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Vol. 21 No. 9 • September 2013


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Vol. 21 No. *9 • September 2013


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ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013 4

gaming news 2013 Arizona State Ladies Poker Championship The Arena Poker Room at Talking Stick Resort gave women throughout the southwest an opportunity to prove their skills to be considered the top women poker players in the state of Arizona. The event covered three days, Saturday thru Monday, Sept 14 – 16, with qualifying rounds on Saturday and Sunday, preceding the finals on Monday.

Day 1 brought out 71 women who competed until there were just 17 players remaining to move into the finals. On day 2, the entries totaled 80 poker players, and that session allowed 21 women to be seeded into the finals on Monday. At 10am on Monday, those top 38 women began playing in, for most of these elite finalists, the toughest tournament they had ever entered. With this competitive group, luck only went so far, you really needed true poker skills to make it to the final table. The first four hours were fast and furious as player after player went “All-in” trying to double their stacks in order to compete. By about 1:30pm the field was already down to the final table. Out of the final 38 players - Places 11 thru 20 did cash – those 10 players each took home $830. Those players were; Lisa Petty, Linda Lesterson, Andi Theriault, Teri Kleifgen, Elizabeth Montizanti, Mary Ellen Burris, Carol Bellemare, Marla Horwitz, Sandra Sirull and Alexandra Rutwind. The oldest player at the final table was Mary Gruzinski who admitted to being 80 years old and easily had the shortest stack of chips, but also had the largest cheering section by far. And every “all-in” push that she won or was never called on, brought a huge cheer from the crowd including her friend Kathleen who cheered for Mary after she finished in 8th place - It was something to see. Mary is a cancer survivor and Kathleen lost her mother to cancer five years ago when they met playing poker and have been friends ever since. Mary was even wearing a long sleeve top that Kathleen gave her for this tournament, hoping it would be lucky. 6 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

The first player to drop from the final table was Zahra (Rosa) Lall who received $1,340. Next Ella Ong finished 9th and took home $1,635. Kathleen Gatelis (a mentor of Mary Gruzinski and friend for over 5 years) was out next in 8th with a nice payday of $2,010. The lucky 7th place casher for $2,412 was Wendy Cordiner. Keiko Yoshimine was rewarded with 6th place money of $2,841. Now we were down to the final 5. The first battle was between one of the big stacks at the table - Amanda Anderson, who went All-In after the flop. Debbie Perchac quickly called. Amanda showed an Ace & 8 of hearts, Debbie flipped over a K, Q off-suit. Debbie was ahead with a Queen of hearts, but that card also gave Amanda a possible flush since there were now 2 hearts on the board, the next card did not help either, but on the river, a King of hearts hit , giving Debbie 2 pairs BUT it also was the winning card for Amanda who now had an Ace high flush. Debbie finished 5th along with a pretty nice paycheck of $3,297 for 3 days work. The final 4 still included Mary Gruzinski with the short stack, Evelyn Carter, Amanda Anderson with the 2nd biggest stack and Kathy Chang the big stack. Mary survived pushing all-in several times taking down a few nice pots or getting no call at all. But Evelyn Carter didn’t fair that well when she went all in and finished 4th to take home $4,154.

It was then time for Mary to go all-in with her short stack against Amanda and gave hugs to Amanda, Kathy, her friend Kathleen and the entire poker staff after she was knocked out, but was thrilled to leave with $5,629. Now it was down to Kathy and Amanda, they traded winning the blinds and not calling a hand for what seemed forever – Then it happened, after a flop of 7d, 9h & Qd – Kathy went all-in, Amanda quickly called. Amanda showed 8d & Jd for a possible flush and also possible straight – Kathy had 10d & Qc for a

pair of Queens and was way ahead. The turn card was a 7c, giving Kathy 2 pair, the river card was a red card a 2h but the wrong suit for Amanda and she was out in 2nd Place with a respectful $ 8,577 for the biggest poker payday in her career. Amanda splits her time between Las Vegas and Phoenix and is one of the popular “Dream Dealers” a group that travels for charity poker tournaments and other games in Arizona and neighboring states.

Kathy Chang was in Scottsdale just for this tournament. She hails from Valencia, California and plays regularly at the Bicycle Club in Los Angeles. She has won the California Women’s State Poker Championship and a few WSOP Ladies satellite Tournaments – But this was her biggest win ever, taking home $ 13,410. This was a really fun event, with everyone cheering for favorite players and players themselves congratulating each other for their great play. This event will be much bigger next year since there is talk of lowering the entry fee to open the field to a lot more casual players. This tournament came off without a hitch thanks to the professional poker room staff, along with management and the marketing teams at both Talking Stick Resort and the RIESTER Agency.

cover story

O V R A F I T S E ’ C A A N S O I NO Z I R A

There’s a reason why Cliff Castle Casino Hotel has been voted Arizona’s No. 1 casino for 14 years in a row: It’s their superior guest service, friendly staff and family friendly environment. They are committed to maintaining our status as Northern Arizona’s premier entertainment destination without losing sight of what matters — their guests.

Proudly owned and operated by the Yavapai-Apache Nation, Cliff Castle Casino Hotel is located in historic Camp Verde in the heart of Verde Valley’s wine country and nearby all of Northern Arizona’s most popular tourist attractions. Just an hour north of Phoenix and 20 minutes south of Sedona, it’s the perfect place to play...and stay. The casino’s state-of-the-art slot machines, Las Vegas-caliber blackjack, live poker and exciting promotions are just part of the attraction. You’ll also find four restaurants, including the award-winning Storytellers Steakhouse, casual dining at The Gathering, Johnny Rockets, and Mountain Springs Buffet. There’s also a 20-lane bowling center, a supervised childcare center and an arcade. Enjoy a drink in one of their lounges and live entertainment in the Dragonfly Night Club every weekend. The staff here are committed to world-class customer service and dedicated to making your visit an enjoyable one. Cliff Castle Casino Hotel – The Perfect Place to Play Cliff Castle Casino Hotel isn’t like many other Arizona casinos – because families are welcome here.

8 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

The hotel offers a “Family Playcation” package starting at $79.95 that includes a one night stay, 2 games of bowling with shoes and a hotdog for each guest up to four people. You’ll also receive a Playcation Fun Book with over $100 worth of discounts for casino dining; the gift shop, free & match play vouchers and much more. At Cliff Castle Casino, kids will be entertained for hours. Kids Quest supervised child care accommodates infants from 6 months all the way up to kids 12 years of age. Kids Quest has the latest video games, a karaoke stage, arts & crafts center, climbing structures and more. Shake Rattle & Bowl is a 20 lane bowling center with interactive games providing fun for everyone. Bowl all day on Saturday or Sunday for only $8 including shoes. Find the inner child in you at the Alley Arcade located next to Shake Rattle & Bowl featuring the newest video games for the most fun. When you’ve worked up an appetite stop into Johnny Rockets for a classic hamburger and milk shake served up in a 50’s style diner. continued on page 18


