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In this Issue: Arabian Horse Farms of the Southwest The Versatile Arabian An Amazing Journey - Dr. Nancy O’Reilly A publication dedicated solely to spreading awareness of the incredible Arabian horse.

From the editor ... The Definition of Passion

When thinking of your child’s first focus, the word “passion” doesn’t often instantly

come to mind. It’s not until that focus becomes a constant and all-consuming drum in their head that we may begin to take it seriously. And even into adulthood, the word passion, as we navigate our careers and steer our families through life, often seems to us a self-involved luxury.

But as my mom, who was my very first riding lesson student, used to say, without a passion to take us forward through life, we can become lost.

Thus, the need for passion truly exists, and what better way to experience it than with that

which embodies the word passion itself: the Arabian horse. They express their own passion for the humans they own by meeting them at their door each morning with bright eyes and welcoming nickers. Their life is a study of passion, exhibited daily through their beautiful

exuberance and evidenced by their high flying carriage. And they have an incredible knack for taking care of our emotional needs, thanks to centuries of horses bred to instinctively

know how the people around them are feeling and what they need to move forward in life. Horses have survived for centuries on this earth by taking us forward to wherever we

needed to go. While we don’t need them for locomotion or farming these days, they still enable an incredible journey forward, regardless of what age we are when we decide to pursue our passion and invest in this first love adventure.

If you, or yours, exhibit a passion for horses, turn these pages and find an Arabian horse to meet and explore the future with in some way. There is no better partner for the journey, regardless of your age or goals, and no love that will last longer or take you farther. Pictured: Fourth generation horseman, Hadley Ames, of Cedar Ridge Arabians. Learn more about Cedar Ridge Arabians on page 54

Mary Trowbridge Mary Trowbridge, Editor

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The Arabian Horse... A Trusted Friend for Ages


Arabian Farms Of The Southwest


Edu-tainment: HoofbeatZ USA


Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show The Greatest Horse Show on Earth


Family, Lifestyle and Royal Passion for the Arabian Horse

On the Cover: *Halyr Meia Lua of Royal Arabians Photo by April Visel


Ocala & Brennan: Amazing Spirit


An Interview with Harold Green: Forever A Horseman


The Versatile Arabian


Gamilah Unbridled: Unbreakable Bonds


Spirit Ranch: Creating Trusted Equine Connections


Equine Industry Careers


Pack Your Bags: Talking Travel with Arabians International


Kids Corner


An Amazing Journey: Dr. Nancy O’Reilly


Find A Farm Near You: Farm Directory


Few good things happen by accident, and the intelligence, empathy, and beauty of the Arabian horse is no exception. The oldest breed of horse in the world (archaeological evidence indicates over 4,000 years), the Arabian horse originated in the Middle East, where centuries of careful breeding by the Bedouin tribes has produced a maternal and caring partner that today thrives on human companionship, is intensely versatile in what it can do and is, indeed, the horse who loves you back. The nomadic Bedouin people developed the Arabian horse as an animal integral to the family and tribe’s survival. The horses were so valued that it was customary for them to live inside the family tent to protect them from marauding tribes, where the children literally grew up under the horse’s feet. Often the mares provided sustenance for the family through their milk. This close relationship with humans resulted in a breed of horse that is good-natured, quick to learn, and highly attuned to human interaction. They are exceptionally sensitive to children and naturally maternal towards their “human charges”. The arid desert was also responsible for the development of physical attributes that today make the Arabian a favorite of artists throughout the world. A sculpted, dished face incorporates large nostrils for greater oxygen intake and dark, liquid eyes able to see great distances. Their high tail carriage was a way to more effectively stay cool in the hot days. The horses spread from the Middle East over the years by both war and trade, and were used to improve other breeds by adding speed, refinement, endurance, intelligence and good bone. Today, Arabian bloodlines are found in almost every modern breed of riding horse. “The Versatile Arabian” is a slogan of the breed. Arabian horses dominate the discipline of endurance riding world wide, and compete today in virtually every field of equestrian activity imaginable, from racing to jumping to carriage driving to reining and on. They are one of the top ten most popular breeds of horse in the world!

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1. Evergreen Arabians 2. Rancho Soñado 3. Om El Arab 4. Arabian Horse Riding Academy 5. S California Equestrian Center 6. Stachowski Farm, Inc. 7. Anvil Arabians 8. Platinum Performance Horses Still looking? To find Arabian Horses closer to you, go to our farm finder at:

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9. Royal T Arabians 10. HoofbeatZ USA 11. Scottsdale Equestrian Academy 12. Arabians International 13. Lucho Guimarães Arabians 14. Jade Creek Arabians 15. Royal Arabians - Performance 16. Spirit Ranch 17. WestWorld 18. Mary Wilson Show Horses 19. Royal Arabians - Halter 20. Desert Sky Arabians 21. Cedar Ridge Arabians 22. Orrion Farms 23. Sahara Scottsdale 24. Royal Arabians - Breeding 25. Rancho Soñado

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25 ICON KEY: Riding Lessons Kids Activities (Camps/Birthday Parties/Field Trips) Host Corporate/Charity Events Farm Visits/Tours Meet A Horse

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For more information on Jade Creek Arabians, follow them on Facebook or log on to: www.JadeCreek.com

“The initial attraction by many of the Arabian horse is, hands-down, their beauty,” says National Champion halter and performance breeder and owner Manny Lawrence of Jade Creek Arabians. “They look different; huge, liquid eyes, open nostrils, high tail … but simply stand close to one when they flip their tail over their back and look directly into your soul, and SOLD! That’s how it happened for me!” When asked what the Arabian horse can teach their human, Lawrence says, “Loyalty,” no stranger to that word, as he has exemplified it to the breed for over three decades. The Arabian’s instinctive ability to react quickly, combined with their intelligence—things they were blessed with that made them superior war horses during the crusades—is predominant in the blood of every one. It is these same characteristics today, that make them such a joy to be around, whether you are showing them in world class arenas or having a picnic in your backyard.


Lawrence’s advice to newcomers? “Spend time at a farm experiencing and connecting with the horse’s personality—they are full of it. Once you are ready to grow your participation into leasing or owning one, find a horse with personality, compatibility, and soundness! When they are equipped to do their job, it will be even easier for them and makes for a happier combination. They really aim to please.” Jade Creek Arabians’ full-time trainer, Manuel Luquin, invites visitors (by appointment) to explore the very horse they’ve become enamored with years ago. There is no “sales pitch” on the grounds of JCA; the horses speak for themselves.

Farm Visits/Tours Meet A Horse

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HoofbeatZ USA

HoofbeatZ USA is a unique horsemanship school and equine training facility located in Cave Creek, AZ. Here, passionate educators and trainers captivate students through an educational and fun curriculum that is both beginnerfriendly and yet challenging for established equestrians. One of the points of difference that HoofbeatZ USA provides to incoming students is through “edu-tainment”--that is making an educational process uniquely fun for students of all ages. HoofbeatZ USA is the brainchild of international horsewoman and entrepreneur, Eileen Verdieck. HoofbeatZ USA’s primary mission is to turn out well-rounded, horsemen and women of all ages who will be equipped to go any direction they may desire in their horsemanship journey. Likewise, HoofbeatZ USA specializes in the training of well-rounded, willing, equine partners that can be taken onward to perform at their highest and best purpose.

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The HoofbeatZ USA model is designed to introduce large numbers of newcomers to the equestrian world and facilitate their entry into horse ownership when desired. HoofbeatZ USA specifically employs methodology which promotes the advancement of students as they enjoy the educational process.

Holistic Approach:

HoofbeatZ USA’s holistic approach to horsemanship includes comprehensive training for its students. HoofbeatZ’s educational process not only prepares students by training them to safely and effectively handle horses, but it also has a thorough and unique methodology which accelerates a student’s capability to ride with a balanced and independent seat.

Life Lessons:

The educational program at HoofbeatZ USA has been born out of the reality that horses serve as a mirror to their human handler. It is through this concept that HoofbeatZ USA has developed concepts to facilitate lessons which have a character-building side-effect in its participating students. Prevalent side-effects that result from these educational interactions with horses include the development of empathetic leadership; the creation of healthy boundaries; the provocation of self-reflection; and an overall increase in the students’ self-awareness.


