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TUCSON ROLLER DERBY SKATES INTO SEASON Tucson’s traveling Roller Derby team, the Saddletramps, to face Phoenix’s Tent City Terrors in season opener






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community • Friday, January 17, 2014

Derby girls roll into first bout Joey Fisher


peed, endurance, muscle and defense. One player tackles another while the crowd cheers on. This is not Sunday night football — this is roller derby. Tucson Roller Derby is starting off its season with its traveling team, the Saddletramps, playing against the Tent City Terrors from Phoenix on Saturday. Tucson Roller Derby was founded in 2003, starting with its first team, the Furious Truckstop Waitresses. Since then, the league has only grown in size and has become an underground gem of Tucson. Gigi Onowen, also known as Pixie Axe, said that she is most excited about the new talent on the team this season. “I’m excited to see how far we can go,” Onowen said. “There are always new influxes of people that come in, and I’m excited to see how we all grow and change together.” Onowen is the team captain for the Saddletramps and a fourth

savannnah douglas/The Daily Wildcat

Members of the Tucson Roller Derby huddle up during a practice for the first bout this Saturday. The team will face the Phoenix Tent City Terrors.

year graduate student in geography. When preparing for bouts, the term designated for a roller derby competition, players have certain rituals that will ensure luck to the team. “Metal Maiden didn’t wash her socks for a whole season,” Onowen said. “I just try to get a good

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night’s rest.” Beverly Cooper, also known as Kosma Nauti, doesn’t have a specific ritual before a bout. “I mainly like to stay calm,” Cooper said. “Some girls insist on shaving on game day, and some girls refuse to.” Cooper said that the team likes to relax and “laugh it out” together on

game days. Cooper and the Saddletramps have been preparing for the bout against the Tent City Terrors for weeks. “We look at the other team’s strategy,” Cooper said, “and at certain players’ strengths and

roller derby, 3


savannah douglas/The Daily Wildcat

Tucson Roller Derby members discuss strategies during a practice on Thursday.

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community • Friday, January 17, 2014

wildcat weekend • 3

Dynamic dancers take stage second act, Agwa, is about water, the key to our survival and our most precious resource. According to White, every member in Compagnie Käfig is both a dancer and a choreographer. Merzouki allows for each dancer to cultivate his own unique style and to collaborate in composing the dances. “There are different dynamics of each dancer; each dancer dances individually,” White said. “They each have their own very different individuality within the group.” Though the dances that are being performed on Saturday were choreographed by Merzouki and inspired by the dancers’ roots, White said that, normally, the inspiration for their explosive movement comes from the music. His personal favorite is house music, though their Tucson performance will feature a variety of different sounds and melodies from — Le Figaro French Magazine various regions all over the globe. Their costumes are minimalistic, but the dance troupe does not need flashy garb to attract attention. They let their youthful vigor, distinctive movement and synergetic devotion speak for them. “[We want] to give energy to the people,” White said, “and he hopes that the public can receive it. He hopes to change people’s energies and make people happier and more positive.”

Tatiana TOMICH


iego White began his career dancing “funk” for change on the streets of Paris. As of today, he has traveled to 47 different countries and danced in front of more than a million people with the dance troupe Compagnie Käfig, which will be at Centennial Hall on Saturday at 8 p.m. White, along with 10 other street dancers from Rio de Janeiro, make up the eclectic and unique group that is Compagnie Käfig. The dancers are said to color the stage with an exhilarating mix of hip-hop, acrobatics and traditional dances such as samba and capoeira. “The 11 dancers commit themselves totally, energetically, joyfully. Absolutely irresistible,” French magazine Le Figaro wrote about the troupe. “The first thing that they try to show is their energy and their pleasure to be on stage dancing,” White said in his native tongue, Portuguese, to the Daily Wildcat through his translator, Astrid Teledo. Being on stage “represents a moment of pleasure and joy and happiness because it allows him to do what he loves,” White said. Artistic Director Mourad Merzouki found inspiration for the two shows that will be performed at Centennial Hall within the personal histories of his dancers. All hailing from favelas, or shanty towns in Brazil, their passion for life and success resonated with Merzouki. The first act, Correria, captures the frantic race that humans partake in to get to the top. The

“The 11 Dancers commit themselves totally, energetically, joyfully. Absolutely irresistible.”

the Saddletramps are still confident in their team. “This is our first chance to really skate together as a team,” Cooper said. “I can’t wait to see who we are as a team this season.”

— Follow Joey Fisher @Jo_Fiish

4040 N. Weimer Place, #8


NOW PRE LEASING for Fall 2014!

Roger Roger


1st stt!! es Be r y B e ry v e s v it s t it a t a g ing ivin Liv ntt L en de ud S Sttu dent The Perf!ect Stu Housing at Luxury star ting $405 et Free cablere, intern and wat Attached garage

what: Tucson Saddletramps v. AZRD Tent City Terrors WHEN: Sunday at 5:30 p.m. WHERE: TRD Wreckhouse ADMISSION: $10, $15 at door




weakness. Mostly, figure out how we can surprise them.” Cooper said she is excited to see how the team will work together in their first bout against Phoenix. “Phoenix is a huge league,” said Arnie Bermudez, a fan of Tucson

Roller Derby. “It’s amazing to see how much talent and skill all these girls have.” Bermudez’s girlfriend, Goldie Roxx, is on the Copper Queens. He said he tries to go to every bout in the season. “It’s almost like a rock concert mixed with a wrestling match,” Bermudez said. “It’s very energetic, with a lot of athleticism and showmanship.” Even with a lot of new members,


from page 2

— Follow Tatiana @xoTatianaTom

Mtn. Mountain Ave.

roller derby

Courtesy of Michel Cavalca

The dancers of Compagnie Kafig intertwine elements of hip-hop dance, acrobatics and performance art during their show, which will be performed at Centennial Hall on Saturday.

