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POLITICS Democrats exploit ‘Mad Men’ friday, AUGUST 29, 2013 • page 2


Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is also guilty of a “Mad Men” shout out when she posted a spiteful tweet ridiculing a Republican senator from Texas. “Marco Rubio’s vision of the ‘future’ sounds more like something I’d watch on #MadMen,” the congresswoman stated on July 23. Why do Democrats want to brand themselves with a show featuring excessive chain-smoking and adulterous affairs? Since its debut in 2007, “Mad Men” has earned a reputation for its minimalist plot lines, threedimensional characters and existential themes. The situations and incidents depicted throughout its seven seasons can be so ambiguous and surreal that viewers may want to gravitate toward more digestible elements — such as the show’s historical accuracy of portraying a pre-feminist workplace environment. “Why is it that every time a man takes you out to lunch around here, you’re dessert?” asked Peggy Olson, in a season one episode appropriately titled “Ladies Room.” The character Peggy Olson exemplifies the evolution of female integrity in a male-dominated world. She begins the series as a pathetic, mousy secretary too insecure to fend off an account executive from taking her virginity in the first episode. Then, she matures into a


Kevin C. Reagan

AMC Television

Actress Christina Hendricks stars as Joan Harris on “Mad Men.” In July, Hendricks appeared in a “Funny or Die” video parodying the 1960s sexism displayed on the awardwinning drama.

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hose who listened carefully to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last November may have detected a reference to the award-winning series “Mad Men.” “A woman deserves equal pay for equal work,” Obama said. “It’s time to do away with workplace policies that belong in an episode of ‘Mad Men.’” Since that time, the dark drama about an advertising agency in 1960s America has also been used in the rhetoric of two other Democratic politicians. Kentucky’s secretary of state, Alison Grimes, used the show as a slanderous metaphor in a spitfire speech during a picnic event she attended on Aug. 2. “If Mitch McConnell were a TV show, he would be ‘Mad Men,’ treating women unfairly, stuck in 1968 and ending this season,” Grimes said. McConnell is the current Senate minority leader and Grimes’ main opponent as she enters Kentucky’s Senate race this election year. Grimes went on to highlight the 37-year age gap between herself and McConnell, which is perhaps a further indication of her attempt to associate McConnell with the oldfashioned, misogynistic, white-male attitudes that are customary on the show.

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White House. The show itself has begun to reciprocate the political activism. Christina Hendricks, who portrays the brass and sassy Joan Harris, recently appeared as her character in an online video parodying the anachronistic customs of 1960s culture. In one scene, she is seen trying to shove paper into a computer, as if it were a typewriter. “If we’re going to run our business like it’s the 1960s,” said Hendricks in the video, “I’m going to act like it.” Hendricks was blatantly commenting on the prejudices that still exist in the American workplace. According to a 2013 report from the World Economic Forum, the U.S. ranks 23rd on the global scale of gender pay gap. With “Mad Men” ending after seven seasons, the destinies of characters like Peggy and Joan will be enigmatic. If the show was to follow the course of history, we’re made to believe that they’ll remain unempowered by a patriarchal society. Perhaps the Democrats are trying to create the future that Peggy and Joan will never experience: a world where a woman’s talents outshine her hairdo. — Follow Kevin Reagan @KevinReaganUA


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confident, unapologetic copy writer, determined to make the same money as her male counterparts. It is a storyline incredibly relevant today when there are pieces of legislation still passing through Congress attempting to minimize the wage gap between genders. The Obama administration has made great strides at identifying itself with the issue of gender discrimination. When he first came to office in January 2009, the first bill Obama signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which amended the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by allowing employees to file unfair pay complaints past the 180-day parameter. “Growing inequality — of income, wealth and opportunity — is the economic, political and moral issue of our time,” wrote Walter Isaacson in an editorial to Time magazine. Isaacson went on to state that the Obama administration is running out of accomplishments to glorify as the 2016 election slowly edges near, and should focus on the one issue it’s always shown a commitment to amending: gender inequality. “Mad Men” makes for the perfect case study that Democrats can use in showing the societal progress their party is spearheading. Peggy Olson becomes the paragon of the feminist ideal, and Democrats can use her as a tool to sway voters in keeping Republicans out of the

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politics • FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 2014

Clinton clutters summer shelves


Ivana goldtooth

his past summer has seen the publication of three books pertaining to Hillary Clinton and various aspects of her life. “Hard Choices” is a memoir the former secretary of state wrote herself after stepping down from her position. “All of us face hard choices in our lives,” Hillary Clinton writes, “Life is about making such choices. Our choices and how we handle them shape the people we become.” There is one thing that Hillary Clinton said was never a hard choice: serving her country. Even if it means lying down on the backseat of a minivan to sneak past reporters in order to meet with the president of the United States, as Hillary Clinton describes in her book. “It has been the greatest honor of my life,” Hillary Clinton writes. Whereas Hillary Clinton focused her memoir on the inside accounts of choices and crises she faced during her four years as secretary of state, journalist Edward Klein focuses his book “Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. The Obamas” on the tumultuous relationship the Clintons have with the

ArizonA Daily


Art Exhibit-‘The Give and Take.’ Closing Reception. 5:30-7 p.m. Joseph Gross Gallery, 1031 N. Olive Road, UA School of Art. This exhibition by Kristin Bauer and Emmett Potter explores the psychological and emotional responses to the material of the pop culture lexicon. Farmer’s Market. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Join us in the Arizona Health Sciences Center plaza every Friday for a Farmers’ Market featuring local organic products. UA Football vs. UNLV Home Game. 7:30 p.m. Arizona Stadium. “Curtis Reframed: The Arizona Volumes.” 10am-5pm. Arizona State Museum, 1013 E. University Blvd. Photographer Edward S. Curtis created iconic images of Native peoples at the start of the 20th century. This exhibit explores his work in Arizona from 1903 to 1928. $5, free to students.

Obamas. The book reveals the supposed rivalry between the two families. Klein claims that in return for Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement over Hillary Clinton, President Obama promised Winfrey access to the White House if he won the election. If Hillary Clinton had won the 2008 presidential election, Klein states that Hillary Clinton threatened to throw her husband out the door if he interfered too much with her administration. Despite the popularity the latter has had in book sales, the New York Times expressed this sales advantage as being partly due to the readers’ desire for entertainment. The main source of sales for Klein’s book has come from the conservative demographic. “Clinton, Inc.” by Daniel Halper is the third book about the political dynasty to be released this summer. It covers the untold story of the rebirth of the Clintons after they left the White House. “The most difficult decisions I have made in my life were to stay married to Bill and to run for the Senate from New York,” Hillary Clinton writes in her best-selling memoir. Halper uses this same quote in his chapter on Hillary Clinton’s redemption. Halper


writes that even while Bill Clinton was facing scandal, Hillary’s mind was on her own political survival. Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s choice was not as altruistic as she would like readers to think. Despite the pure altruism nullified by Halper’s words, it is perhaps Halper’s and Hillary Clinton’s books that are closer to the truth than the more scandalous “Blood Feud.” Yet none of this really describes what the fascination with Hillary Clinton that has overtaken the country is really about. The publication of the three books could be a prelude to Hillary Clinton’s possible 2016 presidential election, and these books may or may not affect that presidential election with their influence. Whether all this literary fascination is for political reasons or for personal insight into Hillary Clinton’s life is unclear. But what is clear is that drama sells: “Blood Feud” trumped Hillary Clinton’s memoir on the bestsellers list after its debut. savannah douglas/The Daily Wildcat

— Follow Ivana Goldtooth @goldiechik93

Hillary Clinton’s novel “Hard Choices” is currently on display in the UA BookStore. Clinton’s memoir was trumped by Edward Klein’s “Blood Fued: The Clintons vs. the Obamas” on the bestsellers list.





