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Making a sonorous trip: The grail Diego Restrepo paris ID 172609 Tras 16#133-30 int 34 Bogotá Colombia.

Copyright Diego Restrepo París, 2006

+(057)4832375, Colombia my own experience with the games and artistic projects in ABSTRACT

3D arts. My work is innovator because it is a game based on

The main goal of this project was to create an immersive virtual environment where the user’s body movements as sensed by a dance pad, allow him or her to explore and develop the general atmosphere of its environment through the manipulation of a series of sonorous and visual cues. A secondary goal of this project was to test the flexibility of free software for creating an project of this kind. Blender1 was used to create the 3d environment and as a real time 3d engine, while Csound2 and

an environment made of artistic concepts and besides, because of that, is not a common art work. My pallet transforms in the textures and the different composition in the space. The pad dance is innovative because it acquires a new function; you use your feet to move in a virtual environment and find different sounds around you, every time that you begin the game, the experience will be different.

Audacity3, were used to experiment with sound generation

I use the traditional art forms as painting, sculpture

and processing. This last goal was a very important personal

and installations combined with plastic sounds and digital

one as I use free software because of my convictions:

graphics to make a new art object.

Thought must be open and flexible. Art is free and ideas must be available for anyone outside the artists' inner space. INTRODUCTION I always liked the games. My goal is to make artistic games based on the intellect, I found some games with these characteristics as: MYST, Monkey island 1, 2 and 3, and Indiana Jones of Lucas arts films. I think that the games can help in artistic projects

Why this game becomes artistic? Because I created a perception over the reality itself; the goal is not just understanding the dynamics of the game, that is why it is not easy to go from one world to another. How did I got the idea of this project? I searched a way to express different sensations in the body with the realty, so I taught in virtual forms. I didn’t want just a virtual 3d travel; I wanted new ways to relation with the world through art.

creating new ideas, I began to enjoy the games combined with art. But how can I create this project? I only based in

The idea was to make a 3d environment that


involved the spectator. A person approaches the world



development by means of its relationship with sounds and

objects. That’s why the interface becomes so important; the

I use the concepts of the Exterior, Secret lab and the House to create the textures in the pictures using GIMP 24.

interaction with the pad demands a corporeal force.

When you save the final image to work, it is important to This paper requires basic knowledge of the three mentioned software tools used to create the virtual environment.

convert it to JPG format because so it takes less memory in the game engine. The textures of each level had to express the concept of the environment. If you need to make a realistic environment


you need a realistic texture, on the other side if you want a

3D art game computer, Arts and Humanities

fantastic look, you need textures with fantastic concepts. Otherwise, it is a good combination to mix reality with the


fantasy; it results in an eye-catching contrast. EXTERIOR: First world

Although all elements, artistic and plastic depend on each other. First you need to have a good idea about the

There I imagined a golf ground that has a natural,

kind of artistic and plastic concepts you want to express. So

fantastic and game ambient. I based in the theory of

the sound and texture libraries could be built.

Pythagoras of the stars sounds; he said that one sphere produces different sounds in the universe. The ball in this level is to produce sounds. Besides, Plato said that the stars produce a harmonic sound and this sounds are true. The environment has a big ball and you need to push the sphere into the world, the ball smashes the objects producing different sounds.

For this project the concept in all maps is to travel across the experimental plastic virtual sound with 3d environments. [1] Exterior = express liberty, freedom; strange language

from a different outside world. [2] House = articulates ideas about family, community,

protection, progress and intelligence. [3] Secret





sounds, You pass to the next world after you smashed the ball in

aggressive, the dark side world.

a hole golf. TEXTURE


In the second floor the pictures make the environment; you need to found the picture using the clues of the different paragraphs that are all around the place.

HOUSE: Second world

The third floor is a suicide prove based in faith, you need to decide to go down to the house. I based in a movie of Indiana Jones (1989). It is based in the atmosphere of a Colombian colonial house. This house has three levels: the first level has doors, when you touch them, constant sounds

SECRET GRAIL: Third world

are produced so you can compose music using different orders of touching the doors

In this level, you have to find the real grail cup and listen the environment. The grail is made of wood because Jesus is a carpenter and normally the cup is of wood. I liked the concept taken from the movie because it expresses authenticity

with sounds and objects. That’s why the interface becomes so important; the interaction with the rug demands a corporeal force.



You can create an artistic project with a 3D environment, using free software. I worked with concepts about sounds and imaginary environments. It is important to make a plan of what you want to do. But what is important when you make the project, is to generate the ideas during the building process. In this way you can enrich your process creatively with your own stuff. INTERFACE

You can download the game in: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I like to thanks the following persons for their support to make this project a reality: C. Pinzón, Technical and game engine support. L.M. Barrero, (writing help). D. Prieto ajd. D. Doria sounds and music.


I made an interface with the Play Station rug; this produces a physical interaction with the player. I got a Play Station control to PC. The idea is to make a 3d environment that involves the spectator. The person approaches to the world's development by it's relation

Gioseffo Zarlino, Harmonices Mundi. Aristóteles, Del cielo . Pitágoras, La República

Making sonorus trip  
Making sonorus trip  

game sonorus trip.