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June 2014

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(ISSUE #172) JUNE 2014


Azza Fahmy & Matthew Williamson strike again

Join the fight

Two sisters’ mission to end abuse

Sail Away

Jet set to the world’s most romantic resort: Baros Maldives

Cliff Side Couture

Witness the genius of UAE’s homegrown designers in our exclusive fashion shoot

Embellished gown, AMATO by Furne One


See by CHLOE Summer 2014 RTW

Features 46 Behind the bling Dubai’s jewellery designers share their stories, styles and inspirations

50 The legacy grows Jewellery guru Azza Fahmy chats with AW as she launches her new collection

60 Pushing boundaries They say you can’t be a jack of all trades and still be a master of all. Marriam Mossalli begs to differ


Relax at the ‘Orient’

Thailand is nearer than you think, thanks to the beautiful Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

Michael Kors Summer 2014 RTW

Regulars 12 Editor’s pick 16 aw trends 66 Glam events 88 artsy 90 entertainment 92 A-list celebs 98 the coveted


editor’s letter

Jewellery & Watches

Ralph Lauren SS14


It’s the month of bling for Arabian Woman. This issue, we celebrate the glittering special on watches and jewellery. We offer features that will help you choose the diamond you’ve been coveting, or the must-have watch you should invest in.

We’ve also interviewed the creative duo, Azza Fahmy and Matthew Williamson, whose collaboration gave birth to dazzling collection. The rising stars of jewellery designers from the region also took the spotlight in this month’s issue. Meanwhile, our exclusive on Shoes & Drama founder, Marriam Mossalli, is a perfect read especially for those women who dream of becoming their own boss. Another entrepreneur to inspire us is Emirati businesswoman, Amna Al Shawab, who shared her secrets to success. The story on the crusade of two sisters, Rola and Lama Chami, against the abuse on women is a must-read. AW exposes their simple ways of reaching out to helping the helpless women, something we think everyone should learn about and support. Eddie Borgo

Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson SS14 Collection

Our travel and lifestyle pages, on one hand, are good inspirations for those looking for having some summer fun. The trip to the most romantic resort in the world, Baros Maldives, was what we needed to relax and rejuvenate. The experiential activity we did with Canon Middle East to capture the beauty of wildlife safari at Sir Bani Yas Island was also an awesome option for things to do this season. Father’s get a treat on our gift ideas for their special day. While, we take a look back at the breathtaking glamour of our favourite celebs on the red carpet. On that note, we hope you will have fun browsing this special-themed issue that is both glittering and inspiring.

Miu Miu

Live and love,

Sherry 10

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The Winning Look

Our pick is usually focused on an ensemble but this month, we’re singing our praises quite differently. Indeed our attention was caught by an extraordinarily glamorous pair – a couple that would compete with our ever favourite ‘Brangelina’. Fresh from a stunning red carpet stint in the Met Gala 2014, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds made us hold our breaths with their old Hollywood glamour at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Wearing monochrome floor-sweeping Gucci Premiere, Lively was matched by husband Reynolds in a full-on Gucci suit. Exuding sheer elegance, we’re sure that their fashion would mark a stamp in red carpet history.




Fashion Beauty Luxury

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” – Alexander McQueen

AW trends Roberto Cavalli SS2014


Embellished truths

Anderson AED3702 Marc Jacobs AED7849

Amp up your style this season by incorporating embellished pieces into your everyday attire. Whether you’re going to a formal gala, heading for another busy day at work or bouncing off to a casual night out with the girls, something embellished is definitely going to heighten your fashion factor.

Marni AED1969

Biyan AED7140

Marchesa AED40715

Kenzo AED1654

Markus Lupfer AED1549

P leats please!

Mother of Pearl AED972

Pleats have always been a chic classic style. However, with appearances on designer runways this summer, they’ve suddenly gotten white hot. The lady-like air around pleats is a hot commodity in fashion these days, and their flattering appeal makes them even more practical for women of all shapes and sizes.

Alexander Mcqueen AED29190 Lanvin AED8715

Philip Stein

Shourouk AED2520 J.Crew AED3098 Giambattista Valli AED16984 Needle & Thread AED893 Alaia AED3900

Dolce & Gabbana AED7954

Dolce & Gabbana AED4358 Miu Miu AED4437


Proenza Schouler

Vanessa Bruno AED1287


Aeropostale AED75

Alexander Wang AED3439

AW trends Sass & Bide AED5520

Valentino AED31244

Isabel Marant AED1803

Herve Leger AED9900

Bella Freud AED1470

Tribal revival

Carolina Herrera SS 2014

Proenza Schouler AED3492

Jonathan Simkhai AED2232

Emilio Pucci AED5067

Prior to colour

We have a lot of respect for stylephiles who can coordinate their colours well to achieve a flawless look, but even more so for those who can be tres chic without the use of any hues. When there are no distractions, we tend to focus on what really matters – the cuts and the craftsmanship. Go back to the basics with a greyscale palette and stand out from the summer’s ocean of brights.

Helmut Lang AED1640

McQ Alexander McQueen AED1313

McQ Alexander McQueen AED1575

The comeback of ethnic chic is not something to be taken lightly. Sure, tribal-inspired styles have always somehow made an appearance every season. But this time, it’s less about the explosion of colour and more about the details. Summer’s largely monochromatic options allow designers to focus on luxurious craftsmanship to pay homage to the artisanal work for which tribesfolk are known for.

Needle & Thread AED1215

Jimmy Choo AED2760

Aeropostale AED175 Eddie Borgo AED1196 Vicki Sarge AED2557

Emilio Pucci SS2014 Milly AED1252

Emilio Pucci AED25724

Helmut Lang AED604

Jim Joquico, Editor-in-Chief at, shares with AW the best trends to follow this coming summer. Etro AED1524

Christopher Kane AED2967

Mara Hoffman AED1012



Cruise Control

Time flies, and now we’re gazing at beautiful imagery of fashion suited for Pre-Spring 2015, also known in the industry as Resort or Cruise collections. These presentations allow us to take a peek into the stunning pieces that are of fitting use to travelling fashionistas. Here, we give you a glimpse at our favourite looks that will be trending next year.

Christian Dior


runway Oscar de la Renta

Louis Vuitton

Bottega Veneta

To the delight of its aficionados, Chanel presented its Cruise 2015 collection in Dubai.



Everything You Need to Know about Purchasing Diamonds From pear-shaped solitaires to pave sets, diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. Saadiya Ahmad learns that knowing what to look for in a diamond and how to purchase it are extremely critical in obtaining the diamond of your dreams.

The Four Cs The Four Cs we hear so much about, tells Eddie Le Vian, CEO and Designer of Le Vian Jewelry, are namely the colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. “The Four Cs are some of the most important factors, but not the only factors that lead to the quality and price of a diamond” says Le Vian. “In fact, there are other factors that are critical which are not covered by the Four Cs.” For example, he explains that natural colour diamonds have their own colour grading system and their colours are composed of three factors: hue, tone and saturation. “As a result, no two natural colour diamonds are ever the same, as is the case with


people,” he explains. “That makes them more unique, more desirable and the pricing more dependent on which colour buyers prefer.”The bottom line, he indicates, is that colour is the most determinant of price in natural colour diamonds as you can have a small reddish diamond that is being sold at USD2 million per carat or more simply because of its colour. Other Non-C Factors Other non-Four C factors, points out Le Vian, include characteristics such as Fluorescence, which can make a big difference in how the same grade diamond appear to the eye. “Finally, while many jewellers and

buyers have adopted the Four Cs as a grading system for determining the quality and price of a diamond, it is important to note that the same technical quality can look quite different to the eye,” he explains and suggests that buyers use the grading system as a guide, but judge the value by how the diamond looks to the eye. He further adds, “Different labs also have different standards with the subjectivity elements of grading, which complicates comparison.” Coloured Diamonds The ultimate in luxury and superlative aesthetics, Le Vian recommends that the best way to shop for



Luxe/Jewellery colour diamonds is to look at them. “The uniqueness of natural colour diamonds has made them a favourite of the ultra-wealthy high net worth individuals whose women love to know that another woman cannot have what they buy at any price,” he states. Women Love Chocolate Basically, Le Vian recommends that your buying strategy could depend on your price range. “Le Vian has found that the top five per cent of the natural fancy colour brown diamonds that it markets under its CHOCOLATE DIAMONDS registered trademark internationally is 10,000 times rarer than white diamonds,” he says, yet is more affordable due to a misconception amongst some jewellers that brown diamonds are lower in quality. That, he adds, has created a buying opportunity for the public and a way for Le Vian to bring a differentiated product with high chance of appreciation to the market. “These diamonds come from the


same place that produced most of the world’s pink and red diamonds in Australia,” Le Vian says. Buying Guide When buying the higher priced colours, Le Vian advises to go for uniqueness and desirable colours. “Comparable pricing from the world major auction houses are a benchmark for what the best in the category is going for, and there are many unique and rare colours, such as greens, blues, oranges and chameleons that can come up for the astute treasure hunter,” he tells. Price The price of a diamond are determined by the Four Cs. “Also supply and demand and whether the sourcing is controlled or free market,” he explains, as today, with a prodigious amount of both Chinese and Indians attaining super-affluence, many are keen to express their new found wealth with diamond purchases. “The demand is bound to outstrip the supply in the

coming years,” he notes. Where To Buy While there are many places one can purchase a diamond, Le Vian suggests that you buy your diamond from a reputable jeweller, either a major company that values its reputation or an independent jeweller who has been around a long time and values his reputation. He further advises,

Important Quick Tips to Remember While Purchasing Diamonds: • Buy from reputable retailers • Buy from well-respected brands • Clarify the store’s guarantees and certifications

• See the diamond before buying it • Buy the most beautiful, rare and desirable pieces in your budget

Credit: Eddie Le Vian

Luxe/Jewellery “Check the company’s policies to make sure that they stand behind the purchase all the way and make sure certifications are in writing.” Buying a loose diamond, he adds, commoditises the purchase. “While many people think they may get a good deal this way, they may not end up with the most beautiful jewellery,” Le Vian states. Watch Out For Le Vian explains that ‘fluorescence’ is undesirable in colourless diamonds but helps yellow diamonds look more yellow. “Also stay away from diamonds that have been enhanced with high temperature, high pressure, or have had their inclusions removed artificially,” he advises. A peek into the future Round-shaped diamonds, tells Le Vian, are the easiest to sell and give the highest yield therefore they carry the biggest premium.“Many buyers can get a much bigger diamond of the same quality with a pear shape or cushion or emerald cut or princess cut for the same money,” he says. With regards to diamond jewellery trends to look for in 2014, he details,“I predict that the natural fancy colour brown diamonds, especially the deeper, cleaner Chocolate Diamonds will become the hottest diamonds in the market.”

Le Vian Jewellery Company Overview: Today, under the visionary leadership of its CEO Eddie Le Vian, the company has transformed into the trendsetting house of fine jewellery using rare diamonds and gems. Adorned by celebrities, royalties and rich and famous around the world, Le Vian statement jewellery is seen on the red carpet and at high profile events the world over. Le Vian now offers 150,000 original designs copyrighted by the US Office of Patents and Trademarks – an extraordinary number – and creating 2000 amazing range of styles and prices a month. Le Vian has provided its dazzling designs to hundreds of celebrities for red carpet appearances at award shows, movie premieres and international events including Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Katy Perry, Hilary Swank, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift and more.

The Four Cs In Detail: The four most commonly used factors to measure diamond quality are cut, carat, colour and clarity. De Beers introduced this set of criteria to consumers in 1939 to provide consumers with a reference for evaluating diamonds. • Cut refers to the angles and proportions a skilled craftsman creates in transforming a rough diamond into a polished diamond. The most popular include: Emerald, Heart, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Princess, Round and Trillon. • A carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams and is the unit of weight for diamonds. • Colour is rated according to a precise scale, running from D (colourless) to Z (saturated). Most diamonds appear icy white, but many have tiny hints of colour. • A diamond’s clarity rating is the key measure of its overall quality.



The Top Five Timepieces All Women Need We all know that the arm candy designer handbag we tote and the jewellery we wear can speak volumes about our lifestyle and superlative taste for the finer things in life. Yet the fact remains that similarly, the watch you choose to wear is a direct reflection of your taste, style and who you are. Saadiya Ahmad unravels the mysteries behind buying an ultra-luxury watch and reveals her favourite five timepieces for women.


Luxe/Watches What to Look for in A Luxury Watch Precious Metals To start, look for precious metal construction, i.e. the highest level of the finest quality metals. Also ask how much precious metal is used; is it just parts of the case or all of the case? The most common metals in these watches are various shades of gold, which include yellow, rose, pink, red, and white, as well as platinum.

stones, whether they are natural or manufactured. Also look at the quality and amount of the stones. Ask for the total carat weight and where the stones came from. Generally those watch companies with well-established jewellery-making are going to use the best types of stones and gems in their high-end luxury timepieces.

Seal of Geneva Also look for the Seal Of Geneva which is a seal that certifies quality and origin. The seal is applied directly on the movements of specific watches that satisfy the stringent rules as applied by Swiss law. The Seal of Geneva is difficult to obtain and is essentially placed on certain watches that have movements which are mostly created and assembled within Geneva, Switzerland.

Complications Remember, high-end watches don’t just have beautiful mechanical movements but also complex movements. Common complications in high-end watches are perpetual calendars, rattrapante chronographs, sonneries, fusee and chains, moon phases, and multiple time zones along with world timers. Make sure your watch is fabulous, in other words, a high-end watch should be beautiful. The best watchmakers are skilled in making unique designs that craft instant classics.

Gems Next, if you are purchasing a watch with precious jewels, look at the high quality jewels closely. The first thing to look at is the origin of the

Manufacture Made Movement Look for a Manufacture Made Movement. The best watchmakers design and construct their own movements inhouse, even if they

don’t make other components of the watches. You’ll find that top houses such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, A. Lange & Sohne, among others each make their own movements. Limited Edition Another quality in ultra-luxury watches is limited production. Ask how many pieces of a particular model has been made for the market. The more limited a watch is, the more exclusive it is, which is a major component of true luxury goods. Hand Crafted High-end watches are handmade and assembled by master watchmakers. Sometimes a team of people will be involved while in some rarer cases, a single watchmaker toils for as long as a year or more on a single watch. Look for Hand Construction and Assembly; quite simply, a question you should always present to a watch retailer is, “How long does it take to make this watch?”They should know the answer, and be proud of it, even if it is a number of months.



The watches to look out for Jaeger-LeCoultre ‘Rendez-vous’ Producing its own bracelets and cases as well as an immense number of different calibers, Jaeger-LeCoultre is a luxury watch and clock manufacturer based in Le Sentier, Switzerland that dates back to the first half of the 19th century. Jaeger-LeCoultre has updated their Rendez-Vous women’s collection for 2014 with the Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Date 27.5 millimetre. Known for their ultra-thin movements, this timepiece is no exception with its tiny caliber 966. The face of the watch showcases a date display, 1930s style numbers, blued florale hands and silvered guilloche dial. It’s available in pink gold with a diamond-set bezel.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Lady This is essentially a watch for women who enjoy contradictory elements in her life as this enmeshes a hearty, sports watch with the superb smattering of exquisite diamonds. Essentially, since 1883, Audemars Piguet has developed timepieces for women who expect and demand each timepiece be a statement piece as the brand is renowned for its savoir-faire, design and craftsmanship. Embodying both elegance and powerful feminine vision, the Royal Oak self-winding features a unique, smaller than average, 37 millimetres diameter watch. And with its legendary octagonal bezel, this timepiece is embellished with 40 brilliant-cut diamonds.


Luxe/Watches Breguet Reine de Naples Breguet is an iconic brand whose timepieces have delighted some of the most prominent royal female figures in history, from Queen Marie-Antoinnette of France to Empress Josephine among them. The Breguet Reine de Naples collection is inspired by an early bracelet watch Breguet created for Bonaparte’s sister Caroline, Queen of Naples. Among the timepieces Breguet produces, those in the Reine de Naples collection encompasses a unique case shape and is highly complicated. The gem-encrusted Reine de Naples model mirrors the superlative jewellery skills of Breguet’s artists. The bezel and caseband are set with 131 baguette diamonds and the dial and the ball attachment are embellished with brilliant diamonds while the crown is topped by a briolette diamond. The timepiece is powered by a movement specially made for the Reine de Naples collection which, besides indicating the hours and minutes, animates a whimsical representation of the hours of the day and night on a second dial.