Slim Pickens

by Linda Boyd

Table 1.1: Versions of Jacks or Better

ou might think it’s a typo, but Slim Pickens was a rodeo clown that later became an actor of “Dr Strangelove” fame back in the sixties. In the urban dictionary, however, it has come to mean not much to choose from and that’s exactly how it relates to video poker. There was a time when there were Easy Pickens (Slim’s brother, really), unfortunately those days are long gone. (Alright, “Slim Pickens” was born Louis Burton Lindley Jr, but he changed his name to Slim Pickens and his brother did go by Easy Pickens.) How can you know that the pay schedules may be good for the house but not so good for the players? You must be able to check the pay schedules as well as the theoretical return and the variance. Downgrading: A local casino is changing their computer system so everybody has to get a new slot club card. Every half hour or so an announcement comes on their PA system letting us know that their system is being “upgraded” so we need to stop by the player’s club and get a new card. Management has a clear understanding of the “lingo” and knows to upgrade is good and to downgrade not so hot. So what happens when video poker devices are downgraded? The casino changes the pay schedule so that you receive less for a given hand. For example, in 9/6 Jacks or Better (9/6JOB), referring to Table 1.1, you’re paid 9 times your bet for a full house and 6 times your bet for a flush whereas in 8/5JOB you receive just 8 times your wager for a full house and 5 times your wager for a flush. Whenever a casino VideoPoker_1/3page_vp 12:31 it’s PM Page 1 lowers itsad.qxp pay10/12/09 schedule called downgrading.

The book that Vegas

Hand:5-Coin Return Royal Flush

9/5 JOB

8/5 JOB

7/5 JOB

6/5 JOB






Straight Flush






4 of a Kind






Full House


















3 of a Kind






Two Pair











Jacks or Better Expected Return






Variance *






Interpreting Table 1.1: Sure, you can get a royal flush or another winning hand on a downgraded video poker machine, but the expected return is lower and your bankroll won’t last as long Although you will find the pay schedule for the game you want to play by pushing the “see pays’ button on the machine, you will not be given either the ER or variance for the game. You should make sure you have this information before you decide whether or not you still want to play. There are free, removable pay schedules for the most popular casino games in my book, “The Video Poker Edge”.

Slim Pickens:

Casinos may think it’s a great idea to lower the pay schedules, but there is definitely a point of diminishing returns. Management should know they had a bad idea when few are playing the devices during non-peak times. I used to ask my students what 50% of nothing was. If your favorite video poker game was either removed or downgraded you should let your host or a decision-maker know of your disappointment.

Final Thoughts:

Even with lots of downgrading going on you will still find some video poker versions are better than others within the same casino. So take the time to check out the pay schedules for your favorite games before choosing a seat. Keep in mind that if two pay tables for the same game seem identical, but one is progressive and the other isn’t then choose doesn’t want you to read. the progressive, of course. Even though the pickings may be slim, all Arizona Start your winning video poker devices do use a random number generator (some jurisdictions education with have VLT’s where skill is not a factor) and have favorable tax regulations (you can still write off you winnings against your losses). Slim, perhaps; anorexic, not yet!

The Video Poker Edge

$17.95 • 2-Color throughout • Includes tear-out video poker “strategy cards” Available at bookstores everywhere, or call the publisher toll-free at 1-877-900-2665.

10 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

9/6 JOB

Linda Boyd - a long-time table game player before turning to video poker, also writes for “Southern Gaming” and “Midwest Gaming and Travel” her book, “The Video Poker Edge”, includes free removable pay schedule and strategy cards for the most popular games. Look for her story in the 2013 Edition of “American Casino Guide” (ACG) and her YouTube videos, also with ACG. The Second Edition of her book is available in both paperback and kindle. Available by calling 1-877-900-BOOK, at, bookstores or Square One Publishers

lottery news Big Arizona Lottery Winners come forward

New Assistant A.G. at the Lottery

The Arizona Lottery recently announced that the winners of the $4.8 million The Pick jackpot and the $555,000 Fantasy 5 jackpot from the draws on Aug. 24 have come forward. The Pick jackpot winners are three co-workers in the healthcare field who have worked together for 12 years. The winners, who claimed their prize at the Phoenix Lottery office, wish to remain anonymous. The $4.8 million jackpot was divided equally three ways. Each winner received a check for a little more than a $1 million before taxes. The winning The Pick ticket was sold at a retailer located at 10989 E. Dynamite Blvd. in Scottsdale. Joseph Waskel of Sun Lakes also claimed his $555,000 Fantasy 5 jackpot prize at the Phoenix Lottery Office. He and his wife stopped for gas and purchased 20 Fantasy 5 Quick Pick tickets for that night’s drawing. The next day, Waskel’s wife checked their numbers in the newspaper and was shocked when she saw the winning numbers on their first ticket. Joseph and his wife are retired and have been married for more than 37 years. They plan to remodel their home and invest the rest of their winnings. Waskel’s advice to other players is, “Buy it when you feel it.” The winning Fantasy 5 ticket was purchased at the Chandler Heights AM-PM located at 5050 S. Arizona Ave. in Chandler. “It’s exciting that two of our in-state games were both hit at such high jackpots,” said Karen Bach, director of budget, products and communications for the Arizona Lottery. “It was a thrill to meet each winner when they came in to claim their prize.” Players must be 21 years or older to purchase or redeem tickets. Winners have 180 days from the drawing date to claim their prize at an Arizona Lottery office or by mail. Overall odds vary by game. All sales are final. In accordance with the ADA, these materials may be made available in an alternative format. Gambling Problem? Call 1.800.NEXT STEP - Please Play Responsibly™.

On Wednesday August 28th The Arizona Lottery proudly announced Deanie Reh as its new assistant attorney general, bringing more than 35 years of law practice to her position. In her role as assistant attorney general, Reh will support the Arizona Lottery in all aspects of the legal responsibilities that are mandated as an agency of the State of Arizona. Reh will be in charge of reviewing and drafting contracts, legal documents and policies; drafting and filing court pleadings or motions; appearing in court cases or legal actions in which the Lottery is a party; as well as filing trademark applications and protecting the Lottery’s intellectual property. Reh also will be advising the Lottery and its staff regarding the interpretation of statutes or rules in regards to employees or contractors, procurement, public meetings, conflicts of interest, or licensing of retailers. “The Arizona Lottery makes terrific contributions to our state, and I am honored to have the opportunity to continue the positive work that the organization does within Arizona’s communities,” Reh said.  Originally from North Carolina, Reh graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and later earned her Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at ASU. Most recently, Reh worked as a consultant for Avnet, Inc. on service agreements. Prior to Avnet, Reh was compliance counsel for, LLC, and a litigation, transaction, and employment attorney at Sherman & Howard Law Firm. She also worked for AG Communication Systems Corporation and Lucent Technologies, Inc. as corporate counsel. Reh currently is a member in good standing with the Arizona State Bar, U.S. District Court of Arizona, and the Ninth Circuit. She also is a member of American Corporate Counsel Association.  For more information about the Arizona Lottery and its services, please visit 

14 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

CARD ROOM ACTION Apache Gold Casino 800-272-2438 Globe, AZ Dealing blackjack, daily at 3pm

