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The Full Expericence of Arabian Horses Welcome to the eighth edition of ENVISION magazine, a publication the Arabian horse community has put together specifically to introduce those of you unfamiliar with this breed to some of the many things that make life with horses, and especially the Arabian horse, truly life changing. Our goal with this magazine is that we hope to stir your imagination to Envision a new endeavor with Arabian horses for yourself, in any one of the myriad of ways that this truly versatile and oldest breed of horse offers. Whether through a lesson program, that may or may not include riding, a visit just to meet and talk to one of the many people listed in this magazine, or virtually any riding endeavor that piques your interest, there is something for everyone that you can get through interaction with this breed. We hope you enjoy this introduction and that when you are done, you can envision yourself experiencing and learning about the Arabian horse.

Mary Trowbridge

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Photo by Cameron Azad

The Arabian Horse Association, with members throughout the United States and Canada was proud to present their entry in the 2020 Rose Parade, comprised of local Arabian horse owners from the Southern California and Arizona area. The theme has touched our members so strongly that they developed an entry for the parade. The Power of Hope exemplifies the power of the Arabian horse and our association with Leukemia Lymphoma Society Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids program which links youth battling cancer with horses; “Warrior horses” that help them fight their battle. Walking with the group is the program creator Ryan Melendez. In its brief three years of existence and born from the life-threatening cancer battle waged by Ryan and his brilliance in recognizing the part a horse can play to help children who are also battling the horrible disease, the program has matched many horses with their warrior kids. Also walking with the group was Dylan Cavender our latest warrior kid match, with his matched horse Tuffy, and the Warrior horse that was matched with Kimi, who sadly lost her battle, but was helped throughout her time by her relationship with her beloved “Pez.” ~ Marshal, Nancy Harvey, President of Arabian Horse Association

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Cover Story:

The Power of Hope Arabian Horses at the 2020 Rose Bowl Parade By Jenn Trickey Pasadena resident and long-time Arabian horse enthusiast, Katie Russell is no stranger to the legendary Rose Bowl Parade that wows crowds of over 750,000 people across the five miles of Southern California—the pageantry, history and pride viewed by millions through T.V. sets New Year’s Day morning. After all, when you live in the hills that line the Rose Bowl stadium, New Year’s Day is more than just January one. However, 2020 was even more monumental for Katie and eight others. They were no longer spectators but got to enjoy the parade from the other side … the in-side, marching down the streets of Pasadena, waving to the thousands who camped out for their place on the tour. It had been since 2013 that Arabian horses joined the ranks of the decorated event, so when Katie discussed with Arabian Horse Association President Nancy Harvey, about applying once again, to get the Arabian horses back into the parade, the two went to work. Both on the Arabian Horse MDP (Marketing, Development and Promotion) Committee, Nancy and Katie began their quest by submitting the petition with around 100 other equestrian applications in hopes to be selected as one of the 17 equestrian groups approved. Nancy had some experience with the process, having been in the parade seven times prior, but with only three divisions of entry: floats, marching bands and equestrian units, it would be difficult. The theme of the 131st Rose Parade was Power of Hope and could not have worked better in the scheme of things, as the Arabian horse community is proud of their own Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids program, founded by cancer survivor Ryan Melendez. The Arabian horse community joined their hearts around Ryan as he created a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that matches children with cancer to Arabian horses giving healing hearts and emotional support to the kids. The power Arabian horses have to connect with the human spirt is phenomenal to those who know them, but this was a stage where they could show off their shine and that they did by receiving premier spot number five of 87 entries and first of the 17 equestrian groups in the parade! All nine participants applying had to write bios talking about their equestrian unit and explain how they felt this program and horse supported the theme, “Power of Hope.” The Warrior Horses for Kids couldn’t be more perfect in supporting that theme. Arabian horses in previous years had been represented in the Rose Parade shown in traditional Native costume, but this year was a departure in showcasing more versatility while being featured as western pleasure and carriage horses. Shania Twain’s horse was proudly one of those featured ridden by multi-National Champion trainer Natalie Jones. The pride of the Arabian horse is a characteristic all who know them find remarkable, and in this case couldn’t have made us the ones prouder! Ar abian Horse Times | 3 | ENV ISION • #8





My horse Lapaz NA, “Pez” as he is known to most, is truly my Heart horse. In recent years, Pez has been a great ambassador for the Arabian breed, teaching young kids how to ride and compete in local and regional shows. He has a quiet and calm soul which allows even the timidest child or person to experience the Arabian horse.