Vacheron Constantin’s Malte Lady Vacheron Constantin’s tradition as a producer of women’s watches began long back, from the 19th century, when the first pocket-watches especially made for women appeared. It was an age when a lady was not expected to know the exact time, much less enquire of it in society. Vacheron Constantin therefore embarked on the creation of watches as real jewellery that came to symbolise the status of their owners. They were soon to become the indispensible accessory and gradually the precious and semiprecious stones progressively covered the entire precious metal of the case or bracelet and bringing jewellery to the peak of sophistication. The Malte Lady encompasses the iconic tonneau-shaped case which is both curvaceous and poised, and celebrates the art of being a woman in a display of diamonds. In these models, the diamonds that highlight the curves of the case frame a paved tonneau of diamonds in the centre of the brushed silver-toned dial.

Hublot Big Bang Ladies A brand that needs no introduction, Hublot is the pioneer who combined unusual elements in his watches. These superb watches are underlined by a richly endowed heritage of excellent Swiss watch-making techniques and traditions. The Big Bang Carbon Bezel Baguette collection offers the perfect balance between functionality and style and is brimming over with precious stones, each with striking colours and textures yielding a unique and distinctive look. Today, Hublot upholds its rich heritage constructed around the panoramic concept of the ‘art of fusion’ by enmeshing rare and unique materials such as carbon fibre, zirconium, tantalum, tungsten, magnesium, ceramic, titanium, rubber and nomex to more conventional ones such as steel, diamonds, precious stones and of course, gold.


Men’s Fashion

Ami Suede Bomber Jacket AED4313

Philip Stein 17A-SKFBABR AED11120

Incotex AED1106

Ottega Veneta Striped Intrecciato Leather Billfold Wallet AED2103

Father’s Day Gif t Ideas It’s that time of the year again – when dads for get the spotlight and have their wishlists fulfilled by their loved ones. We know how difficult and daunting it can be to go gift shopping for any man, so it’s AW to the rescue! We’ve got the low down on the mustgive Father’s Day presents for your dad for all kinds of budgets. Paul Smith AED2857

Lanvin MotherOf-Pearl Cufflink And Tie Clip Set AED1725

Philip Stein AED6630


Etro Paisley-Print Cashmere And SilkBlend Scarf AED917

ECCO Casual Weekender

Men’s Fashion Raf Simons AED3154

Aeropostale Shirt AED165

Canali AED4879

Turnbull & Asser AED1052

ECCO Sport SS14 - Men’s Lagoon Thom Browne Gold And Acetate Sunglasses AED2938

Drake’s Car-Print Silk Pocket Square AED243

Vilebrequin Swim Shorts AED 1752

ECCO Cairo Loafers AED749


Kids’ Fashion

Easy dressing for the little man We’re digging styles perfect for your little man, and this look is definitely a must-do this season. For boy’s fashion, summer in Miami City is the inspiration behind the Mamas & Papas’ Tropical Vacation collection. An ocean drive inspired colour palette with knocked-back corals, washed navy and sunbleached yellows dominate the range. ‘Resort’ offers slim fit chinos, mini-me gent styling, and statement linen blazer that finishes off this story’s key look.


Ef f ort less st


l e t miss t i l r of

Kids’ Fashion

Fun, comfy and pretty pieces for cute little tots caught our attention this Summer. For girls, Gap is offering key pieces in pretty pastels and neutrals, with pops of black and neon. Clean and bold patterns, including modern colour blocking, stripes, and dots are prominent in the collection. Easy, woven silhouettes including dolphin shorts, and rompers in various lengths are the must-haves for the season. In whites, accents of soft grey add coolness to the palette. Look out for items on offer from the Indigo range for girls such as the open stitch sweaters and playful wovens while for boys, go for the linen-cotton tops and pants. Flat front oxford shorts in solids and stripes, colourful ombre graphic tees, and shirting in sun washed colours are the essentials on offer for boys.


High Street

High Street Hot List

BeautyBay Nouba Rainbow Eyeliner AED97 Kurt Geiger I Pad Sleeve Natural Python AED349

The must-have pieces to grab this season


Mikyajy Matte Mania AED119

Aeropostale AED150

Aeropostale scarf AED65

K Kollection for Lipsy AED349 H&M AED149

Steve Madden Dress Flshback Silver

Zara AED155


Kurt Geiger Lacey Fushia AED549 H&M AED229


HigH Street

Leading ladies for Marks & Spencer British apparel giant Marks & Spencer has unveiled a new line-up of Leading Ladies to front Spring/Summer 2014’s advertising campaign. A group of influential British women take centre stage to define the spirit of the campaign. An international supermodel, a music icon, a campaigner and an acclaimed engineer are just a few of the women that will showcase the latest Marks & Spencer range, shot by the iconic fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz. Presented in four stunning images across quintessentially British settings, this season’s leading ladies include actress Emma Thompson, singer and human rights campaigner Annie Lennox OBE, pop star Rita Ora, campaigner and life peer Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon OBE, and fashion designer Lulu Kennedy.

Fashion delights this season by H&M Luxurious materials and rich mosaic colours set the tone this summer for everyone’s favourite high-street brand H&M. Shimmer and shine this season by slipping into shimmering shades, metallic hues and glossy fabrics. Get swept away by sweet shades, bright tones and pastels. Mix and match denim and dresses for cute-but-cool looks. Let the summer dress be your stylish ticket to the new season.

Downtown Jungle by Patrizia Pepe The new Patrizia Pepe capsule collection draws its inspiration from the vibrations of the modern Downtown Jungle, where animal prints and fine silk blend with perforated technical sports trims evoking the atmosphere of the basketball court. Poised between street-style and refined glamour, the capsule collection includes tank tops, dresses and shorts that match freely with pieces from the ready-to-wear collection, enhancing this summer’s cool, colourful and appealing look. The young photographer Nima Benati shot the portraits of the five women who include a DJ and former model Ema Stockholma, vocalist and writer Andrea Delogu, model Elena Bonamico, skater and TV presenter Giorgia Crivello and young blogger Chiara Nasti and these woman are the faces of #patriziapepedowntownjungle shoot, set on a genuine basketball court.







5. AW’s exclusive edit of must-have additions to your beauty cupboard

6. 4 Vichy’s IDEALIA Life Serum It’s the first skin idealiser for spectacular repair of skin quality. Thanks to its unique combination of two powerful skin quality correcting molecules, LR2414 + LHA (27 patents), skin quality is transformed and this transformation is visible in only eight days.

7. 1. Sodashi After Sun Recovery Body Lotion It is a soothing moisturising lotion that instantly cools and deeply hydrates sensitive and inflamed skin. The calming lotion minimises the after effects of sunburn and rehydrates skin, reducing skin flakiness. 2. IMEDEEN Tablets Now endorsed by Christy Turlington, these tablets work from the inside to rebuild, nourish and protect skin where normal creams can’t reach. By adding Imedeen’s unique formula to your daily skincare regime, you will ensure that fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced while moisture balance is simultaneously improved, leading to skin that is more supple and smooth! 3. Olay Regenerist CC Cream It blends 3 core elements together in a breakthrough swirl action – a penetrating serum, an SPF15 moisturiser and a sheer foundation so that skin is perfected now and over time. With a light texture, the all-in-one corrective product visibly balances skin tone and grants complexions a gorgeous glow.


5. Izil Natural Argan Beauty’s Multi-purpose Argan Oil Also known as ‘liquid gold’, argan oil will help to sort out all of your various skin ailments easily and naturally. Containing 100% pure Argan oil, it is perfect to use on the face for anti-ageing, the body for dryness, on blemishes and stretch marks, and also for repairing damaged hair. It is 100% organic, chemical free and has an incredibly high concentration of vitamin E, antioxidants, carotenoids and fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and 9. 6. Sun-C by Nimue Skin Technology Lightweight, non-oily emulsion base that offers a dual focus in providing a certified high broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and anti-ageing benefits to assist in reducing and preventing the visible signs of photo-ageing and to effectively complement the Nimue Skin Health Programme. It’s formulated to aid in DNA protection and repair. 7. Mikyajy’s 22K Immaculate Mattifying Makeup Base The Italian-made multipurpose primer instantly controls oily shine, fills in fine lines, and minimises skin imperfections for a strikingly smooth and flawless finish. Its mattifying effects allow for longlasting make-up so use it all over the face or just on T-zones to flaunt a salon-perfect look all season long.

Brush Up!

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, MAKE UP FOR EVER unveils one of its main launches this year with the release of its finest professional brush collection. This range includes 76 new premium brushes to offer women and makeup artists the ideal tools to get perfect makeup results. Every brush is handcrafted and custommade with 100% cutting edge synthetic fibres to combine top-level performance with premium signature design, bringing makeup results to a whole new level. Meeting the different needs and desires, this state of the art collection includes 30 brushes for complexion, 35 for the eyes, three for the lips and eight for artistic makeup, all convenient for any kind of texture whether cream, liquid or powder and every makeup purpose.


1. Smell like a million bucks with AW’s choices of must-have fragrances 1. Arabian Nights Private Collection Woman by J. Del Pozo It is precisely this fusion between Oud and praline, the sweet notes of caramelised sugar together with the nuts that form the rich praline encompassing the aroma of Oud, that enhances the sensuality of this warm note. The olfactory ecstasy of the fusion of Oud and praline crown the composition creating a sublime perfume. 2. Thierry Mugler’s Alien Eau Extraordinaire Eau Extraordinaire begins a new chapter in the story of Alien and promotes an even more optimistic and positive message. Like a conduit for positive energy, the Alien Eau Extraordinaire woman radiates splendour and leaves a luminous, glowing and benevolent fragrance in her wake. This extraordinary eau de toilette is housed in a crystalline bottle inspired by a precious, marquise-cut gemstone. 3. Prada Florale Prada’s latest fragrance evolved from the concept of an imaginary flower created especially for Candy. Candy’s fragrance takes us into the world of imaginary flora to create a heightened olfactory experience. The starting point for Prada Candy Florale was the pure, white Cosmos, yet by the end of the voyage, it transforms into a fantasy flower bursting with life and sensuality. Its lush blossom contains an uplifting mix of floral notes, embodying the many facets of Candy’s character. 4. Carolina Herrera 212 VIP ROSÉ With a fresh, carefree air, 212 VIP ROSÉ injects even more seduction, more glamour, more emotion and more party into the 212 VIP universe. This new fragrance is fresh, feminine and sensual and is made up of three accords: champagne rose, peach flower and queen wood.



5. Daisy by Marc Jacobs It’s fresh and feminine, with playful hints of innocence. It is sophisticated but not too serious, bright and alluring with a sense of ease. Radiant and enchanting, Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet – spirited and fresh, wrapped in comfort and warmth. At the heart of Daisy is a floral with vintage edge: Violet. Sophisticated with a touch of whimsy, Violet captures the eclectic, vintage flavour of Marc Jacobs’ feminine and edgy designs. 6. Penhaligon’s Iris Prima It is a work of olfactory choreography, with Iris Absolute in the role of Prima Ballerina. A fresh and transparent bergamot opens the dance: its citrus freshness mimicking the graceful flight of the prima ballerina as she leaps into the spotlight. Effortlessly elegant and faintly melancholy, Iris Prima offers a fascinating glimpse into the secluded yet magical world of ballet.

2. 4.


7. Dolce & Gabbana’s Velvet Rose It is the Designers’ homage to the Mediterranean rose. Nourished by the freshest of water and the brightest of sun, it is characterised by its intensity of brightness, of tonality and of scents. This soft rosy floral fragrance opens with a scent reminiscent of a fragrant sun-drenched sea breeze. Three vintage roses fuse together, a pure feminine floral masterpiece. 8. Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique It’s a unique new fragrance inspired by the generosity of Cologne and constructed with the finest of essences. Fresh at first, this unexpectedly new interpretation of the classic Cologne reveals richer notes, making it feminine, more centered. A refreshing yet warm and delicate ambery scent captivates the senses while wrapping you in comfort.




Beauty special

French Pride

A splashing of French brands was seen at the latest edition of Beautyworld Middle East. Read on to know some of them…


ery well represented in Dubai, Arcancil Paris showed its new collection of cosmetics whose texture was specially adapted to oriental women, at the Beautyworld Middle East 2014, the largest trade fair for beauty and wellness products. Selective but having an attractive positioning, the brand Arcancil follows closely all the emerging trends and strengthens its standing as a cosmetic expert by developing products resulting from the latest innovations in terms of formulation and colors, suitable for all kinds of skin especially the oriental women. The company’s compact mascara is one of the means highlighting the image of the modern, sophisticated, confident and coquette woman. On one hand, another exhibitor is SHB SAS of France is a highly innovative company specialising in natural cosmetic products incorporating the unique anti-ageing benefits of banana tree active ingredients into a proven formula. The company, based in Martinique and Paris, presented its Kadalys skincare brand as part of the


French Pavilion organised by UBIFRANCE - the French Agency for International Business Development. Since its launch in September 2012, Kadalys has enjoyed considerable coverage in the French media. The company won two awards in September 2013. Firstly, the quality of Kadalys’ products was recognised as part of the Victoire de la Beauté Awards, which are the most prestigious French prize in the field of cosmetic products. Kadalys submitted three different products — Musaclean peel, Green Banana nutritive oil and Musalis serum — to the 70-strong jury in 2013. After rigorous tests, all three won the prestigious award, which is regarded as a guarantee of a product’s effectiveness across the industry. Kadalys’ cosmetic products were praised for their texture, perfume and efficacy. Last but not the least, on the occasion of Beautyworld Middle East, Marbella unveiled its latest collections “Fairy Jewels” (Bijoux Féériques) and eyeliners made with precious materials such as gold, diamonds or precious stones. The Parisian brand, offering each woman the luxury of being

different, launched its unique concept “the Marbella Paris Eye-Bar” hoping to introduce it in Dubai soon. Adopted by the big names in fashion design or the world famous cosmetic groups, Marbella offers its own reinterpretation of the art of beauty in order to light up all women. Its new collection EYE-LINERS CRYSTAL EYES, patches ready to stick decorated with Swarovski stones dresses the look... while the collection EAR CUFF ROYAL anticipates the current trend of ear jewelry and adorns the body with refined and elegant jewellery.�Since 2005, Adeline Moniez, the Marbella designer, is working for the perfection of the patented skinadhesive and hypoallergenic technology on which is based each of the pieces. Marbella cares also for its culture “made in France”: the jewels, entirely made in France, are the result of a unique traditional knowhow. Each peace is hand-made and is composed of meticulously crafted materials participating to the brand prestige. A valuable work noticed by major brands such as Chanel, Dior, Lancôme and L’Oréal.

Beauty special

The LPG Lifestyle World leader in natural cellular stimulation, LPG continues to take its prime spot in the recently concluded Beautyworld Middle East 2014. Here’s a recount to our exclusive chat with the brand’s execs during the muchawaited trade exhibit… “Adding LPG session to your monthly lifestyle regime is a must,” says Michel Lipoff, Middle East & CIS Area Manager of LPG. In a relaxed chat with the French Michel Lipoff executive, AW discovered how a visit to spa for an LPG treatment could change your physical and emotional outlook in life. Providing both women and men the opportunity to feel better on how they look as well as gain more confidence in such relaxing and refreshing sessions, LPG provides everyone the much needed lifestyle boost. With a brand history that’s been scientifically backed by years and years of research and development, Michel Lipoff told AW that LPG prides on its technology that remains to be the unique selling point of the brand. It has 112 studies of which 57 were published, meaning to have had passed the discerning authorities in France. Moreover, LPG has two certified patents, the Independent Motion Rollers (IMR) and Motorised Pulsating Flaps (MPF) that cement them ahead of any brand in their category.

