) • Repetitive Nerve Stimulation • Neurological Consultation A referral is required for these services.

p: 07 4779 9266


e: admin@tnclinic.com.au W: www.tnclinic.com.au | 57 Norris Road, Mackay 7003837ab

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Between the hours of 8am and 10pm, 365 days a year, patients can present directly to the Mater Mackay Emergency Care Centre. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

Quality emergency care Mater Mackay Emergency Care Centre is open 365 days a year SINCE opening its doors on February 5, to say the Mater Mackay Emergency Care Centre has seen busy times is an understatement. The people of Mackay and surrounding districts have embraced the access to private emergency care and the feedback reinforces the need for such a facility in the area. Mater Mackay executive officer Elizabeth Thomas has been overwhelmed by the positive comments the team at the new centre have received. “The feedback has been wonderful and confirms that the emergency care service has been a blessing for the community,” Ms Thomas said. “Since opening we have treated a broad mix of ailments and conditions, in both adult and paediatric patients, essentially everything from flu-like/viral illness and chest pain, through to fractures and lacerations”. From 8am–10pm, 365 days a year, patients can present directly to the Mater Mackay Emergency Care Centre, located at 76 Willetts Rd, or they can request to Page 12

be taken to the centre by ambulance. No appointment or referral is needed and you do not need to have private health insurance to attend the emergency care centre at the Mater Mackay. Everyone is welcome and, most importantly, people attending can be assured that wait times will be minimal. The emergency care centre team treats minor and major illnesses and injuries and provides a direct pathway to the Mater Hospital and Mackay’s leading specialists. Patients attending the private emergency care facility at the Mater Mackay will incur an out-of-pocket fee (out-of-pocket costs starts at $120 and are based on investigations, procedures and complexity). It is important to note there are no outof-pocket expenses for review appointments or if you re-present to the emergency care centre with the same condition within seven days of your initial appointment. Department of Veterans Affairs card holders and Worker’s Compensation

Insurance will not incur out-of-pocket expenses. Fees for such services as x-rays and pathology may incur additional out-of-pocket expenses. The service provider will send you an additional account for these services however you may be able to claim some of these fees from Medicare. Ms Thomas said she believed the opening of the renovated Mater Emergency Care Centre had been a positive step forward for healthcare in this area. “Knowing that for 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, there is a private emergency facility open at the Mater Mackay to treat people quickly at times of unexpected illness or injury is a great comfort to the community, particularly for families,” Ms Thomas said. “The opening of the emergency care centre is another example of the Mater Mackay striving to provide high quality, easily accessible, compassionate health care services to the community the Mater is privileged to serve”.

The Mater Mackay

have been delivering quality compassionate health care to the people of Mackay for almost 90 years! The Mater Mackay | 76 Willetts Road | T 07 4965 5566 Follow us on Facebook

Not feeling your best? In times of unexpected illness or injury see the team at the MATER MACKAY EMERGENCY CARE CENTRE EXCEPTIONAL CARE WITH MINIMAL WAIT TIMES

No Appointment , Referral or Private Health Insurance Required OPEN 8AM-10PM - 365 Days a Year 49 655 444

In an Emergency Dial 000

The Mater Mackay Day Unit Ophthalmic Surgery Centre The Ophthalmology team at the Mater Mackay specialise in: • Diseases & surgery of the cornea, and oculoplastic • Orbital, re-constructive, lacrimal & facial surgery. 4953 5990 Page 13


Relax and repair your body with a massage.


Receiving massage has many benefits Physical massage can facilitate the circulation of blood and lymph MASSAGE has many positive benefits on a physical and mental level and, used as a means of improved health and greater body balance, it can be a beneficial tool to anyone young or old, regardless of the problem massage is used to combat. Physically massage can facilitate the circulation of blood and lymph and increases the rate of removal of waste products, detoxing the body. It can also improve joint range of movement by mobilising and warming up soft tissues. Massage can alleviate pain and discomfort in numerous situations including arthritis, edema and other musculoskeletal problems.

Another benefit of massage is the psychological effect it can produce, providing a feeling of relaxation and sense of wellbeing. Physical massage can facilitate circulation of blood, create a calming effect and aiding sleep. Massage modalities include: ■ Relaxation: Gentle, smooth and slow technique. ■ Deep tissue: Includes components of relaxation with combined deeper tissue techniques. ■ Sports: Ideally treating sports athletes before, during and after activity. Stretching techniques are added for optimum benefit.

■ Remedial: Involves collection of the client’s clinical history, performing physical assessment and analysis and identifying a areas of dysfunction. requiring appropriate treatment. ■ Manual Lymphatic Drainage: Gentle technique directly affecting the flow of lymph which flows just 0.3mm below the skin’s surface. ■ Myofascial cupping: Using specialised cups to create a negative pressure above the tissue, allowing tissue to be lifted and cause changes beneath the skin, the muscle and encasing fascia. ■ Pregnancy: Technique for second and third trimesters of the gestation period.

