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School of Theatre, Film and Television students gain career experience through internships at iconic festival COMMUNITY - 6







Cartel coffee brews a lab downtown



quality of the beverage rather than getting something out as quickly as possible. At Starbucks you can kind of have it your way; in our model, our goal is to create a beverage that is noble and true to itself and we then present it to our customers. Here, there are parts of our menu that are very strict and rigid and we don’t accept any modifications. We don’t believe that you can drink espresso in paper cup; you have to drink it out of a demitasse, its a small 3-ounce glass. The idea is that it’s being served in porcelain, at the right temperature. The idea is that you stand at the bar and drink your espresso like a good Italian and then go about your day, so you don’t need the paper cup. We do have other Americanized beverages, of course. But we don’t have any syrups in our hand-dripped coffees. The syrups that we do have are very limited — organic agave, organic vanilla and organic chocolate. Narrow scope of flavor offerings, but we are trying to maintain purity. We are much more of the mindset, “Hey, let us help you find a beverage that is not loaded down with sugar.”


artel Coffee Lab is celebrating the opening of its newest shop in downtown Tucson by throwing a party this Saturday. It will host live musicians and offer beer and wine specials, food straight from its new woodfired oven and of course, plenty of exceptional coffee. Jason Silberschlag, Cartel Coffee Lab franchise owner, Tucson native and UA alumnus, took some time between tasting brews to answer a few of the Daily Wildcat’s questions.

Why the name Cartel?

DW: Why did you decide to open a coffee shop?

My wife and I were heading down a career path that we decided wasn’t entirely for us and we thought, ‘Well shoot, what are we going to do?’ I went back to this memory of having an idea of doing a coffee shop or a hot dog cart. I liked the idea of flexibility, being able to just pop up and open and close whenever I liked. I knew that the cost of opening a business like that would be kind of inexpensive. The industry that we were in before was kind of community-based and we liked that, and we went to the coffee shop idea because it was based around the same ideas. We got very focused about quality and about the things that were available on the market but weren’t available on the consumer level, and we thought it would be great to bring those things to the consumers of this community.

What makes Cartel different?

A few different things. The idea of the experience, really focusing on what we believe is correct and true and

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JASON SILBERSCHLAG, a UA alumnus and Tucson native, is the owner of the Cartel Coffee Lab franchise. A new Cartel location is opening downtown.

great in our industry and how we portray that, being the main component. But to get down to specifics, our roast philosophy, our brewing philosophy. Basing what we do on science. Brewing coffee is a chemical reaction and knowing how those reactions work is key to producing a quality beverage. We just feel that although ours is far less complex than some chemical engineering practices, it is all still a chemical process.

I was looking for something edgy that wasn’t already taken. There’s a little bit of tongue and cheek, the idea of selling drugs, you know, coffee is a drug. We thought it made sense.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

What this is now is so interesting because this is so different from where we started. We started with the idea of creating a fun and cool work environment and also creating a quality product. What it has evolved into is having a company that is fun and exciting to work for and has actually created legitimate jobs in the community. Honestly, on the whole, we have been able to create 14 to 16 full-time jobs that I feel are really good career stepping-stones for people. Just to be able to do that has been really exciting.

So how do you compete with the big names, like Starbucks?

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Our coffee buying process is different. The method of preparation is different. We put a lot more time into the


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wildcat weekend • 3

s k c a wb

o r th

FULL BAR FULL RESTAURANT (kitchen closes at midnight)

• Great Food & Drink Specials During all UofA and NFL Games • Pac12 Channel • Free WiFi


Monday - Friday 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.




3620 N. 1st Ave. corner of Prince/1st


REVERSE HAPPY HOUR Monday - Friday 11 p.m.- Close




GREAT DRINK SPECIALS facebook/ThrowbacksAZ

HOURS: Monday-Sunday 11 a.m.2 a.m.



Most anticipated games of 2014 TORSTEN WARD


here’s no arguing that 2013 was a great year for gamers everywhere. The release of games like “BioShock Infinite,” “Battlefield 4,” “Grand Theft Auto V” and “The Last of Us” means the new year has some big shoes to fill. But the future looks brighter than ever — new, more powerful consoles mean that games will be getting bigger, badder and more beautiful than they have ever been before. With the release of launch titles like “Killzone Shadow Fall” and “Dead Rising 3,” we already have a glimpse of just how good games can get when supported by the level of horsepower under the hood of the new consoles. What do we have to look forward to, you ask? Let me show you.



Developer: Bungie Console(s): PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One Expected Release: Sept. 9

Ever wonder what you’d get if you mixed “Halo”’s gameplay and “Mass Effect”’s scope with a dash of “Borderlands”’ loot system? “Destiny” is your answer. This original content from the guys behind “Halo” is poised to revolutionize the way games are made and played. Not only does “Destiny” practically invent its own genre by combining MMORPG scale and variety with first-person shooter gameplay, the game’s narrative is scheduled to continue for a full decade. Yes, you read correctly: this game will last 10 years. To put that in perspective: The PS3 has been around for just over seven years. With gorgeous graphics and cooperative-focused gameplay set on and in places like Venus, Mars, Titan and Old Russia, this sci-fi extravaganza is set to be an instant classic.



