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ongratulations on your good taste. You are reading Mature Arkansas-- a new magazine for and about Arkansans over age 50. With the demise of the monthly, non-profit, senior newspaper Aging Arkansas, the 24-year voice of Arkansas seniors was stilled. Arkansas seniors responded with an overwhelming groan of disappointment. We think YOU deserve a strong advocacy voice and Mature Arkansas was born. You may be thinking: Who thought it was a good idea to start a new publication in the worst economy since the Great Depression? The Arkansas Times publishing house knows it’s a good idea. Arkansas Times Publisher Alan Leveritt has made a strong commitment to seniors RES E IST RV and those who care for them. ING agg OR art Y Leveritt says his new weekly will n a , M.D uth or ., te. “celebrate the second half of life ut h is l ife with good times, lots of opportunities to get more out of life and live the kind of retirement you want.” Mature Arkansas will also give you accurate and timely health and consumer information to eo help you live independently and stay healthy. f e Ho w nut to a Mature Arkansas wants to be YOUR voice PA rition void gE 18 proble ms Giv i but we need your help. Have an issue or gripe Vol ng B PA untee ack: gE r 20 ing or suggestion about living in Arkansas? Send an email to or call 375-2985, ext. 368; or write Mature Arkansas, PO Box 34010, Little Rock, AR 72203-4010. Know an exceptional senior or an interesting character— send me their name and we may feature them in a profile. Every senior life is an interesting story and we plan to bring you some of the best. Stay tuned...

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Mature Arkansas is published each week by Arkansas Times Limited Partnership, 201 East Markham Street, 200 Heritage Center West, P.O. Box 34010, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203, phone (501) 375-2985. Reproduction or use in whole or in part of the contents without the written consent of the publishers is prohibited. Manuscripts and artwork will not be returned or acknowledged unless sufficient return postage and a self-addressed stamped envelope are included. All materials are handled with due care, however, the publisher assumes no responsibility for care and safe return of unsolicited materials. All letters sent to Mature Arkansas will be treated as intended for publication and are subject to Mature Arkansas’ unrestricted right to edit or to comment editorially.

2 novemBER 17, 2011 MATURE ARKANSAS

Vital Support for Arkansas’ Seniors S

eniors count on Medicare and Social Security benefits to provide them with a retirement foundation of income and healthcare, having contributed to these programs during their working years. In today’s difficult economy—with widespread loss of retirement savings and home equity, coupled with rising healthcare costs—Social Security and Medicare are more vital than ever. However, right now a Congressional “supercommittee” is considering cutting your Medicare and Social Security benefits. Older Americans recognize the urgent need to address the nation’s fiscal deficit and acknowledge the daunting task to help put our nation’s finances on a more secure path. However, older Americans, across party and regional lines, strongly oppose fast-track cuts to the healthcare and retirement benefits they have paid into and depend upon. Social Security has not contributed to the deficit and Social Security benefits should not be reduced for the purpose of reducing the deficit. Medicare is the bedrock of health security. As legislation is developed to address our nation’s deficit, AARP strongly urges Congress to make responsible decisions to reduce our nation’s deficit, like cutting waste and tax loopholes, not the benefits seniors have worked for and count on.

Retirement income Here’s how much Arkansas seniors count on the Social Security benefits they’ve earned through a lifetime of work: • 92.9% of Arkansas seniors, or 391,700, received Social Security

C A L E N D AR PICKS “Interwoven,” by Dolores Justus, left “Disjointed,” by Robyn Horn, below

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