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ARCHERY Looking to draw your bow and test your skill? Archery in the Lake District is a calming yet challenging activity.

WHAT IS INCLUDED? Lessons from a qualified instructor

If it has always been your dream to become an Olympic archery champion, then the first place to start is learning how to shoot the traditional Re Curve bow. This ancient sport is still great fun for all abilities and does not require strength, but rather style, technique and coordination. Archery was originally a sport of hunting and warfare, but can now be enjoyed as a recreational activity. Archery is great as a family or group activity and is an enjoyable and fulfilling sport for people with disabilities.

HISTORY Archery is one of the world’s oldest arts. It can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, where archery was used for hunting and warfare in 3,000BC. From here, the practice spread to China, Japan, Europe and the Middle East. The Assyrians and Parthians mastered archery from horseback, but perhaps the most famous development in archery came from Britain. English longbows became a staple of warfare, used to win key battles. In fact, there is technically still a law in effect requiring every man of adult age to practice archery on a Sunday! The invention of gunpowder meant that archery became more of a sport than a method of warfare, and it has remained that way ever since.

Equipment Hire

CLAY PIGEON SHOOTING A special day requires a special place... Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa is set in one of the most stunning locations,

WHAT IS INCLUDED? Experienced Instructor

Equipment Hire

with breathtaking views overlooking Bassenthwaite Lake and the Skiddaw Mountains. It is without doubt the perfect venue for your Lake District wedding. From the delicate scents and scenery of a budding spring to the glory of a Lakeland summer, the rich auburns and golds of autumn to the majesty of snow-capped winter fells and mountains.

Chauffeur driven*

50 Cartridges & Clays


TENNIS Private lessons are a great way to work on specific aspects of your game and we have a great LTA level

If you are looking for photography courses in the Lake District, why not head down to Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa for a day or half-day session that will hone your camera skills? Book now and enjoy a day or half day with your camera under the guidance of a professional photographer, who will show you how to use all the features of your camera, how to get the best composition, good use of light and make the most of the scene. Our photographer will also show you some processing tips using Photoshop to make that photograph something extra special.

WHAT IS INCLUDED? Our professional photographer Carmen Norman ARPS CPAGB Conservatory lunch or picnic hamper dependant on weather


2 coach to cater for the complete beginner, to those playing advanced club tennis. You can either choose an individual lesson or opt for a private session for two, three or four people together.

Experienced Instructor



BIRDS OF PREY See soaring birds that will amaze and enthral you with our

a tree to your gloved hand. Once you feel a little more confident,

birds of prey Lake District experience. Take a delightful 2

hold and fly one of our magnificent eagles or vultures. With

minute walk across Deer Park or a short drive to the Wildlife

ample opportunity for photos, a camera is essential!

Park and meet our keeper. After enjoying a flying display on the park your bird of prey experience will begin. Our falconer will teach you how to recall and hold the birds, starting with an owl. Following this, we move outside and step it up a gear with one of our free flying hawks who will fly from

Following the experience, take time to explore the Wildlife Park, watch the demonstrations and treat yourself to a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake.

ALPACA WALKING Experience Alpaca walking in the Lake District when you visit Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa. Take a delightful two minute walk across Deer Park or a short drive to the Wildlife Park and meet our keeper, who will introduce you to our alpaca brothers Buzz, Hugo, Hector and Herbie. Alpacas are friendly and inquisitive animals and just like us they enjoy fresh air and exercise. Get a chance to learn their individual personalities by leading your own alpaca on a walk around Armathwaite Hall Estate, taking in the stunning backdrop of the Lake District mountains. A camera is essential!

Alpacas are gentle, extremely cute creatures that originated in South America and were first domesticated over 6,000 years ago. They were first brought to the UK in zoos, although Queen Victoria owned two alpacas of her own. Their fur is a popular fibre for clothing, so demand for alpacas soared in the UK and now there are hundreds up and down the country. Alpacas are very intuitive animals, and have even been used as therapy animals in Australia. They emit a distinct humming noise when they are curious or content, so expect to hear their hum when out on a walk!

ULTIMATE ANIMAL EXPERIENCE This is an exciting opportunity to get up close to some of the

mob. Then, on to the enigmatic ring tailed lemur troop where

park’s favourite residents for the ultimate animal experience

you will offer them a meal prepared by your own fair hands!

right here in the Lake District.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture your experience.