Photo Friday: Family. 10:30 a.m-12:30 p.m. Center for Creative Photography, Volkerding Print Viewing Room. Photographs curated by Becky Senf revolving around the theme of family, presented in conjunction with the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art’s “Bill Owens: Suburbia.” Meet in the lobby for freed guided exhibition tours at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

TUCSON EVENTS Fourth Avenue Food Fest. 4-8 p.m. 402 E. Fourth St., between University Boulevard and Fifth Street. Local foods with live music in an open-air walk along 4th Avenue, with small businesses, artisans, and other talent on board. Food Truck Fridays on the Sunshine Mile. 11a.m.-1 p.m., 5-8 p.m. 2419 E. Broadway, between Euclid & Country



Club. Shop in small locally owned shops on this historic Mid-Century modern street, and then eat at their new food truck court. Catalina Farmers Market and Artworks. 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Michael’s Plaza, 77 N. Marketplace, 16733 N. Oracle Road. Locally grown produce, plants, food, jams, honey, salsa, art and artisans, soaps, jewelry, and more! Carnival of Illusion, A Magical Journey Around the World. 6 p.m. 445 S. Alvernon Way. National-quality magic in an intimate, old-world setting. Wild America: Debra Bloomfield and Ansel Adams. 11a.m.-5 p.m. Etherton Gallery, 135 S. Sixth Ave. Photographs by Debra Bloomfield and Ansel Adams’ photographs depicting Yosemite National Park. Through August 30th.



Trails to Rails: John Mix Stanley and the Pacific Railroad Survey of the 1850s. 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Tucson Museum of Art, 140 N. Main Ave. Stanley’s and other artists’ images, reproduced as lithographs, helped drive the popularity and fascination with this geographical location. $10 Bite Carnivorous Plant Exhibit. 7 a.m.4:30 p.m. Tucson Botanical Gardens, 2150 N. Alvernon Way. An up-close look at the world of predator plants. Free with Gardens admission. $7 for students. DeGrazia Paints the Signs of the Zodiac. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun 6300 N. Swan. This exhibit shows DeGrazia’s series of astrological paintings, drawings and essays infused with regional perspective and imagery from native cultures. Free. Compiled by Katie Fournier

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Psychics offer services beyond the crystal ball



sychics, mediums and energy healers will gather at the Tucson Psychic Fair Holistic Expo on Sept. 28 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Desert Diamond Casino off the Nogales Highway. For a mere $5 at the door, visitors can explore 50 psychic vendors of varying specialties and attend free hourly lectures on topics including the medicinal uses of essential oils, crystal and gemstone healing and the constancy of divine timing. Beginning in 2009, the Tucson Psychic Fair ran at the Four Points by Sheraton on Speedway Boulevard and Campbell Avenue. The building was torn down to make way for the current business, Aloft Tucson University, and with the change, the Tucson Psychic Fair had to search for a new venue. “Tucson was sort of on the back burner because we couldn’t find the venue we wanted,” said Dyan Garris, proprietor of the Tucson, Phoenix and Sedona Psychic Fairs.

The tides have changed this year. said. Garris herself is a With 50 vendors, including celebrity psychics from around the country, multidimensional healer. She is a the Tucson Psychic Fair is in full visionary mystic, voice recognition psychic and trance channel medium bloom. “Everyone’s conception of the specializing in reading the Akashic psychic fair was that it was sort of records. Garris explained the Akashic a flea market,” Garris said. “It’s a learning experience, a teaching records as being like a record of the experience, more than just a gypsy soul. “Everybody has a looking into a soul book,” Garris said. crystal ball.” “What I do is read that The Tucson We are there book. … It brings forth Psychic Fair to serve the what people need to is Garris’ public and get know from their souls.” brainchild, but us back to our Garris goes even it came to be natural state of deeper than the Akashic in a peculiar records. In addition fashion. Garris love. — Dyan Garris to reading from the said that she Psychic Fair proprietor Akashic records, was not well Garris is also a psychic connected medium, meaning she within the psychic community before the fair, has the ability to communicate with but said that the fair seemed to have the dead. Garris’ work in spiritual healing composed itself. “I just put it out there on the parallels part of her reason in airwaves that I was starting this doing the fair. Much of the spiritual event, and we started attracting the community within Arizona seems to best, most certified psychics,” Garris be centered in Sedona. Being so far

north, many community members who work full-time or are without transportation would not be able to make the trip. “People in Tucson don’t get up to Sedona to experience all the modalities,” Garris said. “We’re bringing it to the people down here.” L. Yvonne Grace is one of the 50 vendors at the Tucson Psychic Fair. Grace is a certified spiritual healer, and has been asked to visit the University of Arizona Medical Center for a program that gives medical students the opportunity to consider energy healing as a part of an alternative medicine curriculum. Grace performs healing sessions on individuals, which consists of her breathing deeply and rubbing her hands together, charging with energy. Grace is also a master in Pleiadian theory, information referring to the 250-500 Pleiades stars within the constellation Taurus. This information is passed on from Nordic aliens, who hail from the Pleiades stars, to special individuals here on Earth.

“I’ve studied with as many people as I can,” Grace said. “Every time I study with someone, I learn something new. The next one I’m interested in is Theta healing.” After receiving an energy healing session, Grace said that it’s best to drink lots of water after receiving any energy work. “It takes a lot out of you,” Grace said, “and you feel so good that you might not notice.” Energy healing like the kinds Grace practices and various other methods of spiritual healing are all available at the Tucson Psychic Fair. Before the crowds start to arrive, Garris said that all the psychics stand in a circle to connect their energies. “We are there to serve the public,” Garris said, “and get us back to our natural state of love.” — Follow Ian Martella @DailyWildcat


A CRYSTAL BALL AND tarot cards are on display at Celestial Rites, a shop located just off Fourth Avenue that sells tarot cards and crystals. Yvonne Grace, spiritual healer frequently visits the University of Arizona Medical Center to teach lessons in alternative healing.

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community • FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 2014

Wildcats use Facebook to safely trade


JOseph Ambre

he UA Marketplace is an easy and convenient way for students to buy and sell virtually anything to other students. With over 4,200 members, the page is open to the public and constantly being updated with new members. Students at the UA spend hundreds of dollars every year on new furnishings when moving into new apartments or houses. Students moving out of their homes or apartments throw away much of their unused furnishings, regardless of condition, unwilling to go through the hassle of finding a buyer for their leftovers. The UA Marketplace is a great solution to boosting the recycling habit among the student community. Contacting the seller is as easy as a comment or direct message on Facebook. From there, arrangements can be made for delivery or pickup. Being a group on Facebook, buyers

can look at the profile of the seller before purchasing, allowing them to gain an idea of who they are buying from before a pickup or delivery. The page consists of items that students are looking to sell. Services are also included on the page, but are much less common. A post usually contains a picture and brief description, along with any other information the seller deems valuable to the buyer. The page is an online treasure hunt. It includes anything from books, couches, electronics to concert tickets. One will never know what to expect when scrolling through the pages. Business finance junior Sky Bartsch has bought the majority of his furniture off of the UA Marketplace. Bartsch recently bought a gently used desk off of UA Marketplace for $25. The same desk is valued at $60 retail. “Being from California, I had limited space when traveling back to school,” Bartsch said. “I was planning on buying all of the furniture I needed when I got to school, and saved a ton

Courtesy of Sky Bartsch/The Daily Wildcat

Business finance junior Sky Bartsch saved a little over $30 by buying this desk through the UA Marketplace. The Facebook group currently consists of 4,200 members.

of money by buying everything from the UA Marketplace.” Business senior Matt Hanson is a new member of the Facebook page. Hanson is living in a furnished house this year, but still checks UA Marketplace for tickets to various

weekend events, such as concerts and sporting events. “I originally joined the Facebook group because I heard students sell concert tickets,” Hanson said. “New items show up on my Facebook newsfeed all of the time. It’s

interesting to see what people are selling.”

