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RECTOR’S MESSAGE Studenthood is the most beautiful and enthusiastic period full of energy for everyone. Respecting our mission and vision, our main obligation is to enable at best possible this enthusiasm and energy of each one. 7EÒDOÒNOTÒSIMPLYÒWANTÒOURÒSTUDENTSÒTOÒBEÒSUCCESSFULÒINÒTHEIRÒCAREERSÒWEÒALSOÒDESIREÒTHATÒSINCEÒTHEIRÒ¾RSTÒDAYÒ they sit in our auditoriums be in continuous contact; teaching them devotedly and expecting their help by teaching us. 7EÒSTRONGLYÒBELIEVEÒTHATÒANÒEDUCATIONÒSYSTEMÒ¾RMLYÒBASEDÒONÒTHEÒDIALOGUEÒBETWEENÒGENERATIONS ÒASÒAÒRESULTÒ among the society itself, is a guarantee for their future and our society as well. We want our graduates, when their life and career has matured, be proud of their choice. As a matter of fact, this would be the greatest achievement in my opinion, and also in the opinion of my colleagues and all the ones that have devoted their lives to this institution. In case they would be able to go back in time, I am sure they will not have any reason to change anything. )ÒAMÒCONVINCEDÒTHATÒTHEYÒHAVEÒHADÒTHEÒOPPORTUNITYÒTOÒ¾NDÒTHEÒBESTÒPARTNERSÒANDÒSUPPORTERS I am sure that they had the chance to reset their horizons to discover their world, and have found a way to make difference and discover themselves.

Prof. Dr. Remzi ALTIN


WHY EPOKA UNIVERSITY Every day, each of us thinks about experiences, our daily activities that affect or change our lives. But there is an experience, that mostly happens once in a lifetime and you have to make one choice. In front of you there are many alternatives, but you have to take a decision. You will choose a university. What comes to your mind when you think about the best university in Albania? What are your expectations? Are you looking for a university that is based on the American Education System, but at the same time all offered programs are compatible with the European System? Or a university whose medium of instruction is English? Maybe you are looking for a university that has the most modern university campus, incorporated with the natural surroundings that facilitate learning and community life. Or moreover, you are looking for such qualities like excellent academics, brilliant professors, and selected international academic staff? Perhaps you are looking for a university that has all of these, but also you need a university which includes student exchange programs and double diploma? Maybe the graduation is not the only thing that matters to you. You need and you are looking for a university and staff that care about your future, your career and support you through career planning, internships and mentorship projects. Or maybe you pay special attention to a place of selected friendship, entertainment opportunities, cultural and sports activities and selected social life. A place of arts, cultures and living tradition that will inspire you as you connect what you learn with what you live and opens a window for your future may be the perfect place for you? You have the passion and you are looking for something that will enable you see the world differently, an institution that becomes a partner in bringing all these together? A place where your passion drives research and your research contributes to the society. What if Epoka University has all of these and were your university, the realisation of all your expectations? Epoka University possesses all these qualities and is working hard to increase them every day. 6



AN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY IN THE BALKAN REGION Located in Tirana, Albanian capital city, Epoka University is an international institution. Epoka University was established and is owned by the “Turgut Ă–zalâ€? Education Institution, which has also established and operated the much-acclaimed system of Turkish primary and high schools in Albania since 1992. Epoka University is one of best national leading private research universities and in the mid-term, aims at becoming one of the best universities in the region. By providing high quality teaching and support, modern infrastructure and innovative teaching methods, Epoka 5NIVERSITYĂ’ISĂ’THEĂ’ÂľRSTĂ’CHOICEĂ’OFĂ’THEĂ’BESTĂ’STUDENTSĂ’INĂ’!LBANIAĂ’ANDĂ’INĂ’THEĂ’"ALKANĂ’REGION With a tradition of integrating modern and professional education, based on the latest technology applied, our university encourages students to go beyond academic and geographic boundaries in their pursuit of knowledge. %POKAĂ’5NIVERSITYĂ’ÂľRSTĂ’OPENEDĂ’ITSĂ’DOORSĂ’TOĂ’STUDENTSĂ’INĂ’THEĂ’ Ă’ACADEMICĂ’YEAR All the development strategies of our university are built on the “Education, Research and Contribution to Societyâ€? triangle. Based on this philosophy our university aims at increasing the quality and effectiveness of education and training systems in the region, to facilitate the access of all to the education and training and to open these systems up to the wider world. At Epoka University, the quality of education provided and the professional achievement attained by graduated students in the job market represents one of the most important factors and determines the quality of our university. The selection of students, as well as their proper education and preparation for work life, are indispensable elements for the quality and success of our University. The students’ future is at the centre of all our planned strategy. To accomplish this goal, our university implements and encourages academic staff to conduct their research by attaching a strong importance to the collaboration with well-known universities and research institutions abroad.