Bella Concept comments: “We are happy with the response we have had during this year’s edition of Beautyworld ME. The quality and volume of visitors has been excellent and we have made some great leads which we are sure to turn into strong business partnerships. We closed good deals and are looking forward to next year’s edition.” During the event, LPG launched its 2014 Lipomassage new express treatments. Each treatment only takes up 15 minutes for busy individuals and promises visible results, targeting specific areas such as arm firming, back firming, stomach firming, thigh firming and waistline slimming for women. For men, latest treatments launched target pectorals firming, back firming, stomach and waist slimming and thigh firming. Recent scientific studies show a big difference in women who have undergone the express treatments. Twelve Lipomassage sessions of 15 minutes each result in a slimmer and well-contoured physique. A new 15-minute treatment called ‘Shorty Lipomassage’ is predicted to be a ‘bestseller’ amongst clients as the treatment provides a quick and easy solution that specifically targets problem areas such as

stomach and waist, buttocks, knees and thighs. One of the LPG machines showcased was the latest generation LPG CELLU M6 which delivers the most advanced LIPOMASSAGE™ and ENDERMOLIFT™ techniques. LPG works exclusively on 100% natural, non-invasive body slimming and anti-aging for women and men who seek natural beauty solutions that respect and preserve their skin and enhance their health. Expecting nothing but growing success, Michel Lipoff believes that their three rules would help them achieve it. What are those? “Rule #1: Satisfy our customer. Rule # 2: Satisfy our customer. Rule # 3: Satisfy our customer,” he concludes.

Indeed a renowned leader in the industry, LPG would continue to strengthen its efforts in the Middle East. According to him, the brand has recently partnered with a Saudi-based company, Leader Healthcare, which would take care of LPG’s growth in KSA. The partnership is aimed to further exploring the potentials of growing in such important market with the UAE and the rest of GCC.

Ludovic Loffreda

LPG’s presence at the biggest beauty exhibition in the region also evidenced the serious attention the company provides the region. Ludovic Loffreda, CEO of LPG


haute couture

Amato Couture gown designed by the one and only Furne One


haute couture

The Cliff Side Story Welcome Summer in stunning fashion that’s intricately embellished and designed for discerning style aficionados. This issue, Arabian Woman takes you to the scenic cliff-side where beauty of nature and womanhood collides.

Celebrity Model: Olya Rarisame (ASG Internationale Dubai / HRH Arfaq Model Management London) Fashion Photographer: Jef Anog ( Stylist: Albert Gayo HMUA: Jhajha Rivera


haute couture


haute couture

Design genius Furne One creates another masterpiece in this highly embroidered and lacy floor-sweeping gown


haute couture


haute couture

Couturier on the rise, Weng Alicarte, lends creative hands in this blackand-red stunner



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The Brains Behind the The creative genius that goes into conceptualising a beautiful piece of jewellery is multi-faceted and a process that fuses aesthetic aptitude with superlative skill, oodles of talent, and a sharp eye for design. Saadiya Ahmad meets with some of Dubai’s hottest jewellery designers who reveal the ingenuity that goes into designing bling and upcoming trends to look out for.

Maya Mukhi has been designing jewellery for more than 10 years now wit h her sisters; Meena and Zeenat, under the brand name Mukhi Sisters which was developed five years ago. Why design jewellery instead of fashion, for example? “Jewellery runs in the Mukhi family genes: our mother, Effat Kreidie, is the creative force behind Effy’s Jewelry. Her father, Chandru Mukhi, comes from a long line of Indian jewellers in the industry since 1875, and has been based in Beirut for more than 40 years. Born into a world of dazzle and sparkle, the three of us were on intimate terms with fine gems and jewellery from an early age. With such a rich heritage, we began collaborating on our own brand – Mukhi Sisters.” What are your favourite materials, gems, and stones you like to work with? “We love working with gold and precious stones. There isn’t specific semi-precious stones that we like to work with, it depends on the colours and stones we fall in love with and feel the energy of, while brainstorming for new collections.” What are some future trends to look out for? “Future trends at Mukhi Sisters to look out for would be our rings and earrings.” Available at S*uce in the UAE and Mukhi Sisters is also available at Mukhi Sisters Boutique in Beirut Souks.




Abrar Essam Alebrahim, is an architect who has been designing jewellery since April 2011 under the name TH’HABA. For her, jewellery design is similar to designing a building; it has structure and balance but of smaller scale making it fun to design and explore. Why jewellery instead of fashion for example? “It is more personal than fashion and more intimate like a cozy bedroom, you have to be comfortable with it to want to own it and appreciate it.” What are your favourite materials, gems, and stones you like to work with? “My favourite metal is always and forever gold. Women love gold since as far back as time goes. It is a precious metal and one that you cherish and pass on to your children. Gold is the best gift you can give your partner, it’s also an ideal gift to celebrate a newborn or give to a special friend. When it comes to stones, I have a soft spot for diamonds in all shapes, cuts and colors. I also love working with Tanzanite because of its uniqueness as a stone and because of its colour.”

Leila Kashanipour has been designing jewellery since her first year at Central Saint Martins although her brand, LeiVanKash, was conceived in January 2011 as a business. Why jewellery instead of fashion for example? “In my personal opinion, jewellery and accessories complete ready-to-wear fashion and I have always been into detail and stacking things, so I guess it was a natural calling!” What are your favourite materials, gems, and stones you like to work with? “I like hand carving all the masters myself. However for the new season I am using C.A.D (computer aided design) for the first time which I am excited about. I work a lot with brass, bronze, sterling silver and 22k gold. The gemstones I use vary from Turquoise, Lapis, Hematite, Moonstone to the colourful beauties such as Rubies, Emeralds, Jaspers…” What are some future trends in jewellery to look out for? “Lots of pearls, a minimalistic approach to classics and practical to wear...” Available at Bloomingdales, Stone fine Jewelry, Sophiescloset. com in the UAE. Also Harvey Nichols

What are some future trends in jewellery to look out for? “This is a very tough question for me to answer. As deeply involved in fashion as I am being a jewellery designer, I actually do not follow the trends at all. I don’t even agree most of the time with what is considered the ‘it’ item this season. I try my best to make things hip and happening, and I am enjoying the process.” Available in the UAE at SAUCE Boutiques


SPOTLIGHT Nadine Kanso began her Bil Arabi Line back in 2006. Through her designs, she pays homage to the sublimely aesthetic appeal of Arabic as a language. Why jewellery instead of fashion for example? “Bil Arabi is about a statement and about my pride in my language and culture; how better to translate that other than in Design of Arabic concept jewellery line.” What are your favourite materials, gems, and stones you like to work with? “Being in the Middle East, gold is very much in fashion and I enjoy working with rose, yellow and white gold. In classic pieces, often no gem or stones are included, just the simplicity of the letters. The more stylish pieces include diamonds, emeralds, flat stones, mother of pearl and recently, many pieces including black diamonds.” What are some future trends in jewellery to look out for? “Our hand cuff collection reflects the new trend in jewellery to be more bold and creative. With more people travelling, they want quality pieces from places they visit and something that no one else has much access to back in their countries.” Available at S*uce, Bloomingdale’s Dubai Mall, Harvey Nichols Mall of the Emirates. Or visit

Mira Sadi has been designing jewellery for two years and says she loves designing pieces that could both complete any jeans and white-T ensemble, or top up an evening gown. Why jewellery instead of fashion for example? “I believe in the natural flow of life. My entry into the field just happened, naturally.” What are your favorite materials, gems, and stones you like to work with? “I started off with strictly gold plated designs but have recently become very fond of silver. I love bringing in contradictory elements that clash. To date, I have tried being as asymmetrical as possible with my designs.” What are some future trends in jewellery to look out for? “Well in general, I think the world is starting to break out. The body and head pieces, dramatic ear cuffs, you name it! People are bored. They want something exciting. Something new. They want to be intrigued.” Available at O’de rose boutique on Al Wasl road, Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai; or visit:


SPOTLIGHT Joanna Laura Constantine has been designing and working on her line of fashion jewellery since 2008. She says that some of her pieces look like fashion jewellery while other pieces have the fine jewellery look and finishing. Why jewellery instead of fashion for example? “I did study fashion design actually but during my studies at Parsons School of Design in New York I discovered my passion for fashion accessories and jewellery.” What are your favourite materials, gems, and stones you like to work with? “I love using Swarovski crystals, pearls and semi-precious stones like rose quartz, turquoise and onyx. My favourite styles are the fine jewellery-looking pieces with an edge.” What are some future trends in jewelry to look out for? “Statement earring worn on just one side and arm cuffs!” Available at

Nosheen Bakhsh is a Saudi/Kashmiri designer whose love for jewellery began at a young age watching her mother adorn her beautiful collection. Her line, Sheen, is about being and doing beautiful things. Why jewellery instead of fashion for example? “I’ve always been a creative soul, utilising any opportunity to doodle, paint and craft things from accessories and clothing to home decor. My fondness for jewellery, along with my interest in abstract illustrations, led me to explore jewellery design as a form of artistic expression. My background in graphic design also helped refine those skills even though I had never been formally trained to design jewellery.” What are your favourite materials, gems, and stones you like to work with? “Currently, my favourite material to work with is 18k rose gold! Even though it has been available for many years, only now is it truly being appreciated and favoured. The colour combinations possible with gemstones are endless and especially because it is not as popular as gold or white, they turn out very unique! I’ve used it the most in the Gul Collection.” What are some future trends in jewellery to look out for? “Jewellery, like clothing, has its own unique trends. Currently, what I like to call ‘ringlets’ (bracelets attached to a ring) are in fashion, so are midi rings and armour rings, which take up your whole finger! Another trend is hand cuffs, ear cuffs and cross body chains too. The possibilities are clearly endless. My absolute favourite current trend is the armour rings and midi rings, which can be stacked.” Available at Be You Boutique & S*uce



Queen of

Sparkles Think of jewellery in this region and Azza Fahmy would be a name that often crops up in many minds. With a renewed collaboration with Matthew Williamson out, her legacy is ever growing. AW had a chat with the darling of the jewellery world.


focus Designers Azza Fahmy & Matthew Williamson

in this region, from designing to production to purchasing, evolved through the years? The region has always been the source of many design inspirations worldwide. With globalisation however, the exchange of ideas and expansion of our industries have been facilitated further. One of my main concerns has been the preservation of craftsmanship as evolution can be a double-edged sword. As a matter of fact, I have invested in projects focused on reviving jewellery designing techniques of the past, and educational platforms aimed at sharing information with aspiring designers and jewelers. It is a mix between the past and the future that creates a healthy evolution. Where do you see the jewellery design industry in the region? Is it in line with international standards and appeal? Each market has its own flavour. In the region, women are perhaps more drawn to statement pieces than in Europe. As much as it’s important to be aware of international standards however, one must also stick to the authenticity and market needs of the region. A healthy balance is key.

When you design your jewellery, who are you designing them for? I am designing it for the contemporary woman who has an appreciation for art, culture and heritage. A woman who identifies with beauty and statement pieces. A woman who wants to tell a story.

What are the common misconceptions that foreign clients have on regional jewellery? I wouldn’t call them misconceptions. As designers we are storytellers in our own right. Every story I tell through my jewellery is an information that my customer can hold on to – whether foreign or local. This is why before any collection launch, we research very thoroughly, as we have a responsibility to be accurate in our own interpretations.

What does it take to be a jewellery designer? There are many layers to design. In my case fate, research, technique, passion and love played a major role in my journey.

What is needed in the region to push the jewellery industry further forward? I believe authenticity is the way to go. If your design is original and not attempting to copy other brands, it will always stand out and carry a universal message. Stepping outside our comfort zone, not shying away from our own heritage and inspirations are key elements to improving our industry.

How has the jewellery industry

What proportion of your clients are

What are your sources of inspiration? Anything and everything can be my inspiration. From beautiful architecture, to a poem, to a motif on a rug. It depends on the perspective and how it is interpreted into design and wearable jewellery.



Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson Azza Fahmy, and celebrated British fashion designer, Matthew Williamson, have renewed their collaborative partnership for a second season, revealing their Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson Autumn/ Winter 2014 fine jewellery collection exclusively at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai.

Egyptians? Are you satisfied with that? Our first was the Egyptian market of course. It’s where it all began. I am proud of all my customers who have been loyal to the brand for decades; passing on their pieces to newer generations. It’s amazing how far we’ve come along. What are the kinds of design that overseas buyers look for? It varies based on taste. Some are after the very classic Azza Fahmy pieces while others prefer the more contemporary designs. We have a wide range of jewellery – it’s hard not to find a piece you can relate to. Share with us about the Azza Fahmy Design Studio. What it means to you, its inception, its vision, etc. I wanted to give others the opportunity to expose their godgiven talents, because no one teaches jewellery making in Egypt. This is why I founded the studio, a platform for aspiring designers to experiment, learn and create their own designs. The studio’s curriculum encompasses practical and theoretical approaches, offering necessary knowledge in marketing, conceptual development, art history and drawing, in an effort to expose them to different ideas and preserving jewellery-making techniques which have become rare in our industry.


What can foreign designers learn from regional Middle Eastern designers? The incredible heritage and extensive culture and history in the Middle East is undeniable. As long as our designers interpret the beautiful realities surrounding us, it’s hard to look away. What kind of legacy would you like to leave in the world of jewellery design? I believe my daughters will continue the legacy of Azza Fahmy Jewellery. My eldest daughter Fatma now oversees the running of the day-to-day business as managing director, while my younger daughter Amina Ghali has been designing jewellery for the brand for years now. Through them, the importance of education, crafts preservation, and a name that can always tell a story will be a continuous affair – keeping the bigger picture of our brand alive.

Featuring 21 red carpet ready pieces, the Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson Autumn/Winter 2014 fine jewellery collection debuted at Matthew Williamson’s London Fashion Week show in February and highlights the Azza Fahmy signature trademark of sterling silver and 18ct gold combination finishes which creatively reinterprets the star motif in Williamson’s AW14 runway collection. Designed to complement Matthew Williamson’s use of patterns, textures and rich colour palette, the jewellery reflects the high-glamour and exuberant spirit of his coveted designs. “My woman for Autumn/Winter 2014 is empowered and composed, exuding a playful and optimistic spirit. We worked with Azza Fahmy to create jewellery which would echo the sentiments of the collection,” says Williamson. “It has been a wonderful experience working with Matthew and combining the talents of both design houses on a theme that is more closely integrated with Matthew’s fashion collection. We always relish the opportunity to create interesting pieces and this discreetly elegant yet commanding collection has allowed us to achieve this,” adds Fahmy.




#surviveforwomen How do pretty funky bracelets help in driving awareness and funds for women suffering from abuse and domestic violence? Sisters Rola and Lama Chami answered the many queries of Arabian Woman regarding ‘Survive for Women’, the platform they started as a space where women can voice out their stories without fear of judgement. Check out this special interview, and learn how you too can reach out.