I was introduced to the Arabian horse as a small child by my mother who was an Arabian horse trainer for many years. I’ve always loved the Arabian ... they are so smart, willing and versatile. I won the junior English at the Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show when I was 4 years old and I have never looked back. I’ve been blessed enough to win 50+ National Championships in my career so far, and I hope to continue earning more in the upcoming years.

I was fortunate enough to be involved with Arabian horses from a very young age. After high school I attended Stephens College as an Equestrian Science major and then worked as an apprentice on some wonderful California Arabian horse farms. My path diverged a bit and I went into law enforcement, spending 20 years as a police officer. My interest in Arabian horses moved from actually competing myself, to becoming a horse show steward, an official who safeguards the welfare of the horse at competitions. I have been a licensed steward for 27 years and have officiated at many Arabian shows, including the U.S. National Championships on numerous occasions.

The Rose Parade is the pinnacle, the brass ring of parades. There is no better parade in the world! I love the Arabian horse and want to share them with the world. As a life-long resident of Southern California, I’ve witnessed the Rose Parade on TV and from Colorado Blvd. I have always been in awe of the horses and riders participating in the parade. I have dreamt of being one of them. My parade horse, Tuff Act To Follow (Tuffy) is a United States National Champion Western Pleasure horse. He is beautiful and dignified, and is the first horse my husband, Joe and I ever bred.

Pez was matched with a very special little girl named Kimi, who was able to come see Pez quite frequently with her dad when she was feeling good. Pez was Kimi’s hope. Pez was something she could look forward to seeing during her battle with cancer that robbed her of the majority of her childhood. She sadly lost her battle with cancer but will remain in our hearts forever.

The Arabian horse has always been there for me with unconditional love, no matter what. You can have a terrible day and all you have to do is spend time with them and look into their beautiful eyes and everything is ok.

GAYLE PÉNA & PRINCE Hes All Heart he has ridden the Tournament of Roses Parade with The Versatile Arabians twice previously. “Prince,” as I call him, is 21, and has been a show horse, as well as a trail horse. I’ve had him since he was a weanling and will keep him forever.

The Arabian horse is a special animal, known for endurance, refinement, strength and unmatchable beauty. The original Arabian horses were prized by Bedouin families and actually brought into their family tents. Arabians are quick to learn, willing and sensitive. They are wonderful family horses. All of these traits brought me to my first Arabian in 1969 and keep me still involved with the breed. There is no horse like an Arabian.

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We sold Tuffy so he could pursue what was destined to be a phenomenal show career. Years later, we were elated when the opportunity arose to bring Tuffy back into our lives. We were fortunate to get him back to his home for life. The “power of hope” presided, and now a lifetime dream may come true with Tuffy in the 2020 Rose Parade! He deserves this honor, and I would love to share Tuffy and the versatile Arabian horse with the world!





I have enjoyed showing, breeding my horses and raising new generations of these wonderful creatures for decades. In addition to ownership, I became involved with the governance of the National association, and I am the current President of the Arabian Horse Association with a membership of just under 20,000.

I grew up in Southern California. The Rose Parade was part of my life until I moved away at the age of 30. My dad, as a young boy was in the Rose Parade as an elf on a float with Mickey Rooney! Every year, we would get up early, bundle up for the cold, and make our way with folding chairs and ladders to the parade route.

Arabians are Warrior horses who were originally bred to protect their family in the harsh desert. They have a wonderful personality and great intelligence. The Arabian horse has been featured in movies, books, and have been the horse of little girls’ dreams.

Horses have always been my inspiration and my motivation through life. I grew up in a disadvantaged household; we barely had enough money to get by. I dreamed as a child of becoming a veterinarian. I stayed focused on those dreams even when the dreams seemed too big.

My horse was originally to be my Patagonia X, “Poodle,” who was my ride/drive for two of my parade runs. Now 22 years old, Poodle has a new job bringing hope to a wonderful woman who lost her beloved horse in 2017. Phyllis is over 70 and has had some trouble adjusting to moving into the later phase of her life. With Poodle in her life, she has found hope and new love. This is truly what the Arabian Horse does best. The wonderful horse, who excels in Endurance named Rushcreek Freedom filled in for Poodle, who was unable to participate.

We also grew up near Cal Poly University in Pomona and the famous Kellogg Arabian Ranch. How fortunate I was to be able to attend that very same school and be involved in the Arabian horseprogram. The power of hope pushed me to own my first horse and to build a life in the equine industry. First you dream, then you hope, and then you find a way to make it happen! That’s the power of hope.