— Follow Joseph Ambre @DailyWildcat

tomorrow exchange buy * *sell*trade sell*trade

NEAR UA: 2001 E. Speedway • 795-0508 — EASTSIDE: 6212 E. Speedway • 885-8392 Buffalo Outlet in Nogales, AZ: 441 N. Grand Av. • 520-287-9241

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Hip-hop, rap duo headlines at The Rialto members, but are told in the captivating storytelling style of rap. “Slug” and “Ant” first formed their he Rialto Theatre in downtown Tucson is the place to be this friendship after high school. After weekend for a rad concert dabbling with various other hip-hop experience. Atmosphere will be projects prior to creating Atmosphere, they decided to drop the headlining “urban” from their act this Sunday night, They’re really name. Slug’s raps have and won’t likely been described as disappoint. talented introspective and selfHailing from rappers with analytical, while Ant Minneapolis, Minn., really good has produced nearly the underground flow and super every album the group hip-hop duo will be intense lyrics. has created together. continuing its North — Selene Brambl, The two have been of Hell Tour. The dope Pre-Public Health major so prolific, they have duo is comprised of released six popular rapper MC Sean “Slug” studio albums. Daley and producer “I first saw Atmosphere at the Rialto Anthony “Ant” Davis. The pair has been preaching its conscientious message Theatre my junior year of high school,” about the tenuous social climates of the said Selene Brambl, a pre-public health modern world since 1989. Their lyrics junior. “They’re really talented rappers speak to the struggles of daily life, like with really good flow and super intense relationships with lovers and family lyrics; it should be a really good show.”



Their latest album, Southsiders, was released to generally positive reviews on May 6. Capturing the emotions surrounding the importance of family and transitioning into the role of a father, Southsiders depicts the nostalgia of life prior to responsibility and the subsequent maturity growing up entails. Prof, Dem Atlas and DJ Fundo are accompanying them on their tour. Dem Atlas, also a Minneapolis-based rapper, is probably best known for his single “Charlie Brown.” DJ Fundo, who works under the Stophouse Music Group label, will be opening for them at the Rialto. Doors open at 7 p.m., the show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are between $20 and $29. Since it’s the first week of classes, students should take advantage of this music before the semester sucks them into academia. RHYMESAYERS ENTERTAINMENT

— Follow Alexandra Paletta @DailyWildcat

ATMOSPHERE IS A hip-hop group consisting of rapper Sean Daley and DJ Anthony Davis, who are from Minnesota. Their most recent album, Southsiders, was released in May.

Veteran costume player Q &A real talk on cosplay gives CRISTIEN KEEME-SAYRE


ome call it fashion, some call it an art, but costume play — more commonly known as cosplay — is a lifestyle. Many misconstrue costume play as mere dress up, but Miyuki Hara, a veteran cosplayer from California, sets the record straight. Daily Wildcat: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do. Hara: I started cosplaying in 2011 because I was bored and wanted to find people who I could share a common interest with. I have always been really into arts of all kinds. Can you tell us a little bit about cosplay? People cosplay for many reasons. Some do it as a way to show their love for a character or series. Some do it to meet friends or because their friends do it. Some people want to play out their fantasies about their favorite characters. Some people — and I fall into this category — just have an

innate need to make things and use cosplay to focus their creativity. But regardless of why people cosplay, the one thing they all have in common is that people cosplay because they find it fun. What is new in the cosplaying world at the moment? I guess the new thing with cosplay is that it now has TV shows dedicated to it … bringing it more into the mainstream. A few years ago, I’d have to spend quite a while to explain to someone what exactly [cosplay is], but since the recent spur of cosplayrelated TV shows, I find myself meeting people who already know what cosplay is, even though they don’t know anyone who cosplay and have never been to a convention. What is it like between cosplayers? Between cosplayers, it’s fairly tame. We go to conventions to have fun with friends and meet new people, so usually people are quite friendly.

Do you think that there is any age that is either too young or too old for cosplay? I don’t think there are any age restrictions on cosplay, though I do think that kids should be supervised. Cons are usually fairly safe, but they do sometimes draw [in] some weirdos, and excessive alcohol consumption among adults is a reality. But otherwise, I don’t think that there is any age limit on cosplay. Can you tell me about your experience when you have gone to different events and places? From the perspective of an adult cosplayer, most cons are about hanging out with friends, photo shoots and drinking. I personally prefer smaller cons because I can actually talk to people. At large cons, everyone is all over the place, and it’s hard to meet up and hang out. Is there any downside about cosplaying for you? I feel like the main downside is that often cosplayers are viewed


MIYUKI HARA IS a veteran cosplayer and resident of California. She’s been cosplaying for the past three years.

as obsessive “Japanophiles” or “weeaboos”, which sometimes is true but not always. When people find out that I spend tons of time and money making cosplay, they automatically assume I must be obsessed with anime. What would you say is the best and most important part about cosplaying for you? The most important part of cosplay

for me is exercising creativity. I’m not a big fan of much, so the fandom aspect isn’t there for me, but I love working on creative projects. Art is what I live for and what I love, so it’s really important for me to always be involved in its production and appreciation.

— Follow Cristien Keeme-Sayre @DailyWildcat




friday, august 29, 2014 • page 11 TWITTER.COM/dailywildcat

Potbelly promises good vibes


Kevin C. Reagan

ew sandwich shops have a picture of the lovable Don Knotts hanging in their lobbies, but the mission at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop is to make every customer feel like they’re at home. Located underneath the cluttered collection of student apartments on Speedway Boulevard and Park Avenue, Potbelly has carved out a cozy little niche for its toasty sandwiches and antique aesthetics. “We want to be more than your standard sandwich shop,” said Sergio Sierra, a shift manager at the new Potbelly location. With Subway and Silver Mine Subs operating within close proximity to Potbelly, the lunch hour can be an all-out war for luring the UA sandwich-eating demographic. However, Sierra said he’s not worried about the competition. As soon as patrons walk through the door, they’re greeted with smiling faces from the Potbelly crew and will notice a massive, 19th-century iron stove sitting in the main entrance. This stove is the hallmark of the franchise, and is meant to symbolize the homey atmosphere that is reminiscent of the original Potbelly store that opened in Chicago back in 1977. What began as a small antique shop making sub sandwiches as a marketing strategy to draw in more customers has now expanded into over 280 eateries nationwide. This is the ninth Potbelly store to open in Arizona. The menu consists of all the

rebecca marie sasnett/The Daily Wildcat

Potbelly Sandwich Shop’s best selling sandwich is called “A Wreck” and includes roast beef, salami, turkey, ham and cheese. Potbelly also offers secret “underground” menu items with sandwich names like “The Elvis” and “Fireball.”

resident staples of any sandwich shop. Turkey, ham and roast beef are all deli meats listed in their various sandwiches, but Potbelly makes the added promise of serving only handsliced, made-to-order sandwiches in less than eight minutes. Sierra said that the most popular sandwich with UA students is the grilled chicken and cheddar. Students looking for a bigger protein boost should try the store’s trademarked “A Wreck” sandwich, which includes salami, turkey, ham and roast beef all being piled together inside perfectly cooked bread.