Arena Poker Room at Talking Stick Resort 480-850-7777

Scottsdale, AZ Mon - Fri, 11:15am - NLHE, $70 buy-in w/$10 s/c Tues & Wed, 7:15pm - NLHE, $115 buy-in w/$15 s/c Sat, Sept 21, 11:15am - “Super Bounty Super BIG Stack” NLHE - $200 Buy in w/$25 s/c - $100 Bounties Sat, Sept 28, 11:15am - Last Saturday NLHE - $125 Buy in w/$25 s/c Sat, Oct 19, 11:15am - Super Bounty Big Stack Turbo NLHE - $225 buy-in Pro Football Promotions every Sat, Sun, Mon & Thurs - see poker room for details Get a Royal Flush, Spin the wheel - win up to $500 Daily from 2am-10am “Aces Cracked” Win $100 rack Food Specials; $3 breakfast! (2am - Noon) also $12 Prime Rib dinner Monday nights Also dealing blackjack 24/7

BlueWater Resort & Casino 1-888-243-3360

Parker, AZ Poker Room opens at 4pm, except Sun, Mon & Wed at 2pm Mon - $50 buy-in for $40 Tues, 7pm, NLHE “Bounty” Tournament - $35 buy-in w/one $ 20 re-buy ($5 bounties) Wed - Quads or Straight Flush pays $50 - also “High Hand of the Day” pays $50 at 8pm Thurs, 7pm, NLHE - $30 buy-in, w/2 re-buys at $20 Fri - Any Full House pays $15 Sat - Double player points all day Sun - Spreading 2-8 Omaha Daily- Any Royal Flush pays $200 also “Aces Cracked” pays $ 40 also Dealing blackjack daily at 9am

Bucky’s Casino 928-771-6779

Prescott, AZ Mon-Thurs, 6pm - NLHE $40 entry w/$10 re-buy, (top 3-5 cash) & top 5 earn points toward the $250 Player of Month award Mon - Thurs, 10am - NLHE $15 entry w/$5 dealer Add-on, House adds $10 per entry

16 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

Nov 17, 2pm - Omaha Hi-Low Tournament, $80 buy-in “NFL Spash Pot Sundays” 3 games every Sunday - every table is splashed $10 FG, $50 safety & $20-$200 for every touchdown Progressive “Aces Cracked” Sat 11am-11pm - increases by $ 50 each hour till hit Fridays, all day “Aces Cracked” wins a Rack “Random Rewards” Various times and days, 6 card flushes, splash pots and “Aces Cracked” see poker room for pay-outs Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Now playing “Texas Shoot Out” w/ Bonus jackpot and 3 Card Poker

Casino Arizona 480-850-7777

Scottsdale, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7 Tournaments: Tues at noon $1,000 added “Break at Noon” $50 buy-in & Fri at 3am - The “Great Late” Tournament, $25 buy-in

Casino Del Sol 520-838-6565

Tucson, AZ Mon-Fri, 10am - NLHE, $15 buy-in w/optional $15 add-on Mon 7pm & Sat noon - $1,200 NLHE - $35 buy-in Sun 11am - $1,500 Guaranteed NLHE, $45 buy-in - no re-buys Sun & Wed, 7pm - $1,000 Guaranteed NLHE, $15 buy-in - Opt $ 15 add-on Tues, 7pm $2,000 NLHE - $55 buy-in Thurs, 7pm - $5,000 deep stack NLHE, $100 buy-in no re-buys Sat, 9am - Omaha Hi-Lo, $15 buy-in, $5 re-buys + $5 add-on Sat, Sun & Mon, College & Pro football promos - win $100 - $ 500 (selected games) Progressive high hands 24/7 - win up to $500 - see poker room for details

Cliff Castle Casino Hotel 928-567-7952

Camp Verde, AZ Mon-Fri, 10am - NLHE Shoot-out, $30 buy-in, w/no re-buys Wed, 7pm - $500 Added NLHE Tournament $40 buy-in, $5 re-buy Fri, 7pm - NLHE Shoot-outs, $150 added per table of 10 - $25 buy-in - no re-buys Sat, Noon - 1,000 added - NLHE $105 buy-in, w/dealer bonus add-on All Week - Royal Flush pays $100 “Progressive Aces Cracked” wins $50 - $200 Also dealing blackjack 24/7

Cocopah Casino 800-237-5687 Somerton, AZ Dealing blackjack daily at 10am

Desert Diamond Casino Hotel 520-342-1810

Tucson, AZ Mon & Thurs at 9:30am, plus Wed & Thurs at 7pm $500 added NLHE - $35 buy-in (max 40 players) NEW- Monday Night Football Promotion - see poker room for detaills 24/7 - any Royal Flush $200 Hold Em and $100 Omaha, Straight Flush $100 Hold –Em $50 Omaha Also dealing blackjack 24/7 with new progressive side bet and 3 card poker side bet

Desert Diamond I-19 Casino 1-866-332-9467 Sahuarita, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7

Fort McDowell Casino 480-789-4284

Fountain Hills, AZ Mon-Fri at Noon & Sun at 7pm - NLHE - $30 buy-in - $20 add-on - No-rebuys Sat at 7pm & Sun at Noon - NLHE Deep Stack tournament $ 50 buy-in w/$20 add-on at the break Tues, Wed & Thurs at 7pm & Sat at Noon & 4pm - NLHE - $5 buy-in Mon & Fri, 7pm, NLHE - $60 buy-in w/one $5 add on Sun, Oct 20, 10am - Ladies NLHE Poker Tournament - $60 buy-in w/$5 add-on Daily “Aces Cracked” win $200 (pays double 8am-11am!) loser wins $100 - winner takes pot & $50 - plus next hand is splashed $50 “Easy way Jackpot” Aces full of tens beaten by Quads or better wins Jackpot! Dealing blackjack 24/7

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino 480-802-5138

Maricopa, AZ Pro Football Splash Pots every Sun, Mon & Thurs and College on Saturdays Tues, 7:30pm, Omaha H/L, $15 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $10 add-on Thurs, 7:30pm - NLHE, $10 Buy-in plus three $10 re-buys & two $10 add-ons

Fri, 7:30pm - NLHE, $40 buy-in, no re-buys Aces Cracked - Black aces $100, Red Aces $50 & Mixed $25 (Bonus 9-10am & 2-3am =3X payout, 10am-noon, mid-2am Faces Cracked ($50) Noon - 4pm & 8pm - Mid, Jacks $20, Queens $30 & Kings $40 ($300 max per session) Start-up special - first 6 players each day, $20 back after 2 hours of play D- Backs Splash Pots - (Tues, Wed & Fri) $50 any inning the D-Backs score & $100 for televised D-Backs win! Bonus Bonanza Multiplier - Mon & Wed, every hour, earn 3x TR credits on 1-2, 3-6 or 4-8 game and 2X on 5-10 or higher games. Also dealing blackjack 24/7

Hon-Dah Casino 928-369-7555

Pinetop, AZ Mon, 6pm - NLHE “$25 Bounty” Tournament, $45 buy-in (no re-buys) Tues, 6pm - NLHE “Speed Shoot-Out” $15 buy-in No re-buys Tues, all day - Aces Cracked wins $25 - $100 cash or various other prizes Wed, 6pm - NLHE, $40 buy-in (no re-buys) “early bird” chips available Thurs, 6pm - No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, $40 buy-in (no re-buys) “early bird” chips available Sat, 4pm - NLHE, $30 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $10 add-on Sun - 4pm, Crazy Pineapple $30 buy-in, $10 re-buys + $10 add-on