HoofbeatZ USA’s program facilitates student growth and development through measurable benchmarks that are tailored to the pace of each individual student. The curriculum includes classroom-like theory applied in a practical, hands-on setting. Instructors meet weekly to monitor and discuss students’ progress and direction. This attention and commitment to the students’ progress paired with curated learning opportunities for students, creates a strong foundation for the students’ success.

An Accessible Concept:

ratio remains low, ensuring as much individual attention as possible while allowing for the students’ growth in a social setting. It is of the utmost importance in the HoofbeatZ USA curriculum that the students are taught to handle and interact with horses safely. Keeping students safe around horses and teaching them how to safely handle and ride horses, underpins all aspects of the program. This is accomplished through close supervision and clearly communicated lessons on safe equine handling and riding.

fusing place for a newcomer to navigate. HoofbeatZ USA

A Fun and Unique Program:

desires to mitigate that difficulty by creating a friendly

cational learning experience through a concept they call

The equine industry can be an intimidating and con-

launching point for newcomers to the equine industry. HoofbeatZ USA takes pride in having a welcoming and friendly culture within their barn where newcomers can come to gain an equine-based education, whether they desire to become horse owners or just want to be “weekend warriors.” HoofbeatZ USA provides an experience where it requires a minimal initial investment to come to learn and enjoy horses. At the same time, HoofbeatZ USA has assisted many horse enthusiasts in stepping into horse ownership and provides training services for their client’s equine partner(s).

Teaching Safety First:

HoofbeatZ USA’s experiential learning program includes a rotation of stations within a 90 minute, semi-private lesson. The student to instructor SW Experience | 2022 | 12

HoofbeatZ USA specializes in providing a fun and edu“edu-tainment.” This is accomplished through a one-of-a kind, variety of rotating stations in which the student is educated in essential horsemanship and riding skills. These stations include a “Simulation Station” where students begin to learn exercises that promote balance and confidence. The exercises taught in the Simulation Station later carry over into the “EZ Ride” station where students will begin gaining necessary skills while riding horses in a controlled setting. Students are then progressed into a class called ‘Safe Ride” where they learn how to safely and effectively ride and communicate with their equine partner while riding independently. Finally, students are advanced to a “General Ride” class where they progress to more advanced levels of riding that include elements of dressage and diverse riding concepts found in both English and Western riding.

Learn How to Speak Horse:

It is important to HoofbeatZ USA that they create confident and capable horsemen, women and young equestrians. One way in which this is accomplished is through a groundwork class they teach called “Speak Horse.” This class focuses on teaching students horse behavior and psychology through interacting with the horse on the ground. The student learns how to read the horse’s body language and how their own energy and body language influences the horse’s behavior and responses. HoofbeatZ USA includes a diverse array of natural horsemanship concepts in this class to teach students how to compel the horse to safely partner with them. Additionally, students will learn traditional concepts of showmanship in-hand and are taught how to take their lesson horse through obstacles.

Horse Care and Education:

An on-the-ground educational station where students learn basic safety around horses also includes learning basic stable management, grooming techniques, proper saddling and bridling, identifying horse anatomy, colors and markings and much, much, more!

Horse Sense:

Because the horse world is about so much more than riding, this classroom-focused station introduces students to all the ways being passionate horsemen and women can help them in everyday life. Students will learn equine theory and general equine knowledge. Topics are taught with the help of games, simulators, and hands- on experience. Students learn in a fun and challenging atmosphere where the lesson is tailored to each student’s existing knowledge.

Horse Riding and Education:

Upon enrolling, the students’ progression will be assessed as they move through the lesson program. HoofbeatZ USA’s riding program is designed to break down the process of learning to ride so that it is easier for students to learn to ride, piece by piece. This results in a safer experience for the students and often results in accelerated learning. Most students begin riding in the “EZ Ride” class which involves riding horses that are managed by an instructor while moving about in a round pen. This class allows the students to focus solely on their own body and development of muscle memory without having to initially “control” and direct the horse. Next the student will learn riding techniques while in the saddle in the EZ Ride round pen. Hereafter, the student will move into the “Safe Ride” class where they will ride beginner level horses out in the larger arena on their own and begin to practice the skills they have gained in the “EZ Ride” class. Finally, as students move on to greater levels of practical skills and confidence, they are moved into a “General Ride” class where their skills will be built in either English or Western riding. They are taught how to be a considerate and effective partner with their horse and are educated in more advanced aspects of riding and training as their capabilities grow. HoofbeatZ USA employs accomplished and world class instructors, educators and trainers, who have an array of skills and knowledge to add as they take students through the HoofbeatZ USA curriculum.

6525 E. Dixileta Drive, Cave Creek, Arizona (480) 290-1317 www.HoofbeatZUSA.com

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The story of Royal Arabians is one not often shared but most definitely worth knowing. It is a story of family, togetherness, and admiration for a very special animal, the Arabian horse. The story begins when Cindy McGown, a young, fiercely strong girl from southern, California, secretly dreamed of having a horse. Despite her family’s low income and absence of knowledge of the horse industry, Cindy would let no obstacle stand in her way ... and little did she know at the time, but that dream combined with her own tenacity would eventually come to fruition. As soon as Cindy finished college, became employed, and could afford it, she purchased her first horse; a paint gelding whose name was Apache Dan whom she trail rode daily after work. As time passed, she acquired several grade horses to ride in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. When Cindy became pregnant with her first child, she sold her horses and moved into a normal suburban neighborhood, tucking her equine-dreams away for the new dream of motherhood. It was only later, when her daughter Amanda showed an intense love for animals, particularly horses, that Cindy’s original love was reignited. She purchased Amanda her first horse when she was six, and this Arabian, named Skyfire, quickly became part of the family. Through the years, this mother/ daughter duo’s passion for

SW Experience | 2022 | 21

Arabian horses remained, and when Cindy met her soulmate, Mark Davis, in 1996, although he had no background in any ownership of animals, he loved the excitement the shows brought and soon became involved in the industry as well. As their business endeavors and success grew, so did their herd and their involvement within the industry. While Amanda was most passionate about the horses, every member of their family participated ... through camps, shows, and spending time at the barn. Even now, the next generation, Mark & Cindy’s grandchildren, are ever involved in their growing horse businesses at three locations in the Scottsdale area. The breeding facility in Mesa, where all the Royal Arabians foals are born, and live until they move on to one of Royal’s two training facilities in Scottsdale, is managed by Amanda. These youngsters generally move into training and compete in the halter


division if suitable, or spend more time growing and move into the performance/riding facility, also located in Scottsdale. Whether competing at the highest acclaimed shows in the world, or just enjoying a trail ride on the weekend, it is always a family affair, and is continuously growing.

Ashley Coleal photo

SW Experience | 2022 | 22

“It’s not just a biological family affair.” states Cindy, “Through the years, we’ve gained trainers and caregivers for the animals, and a wonderful group of clients and friends who are truly a royal and loyal family.” “We travel the world together, we eat dinner together, we ride together, and are all here to support one another and this majestic animal we call the Arabian horse.”

The Arabian horse can teach their human …



The Arabian horse is the ultimate balance of beauty and versatility. Our lives have been forever changed by this breed and its community.


to several locations suited for multiple Arabian experiences, including halter, performance and breeding, that are open to the public by appointment. Available at Royal Arabians: Riding Lessons

Meet A Horse Farm Visits/Tours We look forward to meeting you! Visit us online atwww.RoyalArabians.com for contact information on all of our facilities.

AJ Kharena 2021 Unanimous Scottsdale Senior Mare Champion

For more information or to meet the Arabians owned by Desert Sky Arabians LLC visit www.desertskyarabians.com

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The Arabian horse can teach their human … PERSEVERANCE


The beauty, movement and charisma of the Arabian horse never ceases to amaze. Come for a visit and enjoy viewing beautiful Arabian horses, learn about their lineage and what they represent, and share their favorite treats with them!

