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- MAY 2011

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 Interview: o “Interview about Valencia.”


 Letter to editor: o “How to make your child a genius”


 Article: o “Working “ideally””


 Article: o “Drugs: a problem of the world”



INTERVIEW ABOUT VALENCIA This interview is about Valencia. We are with Noelia, a British citizen who has been living for four years. Hello Noelia, why did you decide to come to Valencia? Hi, I decided to come here because I wanted to learn Spanish and Valencian. This country is wonderful and this city is incredible. For this reason, I want you to know about the city of oranges. How did you learn to speak Spanish? My interest for the language, food, weather… comes from a Spanish family who lives in Córdoba. When I was a child, I garbled the Spanish cities such as Valencia, Palencia, and Alicante… and my family opted for showing me the cities. And the best city for me was Valencia. Therefore, I decided to come here to live and work as an English teacher. I picked up Spanish because it is easy for me to learn Spanish (a Spanish family, I watched Spanish films, I listened to Spanish music…). And also, I picked up some expressions or words from my friends here. Initially, I babbled but little by little they tough me synonyms, idioms, etc. Now, I speak on the top of my head and I know Spanish inside out. And, can you tell me about this city such as places, food, parties, events…? Ok. The most important places of Valencia are the beaches. They are sheer delight. I know that they are typical of the city but when you have something very good, you must benefit from it. There are lovely landscapes in the western and southern part of


Valencia. For example, the best beach is “El Saler”. From it, you can see Valencia´s port there is also an important hotel called “Hotel Sidi Saler” where many famous people and the Spanish football team relax. This beach and many others do not lack in the “blue flag” (the best beaches in Europe) and they are always crammed with people from everywhere such as Madrid or Alicante. Also, we can see lots of fish that swim under our feet because the water is transparent. For this reason, you are dark. You are always on the beach (laughs). And the city, what do you think about the cathedral, “El Micalet”, etc.? Valencia has an important historical part. We can see very different places which range from “Torres de Quart”, “El Micalet”… to “La ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias”, “Oceanográfico”… It has an old part but also, a modern part that are visited by tourists. However I have not the faintest idea about the modern part because I have not visited it yet. The old part of Valencia is in the city center. All monuments, important buildings… are near to each other. You can also visit the city council, “La plaza de la Reina”, the cathedral, “El Micalet”, “La plaza de la Virgen”, “La Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados”, “Torres de Serrano” and Turia river-bed. When you walk at night, the image of Valencia is wonderful. But the city and all the towns around are better for “Fallas”. I am always on the ball when “Fallas” start because I love this bank holiday and I am nervous about the appearance of the monuments and the parties I will be going. I know by heart where all the monuments are and also the names. I´m a perfect guide and I know everything about this topic. Very good, when we need a “fallas guide” we call you (laughs). When the British people talk about Spain, we talk about the brilliant food… it is truth? Yes, of course. Mediterranean food is incredible. To be honest, Valencian food is the best of Spain. We have healthy food such as rice, oranges, fish, wine… For example


I always go to the “Voramar Restaurant” which is next to “La Malvarrosa” (it is another important beach next to the city). In this restaurant, we can eat “tapas” (typical Spanish), “bocadillos” and the most typical dish in Valencia “Paella”… Also, we can find “Paella de Marisco”, “Pimientos rellenos de Arroz”, “Arroz caldoso con Bogavante”… Valencian people master rice and cook it however they want. Now, I am trying to learn to cook rice and to prepare “turrón” ice-cream… as well as “horchata” and “fartons”. Then, you invite us to eat this excellent food in that restaurant… Finally, you appeal us to visit Valencia more times. But do you think that Valencia is the city where you would live for good? I have not a clue. But in this moment, it is the city where I want to live because of the beaches and the food… but also there are more things that attract me. In Valencia, there are many sport events; for example, at the Port, we have the European Formula 1 Grand Prix, Valencia Open 500, America´s Cup… At the city, there is a stadium of Valencia C. de F (“Mestalla”) and at the beach part, you can practice golf in the “Hotel Sidi Saler”… I´m young and I want to enjoy discos and the night. The night in Spain is longer than the British night. Pubs close late but discos close later than pubs. For this reason, when I go out with my friends I always finished on the beach where we look at the moon. Thank you for the interview and remember this sentence about Valencia: “I give you my love for the sea and my warmth, my enthusiasm and my memories, my power and emotions.” Thank you for this fantastic interview. See you in England.


“HOW TO MAKE YOUR CHILD A GENIUS” Dear Editor, I am writing in connection with your article called “How to make your child a genius”. Having read this article it is my belief that children are treated like experiments. In my opinion, you do not make these children genius because they are born genius. I totally disagree with the press harassment. These children will be hot-headed and stand-offish when the press comes closer to them. For this reason, press and other demanding people wormed themselves into their confidence. Furthermore, if the press treated them as freaks, they would be in all TVs, radios, magazines…. Their children are taken in by their parents with future promises; but not for one minute had they imagined that their children would be happier. Children would be experiments in society; children would feel like a fish in a fish tank. They would not have a normal life. Consequently, I strongly object to the existence of pressure groups in society such as press that wants children to be genius. Children are born with their own intelligence, which is developing all through their life. To prevent this situation, they could have a normal life, they will grow self-sufficient, level-headed and they will be respected by their peers. I think that these children need loads of measures for their protection against bad people. Gifted children need to melt away and take off in their studies or their jobs; when they get to this point, they will be adults.