Can you share with us the complete story behind this initiative? It all really started when I (Rola) was handed a book by my English teacher in high school called ‘Behind closed doors’ by Jenny Tomlin – a book based on a woman’s true story of abuse, neglect and survival against the odds. This book had such an impact on me that it had a big part in my decision to pursue an education in Human Rights. Throughout my time as a student in the UK, I was put in a position where all the reading I had done regarding domestic violence, and women surviving the abuse, came to practice in my own life. A young woman, a good friend of mine, was abused by her spouse. All my knowledge from my readings suddenly became a reality. I had to implement all my knowledge by keeping in mind the difficulty of understanding the psychology behind the woman subjected to this form of abuse – I had to find a way of being there for her yet, understanding why it just wasn’t as simple as ‘let me walk away’. It was one of the most difficult matters that I had ever come across. However, her constant abuse increased my support and taught me that a woman will make a change when she feels strong enough. This was only the beginning; I developed a love and interest in feminism, which led me later on to become actively involved in various NGO projects. I took an active part in the UN Youth Association where I served on the committee for three years. Furthermore, after interning at the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children,


I realised how big of an issue it is within the Arabic culture, and I realised that I needed to start here. Lama on the other hand developed a passion and interest for women’s rights when she was studying law at university. Her involvement in her campus campaign ‘Violence against young women’ helped develop a better understanding of unity and feminism. This shortly led her to

become more actively involved in her community, specifically with a charity that simply supports female survivors – mainly women who have been subjected to sexual abuse. By being an active volunteer, Lama underwent extensive training learning the physical, emotional and mental abuse women experience in these circumstances, and how to help them deal with this pain. Listening is the fundamental skill – being able to allow a woman to simply talk about


We strongly believe that women were gifted with an emotion that no man can ever feel. We share a sense of connection, feelings that somehow lead us to reach out to other women during their hardest times, during their weakest moments and throughout their cover up lies saying ‘no, I’m ok’. Why not utilise this gift given to us by putting it to action – and that is exactly what Survive For Women aims to do.

her feelings in a safe space, by being nondirective and non-judgemental is something she discovered to be an essential skill in life. She quickly realised that the fundamental issues causing women to feel vulnerable and powerless stems from years of suppression and undervaluation. We both understand that there is not a quick fix to violence against women, and that in all its forms, is such a big epidemic

that we both feel very strongly about. However, as we are both enthusiastic feminists and love accessories, we decided to come up with a colourful idea on how to raise awareness about the cause. Whilst I currently live in Dubai and Lama in London, the ocean between us has ironically made us feel more united by working together on this cause. We strongly feel that Survive For Women will serve as a starting

platform for all women in the Middle East, a place where they can learn more about the cause, share their stories, and support it by purchasing our customised bracelets. What do you exactly do to help women who suffer abuse and violence? Survive For Women is a platform for us to raise awareness about violence against women and we aim to educate women about the different news and facts that take


Charity phenomenon and an ongoing problem; it is an obstacle to the achievement of the objectives of equality, development and peace. It both violates and impairs or nullifies the enjoyment by women of their human rights and fundamental freedoms. In all societies, to a greater or lesser degree, women and girls are subjected to physical, sexual and psychological abuse that cuts across lines of income, class and culture. The low social and economic status of women can be both a cause and a consequence of this violence. This is just a minor part of it as countries mainly in the Middle East, which are subjected to war crimes and conflict, have a much higher growing rate of violence against women and children. However, we are seeing some changes now with the growing interest of social media, whereby many women are able to speak out and talk about these issues that can come across as a big taboo in a lot of cultures.

place on a daily basis around the world, but more so in this region. This enables all women to increase their knowledge about domestic violence and abuse, and encourages these women to make a change. We want to use Survive For Women as a space to listen to their stories and reach out to them. Even if they are not able to approach us, we want them to know that there are women out there, if not in a similar situation to you, then at least thinking about how they can help you. Furthermore, we want to encourage all women to learn how to distinguish symptoms of women in violence, through their friends, families or even colleagues who might be a survivor of domestic violence. By reaching out to all women, we are able to raise more awareness and help become the voice of the voiceless. Survive For Women is also a small ‘frommy-room’-based bracelet workshop, where I make the customised bracelets based upon requests and sell them worldwide, with the help of social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. All the profit goes to a donation fund, which will then go to different women who have been or are being subjected to any form of physical, mental and emotional violence. Why do you think it is important for


women to help fellow women? We are all humans, and we must look out for each other, more so women. Women are unfortunately, easily subjected to being abused by a family member, a friend, a spouse, or even a stranger, simply because she is a ‘woman’. It is our duty as women to help empower each other. My sister and I always say, unity is strength; together we can fight the unseen. We have been through a lot together and if it wasn’t for the strength of unity and the love that unites us as women, we would not have been able to vote, women would not have been able to work and have equal rights, yet look how far we have come today. We strongly believe that women were gifted with an emotion that no man can ever feel. We share a sense of connection, feelings that somehow lead us to reach out to other women during their hardest times, during their weakest moments and throughout their cover up lies saying ‘no, I’m ok’. Why not utilise this gift given to us by putting it to action – and that is exactly what Survive For Women aims to do. Is there really a growing number of abused women? What do they need aside from your support in terms of raising awareness and funds? Violence against women is a universal

Lama and I recently learnt that KSA will be implementing a law to help curb domestic violence in the Kingdom, with men found guilty of beating their wives facing payment of compensation and a possible prison sentence. This indicates a start and this gives us hope that more and more will be done. Women are standing together to fight for their rights, and that is how we see our success. As we all know, success does not happen overnight nor over a year, but to see a change we need to make a change, and the change must start within every woman. What is the #surviveforwomen bracelet? What exactly does it stand for? Survive For Women handcrafts each and every bracelet made. We design and

Charity craft them according to the customers’ preference in terms of colour and symbol. Each and every bracelet has a symbol, something that represents unity, strength and most importantly hope. We also use earthy symbols to emphasise the tangible objects around us, the beauty of our earth, such as leaves and flowers. Fatima’s hand is also known as hand of Hamsa and is a very popular symbol commonly used in our bracelets. We encourage all Survive For Women supporters to think about what they want their bracelet to represent, either for themselves or others. By wearing our Survive For Women bracelet you are showing your support for other female survivors. We are very particular in using this word as we do not believe women subjected to abuse are victims, not at all, they are survivors – survivors of unfortunate circumstances which will hopefully enable them to feel more empowered within their own lives. Furthermore, by wearing a bracelet (whether man or woman), you are showing your support to fellow survivors, by raising awareness. We hope that every supporter who wears the Survive For Women bracelet will be telling the story behind it. Moving forward, how do you see your initiative growing? What other projects or products do you have in mind that will help your initiative grow? Survive For Women will be growing in many different forms, we have high hopes that we will reach out to all the women in the Middle East for now, following which we want to branch out by reaching women everywhere. This might sound very ambitious trying to reach women from all walks of life in remote corners of the world, however, with social media

growing so rapidly, we believe this to be possible. We want to make sure we can raise as much awareness as possible and more importantly raise as much funds as possible in order to reach out to as many survivors. We want to be able to change women’s lives, by empowering them to make a change. We want to be able to help them build a life with new hopes and ambitions – a life without any fear, by allowing them to see the amazing support network they have. Furthermore, we are also aiming at creating campaigns around this topic, and events for women, where they can come together and share their ideas, have an open space where women can openly talk about their experiences and feelings. When would you say you’ve served the purpose of your initiative? And why? That is a very far-fetched vision; we will only have served the purpose once we have been able to stop all sorts of domestic voilence against women. Survive For Women will be doing its part by trying to raise awareness and open people’s eyes, but national support will be required in any case if violence is ever to be stopped. As we always say – Unity is Strength. What’s the ultimate goal of Survive For Women? Survive For Women’s ultimate goal is to reach out to as many women as possible. We want to make sure we have been able to serve and help female survivors who have been subject to both emotional and physical and psychological abuse, and help them stand up on their feet and continue their lives with hope, joy and faith, knowing that they are never alone.

About the founders

Twenty-seven year-old Lama was raised in Norway, she is currently a lawyer working and practicing in the UK. She is an enthusiastic feminist who is actively involved in empowering women through volunteering with a national female charity in her community. Rola was also born and raised in Norway. She graduated from the UK with a degree in Human Rights and Media communications. Rola has been actively involved with various international NGO projects, more notably, working with Oxfam in Jerusalem. She is an active feminist within her community and is successfully working as a senior PR executive.



Courtside seat to Art With Dubai ‘s love and penchant for art ever increasing, Samia Saleh, with her brainchild Courtyard Gallery, is in prime position to take the industry further. Tell us a little bit about yourself I am an Emirati woman born into a family of seven sisters and a brother. I attended public schools in Dubai throughout middle and high school. I used to travel to the UK for three months during my summer vacations to lean English. After graduating high school, I attended the American University in Washington D.C and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. I studied the history of art starting from the ancient Pharaohs to modern contemporary art. I now live in Dubai and have two sons and two daughters. What is art to you? What kinds of art do you personally follow? Art is an important part of my life and as in everyone else’s life even if they don’t realise it sometimes. It is a way for people and especially artists to express themselves when words alone cannot. If you really think about it, you will find that almost everything you see in your daily life is a form of art. From the clothes you wear to the objects you use such as your desk, your plate, your car. To me, almost all art is beautiful. I say ‘almost’ because nowadays you see ghastly images of dead people and dead animals which they call ‘art’! I prefer the modern artists as the 19th century such as Monet, Dali, Matisse. I also like to follow Middle Eastern contemporary artists as well as pop artists. Do you consider yourself an artist also? And what type? I do consider myself an artist; I can draw, paint and design but the question is do I have time these days? I enjoy photography too. I used to have a dark room in our garage during the time I was studying in university in Washington D.C. I spent hours and hours in that room developing pictures. I lost track of time and sometimes I would stay there until


the early hours of the morning. What is the state of the arts scene here in the UAE? Courtyard Gallery was one of the first galleries to open in Al Quoz, an area that has developed into one of Dubai’s hottest art hubs. This enabled me to witness how quickly the art scene blossomed along the years. Since galleries started opening up and holding exhibitions, I realised there are so many hidden talents in the region by artists who are dying to be discovered, and the public has shown an exponential appreciation for creative and unique artworks that serve as a breath of fresh air amidst the strains of daily life. Recently, the pop and street art scene has been growing very strong, so Courtyard Gallery held a Pop Art exhibition in March 2014. The young, funky and often controversial graffiti and street art community has been gaining widespread recognition and appreciation in countries all over the world, including Dubai. Street artists have been taking out their brushes, spray cans, stencils and hitting the streets with their artworks on public walls. So we decided to bring some of that exciting art into our gallery and even invited artists from the UK to paint graffiti on the walls of Ocean View Hotel in JBR. People are always hungry for new and exciting art, and I embrace new and different art genres. Dubai is a very fast-evolving cosmopolitan city, and so the art scene in Dubai is constantly changing and reflecting emerging trends from all over the world that suit the tastes of people from all kinds of backgrounds. How did Courtyard Gallery come into being? What challenges did you face? I organised my first exhibition in 1998

in Al Quoz Industrial area. The idea of organising an art show first came to me when I met a family of art experts and the owners of an established gallery in France. After one year of meeting, we decided to work together in organising an art show which was one of its kind in the UAE and featured world renowned artists such as Renoir and Salvador Dali. We had a great response and many people from all over the region visited the show. We had a huge media coverage and many people talked about it for a while. I then decided to open a permanent gallery in the courtyard where we have featured works of national and international established as well as emerging artists. Challenges: as in any other business one faces many challenges when you first start. There are many aspects of the business that one has to learn before rushing into opening a new business and specially for the ones that have a limited budget.

profile Sometimes it could be great! There is also the challenge which I believe most business women with a family face; balancing between your work and your family. Splitting my time and attention between the two was one of my biggest challenges but with time and experience things moved smoothly. There are always some sacrifices that you have to make. When I opened my gallery in Al Quoz industrial area, people would ask me why I would open in that area which had nothing to do with art and I would tell them this is the best place to have a show because of its large spaces and high ceilings! Today Al Quoz has become one of the major art districts of Dubai with over 20 art galleries and more yet to come! What kind of international artists should the people in the region be more exposed to? People in the region should be exposed to as many national and international artists as possible. By seeing a variety of artworks from around the world, one can then decide what artwork he or she prefers. This will make it easier for them after a while to follow the style of art or artist that they want to focus on and to follow since there is a very large number of established and emerging artists in the world . Is the arts scene here progressing at a good rate? If not, what can be done, and by whom, to push it further forward? I believe the art scene in the region is progressing at a good rate. People are being exposed to a variety of art works by visiting the annual art fairs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Galleries are also playing a great role in further educating the art lovers through their regular shows and exhibitions. Although all this has a great effect on the development of the art scene, I still think there is a need for a school that focuses on teaching art and

Hazim Harb (Palestine) - Invisibility 3

design in the region in order to support and reinforce the local talent. How valuable is contemporary Middle Eastern art when it comes to foreign buyers? To be fair I would say that Middle Eastern art has not been exposed enough on an international level but fortunately we have many foreigners that reside in this country that are good ambassadors for our artists. Many of the foreigners in the UAE are interested in acquiring Middle Eastern art and I am glad to say that our gallery has sold many paintings to visitors from overseas. What misconception is most common among young aspiring artists? Many young aspiring artists expect their artworks to be easily be sold in the market just because THEY think that their art is exceptional. To some it might be but not to everyone. Art, like the fashion business, is a matter of taste and reputation. A ‘beautiful’ work of art to one person could be ‘outstanding’ yet to others it is ‘boring’ or ‘the work of an amateur’. Some young artists have the misconception that they could be famous overnight. Being famous and popular in the art business takes time, effort and money sometimes. They need to be patient and work on evolving their techniques and taking their time working on each piece of artwork.

Alfonso Alzamora (Spain)

Interacting with people and promoting

Sinan Hussein (Iraq)

their work will help the young artists build an audience and to slowly work their way up in the market. Some artists do not receive negative criticism very lightly and take it as an offense. They should actually use it to improve and move forward. How do you choose the pieces for the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Burj Dubai? There were many steps that we had to take in the process of choosing the artworks for Burj Khalifa. We researched hundreds if not a thousand artists from around the world. We contacted them and reviewed their work and backgrounds. Although there were many good artists around, unfortunately we had narrowed down our search to the ones that were more appropriate for this project. We had to put many aspects into consideration such as the budget, the subject of the piece, the material used, the weight, the dimensions, the time to produce the artwork....etc etc. Share with us a little about your other roles, (DBWC, Young Presidents Organization and Mentor Arabia) All issues related to women and their roles in society are important to me. My fellow Dubai Business Women Council board members and I work towards supporting businesswomen in the UAE and strengthening their roles in commerce in Dubai through workshops that promote professional growth.



Behind Shoes & Drama Luxury Consultant, Fashion Editor, Businesswoman, Writer – breaking through all of the barriers and stereotypes that surrounds women of Arabia, Marriam Mossalli has made leaps and bounds in the dynamic world of fashion.


urrently the Founder of Shoes & Drama and Niche, Saudi’s leading luxury consulting firm, Marriam Mossalli’s first career step began in branding. After successfully testing the waters in publishing and launching a magazine focusing on design and the arts, Mossalli initiated the Life & Style section of the largest English language daily in the Middle East. In 2011, her company Niche was born and became a leading consulting service for the luxury fashion industry. In less than a year, Niche found itself amidst prominent clientele, such as Burberry, Dior, and Harvey Nichols. While it may have been the fashion houses of London, Paris, and Milan that drew her to the field, it is the Middle East that continues to inspire and fuel Mossalli’s passion for fashion. Here, the talented 28 year-old George Washington University graduate shares her fashion history and insight into a region brimming with a love for luxury. What has your experience in the fashion industry in the region been like so far and what keeps you going at it? Well, at the time I was the Life & Style Editor for the Largest English Newspaper in the Middle East. I was giving marketing and PR strategies to designers wanting to penetrate the Middle Eastern market, especially KSA. This year, the GCC region was the largest export destination with a total export to the region reaching AED15.8 billion, with KSA taking 57 per cent of the total GCC export! I found this intriguing, and decided to monetise it, whereby I’ve



been clearly seeing that a real ‘niche’ in the market for that type of consulting truly does exist. But that is more the ‘how’. The ‘why’ leans towards the nationalistic side. I’m a Saudi woman, and I know that KSA is a burgeoning market that has one of the world’s highest purchasing power parity (PPP). Before, luxury was predominately purchased abroad. Now brands are seeing the potential market share in the GCC region and are aligning their activities accordingly. KSA in particular is unique in the way we absorb and consume luxury. We’re more about exclusivity and concierge services, even when it comes to retail. I actually just co-authored a book with three other authors from KSA, called ‘Glamour Globals’ (2013) which goes into detail about this very topic. At the moment, Niche is my own luxury consulting company. It’s definitely a business. I basically monetised my network and strengths. My weblog,, is another business. I have five editors and we work on the weblog collectively and handle it with a very business-oriented approach. I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I remember borrowing SAR200 from my father once when we were downtown at the Balad. I had told him I wanted to buy some of those hand-held fans. Thankfully, he didn’t question the fact that I was buying 100 pieces! I took these fans to school, and knowing that everyone was aware of the market price, I sold them for their cost – but I removed their batteries and then charged SAR2 for them. I remember leaving my Dad

an envelope with the money. He questioned me regarding the fact I was paying him 200 SAR in singles! I explained and his response was,“I’m not sure if should be mad at your for exploiting your classmates or proud of you for being a smart businesswoman.” After all this, I want to be the Saudi woman in fashion who, with my knowledge coupled with expertise, and despite whatever hurdles and barriers there may be, becomes an icon in her field. Do you think local fashion trends affect major luxury brands in our region? Well there definitely is an immense impact when it comes to brands in the GCC region. For example, the current collaborations that are happening with a lot of designers here along with bloggers and online influencers. I believe it reflects what the market in this region really wants, and because we have this high purchasing power, we are able to be very trend-oriented. Therefore, we’re the ones who are usually buying the trendy stuff versus the classic. How important are fashion brands to people living in our region? Oh we are extremely label-oriented! I think you can see that just by noting the amount of designer imitation products on the market. It’s an insane market where there are actual brick and mortar shops, not even hiding behind the scenes. It’s been there forever and it’s totally acceptable, so yes, we are very brand-oriented. We don’t have brand loyalty though, that’s one of the issues, exactly because of the fact that we have the high purchasing power so we keep

sticking to the trends whenever they are trending, which is different from the West. However, Asia is along the same lines of the Gulf Region because of their economy. How big is the fashion industry in the Middle East? Is it an expanding industry? That’s a loaded question because there is a creative industry and I believe that the Middle East as a whole has a lot of creativity coming out of it, but when you’re talking about a fashion industry that kind of implies an infrastructure and we’re still quite behind in that. I mean, there are a lot of initiatives going forward such as design week in Dubai and even KSA has been seeing few new companies trying to become a platform for fashion, including universities like Dar Al Hekma, for example. It’s the first university


Exclusive become the more affordable brands. What do you believe every woman should own? Every woman should own a chic pair of flats. I know that’s funny considering I’m coming from Shoes & Drama, but you know comfort is a necessity in our busy lifestyles. There’s just something really unique about owning a chic pair of flats. It’s practical, but still somewhat portrays your individuality.

with a fashion design program and this year we’re seeing the first set of graduates coming out the program. So I think that it’s burgeoning, but it’s going to take time, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Which up and coming designers are you most excited about? In this region and abroad? I’m somewhat biased since I’m very supportive of Aziz Humaid, because he’s one of the designers who made a splash in Fashion Forward last year in Dubai. He’s Saudi, 25 years old from Riyadh, and his first collection just made a huge impression. We were extremely happy for him. Another designer that was highlighted in Fashion Forward was Aram Designs, who has won the Grazia award for Middle East emerging talent, so she was highly supported at Fashion forward, which was great to see. I’m actually really excited to see what Beirut is coming out with. Instead of having these dressmakers like Elie Saab and such, we’re seeing more innovative abstract printoriented designs. It’s kind of like Helmut Lang meets Pucci kind of stuff. How do you find the business of fashion in the gulf versus that of Europe of the US? Something to consider is if you look at all of the brands that have come out of Europe, they all have heritage. And that’s something that people appreciate, that a brand has been around for 100 years, the likes of Chanel, Hermes, Lanvin. It seems that’s something we have to champion against in this region, the fact that we lack that heritage because we are a new nation that are new in the realm. We don’t yet really have brands that have that deeprooted history, so how do we make up for it? Maybe that’s where quality comes in.