OFW Jewel Of Marwan 2021 U.S. National Champion Futurity Filly


First and foremost, educate yourself by attending horse shows, meeting with the people involved, select a reputable farm and get their advice. People in the industry are very friendly and willingly share their passion with you.

Sylvain & Robin bought their first Arabian at a charitable auction, and now they own more than you can count on two hands, including everything from National and International Champions to riding horses they enjoy on the trail! Available at Desert Sky Arabians: Host Corporate/Charity Events

Farm Visits/Tours

Meet A Horse

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We’ll keep you connected! Hop on the website today & find a farm near you!

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Brennan and Ocala met several years ago when Amanda Borduin (cousin and horse trainer) invited the family out to the Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show, and both instantly became best buddies. Ocala’s previous owner, Shannon Pullifrone, said that Ocala picks some humans to be a part of her favorite circle and Brennan was one of the lucky ones. Last summer, Ocala lost her right eye about the same time Brennan was diagnosed with Stage 4 Osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer, and then he lost his right leg. Brennan shares, “Ocala and I share the loss of a body part. We both lost a part of us, but we both kept going. We didn’t let it take us down or stop us from living. I learned from Ocala that just

Written by Amanda Borduin

because we look different, doesn’t mean we are different inside. Ocala is her same sweet self. I have always loved Ocala because she is so sweet, laid back, and beautiful. She is the perfect Arabian horse. “I think Ocala adjusted to losing her eye by using her hearing more. She probably trusted humans and other horses to lead her in safe places. When I first saw her after her accident, she was moving her head around a lot, maybe trying to see everything with her one good eye. Now, she is relaxed and more confident with being in her surroundings. I feel like I was the same way. At first, I didn’t want anyone to see me or take pictures of me. I was nervous for how people would react. Now, it doesn’t bother me for people to see me this way. I have no hair and I am missing a leg, but it’s who I am now. “I think Ocala could help others by realizing that life goes on after trials and you just deal with it. Just because you lose a body part, doesn’t mean you are different. Looks don’t mean anything, it’s what’s inside. Ocala is still the same. I would like other people to see me as just Brennan, the same as I always have been. I want others to learn not to stare, point or be mean. I don’t care if people tease me in a fun way. My family and I make jokes and laugh about my bald head and missing a leg.

Story first published in Sept/Oct

Brennan’s mom remembers, “After Brennan woke up from his amputation surgery, we moved the sheet covering his legs and we both cried and grieved together for one minute only, and he has been fine emotionally ever since. That’s amazing to me. I would probably still be crying if I lost my leg. He just accepted it and moved on. He started talking about how he could have his motorcycle altered to be able to ride it or how funny it would feel to ice skate with a prosthesis. Brennan is amazing!” “I know I am going to beat this cancer,” states Brennan, “because I have God, and my family and friends that help me. I think Ocala had similar human kindness that helped her through her accident and recovery. We need the support of others. We can’t do it alone.” SW Experience | 2022 | 29

Because horses can’t see right below their nose—due to the position of their eye—they use their whiskers to explore and identify things. They guide them toward edible items and away from hazardous objects. Each time the horse’s whiskers touch something, the nerves fire off a 250-mph electrical message to their brain to determine what they are touching. Horses breathe through their noses, not their mouths. Flehmen is the act of curling one’s top lip. When a horse does this, it traps pheromones and other scents into the vomeronasal organ so they can analyze them more closely.

The Arabian horse can teach their human …



The Arabian horse has captivated us in all ways; the unique connection they have with their people and their artistic beauty, to name a few.



Sahara Scottsdale is owned by a partnership of three men, all highly passionate for the Arabian horse. Jeff Sloan was raised with the Arabian horse, and his love and knowledge for the breed runs generations deep. Jeff introduced Norm Pappas and Jamie Jacob to the Arabian horse almost seven years ago and their love of the horses has only grown. Breeding, showing and marketing Arabian horses has become a wonderful part of their lives and for all those associated with Sahara Scottsdale. We invite you to learn more by joining in the fun! Available at Sahara Scottsdale: Host Corporate/Charity Events

Farm Visits/Tours

Meet A Horse

For more information or to schedule your visit contact us at www.saharascottsdale.com

At Sahara Scottsdale, a breeding and showing facility located on Scottsdale’s “Rodeo Drive” of Arabian horses, you will be greeted by some of the most influential Arabian mares, international champion stallions, exciting show horses and foals! Our herd is currently at 130 horses with 42 foals coming in early 2022. There is always great excitement and new adventures to partake in at Sahara Scottsdale!

Good-Natured, Quick to Learn, and Eager to Please and Connect with Riders of All Ages! The Arabian horse is one of the most versatile horses on earth. They excel at whatever you ask of them; whether you see yourself on a leisure trail, as a competitive rider, or as just their loyal friend. Arabian horses will capture your heart.

SW Experience | 2022 | 32


Be it English pleasure, park or informal combination, this Arabian demonstrates animated, balanced motion with a desire to go forward with impulsion from the rear, expressed in long, lofty strides that eat up the arena beneath their feet as they flow over the ground. All gaits are performed with willingness and obvious ease, cadence, balance and smoothness. These fine horses combine their athleticism with grace and style typical of the Arabian horse.


From the time of nomads, Arabians have been the choice for prevailing in the harshest, most inhospitable conditions. Able to cross vast distances with minimal rest, food and water, their makeup has served them well: dense bone, economic body size and weight, long shoulder, deep heart girth and huge nostrils that allow for maximum air intake. Their wellconstructed feet and legs are durable, and their bravery and acute intelligence are prized. They are able to carry their riders over thousands of miles, the dominating choice today when competing against other breeds.

skillfully maneuver their horses through Driving Drivers various gaits performed with fluid motion that is brilliant and eye appealing. The beautiful combination of an Arabian horse and elegant fine harness equipment makes this discipline a crowd favorite. the precision of dressage and Show Hack Combining the brilliance of the Arabian horse itself, this discipline has its roots in classical movements of the collected and extended gait, the hand gallop, the halt and the reinback. All movements are natural, which amply demonstrates the Arabians’ pride, elegance and versatility.

SW Experience | 2022 | 33

This Arabian is calm, willing, has an obedient attitude with smooth, soft gaits and is happy and content to do its job. They are ideal for sitting in a saddle all day. SW Experience | 2022 | 34



Dressage is considered ‘classical training’ because it uses gymnastic exercises—a series of movements and figures—which have been studied and developed for centuries. When done systematically and correctly, the exercises will cause the horse to be soft and supple on both sides and to respond willingly and obediently. He moves freely forward with pure gaits and an even tempo.

Native Costume

Representative of those used by ancient Bedouins when they charged across the desert, climbing the sands to engage their enemy in battle, the beauty of the Arabian horse and the colorful heritage of the costumes make this one of the most exciting and popular disciplines.

Working Western

This style highlights the agility and willingness of these horses to be guided by their riders, demonstrating difficult movements necessary in working cattle. The rider controls each maneuver of quick spins, straight sliding stops and lead changes.

Sport Horse

Evaluated in performance, manners, conformation, and suitability as a working sport horse. They push from behind, travel uphill, exhibit good length of stride and move with straight, rhythmic, balanced gaits. Conformation is evaluated in terms of potential trainability, potential performance and predisposition to soundness. SW Experience | 2022 | 35


This Arabian requires manners, performance ability, and quality and conformation suitable for a hunter. On the flat or over fences, a hunter covers the ground easily with a long, low, efficient stride that could accommodate an all-day ride.

Jumping On a high spirited, alert, athletic, bold and willing Arabian with the talent for jumping, you’ll love this sport. Popular around the world, the jumping horse is forward thinking and moving with a confident heart and attitude.


Essentially a breeding class, each horse is judged on its correctness of conformation, its movement, or “way of going” and their Arabian Type, the breed’s unique characteristics and desirable qualities to which they pass on to offspring. The halter horse is shown “in-hand” individually and posed to display their positive traits.


Racing is in the heart and soul of every Arabian horse. Its own long history, athleticism, speed and beauty make it a natural choice. Considered the original race horse, when English breeders wanted to add speed and endurance to their horses, they turned to the Arabian. The result? The Thoroughbred.