U of A

U of A

Call to reserve!

ON Mountain Ave. BIKE PATH!

Scan with Smart Phone

m 2 bath 1393sq

Plan A: 3 bedroo


Plan B: 3 be

drrom 2 ba

th 1464sq


Plan C: 3 bedroom 2

bath 1431sq feet



‘Her’ explores human-tech relations ALEX GUYTON


hat if computers became so humanlike, complete with personalities, voices, emotions and desires, that you could fall in love with them? Director Spike Jonze explores this in “Her,” a beautiful movie about heartbreak, moving on and finding love and human companionship in an increasingly technological world. The Los Angeles of “Her” is set in the notso-distant future and is realistically constructed and captured by Jonze. Today, we occasionally pretend it’s rude to be on your phone in the presence of company, whereas in the world of tomorrow, people are allowed to be as insular as they want. No one jokingly mentions how they can’t get off their phones or how we’ve become antisocial. People walk around with earpieces connected to their PDAs, mumbling to themselves as they instruct the voices in their heads to read their emails or play music. Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) is one of these technologically connected

people. We find him estranged from his wife Catherine (Rooney Mara), in the second year of the divorce process. He can’t bring himself to sign the papers. His job is to write other people’s love letters as a service for those who can’t find the time or ability to express their emotions to their loved ones. Theodore is outstanding at his job. When he goes home at night, he plays an video game with an in-game avatar that swears at him. The programmer’s grandfather was probably once a 13-yearold terrorizing Xbox Live. Theodore’s life is one of unfulfilling solitude. The hole left by his wife (who is also his childhood friend) is like the presence of a ghost. Apart from his friend Amy (Amy Adams), Theodore doesn’t connect with anyone. That is, until he meets his new operating system, Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). She talks, thinks, learns and


feels, and communicates with Theodore via his PDA and earpiece. She has a snarky personality and gibes Theodore, and she is able to read thousands of books in a fraction of a second while simultaneously composing piano concertos. As Samantha’s desire to experience what it’s like to be a human grows, so does Twombly’s affection for her. Eventually, the two start dating and, just like any relationship, theirs has its highs and lows. The reality that a relationship between a human and a computer works onscreen is a testament to all involved. Joaquin Phoenix runs through the gamut of emotions, from a lost waywardness expressed in his vacant eyes to carefree jubilation, and he is able to do so without a present coactor; he is reacting to a disembodied voice. Johansson’s voice-over work has been so highly praised that people wonder whether she could merit any award nominations as a supporting actress. You actually feel Samantha’s presence from only her voice, which makes it believable that Theodore could fall for her. Jonze served as both director and writer, and is able to draw the audience to this relationship with his talents. The film manages, apart from maybe a single occurrence, to successfully avoid the very real risk of coming off as ridiculous. There is a sex




WHO, WHAT, WEAR Kelsey Farrell Finance junior

Q: How would you describe your outfit today? A: I’m looking all good. I’m wearing a Banana Republic, red, tight top thing, and an H&M blazer because I am really fancy, and American Eagle jeans. Also, this cool watch that I don’t remember where I got it from, but it is shiny. What would you describe your style as on a typical day? My style? I don’t know. I am kind of all over the place. Kind of just whatever I am feeling like. How do you feel when you are dressed in your unique style? I think that when you look better, you feel better about yourself, you know? I don’t like wearing workout clothes to school because then I feel like I look slobbish and lazy.

Anna Ochoa-Lions

Andrew Meyer

Engineering management senior

Architecture sophomore How would you describe your outfit today? I am wearing a blue and white dress shirt. I have some Ganuchi shoes. It kind of looks like I have a vest on my shoes; it is weird, but I like them. And some jeans, but if you live in Arizona you don’t wear jeans, so people look at me funny. What would you describe your style as on a typical day? I think I might be turning hipster. I went into Urban Outfitters for the first time and I [was] like, “I love all of these shirts and I have never been here before. Why haven’t I?” How do you feel when you’re dressed in your unique style? I like dressing up. At studio, we have fancy Fridays — it is always fun!

How would you describe your outfit today? I am wearing skinny jeans, flats with ankle straps, which are my favorite right now, and a big sweater. What would you describe your style as on a typical day? I definitely wear skinny jeans every day. I try to dress casual, but [with] a little bit of prep and pizzazz. How do you feel when you are dressed in your unique style? A: I feel really comfortable, but still pretty. In my subject that I am studying, there are a lot of tomboys and men, so I kind of feel like I bring the femininity to my major. — COMPILED BY SAVANNAH DOUGLAS



Homegrown: Local Food, Music & Circus Where: Maker House, 238 N. Stone Ave. Time: 7 p.m. Tickets: $5-$20, only available at the door An evening filled with local entertainment (including a circus variety show and instrumental groups) and local foodstuff. All proceeds benefit the Heirloom Farmers Market, a regional collaboration of farmers markets and vendors.


Freestyle Rap & Beat Box Workshop Where: Sea of Glass Center for the Arts, 330 E. 7th St. Time: 2 p.m. Tickets: $10-$15, The Sea of Glass Center of the Arts, which focuses on “global change through higher consciousness,” is celebrating its opening weekend with a two-hour workshop led by Rahman Jamaal of Rap Force Academy in San Francisco. No prior experience is necessary.


Tucson Quilt Fiesta Where: Tucson Convention Center Exhibit Halls, 260 S. Church St. Time: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Tickets: $10, TCC Ticket Office Sunday is the last day to view more than 300 quilts at the 36th Annual Quilt Show.