Seasoned customers of the Potbelly stores will be familiar with the semi-secret “underground” menu, which is comprised of special items not listed on the regular menu. These items are a bit more daring, as they are typically concoctions of random ingredients thrown together in the Potbelly kitchen. “As long as we have the ingredients,” Sierra said, “then we’ll make it for them.” One such underground item is a sandwich nicknamed “The Elvis,” and consists of bacon, peanut butter and hot peppers. As customers mosey along the

Friday the 29th! 4-7 p.m. prior to kick off

front counter of the store, they will notice jars of Skippy Peanut Butter, Welch’s Jelly and Hershey’s chocolate syrup proudly on display. Transparency is another factor in the Potbelly manifesto, as customers are made to feel like they’re walking into their parents’ pantries from home. These sweet condiments can be used upon request in one of the store’s delicious milkshakes, which are made from one of four ice cream flavors: vanilla, chocolate, coffee or Oreo cookie. Guests looking for something extra sweet can try an ice cream sandwich made with two of the

$10 Wildcat Shirt Pick up your cold beer and snacks here!

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Visit your Circle K Located at Speedway/ Park & Campus Get your

store’s homemade cookies, which are baked every morning in the store’s kitchen. Their cookie flavors range from the classic chocolate chip to the more decadent brownie fudge. When Potbelly first opened its doors earlier this month, the store made a promise to donate the revenue earned from its first three hours of operation to the Arizona Assurance Endowment, a scholarship fund given to lowincome students. A check for $2,227 now hangs above the counter in recognition to this charity given to the UA community. “I wanted to pick a charity that was on campus and really introduced us to the community,” said Jamie Vassallo, general manager of this Potbelly location. Vassallo said that it is customary for every new Potbelly shop to choose a local charity as the recipients of its first-day earnings. Not only is Potbelly generous with its wallet, but the sandwich shop is also hospitable to local Tucson artists. Customers can enjoy the soothing sounds of live music on the outside porch a few times during the week. Alaina Villanueva, a music student, was invited by Vassallo to display her talent with the ukulele to the Potbelly crowd. The prices of most sandwiches generally cost about $6. Potbelly is in the process of being able to accept CatCash at its store in the near future, and Vassallo said that they’ve been placed on a waiting list until the end of September.







friday, august 29 2014 • page 12 TWITTER.COM/dailywildcat

Sandler, Carell get serious for this fall’s awards season


Alex Guyton

all is right around the corner, meaning one thing for movies: award-winning films. With awards season at the beginning of the next calendar year, studios release most of their best fare before the end of the year so that their films are in the forefront of voters’ minds. While there are quite a bit more than four films to pay attention to this semester, these don’t look like they should be missed. However, I’ve been wrong with these predictions before. I’m looking at you, “The Counselor.” “Gone Girl” Oct. 3 — Based on the bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports the disappearance of his wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike). Though you would think reporting your own wife missing would suggest innocence, the media starts to turn on Nick. “Gone Girl” seems to be another creeping, slow-burn thriller in the same vein as director David Fincher’s incredibly effective “Zodiac” and “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” Here’s a bit of confounding technical information about the film: It was shot at 6K resolution, which has

10 times the pixel resolution of 1080p. “Men, Women & Children” Oct. 17 — In the first trailer that came out for director Jason Reitman’s (“Juno”) recent work, there are plenty of characters, but not a single bit of talking. This is a film of the modern day and age, concerned with the communicative disconnect between teenagers and adults due to technology. The trailer doesn’t give any special attention to any one character, more than likely meaning we’ll have an ensemble cast comprised of the likes of Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson, Jennifer Garner, Rosemarie DeWitt (“Mad Men”), Dean Norris (“Breaking Bad”) and Ansel Elgort. It’s always good to pay special attention to Sandler when he’s in a dramatic role; he usually does some of his best when he goes against his comedic roots. “Interstellar” Nov. 7 — The tagline for this film is the very evocative, “Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.” In the future, Earth has turned into a giant Dust Bowl and crops can no longer grow. An engineer named Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) must lead a team into a space wormhole and travel beyond the galaxy to find a way to save

Earth. Director Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight”, “Inception”), modern-day master of big screen spectacle and proponent of shooting in physical film stock, is shooting on actual IMAX film in lieu of digital. The space visuals will be a sight to behold on the big screen. “Foxcatcher” Nov. 14 — A nearly unrecognizable Steve Carell, in both appearance and speech, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo all received critical praise for their performances when “Foxcatcher” premiered at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival. Based on real events, Olympic wrestling hopeful Mark Schultz (Tatum) trains with sponsor John du Pont (Carell). However, tensions start to mount between Mark and his brother. This will not be the feel-good sports movie of the year. There’s something very unnerving about the cadence of Carell’s speech in the trailer that foreshadows something sinister.

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Annapurna Pictures

Loft screens Williams’ repertoire


Ivana Goldtooth

his past summer, the country experienced the loss of a true artist. In light of Robin Williams’ recent passing, the Loft Cinema will be screening three of the actor’s films this Labor Day weekend. “A lot of people were shocked when he passed, and we kind of felt like we needed to do something,” said Jeff Yanc, the program director of the Loft Cinema. “Jumanji,” “Good Will Hunting” and “Hook” are the three Williams films chosen to screen. With two of these films being very family friendly, Yanc said that the intention is to target kids who will be out of school this holiday weekend. “With Robin Williams, we get a wide demographic,” Yanc said, “and that’s kind of why we wanted to do it over Labor Day weekend.” The 1993 fan-favorite “Mrs.

Doubtfire” notably is not on the roster of films. Yanc said that it couldn’t be screened this weekend because once a famous actor or director dies, the studios start pulling their films out of circulation, so it was not available. Don’t be saddened too much if a film favorite of yours didn’t get selected. Yanc added that some of Williams’ other films, like “Dead Poets Society,” may be screened in the theater’s ongoing Late-Night Cult Classics series. Yanc said that the modernized Peter Pan epic “Hook” was chosen because many Loft fans asked why the Steven Spielberg fantasy was not shown last month, during a screening of the director’s films. With the list of films to be screened this weekend, there are unintended, intriguing themes underlying all three: childhood innocence and the tragedy of growing up. “It’s interesting that both ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Hook’ [are] about being a kid and


Comedian Billy Crystal (bottom right) pays tribute to the late Robin Williams during the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live in Los Angeles on Monday. Crystal and Williams starred together in the 1997 film “Father’s Day.”

growing up and [trying] to remember what it was like being a kid,” Yanc said. The film “Good Will Hunting” is also about Matt Damon’s character growing up, as he is counseled by Williams’ character on life. Williams

won his only Academy Award for this film. In a way, it’s almost as if Williams is still with us. These films all show a sensitive, vulnerable, almost childlike side to the comedic actor.

The proceeds from the money made from the three screenings will be given to COPE, a local nonprofit healthcare organization for behavioral and physical healthcare, which addresses general mental, health and substance abuse issues. “That’s always the trick when we do these tributes,” Yanc said. “You’re worried about trying to capitalize on someone dying.” Go and have a good time reliving some of your childhood memories by escaping to Neverland with Peter Pan or by rolling the dice on an otherwordly board game. Tickets are available to purchase now over the phone or online on the Loft Cinema’s site. General admission is $3 per screening, and admission is $2 for Loft Members.