I got my first Arabian when I was 13. He wasn’t a tall, dark and handsome stallion that I dreamed about, but he and I did everything together: camping, showing, volunteering with the Sherriff’s department, and riding in the Tournament of Roses Parade three times! My big black gelding, Raqharo Flair, too, has done everything I have asked, adding endurance riding and again riding in the Rose Parade.

Once I graduated vet school and had the opportunity to ride horses again. I purchased Just In Kayce, “Justin,” and had no idea the impact one single horse could have on my life and others in the community. He became that horse that I always dreamed of as a child.

The Arabian horse I will be driving in the parade is the granddaughter of one of those Kellogg Arabians that first inspired me. Dreams really do come true!

Leeza Gibbons & Mark Steines KTLA-5 Interview

My latest horse, Tehachapi Khan, a buckskin nicknamed Ty, has been a lot of fun, teaching me how to work cattle, and is an incredible asset for the San Bernardino County Sherriff’s Department Search and Rescue unit.

Justin and I ... have volunteered for the San Bernardino Sheriff Department; became members of the Equestrian Patrol Unit; volunteer in community events; and joined the West Valley Mounted Posse, participating in Search and Rescue efforts for the county. It all has been truly rewarding because Justin loves to get petted. For me, the feel of the horse gave me the biggest hope that life would eventually work out, and I would love to keep one child’s dream alive or have an impact on one person’s life from the touch of Justin’s hair or his soft nose.

HoofbeatZ USA Located in Cave Creek, Arizona, HoofbeatZ USA is a unique curriculumbased program. It is designed for students receiving an equine “edutainment” experience through various rotating stations. This brainchild of Eileen Verdieck in partnership with Mr. Chris Cook, President of WHC (Wild Horsemanship Center) in Ocala, FL, as well as other like-minded investors, is an outreach program designed to bring horses and humans together in a new affordable, entertaining and safe venue.

Ar abian Horse Times | 6 | ENV ISION • #8

The HoofbeatZ USA model is designed to introduce large numbers of newcomers to the equestrian world, and promote on going horsemen as well. HoofbeatZ USA employs and specifically trains its staff to focus on the advancement of fun and education.

Holistic Approach:

Learn so much more than just how to ride. Experiences include mental and physical development, how to safely handle horses on the ground, horse care, and developing a strong, independent seat.

Life Lessons:

Life lessons: Horses mirror our conscious and unconscious character. Here at HoofbeatZ USA, we are focused on developing qualities that will serve our students in all aspects of life including empowerment, mindfulness and empathetic leadership.


Our structured program allows our students to grow and develop with measurable benchmarks that are demonstrated at the pace of each individual, using both theory and practical skills. More difficult concepts are introduced as the student progresses. These riding and horsemanship benchmarks provide a strong foundation for success and allow students to confidently pursue their goals in any equine endeavor. Ar abian Horse Times | 7 | ENV ISION • #8


The horse industry can be intimidating, costly and confusing for a newcomer to navigate. HoofbeatZ USA takes out the guesswork by providing a low-cost, low-commitment introduction to the horse world and a structured program that can take you from beginner to professional and anywhere in between.


HoofbeatZ USA’s patented experiential learning stations include EZ Ride, Speak Horse, Safe Ride, General Ride and our Mechanical Horse Simulator. Our program enhances safety by allowing new students to find their balance by

progressing through the stations, developing a secure and confident seat. More importantly, we teach equine psychology, allowing students to understand and anticipate equine behavior. This develops trust and partnership between horse and rider, encouraging a willingness and enthusiasm in both.


HoofbeatZ USA specializes in “edutainment,” making learning about horses so fun that both children and adults can’t wait to discover more. With unique stations every time you visit, there is always a new skill to hone and a new game to play along the journey of learning.

Ar abian Horse Times | 8 | ENV ISION • #8

Eileen has spent 46 years in the Equine industry. Her career has spanned the globe, with marketing and sales being her main focus. Eileen developed HoofbeatZ 15 years ago, originally launching it in the Middle East where it successfully touched the lives of over 2,000 newcomers.

Speak Horse:

Our on-the-ground horsemanship station where we focus on teaching students the language and psychology of the horse. Students learn how to form a true relationship with the horse while developing awareness of body language and coordination. They learn movements on the ground to direct the horse and learn how their movements affect the horse.