“Let the Fire Burn,” free screening Where: The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. Time: 5 p.m. Tickets: A special Martin Luther King Jr. Day screening of a 2013 film directed by Jason Osder that discusses the revolts between the city of Philadelphia and radical urban groups in the 1980s.


scene between Theodore and Samantha that is tastefully done. Toward the end of the film, Amy reaches the conclusion: “We are only here briefly, and in this moment, I want to allow myself joy. So, fuck it.” At first, this seems like a typical existential conclusion and a declaration that we should do what we want and be free to love who we want. But where does such a sentiment stand if, in the film’s closing shot, we are left with two humans, Theodore and Amy, together on a roof ­— and not the unorthodox relationship of a human and his OS? Perhaps a computer leaving her boyfriend because she’s too advanced is just the same as any other breakup. — Follow Alex Guyton @TDWildcatFilm



friday, January 17, 2014 • page 6 TWITTER.COM/WILDCATARTS

Local invites all to birthday rager Sarah precup If you’ve ever wanted to party like a lumberjack, now’s your chance: Local artist Joe Pagac is celebrating his 33rd birthday with a 21+, alpine lodge-themed party at Hotel Congress on Saturday, and everyone’s invited. This isn’t the first time Pagac has opened his birthday celebration up to the general public, but the lodge theme is slightly out of the ordinary for him. “Almost every party I’ve thrown for the last couple years has either been, like, 70s-themed, or somehow very close to nakedthemed,” he said, laughing. “So I wanted to go the other direction, and have people be clothed.” Pagac has arranged for snow machines and a warmly crackling fire playing on TV to complete Hotel Congress’ transformation into a winter wonderland, while

multiple DJs will blast music to dance to. Specials on drinks like hot toddys and apple cider will also be available to keep the flannel-clad guests toasty. Pagac said he throws about three big parties open to the public every year. “It started, actually, just with me not wanting to throw parties at my house anymore, and starting to take them out to the bars,” Pagac said. “They started getting so big that I started throwing them as open-to-the-public parties.” Hotel Congress was an ideal location for the event because he used to work there as curator of the lobby gallery, Pagac said, and the staff there knows he can bring in quite a crowd. About 1,200 people in lingerie, boxers and thongs showed up to Pagac’s underwear party at Hotel Congress last summer, which featured a pillow fight room and

a human terrarium, a large glass tank for people to pose in. “They actually had to close that terrarium down, because it went from R-rated to X-rated in there,” Pagac said. To fit with the alpine lodge theme, a miniature alpine forest with real trees will replace the human terrarium as a photo op spot for guests at Saturday’s event. He may be well-known for his parties, but Pagac’s main focus is his art. “I don’t want to just become a party promoter,” Pagac said. “I want to keep it as a small part of my life.” A UA alumnus with a degree in visual communication and illustration, Pagac has painted murals all over Tucson, including inside Hotel Congress, on the side of the Rialto, at Trader Joe’s and at local restaurants. Currently, he’s at work on stage backdrops for the

$15 with STUDENT ID


(Colin Quinn Only)

very venue at which he’s holding his bash. Though planning large-scale parties may be a far cry from painting murals, Pagac still sees them as an opportunity to exercise his creativity. “It gives me chances to build weird shit and build weird sets, which I think is my favorite part,” he said. “I honestly own, I think, more costumes than I own regular clothes.” Saturday’s alpine lodgethemed party is free, and Pagac isn’t expecting guests to bring gifts or cake. “For me, it’s not as much about celebrating my birthday as just everyone having a really fun time,” he said. — Joey Fisher contributed savannah douglas/The Daily Wildcat reporting to this article Joe Pagac, a local artist, incorporates themes of his upcom— Follow Sarah Precup ing Alpine Lodge party into his human terrarium. The 21+ @DailyWildcat party will be held at Hotel Congress on Saturday at 9 p.m.

H e y, Bark e

What is your least favorite drink to make? The fact of the matter is that when you are slammed at the bar, the Lemon Drop could be the worst possible drink to make. You have to rim a glass with sugar and do all this nifty stuff; it is a pain.


Have you had any memorable customers? We used to have these guys, Mark and Steve, who were just always at the bar and they were old dirty men. I definitely remember them grossing people out while sitting at the bar.


Austin Sanchez

How can I, as a customer, make your job easier? Just know what you want.

World of Beer



savannah douglas/The Daily Wildcat

How long have you been bartending? I have been bartending for close to six years now.

(520) 547-3040 | 17 W Congress | FOXTUCSON.COM

What is your favorite to drink to make? I have worked a lot of college bars, so, I guess, it is fun to make Jolly Ranchers and differentflavored, inappropriate-named drinks like Panty Droppers and Pink Pussys. Those are fun.

What can I do to piss you off? If there is a drink special, like quarters, to come to the bar tapping your one quarter at the bar. It’s like, “OK, cool. So, you aren’t going to tip me. This will be a fun drink to make.”

At World of Beer, what do you recommend? I recommend trying our beer. *laughs* What is your favorite beer at World of Beer? I feel like I have a new favorite every week. I would say my favorite of all time, right now, is the Firestone Wookey Jack. —Compiled by Savannah Douglas



Pink Martini brings the storm



torm Large, one of the lead singers in the jazz band Pink Martini, answers a few of the Daily Wildcat’s questions before she and the band take the stage at the Fox Tucson Theatre on Sunday at 7 p.m. Pink Martini is made up of 10 to 12 talented musicians who perform in multiple languages with a full orchestra. The band has played sold-out shows in highly esteemed venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall in New York City and the Royal Albert Hall in London. DW: How was the band formed? Large: Thomas Lauderdale was working at city hall in Portland, 20 years ago, and he was planning, ultimately, to run for mayor. He hated the music at all of the political functions and started the band to play there and realized that he enjoyed doing that much more. How did you get started with the band Pink Martini? China Forbes [the original lead singer of Pink


Martini] was put on intense vocal rest, and at the time, they had a bunch of sold-out shows at the Kennedy Center [in Washington, D.C.]. I was asked by Thomas to sing for the shows, and for days he begged me. Finally I did it, but I only ended up doing it with a cheat sheet, which I hate doing. But, I had to learn 10 songs in five languages in four days. I did it, but I don’t remember the shows. Since then, I’ve been adopted by the band. And now I’m one of the lead singers. Best part of being in the band? The people. They are so incredibly professional and so good at what they do, but they aren’t snobby. I learn a lot from them because they’ve studied music and are all really astute musicians. They have been classical musicians, jazz musicians. Being in the band has made me a much better musician, so what I’ve learned from them is the best part. How many languages do you sing in and where did the idea of doing music in different languages stem from? I sing in 15 languages. Human expression is


ArizonA Daily



17 JAN 2014

a universal thing. We can sing this kind of killer pop song from Japan or a sexy Italian love song. There is beautiful music everywhere, so why just sing in one language when there’s all this great music? Great music comes from everywhere.