SW Experience | 2022 | 36


Be it for pure pleasure or show, Arabians are skillful, agile, eye appealing and confident. When properly trained, they move over obstacles, through water, and navigate outdoor terrain, all without hesitation, while being safe and pleasurable to ride.

SW Experience | 2022 | 37

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO LIVE A LIFE WELL-LIVED? A critical component for us is to have meaningful relationships with our horses and the people that connect us. We treasure the opportunity to be the stewards of these magnificent animals and to be able to nurture our herd, make progressive breeding decisions, and raise our foals for success is truly something we cherish. We take no shortcuts in any aspect of our operation. Our people are authentic and compassionate, and we are rewarded every day by having a herd full of happy, healthy and beautiful horses.

THIS IS WHAT ARABIAN HORSES DO FOR US… TO US. We tremendously enjoy the time we spend with our horses. Like with any good relationship, our horses trust us to be kind and fair with them, and they treat us the same in return. Aesthetically, these horses are like artwork and like all Arabian breeders, we are drawn to their beauty and correctness. We are constantly striving to choose the right breeding lines in the pursuit of a well-functioning, highly intelligent, delicate but strong creature. That is what keeps us coming back for more year after year. If one feels these sensations from static art, how much more profound is the experience with a living, breathing creature of equal beauty? And congruently, how important a mission it is to be named their caretakers? Every ambition, every corner, every detail at Orrion Farms encircles this sole mission. It is our purpose to not only steward this ancient, magnificent creature to the best of our ability, but also to reimagine the Arabian horse lifestyle like never before, as we journey this privileged path together – with you. Though our first farm, and primary breeding facility is in Ellensburg, Washington, we also have a training and show facility located in Scottsdale. Renovations

SW Experience | 2022 | 38

Available at Orrion Farms: Host Corporate/Charity Events

Farm Visits/Tours

Meet A Horse

and the construction of the Orrion Farms Sales Center is currently underway there, and the farm is set to be completed in the spring of 2022. Scottsdale, Arizona is often synonymous with the Arabian horse, and is home to the world’s largest Arabian horse show, as well as our own show horses, so it seemed to be the perfect fit for the Orrion Farms expansion, and fulfilling our desire to share our passion. In the years ahead, our best Orrion-bred horses will move to Scottsdale from Ellensburg each season, to be shown, marketed and shared in an OFW showcase for those who are visiting the great city of Scottsdale throughout the year. At Orrion Farms, it is our mission to share with the public the Arabian horse, their heritage and magnificence. Nothing brings us more JOY, and we eagerly await your visit. Visitors are welcome by appointment. We invite you to learn more at www.orrionfarms.com

SW Experience | 2022 | 39


There’s nothing like spending time with a horse that’s beautiful, kind, intelligent and full of life!


By contacting us and scheduling a visit, people are welcome to enjoy a presentation of exquisite horses at our farm or simply walk around the barn to feed the horses carrots.

The Arabian horse can teach their human to …



The history of the breed, caring for the horse, training techniques and horse breeding. We teach all aspects of Arabian horse breeding, training and showing to be competitive in the In-Hand halter division. We train and show Arabian horses to a variety of levels, from local shows to international shows, and horses are available for lease or sale.


Get to know and understand all the disciplines that the Arabian horse can be shown in. From there, go to shows and visit farms that specialize in the discipline you choose. Be clear about your goals to establish your level of training needed and the type of horse you’ll need.

Available at Lucho Guimaraes Arabians: Host Corporate/Charity Events | Farm Visits/Tours | Meet A Horse

We encourage you to learn more at www.luchoguimaraesarabians.com or reach out to us to schedule your visit! SW Experience | 2022 | 40

The Arabian horse can teach their human …LOYALTY WHY THE ARABIAN HORSE? Having experienced many breeds, the Arabian is the most compassionate, intelligent and loyal horse you will ever ride. And beautiful, too!

WE INVITE YOU … Visitors are always welcome to learn about our Arabian and Half-Arabian boarding, training and breeding facility. Reach out to Cheryl for the best time! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: At Rancho Sonado, you will learn true partnership with your Arabian or Half-Arabian horse. We have won National, Scottsdale, and Class A Show Championships in many disciplines, including Working Cow, Herd Work, Ranch Riding, Ranch Rail, English and Western Trail, Western Pleasure, Hunter, Horsemanship, Showmanship, Sport Horse Under Saddle, Sport Horse In-Hand; Show Hack, Hunter Hack, Dressage and Endurance Riding. AFFORDABLE OPTIONS TO ENJOYING THE ARABIAN HORSE AT RANCHO SOÑADO Lessons for boarders or with Trish Nelson Farms in Tucson on school or leased horses. $-$$ Horse Showing both locally (AZ & CA) and nationally. $-$$

$ = $0-$500 $$ = $501-$1,000 (One-time or monthly rates)

“Lease to Own” programs and installment sales for sale horses available We pride ourselves on breeding horses that are professional quality and amateur friendly, versatile, and trained to trail ride. For more information on Rancho Soñado log on to: www.ranchosonado.com

Available at Rancho Sonado: Riding Lessons (boarders only) Kids Activities (Camps/Parties/Field Trips) Host Corporate/Charity Events Farm Visits/Tours SW Experience | 2022 | 41

Marti Moyes with Agusto GA at Spirit Ranch P.C. Cat McKenna

CREATING TRUSTED EQUINE CONNECTIONS It’s not a lwa ys e a sy to fo llow t h ro u gh o n a drea m . I t ta kes p at ien c e , pe rseve ra nce a nd a n en du rin g co m m it m ent to a visio n t h at h a s roote d itself f irm ly w it h in o n e’s so u l. Marti Moyes, owner of Scottsdale’s new Spirit Ranch,

a reflection of her — a person with a deep connection

would understand.

to and passionate respect for horses.

As she walks her sprawling equestrian estate in the

“I think I was born loving horses,” Moyes said.

heart of Arizona’s Sonoran desert, Moyes knows that every step she takes she has earned by staying steadfast in her years-long quest to create a space that commands excellence and fosters healing through trusted equine connections. And because of

At Spirit Ranch, it shows. With the introduction of Spirit Ranch, a 10-acre estate that captures breathtaking views of the mountain horizon, Moyes has found a way to share that lifelong love with others.

her dedication to that vision, Spirit Ranch is uniquely SW Experience | 2022 | 43

WHERE IT BEGAN The seeds for Spirit Ranch were planted decades ago, when Moyes first connected with horses. As a young girl, she spent every moment she could during visits to Utah with her grandpa’s horses — riding them, caring for them and just appreciating their beauty and energy. She was enamored.

“I do n’ t rem em ber a t im e n ot wa nt i n g to be a ro u n d t h em ,” Mo y es sa id of h o rs e s . “Th ere’s so m et h in g a bo u t t h e s p i r i t of a h o rse t h at I j u st co n n ect w it h . ”

Beyond riding and caring for her grandpa’s horses, Moyes learned during these invaluable encounters how to interact with them. And she very quickly learned to see and feel the value she placed on those interactions. To her, the energy was undeniable. By creating Spirit Ranch, an impeccable estate that includes world-class equestrian facilities, Moyes opens that possibility of connection to everyone. And by recruiting an experienced training and care staff that shares her appreciation for hospitality, her love of horses and her desire to create an unforgettable experience, Moyes has ensured that others will be able to develop their own, special equine relationships — be they competitive or therapeutic. Top: Marti Moyes with H Bella Bellezza H Bottom: H Bella Bellezza H and Cassies Song

Moye s a lre a d y unde rsta nds w h at ’s p o ssible at Sp irit Ra n c h , f ro m bo a rd i n g to t rai ni ng to the ra pe uti c pra ct ic es. A n d n ow sh e’s o p en in g t h e do o rs to a l l ow ot hers the oppor tuni ty to discover it , to o .