Horse Care:

An on-the-ground educational station where students learn basic safety around horses. Also includes learning basic stable management, grooming techniques, proper saddling and bridling, identifying horse anatomy, colors and markings and much, much more.

Horse Sense:

Because the horse world is about so much more than riding, this classroom-focused station introduces students to all the ways being passionate horsemen and women can help them in everyday life. Students will learn equine theory and general equine knowledge. Topics are taught with the help of games, simulators, and hands- on experience. Students learn in a fun and challenging atmosphere where the lesson is tailored to each student’s existing knowledge. Ar abian Horse Times | 9 | ENV ISION • #8

Complete Ride:

In this series of stations, the art of proper horse riding is explored. During mounted sessions, emphasis is placed on developing the foundation of a strong, balanced, and secure seat, mounted safety, confidence, and coordination. There are three core components of riding at HoofbeatZ USA:

~ EZ Ride

Students work in a round ring, riding specially trained horses following the instruction of a handler in the center of the ring, without the use of reins and without needing to worry about directing their horses. EZ Ride also includes sessions on the Mechanical Horse Simulator, which allows for controlled variation in a safe and progressive way. This unique combination allows students to be fast-tracked toward developing a secure, independent seat while working through a series of physically demanding exercises. This station focuses on the rider’s balance.

~ Safe Ride

Building on the foundation established in Speak Horse and EZ Ride, students advance their riding using body language and focus to direct the horse. A rope halter is used to support the rider’s focus to allow them to further develop a seat independent of the reins. The goal in Safe Ride is to combine the balance skills learned in EZ Ride with the control movements and focus learned in Speak Horse to direct the horse while riding.

~ General Ride

Builds on concepts learned in Speak Horse, Safe Ride and EZ Ride, with a focus on learning the foundation for refinement riding. Students ride and control a horse freely, with the use of saddle and bridle. This station is a continuous progression of riding skills moving into advanced maneuvers including proper collection and suppleness of both horse and rider.

6525 E. Dixileta Drive, Cave Creek, Arizona To learn more, visit Hoofbeatz on Facebook at HoofbeatZUSA

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Spring will be here before you know it. And with Spring, comes babies!!! A baby horse is called a FOAL A baby girl horse is called a FILLY A baby boy horse is called a COLT The average gestation length in the mare ranges from 320 to 362 days; most mares will foal within 330-345 days of successful breeding.

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The Arabian is the most versatile of all breeds... They are good-natured, trustworthy, quick to learn, willing to please and suitable for all ages and disciplines; making them the perfect partner and companion, whether on the trail, competing internationally at the highest levels, or simply as the family pet and devoted friend.

Ar abian Horse Times | 12 | ENV ISION • #8

Arabian Disciplines DID YOU KNOW... as the most versatile breed of horses, Arabians compete and perform in multiple disciplines such as, Dressage, Driving, Endurance, English, Halter, Hunter, Jumping, Native Costume, Racing, Reining, Show Hack, 1 Sport Horse, Trail, Western, Working Western and more! 4

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Across 1. 2. 3. 4.

requires agility...and cattle speed and athleticism to the ďŹ nish no obstacles to stop an Arabian calm willing & soft gaits; a pleasure

Down 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

patterns of movement harness the power to move carrying riders for miles over the fences we go not a language, but high strides a discipline of conformation in-hand 2 ACR OS S

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FIND YOUR PROGRAM ♥ SUPPORTERS OF ENVISION … Devoted to strengthening the Arabian breed. Thank you! ** Also a Discovery Farm ALABAMA RHAPSODY IN BLUE STABLES** Wetumpka | 251-454-2761 www.winningarabians.com ARIZONA APEX RIDING ACADEMY Scottsdale | 801-244-7996 www. apexridingacademy.com BEIN PERFORMANCE HORSES** Scottsdale | 480-220-6710 www.beinperformancehorses.com MARY CAMPBELL TRAINING CENTER Tucson | 520-975-2264 www.ridinglessonstucson.com MARY WILSON SHOW HORSES Cave Creek | 925-719-6867 www.marywilsonshowhorses.com NELSON FARMS, INC. Tucson | 520-647-3009 www.Nelsonfarmsinc.com PAR Excellence Farms Gilbert | 480-510-6125 www.facebook.com/parexcellencefarms Royal Salute Cave Creek | 480-585-6318 www.Royalsaluteaz.com SCOTTSDALE EQUESTRIAN ACADEMY Cave Creek | 480-203-1394 www.scottsdaleequestrianacademy.com

