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How to Pick a Neighborhood Bar Adulthood is defined by choices. The older we get, the more choices there are to make. What kind of car to drive, what career path to follow, how to dress, how to invest, whom to date, whom to marry, where to send our kids to school. But by far, the most important choice we can make is where to drink. Because it is this decision that informs all others.

Because it is this decision that informs all others. Ideally, our mainstay watering hole is not a place to escape from life or drown our sorrows. It is a place to relax, recharge, and reflect. It is a place to germinate ideas and exchange opinions with respected peers. If all you seek is a place to get blackout drunk, I’m sure there are plenty of suitable alleys within stumbling distance of your halfway house. But if you want to imbibe like a

champion, like a man/woman of action, you need to choose your local wisely. To clarify, I’m not referring to pick-up bars, sports bars, strip bars or dance clubs. All have their purposes. I’ve visited all on occasion. But if the girls at Spearmint Rhino call out your name when you walk in the door like you’re Norm on Cheers, you probably need to reevaluate your life choices.

MARKETING SERVICES : Content Marketing: What is it?

Content Marketing is a strategy that involves the creation and sharing of various forms of media–blog posts, infographics, news, video, eBooks, case studies, how-to guides, etc., etc.–in order to acquire customers. Content, writ large, is everything that people on the Web consume. 11 Essential Books to Be a Better Online Writer

With 98 percent of the United States now wired for high-speed broadband, almost everyone is an online writer these days. Most people may only write an email, Facebook post, or profile on eHarmony, but we can probably all use some help to transform our thoughts and emotions into well-written words and sentences.

Top Email Marketing Trends in 2013

Get the latest email marketing trends for 2013 and seize the competitive advantage in your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is consistently one of the highest returning (about $40 for every $1 spent) marketing strategies. But that doesn’t mean things aren’t changing. How Many Social Networks Are Enough?

Today there are more than 500 social networking websites in operation around the world. According to studies, polls, and other polls, most people are active on two of them. It is not uncommon, however, to find people actively using five, ten, or more social networks at least once each month. Discuss Infographics at Your Next Marketing Meeting

The explosion of infographics has been nothing short of phenomenal. And although pinpointing the exact inflection point is challenging, it’s fair to say that it was some

combination of people’s preference for consuming visual information and the rapidly advancing capability of the Web to deliver this kind of rich media. Our audiences are becoming increasingly time-poor and attentionstarved; consequently, any strategy that more clearly delivers marketing messages, quicker and with a higher rate of retention arguably should be monopolizing your digital marketing strategy sessions. This is precisely the opportunity of upping your game in data visualization in general and infographics specifically.

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