Lone Butte Casino 800-946-4452

Chandler, AZ Dealing blackjack 24/7 - with $5 games PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot was over $155,000 on Sept 16th

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino 800-777-7529

Payson, AZ Live Poker Wed - Sun starting at 10am, High Hands, win up to $250 Wed & Sun at 6pm NLHE Tournament, $50 buy-in no-re buys Sat at 3pm, NLHE Tournament, $25 buy-in - no re-buys 1st Thursday of the month at 6pm, “Ladies Only” NLHE tournament - $25 buy-in Dealing blackjack 10am to 1am, with $3 games daily till 3pm Mon - 6pm, Blackjack Tournament $40 buy-in w/two $25 re-buys

Quechan Casino & Resort 1-877-783-2426

Winterhaven, CA Open Wed-Sun at 10am, and Mon & Tues at 5pm - spreading 4/8 Hold Em with a kill, 4/8 Omaha hi-low split with a kill also 2-4, 3-6 & 4-8 limit Texas Hold-Em, plus 1-3 & 2-5 No Limit Texas Hold Em Sat & Sun, 1pm NLHE Tournaments $40 buy-in Thurs, 7pm NLHE Deep Stack - $75 buy-in (extra chips for “live” play before tournaments) Dealing blackjack 24/7 - Special room rates for poker players

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort 928-856-7244

Flagstaff, AZ Live Poker Mon-Fri at 10am, Sat & Sun at 8am NLHE Tournaments, Tues & Thurs at 7pm and Sat & Sun at Noon (call for details) Morning Splash Pots: Daily, each ½ hour, 10am - 12:30pm Evening Splash Pots: Nightly at 9, 10 & 11pm, Mid & 1am Moonlight Splash Pots: Fri & Sat (after mid) at 2am & 3am - $100 splashed College & Pro Football splash pots every Sat, Sun & Mon on all tables $25 - $50 “Aces Cracked - wins a rack”: Daily 3pm-7pm Progressive “High Hand” & Progressive Bad Beat Jackpots - call for details Dealing blackjack 24/7

Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino 800-946-4452 - Ext 1507

Laveen, AZ Just Added - Saturday Sept 28th at 2pm “East/West” Championship NLHE Tournament, $120 buy-in. 1st Place is $10,000 Guaranteed! The “Final Table” playoff is at 7pm on Saturday October 5th at the Vee Quiva Poker Room. $ 15 satellites are available to win a spot in this special tournament - see poker room for details Wed, 7:30pm, NLHE, $15 buy-in w/$10 re-buys & $20 add-on Sat, 11am - NLHE, $20 buy-in w/$10 re-buys & $20 add-on Sun 11am - NLHE, $30 buy in $20 add-on NCAA & NFL Splash pots every Sat, Sun, Mon & Thurs (selected tables) $100 for a touchdown $50 FG and $200 for a safety Baseball “Slugfest” Daily D-Backs games, or Sat Game


of the week - $50 splash pots for every score Big Money Royals, Any Royal Flush wins $200 - Plus “Bonus Royals” Mon-Thurs “Super 77” Progressive Bad-Beat Jackpot - Quad 7’s or better beaten wins at least $25,000 “ACES CRACKED” wins a rack, Mid - Noon with unlimited winners dealing blackjack 24/7 - with $5 games - PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot was over $155,000 on Sept 16th

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino 800-946-4452 ext 7375

Chandler,AZ Just Added - Saturday Sept 28th at 2pm “East/West” Championship NLHE Tournament, $120 buy-in. 1st Place is $10,000 Guaranteed! The “Final Table” playoff is at 7pm on Saturday October 5th at the Vee Quiva Poker Room. $ 15 satellites are available to win a spot in this special tournament - see poker room for details Mon & Thurs Noon - NLHE, $30 buy-in, no re-buys - $150 added per table Tues & Wed, 7:30pm - NLHE Freeze Out - $50 entry fee w/$10 optional add-on - $1,000 added to prize pool Sun, 3:30pm, NLHE - $30 buy- in, $5 dealer add-on, $20 add-at the break & bonus chips for play before tournament “Super 77” Progressive Bad-Beat Jackpot - Quad 7’s or better beaten wins at least $25,000 “Aces Cracked” Win a Rack - Sun 11pm until Fri at 6pm Baseball “Slugfest” $50 splash pots for every score selected TV Games NFL Football Splash pots every Sun, Mon & Thurs - $200 for a safety, $100 for a touchdown and $50 for a field goal “Rolling Cash Fever” Drawing every other hour 24/7, $100 min, increases by $100 if not hit Big Money Royals - Any Royal Flush wins $200 Food specials: ½ price poker room menu all day Also dealing blackjack 24/7 - PAI GOW Progressive Jackpot was over $155,000 on Sept 16th

CARD ROOM MANAGERS Please send updates to

ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013 17

cover story

continued from page 8

You can also enjoy a great meal at the new Mountain Springs buffet. This brand new grand buffet has something for the entire family at affordable prices. The Buffet features a Carving Station offering such delicacies as freshly carved turkey, pork roast, ham and London broil. The Action Station is always changing with made to order omelets and eggs in the morning, hamburgers and kabobs at lunch and T-bone steaks, shrimp and pasta and grilled salmon for dinner throughout the week. In addition the buffet has a Full Salad Bar, a Bread Station and Dessert Bar featuring make your own sundaes, fresh baked cakes and pies, as well as sugar-free treats. In addition to the Family Playcation package, the hotel at Cliff Castle Casino also offers a Wine Down Package which includes a One Night Stay, one Bottle of Wine from a Verde Valley Vineyard, two wine glasses, one $10 Castle Cash Voucher per adult, per room, two Breakfast Coupons for The Gathering and a Touring Map of Local Vineyards – all this starting at just $99.95! The Bed & Breakfast Package includes a One Night Stay, two $10 Castle Cash Vouchers and Two Breakfast Coupons for The Gathering per room - Relaxation starts at $89.95!

18 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

The all NEW Golf Package includes One Night stay, 18 holes of golf for 1 at the renowned Oakcreek Country Club and one $10 Castle Cash Voucher per adult, per room all for only $129.95! Golf with a friend for only $70 more! Cliff Castle Casino Hotel is close to it all. Explore the award winning vineyards of Verde Valley wine country just minutes away. Spend a day touring the red rocks of Sedona or an afternoon exploring the unique shops and wine tasting rooms in Old Town Cottonwood. Located across the street from Cliff Castle is Montezuma’s Castle and just up the road you’ll find Montezuma’s Well, both are National Monuments. Adventure abounds at Out of Africa Wildlife Park. Take a safari tour or ride the new zip line. You can also catch a great western dinner show at the Blazin’ M Ranch.There’s plenty to see and do in the area and Cliff Castle Casino Hotel is the place to stay to experience what the region has to offer. Visit for more information and to book your next getaway. Cliff Castle Casino Hotellocated about an hour north of Phoenix, just off the I-17 at exit 289 in Camp Verde, Arizona is – the perfect place to play… and stay

entertainment Apache Gold Casino Resort

5 miles East of Globe on Hwy 70 1-800-272-2438 Apache Gold Pavillion: Oct 19 - The Kentucky Headhunters Cabaret Lounge: Free live entertainment every weekend