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No “kidding around!” Take a sneak peek into this creative Adult Horse Camp hosted by long-time Arabian horse enthusiast Lori Foster of Chicago, Illinois; an example of how enjoying Arabian horses can bring people closer together at any age! With support for the idea and being fortunate enough to have several horses at her home that are amateur friendly and nationally competitive, last year Lori Foster decided that the Arabian horse industry needed an Adult Amateur Camp. She hosted the first camp in April, not having any idea of how it would go off. Four campers that ride with a farm in Ohio plus some local Arabian people signed up. With the help of two instructors, Lisa Jo White and Terri Delbridge, the itinerary included riding twice on Friday and Saturday with the campers deciding if they wanted to ride the same horse each time or switch it up. To her surprise, they all wanted to ride the same horse so they could see their improvement (which, by the way, was pretty amazing).

Ar abian Horse Times | 18 | ENV ISION • #8

April Camp participants: Kristin Herder Sherri Lewis Pam Gollahn Deb Barker Jodi Etienne Liz Pursian Abby Smith August Camp participants: Kenny Muncy Dedee Templeton Anne Dursi Vickie Lau Kelly Mathews Jacqui Lang Liz Pursian Jodi Etienne Isabella Templetona

Also included was “Horseback Yoga” and a regular yoga class; lectures on horse; people and dog nutrition; makeup tips for the ring; massages; arts and crafts; and of course, time by the fire pit for socializing. All meals were provided, and the campers stayed at Foster’s home (with the addition of a rented camper due to the higher than expected participation rate). “Summer Camp” (or as it was labeled, Season Two), utilized Tom Thiesen and Terri Delbridge as instructors, and Adequan generously sponsored the event. Due to its popular demand, Foster will be hosting two more camps in 2020.

Ar abian Horse Times | 19 | ENV ISION • #8

A BIG IN TULSA, OKLAHOMA Thanks to a couple of great members of the Arabian horse community, Arabian Horses For Humanity “Salute” made an appearance at the 2019 U.S. National Championship show in Tulsa. Christine and Charles Rickart provided his transportation from MN and we were so glad they did because this statue has to be seen in person to really appreciate the detailed work that went into its creation. When commissioned by Region 10, the artists were given his name and his mission—Salute would represent the valuable resource of equine assisted therapy for veterans. And their design is everything we could have hoped for and then some. From the tip of his nose to his tail, the four artists responsible, Deneena Hughes, Tracie Thompson, Jerusha Steinert and Nanci Fulmek, used every inch available to tell that story—a story of honor and respect and hope.

Program Update Written by Kathy Troxler Photos by Michael Troxler

Their design successfully combines the natural realistic beauty of the horse with powerful imagery and creative symbolism. At first glance the viewer sees a gorgeous bay horse, so realistic that one could be forgiven for expecting those flared nostrils Once you were the machine… to snort as he surveyed the show grounds. Powerful and strong,moving in a storm of order and chaos, bravery and fear … Fueled by honor, saluted as the brave ones. But courage looks different now … And strength must be borrowed where it cannot be found. Amid all the things that were taken with rough hands, Here find peace spoken to all your broken pieces ... The warm breath of hope telling you it is safe to feel again,that yours is a soul worth fighting for. Here find light that pushes back the looming darkness … Reminding you beauty still exists, calling you to live again. Here find quiet strength that humbly shares your burden … Graciously bowing its head to salute the courage it takes to heal. Salute--Deneena Hughes

But, just step up a bit closer and your eye is led from one intriguing visual to another. They’ve combined subtle images of the American flag glowing along his flanks and traditional military insignia and crests twined along his mane. In a truly bold move, they brilliantly included mechanical elements on the legs. Stated in the artist’s design statement “symbolizing the juxtaposition of the military machine bound up within flesh, blood, and bone, as well as honoring those veterans who have lost so much more than just limbs.” To see two of the coolest elements, you have to get really up close and personal with Salute. If you get a chance to see Salute in person, check out his right eye and you’ll see something special—the image of a saluting soldier. However, if you have to wait your turn to check out his eyes, not to worry, go check out his tail! Flowing down his ebony tail are words painted in gold. Words that you might not realize are part of a bigger whole—a poem written by Deneena Hughes specifically for this statue and bearing the same name. A poem whose words speak of bravery, honor, courage and hope.

Next up for Salute: Freedom Farm Therapeutic Riding Center’s Open House in January and the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in February! Ar abian Horse Times | 20 | ENV ISION • #8


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