Developer: Respawn Entertainment Console(s): Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC Expected Release: March 11

When giant, mechanical war machines straight out of James Cameron’s “Avatar” are falling out of the sky while jetpack-

wielding super soldiers practice parkour in the ruins of a destroyed city, you know you’re going to have a good time. This creation from the creative minds behind “Call of Duty” is the poster child for what the Xbox One has to offer, and for good reason. Deemed the next “‘CoD’ killer” by industry heads and reporters alike, “Titanfall” gives you the chance to step into a Titan and rain destruction upon your enemies. Like in “Call of Duty,” online multiplayer gameplay is the focus of “Titanfall.” Not much has been revealed about the game’s actual campaign, but fans don’t seem to care. I don’t blame them. This game looks like Michael Bay levels of mindless fun.


inFAMOUS: Second Son

Developer: Sucker Punch Productions Console(s): PS4 Expected Release: March 21

Those lucky enough to have access to both an Xbox One and PS4 will have to squeeze as much time into “Titanfall” as they can before “inFAMOUS: Second Son” comes out. This PlayStation exclusive is the third game in the “Infamous” series and takes place in Sucker Punch’s backyard of Seattle. Set seven years after “Infamous 2,” you play as a new conduit by the name of Delsin who must learn to control the power of smoke. However, Delsin learns early on that he has the ability to steal other conduits’ powers, giving gamers innumerable gameplay possibilities such as the already-revealed neon power. What that means, I don’t know. But you can bet I’m bouncing-off-the-wall excited that I might be able to control gas station “open” signs come March 21.


was originally scheduled for release in late 2013. However, like many games before it, “Watch_Dogs” has been delayed, and with it my late nights spent hacking Chicago residents’ smartphones. Gamers play as Aiden Pearce, a mysterious hacker with the ability to control a myriad of electronic devices all over a stylized, open-world Illinois. This third-person shooter centers on the idea of interconnectivity and how it can be used to give you an upper hand in the midst of technological warfare. While we still don’t know exactly how long the wait will be before we can jump into the world of “Watch_Dogs,” at least we won’t have to wait as long as we have for “Kingdom Hearts III.”


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Developer: Sora Ltd. and Namco Bandai Games Console(s): Wii U, Nintendo 3DS Expected Release: TBA 2014

It’s time to pull your Wii U out of the closet and dust it off (if you ever even got one). “Super Smash Bros.” is like cancer in the sense that everyone knows someone whose life has been changed by it. While that may sound morbid, I guarantee you’ll be smiling when you get your hands on the next “Super Smash Bros.” All your favorites like Link and Pikachu are back for the fight, and some new faces like Mega Man, “Animal Crossing”’s Villager, even the Wii Fit Trainer. I for one can’t wait to drop a Kirby-sized anvil on that smug-faced virtual instructor who thinks I’m unbalanced and overweight. Bitch.



Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Console(s): Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC, Wii U Expected Release: Quarter 2, 2014

— Follow Torsten Ward @torstenward

“Watch_Dogs” isn’t supposed to be on this list, as it

4040 N. Weimer Place, #8

4 Floor Plans Available

520.407.0770 stt!! es Be r y B e ry v e s v it s t it a t a g ing ivin Liv ntt L en de ud S Sttu

Plan C: 3 bedroom 2





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Roger Roger


dent The Perf!ect Stu Housing at Luxury star ting $405 et Free cablere, intern at w d an Attached garage

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ON Mountain Ave. BIKE PATH!

Plan B: 3 be

drrom 2 ba

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m2 Plan A: 3 bedroo

bath 1393sq feet

NOW PRE LEASING for Fall 2014! Call to reserve!

