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he Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department has received the 2015 State Agency Partnership Award from KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL INC., the nation’s premier community environmental improvement organization. The AHTD was nominated for the award by the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission (KAB). “Our mission is to inspire and educate individuals to prevent litter, to recycle

and to keep Arkansas beautiful,” wrote Robert Phelps, executive director of KAB, in the nomination. “We accomplish this through behavioral changes shaped by

our promotional messages and activities, demonstrating positive environmental values that citizens can adopt and live out. We are dependent on and grateful for our partnership with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department.”

The AHTD earned the national recognition for its outstanding and ongoing

support of litter prevention projects and programs across the State. The

Department is a lead sponsor of the Great Arkansas Cleanup, an annual

Statewide litter-pickup campaign promoted by KAB. This sponsorship helps

provide more than 14,000 volunteers with cleanup materials such as gloves and safety vests.

The AHTD promotes a litter-free Arkansas by operating the Litter Hotline,

a toll-free phone number where Arkansans can anonymously report littering; by providing trash receptacles at rest areas across the State; and by featuring anti-litter messages on State highway maps.

The Litter Hotline averages 100+ calls per week and sends reported vehicle

owners a letter reminding them that littering is illegal and has harmful

consequences for Arkansas’ environment and economy. The hotline number is 866-811-1222. Or, you can report littering online at


Look for the online report form under the “Contact” icon.

“Each year, we see decreases in litter reports

and the volume of our pickup campaign

activities, as well as increased growth in

volunteers in our programs,” Phelps added.

“The ongoing AHTD partnership contributions

continue to help us, and Arkansas, achieve these accomplishments.”

Phelps presented the award to the Arkansas

State Highway Commission at its meeting April 20th in Little Rock.

“Partnering with Keep America Beautiful and

the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission has

allowed us to have an impact on communities across Arkansas when it comes to being good stewards of the environment,” stated AHTD

Director Scott Bennett. “The Arkansas State

Highway and Transportation Department has

partnered with the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission for over 15 years. We appreciate

Arkansas Highways Magazine - July 2016  
Arkansas Highways Magazine - July 2016