ExpErt trEatmEnt and diagnosis of all Hand, Wrist and ElBoW Conditions The wrist is also a very complex structure and there are many treatment options available to regain full independence.

Early treatment of any hand injury is always best. Did you realise there is also much that can be done to help those who suffer from arthritis in their hands?

The team at Popp Hand Therapy – Barb, Suzy, Wendy and Brittany - have been working in hand for further information or for any questions, therapy for over 20 years and have specialised skills please call today. in the diagnosis and management of conditions Although you may think it will be fine and heal on impacting the hand wrist and elbow. This includes its own, unfortunately that is not always the case. work related over use, trauma such as damage When ‘minor injuries’ are given the appropriate early to the tendon, nerve or bones, crush injuries or JUST treatment and maintained in correct alignment, most amputations. The team’s goal is to assist you MOVED! often, serious deformities, permanent pain and long- to regain independence, education to enable NEW term rehabilitation can be prevented. understanding and self-management. LOCATION!

NO REFERRALS NECESSARY | ‘Courts Corner’, Cnr of Nebo Rd & Bridge Rd, Mackay

pHonE: (07) 4942 7576 | www.popphandtherapy.com.au Page 14


A dislocated finger ‘popped back in’ on the footy field or netball court, a painful thumb after twisting strain, pain in the wrist after falling, elbow pain with certain movements or inability to bend or straighten the fingers. Finger injuries especially are often discounted as a ‘minor injury’ when they first occur and are often self-managed or looked after at home.


The value of good advice

You should never accept no for an answer “Following these enquiries, Mr Marshall established the joint owner had in place a personal insurance policy and had suffered a claimable cancer event some four years earlier. “I advised him of this and got his permission to gather the required information and lodge a claim. The claim of $192,000 was paid within 30 days of the claim application.” The value of a professional financial adviser specialising in life insurance goes a long way. “A claim can be assessed before the application is submitted, based on its merits and does not require the services of a lawyer in the first instance,” Mr Marshall said. “Take it to a professional financial adviser who specialises in life insurance. They will be in a position to advise you of your next steps.” Another urban myth is ‘If I claim my premiums will go up’. “Unlike your home and contents and motor vehicle where you will lose you’re ‘No Claim’ bonuses following a claim, a life insurance contract does not penalise a policy holder for a claim,” Mr Marshall said. For further details, contact Marshall Wealth & Investment Advisers (07) 4953 4953.

We do NOT take NO for an answer

Principal financial adviser at Marshall Wealth & Investment Advisers Mark Marshall. PHOTO: BNA PHOTOGRAPHY MACKAY

Why use a Financial Adviser? ■ Advised clients are 10% more likely to be accepted for life cover. ■ 22% more likely to have a successful claim. ■ 83% have more appropriate life cover. ■ 98% have more appropriate TPD cover. ■ Feel 50% more prepared for retirement. ■ Save 50% more money. ■ Are 60% more likely to have peace of mind and feel confident with their money. ■ Finally, advised clients are 80% more prepared if something goes wrong!

• Life Insurance • Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) • Trauma or Critical Illness • Income Protection • Claims Assistance


MARK Marshall recently had one of the most rewarding days of his life. The principal financial adviser from Marshall Wealth & Investment Advisers said “you would think a death benefit claim on a life insurance policy would be straight forward?” “Eight months earlier, a father informed an industry superannuation fund of his 21-year-old daughter’s tragic death. The superannuation fund sent the necessary paper work to be completed,” Mr Marshall said. “The claim was declined twice, stating that there was no valid insurance coverage in place at the time of death due to unpaid premiums. We were able to demonstrate and resolve that the policy was, in fact, valid at time of this young lady’s tragic death. The policy paid over $220,000.” Mr Marshall said it was proof you should never accept no for an answer on an insurance claim without first seeking advice from a professional financial adviser who specialises in life insurance. Another piece of advice is don’t be afraid to claim. “A joint owner of a business, was tasked to put in place insurance policies on all of the owners to protect the business in the event of death or injury to any one of them,” he said.

Save up to 20% on your existing policies – CALL NOW 07 4953 4953 www.marshallwealth.com.au Mark Marshall trading as Marshall Wealth and Investment Advisers, Authorised Representative Financial Services Partners Pty Ltd, ABN 15 089 512 587, AFSL 237 590 Page 15


People in Australia often delay seeking advice on hearing loss.