MODERN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS The Campus of Epoka University is situated close to the Tirana International Airport; it will consist of 9 faculty buildings and is located far from the city stress. Each faculty has been designed to incorporate the natural surroundings and to facilitate student learning and community life. 4HEÒCAMPUSÒAREAÒHASÒAÒRECTANGULARÒSHAPEÒOFÒÒÒ m2 surface. Due to this particular proportion, the buildings are settled in a way to challenge and surpass perspective limitations to provide a truly distinctive campus environment. The modern line of THEÒBUILDINGSÒISÒFOLLOWEDÒBYÒTHEÒAWAREÒDEµNITIONÒOFÒ outdoor spaces in order to create spaces of different qualities. The campus design concept lies on three main principles: the division of lecture-time areas and post lecture-time areas, the incorporation of public areas by building gardens, and the separation of the vehicular and pedestrian circulation. The new campus also includes residential spaces (apartments or residential buildings), dining facilities, a library, a medical centre as well as indoor and outdoor venues for sport activities.

SCHOLARSHIPS Epoka University also encourages and awards scholarships to students who are particularly talented and deserving. Its objective is to support young people who can and wish to take responsibilities in our society. In order to enroll high-quality students, Epoka University grants merit-based scholarships for the best ones for the entire normal duration of their studies as follows: 4OPÒÒSTUDENTSÒOFÒTHEÒ!DMISSIONÒ%XAM 1 – 10 » 100% 11 – 20 » 75% 21 – 30 » 50% 4OPÒÒSTUDENTSÒOFÒTHEÒ-ATURAÒ3TATEÒ%XAM 1 – 1000 » 100% 1001 – 2000 » 75% 2001 – 3000 » 50% Top 3 students of the Contractual High Schools 1st » 100% 2nd » 80% 3rd » 70% Top student of every high school in Albania 1st » 50% Scholarships based on SAT Exam results 2000 points or more » 100% 1900 points or more » 75% 1800 points or more » 50% 11




The entire education program at Epoka University is in English, which enables academic RESEARCHERSÒTOÒPURSUEÒSCIENTIµCÒ and technological developments and join international meetings and conferences.

With a QUALIµEDÒinternational teaching staff, Epoka University encourages dialogue between students and lecturers and gives an optimal level of supervision and good student-lecturer relationships.

Epoka University has signed cooperation agreements with numerous Universities in Europe and USA, which include exchange of faculty and students, joint research activities, lectures and e-lectures as well as special short-term academic programs.




The Health Service at Epoka University is part of the Student !FFAIRSĂ’/FÂľCEĂ’ANDĂ’ISĂ’DEDICATEDĂ’TOĂ’ HELPINGĂ’STUDENTSĂ’ÂľNDĂ’THEĂ’MOSTĂ’ appropriate health and wellness information support available. The Health Service also provides educational seminars and resources that enable students to play an active role in achieving, protecting and sustaining health and wellness.