What’s the premise behind the album Get Happy? Get Happy was supposed to be an album of just joyful and happy, all blissful songs. It turned out to be deeper, more melancholy songs. The title became more of an imperative: We all go through difficult things in our lives, but we can get through it. Some of the best art and music are made during these challenging times. Get Happy is a great representation of getting through these times and making something beautiful out of it. What will Saturday’s show be like? It’s kind of like this great party, an old Hollywood party, where no one feels left out and the music is fun and beautiful and rich and old timey and still kind of brought up to the standards. Young people and old people can really get into it, forget the outside world for a while and just being out for a lovely evening. Be pre-


pared to get up and dance; sometimes we pull people up on stage. — Follow Tatiana Tomich @xoTatianaTom





Charles Harbutt Photography Exhibit. The Center for Creative Photography. 1030 N. Olive Rd. Open Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat-Sun 1-4pm. This exhibition features prints from Harbutt’s newest publication, Departures and Arrivals.

Butterfly Magic at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Open daily, seven days a week from 9:30am-3pm. 2150 N. Alvernon Way. This exhibit runs through April 30th and showcases butterflies from 11 different countries. Admission costs: $13 adults, $12 student/senior, $8 children.

past by award-winning photographer, Patricia Descalzi.

Men’s Ice Hockey vs Liberty University Home Game. Tucson Convention Center. 206 S Church Ave. 7:30pm. Cost $5-$16 U of A Mirror Lab Tours. Main Campus, Steward Observatory Mirror Lab. Get a behind the scenes look at the optical technology involved in making giant telescope mirrors. Tours are available Monday through Friday. Adults $15, students $8.

TUCSON EVENTS Gather: A Vintage Market. Old Arizona Sash Building. 657 W St. Mary’s Rd. 10am-6pm. This market features unique antique and collectible items.

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun. 6300 N. Swan. Open 10am-4pm. “Our Lady of Guadalupe” is a new exhibit depicting the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Mission in the Sun that DeGrazia built in her honor. Several works in ink, watercolor, encaustic, and tempera will be featured in this exhibit. “Snapshots of Southern Arizona’s Past Through Moments in the Present” Photo Exhibition by Patricia Descalzi. Tubac Presidio State Historic Park. 1 Burruel St. Open 9am-5pm. This exhibit running through January 31st features moments and traditions from Southern Arizona’s

Raptor Free Flights at the ArizonaSonora Desert Museum. 2021 N. Kinney Rd. Shows at 10am and 2pm daily through April 24. Watch as native birds of prey soar in their desert habitat as a narrator describes their behaviors and attributes. Free with admission. Tucson’s River of Words Youth Poetry and Art Traveling Exhibit. Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr. Branch Library. 7800 N. Schisler Drive. 9am-8pm. This exhibit features local children’s view of the natural world through poetry and mixed media art. Cosmo Couture. LoveSmack Studios. 19 E. Toole Ave. 11am-6pm Saturday and Sunday. This new and used clothing sale benefits Artifact Dance Project. Admission is free. Compiled by Katherine Fournier

To sponsor this calendar, or list an event, email or call 621.3425 Deadline 3pm 2 business days prior to publication.

8 • wildcat weekend

Music • Friday, January 17, 2014

guest column

‘The Red Violin’ welcomes students Steven Gendel MM, UA School of Music Alum


ucson Symphony Orchestra continues its program offering students any unsold seat for $10 one hour prior to most orchestral concerts. The TSO Classic Concert #5: “The Red Violin” and Mahler’s “Fifth Symphony” will take place at Tucson Music Hall, Tucson Convention Center, Friday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Is Mahler’s “Fifth Symphony” “the greatest symphony ever written”? Or is it, aside from its achingly gorgeous Adagietto, a sorely incomprehensible cacophony? Is John Corigliano’s “Concerto for Violin” a fitting and well-deserved summary and culmination of his award-winning score to the 1998 film “The Red Violin”? Or is it gussied-up movie music written to squeeze a little more from one of his most lucrative commercial successes? If you have a current student ID, you can show up anytime within one hour prior to one of the TSO’s two Classic Series performances this weekend, pay only $10 and decide for yourself. Often, these tickets are not simply for the less desirable seats, but include great promotional and patronreturned tickets — some of the best in the house. Corigliano’s “Concerto for Violin” is a powerful violin showpiece, well-crafted from themes he composed for the award-winning score to “The

Red Violin,” which traces the amazing “life” of a violin made in Cremona in 1681 through four centuries and five countries. While the concerto’s four movements — “Chaconne,” “Pianissimo Scherzo,” “Andante Flautando” and “Accelerando Finale” — do not follow the movie’s dramatic story line, they draw their intense depth and breadth from its haunting images, which traverse through Vienna of 1793, Oxford of the late 1890s and Shanghai of the late 1960s, ending in Montreal of 1997. The sequences of the red violin’s amazing journey follow a set of tarot cards selected by the maid of the violin maker’s dying wife: Long Life, The Hanged Man, The Devil, Justice and Death. Lasting 35 minutes, the concerto is a sparkling musical jewel, which former TSO Concertmaster Steven Moeckel is sure to make brightly sparkle. Mahler’s gigantic “Fifth Symphony” is a particular favorite of celebrated Mahler interpreter George Hanson, TSO’s music director/conductor. It is a sprawling, horn-heavy, five-movement work lasting 70 minutes. It comprises a pivotal place in Mahler’s orchestral oeuvre, which Maestro Hanson describes as “one long, continuous narrative, expressing an unequaled range of human emotion.” This symphony’s staggeringly diverse emotional content is further exaggerated by the distinctly unsettling sequence in which they unfold. Its first movement is a long and dark funeral

baking across america

FREE BAKING DEMOS REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED Demos include baking tips, door prizes, recipes, and more! TUCSON, AZ DoubleTree Suites at Airport 7051 South Tucson Blvd.