Scan with Smart Phone



Days of Dillinger revived



to the police, according to Slutes. n commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Tucson “TPD prides themselves in being the only law enforcement Police Department’s capture of gangster John Dillinger and department to ever find and capture Dillinger’s gang without his cohorts at Hotel Congress, the landmark establishment will firing a shot,” Slutes said. host an array of ’30s themed events this weekend. This weekend, you can relive the days of Dillinger at Hotel Let’s rewind to the year 1934 — swanky swing music, economic Congress and downtown. grief from the Great Depression and underhanded gang activity. “Dillinger Days have gone back to 1994,” Slutes said. “It started “Around 1934, Dillinger and his gang as an in-house lobby performance event and went through a series of bank robberies it was called ‘The Dillinger Re-enactment.’ and they needed a place where he could The city took it over as a way to make it a big Events at Congress lay low for a while,” said David Slutes, event downtown. Then the city couldn’t fund The speakeasy event is for ages booking director at Hotel Congress. “He it anymore, so Congress took it over.” 21 and up. Tickets are $25. Profits came to Tucson at one point and found a The weekend features for all ages in the from the Dillinger Speakeasy will place at Congress.” Tucson community. benefit the Greater Tucson Fire During the legendary gangster’s stay in “The demographical break is all across Foundation, which supports the the Old Pueblo, a fire broke out at Congress, the board. There a lot of families and a lot Tucson firefighter community. sending a plume of flames up the elevator of seniors,” Slute said. “It’s ages 10-100. It’s a shaft. According to Slutes, firefighters had good scene and it’s free.” to evacuate the entire hotel — including Tonight, Hotel Congress will transform into the third floor, where the Dillinger gang was residing. a speakeasy complete with whiskey tasting, cigars, food, a ’30s “The firefighters told these funny-looking guys they had to memorabilia museum, vintage firefighting equipment, a fashion leave,” Slutes said. “They gave the firefighters $15 tips to bring show and a swing band. down these heavy suitcases.” Events on Saturday include fire truck rides at Maynards Market The suitcases were completely filled with firearms and and Kitchen, historical lectures, a Dillinger walking tour, live $28,000 in cash. music, old time radio programs and a turn of the century-style The firefighters recognized the gang and reported the incident magic show. A Dillinger re-enactment show will take place at

ArizonA Daily




HOTEL CONGRESS is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the capture of iconic gangster John Dillinger with a series of 1930s-era themed events.

the Hotel Congress Plaza so people can relive the classic capture. There will even be an appearance from the newly restored 1934 fire truck that put out the fire at Hotel Congress. “There is a big buzz about it this year,” Slutes said. “It’s going to be very busy.”

— Follow Ashley Reid @ashleyefrances



JAN. 24


JAN. 26





Farmers’ Market Every Friday, College of Medicine Patio, 10-2. Come discover the freshest local foods, produce, plants, jams, coffees, baked goods and more!

Church Ave. Arizona Wildcats Hockey takes on San Diego State.

30 animals – mostly rescued – he will bring with him. Hanna will also show footage from his television shows from over the years.

State Historic Park. 1 Burruel St. Open 9am5pm. This exhibit running through January 31st features moments and traditions from Southern Arizona’s past by award-winning photographer, Patricia Descalzi.

Affordable Care Act’ UA Cancer Center, Friday, 10am. The teleconference will provide overview of health care in America, review new consumer protections in the insurance market, describe the new health insurance marketplace and the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System expansion and review benefits for Medicare beneficiaries. 2014 Summer FLAS Workshop for Latin America Friday, 12-1 pm, Harvill 343. The Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona is pleased to announce its competition for Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships. The FLAS Fellowship is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education under Title VI. IceCats Game Friday & Saturday, 7:30 p.m.Tucson Convention Center, 260 S.

‘Living Healthy with Arthritis’ Saturday, 9-4. UMC. The keynote speaker will be University Distinguished Professor Dr. Richard Carmona, who served as 17th surgeon general of the U.S., issuing calls to action in the fight against major health concerns such as obesity, heart disease, cancer and the dangers of secondhand smoke. 25th Annual Undergraduate Biology Research Program Conference Saturday 1-5 pm, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre. Undergraduate students will be presenting their experimental results in poster form. The keynote speaker for the conference is Zeb Hogan, UBRP alumnus and host of the National Geographic show “Monster Fish.” UA Presents Jungle Jack Hanna Sunday, 4 pm. Centennial Hall. Jungle Jack Hanna will share fascinating stories about the nearly

Men’s Basketball vs. Utah Sunday, 6 pm. McKale Memorial Center.


Dillinger Days 80th Anniversary Saturday, 9am, FREE, All Ages. 311 E. Congress Come celebrate Tucson’s own Fire and Police Departments with the annual event at Downtown Tucson’s historic Hotel Congress commemorating the capture of PUBLIC ENEMY No.1, John Dillinger! The Saturday event is FREE & FAMILY-FRIENDLY, as always, with re-enactments of Dillinger’s capture, food, live music, and a vintage car show. “Snapshots of Southern Arizona’s Past Through Moments in the Present” Photo Exhibition by Patricia Descalzi. Tubac Presidio

Raptor Free Flights at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. 2021 N. Kinney Rd. Shows at 10am and 2pm daily through April 24. Watch as native birds of prey soar in their desert habitat as a narrator describes their behaviors and attributes. Free with admission. Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research Eighth Annual Charity Gala Saturday, 7pm, 600 E. Van Buren St. Students from the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix will hold the eighth annual charity gala. The night of dinner, dancing, and silent auction will include a presentation from world-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Robert Spetzler. Compiled by Leah Corry

To sponsor this calendar, or list an event, email or call 621.3425 Deadline 3pm 2 business days prior to publication.