Hearing loss: Get the right advice at the right price When it comes to hearing loss, people in Australia wait, on average, seven years WHEN some businesses are quoting $12,000 or more for hearing aids, it is easy to understand why there is a perception in the community that hearing-loss treatment is expensive. When it comes to hearing loss, people in Australia wait, on average, seven years to address their loss – a wait that could cost them socially, economically and emotionally. Principal audiologist and owner of Clarity Hearing + Balance in Mackay, Grant Collins, said one of the biggest reasons for that delay was the perception of high cost but it was his goal to remove that barrier as best he could. Mr Collins said there was no reason costs should be so high. To reduce costs for their patients, Clarity operates under what Mr Collins calls an “unbundled” hearing-loss treatment model. “At Clarity we separate our clinical audiology fees from the device costs. Page 16

“This means you pay separately for the advice we give you and for the devices you may end up being recommended,” he said. “Operators who bundle those two items together will offer their clinical services for free, or at very low cost, to get you in the door but they are then almost forced to recommend and sell you hearing aids in order to pay the rent, even if you may not need them. “Some operators even have sales targets and commissions for their staff. “At Clarity, because our clinical time is covered outside the purchase of a device, we can focus on giving our patients unbiased, independent hearing loss treatment advice, rather than trying to sell them an expensive device to cover costs.” It’s a model that works well for Clarity and their patients with some travelling from NSW and even WA to attend Clarity clinics in Queensland.

“We’re a North Queensland-owned business so it’s something we are really proud of that people are willing to travel these long distances to come see us,” Mr Collins said. Where patients are covered by the government Hearing Services Program, Mr Collins sees the same issues, with many patients pushed to co-pay top-up aids when the free-to-client offering would have been more adequate. “I have yet to see fully independent studies that shows expensive top-up devices provide any additional benefit over properly fitted free-to-client devices,” he said. Clarity offers its unbundled services in Mackay, Sarina, Bowen, Proserpine Collinsville and out west at Emerald and Clermont, as well as other clinics throughout the state. To make an appointment, discuss hearing-loss treatment options or to get a quote, call 4957 2000.

dizziness hearing loss im graines s u t i n tin sues s i e c n a bal More than just hearing loss Local specialised audiology expertise Thousands of Queenslanders have trusted Clarity for the best advice and treatment options for hearing loss, and when it comes to complex audiology conditions, Clarity are also your trusted experts.

Talk to Clarity about: + Vestibular Migraine + Balance/Vestibular Disorders + Meniere’s Disease + Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

Clarity offers a complete range of specialist expertise in Mackay and with no need to travel to Brisbane.

+ Tinnitus

With a local specialist you get a better health outcome.

+ Central Auditory Processing Disorders

If you have any concerns, from hearing loss to more complex audiological issues, contact Clarity Hearing + Balance today.

+ Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

See us in Mackay 25-29 Evans Avenue

Call today 4957 2000 Clinics also in: Ayr | Bowen | Charters Towers Collinsville | Hughenden | Ingham | Mt Isa Proserpine | Richmond | Sarina and more

+ Hearing Implant Technology

+ Industrial Deafness

Independent Hearing Loss Experts and Audiology Specialists

www.clarityhearingsolutions.com.au Page 17


Keep up to date with children’s vaccinations Help protect offspring against preventable diseases

Vaccines offer the best protection if they occur on time. PHOTO: FATCAMERA

IN THE earliest moments of their lives, babies are vulnerable to serious and life-threatening diseases. For the best protection, immunisation is key. A mother’s antibodies (passed on to baby during pregnancy and via breast milk) are temporary and won’t fully protect a baby against all types of vaccine-preventable diseases. This is why it is important that your baby be fully immunised within the first six months of life. In Australia, babies start receiving vaccines at birth and again at six weeks, four months and six months of age. To be fully protected, a child requires a full course of vaccines at critical times. For the best protection, vaccinations need to occur on time. This means on (or as close to as

possible) the due date in accordance with the National Immunisation Program Schedule Queensland. The schedule outlines the ages at which your child should be vaccinated to get the earliest best protection. It is important to understand your child isn’t fully protected if their vaccination is overdue, even if they have been up to date in the past. Parents can ensure they are on time with vaccinations by downloading the free VacciDate phone app. While it is important all vaccines be given on time, the rotavirus vaccine can’t be given after a certain age. If you are concerned your child’s immunisation schedule is not up to date, talk to a GP, call 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or visit www.health.qld.gov.au.

MIRANI PHARMACY "Serving the Community"

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OUR SERVICES We are proud supporters of the National Diabetes Scheme Medication Advice - Asthma Monitoring Providing All Your Health Care Needs Patient Focussed Care Medscheck and Diabetes check consultations available

P. 07 4943 1414 | F. 07 4943 0088 77 Broad Street, Sarina Q 4737 drjcoreconcepts@bigpond.com

4959 1511

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Open Mon, Wed, Fri & fortnightly Saturdays


“Pregnancy, Infants, Children & Adults”


Fax 4959 1611 12 Victoria Street, Mirani Mon - Fri: 8.00am to 6.00pm, Saturday 9.00am to 1.00pm Closed Sunday and Public Holidays

Pregnancy, Birth & Development Improved Health & Wellness Fitness & Nutrition Metagenics & doTERRA Distributor tor doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Dr. January M Mierzejewski D.C (USA) B.S., B.A.


