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Test your flu iq




The flu vaccine cannot cause autism. True:

The vaccine is safe and none of the flu vaccine at the Health Department contains mercury.




A flu shot will decrease the chances of both a pregnant woman and her baby of dying from the flu by over 50% (and it almost always keeps mom and baby from catching the flu). True:

Flu & pregnancy • Flu vaccine is a safe way to protect you and your unborn

recommended for pregnant

baby from serious illness and

women for many years.

complications of flu. • When pregnant women get flu shots, both mothers and their babies get the flu less often.

The vaccine will prevent a pregnant woman from getting the flu and will give the unborn child some protection.

• The flu shot can be given at any time while you are pregnant. • The flu shot is safe for women who plan to breastfeed

• Flu vaccination may even help

and the vaccine can be

protect your baby from the flu

given to mothers who are

after your baby is born.


• Flu shots are safe for pregnant women and their unborn

Flu & Smoking

babies. The shot has been

• If you smoke, the risk of getting the flu increases.

• Talk to your doctor about flu vaccination during pregnancy.

• If you get vaccinated, you are as protected against flu as

• If you smoke and get flu,

someone that doesn’t smoke.

you are more likely to have complications. A special supplement from the 7 Arkansas department of novemBER health MATURE ARKANSAS 17, 2011


Mature Arkansas  

Mature Arkansas 11-17-11

Mature Arkansas  

Mature Arkansas 11-17-11