Interns, volunteers shine at Sundance



ome of the most valuable career lessons are learned outside of the classroom. Three UA students went to this year’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, as volunteers and interns in pursuit of their passion. Taylor DiGilio, who graduated in December with a bachelor’s in producing and a minor in business administration, and Ian Brewer, a producing junior who also has a minor in business administration, attended the festival on an internship through the School of Theatre, Film and Television. “I’ve heard stories about how everybody drops everything that they do in Los Angeles and goes to Sundance every year,” DiGilio said, “and I wanted to be a part of it.” DiGilio and Brewer interned with The Creative Coalition, a nonprofit based out of New York that recruits producers, actors, writers and directors whose membership fee is donated to various charities and foundations. “It looks good for the actors and the people that are attached because they are donating their money,” Brewer said, “and in turn, having them attached looks good for The Creative Coalition because it draws in more people and more attention.” “They basically use star power to


IAN BREWER (left), a UA producing junior, and Taylor DiGilion, who recently graduated from the UA with a bachelor’s in producing, both attended the Sundance Festival this month as interns.

solve real world crises,” DiGilio said. Brewer and DiGilio worked out of the Yarrow Hotel and were in charge of transporting film industry luminaries between the airport, hotels and film screenings. They also assisted with three gala events by setting up tables and checking that

everyone who wanted to attend was on the guest list. “Basically, I was the guy that would do anything that needed to be done to keep things running smoothly,” Brewer said. Another UA student and producing junior, Lisa Schaefer,

Calendar FRIDAY Arizona Wildcats Hockey Where: Tucson Convention Center When: 7:30 p.m. Tickets: http://www. arizonawildcathockey. org/ The Wildcats take on San Diego State.

SATURDAY Chinese New Year Festival Where: Centennial Hall When: 2 p.m. Tickets: $15-18, The Confucius Institute at the UA will celebrate the Chinese New Year (Jan. 31), bringing in the Year of the Horse with Chinese dance, music and martial arts displays.

SUNDAY Cirque D’Or Where: Fox Tucson Theatre When: 3 p.m. Tickets: $28-$53, 520-624-1515 A team of more than 30 aerial acrobats perform in this show from Cirque Du Soleil.

What is your favorite drink to make? Sex with an alligator.

attended the festival as a volunteer. The trip had been on her mind for quite some time, as she started the application process in August. This year, over 1,800 volunteers came to Sundance to make the festival a success. As one of those volunteers, Schaefer served as a

crowd liaison at the Eccles Theatre. “It’s basically being the front of the festival,” Schaefer said. “I’m the first person that the patrons see.” She helped festival-goers figure out which line to get into while waiting for a film, as well as how many people should be let into the 1,270 seat theater at any given time. For all three students, seeing and interacting with celebrities became part of the daily routine. “You can’t really be starstruck when you’re working in the field,” Schaefer said. At the festival, DiGilio rubbed elbows with people such as Elijah Wood, Miles Teller, Richard Kind and Elle Fanning. He, too, quickly became accustomed to the starstudded environment. “Honestly, I got past the whole celebrity thing in like five minutes,” DiGilio said. Interacting with celebrities was just part of the festival — the students say they also learned a lot from the experience. “I think I just definitely learned that … one of the keys to getting places in the industry that we’re in is networking,” Brewer said, “and really working hard to just get yourself out there, and be willing to just say, ‘Hey, I’m Ian Brewer, I’m a film student.’”

— Follow Alex Guyton @ TDWildcatFilm

H e y, Bark eep!

Why? It’s pretty cool because it starts out green, and then we also add Jager and black raspberry. The black raspberry will sink to the bottom and the Jager sits and floats on top so it’s layered and looks pretty cool. On the flip side, what’s your least favorite drink to make? Faderade. … It tastes like blue Gatorade but it’s got about 9000 ingredients in it.

Who is your most memorable customer? We have a customer … his name’s Steven … during the summertime this bar completely dies, so we’re not very busy, so we joke the weight of the bar is on his shoulders, because he’s our only customer.

If, as a customer, I wanted to piss you off as a bartender, what would I do? Wave your money in my face, wave your credit card in my face, start yelling at me like I’m a dog. When I finally do come and take the drink order, you don’t know what you want, after you’ve waved me down. … That’s the start of it. What is one drinking trend that you’d like to see go away? Smirnoff Ices. REBECCA SASNETT/THE DAILY WILDCAT




New semester, new playlist by KAMP SHANNON KURLANDER 1. Angel Olsen — “Hi-Five” “Are you lonely too? Hi-five!” Olsen celebrates unity in human loneliness in the new single “Hi-Five” from her upcoming album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness. The album will be released via Jagjaguwar on Feb. 18. 2. Beck — “Blue Moon” Beck is back. Beck will be releasing his first album of original material in six years, along with headlining major festivals like Coachella. “Blue Moon” is a beautiful teaser of lush rock with a glimmer of folk that seems to be influenced by musicians like Neil Young. Morning Phase is set to release Feb. 25. 3. Mac DeMarco — “Passing Out Pieces” After attempting to fool fans

with a fake leaked song, the first official single from Mac DeMarco’s upcoming album was released Tuesday. The song is a fusion of the psychedelic distortion from Rock and Roll Night Club and laid-back rock from 2. Appropriately, the album Salad Days will be released April Fools’ Day. Also check out the acoustic preview of another new track, “Let Her Go,” on YouTube. 4. Axxa/Abraxas — “I Almost Fell” Confusing name aside, Axxa/ Abraxas is another great modernalternative approach to ’60s psychedelic sound. It sounds like a mix between Real Estate and Night Beats. Ben Asbury (aka Axxa/Abraxas) just signed on to Captured Tracks, and his first LP will be released March 4. 5. Jacuzzi Boys — “E=MC2” Miami garage rockers Jacuzzi