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Retail deals for holiday weekend JESSICA KONG


hether it’s crop tops, high-waisted shorts or an attractive party dress, fashion is a persistent element throughout every season, especially in the clothing stores on University Boulevard. Labor Day is nearing, and there seems to be a few upcoming promotions in stores and online. Boutique 816, Collette, Pitaya and Urban Outfitters are a few stores that have had some sales going on prior to this holiday. In Boutique 816 and Collette, there have been various advertisements of coupons in the UA Student Insider booklets given out around campus. These two stores mainly advertise their online promotions through Instagram and Facebook. The latest trends call for some

wardrobe changes, and that is exactly what Boutique 816 and Collette have been aiming to do. These two stores provide affordable clothing without breaking the bank. From a relaxing bohemianinspired outfit to a tasteful Las Vegas nighttime look, both Boutique 816 and Collette work to cater to many students’ fashion sense on campus. Although they do not have huge promotions for Labor Day, the coupons featured in the Student Insider certainly help students save a few extra bucks. What makes Pitaya unique from other stores is its recent $25 monthly gift card drawing through its email mailing list, along with a buy-oneget-one half off deal it has going on right now. Pitaya’s basics — crop tops, bandeaus, sunglasses and maxi dresses — are only some of the many items that are all under $20. Needless to say, its sale racks are definitely a bargain for any shoppers


BOUTIQUES ON UNIVERSITY Boulevard offer up-and-coming fashion trends. Some boutiques are offering promotions through the holiday weekend.

in the store. With summer still lingering and fall just around the corner, these latest fashion trends are certainly a must in Pitaya: tent dresses, kimono rompers and light cardigans. Similar to Pitaya’s sales, Urban

LOCAL CRAFT BEERS AVAILABLE 1. SAN CLEMENTE **Near UA** (N/W corner of Broadway & Alvernon) *parking available in rear*

Outfitters recently had a Back to School Sidewalk Sale last week. This sidewalk sale promoted 50 percent off already on-sale merchandise. Although this special deal is no longer available, Urban Outfitters has other sales going on, such as

two-for-one shoes, two T-shirts for $22 for women, two for $30 for men and jeans marked down from $60 to $39. The popular no-pants trend can be achieved through a visit to Urban Outfitters. This style encompasses a loose dress shirt with a flannel tied at the waist and high knee socks. Alongside this, cargo pants, denim, oversized sweaters and long chunky cardigans are going to be upcoming fall trends this year at Urban Outfitters. Boutique 816, Collette, Pitaya and Urban Outfitters are or have been featuring sales from past weeks and upcoming weeks. Whether it is cute summer dresses or long flannels for the fall, these stores are always updated in the latest styles and promote sales every month or so.

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3837 E Broadway Blvd. (520) 325-9553 2. CROSSROADS FESTIVAL (N/E corner of Grant & Swan)

4821 E. Grant Rd. (520) 624-0122 3. EASTPOINT SHOPPING CENTER (S/W corner of 22nd & Kolb) near Starbucks

It slices, it dices, it plays the radio!

6970 E. 22nd St. (520) 326-1588


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Classifieds • FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 2014

CLASSIFIED READER RATES: $5 minimum for 20 words (or less) per insertion. 25¢ each additional word. 20% discount for five or more consecutive insertions of the same ad during same academic year. CLASSIFIEDS ONLINE: An additional $2.75 per order will put your print ad online. Online only: (without purchase of print ad) $2.75 per day. Friday posting must include Saturday and Sunday.

READER AD DEADLINE: Noon, one business day prior to publication. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES: $11.75 per column inch. Display Ad

Deadline: Two business days prior to publication. Please note: Ads may be cancelled before expiration but there are no refunds on canceled ads.

COPY ERROR: The Daily Wildcat will not be responsible for more than the first incorrect insertion of an advertisement.

the BoYs & girls Clubs of Tuc‑ son is looking for a Gym Activity Leader responsible for implement‑ ing sports and recreational activi‑ ties with youth ages 7‑17. Posi‑ tion is part‑time, 20 hours per week, $8.50/hour. High school diploma and some experience with youth in the areas of sports and recreation activities is required. Email resume and cover letter to



14 • wildcat weekend

Attention Classified Readers: The Daily Wildcat screens classified advertising for misleading or false messages, but does not guarantee any ad or any claim. Please be cautious in answering ads, especially when you are asked to send cash, money orders, or a check.

WeddiNg/eVeNt maNage‑ meNt. Nights/WeekeNds. North Tucson. Some Physical Re‑ quirements. Good People Skills. No Experience Necessary. Send Resume to

7.5 Ft Pullout couch great con‑ dition with like new mattress $200. JVC working TV great condition $80. 520‑240‑5862

ariZoNa iNN Part Time Pool At‑ tendant apply online at: www.ari‑ $25 Free ride VOUCHERS! Just for trying Lyft Rideshare 1. Download the Lyft App to your smartphone 2. Sign up & put in code TRUDY37 3. Enjoy your free rides!

ariZoNa FootBall Walk‑ oN trYouts. The Wildcat foot‑ ball team is holding walk‑on try‑ outs for all full time enrolled stu‑ dents. Please visit the football of‑ fice to get the necessary packet of information. Packets due by September 3rd at 4pm. Tryouts September 9th. Bear Down!

lookiNg For BaBYsitter in foothills area. Approx 5 hours per week as needed. $12/hour. May include driving to/from activities. Must have experience, refer‑ ences, and safe car. Please call 602.350.4598.

ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXEC Join the dynamic advertising and marketing team at the Daily Wildcat and gain hands-on experience in sales and customer service that will make your resume shine. The Daily Wildcat has an opening for an advertising account executive who will handle dozens of local ad accounts and prospect for new business too. This is a multi-media environment — print, digital, web — that will prepare you for the future and give you an edge in the job market. You must be a UA student and have a car. Sales or marketing experience a plus; a positive, enterprising outlook a must. This is a commissioned based job that will take about 20 hours a week. A successful rep can expect to earn $300 a week

or more.

To apply, send cover letter and resume to Mark Woodhams, Director of Student Media, at


driVer/ ruNNer Needed for auto repair shop. Help with shut‑ tling customers, cars, light clean‑ ing. Must be over 21 with good driving record. $10.00 to start. Must have transportation to and from work. Can work around school schedule. Send resume to: girl scouts hiriNg now for program facilitators. $8‑$10/hr Per‑ fect for college students. Must be available 3 afternoons per week. Great on resume, amazing career development! www.girlscoutssoaz.‑ org/employment Part time marketer ‑ get great experience and competitive hourly pay as a marketer/ap‑ pointment setter at Farmers in‑ surance regional office. call alex 548‑5555 or email adu‑ retail sales associate needed for Tuxedo Store. PT. 15‑ 20 hrs/week. Starting pay $10/hr. We’re looking for individuals who are outgoing, dependable and able to work with little or no supervision. Job duties include: taking cus‑ tomers’ measurements; assist cus‑ tomers with coordinating tuxedo styles and colors; fittings; organiz‑ ing store and dressing mannequins. You may apply in person at 2435 E. Broadway Blvd. or email your re‑ sume to studeNt WaNted to teach our son who has autism week‑ days, after school. 2‑4 days/week. NE. $12.40/hr. Reliable transpor‑ tation a must. Please send a re‑ sume to:, 520‑ 982‑2569