The transportation service for students at Epoka University Campus is provided by a private transportation company working under an agreement with our university. The company offers service on the routes determined in accordance with the needs of the students and the personnel. Buses operate all day long from centre of Tirana to Campus, and vice-versa starting in the morning ATĂ’Ă’UNTILĂ’Ă’HOURS 13

Epoka University offers a cafeteria service at Epoka University Campus. As a hardworking student, the last thing you want to think about is where your next meal is coming from. At Epoka University Campus we offer quality meals and services at reasonable costs-and the assurance that you will always have a wide variety of healthy, good and tasty options.

CAREER PLANNING The Career Planning Centre was established to orient students’ professional education, facilitate STUDENTSÒINÒµNDINGÒGOODÒWORKINGÒµELDSÒANDÒTOÒ maintain the University’s dialogue with business world. The Centre analyses successful companies in the country, determines WORK FORCEÒQUALIµCATIONSÒDEMANDED ÒANDÒ arranges seminars, courses, conferences in order to prepare our students accordingly. The job of Career Planning Centre also includes carrying out necessary activities to create opportunities for the activation of the potentials of the students, introducing them to the standards and conditions they are likely to face INÒTHEIRÒQUESTÒTOÒµNDÒAÒJOB ÒPROVIDESÒTHEMÒWITHÒ the necessary information which may help them in their prospective careers, introducing the graduated students to the business world and familiarizing them with the work environment and offering them training opportunities.


INTERNSHIPS By cooperating with public institutions and private national and international companies, Epoka University helps its students during summer vacations to obtain internships in successful companies according to their department. In this way students will not only be equipped with theoretical knowledge, but also will be introduced to prestigious companies in Albania, France, Turkey and elsewere. These programs at Epoka University are an attempt to expose students to real working life applications so that when they graduate from our university THEYĂ’WILLĂ’NOTĂ’HAVEĂ’ANYĂ’DIFÂľCULTIESĂ’INĂ’GETTINGĂ’USEDĂ’ to the working conditions of the market they will be in. The internship is a crucial opportunity to REÂľNEĂ’MANYĂ’OFĂ’THEĂ’WORKINGĂ’GROUPSgĂ’INITIALĂ’ perceptions by relating them to concrete REALITYĂ’)NTERNSHIPĂ’PROGRAMSĂ’OFFERĂ’BENEÂľTSĂ’TOĂ’ALLĂ’ the participants by providing any oppurtunities to practice communication with foreigners initiative, team working, coordination, and SELF CONÂľDENCEĂ’7EĂ’BELIEVEĂ’THATĂ’ALLĂ’THESEĂ’ qualities are basic and essential factors for a competitive working market.


MENTORSHIP PROJECT The Mentorship Project has been initiated by the 3TUDENTSĂ’!FFAIRSĂ’/FÂľCEĂ’TARGETINGĂ’THEĂ’ Epoka University Students to be followed up by SENIORĂ’MENTORSĂ’SELECTEDĂ’BYĂ’THEĂ’OFÂľCEĂ’INĂ’ORDERĂ’ to support the students professionally and help removing the barriers in their early career paths. The mentee gains a better understanding of the industry culture and structure and by increasing her/his skills and knowledge they also improve THEIRĂ’SELF CONÂľDENCEĂ’0ERIODICALLYĂ’THEĂ’MENTEEĂ’ISĂ’ provided with necessary support and information regarding the environment in which successes and failures can be evaluated. They are taught how to be career-focused and seek potentials for professional mobility and promotion. All the supervision is given by the experienced senior mentors.


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Economics Political Science and International Relations Business Administration Business Informatics Banking and Finance Banking and Finance (Albanian) International Marketing and Logistics FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING

Architecture Civil Engineering Computer Engineering Banking and Finance Business Administration Political Science and International Relations European Studies Economis Electronics and Digital Communication Engineering PROFESSIONAL MASTERS

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Computer Engineering Integrated Diploma in Architecture Civil Engineering Electronics and Digital Communication Engineering

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Architecture Civil Engineering Computer Engineering Political Science and International Relations Banking and Finance Business Administration Education Management

Architecture Civil Engineering Computer Engineering %CONOMICSÒINÒTHEÒh%CONOMICSiÒANDÒ"ANKINGÒANDÒ&INANCEiÒPROµLESÒ Political Science and International Relations Business Administration


ECONOMICS The Department aims at equipping students with theoretical and practical knowledge to work as economists or administrators in the commercial and public sector in Albania. Students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to operate in Albania and abroad by learning the theoretical framework of economics, the Albanian economy, accounting, related laws and international economics.