BlueWater Resort and Casino

11300 Resort Dr., Parker 1-888-243-3360 Outdoor Amphitheater: Sept 28 - Baby Bash w/ King Lil’G, Ziz Zag & Brown Boy Nov 16 - “MJ Live” The Michael Jackson Tribute - direct from Las Vegas Jan 25 - Wynonna & The Big Noise Mar 22 - Kenny Rogers Showroom: Oct 26 - “Cage Rage on the River” (Live MMA fights) Dig Lounge: DJ, Karaoke or live bands Plus Sunday & Monday Night Football on the BIG screen River’s Edge Cantina: Reggae Sundays (Noon-6pm)

Casino Arizona

101 at McKellips, Scottsdale 480-850-7734 Showroom: Monday Night Showroom Football - (every Monday) Sept 20 & 21 - Bella Donna (tribute to Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac) Sept 27 & 28 - Bostyx (Boston & Styx Tribute band) Oct 4 & 5 - Heartbreak City (Cars Tribute)

20 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

Oct 18 - Plateros Oct 19 - Fortunate Son (John Fogerty & CCR Tribute) Oct 25 & 26 - Dust ‘n Bones (Guns & Roses Tribute) Nov 1 & 2 - Double Vision (Foreigner Tribute) Nov 8, 9 & 10 - Fan Halen (Van Halen Tribute) Nov 22 & 23 - Bonfire (AC/DC Tribute) Nov 28 thru Dec 21 - Showstoppers Live Holiday Spectacular Arizona Room Patio Grill: Sept 21 - UFC 165: Jones vs Gustafsson (light Heavyweight Championship) Mondays & Thursdays - Deejay Rogger Tuesdays - POWERDRIVE (Latin Dance) Wednesdays - JJ’s Band Fridays & Saturdays; Live bands early and DJ’s till 2am Bingo Hall: Friday & Saturday at Midnight, L-8 Night Bingo! Including light show, music, dancing and fun!

Casino Del Sol

5655 W. Valencia Rd., Tucson 520-838-6506 AVA Amphitheater: Sept 19 - Luis Miguel Sept 21 - Tejano Showcase 2013 w/ La Sombra, Albert Zomara & Rio Jordan Oct 11 - Vince Neil Paradiso Bar: Free weekend entertainment & Tribute bands Thursdays featuring bands like; Lady Luck, The Jack Bishop Band, George Howard Band and more

Vince Neil

Dragonfly Lounge: Free live entertainment on weekends

Cocopah Casino

15318 South Avenue B Somerton, AZ (Yuma area) 1-800-237-5687 Fri & Sat - Live bands in the lounge

Desert Diamond Casino Hotel

Cliff Castle Casino

I-17 at exit 289 in Camp Verde 1-800-381-SLOT Stargazer Pavilion: Sept 29 - The Comedy of Williams & Ree Oct 5 - Foreigner

7350 South Nogales Hwy, Tucson 1-866-DDC-WINS Monsoon Night Club: Live bands or DJ, Thurs - Sat “Thursday Rocks” Concert series “Groovin’ Fridays” (Old School) “Noches Caliente Saturdays” featuring Tex Mex & Tejano bands Sept 26 - Randy Linder’s C.C.R Tribute (free show)

Desert Diamond Casino I -19

1100 West Pima Mine Road, Sahuarita 1-866-DDC-WINS Sports Bar: Sports on big screens & music w/ Fiesta and Desert DJs on Fri & Sat nights plus Wed night - Karaoke Diamond Center: Sept 20 - REO Speedwagon Sept 28 - Comedian Kathy Griffin Oct 5 - Grand Funk Railroad Oct 26 - Purple Reign (Prince Tribute)

Fort McDowell Casino


N of Shea off Hwy 87, Fountain Hills 1-800-THE-FORT Lucky 7 Saloon: Free entertainment on Fri day & Saturday nights;

Sept 20 - Kenny G Project Sept 27 - Solid Gold Sept 28 - Furious George Oct 11 thru 14 - Fortoberfest Birthday Bash - free refreshments and entertainment with bands Kenny G Project (Oct 11) Furious George (Oct 12) and Rhythm Edition (Oct 13) plus Free Food Friday 4-8pm, Saturday noon - 6pm and Sunday 4-8pm! Drawings all 4 days PLUS a car giveaway at 8pm on Monday Oct 14th Bingo Hall: Saturday, Sept 21 - Late Night Lunar Bingo w/ music, games & giveaways For updates -

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Resort and Casino

15406 Maricopa Rd., Maricopa 480-802-5000 Oasis Lounge: The newly remodeled OASIS LOUNGE IS OPEN! Sept 18 - Western Fusion, Sept 19 AZTEX, Sept 20 & 21- Checker’d Past, Sept 25 - Silhouette, Sept 27 & 28 Downtime For updates, go to

Hon-Dah Resort and Casino

Highways 260 and 73, Pinetop 1-800-WAY-UP-HIGHt Timbers Lounge: Free entertainment, Monday is Comedy Night, Tues-Sat, Live bands; Sept 17 thru 21 - Creagles (CCR/ Eagles Tribute), Sept 24 thru 28 - Tony Marques Conference Center: Oct 25 - Alice in Cooperland (Alice Cooper Tribute) Nov 29 - Neon Circus (Brooks & Dunn Tribute) New Year’s Eve - The Sensation Show Band

Los Guys, Sept 28 - New Frequency Sun- Fri (4-7pm) Live bands; Kenny’s Project, Spotlight, The Heat, Marty and the Party, Thaddeus Rose & Silhouette Big City Sports Lounge & Cascades Lounge: Sept 21 - 7pm - UFC 165, Jones vs Gustafsson (Light Heavyweight Title Fight) Verona Chophouse: Saturday: Talia 5-9pm & Sunday: live Jazz brunch Buffet Bingo Hall: 11pm Fri & Sat - B.A.D BINGO w/ DJ “Rockin’ Rob” music, light show, bingo & giveaways

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino

1/2-mile S. of Payson on Hwy 87 1-800-777-PLAY Call for updated fall schedule

Paradise Casino

450 Quechan Drive, Yuma 1-888-777- 4946 Sharky’s Bar: Live bands on weekends

Quechan Casino Resort

525 Algodones Rd, Winterhaven CA (5 mi West of Yuma) 1-877-783-2426 Sidewinders Bar: Free weekend entertainment

Talking Stick Resort

Loop 101 and Indian Bend Road Scottsdale 480-850-7734 Talking Stick Showroom: Sept 19, 20 & 21 - Thunder From Down Under (Male Revue) Oct 11 - Blue October

Blue October

Lone Butte Casino

202 loop at the Kyrene exit - Chandler, 1-800-WIN-GILA Cascades Lounge: Live Bands, (9pm-1am) Wednesdays; (Country) Sept 18 Western Fusion, Sept 25 - John Eric Band Thursdays; (Industry Night) Sept 19 JJ’s Band, Sept 26 - Str8up Fridays; (Latin dance) Sept 20 & 27 Aztex Band Saturdays; (Top 40) Sept 21 - Andrea &