!!!!!!! 1Block From UA. Remod‑ eled, new A/C, furnished or unfur‑ nished. 1BD from $610, 2BD from $810, 3BD from $1175. Pool/ laun‑ dry. 746 E 5th St. Shown by ap‑ pointment 751‑4363/ 409‑3010 !!!utilities Paid. 4blocks to UofA. Mountain/Adams. 1room studio $410/mo. No pets. Security patrolled, quiet, ceiling fans. 520‑ 299‑5020 or 520‑624‑3080 www.‑ 1 & 3Bd/ units AC, water pd, off‑ st. parking, Euclid/Speedway, starting at $425, APL 747‑4747 1Bedroom/ 1Bathroom, $550, Furnished. 3Blocks To UofA, Euclid/9th. Quiet, Spacious. Free WIFI& Parking. Pay Only Elec‑ tric., 520‑ 798‑3453, 2Bd/ 1Ba, coVered parking, laundry on site, Euclid/6th $565 if paid early, APL 747‑4747 2Br 2Ba rent special! 1st mo Free rent oac, 2miles N of uofa, 910 sF, W/d in unit, refr, dW, covered Pkng, $725/mo, $500 sec., 1488 e hedrick drive 85719, 520‑471‑2764. las‑ 2Br, 1Ba duPlex W/D hook‑ ups, large yard, ac, off‑street parking. Quiet, neighborly street Speedway/Country Cub. $750/mo 323‑7287 before 9pm 801 e. 10th St. Walk to campus! 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, pool, wi‑fi Great location and value. Starting at $525! Please call 520‑499‑4540 or visit

Publisher’s Notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

large studios 6Blocks UofA, 1125 N. 7th Ave. Walled yard, security gate, doors, win‑ dows, full bath, kitchen. Free wi/fi. $380. 977‑4106 studios from $400 spacious apartment homes with great downtown location. Free dish tV w/top 120. Free internet WiFi. 884‑8279. Blue agave apartments 1240 N. 7th ave. speedway/ stone. www.bluea‑

3Bdrm, 2.5Bath Condo for rent. 2.5 miles from Campus. 1,400 sq ft., very spacious. $850/month. Off of Mountain and Prince. Gated, covered parking. 520‑981‑ 2898

!!! Walk to UA. 1134 & 1132 E. 10th Street. Spacious & Func‑ tional. Large unique historic 1BD/1BA $650. Wood floors, quiet, no pets. (520)748‑7596 !!!! 4Blocks to uoFa. 1bdrm duplex. 1201 E Lee St. $630 per month, ceiling fans, polished ce‑ ment floors, security bars. Remod‑ eled, quiet, no pets, security pa‑ trolled. 520‑299‑5020 or 520‑624‑ 3080 !!!Walk to UA. 437 E. Univer‑ sity. Large unique historic 2BD/1BA. $990. AC, wood floors, high ceilings, ceiling fans. Quiet, no pets. Security patrolled. www.‑ 520‑299‑5020 or 520‑624‑3080 1323 N. 1st aVe, walking dis‑ tance, 2Bedroom, 1Bath, stove, refrigerator, window covering, wa‑ ter and Wifi paid, $720/mo. 370‑ 8588, leave message. large 1Bedroom Walk to UofA. Air conditioning, attached 1car garage with washer/dryer hookups, dishwasher. Newly re‑ modeled, very charming. $725/ mo with a years lease. Water in‑ cluded. 520‑298‑3017

FurNished studio aPart‑ meNt: $600/month includes utili‑ ties, HDTV, WiFi, private en‑ trance, off‑street parking. No smoking, no pets. 3 miles from campus. (520)258‑9380. Quiet NeighBorhood, oNe bedroom cottage with bonus room, 2103B N. Santa Rita, (in rear) (Mountain & Grant), A/C and swamp cooler. Internet, cable, washer & dryer available, water paid. No smoking, no pets. 403‑ 6681. Quiet NeighBorhood, tWo room cottage, 1173 E. Seneca, (in front), (Mountain & Grant), washer, dryer, internet & cable available, water paid. No smoking, no pets. 403‑6681. studio/guest house‑$525/ mo. This immaculate GH is lo‑ cated 1.5 miles from UofA off Mountain. Catch the CatTran or bike to UA. Quiet neighorhood. All utilities, cable & WiFi included. Unit has washer/dryer, standard fridge, microwave. Sorry, no pets, no smoking. 298‑9731 Pls. leave message. Go Cats!

!!!!! 4Br/4.5Ba +3 car garage. 2 pool side homes available at The Village for August. A few Blocks NW of UA. HUGE luxury Homes. All Large master suites with walk‑ in closets + balconies + 10ft ceil‑ ings + DW, W&D, Pantry, TEP Electric Discount, Monitored Secu‑ rity System. High speed internet incl. 884‑1505 www.MyUo‑ !!!!! 5Bedroom/ 2Bath from $1850/ month ($370/bdrm), Move in now. Convenient to campus A/C, alarm, washer/ dryer, private backyard, plus more. Website:http:‑ // water‑floorplans.php Pets are wel‑ come. No security deposit (o.a.c.) Call 520‑747‑9331 to see one to‑ day.

classifieds• FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 2014

1Bdrm Walk to UofA. Wood floors, fireplace, ceiling fans, porch, 1yr lease. No pets. Refer‑ ences, deposit. $450/mo. 682‑ 7728. 2Br & deN + GREAT ROOM MAIN HOME 1570SQ.FT. AND SEPARATE 1BR GUEST HOUSE 910SQ.FT. WASHER & DRYER IN‑ CLUDED. BOTH UNITS RENT FOR $2100 @MO CAMPBELL/‑ FORT LOWELL. GO TO tarmls.‑ com listing #21412911 for pic & info CORONA DE ORO REALTY @297‑4742 CHERYL. coron‑ 3Br 2Ba, Pool; Beautiful private desert home near Starr Pass. 15 minutes from UofA, near golf club; open plan; stone floors; A/C; FIREPLACE; PRIVATE POOL; big lush desert YARD; GARAGE; great wildlife and sunset views. Ideal for faculty or Grad students. $1600;;‑ (202)288‑8030; Pictures: http:‑ //tucson.craigslist.‑ org/apa/4589871543.html 4Bd/ 2Ba $1400/mo negotiable. Electric, gas, and water included. Flexible rental agreement. Blen‑ man Elm Neighborhood. 1321 N. Norris. Available August 2014. Call/text 520‑307‑5096.

4Bd/ 2Ba Near campus. $1300/mo negotiable. AC, W/D. BBQ. Covered patio. Off‑street parking. Iron bars. Available now. 520‑909‑4334 aa sPacious 5Bedroom, 3bath, 2story house available NOW. Features include a Great Room, ice cold A/C, W/D, all appli‑ ances, outside storage, and plenty of private parking. Walk‑ ing/Biking distance, just blocks of Campus. Less than 5 roommates? Give us a call anyway! 520‑398‑ 5738 BeautiFul 3 Bedroom 2 bath 1555 square foot home. 2 car garage, security bars, air condi‑ tioning, walk‑in closets. Located 1 block off of Mountain on Ade‑ laide. Furnished or unfurnished. $1200. Call 520.780.3093 Blocks From uoFa. 2bd, 1ba, living room and den. Washer and dryer, pets nego., fenced yard. Reduced to $950 a mo. 2134 Eu‑ clid. Call Grijalva Rlty (520)325‑ 1574. iNdiVidual Bedroom leases NOW AVAILABLE at great loca‑ tions close to campus! From $455/ month. Fully furnished common area. Includes Utilities, Cable, Inter‑ net plus more. Large fenced back yards. http://www.universityrentalin‑‑leases.php Call 747‑9331 to see today! last miNute oPeNiNg! 3Bed/ 1Bath 2 Blocks From UofA! All Utili‑ ties Included! Pool, Free Washer/ Dryer. Tiled Throughout! $995. 821 E Mabel St. Back House. 520‑ 308‑8198.