Additionally, we also have the problem of manufacturing and the infrastructure of that. So it seems that the designers who do have the creative talent are being forced to go to Europe in order to be where the manufacturing is happening. Who’s your favourite designer and what are you wearing these days? I get this question often, how does Marriam Mossali dress. I tend to be very seasonal and classic. I wear a lot of black, black is the new black for me, and I usually go towards very classic cuts. I would definitely say my style goes towards the whole ‘Mad Men’ kind of styling, retro 1960’s. I love Dior Sheath dresses, they hug the body in all the right ways. Fendi has recently become a dear favourite of mine, especially with Karl Lagerfeld going more towards the minimalism and more abstract cuts which I love. And then of course Chanel, but that’s more for when I’m pretending I’m older and want to look sophisticated. Which designers do you think always sell well? Well right now I’d say we’re going through a kind of transition, especially in KSA where the current average age is 27 years-old, and women who are used to their fathers buying them Hermes and Chanel throughout their earlier years. So they know what luxury is. Now with this numerous amount of women 27 to 34 years-old and working at the bank, they can’t really afford the Hermes and Chanel, so what they are doing is buying Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Coach and all the various affordable luxury brands. Those are the brands that are really pushing it now, if you go out now in KSA you see almost every third woman carrying a Michael Kors bag. It’s becoming quite saturated along those lines, so it seems the niche market has

What are some new and upcoming projects you’ll be working on? Well at the moment we are very excited about having some celebrity fashion designers in for the Dar Al Hekma fashion show. Niche Arabia will be flying in high profile designers from New York for the event, namely Nanette Lepore and fashion historian Cameron Silver of Decades. We are also looking to get into the Guiness Book of World Records in fashion, and it has to do with an airplane. That’s all I can say about it. Personally, I’m interested in working with a lot of media and editors in New York and based out of the US in general. There’s a really big interest in regional talents currently, and I think here with fashion and design in media, we’re still kind of behind. So I’m interested in getting these designers out there into the media because they are really not getting the exposure they deserve. I’ve also been honoured with an invite to the prestigious Cash & Rockets car tour, in which I’ll doing a media campaign on the tour’s blog regarding the journey. What’s the best fashion advice you ever got? I think the best fashion advice I ever got was from my mom, and throughout the years I’ve learnt that I’m very much like her. When I was very young, I used to save all my money all year long. I wouldn’t shop at all. I would save all of my money until summer and have an incredible amount, then go out and buy those pieces that I wanted most and had my eyes on all year long, which were usually very classic. And now, I still kind of shop that way. I think those can be considered your investment pieces, and then you can buy the few trendy pieces from the high-street brands and just mix it all up and accessorise things or change your makeup. Some things are more androgynous, some are more feminine. That’s the best advice I ever got regarding fashion: To invest in those key pieces. Words by A.K. Aman, Jeddah/Dubai-based contributing writer


After all this, I want to be the Saudi woman in fashion who, with my knowledge coupled with expertise, and despite whatever hurdles and barriers there may be, becomes an icon in her field.�



g n i r e w o p Em

Women Entrepreneurs Helping more people to achieve their dreams is what Emirati entrepreneur Amna Al Shawab aims for. She says, “I want to help many people change the way they think about dreams being impossible and to start thinking about the possibilities, especially that we are from Dubai, the city that turns dreams into reality and helping people think positively about their future, paving the way for wonders to happen.� Read through her exclusive interview with Arabian Woman, and learn how she plans on achieving her own dreams.

How did you get involved with QNET? I was introduced to the concept of direct selling through a friend of mine, to whom I really am grateful for. She shared the business potential with me and I grabbed the opportunity immediately seeing how this will benefit me in the future. Moreover, I was looking for a lucrative business concept and so this was my start. What attracted you to the direct selling business? The thing that attracted me the most was the really low entry cost, combined with amazing products, company and leadership support as well as the most important factor in any business: zero risk. To me this was a dream come true in itself! Are you satisfied with your work? I’m vey happy with my work as I have the best team of dreamers that anyone can have.I am truly blessed and


highlight honoured to work with such great people and help make a difference and change their lives. What words of encouragement can you give to fellow women wanting to take the same path? I definitely would encourage everyone to look seriously into this booming industry, and a great company like QNET. Moreover this industry kind of serves the women very well because of all the benefits that it provides, such as the flexibility of time, and ability to work on this business with family and friends and have fun while learning and earning at the same time, away form the usual stressful environment. What inspires you? I was inspired by successful people all my life, and I’m truly blessed to be from Dubai, the city that inspires me every single day, and inspired by the rules and leadership of this country who taught us the meaning of dreaming big! I usually refer to H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s book, ‘Flashed of Thought’ in my trainings where I found a wealth of gems. I would love to help more and more people to achieve success, and what is truly amazing about this business is that it’s a win-win business and by helping others to win, I win too. This makes me tick and inspires me to have more success stories in my team. What does it take to make your dreams come true? It takes a lot of planning, dedication, learning, hard work, and believing in myself, and that those dreams are my future reality and overcoming any challenges that come along the way. What are top five traits of women entrepreneurs? The top five traits of a women entrepreneur are: Drive, Focus, Patience, Determination, Discipline. What motivates and excites you? I’m always motivated by my dreams; they keep me going because those are the dreams that are very close to my heart. I’m also excited to see more success stories from my team and seeing them successful keeps me inspired and motivated all the time and encourages me to help build more success stories in the team. How do you handle disappointment and are you ready to push through it

anyway? I would not call them disappointment, but rather challenges, to learn from and move on. Those are the challenges that shape us and help us grow, and pushing through them makes us better, stronger people. It keeps us growing, and it’s a good test of our will. At the end of the day, as the famous saying goes ‘NO PAIN, NO GAIN’. What challenges do you face being a woman entrepreneur? I believe that the challenges are just in our minds, and they are nothing but an illusion. I believe that once women have the vision and its clear in their minds, then there is nothing that can stop them from achieving their dreams. What are you most passionate about? I’m passionate about any business that adds value to people and helps make them better. I’m also passionate about meeting more and more dreamers and people who share the same vision with me, since this gives me a lot of energy to pursue further. If you have one goal to fulfill in life, what would this be? It would be to create more millionaires and successful women entrepreneurs in my team. In terms of helping others or the community, what are you currently doing?

We are currently helping the community through creating awareness about the products and how those can help the people in enhancing their general well being and health. What will be your advice to other ladies in your entourage? I would advise all ladies to seek knowledge and be open to new ideas and look at what is happening in the business sphere around them. The scope is limitless and they should also believe in themselves and the power of dreams. How would direct selling (MLM) help housewives in your country to increase their income and how it can give them a chance to create their own business? MLM is an amazing, problem-solving, business platform, where women can start their own businesses without going through the usual challenging hurdles that they would face in a traditional business world. This is a platform where the startup cost is relatively low and powered by ecommerce which is one of the most powerful tools in the world today. All these combined with the most powerful product range that was designed to enhance lives. Because of all those tools, this business works on flexible working hours, which is the main concern for housewives, and I found this as a perfect solution so that women can still achieve their dreams and create a better future for themselves and their families.



Van Cleef & Arpels’ Poetic Astronomy During a special event at the P lanetarium Dome of the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Van Cleef & Arpels paid tribute to Poetic Astronomy, with new timepiece creations that combine the poetry of the spheres with the measurement of time. The Midnight P lanetarium Poetic C omplication timepiece unites the maison’s mechanics of time with the heavenly spheres, while starry compositions of the constellations are unveiled in the Extraordinary Dials collection. Chosen according to the inspiration of each piece, traditional craft skills form dazzling combinations, bearing witness to the innovation, creativity and excellence of Van Cleef & Arpels. In this celebration of the Poetry of Time, the maison also showcased some of its watchmaking icons. These included the Charms timepiece that takes on a mantle of pink gold with exquisite simplicity, while the P ierre Arpels collection welcomes two creations that ref lect the lifestyle of the multi-talented aesthete whose name it bears. This special event revealed creations that once again tapped into Van Cleef & Arpels’ ongoing themes of luck and the importance of the passage of time through elegant creations. 66


Lanvin opens a first in Qatar Lanvin celebrated the opening of its first boutique at Doha's fashion district – Villagio dedicated to womenswear. Located in the fashion dome, the boutique hosted a vibrant evening for guests, which included top socialites, press and bloggers. The boutique took on a festive atmosphere wit h big vases of white and red roses and long-stemmed white orchids adorning tabletops, while the catering was playful. Guests browsed through the season's must-haves as a live jazz band, dressed in Lanvin, uplifted the spirit of the evening by playing classic tunes mixed wit h hints of arabesque. To add to the excitement, a well-known illustrator created 'Alber Elbaz style' sketches, drawing guests in their favourite SS14 look. From the Blanche bridal collection, to main collection and to pre-collection, guests queued to get their hands on their personalised sketch souvenir. As the evening winded down, invitees posed and took instant images in front of a vivid backdrop that included many of Alber’s sketches and a framed Lanvin 125 years gold embossed logo.



Day and Night with SHA Wellness Alejandro Bataller, owner of SHA Wellness Clinic and Spa, hosted an intimate lunch at the Jamm Art Gallery where guests were served a delectable menu prepared by executive chef Jack Lambeth, flown to Dubai from SHA specially for these events. He was assisted by Ghassan Farra of Gustronomy and his team. The lunch was followed by an exclusive party later that evening at the Emirates Hills residence of Minal Bodani, who was announced as the new friend of the brand. It was an exquisite evening as Dubai’s elite mingled wit h the Alejandro himself, and enjoyed a selection of exquisite macrobiotic canapes. Guests experienced the SHA cuisine as elaborate gourmet masterpieces made the rounds. Bataller shared the extraordinary story of the magical SHA wit h the guests that left them longing to go there. 68


Celebrating Tod’s Tod’s hosted an intimate dinner to celebrate their Creative Director Alessandra Facchinetti. This was the first event/dinner for her in the US market since being appointed as the creative helm of the company. She debuted her first Tod’s collection in September 2013 featuring SS 2014 RT W, bags, shoes and accessories. Her second collection for AW 14-15 was shown earlier this year in February. Both collections received strong reviews and accolades conveying the evolution of the Tod’s woman and lifestyle with her fresh take on iconic pieces. On arrival, guests passed hors d’oeuvres at the new Italian restaurant Il Principe at the Hugo Hotel on Hudson Square in Soho. Guests then sat down to dinner in the beautiful space with Capri inspired decor for a three-course meal while enjoying music by DJ Tennessee Thomas. Many of the guests were dressed in Tod’s bag and shoes from the new Spring/Summer 2014 collection which was Facchinetti’s debut collection for the house of Tod’s. Guests included Carolina Issa, Katie Holmes, Maggie Gyllenhall, Elettra Wiedemann, and James Marshall, among many others.


Travel and Lifestyle Escape; not just with the body, but also with the mind and soul.

Baros Maldives’ arrival jetty


Italian Delights at Eataly A massive food and beverage outlet that’s causing a buzz in the city has caught our attention. Must-visit and must-try, Eataly is the Italian market-and-restaurant chain created by Oscar Farinetti, opened its first Middle East franchise in Dubai last December. The highly acclaimed chain started out back in 2007 in an old vermouth warehouse in Turin, and has expanded globally ever since with outlets across Italy, Japan and USA. Its goal is to make authentic Italian food available to everyone, at affordable prices, in an informal environment where people can eat, shop, and learn. Located in the Lower Ground Floor at The Dubai Mall, we love the concept food

outlet especially its Market that features a wide range of authentic products, from Sardinian tomato sauces and Napoli Gragnano pasta to regional olive oils and five gold medal balsamic vinegar. Its Restaurant section is also something worth exploring (and returning) especially with its house specialty mozzarella cheese made fresh daily on site. The real Italian pizza and pasta, roast and grilled meat and fish, and a selection of fresh salads and vegetable dishes, are all prepared in house by its excellent team of chefs. Not to miss is the Cafe area at the entrance thatincludes pastries, Venchi chocolate (no butter and cream added!), Lait Gelato and Illy bars. All the pastries, from Tiramisù to croissants, are made in house by its Italian pastry chef.

Best Hotel in the World Dubai’s Burj Al Arab retains its position as the “Best Hotel in the World”. Known as the World’s Most Luxurious Hotel, Burj Al Arab has been voted the Best Hotel in the World and Best Hotel in the Middle East in the Daily Telegraph’s esteemed annual Ultimate Luxury Travel Related Awards (ULTRAs) Reader Survey. The announcement was made last night at the ULTRA Award Ceremony held in London. The ULTRAs Reader Survey provides a unique and trusted source of

advice to all travellers worldwide. The awards recognise the best luxury hotels, airlines, cruise companies, spas and destinations globally. This is the second year Burj Al Arab has been awarded the ‘Best Hotel in the World’ title, a new category added to the Awards in 2013, and the eighth year for the property to win the ‘Best Hotel in the Middle East’. Jumeirah Group’s President and Group CEO, Gerald Lawless said: “Winning this award is a great endorsement of Burj Al Arab’s recognition as the world’s most luxurious hotel. As the operator of this extraordinary property, Jumeirah Group thanks the readers of Ultratravel and our guests for their continuous support.”

