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ARCHumankind welcomes European Parliament proposed debate on the murder of Salmaan Taseer Founded on the 62nd anniversary of the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ARCHumankind made of the enhancement of the role of women and the protection of minorities two of its most important topics for its working programme 2011-2012. In a region where responsible authorities seldom have the courage to come to the forefront of the political debate in defence of the persecuted by the growing fanaticism and intolerance that threats our commonly shared values, the standing of the late Governor of the province of Punjab in Pakistan stands as a symbol and landmark of courage in defence of basic human rights. The condemnation to capital punishment under the so-called anti-blasphemy laws that provide a legal framework for persecution of dissent and minorities of a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, led Salmaan Taseer to say: “ this is a travesty and shame that a poor woman like this who hasn't the means to defend herself [against] trumped-up charges” 1 and ultimately to its death sentence by the mounting Islamic fanatic establishment. His murder was perpetrated in open air, in a public market, by a member of his own security guard who shot him 26 times before being disarmed. Leading clerics of the country not only openly congratulated the murder, but threatened the lives of all of those who would dare to mourn him. The assassin was treated like a hero. The very same lawyers, that had been branded “democrats” for their opposition to the former Pakistani ruler, covered him with flowers, and through a whole week international press readers could read with dismay news on the glorification of the murder of a top politician that refused to accept murder of an innocent woman on religious grounds. In this circumstance it is essential not to remain silent and to uphold with all possible strength the most important principle of the Universal Declaration, the right to the safeguard of human life. The protection of all of those who are threatened for its religion, ethnicity, sex, religion orientation or any other distinction, and above all of those who defend them is a duty for all of us. ARCHumankind believes that the international community shall clearly and unequivocally condemn the leading clerics and leaders from the Taliban as well as other political movements that repeatedly incited the murder of both Asia Bibi and all of those who dare defend her life. 1

NPR,December the 14th, 2010 Av. Paul Hymans 124/5 1200 Brussels Alliance to Renew Cooperation among Humankind, ARCHumankind ASBL,BE 0831.084.518.Bank account ING IBAN BE773630816548.42,BICBBRUBEBB

Brussels, 2010-01-12 Paulo Casaca2


Director of the Alliance to Renew Co-operation among Humankind, ARCHumankind Brussels


debate on the murder of Salmaan Taseer  

The protection of all of those who are threatened for its religion, ethnicity, sex, religion orientation or any other distinction, and above...

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