Oct 19 - Tate Stevens (X-Factor Winner) Oct 24 - Buddy Guy Oct 25 - Jonny Lang Oct 30 - 14th Annual Halloween Costume Contest Nov 8 - Sawyer Brown

Nov 9 & 10 - TESLA Dec 6 - Aaron Lewis In the Grand Ballroom: Sept 28 - King of the Cage: Boiling Point! (LIVE) TSR Lounge: Live Deejays and your favorite drinks on Fri 8pm-2am and Sat 5pm-2am Degree 270 Lounge: Thurs - Sat, live bands & Deejays OUTDOORS: Sat & Sun, 11am - 6pm, RELEASE POOL PARTY; (Last party is Sept 28th) DJ’s from Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco and LA spin your favorites, plus drink specials, giveaways and cabana rentals - You must be 21 or older to attend. Atrium & Fire Garden; Oct 3 - 5 Phoenix Fashion Week Orange Sky Restaurant & Lounge (15th Floor)

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort 22181 Resort Blvd (I-40 @ exit 219) Flagstaff 1-855-946-8946 or (928) 856-7200 Call for an updated schedule

Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino

The All-New West Valley Casino 51st Ave, 4 miles S. of Baseline - Laveen 1-800-WIN-GILA Event Center: Sept 27 - AbbaFab (Abba Tribute) Sept 28 - VQ Comedy Series w/ Huck Flyn & Ron Lamprect Outdoor Patio: (Mon-Fri, 4pm-7pm) Featuring; Marty & the Party, The Walkens Unplugged, Eagleheart,, Powerdrive, Big Black & The Crew, Chuck E Baby, Pima Express, Swingtips and Smokestack Lightning (Wed-Sat, 9pm-1am) Featuring; Desert Dixie, Str8up band, Rhythm Edition, Andrea & Los Guys, Soul Persuasion, Western Fusion, Marbleheart, The Hamptons, Jadi Norris, Chuck E Baby, Shining Star and New Frequency Band Bingo Park: Every Saturday at 11pm BINGO ECLIPSE - Bingo, DJ music, light show & giveaways

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino

I-10 at Wild Horse Pass exit - Chandler 1-800-WIN-GILA

entertainment Ovations LIVE! Showroom: SEPTEMBER, Sept 20 - Comic Rob Schneider, Sept 21 - REO Speedwagon, Sept 27 - Latin Legends Live w/ Malo, Tierra & thee Midnighters, Sept 28 - Bret Michaels OCTOBER, Oct 4 - Mystic India: A Bollywood Dance Spectacular, Oct 5 Rick Springfield, Oct 11 - Ramon Ayala, Oct 12 - Rage in the Cage MMA, Oct 18 - “Fall in Love Jam” w/ En Vogue AL B Sure & Evelyn “Champagne” King, Oct 19 - Anthony Jeselnic: The Jeselnik Offensive Tour, Oct 20 - Steve Vai, Oct 25 Under a Blood Red Sky (U-2 Tribute) Oct 26 - Air Supply NOVERBER, Nov 1 - Viva Antonio Aguilar, Nov 2 - Craig Ferrguson, Nov 9 America, Nov 21 - Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, Craig Ferrguson Nov 22 - DSB (Journey Tribute) AIRIA - “Nightlife Unplugged”, live entertainment - Fri & Sat featuring bands on Fridays; Chris Parker Project, Shining Star, Platinum Hi-Fi, JJ’s Band and Static and Deejays on Saturdays: DJ BKNY, DJ Vinyl Dave, DJ Flair, DJ Astonish, & DJ Raya, Encore Lounge: Mid-day entertainment Monday’s 11am-3pm & late night entertainment w/ top bands; Powerdrive, Hamptons, Rhythm Edition, Andrea & Los Guys, Str8up Band, Michael & Manuel, Smooth Groove, Eagleheart, Shining Star, Chuck E Baby, JJ’s Band, Route 66, Swingtips, Priminition and Smoke Stack Lighting

Yavapai Casino

1505 East Hwy 69 - Prescott 1-800-756-8744 Yavapai Cantina; Karaoke with Cruisin’ Susan on Fridays and live bands Saturdays Sept 21 - Sky Daddy Duo

ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013 21

gaming news ARIZONA’S BIGGEST BIRTHDAY PARTY IS BACK! The “Fortoberfest” Birthday Bash returns with fun, entertainment and huge prizes! Fort McDowell Casino - Arizona’s original casino and premier destination is only minutes away on AZ Highway 87 just outside of Fountain Hills, offering a panoramic view of the beautiful Red Mountain, the Superstition Mountains, and Four Peaks. Visitors enjoy a wide array of world-class gaming options, an exquisite variety of fine dining, championship golf, and some of the biggest names in entertainment. Join them for their upcoming Fortoberfest Birthday Bash this October 11 - 14. Free cider & donuts, food and drink specials combined with great games and entertainment will make this a celebration you won’t want to miss out on! Festivities start early on Friday and end with the Pick & Play Poker II Grand Prize Car Giveaway at 8pm on Monday, October 14! In addition, there’s live entertainment each night featuring Kenny G’s Project on Friday, Furious George on Saturday and Rhythm Edition on Sunday. They will also be handing out free commemorative t-shirts, but get in early as they’re only available while supplies last! For more information visit the Fortune Club! Whether it’s a tournament or a live cash poker game, you can go “all-in” at Fort McDowell Casino’s comfortable, non-smoking card room. The Fort has the best

22 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

blackjack this side of Vegas with Pai-Gow, Perfect Charlie, Let it Ride and more. Visit the Poker Room any day for two tournaments daily. Join the fun in No-Limit Hold ‘Em for your chance to win big! For the full Poker Room events and times visit Fort McDowell Casino offers the widest variety of the most exciting slot machines in the entire Valley. They were the first to install a roulette machine using a real roulette wheel! Be sure to join the Fortune Club so you can earncash back just for playing your favorite games. Use your card when you play and watch your rewards pile up. Membership is simple, easy, fast, and it’s free! The Fort is also proud to house an award-winning, 1,200 seat state-of-the-art Bingo Hall. With games seven days a week, you can win up to $25,000 at matinee sessions and up to $50,000 in the evening. Play the game in smokefree comfort and enjoy free beverages as well as tableside food service. Fort McDowell Casino is the home of the newest late-night trend for Bingo enthusiasts: Lunar Bingo. An exciting and original twist on the traditional game, it combines black lights, cocktails, great music, and giveaways, making for a Bingo experience unlike any other. Combine relaxation with winning by playing our live Keno. Fort McDowell Casino features payouts up to $100,000 on this fun, easy, and lucrative game. The Fort offers 23 different games of Keno, including “Speed Keno” for those who like a little faster pace of play. The Fort’s five restaurants offer an amazing variety of dining opportunities from quick snacks to full-course dining excellence. Fort McDowell Casino Fortune Club cardholders win on and off the casino floor with their spectacular specials. Fort McDowell Casino has set the standard for excellence in gaming, dining, and entertainment in the Southwest. For more information, visit their website at or call 800-THE-FORT