SW Experience | 2022 | 44


Landscape at Spirit Ranch

The landscape at Spirit Ranch immediately captures

WestWorld, embraces an uncommon philosophy

the senses. Canopies of mature mesquite trees

of horsemanship and training that appropriately

offer tranquil cover throughout the immaculately-

dovetails with the passion and respect on which the

manicured property, which is accented with rich and

ranch was founded. Moyes and her staff not only

flowering desert vegetation in addition to signature

want to help foster trusted and meaningful equine

cactus found only in the desert Southwest.

connections, but they want to do it in a way that

Beautiful walkways create paths within the sprawling estate, which is anchored by a mission-style main

ensures respected and humane treatment of the animals they so revere.

house and complemented by a casita, a luxurious entertainment pavilion, premium outdoor spaces and an abundance of equestrian necessities — including multiple turnouts, a full-size, competitive arena, additional round training pens, and upwards of two dozen stalls.

“My love fo r h o rses h a s co nt inu e d fo r a l l t h ese y ea rs. I j u st c a n’ t h elp i t , ” M o y e s sa id. “I ’ ve a lwa y s wa nted h o rs e p ro p e r t y bu t I m et o bsta c les over t h e y e a rs . B u t I kept t h e p la n a n d visio n a n d d re a m,

Five of those stalls are home to the horses that Moyes

a n d I ’ m h o n o red to f in a lly be ab l e to

has waited years to own, including a number of

int ro du c e Sp ir it Ra n c h to a n y o n e w h o

Arabians with prize-winning pedigrees — among those

m a y a p p rec iate its ben ef its. ”

H Bella Bellezza H and Bint Bella Mazin GA, each with their own star-studded lineage. “I was ecstatic,” Moyes said at learning H Bella Bellezza H would be joining her ranch. “I just fell in love with her. I bonded with her and she bonded with me. She’s just so sweet and she’s beautiful and she has amazing bloodlines.” Spirit Ranch, with convenient proximity to Scottsdale’s competitive Arabian mecca of

Training and boarding facilities include an accomplished full-time, onsite trainer as well as a full-time staff of onsite professionals providing care, many of whom have earned prize-winning experience over decades of work in the industry. And perhaps most important, beyond training credentials and facilities, is the sense of hospitality Spirit Ranch embraces at every turn. SW Experience | 2022 | 45

Spirit Ranch is invested in every horse, every experience and every connection. It’s why the training facility recently received impressive upgrades during a renovation that wasn’t necessarily required but will ultimately provide a better overall experience for those who work there, the horses that train there and the guests who visit there. “I honestly think Spirit Ranch is different from any other equestrian facility, and it’s different because we want it to be,” Moyes said.

“The p ride we ta ke i n our work, th e res p ect we show for e a ch othe r a n d for t he horse s, a nd the commi tm ent I have to t hi s vi si on — i t’s unmatch ed. And I t hink i t shows i n the e ne rgy at t h e ran c h. Being he re i s unli ke a nyth in g I ’ ve ever ex p er i e nce d . I t’s what I ’ ve wo rked towards all the se ye a rs.”

What began as a childhood connection, and grew over time, has come full circle for Moyes, who has created Spirit Ranch with the younger version of herself in her mind’s eye — when her grandpa would hold the lead as she rode one of his beloved paints. Spirit Ranch, with its full suite of premium equestrian facilities, offers horse owners and horse lovers a chance to develop and maintain their own meaningful connections with the animals that have captivated and offered therapeutic healing for Moyes for years. “He just really nurtured my love of horses,” Moyes said of her grandpa. And it’s that legacy that Spirit Ranch will carry forward for others.

SW Experience | 2022 | 46

Marti Moyes with Bint Bella Mazin GA

spiritranchaz.com • 480.993.9187 8200 E Mariposa Grande Dr Scot tsdale, AZ 85255

Ashley Gallún photo

SW Experience | 2022 | 47

Courtney Ball, Instructor

The Arabian horse can teach their human … DETERMINATION


The Arabian horse is one of the most versatile breeds. This allows for everyone to enjoy them in whatever capacity it may be.


To enjoy our horses through lessons at our academy, showing at the local, regional and national level, or spending quality time through brushing, washing or even just hanging out with them at their stall.


One can accomplish whatever they dream at our farm. We have an amazing group of horses that allow us to tailor our lessons to help our riders achieve their dreams. Whether it is learning how to properly care for a horse and ride for fun, to showing competitively at a local, regional or national level, we encourage riders to dream big and are there to help make those dreams come true. Lessons are private and one hour, allowing each rider to fundamentally learn how to properly groom, tack up, ride, cool down and put away their horse. Our main focus is hunt and saddle seat riding. Riders can compete at any level of competition in these disciplines.


We have an amazing group of horses for our riders to use, both to show and lease. Safety is of the utmost importance to us, and safety around horses is the number one thing that riders first learn when they come take lessons with us. Likewise, we only use the best horses who take care of their riders during lessons. Many are retired show horses who have won national titles in their prime and now enjoy teaching others how to ride. AFFORDABLE OPTIONS: $60/one hour lessons | $275/package of 5 lessons $500/package of 10 lessons Available at Beethe Arabians & Scottsdale Equestrian Academy: Riding Lessons | Farm Visits/Tours | Meet A Horse

For more information visit www.ScottsdaleEquestrianAcademy.com

By Jenn Trickey


or obvious reasons, there are many places you cannot take your horse. However, did

you know there are many places your horse could take you? Have you ever wondered about owning a horse, but feel you don’t want another commitment in your life? Do you worry it would bog you down and not allow you to travel, explore new things or meet new people? Of course, owning a horse is a commitment, a great one; but what if you were told, because of your horse, or participation with others, you could see the world, travel all over and experience your bucket list items one by one!

SW Experience | 2022 | 49

Located in the center of Cave Creek, Arizona lies an Arabian horse facility with connections all over the world through the relationships of its trainer/ owner Sandro Pinha and the Arabian horse. With a life-long love for Arabian horses, Sandro is a native of Brazil who came to the United States to work for the industry’s premiere halter barns. “It was a fantastic opportunity for me. To present the horses that were entrusted to me was a dream come true,” remembers Sandro, “I had studied the bloodlines of these horses for years, and with my move to the U.S., I was actually standing in front of them presenting them in National arenas.” Fast forward 25 years, Sandro is now the successful owner of Arabians International, and the name, tells it all. When an Arabian horse is presented “in-hand,” it is much like what you would see at a dog show. The animal is critiqued on their quality, conformation, suitability to be functional, movement and characteristics true to their breed. We call this “type.” Arabian horse type includes large, wideset eyes, small, tippy ears, a long neck with a thin throat, a short back (as Arabian horses have less vertebrae in their spine than other breeds allowing them to carry more weight for their size) and a high set tail. There should be a high presence and pride in their manner. A talented handler will be able to present the horse in a way that shows off these characteristics and does not hinder their display of them. Breeders from all over are the first to the ring for a halter class at a show to compete amongst each other for top honors. It is a fantastic camaraderie that often leads itself to an entire lifestyle for these folks. The horses bred, will go on to become future breeding stock or performance horses.

Arabians International is located in Cave Creek, Arizona, just minutes from WestWorld, Scottsdale, a playground of champion Arabian horses from around the world. For more information, visit Facebook: arabiansinternational.arabian

SW Experience | 2022 | 50

Through the advancements of veterinary techniques, breeders around the world can utilize bloodlines in their programs without hindrance of distance. This provides a global network of international business that Sandro has nurtured and supported for his clients across six continents. Arabians International is a huge hub for imported and exported champion show horses who have offered up travel experience to their owners to

SW Experience | 2022 | 51

Are these places on your bucket list? Aachen Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Chili China Dubai Egypt Italy Israel Jordan Menton Mexico New Zealand Paris Poland Saudi Arabia Scottsdale South Africa Sweden Switzerland Uruguay The Netherlands United Kingdom