Boys cover Big Audio Dynamite’s “E=MC2.” The song is less noise and more ’80s synth than expected. The single aired during the last episode of “Girls” on HBO. Also check out their cover of “I Can’t Stand It,” by Lou Reed. 6. Bass Drum of Death — “Black Don’t Grow” More of the same from Bass Drum of Death, but there is no room to complain. There is no hint of a new album on the horizon, but the single “Black Don’t Grow” proves the band has a solid formula for garage rock.


! S L GIR LS! GIR LS! GIR inest F n o s c u T ’s Clubs n e m le t n Ge gets you

2-4-1 RINK! D Y N A er per custom One coupon 3 /2014 31 3/ s re Expi


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peedway 5822 E. S 307 520.790.7

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of 30 da RY at NT FREE tE& TD’s West! Eas


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owclu TD’s Sh

iracle Mile 749 W. M 650 520.882.0







7. Dum Dum Girls — “Rimbaud Eyes” The girls’ single is a dark pop rock anthem coming straight from an ’80s movie soundtrack. This new sound is an exciting departure from their bedroom rock past. Their album Too True debuts Tuesday.



8. Warpaint— “Love Is To Die” The wait was completely worth it. Warpaint’s second studio album, which comes four years after its debut, The Fool, is out now and streaming on NPR. The girls are experts at producing minimalistic rock that is mysteriously sexy. Their self-titled album is proof that they work hard to perfect their sound.

9. Hospitality — “Rockets and Jets” The Brooklyn trio’s new single is simply a great pop song. The song is like an ’80s dream with soaring synth sounds and a catchy bass line. The album Trouble debuts Tuesday. Recommended for fans of bands like Chairlift. 10. The Soft Moon — “Feel” Over the past few years, the world has not heard much from The Soft Moon, aka Luis Vasquez. “Feel” breaks Vasquez’s silence with a detached pop melody. The song is surprisingly catchy, despite exploring the pointlessness of existence.

— Shannon Kurlander is general manager of KAMP Student Radio. Follow KAMP Radio @KAMP_Radio

8 • wildcat weekend




friday, January 24, 2014 • page 9 TWITTER.COM/WILDCATARTS

Fashion designer sisters promote line

Laurel and Mariko Burton don’t just share blood: The designers show off their collaborative collection of handmade garments on University Boulevard


kelli Vu

ashion designers and sisters showcased their unique designs at a pop-up trunk show outside Swindlers on University Boulevard on Wednesday. Their collection, called Kuzu, reflects their passion for handcrafted garments. Designers Laurel Burton and Mariko Burton, who taught themselves how to sew, have their own unique and individual styles that are not only displayed by the way they dress, but also expressed in the pieces they create. At 16, Laurel Burton started sewing her own clothes with her grandmother’s old sewing machine, and she still makes pieces by hand. She showcases her girly-girl style through the use of prints, patterns and bows, creating a vintage 1950s vibe. Pieces she finds in thrift stores around Tucson serve as a sources of inspiration, she said. Mariko Burton gravitates toward more neutral tones for her designs. Designers and European fashionistas, such as Ann Demeulemeester and Alexander McQueen, ultimately motivated her to pick up sewing at the age of 20. The earrings and pants Laurel Burton wore to

the Kuzu pop-up event were both handmade by her sister. “Our styles complement each other,” Laurel Burton said, “but are very different.” Nowadays, a high demand for trendy clothes has consumers quickly buying items from stores like Forever 21 and H&M. The poor quality of these pieces is a consequence of their mass production — unlike the clothes the sisters make. The two designers pay attention to the details of every stitch, Mariko Burton said. This “slow fashion” is a key idea among designers like Laurel Burton and Mariko Burton, who stand against the mass-produced garments churned out by large clothing companies. “[Fast fashion is] resulting in people losing appreciation for the art of making the garments,” Laurel Burton said. But the sisters keep their sights set on creating high quality clothing. “[A lot of] attention goes into finishing the item and making sure everything is held together properly,” Mariko Burton said.

Cecilia Alvarez/The Daily Wildcat

Mariko Burton began sewing at the age of 20. Her designs gravitate toward neutral tones, which she says complements her sister’s more girly style.