m fo r

inf ore

ing sit k o vi

THURSDAY, JANUARY 23 noon - 2pm: perfect pies + scones 7pm - 9pm: baking with yeast + whole grains or

call 800 .82

7.6 8


march, followed by an even more wildly veering second movement, presented as a persistent and violent storm. Having established this thick layer of serious drama and apparent trauma, the third movement, a Scherzo, suddenly brings sunny Viennese emotions out to dance and play, creating a most surprising — even disorienting — emotional transition. The final two movements only increase the listener’s sense of the unexpected. Movement four is Mahler’s deservedly famous “Adagietto”, an intensely personal and bittersweet creation that in itself often moves its listeners very deeply into self-reflection. Its poignant beauty as a musical statement is of such quality that it can easily stand alone as a composition, as it does in Luchino Visconti’s award-winning 1971 film, “Death in Venice.” Yet, within this gigantic symphony, this oh-so-tender, heart-rending music flows directly into a super-energized, exuberant and breath-taking “Rondo-Finale.” Somehow, at its conclusion, Mahler wrings great triumph out of this harrowing, extremely nonlinear and emotionally-charged epic journey. It truly is a “story without words” for the ages. Experiencing great art can be one of the most valuable pieces of a liberal arts education. And for students, for $10, this looks to be a steal for great musical art to kick off the new semester.

courtesy of tucson symphony orchestra

Former Concertmaster Steven Moeckel will play a bright part in the upcoming TSO Classic Concert #5.

— This article is special to the Daily Wildcat

GAme Day• Friday, January 17, 2014

wildcat weekend • 9

Struggling women’s hoops hosts Stanford


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some of the top-tier local high school teams, such as the Salpointe Catholic High School boys’ basketball team, Cienega High School boys’ basketball team and Tucson High Magnet School girls’ basketball team. “I think it’s an important time for young people, and we certainly want to encourage them to be involved in sports, athletics, fine arts and extracurricular activities that are meaningful and productive to their future lives,” Ackerley said. Past MLK Basketball Classics have included high school standout players such as former UA men’s basketball players Jerryd Bayless and Brendon Lavendar and current ASU men’s basketball star Jahii Carson. Entrance to the tournament will be $10 for adults and $7 for high school students with student IDs.

roberto payne The Arizona women’s basketball team looks to end a four-game losing streak today as the No. 4 Stanford Cardinal comes to Mckale Center. The Wildcats (4-11, 0-4 Pac-12 Conference) haven’t yet secured a Pac-12 win, and the Cardinal (15-1, 4-0) comes in to this game as one of the best teams in the nation. Coming off another close loss, this time at the hands of the USC Trojans, the Wildcats have to make adjustments if they plan on upsetting Stanford. Chief among those changes has to be a different offensive approach. “It’s tough because the plays are there to be had,” UA head coach Niya Butts said. “Unfortunately, we’re not making them.” Statistically, Arizona’s scoring offense is last in the Pac-12 with 60.7 points per game, and it’s clear something needs to be done. While several offensive

Classics Schedule 2 p.m (boys) Benson vs. Willcox 3:30 p.m. (girls) Sunnyside vs. Pueblo 5 p.m. (boys) Tucson Mountain View vs. Cienega 6:30 p.m. (girls) Tucson High vs. Flowing Wells 8 p.m. (boys) Tucson Sahuaro vs. Salpointe — Follow Roberto Payne @HouseofPayne555

aspects are lacking, the area of biggest concern seems to be the lack of assists. The UA’s assist leader is senior guard Carissa Crutchfield with only 3.47 assists per game. To put that into perspective, the Pac-12 leader in assists is Brittany Boyd of California with 5.53 assists per game. Now, while that doesn’t seem like a big difference, those approximately two assists more per game could’ve made a huge difference in the 10 single-digit losses that the Wildcats have suffered this season. Their 4-11 record could have easily been flipped around to 11-4. “We’re always there,” UA junior guard Candice Warthen said. “We’ve got to push harder. … We know that we’re able to do it because, like you said, we lose close games. Nobody is blowing us out.” Take into account that Arizona, as a team, is eighth in the Pac-12 in assists with 13.33 per game, and





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it’s no surprise that the offense is struggling to consistently put points on the scoreboard. On the other hand, Stanford is leading the Pac-12 in assists with 19.63 per game and has the second best scoring offense in the conference as they average 79.6 points per game. Stanford is the fourth-ranked team in the nation and is led by senior forward Chiney Ogwumike. She is the Pac-12 leader in points per game (27.3) and second in rebounding per game (11.8). Ogwumike will be the biggest test so far for freshmen forwards LaBrittney Jones and Breanna Workman. If the Wildcats hope to pull off the upset, Jones and Workman will have to be aggressive and consistent on both sides of the ball in order to counter the scoring and rebounding prowess of Ogwumike. “I think we need to [be] tougher and learn how to get down and defend somebody,” Workman





The Daily Wildcat

Rebecca Marie Sasnett/The Daily Wildcat

Freshman forward Breanna Workman pressures the ball last weekend. Stanford’s frontcourt will test Workman tonight.

said. After the Stanford game, the Wildcats will have a few days to prepare for No. 15 California on Monday at 3 p.m. The game can be seen on the Pac-12 Networks.