TJ’s Blackjack corner

History of Winning Blackjack

lackjack originated in French Casinos around by TJ 1700 where it was called Jorgensen “Ving-et-un” (“Twenty-andone”) and has been played in the US since the 1800’s. Blackjack is named as such because if a player was dealt a Jack of Spades and an Ace of Spades as the first two cards (Spade being the color black), the player was paid extra. Gambling was legal out West from the 1850’s to 1910, at which time Nevada made it a felony to operate a gambling game. In 1931, Nevada re-legalized casino gambling where Blackjack became one of the primary games of chance offered to gamblers. In addition to the United States, countries operating casinos include France, England, Monaco, and quite a few Caribbean Islands. The first recognized effort to apply mathematics to Blackjack began in 1953 and culminated in 1956 with a published paper. Roger Baldwin wrote a paper in the Journal of the American Statistical Association titled “The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack” These pioneers used calculators, probability, and statistics theory to substantially reduce the house advantage. Although the title of their paper was “Optimum Strategy “, it wasn’t really the best strategy because they really needed a computer to refine their system. Professor Edward O. Thorp picked up where Baldwin and company left off. In 1962, Thorp

24 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

refined their basic strategy and developed the first card counting techniques. He published his results in “Beat the Dealer”, a book that became so popular that for a week in 1963 it was on the NewYork Times best seller list. The book also scared the hell out of the casinos. The Casinos were so affected by the book that they began to change the rules of the game to make it more difficult to win. The rule changes didn’t last very long as players protested by not playing the new blackjack. The unfavorable changes resulted in a loss of income for the casinos, and of course not making money is a sin, so they quickly resorted back to the original rules. As Thorp’s “Ten-Count” method wasn’t easy to master and many people didn’t really understand it anyway, the casinos made a bundle from the games newly gained popularity thanks to Thorp’s book and all the media attention it generated. Another major contributor in the history of winning Blackjack play is Julian Braun, who worked at IBM. His thousands of lines of computer code and hours of Blackjack simulation on IBM mainframes resulted in The Basic Strategy, and a number of card counting techniques. His conclusions were used in the second edition of “Beat the Dealer”, and later in Lawrence Revere’s 1977 book “Playing Blackjack as a Business” Lawrence Revere was my personal mentor and I actually took one on one lessons from him in Las Vegas. Lastly, let me mention Ken Uston who lived here in Phoenix and was an acquaintance of mine. He

used five computers that were built into the shoes of members of his playing team in 1977. They won over a hundred thousand dollars in a very short time but one of the computers was confiscated and sent to the FBI. The Feds decided that the computer used public information on Blackjack playing and was not a cheating device. You may have seen this story in a movie made about his Blackjack exploits detailed in his book “The Big Player”. Ken was also featured on a 1981 “Sixty Minutes” show and helped lead a successful legal challenge to prevent Atlantic City Casinos from barring card counters. Card counting is the only way that you can overcome the house advantage in the game of blackjack. Once a player has learned to count cards there is a playing and betting strategy that goes along with the count, there are 43 changes from basic strategy. This gives the player about a 1 1/2 % advantage over the casino as opposed to a -.56% advantage that the casino has over the perfect basic strategy player. Then it’s not a question of if you will win, but when. If you are interested in learning to become a card counter you can download my new e book “How to Play Winning Blackjack” through my website tjsblackjackcorner. T.J. Jorgensen has been a professional Blackjack player for over 20 years. He is well known for his live tournament play. He has competed against, and beaten, some of the top tournament players in the world and has won the prestigious World Series of Blackjack.


Top Ten Football Movies Piccolo discovers he is dying, their bond is further intensified. It’s a touching poignant film about friendship that will have you reaching for a hanky.

by David Ramsey

3 The Longest Yard (1974)

1 Heaven Can Wait A Rams quarterback is accidentally taken out of his body by a rookie escort before he was supposed to die. To correct the mistake Mr. Jordan has to get him a new body that can fulfill his destiny. He ends of in the body of a recently murdered millionaire and falls in love. This rom-com is my favorite movie of all time. It is very funny, romantic and just plain brilliant.

2 Brian’s Song A true story based on the real-life relationship of teammates Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers. When

26 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

Paul, a former pro quarterback now serving time in prison is asked by the warden to put together a team of inmates to play the guards in a tuneup game. The guards are expected to pummel them but not if Paul has anything to say about it. There is some typical Burt Reynolds humor but it is an intense action film with lots of great football.

4 The Blind Side Based on the true story of Michael Oher - a homeless and traumatized high school student who is taken in by a caring family and becomes an All American and first round NFL draft pick. This is

a touching film about family and determination.

5 We Are Marshall In November 1970 the Marshall University football team and coaches die in a plane crash. The next spring, students convince the board of governors to play the 1971 season. The new coach must find players and get them ready to play a competitive schedule. An emotional film that fills you with optimism

6 Jerry Maguire A sports agent has a moral epiphany and is fired after making it known. He goes independent with the only player who stays with him, a flamboyant wide receiver. And, of course, there is the love story. A well done rom-com with heart and an inside look at football and sports management.

7 Silver Linings Playbook After a stay in mental hospital a former teacher moves in with his parents and tries to get his ex-wife back. A mysterious girl with problems of her own complicates things as does his compulsive gambler father I this terrific rom-com with a serious look at mental illness and a side of football fanaticism.

8. Semi-Tough

A three way friendship between two pro football players and the owner’s daughter gets complicated when two of them become romantically involved. Based on the book by Dan Jenkins this is a very funny comedy with a touch of philosophy.

9 Remember the Titans

The first year that a high school football team is racially integrated their new coach happens to be a African-American. Based on a true story it shows how teamwork builds a unit that can overcome anything. A powerful film.

10Friday Night Lights

This is High School football in Texas. Based on a non-fiction book about what a winning football team means to an economically depressed small town. When a key player is injured in the first game all appears to be lost but a determine coach brings them back to make a run at the state championship.

gaming news POKER PLAYERS – CHOOSE YOUR TEAM, EAST OR WEST Just where are the best poker players? Are they on the East side of town or perhaps they’re on the West side? That question will be answered in short order as Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino and Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino get ready to throw down the gauntlet and fight for their respective poker rooms. Here’s how the winner will be determined; On Saturday Sept 28th at 2pm the “East/West” Championship NLHE Tournament will happen simultaneously at both casinos. The $120 buy-in gets you automatically into the tournament, or you can “win a seat” into this special tournament by signing up for a single table

27 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

shootout. These $15 satellite tournaments are available at both Vee Quiva or Wild Horse Pass casino poker rooms whenever 10 players sign up to play. So you could win a seat into this prestigious poker tournament for just $15! Check with either poker room to see when the best time is to play in one of these Shootouts. Here’s some incentive…1st Place in this East/West Tournament pays $10,000 Guaranteed! The final five players at each poker room from the September 28th Tournament will be seeded into the “Final Table” playoff at 7pm on Saturday October 5th at the Vee Quiva Casino Hotel Poker Room. Call (800) WIN-GILA and check with your favorite poker room for all the details.

Joke page

Jokes of the Month THE NUMBER GAME

A sexy young woman was having a horrible day at the roulette table in a swanky Las Vegas Casino and was completely exasperated when she lost her bet for about the tenth time in a row and was now down to her last $100 when she screamed, “What do I do now?” An older seasoned gambler seated next to her suggested “Why don’t you just put all your chips on the number that corresponds with your age?” She thought about it, looked at the gentleman and said “Help me stack all my chips on”….. as she hesitated for a moment, then said… er...”number 27”

28 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

The croupier spun the wheel and when number 36 hit, she put both hands on her forehead and fainted! TRY SOMETHING NEW!