SW Experience | 2022 | 52

Brazil, Poland, Jordan, Paris and Australia, to just name a few. Many international shows offer additional local farm tours and surround their events with parties, presentations, excursions, and friendships that continue for years. “I have friends all over the globe,” Sandro notes, “and through the love for these horses, my clients do too. The amazing hospitality we’ve experienced all over the world comes with an extreme sense of pride breeders have for their programs. To share their horses with guests who traveled from all over is an honor for them. I love that the Arabian horse bridges cultural differences and geographical ones. Major show events take place in Paris, South America, Poland, Dubai and Menton, overlooking the French Riviera, and are typical destination vacations for most people, so how fortunate are we to also enjoy this magnificent breed of horse in those locations? It’s definitely one of the bright sides of my job.” The world events allow for additional tourism, personal invitations, and networking that literally has no limits. Just one recent example of how this network can snowball began in 2019, when a very good friend of Sandro’s, named Olivia Strauch, bred a promising, young stallion in South America who went on to win national championships in both Uruguay and Brazil. Long time, renowned breeder and client, Manny Vierra of Brentwood, California purchased the horse on the recommendation of Sandro, who then went to Brazil and presented him to his third national championship title. The horse is then exported to the United States where he was successfully shown in Scottsdale and at three U.S. National shows, while being bred to over 100 mares in North and South America. One year later, one of the first foals born in the United States, bred with yet another client, was seen by Sandro’s colleague in Belgium, who thereon purchased the filly for her client in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One horse ... five people ... five countries … and that is just the beginning. Do you need to commit to buying or breeding to enjoy a horse as those do at Arabians International? No. You simply must be ready to pack your bags for an experience you never thought a horse could take you to.u

The Arabian horse can teach their human … CONFIDENCE WHY THE ARABIAN HORSE? Arabian horses are versatile, athletic, smart, beautiful, and have the softest eyes. There is nothing like being around the Arabian horse.

WE INVITE YOU … To enjoy the horses at Mary Wilson Show Horses by experiencing the joy of riding, leasing, owning, and showing an Arabian horse. We offer lessons in Saddle Seat and Hunt Seat for all levels of riding. Whether you're a beginner or a performance show rider, students are able to partake in camps, riding lessons, and various levels of horse shows, from Academy and local, to the national level of competition. Available at Mary Wilson Show Horses: Riding Lessons Kids Activities - (Camps/Parties/Field Trips) Meet A Horse For more information on Mary Wilson Show Horses, follow them on Instagram or log on to: www.marywilsonshowhorses.com

The Arabian horse can teach their human


They are kind, calm, and compassionate to those around them.


Their beauty …they are the most beautiful creatures on earth.


to come and experience the Arabian horse; our doors are always open. Springtime is always a special time to come visit to see the new foals.

Available at Cedar Ridge Arabians: Host Corporate/Charity Events Farm Visits/Tours Meet A Horse Cedar Ridge Arabians also has a sister location in Minnesota. For more information or to schedule a tour, visit www.Cedar-Ridge.com

SW Experience | 2022 | 54

The Arabian horse can teach their human …



The Arabian horse brings a joy to one’s life that simply cannot be paralleled by anything else! The most enjoyable part of our farm is found in the foaling season. There is nothing quite as special as loving on a sweet newborn Arabian foal! Watching them grow and mature throughout the year is such a rewarding experience. Available at Royal T Arabians: Host Corporate/Charity Events | Farm Visits/Tours | Meet A Horse


Take your time and go with your gut! The purchase of an Arabian horse is a beautiful addition to your family, be sure you have the perfect fit!


At Royal T Arabians, you can be sure you will walk away with an Arabian experience filled with passion and excitement for the breed. We love our Arabian horses, and in turn, love sharing them with you. We invite you with open arms to experience the magic that is the Arabian horse!

For more information contact owner, Theresa Lungwitz at www.royaltarabians.com SW Experience | 2022 | 55

Perhaps one of the most rewarding things about a life spent living with horses, from this author’s perspective at least, is watching the lives they change, regardless of when in life someone is introduced to the equine world.

Written by Mary Trowbridge


Dr. Nancy O’Reilly is one of those great examples; someone finding horses at just the right moment in the second half of life, a time of metamorphosis when that innate ability of the Arabian horse to connect with your soul happens at just the very point when you need them most.

Today’s owner of The Southern California Equestrian Center and the woman behind The Amazing Horsewoman, LLC, a well-known philanthropic arm within the Arabian horse community, is not one of those born into the community of the Arabian horse, but instead someone who discovered the Arabian breed just a few short years ago, in 2012. Dr. Nancy, as she is known in her real-world professional life, is a licensed psychologist who has dedicated her life to Women’s Empowerment issues. Serving for many years on the government-appointed Missouri Committee of Psychologists, she also directed a large employee assistance program, and served as a Nationally Certified Crisis Team Leader in NYC after 9/11. She is a sought-after motivational speaker, author, and international philanthropist advocating for women’s empowerment and gender equality. Nancy was a self-proclaimed tomboy growing up at a time when continuing education for women was based almost solely on “training” them in the skills necessary to procure a rich husband. This approach hardly resonated with the woman who was sought out by boys because she was the best kickball and baseball teammate and disposed of her Barbie doll by tying it to the cord of the Venetian blinds in the dining room. After marriage and the arrival of three daughters, Nancy began to think even more about the disparity between men and women in the workplace and began crafting a path and legacy for her daughters to follow. She wrote her first book, Timeless Women—Feeling Useful at Any Age, in 2005, and gained a doctorate in her work about aging in society as she simultaneously launched her Women’s Empowerment initiatives throughout the world.

International philanthropist, author, and trailblazer for women’s empowerment, Nancy D. O’Reilly, PsyD, helps advance women as leaders and promotes gender equality.

Her two latest books, In This Together: How Successful Women Support Each Other In Work and Life (Adams Media/Simon and Schuster, January 2019), and Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life (2015), both address the need for women to reach beyond cultural bias, show their talents for leadership, and support one another to become leaders in life and business. She also founded the 501c3, Women Connect4Good, Inc., that supports many national and international charities. In 2010, with her children grown, Nancy’s marriage dissolved after nearly three decades, and she found herself looking for a way to reinvent herself in a way that would challenge her physically and mentally in a new direction. A close friend, Krystal McCullough, aware of her quest, took her one day to Chrishan Park in Springfield, MO, where Nancy was introduced to her first Arabian horse, and that horse, EF Trific Shoc, immediately claimed her for his own, as only an Arabian horse can do.

SW Experience | 2022 | 57

Not being a “sidelines” type of person, Dr. Nancy began competing with Trific Shoc shortly thereafter, even though her horse experience up until that time had been confined to a very limited meet and greet with the species. Her time spent leading the way on an empowerment journey helped the psychologist in Nancy recognize the Arabian horse’s innate ability to teach communication skills beyond language, and how the confidence gained through learning to correctly interact with them spurs our progression in a journey towards a new lifestyle and way of thinking. Dr. Nancy recognized that horses have always facilitated human beings’ travel through life and times, and that while we don’t need them for transportation in this century, they still offer many ways to move us forward in our journeys through life. Less than 10 years after her first meeting with horses, Dr. Nancy is one of the leading members within the Arabian horse community, facilitating horses to help on this journey. She is a contributor and supporter of the capital campaign for Taking The Reins, a Los Angeles based non-profit whose mission is advancing girl’s empowerment through interaction with horses. The program makes experience with horses possible for at-risk inner-city girls, providing hands-on education in riding, horsemanship, and natural science, as well as self-empowerment using primarily all Arabian horses. Another important initiative that Dr. Nancy has formed has been with the W.K. Kellogg program at Cal-Poly University, one of the country’s best known Arabian breeding operations, as well as a noted outreach program for Arabian horses. Just before the advent of Covid, Dr. Nancy sponsored an exciting new program there entitled, Women and Horses, designed around the women’s empowerment concepts that surround her life’s works. Sidelined temporarily by Covid, the program is slated to resume in September of 2022. A passionate competitor, Dr. Nancy enjoys learning to ride and drive the Arabian horses that are a central part of her life through her extremely successful association with trainer Jim Lowe, and managing the recently acquired Southern California Equesterian Center and Alec Sofsky joining at her side. Her well known nationally-winning horses Affliction, Life Inthe Fazt Lane, CSP Hennessy, and Phi Beta Kappah, to name just a few, have taken Dr. Nancy on a new adventure learning multiple disciplines and exploring the Arabian breeding world as she transforms her facility into a destination area in the community, as well as an oasis for horse trainers to work out of. Ultimately, Dr. Nancy has not only found a new life and community through the Arabian horse world in her few short years among them, but she has also found a way to share those gifts on a broader playing field with people beyond the horses’ current circle of admirers. There’s no doubt that her vision will be a prophetic one, one that will share the Arabian horse’s gifts far into the future beyond us all.