— Follow Kelli Vu @Cute_Kelli

Cecilia Alvarez/The Daily Wildcat

sisters and local designers Laurel and Mariko Burton have been co-designing for four years.

rebecca Sasnett/The Daily Wildcat

Laurel Burton started her designing career at 16. She incorporates patterns, bows and florals into her fashion.

rebecca sasnett/The Daily Wildcat

Local designers Laurel Burton, 27, and Mariko Burton, 30, sell items from their clothing line, Kuzu, on University Boulevard on Wednesday. rebecca Sasnett/The Daily Wildcat

Aidan Fina, a nutritional sciences freshman, looks at the Kuzu clothing line on University Boulevard in front of Swindlers clothing store Wednesday.

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Door staff With EXPERIENCE ONLY. Drop off resume or fill out application at 538 E. 9th Street. The Buffet Bar. Driver/ runner neeDeD for auto repair shop. Help with shuttling customers, cars, light cleaning. Must be over 21 with good driving record. 9.00 to start. Can work around school schedule. Send resume to: full cycle accountinG assistant wanted part-time. Previous experience QB Software and MS Excel. Knowledge of accounting procedures. Must be able to be bonded. Please apply in person 2050 East 14th St. or email resume to No calls. Great office near UofA campus Catalina Transportation Services seeks a clerical individual with proven customer service skills. Highly organized. Must know MSoutlook, MSoffice, online maps, and able to communicate in a clear and concise manner via phone and email. Knowledge of Tucson/Phoenix streets, Airports, hotels, restaurants and major tourist locations. Part-time or Fulltime. Flexible scheduling, can work remotely. *(Overnight shift)* (25 years of age for vehicle insurance) Please apply at 2050 East 14th Street Mon - Friday 10am4pm or online at EOE and Drug free work place.

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classifieds • FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 2014

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Wildcats stampede Buffaloes EVAN ROSENFELD




“I was standing on the edge of the biosphere this week and I was thinking about TJ McConnell” - Bill Walton —@MeganCoghlan, Megan Coghlan, former Daily Wildcat co-sports editor

Not all Arizona fans love Bill Walton, but the announcer loves the local Tucson references during games. His son, Luke, played at the UA from 1999 to 2003.


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Sophomore forward Brandon Ashley scored 15 points and grabbed four rebounds in leading the No. 1 Arizona men’s basketball team to its 19th straight win, tying the modern school record. The Wildcats (19-0, 6-0 Pac-12) surged past Colorado (15-5, 4-3 Pac-12) 69-57 in front of a national audience Thursday at McKale Center. Junior shooting guard Nick Johnson, sophomore guard Gabe York and freshman forward Aaron Gordon combined for 39 points and nine rebounds. The win tied the Wildcats with former UA head coach Lute Olson’s 19-0 streak. “This is what we set out to do coming into this season,” Johnson said. “We knew we had a talented team and just needed to take it one step at a time That’s what we’ve done.” Ashley shot 6-for-7 from the field to highlight Arizona’s offensive attack, which saw three players record double-digits. On defense, Ashley had two steals and a block. “Brandon is the type of player that can just score from pretty much anywhere on the court,” Gordon said. “As long as he can continue making that shot from the key or the perimeter, that’s a money-maker.” Johnson scored a team-high 18 points and added three rebounds and three assists. His backcourt counterpart, T.J. McConnell, had three assists and two steals while orchestrating an offense that shot with 49 percent accuracy. Over the first six minutes of play, everything seemed to be going Arizona’s way. Thanks to an early 9-0 run by Arizona over the game’s first three-and-a-half minutes, the Wildcats jumped to a doubledigit lead over Colorado, and halfway through the first period the score stood at 20-10. The Buffaloes tried their best to hang on, but ultimately found it impossible to withstand Arizona’s relentless offense. York scored two 3-pointers while racking up three assists and two rebounds. Sophomore center Kaleb Tarczewski contributed a team-leading eight rebounds to accompany seven points, two assists and a block. Despite picking up eight team fouls in the first half — with five coming in the game’s first eight minutes — Arizona did not seemed to be fazed, and the Wildcats continued to extend their lead. At halftime, Arizona held a 15-point advantage, and at one time in the contest found itself up by as many as 20 points. Colorado’s Josh Scott and Xavier Johnson provided the bulk of the Buffaloes’ offensive threat and subsequently combined to total 36 points and 13 rebounds.


SOPHOMORE FORWARD Brandon Ashley goes up for a layup after receiving a pass from sophomore guard Gabe York during Arizona’s 69-57 win over CU at McKale Center on Thursday. Ashley scored 15 points in the UA’s 19th win a row.

In an early timeout of the second half, Arizona had six times the number of steals (6) and four times the number of assists (12) as Colorado. The Buffaloes finished the night with 16 turnovers compared to the Wildcats’ seven and were hurt severely in the paint. Gordon picked up five dunks, including an impressive reverse slam dunk with 15:13 remaining in the game, to give Arizona a commanding 20-point lead. He continued to put up impressive numbers and finished with 12 points, four rebounds, three assists

and two steals. After the game, Miller pointed out that it was the first time all season the Wildcats failed to out-rebound their foe, but he said he was happy that they had only had seven turnovers. “It was a hard-fought game for us tonight,” Miller said. “Thankfully we won.”