Live the life you want

Allied health assistance for children, adults and seniors with a customer-centred approach COOTHARINGA North Queensland’s Mackay Allied Health Service is committed to providing high-quality services which assist customers to live the life they want. They do this through taking a customer-centred approach to delivering the following therapies at its centre, or in the customer’s environment: Speech pathology Speech pathologists promote quality of life by assisting people of all ages to communicate effectively and swallow safely. They can assist with: ■ Understanding others and being understood ■ Language development ■ Speech sounds and patterns

■ Social language skills ■ Reading and spelling rules ■ Mealtime/feeding ■ Stuttering ■ Equipment solutions and ■ Voice quality. Occupational therapy Occupational therapists promote quality of life by assisting people of all ages to develop the skills needed to participate in their everyday activities, also known as their occupations. Occupational therapists can help with: ■ Sensory regulation ■ Emotional awareness ■ School, community and at home participation ■ Play skills ■ Self-care skills (eg: toileting,

showering, dressing, sleeping) ■ Domestic skills (eg: cooking, shopping, laundry) ■ Assistive technology prescription ■ Organising home modifications and ■ Find work/volunteering opportunities. “As a Cootharinga therapist, living and working in Mackay, each day I have the amazing privilege to work with inspirational individuals from all backgrounds, ages and abilities, assisting them towards the goals that are important to them,” occupational therapist Jessica Harris said.

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Invested in the people of Mackay Providing professional pharmaceutical advice MACKAY Discount Drug Store offers more than just low prices. Owner and pharmacist David Aprile said the store was much more than a neighbourhood discount pharmacy. “Yes, our prices are very competitive and we do offer great value but at Mackay Discount Drug Store we are invested in our customers’ well-being and we really want to be part of your health

Pharmacists have many years of experience and are knowledgeable and approachable. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED and wellness journey, whatever that may be,” Mr Aprile said. “Our staff and team of pharmacists have many years of experience and are knowledgeable, approachable and importantly, they really know how to listen. “We are also agents for DVA and NDIS so if you need help navigating your way through your plan, we are here to help

with that too.” Mackay Discount Drug Store is open seven days a week, which makes it easy and convenient, Mr Aprile said. “From precious newborn babies to our delightful senior customers, we can provide professional pharmacist advice for every single member of your family. “Call in and say hello, we’d love to see you,” he said.

Your locally owned pharmacy... At Mackay Discount Drug Store we provide a complete range of services and products to help you with your everyday quality of life. Our Pharmacists are available 7 days a week to offer advice on medications and our Home Care and Mobility Care Consultants are here to ensure you will receive the best possible care and assistance with any equipment you may need at home.

we offer you a complete range of services • Medications packing service • Medication Reviews • Vaccinations • Osteoporosis screening test • Diabetes screening test

• Blood pressure monitoring • Wound care and postsurgery dressings • Daily Living and mobility aids • Crutches and Moon Boots

Call in and see us today



OPEN 7 DAYS MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8am - 6pm SATURDAY: 8am - 1pm SUNDAY: 9am - 1pm



Ph: 07 4842 0555 Fax: 07 4829 4035


Prevention and early detection

Take steps to protect your skin against the sun CENTRAL Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Smart Scan Skin Cancer Clinic doctors have successfully diagnosed and treated more than 1000 malignant melanomas in the past six years. Most people who grow up here will develop one or more non-melanoma skin cancers in their lifetime. All will exhibit signs of solar skin damage. Worrisome levels of melanoma skin cancer continue and this remains the most likely medical cause of death in young adults.

Smart Scan Skin Cancer Clinic doctors have diagnosed more than 1000 malignant melanomas in the past six years. PHOTO: ANDREYPOPOV The mainstay of skin cancer management is its prevention and early detection. Clothing should be the primary method of sun protection. Early detection can be difficult and requires clinical training and experience. The use of dermoscopy by a physician skilled in this technique can further improve diagnostic accuracy. Dermoscopy involves the use of a skin microscope to identify features not seen with the naked eye. Smart Scan Skin Cancer Clinic doctors

are experienced in skin cancer detection and treatment techniques. They have lived in the region for many years and have devoted their careers to managing skin cancer disease. As a practice, doctors have obtained a range of postgraduate qualifications in skin cancer surgery, general dermatology and dermoscopy. Some have published research in leading national and international medical journals. All doctors are assisted by a team of skilled nurses and reception staff.


