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It’s June, which means summer is officially just a few weeks ago. But outside, we’re already there. The kids are out of school, swimming pools are open and ready, and everything outside is so lush and verdant, albeit a little soggy. The seemingly unending rain means that my garden is officially growing out of control. I’ve got squash and zucchini plants crawling all over each other, and I can’t wait for them to give me some fresh veggies ASAP. But mostly, I can’t wait to get outside more: Playing in the garden, grilling with my husband, chasing the dogs around the yard—bring it all on! This issue is filled with loads of fun ways to enjoy the summer months. Dwain Hebda takes us on a cool tour of some of Arkansas’ more unique destinations, perfect for those of us planning a long-weekend staycation. Between this feature and some of the fun stuff we’ve been working on for the summer issue of Arkansas Wild, I have a serious urge to hop in a canoe and hit the water! Summer is also prime time for having a sleepover, and this month’s cover story is all about the ultimate slumber party. We had so much fun at this shoot—creative director Mandy Keener made the cool tent you see on the cover and throughout the story (she’s even provided us with a how to!)—and I thoroughly enjoyed making chocolate-dipped marshmallows covered in sprinkles (shout out to my husband for his expert sprinkles technique!). The girls had a great time too, and I have to thank Ava and Lola’s parents for letting us shoot in their playroom, and for my girlfriend Vanessa for letting her adorable daughter Chloe come play with us! This issue also has a special focus on behavioral health. The UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute shared a fascinating study from their Brain Imaging Center on the link between addiction and brain development. We also talked to William McCastlain about 3people4life, the campaign he started after his older brother Cal committed suicide in 2014. William’s story is a must read, as he is truly bringing grace out of this tragedy. In addition to a behavioral health resource guide, you’ll also find two stories about recognizing the signs of mental health issues in kids and teens, as well as how to support your kids if they’re coping with any of these issues. Finally, in honor of Father’s Day this month, we’ve taken a departure from our usual “Momspeak” department on the back page. Be sure to check out the great “Dadspeak” feature on local chef and restauranteur Ben Brainard on page 46.

P.S.: In the May issue, Kathi Frieberg’s name was mispelled in the “Excelling in the Summer” article. In the “Sleep Tight” article, we misreported that Jaime Herring of Baby Charmz ensures that parents are using bumpers in their babies’ cribs. Herring does not recommend using bumpers in cribs. Savvy regrets both errors.




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Savvy | June 2015  

Savvy | June 2015