You shouldn’t think that you will feel like a stranger ƒ†›‘—ƒ›ˆ‡‡ŽŽ‘‡Ž›‹›‘—”ϔ‹”•–†ƒ›•ƒ•ƒ•–—†‡–Ǥ At Epoka University, the Orientation Program for new Freshmen Students organized by all departments will help you to familiarize well with the transition from high •…Š‘‘Ž–‘—‹˜‡”•‹–›Ǥ ƒŠƒ’’›ƒ–’‘ƒ‹˜‡”•‹–›ƒ• ˆ”‘–Š‡ϔ‹”•–†ƒ› Ž„ƒƒ.

Career Opportunities With a strong theoretical and practical background in economics graduates MAYÒµNDÒEMPLOYMENTÒINÒMANYÒAREAS Ò including economics analysis or administration in the private business sector, in government positions, or may pursue further studies, possibly towards a career in academia or other sectors.




Our professors are extremely passionate about what –Š‡›–‡ƒ…ŠƒÂ?†Š‘™–Š‡›–‡ƒ…ŠǤ –Š‹Â?Â?–Š‡›—•‡–Š‡Š‹‰Š ’‡†ƒ‰‘‰‹…ƒŽ•–ƒÂ?†ƒ”†•Ǥ‡†‹•…—••™‹–Š‘—”’”‘ˆ‡••‘”• and exchange ideas with them and frequently run into ‘—”–‡ƒ…Š‡”•‘—–‘ˆ…Žƒ••ǤŠ‡”‡‹•ƒ•‡Â?•‡‘ˆ•—’’‘”–ǥ

–Š‹�� Ž‡ŒŽŒƒ 

4HEĂ’$EPARTMENTĂ’AIMSĂ’ATĂ’THEĂ’QUALIÂľCATIONĂ’ of new staff with professional knowledge who are alert to the CHALLENGESĂ’INĂ’ÂľNANCEĂ’ANDĂ’WHOĂ’CANĂ’WORKĂ’ in banking sector as well in the administration of local and foreign private companies. The students will be able to acquire the necessary professional background to operate in Albania and abroad due to learnt theoretical frameworks of the banking system, the Albanian economy ANDĂ’ÂľNANCE

Career Opportunities Graduates from the Banking and &INANCEĂ’AREĂ’QUALIÂľEDĂ’TOĂ’WORKĂ’INĂ’AĂ’WIDEĂ’ variety and popular positions including commercial and central BANKS Ă’ÂľNANCEĂ’ANDĂ’ACCOUNTINGĂ’ DEPARTMENTSĂ’OFĂ’CORPORATIONS Ă’ÂľNANCIALĂ’ institutions in the international area, capital markets, stock and foreign exchanges, insurance institutions, public institutions and government bodies 21

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The Department of Business !DMINISTRATIONÒAIMSÒATÒTHEÒQUALIµCATIONÒ of new staff with general knowledge, alert to the challenges in economics and management and able to work in the administration of local and foreign private sectors. The student will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge to operate in Albania and abroad due to e learnt theoretical framework, including knowledge of human resources management, the Albanian economy, accounting and business-related laws.

