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Four Communication Advantages Created By the Aria 24 IPE Phone System There are a wide variety of potential phone systems that any business can make the investment into, in order to maximize their communication resources. With so many options available for a company to choose from, it is important that you identify a source that will provide you with the greatest number of advantages. Benefiting from a system such as the Aria 24 IPE will often provide a business with the most significant advantages, when trying to accelerate communication opportunities. When looking into the possibility of this specific phone system, seek the advantages that can be found with utilizing an integrated voice messaging system, linking your communication resources to home, office, and cell phone, employing computer integration, and taking steps towards the VoIP shift. Advantage One: Integrating Voice Messaging Systems The first advantage to benefit from when utilizing the Aria 24 IPE phone system is found with adapting an integrated voice messaging system. These resources will allow you to provide voice messaging systems for a large number of Associates and permit access from any individual who these messages may specifically be applicable to. This can help in accelerating business potential, when compared to utilizing the resources of a receptionist or a call return system. Advantage Two: Linking Your Communication Resources to Home, Office, and Cell Phone The second advantage that a business can look towards accessing with the Aria 24 IPE system is found with linking their communication in the office, to the home and cellular environment. Many individuals are adopting an on the road presence, when it comes to business, so they are constantly in motion and do not always have the opportunity to sit at a desk to make and receive phone calls. Utilizing a

system that links all three sources of communication will allow your associates to get the most out of meeting the communication demands of your clients. Advantage Three: Employing Computer Integration The third opportunity that a company will benefit from when making this Aria 24 IPE phone system investment is discovered with the integration of computer technology. By linking your handsets to your computer, you will be able to make and receive calls, identify the various individuals contacting you, as well as utilize computer-based phonebooks to make instant phone calls with no hassle on your part. Advantage Four: Taking Steps Toward the VoIP Shift The final advantage is found with allowing your business to take the first step towards the shift in communication, utilizing VoIP technology. Internet-based technology is the future of any communication system and by laying a foundation now towards this opportunity, you will eventually be able to complete the journey away from traditional telephone communication and completely embrace the online environment For any business, taking advantage of the most advanced systems that will help in accelerating your communication efforts is vital. Seek to take advantage of all the benefits that are created through the Aria 24 IPE opportunity, by going to

Four Communication Advantages Created By the Aria 24 IPE Phone System