Dr Lutie Van den Berg,

Dr Sheldon Browning, Dr Robert Cliffe, Dr Helen Cleveland • 30 minute Initial Consultation

Ph: 4942 9912 or 4942 8194

www.smartscanlloydsclinic.com.au No referral required but GP referrals welcome

• Our Scanner uses both Digital Dermoscopy & 3D Image Analysis to see into the skin We Provide: • Comprehensive Diagnosis, High Quality Surgery & Management • A full range of non surgical skin cancer treatments available • EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES


81 Phillip St, Mt Pleasant

• Physician performed Melanoma & Skin Cancer Scanning



Mackay Radiology is focused on providing convenient customer service.


Focused on your health

Providing exceptional diagnostic medical imaging services for Mackay PROUDLY servicing the Mackay community for more than 12 years, Mackay Radiology offers a comprehensive range of imaging services including X-ray, ultrasound, echocardiography, MRI, CT, mammography, nuclear medicine, cardiac CT imaging, cardiac nuclear medicine perfusion studies, dental imaging, musculo-skeletal injections, biopsies of thyroid and breast lesions. As part of South Coast Radiology, a leading provider of medical imaging services in southeast Queensland, Page 22

Mackay Radiology employs some of Australia’s leading radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists in a unique medical leadership model that ensures quality patient care, service and access. Mackay Radiology are focused on providing convenient customer service such as same day appointments, acceptance of all referrals, free easy

access parking, bulk billing for Medicare eligible exams and prompt report turnaround times. Patients can count on having an incredibly talented, compassionate group of individuals dedicated to providing excellent patient care and equipped with the most advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology. Mackay Radiology radiologist and clinical director Dr Fritz Weilbach together with radiologist Dr Anand Gaikwak are available to discuss cases with potential customers.

Trusted by Doctors... Preferred by Patients






For Appointments 1300 197 297 X-Ray • Ultrasound • Obstetric Ultrasound • 4D Obstetric Ultrasound • Echocardiography Vascular Ultrasound • Ultrasound Elastography (ARFI) • CT • CT Coronary Angiography Mammography • SPECT-CT • Interventional Radiology • PRP Injections • MRI Nuclear Medicine • Fluoroscopy • Bone Densitometry • Dental • Work Cover Imaging

6 Heaths Road, North Mackay QLD 4740

www.mackayradiology.com.au P: 07 4942 5222 Part of the South Coast Radiology Group Page 23


Assisting the young and the elderly Community visitors promote inclusion MACKAY Community Visitors Association provides care and assistance to varied groups of people within the community and has been doing so for many years. “Our dedicated volunteers provide visits to residents of local aged-care facilities each week, promoting a sense of inclusion and enhancing the lives of those who live in full-time care,” MCVA co-ordinator Tracey Geaghan said. She said many people with a disability, whether physical or psychological, found accessing the community to be a barrier. “With the elderly, it can be due to poor mobility or ill health,” she said.

Caring staff provide one-on-one social support. “Our caring staff provide one-on-one social support to the elderly who still remain living in their own homes and this includes visits and accompanied activities. “It may be assistance with shopping to push the trolley or help with reading food labels or may simply be going for a coffee or drive to spend time in the community.” MCVA, a registered NDIS provider, has dedicated staff who can provide support and encouragement to participants, to

PHOTO: MARTINPRESCOTT achieve their goals. ”Whether it is accompanying individuals to attend the library, the gym, movies, craft groups, meetings, assistance with shopping or attendance to appointments or just out to lunch or a coffee, MCVA can provide assistance,” Ms Geaghan said. All staff and volunteers are committed to providing the highest standard of care, encouragement, assistance and value the rights and choices of all consumers.

Assisting With All Your Transport and Social Needs MCVA Transport is a door to door service assisting the NDIS participants with their transport needs to non-urgent medical appointments, shopping and social activities. MCVA can help with your social and shopping needs, and also assist with helping you achieve your goals! Telephone: 4953 1623

1 Marryatt Street, West Mackay ackay Telephone: (07) 4953 4878 E-mail: mkyvisitors@bigpond.com www.communityvisitorsmackay.org.au Funded through the State & Federal Governments Page 24


frail, aged and younger people with disabilities who are


Smile with confidence

Maintaining dentures is crucial to having confidence FOR those for whom dental care is more about dentures than teeth, knowing there is someone who can provide the best advice and assistance on acquiring and maintaining dentures is crucial to having confidence in your day-to-day life and living. What is required from dentures is an attractive, practical and well-fitting set of teeth which are comfortable to wear and affordable to maintain. Confa-Dental has experienced experts in prosthetic denture care at its clinics in Sarina, Walkerston and Mackay. They work with clients to create the denture solution for them and makes the process easy for all patients. They can assist in the design, fitting, repair and upkeep of dentures, as well as providing new dentures, partial dentures, cosmetic dentures and mouthguards. The team specialises in such

characteristics of dentures as customising them to client’s aesthetic requirements to include gold inlays, crooked/chipped teeth, tooth staining, gum tinting and tooth jewellery as examples. The goal of Confa-Dental is to provide an effective and efficient denture clinic which, thanks to HICAP association, can be funded via health insurance where appropriate. The team at Confa-Dental aims to provide all patients with regular denture maintenance and upkeep, and to remind that this is as crucial as teeth-care to maintain good oral health and a happy smile for the wearer.