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Utes infiltrate McKale Center Who to watch out for:

EVAN ROSENFELD After tying former head coach Lute Olson’s 19-game winning streak to continue its illustrious undefeated season, the men’s basketball team has an opportunity to best it on Sunday night. The Wildcats are now within striking distance of James “Pop” McKale’s all-time school record of 22-0 (which was set over multiple seasons). Arizona (19-0, 6-0 Pac-12 Conference) hosts conference rival Utah (14-5, 3-4 Pac12) Sunday at 6 p.m. on Fox Sports 1. Headed into Thursday, the Utes were ranked No. 3 in the country with a +19.9 scoring margin. While Utah leads Arizona 28-25 in the all-time series, the Wildcats have been a dominating force recently, and in each of the past seven matchups with Utah, Arizona has come out undefeated. Additionally, the Utes have dropped 10 of their last 11 contests to the Wildcats. Utah’s most recent win against the UA came in the 1998 Elite Eight, when they upset the defending national champions to move on to the Final Four. The Utes’ last win in Tucson came in 1986.

Jordan Loveridge — sophomore forward (#21) 6-foot-6; 210 pounds Averaging a team-leading 16.4 points and 8.2 rebounds going into Thursday’s game. Last season, Loveridge led Utah’s hardfought attack in the Utes’ 60-57 loss against then-No. 3 Arizona. The West Jordan, Utah, native scored 17 points and compiled four rebounds in the game. Loveridge became Utah’s first Pac12 Player of the Week selection for his performances the week of Dec. 2-8. Delon Wright — junior guard (#55) 6-foot-5; 178 pounds Wright averages a team-leading 5.22 assists per game while shooting with a teamhigh 63.5 percent accuracy from the field. Two weeks ago, Wright, a transfer out of the City College of San Francisco, became the Utes’ second conference player of the week selection, following in Loveridge’s footsteps. Going into this week’s games, he was in possession of the Pac-12’s best field goal percentage (.635) and he ranks among the top 15 in rebounds (No. 12), scoring (No. 6), assists (No. 5), blocks (No. 4) and steals (No. 1).

WHAT TO WATCH Friday Arizona men’s tennis vs. NAU: 12:30 p.m., Tucson Country Club Arizona women’s basketball vs. Colorado: 7 p.m., streamed live on Pac-12 Network Arizona hockey vs. San Diego State: 7:30 p.m., Tucson Convention Center

Saturday Arizona men’s and women’s swimming and diving vs. California: 1 p.m., Pac-12 Networks Arizona gymnastics vs. Oklahoma: 4 p.m., McKale Center

Michigan State men’s basketball vs. Michigan: 5 p.m. MST, ESPN Arizona hockey vs. San Diego State: 7:30 p.m., Tucson Convention Center (Skate with the Wildcats night)

Sunday Arizona men’s tennis vs. UC Riverside: 11 a.m., Tucson Country Club Arizona women’s basketball vs. Utah: 3 p.m., streamed live on Pac-12 Network NFL Pro Bowl: 5:30 p.m. MST, NBC Arizona men’s basketball vs. Utah: 6 p.m., Fox Sports 1



Brandon Taylor — sophomore guard (#11) 5-foot-10; 165 pounds Averaging 10.6 points and 3.9 assists per game while shooting 30-for-35 (85.7 percent) from the free-throw line. Last year as a true freshman, Taylor played in 29 games, starting the season’s final 13 contests. He ranked second in the conference with a .420 3-point percentage, compiled double digits 11 times and led the team in scoring four times. Taylor and Wright each scored 12 points in the matchup against UCLA.

Notable Mentions:

Dakarai Tucker — sophomore guard/ forward (#14) 6-foot-5; 189 pounds Averaging 8 points and 2.4 rebounds per game while successfully converting over 80 percent of potential free throw attempts. Dallin Bachynski — junior center (#31) 7-foot; 258 pounds Averaging 5.9 points and 4.9 rebounds per game while shooting 31-for-49 (63.2 percent) from the floor. TYLER BAKER/THE DAILY WILDCAT

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JUNIOR GUARD Nick Johnson goes in for a layup during the UA’s win over CU on Thursday. The Wildcat guards will be tested by Utah’s talented perimeter players.