Š‡ƒ‰”‡‡‡–‘†‘—„Ž‡Ǧ†‹’Ž‘ƒ’”‘‰”ƒ•™‹–Š Leeds Metropolitan University gave me the opportunity to spend my last year of studies in the United Kingdom and earn a double diploma from Epoka and Leeds ‡–”‘’‘Ž‹–ƒ‹˜‡”•‹–›Ǥ ‘”‡‹–™ƒ•ǯ–Œ—•–ƒ†‘—„Ž‡ †‹’Ž‘ƒǤ –™ƒ•ƒ‘’’‘”–—‹–›–‘•–ƒ›ƒ†„‡ˆƒ‹Ž‹ƒ” with a different social and university culture


Career Opportunities Graduates from Business !DMINISTRATIONÒAREÒQUALIµEDÒTOÒWORKÒINÒ a wide variety of positions, including accounting, asset management and capital markets, corporate banking, credit, insurance, investment banking, wealth management, private equity and venture capital.





 ™ƒ•”ƒÂ?Â?‡†–Š‡ϔ‹”•–•–—†‡Â?–‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ–—”ƒ–ƒ–‡ šƒÂ?ƒÂ?† •‡Ž‡…–‡†’‘Â?ƒÂ?‹˜‡”•‹–›ǤŠ‡…Š‘Žƒ”•Š‹’ ‘’’‘”–—Â?‹–›‹•ƒ‰‘‘†ƒ†˜ƒÂ?–ƒ‰‡ˆ‘”–ƒŽ‡Â?–‡†ƒÂ?†ÂŠÂƒÂ”†nj working students and also it is a good incentive for the future generations to encourage them ‡”‹–ƒ

The International Marketing and Logistics program provides students with content knowledge and its applications in the principles of marketing, consumer behavior, marketing research and information systems, strategic marketing management, international marketing and additional elective areas of marketing as well as more general knowledge and skills relevant to business and a business career.

Career Opportunities Graduates from this program can ÂľNDĂ’JOBĂ’OPPORTUNITIESĂ’INĂ’SUPPLYĂ’CHAINĂ’ management, international logistics, transportation, physical distribution etc. Graduates of the program can work in local logistics companies as well as in major corporations located across the country in consumer and organizational businesses, industrial and governmental foundations etc.


POLITICAL SCIENCE AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS The Department aspires to be a leader INÒTHEÒµELDÒOFÒPOLITICSÒANDÒGOVERNANCEÒ by educating its students towards the promotion of: peace and justice, equity and sustainability, inclusiveness and respect for human rights. In addition to COURSESÒTHATÒORIENTÒTHEMÒTOÒTHEÒµELD Ò students are given the opportunity to conduct extensive research on such contemporary issues as the European Union, political economy, democratization, human rights, gender and identity politics.

–™ƒ•Šƒ”†–‘‰‘ƒ„”‘ƒ†ǡŽ‡ƒ˜‡›‘—”…‘—–”›ƒ†•–—†› ‹ƒ‘–Š‡”…‘—–”›Ǥ—–‹ˆ›‘—Šƒ˜‡–Š‡•—’’‘”–‘ˆ–Š‡ —‹˜‡”•‹–›ƒ†‹–•ˆƒ…‹Ž‹–‹‡•ǡ–Š‡”‡‹•‘†‹ˆϔ‹…—Ž–›‹‹–‡Ǧ ‰”ƒ–‹‰ƒ†ˆ‡‡Ž‹‰™‡ŽŽǤŠ›ƒ •–—†›‹‰Š‡”‡ǫ –Š‹ that offered programs and career opportunities will ’”‘˜‹†‡™Šƒ– ‡š’‡…–‡† ƒŠƒ†‹”

Career Opportunities $EPARTMENTÒGRADUATESÒMAYÒµNDÒCAREERÒ opportunities at home and abroad in the private as well as the public sector, particularly in organizations AFµLIATEDÒWITHÒTHEÒ5NITEDÒ.ATIONSÒANDÒ the European Union, in the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in universities and the media, and in other private organizations and businesses. 26