I would appreciate it if you interviewed a gifted child and his/her family. I think that there are families that do not want people to know about their children. Others want to succeed, become famous or earn money. These children are our future. They need a good education but we are not entitled to know who they are. Their parents should be responsible of their education and not the press or the society. Yours sincerely, Noelia Chico


WORKING “IDEALLY” My name is Pablo Casas. My job involves the direction of an important bank in Valencia (RuralCaja). Up to a point, the main priority of my job is people´s happiness. But I couldn´t do without my employees. In this bank, there are people who are priceless and most of them increase their professional and personal development in my company. I try that the working environment is as good as possible because the employees form part of people´s life. If they do not realize a good job, people´s money will be in debt or people will go bankrupt. For this reason, when a new employee starts to work with us, we organize a dinner or a lunch to know between ourselves an also with the rest of employees. These meetings help to know our way of work, our atmosphere, our salaries… everything is related to our costumers. Furthermore, we explain to the new employee our situation in stock market and that he can participate in it; also, about our foundation, I run this foundation about the homeless. We put money into others research foundation such as breast cancer. The essential thing in these meetings is to inform the new person and also, he tells us his vision about our bank and his ideas to improve our service. Everything what he tells us contributes perks and benefits for both. It is very important to support as the employees, colleagues… as the boss. Broadly speaking my job and the employees is to help in the people´s economy situation. Believe it or not, we try that people get 15% off in their shops when they use our cards. Also, when they can´t live on we offer them an amount of money that they can give back in 3 years. This situation is the contrary of people who worth a fortune. These people increase their money in months. For that, they can splash out on when they want.


Knowing the people´s situation, our employees should be prepared to deal with problematic situations. For example, people, who are broken, pester the employee to come into money. Our employees must be in a good working environment and also, they have to be a good preparation for these situations. Essentially, these bank clerks have incentives with reference to their work. The atmosphere in the bank should be excellent to work and to help people. Finally, my job is very important for me and for other people because the money move the world

(for better or for worse).

The money is the

problem in a lot of families

and my bank and

others have to help them

because is absolutely

vital that a family do not

throw out on the

street. Also, people have

to do their share. The money of people can spend in their necessities. For example, children´s education, food, clothes, things for home… the most important is that this money spend in correct way.

But I always say the money don´t produce happiness but it helps people´s happiness.



“Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your selfrespect and everything that goes along with with your self esteem.” Kurt Cobain

“A junkie is someone who uses their body to tell society that something is wrong.” Stella Adler The problem of drugs is been disastrous for humanity. It gives rise to farreaching consequences in our world. For this reason, I can´t do without it. We have the obligation to talk about this enormous problem in our society. Furthermore, it´s indispensable to ask ourselves about: “Why do drugs exist?”, “Why do people use them?”, “Why do the society/ government, etc… do nothing on this matter?” and other important questions…

A cause of this problem is connected with the society. Our society is a killer. It emphasizes that drugs are awful and it’s a great damage for young people. But drugs have its roots in people who want to escape from the poverty or the real world. The world and people have created to “junkie”, “druggy”, “doping”, “groggy” … these types of person


don´t assess their lives and the rest of the lives of their families, neighbors, friends… I must stress that the guilt is in the old and new society. On the other hand, there are many associations against drugs around the Earth. Nowadays, these associations are very important because they influence on sick people and help them. In addition drug addicts´ families play an important role because they can be a lifesaver of their sons, daughters, cousin, etc… Notably, a major source of this problem comes from the social life of the drug addicts. For example, young people start to consume when they see it in friends or inside family, when they are curious to know if the effects are truth… nevertheless these young people know everything about the drugs. Then, why do they consume? The effects of the problems of drugs is a waste of money, a waste of the identity… and it is not had big benefits for humanity only it´s had big benefits for drug trafficking and people around this “kind of job”. The result is visible at streets. This topic is so important that appears in films, documentaries, in advertisements, in hospital… and yet it never disappears, unfortunately because when you are in a party there are people who offer you whatever breeds of drugs… it´s a pity. Our society and our world must influence even more in young people since they are children and we have to join together to eliminate this drugs that affect us. We see our brothers, our friends… who “play” with this. Drugs are a great problem of everybody not only of sick people. To sum up the problems of the drugs are our problems, we need to eradicate them. If we try it, it will stem from the union of society. If we do not try, we will destroy families, children… in conclusion our world.

For this reason, with regard to the drugs we

just say NOT! 11

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