The Spa Winner Sofitel The Palm Dubai’s So Spa continues to add to its portfolio as an award-winning spa as it takes the Platinum Award in the Best Spa category at the MENA Travel Awards 2014. This recognition, alongside the recent win at the World Luxury Spa Awards, strengthens the positioning of So Spa and Sofitel, providing luxury at its best. The awards were held in Dubai with the highest level of industry professionals in attendance, tourism authorities of the region, CEOs, directors of primary travel companies, chief executives of destinations and tourism departments. This year’s MENA Travel Awards was under the theme “Powered by Service Quality”, once again recognizing top industry organizations that have gone the extra mile towards success in the Middle East & North Africa’s growing travel industry. “I am once again honoured to have received such a prestigious award. With this win comes a positive outlook for the spa as we continue to strengthen its portfolio as one of the best in the growing travel industry of the MENA region,” said So Spa Director of Spa and Recreation, Michael Monsod. Nestled within the tranquil groves of the Palm Jumeirah Island and set amidst an idyllic Polynesian setting, the So Spa at Sofitel The Palm Dubai allows guests to experience the luxuries of the French ‘art de vivre’ in a tranquil and soothing setting. It is a state-of-the-art spa haven whose 2,500 square meters encompass 28 graceful spa rooms, a sauna, a steam room and four outdoor cabanas dedicated to providing traditional Tahitian spa treatments.


dine out

Smoking away the competition It’s one of those places that has a little something for everyone, a place that dishes up cuisines from street food to gourmet, and from the East to the West. With retro styling and a crew that’s just as lively, Fume at Pier 7 might just be the next big thing.


here’s no lack of fancy restaurants around Dubai Marina but there is however a lack of non-pretentious eateries, places that don’t rely much on gimmicks yet still serve up wholesome good food that satisfies our bellies. It’s even more of a rarity to find such a place that is bent on using produce that is made in-house. But that has now changed with the opening of Fume. Located on the lowest deck of Pier 7 next to Dubai Marina Mall, Fume (read Phew-May), may not exactly have a set food identity per se, given that they serve up everything from French cuisine to Indian, but intrinsically, their DNA is one


of a neighbourhood eatery, a place for communal gathering with great food as accompaniment. To say Fume loves vintage is a gross understatement; you have two 1940s freezers, both in fire red, an old cash register, posters and even fire buckets, all authentic pieces from flea markets around the world. Décor-wise, industrial is the order of the day, particularly with beams as table legs. Wooden seats complete the dining setup which is designed to seat up to eight people at a table. Despite the hard, cold materials, the seats were surprisingly comfortable. Walk past the main door and you’re greeted with a mini open kitchen, used to

mainly serve appetisers. And in keeping up with what’s in vogue, food ingredients are in plain sight. To the right of the entrance is the drinks section where you can enjoy your mocktails, some of which are very interesting indeed like ginger with raspberry. Also in that section are two large screen TVs; just hope they can offer the World Cup on those screens and we’re sure the restaurant will be jam-packed everyday in June. One thing to note is that while many ‘industrial’ establishments tend to leave their ceiling as it is, here Fume covered theirs with surprisingly classy-looking tilings, adding some sophistication and stop you from completely feeling you’re in a warehouse. The main dining area is spread around a sort of semi-circle, following the cylindrical shape of the whole Pier 7 building itself. While the view might be something worthwhile, at night, all you can see are your reflections, with only lights from passing yachts breaking that focus. The fact that no outside seating is available does somehow restrict the potential of the restaurant. On the far end of the restaurant sits the dessert station where your sorbets and pastries

dine out

undoubtedly the French onion soup, a simple dish when compared to the other offerings but one which delighted our taste buds the most. Soft caramelised onions in a sweet broth eaten with cheese on toast; simply whimsical.

are plated up by expert chefs. The staff are passionate about their food and know every little detail that goes into your food. Dressed casually in just t-shirt and jeans, the cheerful servers offer some humour on their white Tees, with sayings like ‘Pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil’ and ‘I’m famous but no one knows it yet’. Food-wise, Fume is quite a revelation. They’ve picked out some of the best and popular dishes from around the world and crammed all of them into the menu. Chicken liver? Check. Paratha? Check. Beef brisket? Check. Whether you feel like something fancy or something a little more homey, Fume has it. Start your dining experience with some chicken liver, served as a parfait with some crispy toasted bread. Not a fan of chicken liver? Then opt for the homemade smoked mackerel made in house, opened straight from a tin and eaten with some lemon and bread. Or go for the conventional and order some smoked salmon served with a spread and Arabic bread. The star of the appetiser round is

Next up, mains. We went for a roundthe-world culinary adventure, ordering the Beef Brisket Bun, the Beef Cheek Rendang with Paratha and the delectable Lamb Cutlets in Korean spices. The lamb comes in four pieces of cutlets, all drenched in devilish red sauce that tastes like a combination of barbecue sauce and hot sauce. The fats on those cutlets were smooth and not chewy and even though your cholesterol levels might tell you to stop, your taste buds will urge you to keep going. The Beef Cheek Rendang with Paratha actually comes from India and Malaysia and while the rendang was good, it was not quite sweet enough to throw us back into reminiscent mode and think of mom’s home-made rendangs. The Beef Brisket Bun is huge with tons of meat inside. The lightly shredded meat is packed full of flavour and nice eaten by itself, without the carbohydrates if you so desire. And just to add a healthy dose into our high-fat, high-carb meal, we ordered a side of punkie carrots in maple syrup and herbs. The sweetness of the carrots and maple syrup can be a little overwhelming for some but for those with a sweet tooth, it can’t be beat, especially considering how soft those carrots have been cooked.

crumble caught our eye, along with the calamansi sorbet. The crumble breaks nicely in your mouth, and together with the custard and the fillings, fills your mouth with such texture and flavours that each bite allows you to discover a different flavour combination. It’s served hot though so don’t be too greedy and start chowing those down. You really need to spoon it and let it cool. The calamansi sorbet is the opposite of the crumble; cold and one note, sour. But it’s not overly sour that your face cringes each time you have as spoonful, though just enough to give you a tingle. If none of those are to your fancy, there are many other hearty desserts on the menu like the date and vanilla pudding, jam doughnuts and custard and different kinds of cakes. Well that just gives us another reason to come back doesn’t it?

Lastly, desserts. The apple and rhubarb


: s o r a B travel

A Maldivian Paradise

An escape to the sun-kissed beach island called Baros Maldives proves to be a fantastic idea. Here’s a recount on our weekend adventure at the most romantic resort in the world.


f one would ask where’s heaven on earth, I could say easily now, it’s at Baros Maldives. Indeed a paradise where the bluest skies are mirrored through the clearest green waters, and where the fresh island breeze would kiss the feet planted in smooth sandy shores. Yes, one can be very poetic about the stay in Baros, and I could go on and on about how enchanting the place is. But my words, how dreamy they may be, would not


be enough to prove the fascinating times spent in the island. So, let me tell a story, a true story. In an afternoon on our second day at the island, while practically waiting for our snorkeling cruise, we met a pretty chatty couple that’s quite different from the others who we’re fond of privacy in the island. The lady was Romanian, while the gentleman was German. And, they asked us to take a

picture of them while posing the same pose they did ten years ago, in the same exact spot where they took the photograph during their honeymoon at Baros. Romantic? Wait till you know more about the hundreds of wedding proposals that happened in the island. It has forty years of remarkable history that saw thousands of totally satisfied guests (returning and new to the resort) who found the perfect getaway at

travel Love is always in the air at Baros

Relaxation Lounge

The pool villa

Nooma Cruise

this small coral island in the Indian Ocean. Being Baros Four hours of direct plane ride took us from the UAE to the Maldives International Airport. Not too long a ride, I must say. The airport is a ferry away from the main city of Male, but there’s no need to visit another bustling metro when you can head straight to the island. Baros Maldives provides its guests a 24/7 speedboat availability to the

resort, rain or shine, and welcomes them after 20 minutes of easy ride.

or a romantic sailing cruise by traditional Maldivian vessel.

Baros Maldives warmly welcomes guests and everyone is treated as someone special, known to the staff by name, not Villa number. Attention to detail is important and whatever guests require, Baros Maldives will make it possible, whether it’s a special meal, a bespoke excursion, a diving by design experience, a private spa or yoga session,

Boasting a rich heritage, reflecting the essence of Maldives, the resort recalls its story of a successful Maldivian entrepreneur who established the resort in December 1973, and opened the third resort in Maldives. Quite a pioneer in the industry, Baros Maldives has been refurbished five times since it opened shop, in order to



The Lighthouse

ensure maximum luxury to its guests. Continuing on in setting the benchmark for a romantic, luxury holiday with genuine, heartfelt Maldivian hospitality, Baros has gained commendations over the years where in 2013 it was awarded again as the “World’s Most Romantic Resort” by the travel authority World Travel Awards. Indeed, it has a reliable reputation: consistently winning prestigious awards from guests and travel professionals for quality accommodation and outstanding service excellence. Testing the truth behind the awards, I could pay witness to how Baros would treat its guests with utter warmth and respect for privacy. Upon setting afoot at the pier, and being received with a grand and friendly welcome by one of the most cheerful and friendly staff I’ve met, I truly felt I was home away from home. The resort’s reception is ideally located at the centre of the island, making it easy for guests to reach if there’s a need. And on the way to the villa, I could not help but to be amazed on how they’ve developed the resort to look like a small island village, instead of an opulent island resort. The trees, the bushes, the small sandy streets, and the interior and architecture paid on every detail of the villa would remind one of a homey tropical village. The Villas at Baros Maldives offer tropical elegance amidst the lush beauty of the island. Surrounded by green foliage and bird-ofparadise blossoms, the Baros Residence is an intimate place to stay, to share secrets, to relax. It has a private swimming pool amidst the blooms of a tropical garden. A day bed on the sun deck, In-Villa breakfasts, private spa massages, a linen canopied bed; tropical timbers and bas-relief; an extravagant


Aerial view of the island

bathroom. All these and a butler on call to assure warm and willing service whenever required in this unique romantic hideaway were more than what would you ask for. A tour around the resort introduced us to The Deluxe Villas, Baros Villas, Water Villas, Baros Pool Villas and Baros Premium Pool Villas offer luxury with tranquil refinement. The spirit of Baros here slowly seduces the senses. Among other amenities, the Villas have king size beds, daybeds to chill out, espresso machines and a personal wine chiller with sommelier-selected bottles. Some have complete open-air bathrooms, whereas others have contemporary bathrooms with rainfall showers. Water Villas boast bathrooms with a view of the lagoon and have steps to the water. All villas benefit from the personal attention of a dedicated Villa Host 24/7. On the other hand, we were told that the Maldivian architect, Mohamed Shafeeq (aka Sappé), whose portfolio includes some of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts in the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and the

Philippines, was the one responsible for the creation of Baros Maldives as perfect combination of outside and inside life. The Maldives is all about outdoor living – The Welcome Pavilion, the restaurants and bars are all open-sided areas. The villas have large windows for natural daylight and have access to the natural surroundings. They inspire romance, intimacy and cosiness. The Lighthouse Restaurant is a landmark, a new dimensional structure that can be seen from afar. Sappé’s favourite materials are natural stones, tropical wood and coconut thatch. The architect’s achievement was in association with interior designer, Anita Indra Dewi. Baros Maldives has an inspired contemporary architecture; a resort designed with distinctive taste and style. Island Living A short weekend getaway like what we did was not enough to discover the beauty of the island. Most of the guests would book their stay of minimum seven days, and

travel I say that’s what every guest should do, because, Baros has lots to offer to islandliving seekers. Let’s focus first on where to dine. One of the main and important things that travelers would look for is the place to eat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. True to its efforts in serving the most excellent service, Baros Maldives offers culinary options to satisfy the most fastidious gourmet or to delight the confirmed traditionalist. Classic cuisine, often with an innovative, tropical twist, is the speciality of The Lighthouse, while grilled seafood, fine meats and Asian tapas are available at The Cayenne. All day dining is presented at Lime, where breakfast would need at least two hours to savour its mouthwatering buffet. Guests are not confined to restaurant dining as meals can be served at any time of day or evening from the In-Villa Dining Menu, or by special request from a variety of menus anywhere on the island, or even on an isolated sandbank. My personal favourite was The Lighthouse, not only because it is the perfect lounge to spot the Maldivian sunset. Contemporary and elegant fine dining restaurant, The Lighthouse is the highlight and landmark of Baros Maldives. It represents the signature of refinement of Baros. It features elaborate composed symphonies of seafood as well as modern fusion cuisine with a dominance of Asian and Mediterranean influences. The accent is on authenticity, creativity and aesthetics. The ambience is modern. Service is attentive yet discreet. The wine cellar, set in a stylish glass-panelled section of the restaurant, includes precious and selective labels from many of the world’s most respected regions. The Lighthouse Lounge, an elegant Champagne bar, is designed like a gallery and its terrace offers 360-degree views of the ocean. It offers niches of privacy and discreet service accompanied by relaxing jazz music. The Lighthouse The Piano Deck

Lounge is contemporary yet refined with an ambience that satisfies the senses. Another once-in-a-lifetime dining experience was our picnic at the Sandbank. It was meant to be dinner by the moonlight and under the stars, but as for any tropical island where weather change is expected, the rain had our dinner cancelled. But with the Baros fashion of satisfying guests, they had been able to arrange a morning picnic instead. Our unique Sandbank dining experience began with sea crossing by boat, then arriving at the Sandbank, that would be wiped out if there’s high tide I suppose, where a hospitality specialist await us to serve the beautifully and delectably set menu that was prepared by the culinary team of Baros. But more than the food, the Sandbank dining experience was a highlight of our trip to the island because it was the place in the world where we could say we’re totally alone with Mother Nature. Meanwhile, there’s one spot in the island which I’d return for, and it’s called The Piano Deck. For those who dream of being alone with their partner in a uniquely romantic setting, Baros Maldives has introduced two fantastic experiences at this special island spot. The choice is dinner or a massage as the sun sets, the stars twinkle and the moon glows, on a deck isolated in the middle of a sparkling lagoon The Piano is a small wooden deck, poised above the translucent waters of the lagoon. This deck is shaped like a grand piano and is available for couples who want to be alone. The only sound is the natural music of splashing waves and the whisper of the caressing breeze. But eating, drinking and island hopping are not the be all and end all at Baros Maldives. Swimmers and divers would have a great amount of time having fun under the sea in this resort. Baros has its own oval-shaped house reef, rich and alive Sandbank Dining

with marine life. Being so close to the shore even non-divers can swim to it and spend hours effortlessly snorkelling. The reef has gentle slopes and is easy of access. Also close to the island in the North Male’ Atoll, there are 30 superlative dive sites that never fail to delight even the most experienced diver. Divers Baros Maldives, led by an enthusiastic team with 30 years of experience and presence in the Maldives, offers year-round Scuba Diving excursions and PADI courses. The dive centre offers enriched air Nitrox diving with a 32% Oxygen blend, the latest in diving equipment for rent including digital underwater cameras, special torches and dive computers. Safe diving is one its main objectives. The divers’ team works in close relationship with the resort’s Marine Centre. The resident Marine Biologist conducts awareness presentations for the resort’s guests as well as organising accompanied snorkeling and reef tours. For those who would like to watch the reef from above, without getting wet, there is the possibility of using the resort’s glass bottom boat. One of the Marine Centre’s objectives is to sustain the underwater environment around the island. As for us, we spent a whole afternoon cruising the ocean in “Nooma”, an elegantly and locally crafted curved prow, a vast single sail, thatched palm leaves roof and sarong-clad crew of four. The 19-metre long vessel, Nooma, meaning blue flower, is modeled on the traditional Maldivian dhoni (sailing boat). Our sunset sailing was couple with “Black Coral Reef” snorkeling that allowed us to discover the wonders underneath the Indian Ocean. Swimming, snorkeling, eating, sailing, touring and photo shooting were what I could remember doing at Baros. But more than the activities, more than the scenic charm of the place, more than the experiences that delighted me for a quick weekend escape, Baros Maldives will be forever remembered by because of the feeling it left to its guests. It’s an emotional experience more than anything else – and perhaps, that’s why it’s called the most romantic resort in the world. Because in the end, after the speedboat sailed back to Male’s shores, I looked back to Baros Maldives, and I could not help but tell myself it’s a beautiful world, it’s a beautiful life, and I’m more in love with it.