— Follow Roberto Payne @HouseofPayne555

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10 • wildcat weekend

Friday, January 17, 2014


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wildcat weekend • 11

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! CoNSTruCTioN, laNdSCaPiNg, ProPerTy maintenance helper wanted. P/T, flexible sched‑ ule. No tools/ experience neces‑ sary. Must have vehicle. Campus area.


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airTroNiCS iNC. a local Aerospace/Aviation avionics re‑ pair, overhaul and manufacture fa‑ cility in Tucson, AZ is seeking a part‑time Engineering/Manufactur‑ ing support team member. This po‑ sition is ideal for a student study‑ ing Engineering that wishes to get real world, hands on experience in their field of study. Position is part‑ time and we are willing to work with your school schedule. As a member of the team you will assist with administrative and other job functions through various activities with a focus of quoting but may also include additional support functions such as: Search various US Government websites, help the Team develop and maintain project documenta‑ tion including letters, requests for quotes, drawings, specifications, reviews and approvals, and other documentation. The ideal candi‑ date will have a professional pre‑ sentation and interpersonal skills over the phone and in person. They will be proficient with Mi‑ crosoft Office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook). Please submit a resume along with your available work schedule and your available start date to No phone calls please. Please include a resume to be considered. Com‑ pensation is DOE. Airtronics Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.



classifieds • Friday, January 17, 2014

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PT/ FT CuSTomer Service. Rep‑ resentative Bilingual (Tucson). Looking for an upbeat, go‑getter to join our team. High‑quality cus‑ tomer service in a call center envi‑ ronment. Must be biligual (En‑ glish/Spanish). Must be avail. after‑ noons, evenings, and weekends. Customer Service bonuses each pay period. Apply over the phone at 520‑884‑3500 Summer oF your liFe! CamP wayNe For girlS Children’s sleep-away camp, Pocono mountains, Pennsylvania (6/28- 8/16/14). if you love children and want a caring, fun environment we need Counselors for: Tennis, Swimming, golf, gymnastics, Cheerleading, drama, high & low ropes, Camping/Nature, Team Sports, waterskiing, Sailing, Painting/drawing, Ceramics, Silkscreen, Printmaking, Jewelry, Calligraphy, Photography, Sculpture, guitar, aerobics, video. other staff: administrative, Cdl driver, Nurses (rNs and Nursing Students). interviews on u of aZ campus Jan. 27th Select The Camp That Selects The Best Staff! Call 215.944.3069 or apply Swim girl haS received a schol‑ arship to study abroad. Need to re‑ place her. 1‑2 evenings/week. Job involves working with others and physical flexibility. Does not in‑ volve swimming. Car preferred, close to campus. Call afternoon: 867‑6679

BarTeNder waNTed. will train. Neighborhood bar. $4.90/hr + tips. See Allan. J & V’s Bar and Grill. 3700 North Oracle. driver/ ruNNer Needed for auto repair shop. Help with shut‑ tling customers, cars, light clean‑ ing. Must be over 21 with good driving record. 9.00 to start. Can work around school sched‑ ule. Send resume to: SeekiNg eNgliSh /wriTiNg tu‑ tor for middle‑schoolers on East Side. Must prepare lessons/as‑ signments. Latin/Greek a plus. Text 979‑1306.

FurNiShed Bedroom availaBle for spring semester in small apartment complex 2blocks from campus. Pool, laundry, grill. $550/mo plus 1/2 utilities. Call or text Will 610‑283‑2749.

NeoN Beer SigNS! Mirrors Liquor and Beer. Wooden wine boxes for sale! 10‑6 Tuesday through Saturday. 520‑297‑9113

Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

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1Bdrm uNFurNiShed aParTmeNT. $555/mo. 5th Street and Country Club. 1mile to campus. Small, quiet complex. Mature land‑ scaping. Large pool. Covered park‑ ing. Storage. Terra Alta Apart‑ ments 3122 E. Terra Alta Apart‑ ment J & M. 623‑0474. www.ashton‑ large STudioS 6BloCkS UofA, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, win‑ dows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. $370. 977‑4106

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availaBle Now STudioS 1&2 BDS FROM $500 BRAND NEW APTS 811‑835 N ALVER‑ NON WAY 1ST MONTH FREE 520.444.5081

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12 • wildcat weekend

Free 1st mo. reNT!! winter haven area at 3232 N. Tucson Blvd has a 2bed 2bath Private and Secure apt. in a gated Tropical Community with Pool, 2ramadas and grills. mountain views, Near uofa, on Bus line. like New Carpet/ Tile in this 870sf apt. with very nice kitchen appliances. Starting at $635 per mo. with discount plus some utilities. 1bed 1bath also available starting at $535 per mo. with discount plus some utilities. For more info. or to Schedule a Showing Contact Nick at 520-881-7770 Today!! Studios from $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. 884-8279. Blue agave apartments 1240 N. 7th ave. Speedway/ Stone.