The Tapirs love to be groomed so under the guidance of

Following the experience, take time to explore the Wildlife

our keeper you can do just that! Once you have spent some

Park, watch the demonstrations and treat yourself to a cup of

time with the tapirs, help to prepare daily enrichment for the

tea or coffee and a slice of cake.

meerkats before entering their world to become part of the



CANOEING & KAYAKING Enjoy canoeing and kayaking in the Lake District to experience our beautiful national park from a different view… This activity consists of a stunning guided tour in Kayaks or Canadian Canoes, along the shores of Derwent Water with a stop off on the beautiful St Herbert’s island for your lunch. All equipment and instruction included, with packed lunch and transport from and back to the Hotel.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CANOE AND A KAYAK? If you’re looking to canoe or kayak in the Lake District, it pays to understand the differences between each activity. Canoes are usually open-top boats that are often designed to fit two or more people. Kayaks are closed boats and sit lower in the water. In a canoe, you sit on a bench as though you’re sitting on a chair, whereas in a kayak you sit on the floor of the boat with your legs out in front of you – this changes the way the activity actually feels, as your rowing position is different. Canoes use a single-bladed paddle that must be alternated in the water, but kayaks use a double bladed one. Essentially, this all translates to canoeing being a more relaxed activity compared to kayaking – but this is a generalisation. Both activities can be enjoyed at a calm, leisurely pace. Whichever form of transport you prefer, you can enjoy either right here in the Lake District.

PADDLE BOARDING Paddle boarding is still a relatively new sport, but is also

Paddle boarding is not only a fantastic experience, it can

one of the fastest growing watersports in the UK. Here at

also enhance your health and well-being. Whether you

Armathwaite Hall we are fortunate to be able to provide both

would like to try it as a fun adventure for the family, or use it

paddle boarding lessons and paddleboard hire for use on

as an opportunity to work your core (and particularly your

Bassenthwaite Lake.

abs and thighs), we guarantee you hours of fun in the most amazing setting.



WILD SWIMMING For those looking for something refreshing in every sense, Wild Swimming is a ‘must try’ activity here on the


Armathwaite Hall Estate. Situated just a short stroll down from the hotel, ‘Wild Swimmers’ are met at the foot of Bassenthwaite Lake by their instructor for a half day session in the wild and

•S hort introduction to Open and Cold water swimming including safety, wetsuit fit (if required) and a brief history about the local area.

open waters.

•D iscussion of swim times and plan for the morning. •A maiden swim in Bassenthwaite Lake accompanied by your instructor, who will either swim with you, or instruct from Paddleboard. •T he length of the swim and will be dependent on the size of the group, but is set to a maximum of 45 minutes in the water. •F ollowing your maiden swim, your instructor will review with you the immediate health benefits of wild swimming. •Y ou will then move onto your second ‘secret’ location of the day. •F rom here, you will take a short walk-in to secret open water experience, which is famed for its’ crystal clear colour water. •Y ou then have a choice of dipping in the pools or soaking inthe atmosphere of the area. •A warm brew and cake whilst chatting about long term benefits before driving back to the hotel.

FOREST BATHING EXPERIENCE A walk through an archway of trees encourages guests to

deeply with nature. Patterns and weather will be explored

leave their worries behind and embark on a journey of the

and then thoughts and feelings shared through sharing

senses like no other.

circles which are based on ancient values where there is no

The session begins with meditation in which guests will have a chance to lay down their minds and imagine growing

hierarchy nor judgement, leaving each person open to new thoughts and prospects.

their own roots to become part of the forest, taking note

Participants will see how nature becomes a metaphor for

of anything that captures their attention. Throughout

change. Emerging from the forest into the open space and

the experience, participants will be guided through an

light, there is a shifting of energy and appreciation.

exploration of taste, sense, movement and slowing down. The guides will encourage participants to focus on the art of reflection, immersing and connecting themselves more

The session closes with a tea ceremony where guests can reflect and enjoy their new lighter sense of wellbeing.



FELL WALKING The spectacular mountains (fells) are, undoubtedly, one of the Lake District’s biggest attractions, affording great views from their summits and offering a mixture of challenges from a gentle stroll to rock scrambling. Enjoy our Lake District guided walks, where a Mountain Leader will safely guide you up some of our most enjoyable fells. At Armathwaite Hall, we have picked out some of our favourite fell walks, including those away from the main tourist hubs that tend to be popular with the local residents. Some are easy, some are a challenge, and whilst many are suitable for beginners, all require a good level of fitness. Take a look at our favourites. If you would like to try an alternative, please let us know at the time of booking.


Packed lunch

Chauffeur driven*

*An additional supplement may be required for fell walks further afield.

LAKE DISTRICT GUIDED TOUR If you are looking to experience the best of everything the

offer. Whether you are looking for a special one-off guided

Lake District has to offer, then looking no further than a

experience or the luxury of a chaffeur for the duration

luxury guided tour with Armathwaite Hall.

of your stay, we can tailor an itinerary personal to your

With door to door collection and drop off in our luxury Range Rover, combine the breathtaking sights with the most amazing culinary delights, as you are chauffeurdriven around all the best places the Lake District has to

plans. Alternatively, we have a range of pre-planned tours to choose from such as our ‘Northern Sights Meets The Beautiful South’ to ‘The Lovers Tour’ for those dreaming of the most romantic escape.

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