SW Experience | 2022 | 58

Southern California Equestrian Center Somis, California

Alejandro Vigil has known horses most of his life. Living in Mexico, riding was a skill he acquired early, and was a daily habit into adulthood, until he moved his family (wife, Ana, and children, Alejandro Jr. and Marina) to the United States, forcing them to leave their horses behind. It was only two years later, however, when they happened upon the Arabian Farm Tours in Arizona, while on vacation, and as if it were “meant to be,” they met the beloved mare Oula Aljassimya. “It was love at first sight,” says Alejandro, “she was amazing with the kids, and Ana was smitten, so before we knew it, she was ours.” They had officially re-entered the Arabian horse world as owners, and before they knew it, had acquired their riding horse Estella CA, and a few young show horses. Breeding followed and “the rest is history,” Alejandro says. The Vigils now own a 14-acre farm, just a trail away from the beach, where they run an all-breed, boarding program, and house all of their Arabian horses, when they are not in training. “We love having the horses home,” Alejandro states. “Watching them interact

SW Experience | 2022 | 60

with our kids, seeing the babies grow up, taking breaks from business to ride around the farm, or just go brush the mares ... We just love it!” When asked “Why Arabian horses,” Alejandro replies, “because they are kind, smart ... they think through things, and connect with people. They taught me to learn, listen, pay attention to details, and they instill such a sense of character in those they connect with. I learned those things from my time with horses, and now I see the same being taught to my children, and that is priceless.”


to visit Anvil Arabians (by appointment) to meet our horses, learn their stories, and share in the fulfilling experience they offer

Farm Tours/Visits Meet A Horse

Visit www.AnvilArabians.com

SW Experience | 2022 | 61

The Arabian horse can teach their human …


WHY THE ARABIAN HORSE? They’re beautiful horses that have been around for thousands of years. They have a rich history and are versatile animals, allowing them to show in almost any discipline.

WE INVITE YOU … To visit us in San Marcos, CA to take a tour of our facility and meet our horses. We welcome new clients and horses in training.

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: We welcome equine enthusiasts of all goals and aspirations. We have customers that lease horses simply to learn to ride/work on new skills, and those that show with us participate on all levels and abilities. We go to local, all-breed shows, regional, and national shows. Even national champions go to the local shows. There is always a chance to learn something new.

SW Experience | 2022 | 62

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE YOUR FIRST HORSE: Start the process by going to horse shows and watching. Research and educate yourself through magazines and talking to professionals. Take note of what’s winning and what is not. Then, connect yourself with a professional you can trust to be your agent to help you find the one that will be the right fit for you in your price range. This individual should have a good track record and be honest with you on what will suit you best. If you build trust with them, that relationship will last forever. AFFORDABLE OPTIONS TO ENJOYING THE ARABIAN HORSE AT STACHOWSKI FARM $$$ = $1,001+ (one-time or monthly rates) Leasing ($$$) Own and show locally ($$$) Own and show nationally ($$$)

Stachowski Farms also has sister-properties in Ohio & Kentucky. For more information visit www.stachowski.com Available at Stachowski Farm: Farm Visits/Tours Meet A Horse

SW Experience | 2022 | 63

Recent studies conducted by the Institute of Heart-Math, provide a clue to explain the two-way ′′healing′′ that occurs when we’re close to horses. According to researchers, the heart has an electromagnetic field larger than the brain: a magnetometer can measure the energy field of the heart that radiates from 2.4 meters to 3 meters around the human body. While this is certainly significant, perhaps more impressive is the electromagnetic field projected by the heart of a horse which is five times larger than that of a human being (imagine an electromagnetic sphere around the horse,) and it can influence straight into our own heart rate. Horses are also likely to have what science has identified as a ′′coherent′′ heart rate (heart rate pattern) that explains why we can ′′feel better′′ when we’re close to them. Studies have found a coherent heart pattern or HRV to be a solid measure of well-being and consistent with emotional states of calm and joy—that is, we exhibit such patterns when we feel positive emotions. A coherent heart pattern is indicative of a system that can recover and adapt to stressful situations very efficiently. Many times, we just need to be in the presence of horses to feel a sense of well-being, and peace. In fact, research shows that people experience many physiological benefits by interacting with horses, including lower blood pressure and heart rate, higher beta-endorphins (neurotransmitters acting as pain suppressors), decreased stress levels, decreased feelings of anger, hostility, tension and anxiety, better social interaction, and greater feelings of empowerment, confidence, patience and self-efficacy. Pintura author: Svatava Hueberová

The Arabian horse can teach their human … LOYALTY WHY THE ARABIAN HORSE? Arabians are sensitive, loyal, cuddly, kind and versatile. They can truly be your best companion.

Riding Lessons Host Corporate/Charity Events Farm Visits/Tours Meet A Horse

Om El Arab is one of the oldest and most respected Arabian horse breeding programs in the world, and is passionate about educating newcomers on all aspects of Arabian horse ownership, care, and breeding, from the smallest to most significant level desired. Through several avenues of enjoyment, we invite you to Om El Arab! AFFORDABLE OPTIONS TO ENJOYING THE ARABIAN HORSE AT OM EL ARAB: Enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting and viewing Arabian horses ($) Mentorship program for people interested in becoming Arabian horse breeders ($) Learn horse conformation at Om El Arab Conformation Clinic ($) Learn about horse care, farm management and breeding through the Om El Arab International Apprenticeship Program ($) Purchase an entry level breeding or riding horse ($$) Breeding leasing program ($$$) Own and breed nationally ($$$)

$ = $0-$500 $$ = $501-$1,000 $$$ = $1,001+ (One-time or monthly rates)

For more information on Om El Arab, follow them on Facebook or log on to: www.omelarab.com

WHY THE ARABIAN HORSE? The Arabian horse is bred for kindness and the ability to form deep bonds with their people, making them the perfect horse for children.

The Arabian horse can teach their human … LOVE!

There is a magic one experiences just being around the Arabian horse. They thrive off attention, a favorite activity of visitors to Om El Arab being time spent with the stallions, mares and foals. This time of totally being present with Arabian horses is the “secret sauce” to forming a lifelong and meaningful relationship, as well as granting both the horse and the individual trust and peace.

Riding Lessons Kids Activities - (Camps/Parties/Field Trips) Farm Visits/Tours Meet A Horse SW Experience | 2022 | 66

For more information on Arabian Horse Riding Academy log on to www.arabianhra.org

WE INVITE YOU … To experience many incredible opportunities available to the public to learn about and meet the Arabian horse. Operating out of the prestigious Om El Arab, one of the world’s most renowned breeding farms, Arabian Horse Riding Academy provides youth and adults a grassroots horseback riding program where one can discover their passion for riding. Due to the versatile nature of the Arabian horse, riders can learn to trail ride, prepare for shows, or even join in fun gymkhanas (events consisting of speed racing and timed games for riders on horses).

AFFORDABLE OPTIONS TO ENJOYING THE ARABIAN HORSE AT ARABIAN HORSE RIDING ACADEMY: Horseback riding lessons • field trips • one-day horse shows & events • barn days • educational opportunities ($) Arabian horse ownership or leasing • local & one-day horse shows & events • field trips • breeding a purebred or Half-Arabian ($$) All options above | showing at the Regional and/or National level ($$$)

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Our program is designed to create and nurture future Arabian horse owners. We promote activities at the local level such as horse shows, gymkhanas, parades, trail rides, camping trips, etc. Arabian Horse Riding Academy is very hands-on, creating capable, independent

$ = $0-$500 $$ = $501-$1,000 $$$ = $1,001+ (One-time or monthly rates)

horsemen and women. Children perform all aspects of horsemanship: catching their own horse safely, grooming, tacking, feeding, and any basic vet care. From day one, they are involved in all aspects of horse care, which not only teaches safety, but is also a huge confidence builder. SW Experience | 2022 | 67

An Interview With

Forever A Horseman By Jenn Trickey


Harold Green, at 77 years of age, steps down from his tractor. He just finished cutting 60 acres of hay on his Arabian horse farm in the beautiful wine country of Los Olivos, California; miles away from the office shirt and tie that once was his daily routine.