Regular denture maintenance and upkeep is crucial. PHOTO: PAULPRESCOTT72

No one needs to know they’re not yours! 6994692aa

Individual Tooth Characterisation

Crooked teeth, chipped teeth, staining, gum tinting etc

Photograph Matching

We can match your new smile to an old photograph, or to that Hollywood smile in the magazines.

Sarina, Walkerston and Mackay



T: 4943 2299 Page 25


Exciting new treatments

People no longer need to travel to Brisbane for laser treatments

Dr Richard Hogben. IT WASN’T long after Dr Richard Hogben arrived in Mackay, he noticed a strong need for advanced medical skin care. He was working as a GP when he became interested in Mackay’s high skin cancer rate and was determined to change it. So in 2008, his determination led to the creation Allure Laser & Skin Studio. Since then, his passion just kept evolving and he now has over 10 years’ cosmetic medicine experience. Dr Hogben believes prevention is key. “It may reduce the risk of skin cancers developing and there’s a lot we can do before it could become cancer,” he said. With this belief, Dr Hogben and his team at Allure Laser & Skin Studio constantly strives to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and treatments. Although the clinic focuses on positive ageing treatments to help a person feel more comfortable about themselves, the clinic have introduced in the past 12 months, state-of-the-art medical laser treatments to the Mackay and Whitsunday region which haven’t been used in the region before. The Lotus Gynolaser is a CO2 fractional laser vaginal rejuvenation. “This treatment is used to manage symptoms of vaginal dryness, itching and burning; dyspareunia (painful intercourse); vaginal and vulval pain or discomfort; vaginal laxity; urinary incontinence; recurrent thrush and other vaginal related problems,” Dr Hogben said. He explained that this treatment is particularly effective for women going Page 26

New services ■ Lotus Gynolaser ■ Inlift Snoring Laser ■ Ablative Resurfacing Lasers ■ Q Switched Laser ■ 1064 NM Long Pulse Laser

through menopause and experiencing certain symptoms and that it is important they have an up-to-date pap smear before having the treatment. “There is minimal discomfort with the procedure which takes about 15-20 minutes and most people can return to work immediately after. For majority of women, (depending on reason for treatment) a maximum of three treatments would get the desired result, three to four weeks apart. They can start seeing results about three weeks after the first treatment,” he said. The Inlift Snoring Laser for both men and women which is all about improving a person’s quality of sleep. “This is a 2940 nm fractional laser that is directed at the soft palate and the mouth to help tighten the tissue and stimulate collagen. Clinically we see tightening of the tissue and increased space at the back of the throat” Dr Hogben said. He explained that the procedure is minimally invasive and clients can return back to work immediately after with no

PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED downtime. For most people, Dr Hogben would recommend three treatments two to four weeks apart and improvements can be noticed at about week two or three. Ablative Skin Resurfacing Lasers have also been introduced for skin treatments and is combating acne, pigmentation and sun damage. “We have both CO2 and the 2940 NM ablative lasers, which one is used depends on what is being treated and skin type. We use them for a multitude of conditions including actinic (spot and field changes), benign lesions, acne scarring and other scarring on the body”, Dr Hogben said. He explained that potentially, there could be downtime with these lasers depending on the area and what is being treated. Dr Hogben also now offers the Q Switched Laser and 1064 NM Long Pulse Laser to treat melasma (hormonal pigmentation), benign pigmented lesions, seborrheic keratoses, angiomas, port wine stains, rosacea, spider veins on legs and face, spider naevi and many other conditions. He welcomes anyone interested in treating their skin or other cosmetic procedures to arrange a complimentary consultation. “The consultation will explain the procedures, treatments and let us understand what the expectation of the client is,” he said. For further details, contact Allure Laser and Skin Studion on 1300 112 311 or send an email to info@allureclinic.com.au.