After a fabulous dinner that his wife had made and as she was clearing the table to do the dishes, Billy looked at his bride of 15 years and said “Sweetie, you really outdid yourself tonight - how about we try a new position tonight?” as pushed himself away from the table and headed to the living room watch TV “ “That sounds great!” replied Gwendolyn “Why don’t you do the dishes and the ironing tonight, while I sit on the couch, have a beer and scratch my belly!”

ASTROLOGY, Bingo & Casino directory Virgo Aug 24 to Sept 23

Sagittarius Nov 23 to Dec 21

Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20

Gemini May 22 to June 21

Libra Sept 24 to Oct 23

Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 20

Cancer June 22 to July 22

Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22

Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb 19

Taurus April 21 to May 21

Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6 Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6 Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6

Great News Be persistent Very nice weekend Lucky you all week

Stick with convictions Old friend from the past Good decision Really exciting week This week play hunch Great things coming Stay focused to win Unplanned trip ahead

Phoenix Metro Bingo Games

Casino Arizona 101 & McKellips Daily: 7pm (early birds: 6:30pm) Sat & Sun Matinee: 1pm (early birds: 6:30pm) Fri & Sat: Midnight - L8 Nite Games! Bingo, Music, Lights, Dancing & FUN Fort McDowell Casino Fountain Hills Area Mon,Wed,Thu,Fri: 9am,12:30pm, 6:30pm Tue: 12:30pm, 6:30pm Sat. Sun: 6:45& 9am,12:30 & 6:30pm, Fri & Sat: Midnight 3rd Sat of each month at Midnight "Lunar Bingo"

Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6 Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6 Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6

Believe & it will happen Stay late & play hard Quick trip, nice payday Terrific new pal Eventful month coming Great things are near Lull before the storm Lucky you all weekend

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino 15406 Maricopa Rd Wed-Sun: 11:30am, 2:30, 3:30 & 6:30pm Lone Butte Casino SanTan Loop202 & Kyrene Daily: Noon & 6:30pm "B.A.D. Bingo" (Bingo After Dark) Fri & Sat: 11:30pm Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino 51st Ave. 10mi. S of I-10 Daily: 12:30 & 6:30pm "Bingo Eclipse" 2nd & 4th Sat 11pm




1. Apache Gold Hotel Resort Casino • (Globe) San Carlos Apache Tribe–slots bingo & blackjack & Entertainment (800) 272-2438 2. BlueWater Resort Casino • (Parker) Colorado River Indian Tribe–slots bingo blackjack poker & Entertainment (888) 243-3360 3. Bucky’s Casino • (Prescott) Yavapai–Prescott Indian Tribe–slots, poker & blackjack (800) 756-8744 3a. Yavapai Casino & Gaming Center • (Prescott) Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe–slots & Entertainment (800) 756-8744 30 ARIZONA PLAYER September 2013

First thought is best New person in your life Kindness pays big time Your life is improving

Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6

Comeback win Chills & thrills weekend Good advice from pal Plan that special trip

Aries Mar 21 to April 20

Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6 Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6

A new friend arrives Out of town trip for a win Great idea works out Stick to it – success is near Unreal comeback victory You bluff for huge payoff Play hard – luck will come Unexpected excitement

Statewide Bingo Games

Apache Gold Casino • Globe 5mi E of Globe on Hwy 70 Wed, Thu, & Sun: Noon; Fri & Sat: 7pm Bingo Blowout! 1st Mon: 7pm BlueWater Casino • Parker 11300 Resort Dr Sun 1:30pm, Mon-Thu 6:30pm Special Sessions:Birthday Bingo Call for Details Casino Del Sol • Tucson 5655 W. Valencia Mini Sessions: 11:30am & 1:30pm Matinee: 2:15pm Eves: 7:15pm

4. Casino Arizona Talking Stick Resort • (Scottsdale) Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community–slots poker blackjack Keno & Entertainment (480) 850-7777 5. Casino Arizona @ 101 & McKellips • (Scottsdale) Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community–slots bingo blackjack Keno & Entertainment (480) 850-7777 6. Casino Del Sol Resort • (Tucson) Pascua Yaqui Tribe–slots bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (800) 344-9435 7. Casino of the Sun • (Tucson) Pascua Yaqui Tribe–slots (520) 883-1700 8. Cliff Castle Casino Hotel • (Camp Verde) Yavapai-Apache Nation–slots blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 381-7568 9. Cocopah Casino • (Yuma) Cocopah Tribe–slots bingo blackjack & Entertainment (800) 237-5687 10. Desert Diamond Casino Hotel• (Tucson) Tohono O’Odham Nation–Old Nogales Hwy slots keno bingo poker & Entertainment (520) 294-7777 10a. Desert Diamond - I-19 • (south of Tucson) slots blackjack & Entertainment (520) 294-7777 11. Fort McDowell Casino • (Fountain Hills) Fort McDowell-Yavapai Nation–slots keno bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (480) 837-1424 12. Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino • (Chandler) Gila River Indian Community–slots keno blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 946-4452

Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6 Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6

Go with gut feeling Odd but happy weekend A call from the past Things are looking up

Stand up for your rights Unplanned fun trip ahead Right place – right time Changes are coming

Leo July 23 to Aug 23

Sept 7–14 Sept 15–22 Sept 23–30 Oct 1–6

The BIG one Prioritize your life Weekend to remember Way to start the month!

Cocopah Casino•Yuma 15136 South Ave B Somerton Daily: 1 & 6pm Desert Diamond • Tucson 7350 S Nogales Hwy Daily: 1:30 & 7:15pm Mazatzal Casino• Payson Hwy 87 at mile post 251 Mon-Thu: Noon Tue & Thu: 6:30pm 1st Thu & 3rd Tue: 6:30pm Double Payouts all night! Paradise Casino • Yuma 450 Quechan Dr. Daily: 1:30 & 6pm

13. Gila River Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino • (Laveen) Gila River Indian Community–slots bingo blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 14. Gila River Lone Butte Casino • (Chandler) Gila River Indian Community–slots bingo blackjack & Entertainment (800) 946-4452 15. Golden Ha’ San Casino • (Why) Tohono O’Odham Nation–Slots 16. Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino (Maricopa) Ak-Chin Indian Community - slots keno poker bingo blackjack & Entertainment (480) 802-5000 17. Hon-Dah Resort-Casino • (Pinetop) White Mountain Apache Tribe - slots blackjack poker & Entertainment (800) 929-8744 18. Mazatzal Hotel Casino • (Payson) Tonto Apache Tribe - slots bingo poker blackjack & Entertainment (800) 777-7529 19. Paradise Casino • (Yuma) Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe - slots bingo.& Live Entertainment (888) 777-4946 19a Quechan Casino Resort • (Winterhaven, CA) Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe - slots table games poker & Entertainment 20. Spirit Mountain Casino • (Bullhead City) Fort Mohave Indian Tribe–slots (888) 837-4030 21. Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort • (Flagstaff) Navajo Nation - Slots, Table Games, Poker, Keno & Entertainment

September 2013  

September 2013

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