 ‘”–Š”‡‡›‡ƒ”• Šƒ˜‡„‡‡Â?–Š‡†‹”‡…–‘”‘ˆ–Š‡ ArkiSpace Student Club, together with the leading board and other colleagues; we have organized many activities ”‡Žƒ–‡†™‹–Šƒ”…Š‹–‡…–—”‡Ǥ‹–Š–Š‡ƒ‹†‘ˆ–Š‡•‡‡š’‡”‹nj ‡Â?…‡•ǥÂ?Â?‘™Ž‡†‰‡ƒÂ?†ƒ…ƒ†‡Â?‹…’”‘ϔ‹…‹‡Â?…›‰ƒ‹Â?‡†ƒ– ’‘Â?ƒÂ?‹˜‡”•‹–› Šƒ†–Š‡…ŠƒÂ?…‡ƒÂ?‘Â?‰Â?ƒÂ?›‘–Š‡” students around the world to be selected and win a two ›‡ƒ”Â?Â‡Â”Â‹Â–ÇŚÂ„ÂƒÂ•Â‡Â†•…Š‘Žƒ”•Š‹’„›–Š‡ —”Â?‹•Š ‘˜‡”Â?Â?‡Â?– Ž–Œ‘Â?ƒ.

The Department of Architecture at Epoka University prepares students for critical engagement with practice and ensures readiness for professional responsibilities. Our Department’s vision is to offer a leading Architecture program in Albania and the Balkan region. We teach sustained evaluation of principles, traditions, and requirements of building in all its aspects. Our goal is to advance the profession of architecture by combining ARTISTICÒTALENT ÒTECHNICALÒPRO¾CIENCY ÒANDÒ social engagement in pursuit of excellence.

Career Opportunities /URĂ’GRADUATESĂ’MAYĂ’ÂľNDĂ’EMPLOYMENTĂ’INĂ’ MANYĂ’ÂľELDSĂ’OFĂ’ARCHITECTUREĂ’ including architectural studios, CONSTRUCTIONĂ’ÂľRMS Ă’INTERIORĂ’DESIGN Ă’ building science, restoration and preservation of historical sites.


CIVIL ENGINEERING The Civil Engineering program is based on a three year Bachelor Degree. 4HEĂ’ÂľRSTĂ’YEARĂ’OFĂ’THEĂ’PROGRAMĂ’ISĂ’DEDICATed to the study of basic sciences and mathematics which provide the student with engineering fundamentals. The second and third year are mainly composed of basic engineering courses involving the study and application of the principles of geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, hydraulics engineering, and the general systems approach to engineering problems. The students are also exposed to an introduction to construction management and economics which are essential to every practicing engineer.

Â‰Â”ÂƒÂ†Â—ÂƒÂ–Â‡Â†ÇĄÂ?‘–‘Â?Ž›Šƒ˜‹Â?‰Â?ƒ†‡ƒÂ?‡š…‡ŽŽ‡Â?–…Š‘‹…‡ while selecting Epoka University, but also feeling the sense of pride to what this university is offering to Ž„ƒÂ?‹ƒǤÂ…Â–Â—ÂƒÂŽÂŽÂ›ÇĄ ƒÂ?Â?‡‡’‹Â?‰‘Â?Â?›•–—†‹‡•ƒ––Š‡ Â?‹˜‡”•‹–›‘ˆ‡šƒ•ƒ–—•–‹Â?Ǥ Ž‘‘Â?„ƒ…Â?ƒÂ?†•‡‡’‘Â?ƒ Â?Â‹Â˜Â‡Â”Â•Â‹Â–Â›Ç˘–Š‡™‘”Â? Šƒ˜‡†‘Â?‡–Š‡”‡ǥ–Š‡•—’’‘”–‘ˆ–Š‡ Â’Â”Â‘ÂˆÂ‡Â•Â•Â‘Â”Â•ÇĄƒÂ?†–Š‡Â?‹Â?†Â?॥‘ˆÂ?›ˆ”‹‡Â?†•ǥƒÂ?†™Šƒ–  feel is the sense of great gratitude ”‹–

Career Opportunities Graduates of the department qualify for a responsible position in the civil engineering industry in analysis, design and construction management. Prospective employers include, but are not limited to construction contractors, CONSULTINGĂ’ÂľRMS Ă’INDUSTRIALĂ’ÂľRMSĂ’ANDĂ’ various government agencies. 