• Ablative Resurfacing Lasers • Q Switched Laser, 1064 Nm Long Pulse Laser

OTHER QUALITY TREATMENTS OFFERED • Revitalizing Thread Lift • Anti-wrinkle Injections • Dermal Fillers • Double Chin Treatments • TruSculpt iD Body Sculpting • Laser Tattoo Removal

• Laser Hair Removal • Laser Rejuvenation • Medical Microdermabrasion • Medical Skin Needling • Advanced Chemical peels • Plasmage

For a fresher, natural look, begin your journey with Allure today! Phone: 1300 112 311

Email: info@allureclinic.com.au Website: www.allureclinic.com.au 142 Nebo Road, Mackay


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Taking a closer look at health Access medical images through innovative app

Medical imaging records are accessible via an innovative app at Qscan Mackay. PHOTO: UTAH778

RADIOLOGY or medical imaging (scans, ultrasound, CT) is at the centre of the health and wellbeing of you and your family – from the growing baby, injuries, preventative checks to more difficult times of serious illness or cancer. On-site radiologist Dr Dalveer Singh said Qscan partnered with patients and their families through all life stages to provide expert diagnosis and commitment to compassionate care. “Building from our PET/CT cancer imaging service, Qscan Mackay now provides comprehensive radiology

services with bulk billing CT, ultrasound (general, obstetric, breast, vascular), all pain injections and accurate tissue biopsy,” Dr Singh said. “Qscan Mackay is backed by the larger Qscan family across Queensland to bring you expert analysis from our doctor specialists who are leaders in fields of sports/MSK, brain/spine, liver, abdominal, breast and gynaecological imaging. “We are committed to ensure that distance to capital cities is never an obstacle to Mackay residents’ access to

world class expert medical care.” Qscan Mackay empowers the patient and provides access to their imaging records through an innovative app. “We accept all radiology referral forms empowering you to choose Qscan as your preferred radiology provider,” Dr Singh said. “We allow longer appointment times to ensure careful and accurate imaging analysis. Our obstetric imaging expertise is unparalleled to ensure peace of mind and early diagnosis for you and your growing baby.”

PET-CT • PSMA • Theranostics Ultrasound & Interventional Procedures Full Ultrasound scans including bulk billing All CT scans & eligible PET/CT bulk billed US/CT guided pain injections & biopsy Same day bookings & Free parking

148 Sams Rd, North Mackay Mon - Thurs: 8:00am - 5:00pm Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm P: 07 4960 4940 | F: 07 3144 5623 Page 28

Dr Dalveer Singh MBBS (Hons), FRANZCR, FAANMS Qscan Mackay On-site Radiologist Book online today qscan.com.au/bookings


Cosmetic procedures after weight loss MASSIVE weight loss through diet, exercise or weight loss surgery is a great achievement. It’s the result of hard work and helps you look and feel your best. However, it may result in unexpected and unwanted side effects. Queensland Plastic Surgery can help, offering a range of post weight loss procedures. Large amounts of excess skin and stubborn pockets of fat are a common result of significant weight loss. These can result in medical issues, including general discomfort from loose skin and rashes and infections under skin folds. At a time when they expect to look and feel their best, many people are left feeling uncomfortable and disappointed. There are a number of cosmetic procedures that can help you complete your weight loss transformation by removing excess skin, repairing muscles and contouring your body. With Queensland Plastic Surgery, you can access these procedures right here in Mackay.

Queensland Plastic Surgery offers a range of procedures post weight loss. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED Queensland Plastic Surgery’s internationally experienced plastic surgeon Dr Mark Vucak will be presenting a complimentary information

night in Mackay on July 13. He will discuss the range of options available following weight loss. Bookings are essential.

cosmeticsurgery after

weight loss thursday18 JUly 6pm

at Mackay Day Surgery FREE TO ATTEND register ON 4725 8400 or email reception@qldplasticsurgery.com.au


Information f Night

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Learn to be well and happy Fitness trainer Barb Whitfield has 30-plus years of experience in the physical wellness field

FInd a better balance in life. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

BARB Whitfield wants to assist people to feel better, improve their sleep, have more energy and walk with a spring in their step. In a caring and supportive environment, she can assist clients to have better breathing, balance and heart wellness. “Maybe you’re looking for a fun, simple and effective aqua-aerobic class in a heated pool,” she said. “Or would you like to learn how to improve your breathing technique and reduce your stress levels and improve your vitality. “Increasing your flexibility and learning how to meditate could be more your style.” Ms Whitfield said she would help clients in any way she could and specialises in simple and easy physical activity programs to help improve quality of life.

“Diabetes, arthritis, back pain, anxiety and cancer recovery programs are all things I can assist with,” she said. If clients prefer, she can help in the privacy of the home. She also offers groups and workplaces wellness strategy sessions especially designed to achieve the best outcome. Ms Whitfield is an accredited and nationally registered health professional. “You can choose from personalised one on one programs at a day and time that suits your lifestyle or community classes that are held every week on the same day and the same time,” she said. Barb has more than 30 years of experience in the physical wellness field, giving her the qualifications to cater for your needs. She is an aquatic and land-based exercise professional with a diploma of fitness, a personal trainer, professional yoga therapist and yoga teacher trainer.