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classifieds • Friday, January 17, 2014

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The Daily Wildcat

Friday, January 17, 2014

wildcat weekend • 13 3650 E. Speedway Blvd. 520-326-9282

School School Girl Girl Sunday Sunday Free admission with college ID

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monday-WEDNESDAY 3650 E Speedway Blvd 520-326-9282




Grand win for Nick Johnson LUKE DELLA With a commanding lead against ASU and a charged-up McKale Center decked in all red, junior Wildcat Nick Johnson sunk the smoothest three points of his previous 999. And as if it was just another basket, Johnson gave a quick nod of the head to his rival Jahii Carson, and turned around to play defense and help the No. 1 Wildcats continue their flawless season. “It’s about honoring the process,” Johnson said. “I just caught the ball, got a good look and watched it go in; that’s all it really was.” His 17 points led the team and carried Arizona (18-0, 5-0 Pac-12 Conference) to a 91-68 win over the Sun Devils Thursday night. But it’s what he learned over these past three years that has helped him lead UA to its current alpha status. In his first game as a Wildcat on Nov. 7, 2011, Johnson made a statement. Coming off the bench for the then-No. 16 school in the country, the freshman scored 14 points in McKale Center against Valparaiso. His 14 points were the second most on the team behind senior Kyle Fogg, Johnson’s eventual mentor. “[Fogg] was great,” Johnson said as he reflected on the 2011-12 season. Fogg was a prolific scorer in his own right for the Wildcats. In his four seasons in Tucson, Fogg’s 1,341 points — an average of 9.6 per game — placed him 23rd all-time in Arizona scoring leaders. Johnson, 46th all-time, isn’t quite there yet. But during his freshman year, he averaged

nine points per game, improving it to 11.5 his sophomore season, to now averaging 16 as a junior. “It feels good to be part of that group here at Arizona,” Johnson said. As an upperclassman, part of honoring the process means influencing the young Wildcats, similar to what Fogg had done to Johnson. “Johnson means so much to this team on and off the court,” head coach Sean Miller said. “If there’s another guard in the country that means more to their team, then they’re easily an AllAmerican.” Even when he wasn’t in the game against the Sun Devils, Johnson could be seen standing up on the bench coaching the freshmen and sophomores. Sophomore 7-foot center Kaleb Tarczewski towers over the 6-foot-3 Johnson, but still looks up to him. “We’re just trying to honor the process,” Tarczewski said. “We’ve done some pretty special things, but those are in the past.” Thursday, Tarczewski scored 12 points and had eight rebounds. But most importantly, he stopped ASU’s 7-foot-2 center Jordan Bachysnki from making one basket from the field. Freshman Aaron Gordon finished second on the team with 16 points, and also helped Arizona win the rebound battle by grabbing six of them. “[If] Your guards pass it and are unselfish like Johnson are, it permeates to the rest of the team,” Miller said. “Gordon has gotten better and knows how to share the ball.” Johnson enjoys scoring 1,009 career points,



JUNIOR GUARD Nick Johnson shoots a 3-pointer during Arizona’s 91-68 win over ASU on Thursday. Johnson surpassed 1,000 career points in the rout.

but don’t expect for him to stop to bask in the glory, because continuing to honor the process is the ultimate moment to be in. “This is our dream; we’re living our dream right now,” Johnson said. “Being the No. 1 team in the country and having a target on our backs, it’s challenge we love, and we have to keep working to get better.”

— Follow Luke Della @LukeDella

SCORE CENTER BUFFALOED AT CU No. 25 UCLA 69 No. 21 Colorado 56


Minnesota 63 No. 11 Ohio State 53

TWEET TO NOTE Gonna let TJ and Nick coach the rest of the game. #ASWho —@FauxCoachMiller, Fake Sean Miller

High school hoops for MLK ROBERTO PAYNE The tenth annual Tucson/Martin Luther King Basketball Classic will return to McKale Center, but will be played this Saturday instead of its usual Martin Luther King Jr. Day slot. Starting at 2 p.m., there will be five high school basketball matchups between Southern Arizona schools. The event is presented by Coaches for Charity and sponsored by the Tucson Unified School

District. Ed Ackerley is the president of Coaches for Charity. According to a news release from Coaches for Charity, “The MLK Basketball Classic is an annual community event presented in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through high school basketball games in Tucson and high school and junior college games in the Phoenix valley.” “It’s a showcase of athletic talent from Southern Arizona,” Ackerley said. “It’s the first exposure for many of the young people to play

on the Mckale Center court and get that big-time experience. It fills in exceptionally well with Martin Luther King’s dream … of making life better for kids.” In addition to allowing high school basketball players to showcase their talent on a big stage, the MLK Basketball Classic will also award two $500 scholarships to students, and each school will honor a community member who exemplifies King’s legacy. Coaches for Charity will present the two scholarships during halftime of the

final game (Salpointe vs. Sahuaro). Herman House, director of the classic and of interscholastics for TUSD, said in a news release that the event is important to the community. “Through friendly games on the basketball court and through the scholarship recognition process, the classic is truly a community celebration of culture, classroom and competition,” House said. This year’s Tucson/MLK Basketball Classic will showcase

MLK, 9

Men’s basketball started to empty its bench with 3:07 left in its91-68 win over ASU, subbing out T.J. McConnell and Nick Johnson along with Aaron Gordon. Ten Wildcats scored in the rout and 15 out of the 16 Wildcats played.


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Soaring hockey hosts No. 4 Liberty JOEY PUTRELO Arizona hockey looks to carry the momentum it gained from snapping a six-game losing streak last weekend in a two-game series against Liberty tonight and Saturday. The No. 4 Flames (21-4-1) are the third top 5 ACHA opponent the No. 13 Wildcats (12-13-0, 5-6-0 WCHL) have faced in their last six ACHA series. Liberty had won its last four out of five contests before its trip to Arizona, splitting a pair of games on the road against No. 10 Stony Brook (15-4-3) before losing 3-2 in overtime at No. 1 ASU on Thursday night. The puck drops at 7:30 p.m. both games. Earlier in the season, Arizona took the first of two contests versus Liberty in Lynchburg, Va., outscoring it 7-6 overall in the series. “They grind, they hit, they stick you and they’re a frustrating team to play against,” UA head coach Sean Hogan said about the Flames. “That’s part of their strategy; they try and get you to take some penalties.” At the Tucson Convention Center last Thursday, Arizona upset No. 3

Oklahoma (17-5-3, 5-6-0 WCHL) 5-3 and followed up with a split against No. 11 Central Oklahoma (19-8-3, 6-50 WCHL) to pick up a couple Western Collegiate Hockey League wins. In the Wildcats’ 2-1 victory over the Bronchos last Friday, Hogan earned his 40th career win since taking over the program in 2011. Currently, senior center Andrew Murmes leads the UA in points (38), goals (18), assists (20), power-play goals (eight), game-winning goals (two) and penalty minutes (73). In the series against Liberty on Oct. 11-12, 2013, he totaled three goals and two assists. During the Friday night affair of that series, Arizona senior winger Ansel Ivens-Anderson found the net twice to go with as many assists. It was the last time the Wildcats’ captain had scored before lighting the lamp last Friday and Saturday night against Central Oklahoma. Ivens-Anderson has missed seven of Arizona’s 27 games, dealing with a nagging foot injury for a majority of the season. He said protective padding was set up in his skate and that he now feels about 90 percent.