Worn-out Arizona hockey welcomes woeful Aztecs JOEY PUTRELO Arizona hockey head coach Sean Hogan’s mentality when it comes to scheduling is: “In order to be the best, you need to beat the best.” But after recently facing four top-five ACHA teams and a foreign university with a roster featuring former professional players, the Wildcats finally get to match up with a lower-division program again. This weekend No. 17 Arizona (12-17-0, 5-6-0 WCHL) welcomes San Diego State (10-10-0) of the ACHA Division II for a two-game affair. When the puck drops tonight at 7:30 p.m., it will be the first time the UA has played an opponent of this level since sweeping Long Beach State at the Tucson Convention Center in the middle of November. “Look at the week Arizona played Oregon in football; coach [Rich] Rodriguez’s quote was, ‘For us to win we have to play a perfect game, and they’re going to have to make a ton of mistakes’,” Hogan said. “[The Wildcats] went and outplayed them, and it was because Oregon overlooked them. So we have to make sure we don’t overlook anyone and we’re ready to go.”

Following the second 7:30 p.m. contest Saturday, attendees are encouraged to bring a pair of ice skates for the second Skate with the Wildcats promotion of the season. This event gives fans a chance to go on the ice and interact with UA players and coaches. Not counting the two exhibition losses to York, the Wildcats are currently on a three-game losing skid and are 3-7-0 in their previous 10 games. However, over the past two seasons, Arizona hasn’t lost to lower division teams. Like last season, the sampling size of ACHA Division II play is small for the Wildcats. In three contests against NAU and two versus Long Beach State this season, Arizona is a perfect 5-0-0, totaling a 30-9 scoring ratio. “With every game, you — Sean Hogan, want to go in with the same head coach mindset; especially as a goalie,” said senior Steven Sisler, who Hogan said would start one of the games. “You always have to be ready for every shot you face, even against a less competitive team.” The Wildcats pulled out the brooms in a pair of wins against San Diego State on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, 2012, outscoring them 14-5.





Wildcat Chat Junior gymnast Amber Wobma dishes on her sport’s drama ahead of her first home meet JAMES KELLEY

After two weeks on the road, No. 17 Arizona gymnastics hosts its first home meet Saturday against No. 1 Oklahoma at 4 p.m. at McKale Center. The Daily Wildcat spoke with junior Gymcat Amber Wobma about the upcoming meet and college gymnastic performances.

if they have anything planned involving the new scoreboard [in McKale Center]?

A & Q

DW: After a bunch of meets on the road, how excited are you to be competing back home?

What’s your favorite event and why?

Either vault or beam, I really like those. Vault is like a one-trick event and you always have to be mentally prepared. And beam you also have to be really focused, but it’s also a good event. How do you pick your music for floor routine?

Our [assistant] coach Randi [Acosta], she picks the music, but we can give her ideas and input.

I’m excited because the atmosphere is a lot different and more fun and everyone really gets into it. Everyone’s parents and family come. It’s really fun.

With No. 1 Oklahoma coming to town, is the excitement of a such a high meet what you’re pitching to the fans?

It’s going to be real good competition and it’s always going to be more exciting when hard schools come to town and are who we are competing against. The Gymcats’ meets are so flashy — do you know

No, they haven’t told us anything yet. They never tell us what the first intro video is going to be like.

Have you ever been at a meet where you heard someone’s music and you thought, “Wow, that’s weird,” or “That’s crazy”? Yeah — well actually, last meet too there was another girl that had kind of the same floor music as me, but just a different cut, but... [laughs].

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JUNIOR AMBER WOBMA practices Wednesday. Wobma said she is excited for the UA’s first home meet because the atmosphere at McKale is more fun than on the road.





“These are games we have to win,” Hogan said. “We’ve overlooked some teams this year, and we lost. San Diego State is coming here probably expecting to win, just like we are.” San Diego State will look to contain Arizona’s redhot left wing, Ansel Ivens-Anderson, who has racked up eight points in the past five games on five goals and three assists. The senior captain has scored at least once in the last four contests as well. However, UA senior center Andrew Murmes still leads the pack in points (40), goals (18), assists (22), power-play goals (eight), game-winning goals (two) and penalty minutes (107). With 11 games left, the Massachusetts native is likely to beat his singleseason career high of 21 goals scored back in his sophomore year. “Obviously it’s been a tough road and we’ve played some tough games,” Murmes said. “But when a team like this comes you just want to stick to your game plan. Although you may be able to beat someone individually, it still has to be a team effort.”

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The article “Tucson remembers former hurdler” (Luke Della, Jan. 23) incorrectly stated that Gaizka Urreiztieta was Lezo Urreiztieta’s younger brother, when actually Gaizka is Lezo’s older brother. The online version has been corrected. The Daily Wildcat apologizes for the error.


DEFENSEMAN KYLE AMBROSIE attempts to intercept a pass during Arizona’s 5-2 loss to Liberty last Friday. The Wildcats have gone 3-7-0 in their last 10 games but host Division II San Diego State this weekend.


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16 • wildcat weekend



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Six Excellent Buildings Near Downtown and UofA:

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In this edition of Wildcat Weekend: Arizona Takes Sundance Film Festival, Cartel Coffee Lab opens new location, Most anticipated video games...


In this edition of Wildcat Weekend: Arizona Takes Sundance Film Festival, Cartel Coffee Lab opens new location, Most anticipated video games...