Be Well with Barb Health,Wellness & Breathe Specialist Barb Whitfield 4954 6539 - 0419 656 933

Aquatic & Land Based Exercise Professional, Personal Trainer & Yoga Therapist & Teacher Trainer, specialising in simple, easy Physical Activity Programs to Improve your quality of life, including: Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Cancer Recovery, Back Health, Diabetes, Balance concerns, Heart Fitness, Sleep, Joint Pain, Bone Health, Arthritis. If You Prefer, I Can Come to You in the Privacy of Your Home.

Barb Whitfield 07 4954 6539 | Mobile: 0419 656 933 bewellwithbarb@yahoo.com.au Page 30


Private Health Rebates. It’s time to do something for Yourself

Quick Find Directory Allure Laser and Skin Studio 142 Nebo Road, Mackay P: 1300 112 311 E: info@allureclinic.com.au W: www.allureclinic.com.au Be Well with Barb P: 07 4954 6539 M: 0419 656 933 E: bewellwithbarb@yahoo.com.au W: www.bewellwithbarb.com.au Clarity Hearing + Balance 25-29 Evans Avenue, Mackay 7/22 Central Street, Sarina P: 07 4957 2000 E: enquiries@clarityhearingsolutions.com.au W: www.clarityhearingsolutions.com.au Confa-Dental 1-3 Old Eimeo Road, Mackay 70 Broad Street, Sarina 13 Dutton Street, Walkerston P: 07 4943 2299 E: admin@confa-dental.com W: www.confa-dental.com Cootharinga North Queensland Level 1/69 Sydney Street, Mackay P: 07 4944 2100 W: www.cootharinga.org.au Core Concepts Chiropractic 77 Broad Street, Sarina P: 07 4943 1414 E: drjcoreconcepts@bigpond.com W: www.facebook.com/drjcoreconceptschiro Discount Drug Stores 93 Willetts Road, North Mackay P: 07 4842 0555 E: mackay@discountdrugstores.com.au W: www.discountdrugstores.com.au GenesisCare Mackay Private Hospital 57 Norris Road, Mount Pleasant P: 1800 155 225 E: infosleepqld@gensiscare.com W: www.genesiscare.com Harbour Road Medical 47 Harbour Road, North Mackay P: 07 4953 2566 W: www.harbourroadmedical.com.au

Mackay Private Hospital 57 Norris Road, Mount Pleasant P: 07 4942 3848 W: https://mackayprivate.com.au Mackay Radiology Cnr Heaths Road & Bruce Highway, Mackay P: 07 4942 5222 W: www.scr.com.au Marshall Wealth & Investment Advisers (Appointment Only) 33 McKenney Street, Mackay P: 07 4953 4953 / M: 0405 322 547 E: mark@marshallwealth.com.au W: www.marshallwealth.com.au Mater Misericordiae Hospital Mackay 76 Willetts Road, North Mackay P: 07 4965 5666 E: matermackay@mercycq.com W: www.mercycq.com Mirani Pharmacy 12 Victoria Street, Mirani P: 07 4959 1511 W: www.facebook.com/MiraniPharmacy Popp Hand Therapy ‘Courts Corner’, Cnr Nebo & Bridge Roads, Mackay P: 07 4942 7576 E: info@popphandtherapy.com.au W: www.popphandtherapy.com.au Qscan Radiology Clinic 148 Sams Road, North Mackay P: 07 4960 4940 W: www.qscan.com.au Queensland Plastic Surgery Mater Hospital, 1 Wellington Street, Mackay P: 07 4725 8400 E: info@qldplasticsurgery.com.au W: www.qldplasticsurgery.com.au Queensland Respiratory Services Mackay Private Hospital 57 Norris Road, Mount Pleasant P: 07 3607 5194 E: reception@qldrespiratory.com.au W: www.qldrespiratory.com.au

Lloyds Northside Clinic 81 Phillip Street, Mount Pleasant P: 07 4942 9910 W: http://smartscanlloydsclinic.com.au

Sound Asleep Mackay (Appointment Only) Mackay Private Hospital, 57 Norris Road, Mackay 9 Michelle Crescent, Bucasia P: 0447 079 042 E: vera@soundasleepmackay.com.au W: www.soundasleepmackay.com.au

Mackay Community Visitors Association 1 Marryatt Street, West Mackay P: 07 4953 4878 E: mkyvisitors@bigpond.com W: www.communityvisitorsmackay.org.au

Townsville Neurosciences Mackay Private Hospital, 57 Norris Road, Mackay P: 07 4779 9266 E: admin@tnclinic.com.au W: www.tnclinic.com.au Page 31



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