–—†‡�–•…Ž—„•Šƒ˜‡„‡‡�•‘�—…ŠŠ‡Ž’ˆ—Žˆ‘”�‡Ǥ ‡…‡�–Ž› –‘‘�’‘•‹–‹‘�‹�–Š‡’”‹�‰ ‡•–‘”‰ƒ�‹œƒ–‹‘�Ǥ

–™ƒ•Â?›ϔ‹”•–‘’’‘”–—Â?‹–›–‘‘”‰ƒÂ?‹œ‡•—…Šƒ„‹‰ ƒ…–‹˜‹–›ƒÂ?†”‡ƒŽŽ›Ž‡ƒ”Â?‡†–‘™‘”Â?‹Â?‰”‘—’Ǥƒ›„‡‹Â? –Š‡ÂˆÂ—–—”‡ǥ ™‹ŽŽŽ‡ƒ†ƒ…‘Â?…‡”–’”‘†—…–‹‘Â?…‘Â?’ƒÂ?›Ǥ Š›Â?‘–ǍǨ Šƒ˜‡ƒŽŽ‡š’‡”‹‡Â?…‡• Â?‡‡† ‹˜‹ƒ 

The Computer Engineering program is based on a three year Bachelor $EGREEĂ’4HEĂ’ÂľRSTĂ’YEARĂ’OFĂ’THEĂ’PROGRAMĂ’ISĂ’ dedicated to the study of basic sciences and mathematics which provide the student with engineering fundamentals. The second and third year are mainly composed of basic engineering courses besides fundamental courses of computer engineering. Summer practice at the end of the second and last year aims to provide a Computer Engineering perspective to students.

Career Opportunities Graduates of Computer Engineering MAYĂ’ÂľNDĂ’MANYĂ’EMPLOYMENTĂ’ opportunities like implementing data communication systems and internet technologies, designing and developing computer hardware systems, managing and working in software development projects, dministering computer networks and database systems for organizations in almost any private or public company. They may EVENĂ’WORKĂ’FREELANCEĂ’HOME OFÂľCE  33

ELECTRONICS AND DIGITAL COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING The Electronics and Digital Communication Engineering program PROVIDESĂ’KNOWLEDGEĂ’INĂ’THEĂ’ÂľELDĂ’OFĂ’ electronics and digital communication adequate for a vocational engineer who will be trained to apply modern technology solutions. This area INCLUDESĂ’)#4 Ă’ESPECIALLYĂ’INĂ’THEĂ’ÂľELDĂ’OFĂ’ digital communication, microwave radio systems, satellite communications and other technical systems which transfer information from one place to other. This program has major impact on both society and economics.

 ƒÂ?•–—†›‹Â?‰‹Â?ƒ•ƒˆ‡ƒÂ?†’‡ƒ…‡ˆ—Ž‡Â?˜‹”‘Â?Â?‡Â?–ǥ ƒ™ƒ›ˆ”‘Â?Â–Â”ÂƒÂˆĎ”Â‹Â…ÇĄÂ?‘‹•‡ƒÂ?††‹•‘”†‡”‘ˆ–Š‡…‹–›ǤŠ‡ ™ƒ”Â?ˆ”‹‡Â?†•Š‹’–Šƒ– „—‹Ž–Š‡”‡ makes me feel at home ‡ŽÂ?‡Â?† 

Career Opportunities Graduates from this program easily can ÂľNDĂ’JOBĂ’OPPORTUNITIESĂ’ASĂ’LECTURERSĂ’ORĂ’ researchers in universities, working with electronic equipment in the medical, manufacturing, industrial control, telecommunications, radio and TV broadcasting organizations, IPTV networks, internet services, engineering institutions, production companies, web and game production, etc. 34