UA SENIOR FORWARD Andrew Murmes handles the puck against Central Oklahoma. Murmes leads the UA in points and goals despite a suspension last semester.

“We just need to stay tough, stay focused and make sure we have really good practices,” IvensAnderson said. “We are more than capable of beating Liberty.” With walk-on sophomore Dylon Hojnacki out for the season with a concussion, Hogan has looked to a one-two punch between the pipes in senior Steven Sisler (6-6, 3.99 GAA) and freshman Garrett Patrick (5-6,

3.51 GAA). Both goaltenders have an identical save percentage of 0.89, but Patrick has played more minutes (717.17) than Sisler (662.43). Before the break, Sisler was hampered by a groin injury. “We just need to get our legs moving this week,” Patrick said. “I think we were a little slow [Saturday], maybe tired, so we have to be ready for Liberty. They’re a hard-hitting team, so it’s

Arizona gymnastics will put its early perfect record to the test this weekend at No. 12 Stanford. The No. 19 Gymcats (1-0) will face the Cardinal (5-0) and Sacramento State (24) on The Farm on Sunday. “I’m really excited; we’re going up against Stanford and Sac State, and Stanford has a lot of talent,” junior Allison Flores said. “Sac State in the previous years [hasn’t] been as strong as this year, so it’ll definitely be an exciting meet to be in.” UA head coach Bill Ryden said Stanford and Sacramento State are “both very good programs.” “Certainly our big goal, since we’re a performance sport, is our performance has to be better,” Ryden said. “We’re going there looking to win, but the way we do that is we have to perfect our performance.” Stanford is coming off of a meet where it beat then-No. 8 Georgia 196.325-

196.150. It was the Cardinal’s first ever dual meet victory over the Gym Dogs. Last week, Arizona beat IllinoisChicago 194.750-190.000 and finished first in every event. Junior Kristin Klarenbach earned the highest score of the night, 9.9, on the floor exercise. Senior Jordan Williams said last week was good for working out the jitters. “It’s going to be a really good meet,” Williams said about the Stanford meet. “I think we’ve been there before; we’re really confident. This week we’ve worked really hard, so it’s just a matter of when we go out there and show them what we got.” Ryden said the Gymcats are mostly healthy, though they lost junior Danielle Buchanan for the season, and senior Barbara Donaldson was injured last week in Chicago. “All three of the seniors are just too vital,” Ryden said. Stanford returned 11 gymnasts and lost two seniors from its 2013 squad, which finished sixth at the NCAA

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Gymcats travel to face No. 12 Stanford JAMES KELLEY

going to be a good one.” The Wildcats’ defense will look to contain Flames forward Lindsay LeBlanc, who leads his unit with 34 points on 12 goals and 22 assists. Senior Blair Bennett (11-2, 2.39 GAA) and freshman Matt Pinel (10-2, 2.92 GAA) have anchored the Flames’ goaltending. In his start against the Wildcats on Oct. 11, Pinel was pulled by Bennett after giving up four goals in the 5-1 loss. The next day, Bennett started, saving 24 of the 26 shots faced in Liberty’s 5-2 victory. Tonight and Saturday, anyone who is part of the police department, fire department or EMS or who is a nurse can buy two tickets and get one free. “We’re playing well,” Hogan said. “We’re a really hard team to play against, and we have a really good shot to make the national tournament. We just have to keep plugging along, get another win next weekend and keep going.”



KRISTIN KLARENBACH performs on the floor during the UA’s win over ASU last March. She earned Arizona’s highest score last week.

semifinals. SU added six freshman. Last year, Stanford finished fourth in the Pac-12 and beat the Gymcats by less than a point in Tucson. Sacramento State returns six seniors and adds four freshmen to a team that went 9-14 last year. The Hornets are coming off of a third place finish behind ASU and San Jose State in Tempe, Ariz. — Follow James Kelley @jameskelley520

Arizona women’s basketball vs. Stanford: 7 p.m., Pac-12 Networks (Social Media Night, Faculty/Staff Night) No. 13 Arizona hockey vs. No. 4 Liberty University: 7:30 p.m., Tucson Convention Center (Police, Fire, EMS, Nurses Night) Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder: 7:30 p.m., ESPN


No. 15 Kansas men’s basketball vs. Oklahoma State: 2 p.m., CBS No. 13 Arizona hockey vs. No. 4 Liberty University: 7:30 p.m., Tucson Convention Center (Police, Fire, EMS, Nurses Night) Washington men’s basketball vs. Stanford: 9 p.m., ESPNU NFLPA Collegiate Bowl 4 p.m., ESPN (former

Arizona receiver Terrence Miller will play in the game)


New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos: 1 p.m., CBS San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks: 4:30 p.m., FOX Oregon men’s basketball vs. Oregon State: 6 p.m., ESPNU


Arizona women’s basketball vs. California 3 p.m., Pac-12 Networks Baylor men’s basketball vs. No. 15 Kansas 7 p.m., ESPN No. 20 Creighton men’s basketball vs. No. 6 Villanova 5 p.m., Fox Sports 1 Indiana Pacers vs. Golden State Warriors 8:30 p.m., TNT —Compiled by Roberto Payne

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