Escape to the Far East One look at Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa and you know you’re in for a special time; a surreal expreience that takes you out of Dubai and into the lush jungles of the Orient.


here are many swanky contemporary hotels in Dubai, all desperately trying to outdo one another in the quest for the best design. Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa though, has gone against that grain, employing traditional specific Thai signatures into their design identity instead. Oriental rooflines and giant stupas immediately transport visitors to the Far East, to the land of the smiles. At the lobby, echoes of ‘Sawadeekap’, the traditional Thai greting, can be heard by the staff clad in authentic Thai garb, complete with intricate headgear. The main atrium, replete with all things wooden, offers an open feel, with high


ceilings and plenty of natural light cascading in. Apart from the main lounge, other seating options can be availed, including the open library on the opposite side of the reception counters. Kudos to the hotel team though for incorporating a Dubai heritage corner, which showcases various indigenous artifacts and replicas of times gone by. Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa is sprawled over a huge area which includes serviced apartments as well, mainly for long-stay visitors. The main hotel grounds include lush gardens, lagoons and of course, beachfront access. The buildings are intentionally kept to only single or double storeys to emphasise the feel of a resort. In keeping with the authentic feel of Thailand, you

will be whisked away to your rooms in three-wheeler tuk tuks, a common mode of transport and dare we say one of the icons of Thailand. In terms of accommodation, you will be spoilt for choice, each one with its own unique experience waiting for you. The Premium Lagoon View rooms are all located on the second storey and, as its name suggests, offers an expansive view of the lagoon. The balcony is spacious indeed and during the cooler months in Dubai, you can turn off the AC and just use the ceiling fan. What we personally find useful, is that little window in the toilet that you can open, you know, if things get a little too stinky for comfort. A word of caution though: there are no elevators here so if you’re iffy about


walking up some steps, or have mobility issues, then you’re better off going for the rooms on the ground floor, which by the way, gives you direct access to the lagoon. If you don’t like sharing your pool, then opt for the beachfront villas where you can have your own private pool and mere steps away from the sand. As a bonus, all of the villas face the sunset just in case you want that added romantic touch. Still not satisfied? The crème de la crème of Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa has to be the OverWater villas, the first of its kind in the Middle East. These are just like how you imagined them to be; you are literally over the sea and surrounded by water. There are less than 20 of these villas so

exclusivity is pretty much guaranteed. Tucked away in a corner of this oasis are the Teens and Kids Clubs. The Teens Club offers a pool table, a fusball table and the current entertainment staple, the Sony Playstation. The Kids Club is equipped unlike most others; it has a mini swimming pool as well as a sandy pit where children can build sandcastles under some shade. Activities are planned out daily and you can opt to send your children there for whichever activity tickles their fancy. And the staff also allocates fun time out on the beach. The spa and gym are both located in the same building and to get there you have to meander through some ‘bridges’ over the lagoon. The spa houses 16 treatment

suites where you can indulge in the revitalising traditional Thai Massage or the indigenous Arabian Massage. There are in fact two gyms, both of which are well-equipped with the now industry standard Technogym equipment. That being said, you shouldn’t expect much free weights. Elsewhere around the hotel grounds are the main swimming pool which overlooks the beach, two tennis courts, and a beachside hut that provides all of your beachside activity equipment like kayaking, paddle boarding as well as diving and snorkelling. Foodies will love this hotel. Apart from the all-day dining restaurant which serves breakfast as well, there are three other excellent noteworthy restaurants each serving up their own specialty.



The first is The Beach House. Despite what you may think of it from the name, this restaurant actually serves up Mediterranean food and hosts a Ladies night one day per week, a popular event given that free gifts, including gemstones, are given away. Next is Bushman’s, the newly opened Aussie food fare serving up your favourite delicacies from Down Under including the lean kangaroo meat and, wait for it, … crocodile meat. How’s that for a little exotic culinary affair. At the moment though, the gastronomic darling of Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa is the highly popular Mekong, an Oriental restaurant dishing out food from Thailand, Vietnam and China. Beautifully decorated inside with paper umbrellas, day beds that serve as seats, ornaments and decorative pieces that all celebrate the uniqueness of the Orient. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, where if choose the outdoors and you will be seated onto rickshaw like seats, seats that have become the restaurant’s icon. Inside, you can opt for traditional seating or plonk yourself onto one of the ‘daybeds’ in the middle section, with a little water feature encompassing the whole section. Before you choose your food, head to the open kitchen where the ingredients are neatly laid out for you, an education as to what goes into many Asian dishes. As you wait for your food, you will be served betel leaves, that you fill with dried shrimp, some tamarind paste, chillies and peanuts, a before meal snack and to really open up your taste buds.


Being folks with a penchant for Asian food, we decided to try out as much on the menu as we can. So for appetisers, we went with the Turnip Cake, Beef Satay, and some Dim Sum, along with a plate of Som Tum, or papaya salad with soft shell crabs on the side. As much as all that sound, they were so delicious and fabulous that were were surprised ourselves that we cleaned most of those dishes out, particularly the juicy beef satays and soft sweet turnip cakes. On to main course and the moment we saw Fried Sea Bass on print, we knew we had to have it and boy oh boy was it good. Crispy on the outside but still soft and flaky on the inside makes this fried fish a winner. Moving along to the Pad Thai and Cashew Nut Chicken, the staples of any Thai restaurants. There’s not much to say about the Pad Thai, it is what it is, and not too dissimilar from other places but the Cashew Nut Chicken here has a distinct identity of its own. While we are used to the sweeter types, this tangy sourish version is surprisingly good. Lastly, the desserts. We love crème brulees and we’ve had many variations of it so we’ve got a pretty good benchmark of what’s good and what isn’t. You must be wondering, what’s a crème brulee doing in an Asian place like this. Well, the answer is in the pandan leaves. They serve Pandan Crème Brulees and my word they are delicious. The strong aroma of the pandan infused into the creamy texture of the cream and you find one of the best Asian interpretations of that dessert anywhere.

Away from Mekong, if you fancy a more intimate experience, avail the Dining by Design journeys, complete with a private chef and butler. You can choose from a romantic table for two in a secluded spot on the beach, on the pontoon by the Over Water Villas, or a place of their preference within the resort. The Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa is indeed a piece of the Far East, as real, traditional and authentic as you can get in Dubai. Couple those with the a peaceful setting, beachfront offerings and a host of stay-in options and the result is a hotel that deserves each and every of its hype, and along the way, bringing smiles every visitor that had the pleasure experiencing its fine hospitality.

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Picture Perfect

In an experiential activity hosted by Canon Middle East, AW puts its photography skills to the test using the latest range from the brand.


or the love of good photos (and for the need to share a couple of good ones via social media), we went to a day filled of photo opportunity. From taking pictures of walking giraffes and videos of cooking class, Canon Middle East took us through a “Picture Perfect Summer, Whatever Happens.” Using the latest collection of their gadgets such as EOS 1200D, PowerShot G1 X Mark II, PowerShot SX 700, IXUS 155, LEGRIA mini X and PIXMA iP 8740 (within the DSLR, DSC, DVC and Inkjet product categories), along with fellow select participants test-drove the amazing range of


technology in competitive and fun activities. With the beautiful backdrop of Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villa Resort in Abu Dhabi, the groups went on to do the resort’s wildlife safari drive. Defying the scorching summer heat, we took turns in taking snaps of the mesmerising view of the resort. From the breathtaking scenery of sand, mountains and rocks to the charming sights of giraffes, gazelles and tigers (the island is home to over 10,000 free-roaming animals and harmoniously co-exists within this haven of natural wildlife), we had the most fun in capturing the best photo of the day. After the eventful safari, the groups then

went on straight to a cookery class where videos were mostly taken. Again, the fun continued as we cooked, and at the same time competed under the chef’s eye. The activity mellowed down by the evening when the groups, after a relaxing treat in the resort’s stunning villas, had dinner by the moonlight and bonfire. The barbecue buffet at Boma was something to try by any guest, we say, as it wasn’t only about delightful food but quite romantic in a way. Indeed, after posting tons of images and (hash)tagging #CanonSummerArabia in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the dinner was the most wonderful way to cap such a picture perfect day.




Canon’s Summer Launch! The new Canon gadgets are set to thrill photography enthusiasts. Learn more… EOS 1200D – beautiful DSLR photography made easy Designed for first-time DSLR owners who want impressive results straight out of the box, the EOS 1200D combines Canon’s world class imaging system with a suite of intuitive, easy-to-use controls and automatic shooting modes, ensuring that capturing images that always do memories justice is simple for any skill level. Key features include:

in a Canon compact camera. With DSLRlike image quality and handling within the compact form and function of the highly successful PowerShot G-series, it makes the perfect addition to any professional kitbag. Engineered using photographer feedback, it introduces new capabilities that offer outstanding performance and control:

• A large 1.5-type Canon CMOS sensor

• A new EOS companion app and easy-

to-navigate quick start guide, which makes it easy to learn about the camera’s button layout and features, so users can take their first steps to shooting special moments more confidently. The app provides a range of expert tutorials and step-by-step exercises to take you through photography basics at a pace to suit you, with an ‘Inspire’ section suggesting combinations of popular subjects such as pets or people, with photographic instructions, such as information about speed or perspective. The app also features a troubleshooting guide to provide helpful tips on improving your photos and combating the most common type of problems, such as blurry or overexposed images, as well as tips on composition for groups and landscapes. A range of easy-to-use features including Scene Intelligent Auto, Video Snapshot and Creative Filters which ensure high quality stills and videos with the touch of a button

PowerShot G1 X Mark II – DSLR-level performance, PowerShot portability A new flagship compact camera and successor to the PowerShot G1 X, the PowerShot G1 X Mark II delivers the best imaging performance ever seen


delivers shallow depth of field comparable to an APS-C size DSLR sensor and makes it ideal for professional-looking portrait and macro photography A new super-bright f/2.0-3.9 lens, which maintains a wide f/3.9 aperture even when fully zoomed, delivering excellent low-light performance and the ability to control depth of field. Fully-customisable Dual Lens Control Rings make it easier and quicker to achieve the desired photographic result. The ergonomically placed Step and Continuous Rings deliver reassuring control of parameters in increments, including zoom, aperture and shutter speed. An improved AiAF System with 31 AF points compared to the PowerShot G1X’s nine, improving the camera’s ability to lock onto subjects accurately when creating images with shallow depth of field

PowerShot SX700 HS – Canon’s slimmest ever 30x optical zoom camera Combining Canon’s leading lens innovations with an expertly-engineered 34.8mm thin body, the PowerShot SX700 HS is ideal for capturing special moments in the quality they deserve. A precision-engineered, ultra-wide angle 25mm lens offers the flexibility to capture a beautiful sweeping countryside vista, while the impressive focal length – 30x zoom – also

delivers the freedom to zoom in on detail in the distance. IXUS 155, IXUS 150 and IXUS 145 - match to your own style Three new modern, high-zoom, pocketable and easy-to-use compact cameras join the critically-acclaimed IXUS series. The IXUS 155 combines Canon’s DIGIC image processing, a 10x optical zoom and 20 MP sensor with the iconic, stylish IXUS design - making it the perfect camera for shooting photos and movies of friends at gigs or on nights out. The entrylevel IXUS 150 and IXUS 145, each with a 16 Megapixel sensor and 8x optical zoom, are ideal cameras for budding photographers, with easy-to-use shooting modes, creative filters and high quality images. LEGRIA mini X The LEGRIA mini X boasts an innovative design that gives users the freedom to explore their creativity. Compact and light enough to take anywhere for spontaneous shooting, the device’s unique combination of an f/2.8 170° ultra-wide angle lens, built-in stand and vari-angle 6.8cm (2.7”) touchscreen LCD screen makes it easy to capture footage from a range of angles¹. With the flexibility to record completely hands-free, it enables users to easily participate in their own work, or simply gives greater freedom in directing and shaping scenes. PIXMA iP 8740 A new addition to the range, the PIXMA iP8750 is ideal for photo enthusiasts looking to step up and print stunning images at home. Featuring a six-ink system, which includes an individual grey ink, the iP8750 produces exceptionally high-quality colour photos and smooth gradations in mono prints. Outstanding detail is possible thanks to minimum 1pl ink droplets and up to 9600dpi print resolution. Printing up to A3+ borderless photos and documents, the iP8750 delivers fast print speeds of ISO ESAT 14.5 ipm for mono and 10.4 ipm for colour, and produces an A3 photo in approximately 2 minutes.



Central Embassy,

now open

AW takes an exclusive look at the newest luxury retail spot at the heart of Bangkok


orget about the political unrest. Bangkok is bustling, and remains to be a popular destination despite the unfavourable images we see in the news these past few weeks. In fact, the city has recently welcomed a fresh addition to its skyline: the soon-to-be iconic infinityshaped Central Embassy. Central Embassy, a flawless masterpiece of Central Group, under the management of third generation of Chirathivat, Chart Chirathivat, a young blood leader who spent over seven years to develop and construct every detail of the project to be perfect. Central Group recognises the value of the cultural splendour of Thailand, hence, they aim to create the Central Embassy project as


the great beginning with a long-term vision of management which will not only be a flagship of Central Group, but as new symbol as the Iconic Building of Bangkok, along with the pride of the Thai people. The infinity-shaped Central Embassy has a total of 37 floors and is longer than 200 meters in width. The building is divided into two parts; the 8-storey shopping center (Retail Podium) and the Tower, which is located at the first Park Hyatt Hotel in the country. Both of them have been designed to connect just like the Infinity symbol. The challenge here are the rounded-sides; Central Embassy is the first building in


Thailand, in fact the world, where the building itself is 3D curved in front, side and top. Having been invited to rub elbows with Thailand’s high society, AW witnessed the launch of the said luxury haven. The shopping mall is filled with international brands of which 30 per cent of the brands are new to the country. Central Embassy will be the flagship store of coveted brands like Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Miu Miu, Prada, and Ralph Lauren, offering 2-storey Duplex Façades, the first seamless glass in the world made by mixing precious art and rare materials directly imported from around the globe. There are more than 200 luxury brands coming, with the stores’ latest style being merging art into all details. These brands include A.P.C., BCBG Max Azria, CH Carolina Herrera, Christian Louboutin, CK Collection, Givenchy, Isabel Marant, Jil Sander, John Varvatos, Maison Martin Margiela, McQ, Moschino, Mulberry, Paul Smith, Proenza Schouler, Roberto Cavalli, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Versace and watch and jewellery brands like Anyallerie, Audemars Piguet, Chavana, Chopard,

Hublot, Pomellato. On top of that, there are also world-renowned restaurants and ‘The Embassy Diplomat Screens’ to bring a new experience of ultra-premium cinema with first-class service. Elsewhere on the F&B front, Central Embassy boasts Eathai, a Thai Food Kingdom in the form of the coolest street food, including Talad Eathai. Issaya Cooking Studio, a baking school following the concept of creative and private party service, led by Chef-Ian Pongtavach Chalermkittichai, comes with decor and design that reflects the regional identity in modern form unlike anywhere else. Among the shops, what we found quite extraordinary is SIWILAI. It’s a concept store that gathers leading Thai fashion brands to present new styles. It also hosts SIWILAI Rocket Coffee bar which serves up a new dining experience. Overall, the Central Group’s investment of 18 billion baht (approximately AED2 billion) in this iconic retail landmark is definitely turning a new chapter in luxury retail shopping, hoping to boost Thailand as a world-class shopping destination.


artsy And what would life be like without a little bit of art and culture…

Entitled The Resurrection, Jaber Al Azmeh’s new body of work presents the artist’s ongoing focus on the Syrian revolution and its effect on the social landscape of the country. In his latest black and white photography series, Al Azmeh portrays an intimate setting where a diverse network of Syrians, including journalists, poets, artists and actors, voice their opinions on the current situation in Syria, and what they hope to be the ‘Syria’ they believe in. The series began in 2011, when

Art of the month The Resurrection by Jaber Al Azmeh

Al Azmeh started to photograph people individually in both public and private areas, in Damascus and abroad, holding a copy of the Al Baath Newspaper, an important yet flawed symbol of the Syrian government. Each copy of the newspaper adorns a message written by the individual, such as, “Nothing will stop us. We are coming back home”, “Happiness is coming to our streets and homes,” or simply, “Freedom.”The result is a group of 51 portrait of ordinary Syrians and their hope for a country

ravaged by war. Through this series, Al Azmeh documents the passionate spirit of the Syrian Revolution since its onset and demonstrates that, “All Syrians, no matter where they come from, what religion they have, and what they do, are working together to help this revolution, and help Syria reach its freedom.” Exhibition till June 26 at Green Art Gallery

The ADMAF Comic Arts Award 2014 the comic arts as a creative and cultural tool.

Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) has announced the launch of the inaugural edition of The ADMAF Comic Arts Award in association with Mubadala. Part of ADMAF’s Rewarding Excellence programme, the award aims to nurture artistic expression in the comic field and celebrate the power of


Entries are welcome from UAE citizens aged 18 and above until September 15. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend the Mubadala Youth Forum on October 21, a dedicated event for college-age Emiratis committed to provide guidance and direction about career related decisions and opportunities, and also where their works will be exhibited and the winner announced. Each entry will be assessed on artistic merit, technical

skill, evidence of original thinking, and development of concept. The prize includes an all-expenses-paid trip to New York to attend the New York Film Academy 3D Animation 4-week Course, along with a WACOM Cintiq 13HD and a place at the Middle East Film & Comic Con 2015. “At ADMAF, we believe that all forms of art are vital to the growth of society, and the comic arts in particular is a fascinating medium to nurture creative self-expression,” said H.E. Hoda Al Khamis-Kanoo, Founder of ADMAF.