FRIENDLY SETTING Managed by the students themselves, the University campus offers a friendly setting and reasonable prices. The hostels at Epoka University are an essential part of a proper university. Our accommodation facilities are designed properly and students can gather around for a friendly conversation or study in solitude, all within a friendship atmosphere. Students’ personal needs, including air conditioning, cleaning, nutrition, transportation and security are solved in the best and fastest way. Our students will be free to focus on their studies. Rooms are arranged for 2 or 3 residents and designed to allow their occupants to study or sleep without external disturbances – even when there are other occupants in the room. Cleanliness is a priority in dormitory facilities and dedicated personnel clean all areas in the dormitory. Students can wash their personal items in the automated washing and drying machines and use all the facilities provided by the university. Every student will carry out his/her education in a safe and PEACEFULÒENVIRONMENT ÒAWAYÒFROMÒTHEÒTRAFµC Ò noise and disorder of the city.


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OFFICE 4HEÒ)NTERNATIONALÒ2ELATIONSÒ/F¾CEÒ)2/ ÒFOSTERSÒ international partnerships for transformative global opportunities and programmes. As part of global education, IRO offers the Student Exchange Programme and other global opportunities such as international summer programmes, international internships and international research attachment programmes. Embark on a journey to get exposed to the best of international community, cultures and practices beyond your boundaries. The IRO’s stated mission is to build vigorously on our close ties within Europe and to continue to develop wider international partnerships. An effectively implemented internationalization strategy ensures that our mission is translated into IDENTI¾ABLE ÒMEASURABLEÒOPERATIONALÒPRACTICESÒ open to review and further development. IRO promotes assists and coordinates international activities throughout %POKAÒ5NIVERSITYÒ4HEÒOF¾CEÒARTICULATESÒ%POKAgSÒ international character and global perspective for internal and external constituencies, both in the EU and other parts of the world.


LIBRARY Our library is becoming a pioneer among the other university libraries and aims to ensure to the researchers and students the most extensive sources of information both in electronic and in print format. The library provides the students with the resources like main and auxiliary course books dictionaries, encyclopaedias as well as lending books to the students. The library has a general reading HALLÒFORÒABOUTÒÒPERSONSÒWHEREÒSTUDENTSÒMAYÒ study or do research privately. Our library aims at providing its guests with access to INFORMATIONÒINÒTHEÒFASTESTÒANDÒTHEÒMOSTÒEFµCIENTÒ way possible. All publications on site are catalogued in electronic format in line with UNIVERSALÒLIBRARYÒCLASSIµCATIONÒCONVENTIONS Ò and provide to users the electronic access to all resources.


STUDENT CLUBS Epoka University develops all the skills you need for the future. Student clubs are established on academic bases and make possible and develop interpersonal relationships between students and also build leadership skills. The social and cultural activities give students a better understanding of life and bring about cultural exchange between students from different parts of Albania, the Balkans and the beyond. For these reasons, a variety of social and cultural activities are available to the students of Epoka University. Generally, the programs are organized by Student Clubs, part of the 3TUDENTSĂ’!FFAIRSĂ’/FÂľCE



TURKISH COLLEGES, THE FIRST CHOICE OF THE ALBANIANS Based on the principles, mission and vision for a continuous communication, primarily between generations, and as a guarantee for a solid education, Turkish educational institutions in Albania started their activity in August 1992 with the signing of the protocol between Albanian Ministry of Education and Science and “Gülistan” Education Institutions. With the clear intention of providing a solid education in all branches of basic education and to educate an IDEALISTICÒFUTUREÒGENERATION ÒRESPECTFULÒTOÒEVERYÒVALUEÒANDÒBELIEF ÒTHEÒµRSTÒCOLLEGE ÒNAMEDÒAFTERÒTHEÒFAMOUSÒPOETÒ of Albanian origin Mehmet Akif Ersoy opened its doors in 1993 and was inaugurated by the eightth President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Turgut Özal.

“Turgut Özal” College - Tirana 


“Turgut Ă–zalâ€? College - DurrĂŤs 41

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