Quiet NeighBorhood, three bedroom, 1 1/2 bath house, 2103A N. Santa Rita, (Mountain & Grant), washer, dryer, internet and cable avail‑ able, water paid. No smoking, no pets. 403‑6681 sam hughes 3rd St. 2 Story‑ 2Bd/1Bth 1000sf Guesthouse $1195/mo. 4Bd/3Bth 2000sf Main‑ house w/ Garage $1995/mo. Cov‑ ered Parking, Laundry Rooms, NEW AC, Vaulted Ceilings, Pol‑ ished Brick/Concrete Floors, Large Fenced Yard. 520‑850‑0235 apa/4626882777.html sam hughes uoFa/ UMC. 2Bd +Den 1.5BA, 2720 E. 9th St. A/C, W/D, walled yard, covered park‑ ing. Available now. Pets consid‑ ered. $1095/ $1000 deposit. 520‑ 299‑3227, 520‑909‑7771. uNiQue 2Bd/ 2Ba Townhouse covered parking, fireplace, Alver‑ non/Broadway. $895 if paid early APL 747‑4747

roommate needed. 302 e. Wa‑ verly street. close to campus. updated bathroom and kitchen, hardwood floors, washer and dryer. $500/month utilities included. contact marina: (480)593‑ 4948 or email

FurNished room. all utilities paid, including cable and internet. Kitchen and W/D priviledges. Must have references. Available now. No smoking please. $435. Call 520‑207‑8577.

iNdiVidual Bedroom leases NOW AVAILABLE at great loca‑ tions close to campus! From $455/ month. Fully furnished com‑ mon area. Includes Utilities, Ca‑ ble, Internet plus more. Large fenced back yards. http://www.uni‑‑ leases.php Call 747‑9331 to see today!

room with own bathroom for rent in brand new 3Bed/3Bath apart‑ ment. $500 plus electric. (520)349‑ 6736 www.cherryparkstudios. com

uoFa studeNt seekiNg room‑ mate. Lrg 3Bd/2Ba Townhouse. Utilities shared & internet paid. W/D, minutes from UofA. Private hottub. Pool & covered parking in‑ cluded. $380/mo. Text/ call 520‑ 269‑8157 or 520‑331‑7526.

large ceNtral 1100sQFt 2bd/2ba townhouse, W/D hookup, single carport, tiled, & fireplace. 20 minutes to UofA. 1st Ave and Limberlost. $850/mo. 520‑887‑ 0668. Village sQuare toWNhouse is occupied by 90% UA STU‑ DENTS GLENN/ CAMPBELL. FREE WATER 2b, 1 1/2 ba fire‑ place, pet welcome YARD 2 park‑ ings 520‑289‑1875.

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2 4

FurNished room: $375 12mos or $450 9mos, incl util/ intrnt. Near UA, shopping, bus, bike routes. 2404 E Copper. 3BR 1BA house. 343‑5715

6 4 9 Difficulty Level

5 9 8

By Dave Green

2 9 8 1 1 2 6 5

3 2 7 8 6

8 4 5

2014 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

!!!!! 6Bdrm 6.5 Bath available August. Lease today for special. Just a few blocks from campus. 5‑ car GARAGE, all Granite counter‑ tops, large outside balconies off bedrooms, very large master suites with spacious walk‑in clos‑ ets and whirlpool tubs, high ceil‑ ings. pool privileges TEP Electric Discount. Free high speed inter‑ net and expanded basic cable. Monitored security system 884‑ 1505

wildcat weekend • 15




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friday, AUGUST 29, 2014 • page 17 TWITTER.COM/wildcatsports

UNLV first up for Solomon, Cats James Kelley After routing UNLV last year, Arizona football will look to double down on victories over the Rebels tonight at home at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN. Last year, UNLV enjoyed its first winning season since 2000. The Rebels recovered from an 0-2 start, including a 58-13 home loss to Arizona, to finish 7-6 and make the Heart of Dallas Bowl, their first since 2002. The Rebels were originally banned from the postseason this year for unsatisfactory academic progress, but that ban was overturned this summer. UNLV gets its nickname and confederate colors because it “rebelled” against its in-state rival, the University of Nevada. The Rebels own a 22-24 record in season openers and are 5-16 on the road in those games. UNLV’s

last season opening win was in 2009 against Sacramento State, and their last road win in the first game was in 2007 against Utah State. Arizona is 15-1 at home on Labor Day weekend, including 14 wins in a row. The Wildcats are 80-25-5 in season openers and have won 12 of their last 14. The only other time UNLV and Arizona have played was Sept. 22, 2001 in the teams’ first games since the Sept. 11 attack, and the Wildcats won 38-21. The schools will also play in men’s basketball on Dec. 23 in Las Vegas. UNLV is 6-27 against the Pac-12 Conference teams, with its last win coming in 2008 when it beat No. 12 ASU 23-20. Arizona is 95-50-5 against the Mountain West. Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez is 8-0 against nonconference teams at the UA.

Always bet on black

file photo/The Daily Wildcat

Arizona cornerback Devin Holiday (13) tackles UNLV wide receiver Devante Davis (81) during Arizona’s 58-13 win against UNLV at Arizona Stadium on Sept. 7, 2013. Davis finished last season with 87 receptions, 1290 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns and will be a handful for the Arizona secondary on Friday.

Science in Hospitality Management with a Concentration in Gaming.

Rebel roll call

UNLV features a Bachelor of

UNLV will also feature a new

quarterback, junior college transfer Blake Decker, who went to Scottsdale Community College. The former Fighting Artichoke is from Mesa, Ariz.

Preseason All-American and Biletnikoff Award candidate Devante Davis leads the Rebels. Davis tallied 1,290 yards receiving last year and had three catches for 84 yards against Arizona in 2013. Each year a Rebel senior is honored with the Tom Wiesner Award. Offensive lineman Brian Roth won it this year and gets to wear a special jersey. Wiesner was a famous Las Vegas businessman, politician and philanthropist who is in the UNLV sports hall of fame. Arizona senior running back Adonis Smith, who is second on the UA’s depth chart this week, was a backup at UNLV last year. Rebel safeties coach Tim Hundley is the father of former UA catcher and current Baltimore Oriole Nick Hundley. — Follow James Kelley @jameskelley520

UA Volleyball opens season with three weekend games evan rosenfeld

rebecca marie sasnett/The Daily Wildcat

Arizona outside hitter Madi Kingdon (9) spikes the ball during Arizona’s 3-0 win against Loyola Maryland in McKale Center on Sept. 20, 2013. The Wildcats open the season with three games over the weekend.

Arizona volleyball will begin its 2014 season this Friday and Saturday at the Wisconsin Tournament in Green Bay. The Wildcats are slated to compete against South Dakota in Friday’s match and will face off against Wisconsin-Green Bay and Kansas State the following afternoon. The UA hasn’t faced South Dakota or Wisconsin-Green Bay before in program history, but possesses a 2-0 record against Kansas State. Arizona’s last face-off with the Kansas State Wildcats came nearly 27 years ago in September 1987, when the UA dispatched Kansas State 3-0 in Fort Collins, Colo.