Sky Over The East

LOUD Art Executes Culture Shock in KSA In its third consecutive year, LOUD ART, the eastern provinces’ hotly celebrated art event, collaborates with Nuqat, the biggest creative conference in the region. Together they are presenting ‘Executing Culture Shock’, an art concept and theme that was introduced in Kuwait last year.

The ‘Sky Over The East’ will feature artwork from prominent Arab artists from across the Middle East. Drawn from Barjeel Art Foundation’s collection of Arab art, the ‘Sky Over the East’ exhibition spans 86 years of visual arts practice. Bridging a spectrum of styles, mediums and subject matter, the exhibition presents 55 works by 49 artists from 12 countries and seeks to contextualise key milestones from the region’s modern history while testifying to the artist’s role as a vital contributor to the intellectual development of society.

pursue further research into distinct art movements, individual artists, or historic events addressed in this exhibition,” said Al Qassemi.

The Barjeel Art Foundation was founded in 2010 by Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi and aims to contribute to the intellectual development of the arts across the Arab region by building a prominent, publicly accessible art collection in the UAE.

An education programme for all ages accompanies the exhibition, which is inspired by Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) and Barjeel Art Foundation’s common goal of bringing generations together through art. There are workshops exclusively for schools, including Kufic Mural (a contemporary approach to the ancient art of calligraphy), Emirate Dhabi (Gazelle) (the decoration of threedimensional objects), and Mural Making. For the public, a children’s workshop in Watercolour Resist Painting takes place on June 7, suitable for 3-6 years.

“I hope Sky Over The East stirs up curiosity in its audience, and encourages them to

Exhibition till June 27 at Emirates Palace Gallery.

The purpose of introducing this theme is to challenge and examine the experience of cultural change and its effect on artists and designers. It will also assess the role of art experts and advocates in executing change within a transforming culture, through exploring its transitional levels. This year, LOUD Art turns up the volume even louder and takes the show to two additional cities in KSA and will exhibit art pieces by Ali Chaaban, Yusef Al Ahmad, Khalid Zahid, in addition to new artists taking part for the first time. LOUD Art’s fundamental aim is to create a powerful and influential art platform for local talent to exhibit to local, regional, and international audiences.

Summer Camp Showtime This summer promises a whole treasure chest of activities for your kids at James & Alex Dance Studios in Media City. With two exciting summer camps on offer weekly all throughout the hot holiday months, your budding performers will not only be fully entertained, but will get the chance to entertain you too! For little performers aged 3-7, the Ballet Summer Camp allows them to enjoy the power of ballet mixed with a whole lot of fun and games. They will learn ballet technique and fundamentals, how to create a stage set and design ballet

costumes, whilst also performing in a special showcase at the end of each week! For older performers aged 7-14, the Hayley’s Comet Drama Camp will be available. They will play drama games, learn team skills and dance routines, and create their own characters to become a part of a specially created all-singing, alldancing, all-drama play to be performed on the last day of camp for family and friends. With a different theme every week, there is something for everyone whether they want to perform or simply have fun!



Tube Talk

Canon IXUS 155, IXUS 150 and IXUS 145 Three new modern, high-zoom, pocketable and easy-to-use compact cameras join the critically-acclaimed IXUS series. The IXUS 155 combines Canon’s DIGIC image processing, a 10x optical zoom and 20MP sensor with the iconic, stylish IXUS design – making it the perfect camera for shooting photos and movies of friends at gigs or on nights out. The entry-level IXUS 150 and IXUS 145, each with a 16MP sensor and 8x optical zoom, are ideal cameras for budding photographers, with easy-to-use shooting modes, creative filters and high quality images.

Al Qalb Al Maftooh Sunday to Thursday at 5pm KSA and 6pm UAE (Two Episodes daily) on Fox

Al Qalb Al Maftooh follows surgical intern Maysa Saad Al Deen as she begins her training in the shadow of her mother’s renowned surgical reputation. Her new group of fellow interns, including Christina Shabana, Hussam Yehya, Israa’ Hani and Dawood Majed, will become her new family, while she also sparks a relationship with surgeon Ahmed Qassar. The series focuses on compelling medical stories while exposing the personal lives and complex emotions that surface during the drama of each new case.

‘Babades with Chantilly’ For the first time ever, the Thespis Greek Theatre Group will perform ‘Babades with Chantilly’, by the highly acclaimed Greek screenwriters M. Reppas and Th. Papathanassiou, at the Centrepoint Theatre, DUCTAC, at the Mall of the Emirates on June 7 with two back to back performances at 4:30pm and 8pm respectively. The hilarious play explores, in a black comedy style, the human greed for riches, and how two brothers and their wives, a neighbour and a cunning Bulgarian woman will go to extremes to attain it. A caustic satire of the contemporary Greek society, filled with unforeseen situations and twists, delivered by immoral, cynical, heroes, without a hint of either conscience or feelings. The ultimate goal is money. The writers use a majestically clever plot and a barrage of comical quotes, to leave the audience roaring with laughter.


music/books rts a h C p o Music T

Xscape by Michael Jackson This is the second Jackson disc assembled by Sony since the artist’s death in 2009; the first was 2010’s Michael. Curated and produced by L.A. Reid and other producers such as Timbaland, Stargate, Jerkins and McClain, the

album features eight tracks.

Ghost Stories by Coldplay Ghost Stories is the sixth studio album by the British rock band. Ghost Stories, partly inspired by lead singer Chris Martin’s troubled relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow at the time of the album’s recording, is a concept album that tells the story of a man going through a dramatic and sudden breakup. The album revolves around a central theme of ‘opening yourself up to love’, and accepting that love does not last forever. The album was recorded by the band throughout 2012 and 2013 and features guest producers Avicii, Timbaland and Madeon, in addition to the band’s frequent collaborator, Jon Hopkins.

Me. I Am Mariah by Mariah Carey This is Mariah Carey’s 14th studio album. It is named after a selfportrait that Carey drew at the age of three that she captioned ‘Me. I Am Mariah’; the portrait is featured as part of the back cover of the album. The singer used YouTube to upload a video confirming the title, cover and track listing of the album, a stark contrast to the previous title which leaked when a retailer listed the album for preorder. Nas, Miguel, Wale and Fabolous all make guest appearances on the album, in addition to Carey’s twins Morroccan and Monroe.

oks o B d e end m m o c Re The Fault in our Stars Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award-winning author John Green’s most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love. The movie tie-in book features exclusive stills from the forthcoming film.

Half Bad by Sally Green Half Bad is a 2014 young adult fantasy novel by Sally Green, the first novel in the Half Life Trilogy. In modernday England, witches live alongside humans: White witches, who are good; Black witches, who are evil; and 16 year-old Nathan, who is both. The novel is about Nathan’s struggle for survival in a hidden society of witches.

Be Careful What you Wish For by Jeffrey Archer The fourth spellbinding book in the epic Clifton Chronicles series, the book opens with Harry Clifton and his wife Emma rushing to hospital to learn the fate of their son Sebastian, who has been involved in a fatal car accident. But who died, Sebastian or his best friend Bruno? Be Careful What You Wish For showcases the master storyteller’s talent as never before – when the Clifton and Barrington families march forward into the 60s, in this epic tale of love, revenge, ambition and betrayal.


A-LIST CELEBS Darby Stanchfield attended the 100th Annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington wearing a green gown wit h floral beaded embroidery from the Alberta Ferretti Spring Summer 2014 collection


Katharine McP hee wore a Spring Summer 2013 ‘Black Carpet’ PAULE KA dress to the White House Correspondants’ Association Dinner in Washington

Susan Sarandon chose to wear the PAULE KA satin backed crepe trousers and jacket from the Spring Summer 2014 collection to attend the Time’s 100 Gala in New York

Taylor Swift wore the bubble print dress from the To Tommy, From Zooey collection by Tommy Hilfiger in New York.


Kate Bosworth wore the ‘crocodile’ viscose sweater and knitted skirt is from the Nina Ricci Fall/Winter 2014 collection in New York Cit y


Georgia May Jagger; the new face of ANGEL by Thierry Mugler A dazzling rising star in the world of fashion and beauty, Georgia May Jagger is instantly recognisable by her perfect pout. Already an acknowledged style icon at just 22 years-old, she has already graced the top international fashion magazines: British Vogue, American Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Dazed and Confused, I.D., Purple, LOVE, and W Magazine, to name just a few. The choice of Georgia May ushers in a new era in the ANGEL legend and was clearly self-evident as her mother, supermodel Jerry Hall, already had a close connection to the brand’s history. A regular at Thierry Mugler’s couture shows, Hall was ANGEL’s emblematic muse from 1995 to 1997. From Jerry Hall, Georgia May has inherited her beauty and an innate sense of glamour. From her father, Mick Jagger, she no doubt gets the rock attitude that she brings to the ANGEL image, for the first time. Like this iconic fragrance, Georgia May shakes established codes, with a natural, yet sexy rock’ n’ roll style. Georgia May is the perfect embodiment of the ‘Beware of Angels’ tagline (#bewareofangels) from the new ANGEL campaign.“ANGEL is very connected to my childhood, and it continues to fascinate me as much as ever. It’s very exciting to become the new face of the ANGEL woman… 19 years after my mother!”

Alicia Keys becomes the face of parfums Givenchy Parfums Givenchy has announced its future collaboration with global music icon and Grammy Award-winning artist, Alicia Keys. Parfums Givenchy Global President Thierry Maman said,“Alicia is a remarkable woman whose charismatic personality and magnetic beauty are perfectly in line with what Givenchy has always been: noble, distinctive and unexpected. We very much look forward to working with her on an exciting new perfume project.” “Givenchy has long been one of the world’s most iconic luxury fashion houses, and a personal favourite of mine,” said Keys. “To be a part of their prestige and elegance is a thrilling moment. I’m honoured to introduce the world to the newest scent by Givenchy.” Givenchy’s new campaign featuring Alicia Keys will be unveiled in September 2014.

Jergens Partners with Nancy Ajram Jergens has unveiled its first ever celebrity partnership in the Middle East as Nancy Ajram is spotted in her soon to be released hit ‘Moush Faraa Ktir’ using a number of the brand’s products. “We are thrilled to be working with an artist of Nancy Ajram’s caliber. Nancy is synonymous with beauty, strength and success – qualities that resonate with the Jergens woman, and which made her the ideal choice to showcase our line of skincare products in the region,” commented Caroline Wilding, Associate Marketing Director for Jergens. Featured in Ajram’s latest release ‘Moush Faraa Ktir’, from the hit album Nancy Ajram #8, Ajram is seen using a number of Jergens products including a scene in her dressing room in which she applies Jergens’ popular Softening Musk body cream. The Arab music sensation then uses Jergens top selling Overnight Repair lotion on her hands and body before the video moves on to Nancy using Jergens Hand & Cuticle cream while in the car with her husband enjoying a road trip together.


Red Carpet

Fashion sizzlers

The stars came out in full stylish glory to one of the year’s most exciting red carpet events: the 2014 Metropolitan Museum Of Art Costume Institute Gala .

Kate Mara is wearing a Valentino Haute Couture dress from the Spring Summer 2014 collection and a Valentino Garavani clutch

Alexa Chung wearing a blue grey silk radzimir strapless Nina Ricci dress with bow detailing

Kim Kardashian - wears a head-to-toe custom made LANVIN creation by Alber Elbaz — two-tone black and pétrol blue draped strapless dress in satin duchesse with black satin belt, and black grosgrain cage evening sandals


LISA AIRAN - wears a head-to-toe custom made LANVIN creation by Alber Elbaz — two-tone fuchsia and bordeaux bustier draped strapless dress in satin duchesse with dramatic side gathering, and black satin belt

Haley Bennett wearing a Valentino gown from the Pre Fall 14/15 collection

Lily Aldridge wore a custom strapless silver lamé draped gown image credit must read- Larry Busacca_Getty Images

Zooey Deschanel wore a midnight navy duchess satin gown with a ruched sweetheart off the shoulder neckline and ivory back pleat and train byTommy Hilfiger

Thalia Mottola wore a mint green duchess satin strapless corseted column gown with back ruffle and layered green and navy organza train by Tommy Hilfiger

Red Carpet Dee Hilfiger wore a black organza strapless evening dress with pewter lining and beaded and sequin French lace detail by Tommy Hilfiger

Chrissy Teigen, Model Ralph Lauren Collection one-of-a-kind Swarovski crystal covered jersey halter column dress with grey organza ruffles

Gugu MbathaRaw (Actress) wears a headto-toe custom made LANVIN creation by Alber Elbaz — black & white abstract floral silk jacquard tea-length strapless dress, matching pumps with ankle strap, and black python oval clutch

Michelle Williams is wearing a custom embroidered tunic dress, accessorized with a black Epi Electric Petite Malle

Jessica Alba in a custom DVF gown and Tonda Embossed Lizard Clutch in Bronze Rachel Mcadams, Actress Ralph Lauren Collection Fall 2014 pale pink silk cady evening dress with chiffon train Ralph Lauren Collection gold leather heels

Selena Gomez in a custom DVF gown

Riley Keough is wearing a custom black jumpsuit made of stretch wool and satin and embroidered with a mix of mirrors and glass tubes

Actress Diane Kruger, Friend of the Brand and Face of Jaeger-LeCoultre ladies’ collections, attended the event and looked radiant wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre “secret” vintage jewellery watch, a delicate whitegold creation set in diamonds

Rosamund Pike is wearing a crocodile zippered vest, worn with an embroidered spiral skirt. The top and skirt are belted and accessorized with leather New Day pumps and a gold trunk necklace

Zoe Saldana wore a custom black cashmere halter bodysuit with a bonded black floral lace on optic white taffeta sculpted skirt, and a black python clutch mage credit must read- Jamie McCarthy_FilmMagic


AW SHOPS Louis Vuitton tote

Tanah Rhea shoulder bag at Valleydez

Karlie Kloss with Michael Kors’ Sophie bag

C olours for Summer

Taylor Swift spotted with Tod’s Sella Bag

Swing your way through the season with these arm candies that come in refreshing tones. You’re sure to cast hot jealous stares as you look effortlessly cool carrying them

Versace D. Signature Bag

Bottega Veneta Cross-Body Bag

Cruciani Mini Bag Crocodile

Coach Mini Gingham Saffiano Tote, Gingham EW Saffiano Tote and Gingham NS Saffinao Tote Proenza Schouler satchel at Etoile La boutique

Celine’s summer ‘it’ bag


AW SHOPS 3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Blend Classic Pencil Pants AED1657

Preen By Thornton Bregazzi Tile Print Shell AED2004

Illesteva Mirrored Sunglasses AED990

Roksanda Ilincic Cocktail Dress with Robe AED6,556

Shop the web AW is hooked on the online shopping heaven, Stylebop. com. Providing fashionistas an array of luxurious finds, here are the top edits we got from the site!

Illesteva Two-Tone Mirrored Sunglasses in Clear/Havana AED693

J.W. Anderson Pleated Midi Skirt in Leather Look AED2759

Delfina Delettrez Diamond/Ruby Secret Hands Ring AED26,841


The Coveted

Timeless Summer The glamour of a summer in Saint Tropez is magnified in this gorgeous collection of sophisticated St-Tropez timepieces that embody the spirit of carefree Mediterranean living. Each of these pretty timepieces is adorned with delicate motifs that recall sun, sea, and sentiments. The Saint-Tropez timepiece (30mm), with its cable bracelet and delicate adjustable chain, is a signature collection for this luxurious Swiss watchmaker. Highly unique, this, one of CHARRIOL’s most successful timepieces for women, is now released in three exciting new variants with a seasonal theme. A set of extensions that convey the lighthearted elegance of this iconic holiday town, ‘Sun’, ‘Seashell’ and ‘Flowers’ are the three whimsical, summery themes that have been worked into the delicate mother of pearl colourway that typifies the St-Tropez range. Charming for women and girls of all ages, these special pieces exude the joyous mood of this chic Mediterranean town, and are perfect for relaxed daywear. Capture the joys of a memorable summer and sport a slice of iconic French style on your wrist!



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