Head coach Dave Rubio and his squad look to improve upon last year’s accomplishments, which saw the Wildcats receive an NCAA Tournament berth — the team’s fourth postseason appearance in the past five years. Arizona’s 21-13 record in 2013 included statement victories against UCLA and then-No. 1 USC in Tucson. Rubio, who stands as the longest tenured volleyball coach in the conference, has led his team into the playoffs 16 out of his 22 seasons at the helm of the program. Going into his 23rd season at the head of Arizona volleyball, Rubio holds a 416-247 overall record at the UA and has secured a Pac-10 title (2000) and a Final Four appearance

(2001). This year, Rubio said he’s excited to get the season started. He said that he has a very special group of girls who he believes could reach greater heights than they did last year. Senior outside hitter Madi Kingdon looks to close out an impressive collegiate career and is on pace to finish in Arizona’s career top 10 in six categories — matches played, sets played, kills, assists, 10+ kill matches and 20+ kill matches — by the time she graduates. If Kingdon plays in every game this season, which she’s done twice before, she will leave as the UA’s all-time leader in matches played. Subsequently, if she competes

in 115 sets this year (last year she played in 116), she will pass Brad Lee as the all-time leader in sets played. Senior libero Ronni Lewis,senior middle blocker Rachel Rhoades and senior outsider hitter Taylor Arizobal are also veterans who are expected to provide leadership and contribute heavily this season. Next up, Arizona is set for its home opener in the newly renovated McKale Center and will host Alabama State, Loyola Chicago and Cal State Northridge in the Arizona Invitational on Sept. 6-7.

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MLB: Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m. on Fox Sports Arizona. It’s Classic TV Night at Chase Field. NCAA football: UNLV at Arizona, 7:30 p.m. on ESPN. If Arizona Stadium’s too hot for you, the UA’s game can be seen on ESPN.


NCAA football: Penn State vs. UCF (Dublin, Ireland), 5:30 a.m. on ESPN 2. The Nittany Lions face the Knights on the Emerald Isle for some reason. NCAA football: No. 7 UCLA at Virginia,

9 a.m. on ESPN. The Bruins travel across the country for an early test. English Premier League: Chelsea at Everton, 9:30 a.m. on NBC. Tim Howard and his mates face Chelsea’s powerful lineup. NCAA football: West Virginia vs. No. 2 Alabama (Atlanta), 12:30 p.m. on abc/ ESPN 2. West Virginia native Nick Saban faces his home state team. NCAA football: No. 16 Clemson at No. 12 Georgia, 2:30 p.m. ESPN. In a matchup of highly ranked foes, the ACC faces the SEC. NCAA football: No. 1 Florida State vs. Oklahoma State (Arlington, Texas), 5




English Premier League: Liverpool at Tottenham Hotspur, 5:30 a.m. on NBC Sports. Hot-headed Italian Mario Balotelli makes his Liverpool debut. FIBA World Cup: Turkey vs. USA (Bilbao, Spain), 12:30 p.m. on ESPN. The Americans face the Turks in their second game at the World Championships.

NCAA football: Miami at Louisville, 5 p.m. on ESPN. Louisville makes its ACC debut by hosting the U. MLB: Washington Nationals at Los Angeles Dodgers, 5:10 p.m. on MLB Network. East meets West in this battle of first-place teams.

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NCAA football: SMU at No. 10 Baylor, 4:30 p.m. on Fox Sports 1. Old Southwest Conference rivals face off in Waco, Texas. MLB: Cleveland Indians at Kansas City Royals, 5 p.m. on ESPN2. The Royals try to hold onto first place against The Tribe.



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Anu starter


Missing Ka’Deem

It’s not a secret that Ka’Deem Carey is no longer on the Arizona football squad, and you can bet UNLV is going to dare the Wildcats to run on Friday. The only returning running back with notable experience as a Wildcat is redshirt junior Jared Baker, who rushed for 130 yards last season and is coming off an ACL tear suffered late last year. Of the nine running backs listed on Arizona’s roster, eight of those backs have never recorded a single regular season carry as a Wildcat. That lack of inexperience could prove fatal for the offense if a consistent running game can’t be established early on.

By now you’ve probably heard Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez has tabbed redshirt freshman Anu Solomon to start the season opener. Solomon will be the first freshman to start at quarterback since Willie Tuitama in 2005. One scenario is Solomon could see UNLV drop into exaggerated pass protection for large portions of the game, considering Arizona has a dynamic group of receiving threats. In that kind of situation, he’ll have a considerable amount of time to make decisions but tighter windows to fit the ball through. UNLV will dare Solomon to beat them with his arm and see if the redshirt freshman has the poise to take care of the ball and make sensible decisions. If he doesn’t live up to his reported calm demeanor come game time, Arizona will have to rely on inexperienced running backs to get the job done.

Wazzu part two

There is always the scenario where Arizona comes out flat and plays similar to last season’s embarrassing 24-17 home loss to Washington State. The Cougars scored 10 unanswered points to open up that game and scored the game-winning touchdown with just over two minutes left in the fourth quarter. It was the kind of game where the defense allowed long, timeconsuming drives and struggled to contain the opposing quarterback. UNLV wide receiver Devante Davis’ big-play ability could prove troublesome for an Arizona defense that will have six new starters throughout the defense, including at least one player at every main positional group (defensive line, linebacker and defensive back). If those new starters aren’t ready to play from the outset, UNLV could surprise the team with a quick score or two.


Solomon shines

Arizona freshman quarterback Anu Solomon gets the start against UNLV in what could be a storybook debut. The dual-threat quarterback is from Las Vegas FILE PHOTO/THE DAILY WILDCAT and played with four of the Rebels at Bishop FRESHMAN LINEBACKER Ryan Dunn (25) scores a touchdown during UA’s 58-13 win Gorman High School. Solomon went 57-3 and against UNLV on Sept. 7, 2013 at Sam Boyd Stadium. The two teams meet up again for the won four state titles as a starter in high school. season opener in a nationally televised game on ESPN on Friday. If Solomon can replicate some of that success, UNLV lost Tim Cornett, their all-time the Wildcats will beat the Rebels again. Last year against UNLV, leader in rushing and will likely lean UA quarterback B.J. Denker ran the ball 17 times for 63 yards and heavily on Davis. passed for 81 yards, going 8-for-21, not exactly stellar numbers. If Solomon has a good game or at least a solid game, Arizona Wildcats run over Rebels will likely be too much for UNLV. Since Arizona has one of the best receiving corps in the country, many of its foes will focus Arizona locks down Davis Like Arizona, the Rebels also feature a quarterback making his on trying to stop the passing game. UNLV is very likely to do that, since a freshman NCAA football debut, junior college transfer Blake Decker. will be starting for the Wildcats. Over-committing Fortunately for him, Decker has a preseason All-American in senior receiver Devante Davis to throw the ball to. Last season to stop the pass would open up room for Arizona to run. Davis caught 87 balls for 1290 yards. Last year, the Wildcats ran all over the Rebels. Last year, the Biletnikoff Award Watch List member had three Ka’Deem Carey ran for 171 yards, Daniel Jenkins for 79, catches for 84 yards in UNLV’s 58-13 loss to the Wildcats, his Jared Baker for 66 and Denker for 63. second-lowest number of catches in 2013. The Wildcats don’t have a Carey this season, but if they Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but he’s a serious threat to an Arizona secondary will be missing, at least from the starting approach close to the 397 rushing yards they tallied last year, they’ll cruise to an easy win. Without a leading running line up, its two top leaders in interceptions from a year ago. Senior safety Tra’Mayne Bondurant had four picks last year, back set, the Wildcats will likely send wave after wave of backs including one for a 52-yard touchdown against the Rebels at the UNLV defense, which lost six starters from last year.

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and lost his spot in the starting lineup for disciplinary reasons. Shaquille Richardson, who had three interceptions, is now a Pittsburgh Steeler.

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In this edition of Wildcat Weekend: The Arizona football team opens the 2014-15 season against the UNLV Rebels, The political appeal of Pegg...


In this edition of Wildcat Weekend: The Arizona football team opens the 2014-15 season against the UNLV Rebels, The political appeal of Pegg...