I sat down with Harold at Evergreen Arabians (EVG) to chat about memories of his roots as a rancher after decades in the board room and what Arabian horses bring to this stage of his life. Evergreen Arabians in located on 250 acres in the rolling hills of the Santa Ynez Valley in central California. It is home to approximately 70 National quality Arabian horses.

“I’m not new to horses or livestock, by any means,” Harold says, “I was raised ranching. We would put up hundreds of tons of hay, for about 2,500 head of cattle, and it was all done with horses. We had 15-20 pasture raised horses or wild horses at any given time, to work the ranch. My dad had a good reputation for taking tough horses and making them useable. To be honest, we didn’t have much choice. We had to make what we had work. Between my family background and the ranches I worked for as a teenager, I’ve always rode. I would get paid $25 a head to break a horse to help my $125/month salary.” Harold left ranch life at age 18 to work construction, while his wife of now over 50 years, Liz, went to school. Following her graduation, the couple moved to Arizona where Harold earned his degree in Chemical Engineering. This brought him to a program for start-up medical devices that they ultimately ended up owning. No more spurs, no more saddles.

SW Experience | 2022 | 68

“We had plenty of hobbies and traveled the world for both business and pleasure, but it was Liz who was fascinated by Arabian horses through The Black Stallion books, which ultimately brought us to our first Arabian. We purchased our first Arabian in approximately 1992, from a local breeder in Arizona. Although I had been around horses all my life, I had never been to a horse show and knew nothing about them. “Our horse trainer was Leo Hanson from Scottsdale. He convinced me to show this mare at the famous Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in a halter class; Peter Cameron was the judge. I got 3rd Place. The halter class was one small moment in time, but it was there where we got a full dose of horse show life and the community that loves it. What a different world than how I remembered horseback. I was particularly intrigued by the versatility of this kind of horse; fascinated by all the different saddles, tack, disciplines, gaits. You name it, I watched. There was a lot to this horse show thing, and Liz and I wanted to be part of it.”

From ranch riding, to pleasure riding, Harold has participated in just about all divisions of the show ring, thanks to the versatility of the Arabian horse.

Scottsdale during that time, was becoming heavily developed. So as the number of horses Liz and Harold owned grew, so did the surrounding development. They hired a full-time trainer, Bob Purtee, but it was becoming more and more difficult to find room for the horses. After deciding to move their Arabians to Los Olivos, California, the rest was history … a 250 acre, 70-horse history. Now retired from the medical world, done with boardrooms, lawyers, patents and early mornings to the office, Arabian horses have brought Harold back to cowboy boots and a tractor for cutting hay. I asked for his thoughts regarding new “later-in-life” persons who are interested in putting their foot in the stirrup. You shared how the versatility of the Arabian horse appealed to you. What disciplines have you competed in: I’ve practiced just about all the disciplines: western, hunter, halter, country English pleasure, driving, working western, and most recently, ranch riding. Liz was more interested in the breeding and much better at it than I could have ever been, so we were both able to enjoy the horses together this way. If you were to give a newcomer advice on how to get involved in showing Arabian horses, what would you say? Would there be a certain discipline you would suggest? Everyone is different, but if I were to talk to someone with no experience at all, I would suggest getting started in the ranch riding classes. They are fun, low key, low pressure and you really learn the fundamentals of riding. Kind of like learning how to maneuver or parallel park a car for the first time. It’s a great foundation, and you can go at your own pace. No need to memorize patterns; no fancy clothes. It’s fun. I would recommend to someone also, to find a lesson program. No need to buy something right out of the gate. There are plenty of Discovery Farms who will introduce you to Arabian horses and allow you to sample the different disciplines, and really get to know your way around a horse.

Story first published in June 2019 SW Experience | 2022 | 69

What’s in a name? Many Arabian horse breeders name their horses so their breeding programs can be indenitfied along with the horse. In many cases, the farm will use initials before or after the horse’s given name. In the example of Evergreen Arabians, they use the initials EVG. When someone hears or sees this attached to a horse’s name, they will immediately know what breedering program it came from.

SW Experience | 2022 | 70

Harold Green and Bob Purtee with EVG Seneca, EVG Griffidd and Afires Lullaby representing 3 separate disciplines of the breed.

You’ve had plenty of hobbies in the past. Why do you think the horses “stuck” when other hobbies are not as important to you anymore? The horses became a way of life again for us. We’ve jumped into other hobbies in a big way too. I was once ranked 4th in my age group in slalom skiing in the state of Arizona. We skied all major resorts in North America. It’s really not that the other hobbies (skiing, sailing, photography, traveling) became lost interests, but the horses just superseded them. They became our community, our recreation and our responsibility; in a good way. Having the horses back in my life has allowed me to get back to my ranching roots from fixing fences to growing hay, to moving cattle. It keeps me going. What difficulties have you encountered entering back into riding later in life? Don’t fall off; it hurts more now. It’s perfectly okay to use a mounting block!

What would you say to people who think Arabian horses are crazy or skittish compared to other breeds? I would say that it is absolutely foolishness. Like any other animal, you can make them crazy, and some people do. But there is no need for that. You could say, they are more sensitive than other breeds, but I consider that a plus. Here on the farm, we have Half-Arabians, purebred Arabians and purebred Quarter Horses. I feel Arabians are quicker on the ‘up-take.’ That’s what I love about them. Their intelligence is obvious. With that, you need to be clear on how you ask them for something, because they listen. Nine times out of 10, when they’ve done something stupid, you’ve asked for it. What are some other traits you love? Like a dog, an Arabian horse really bonds to you … one on one, especially when you can really spend time with one. They connect.

Any major learning mistakes you can share that you’ve made? Well, like everything in life, we could be here all day listing what I’ve learned by doing things the wrong way, but my advice to new people would be to go easy on yourself. I once went into a class in Scottsdale and rode the entire class. I then went into the lineup with EVG pride! After looking to my left Aside from keeping you physically fit, being around horses keeps and right, I realized I went into the wrong class! It was filled with you mentally sharp. They are an 1,100-pound animal that thinks kids under 14! and behaves differently than you do. You have to be sharp. That’s really one of the best parts. It’s supposed to be fun, let it be. How have the horses added to your life? I really believe, as you get older, you have to keep active, physically and mentally. Having said that, I find my time around Arabian horses to be, in a word, fulfilling.

SW Experience | 2022 | 71

Patrick Sullivan embarked on a journey across the United States from April 16-October 16, aboard his beloved Arabian partner Gamilah, with the goal of, “sharing the love and passion horses give to people, and to change the lives of horses and humans along the way.” After successfully traveling 2,500 miles from California to Kentucky in a 6-month period, riding for nonprofits, including his, Gamilah Unbridled, for underprivileged kids to teach how horses heal people and people heal horses, his goal of giving back and educating the horse community in how they can give back too, benefited 17 nonprofits along the way. Since completion of this adventure, Patrick shared some thoughts from the experience.

You’ve been involved with horses for 6 years. What did you do before this? I coached Collegiate soccer at the University of Houston-Victoria, while obtaining my MBA in International Management. I wanted to go into Corporate America and work for an international organization.

What made you decide to take on this journey across America?

I wanted to represent the partnership you can develop with your horse by traveling across this great nation to inspire hope.

Did you accomplish all you envisioned on your journey? We accomplished more than I could have ever imagined. The number of people and horses that we were able to impact was far beyond my wildest dreams.

Everyone has challenges in their lives. How do you stay so ridiculously positive and see the blessings in everything? Where does that come from? My positivity in life comes from my mother, grandfather, and my faith. I truly get up every day looking to see the bright side in this world. There are so many things that we should be grateful for, and I just love inspiring others to do the same. I wake in the mornings and think to myself, how can I help more people today? When we begin to think about the wellbeing of others before ourselves, life always returns the favor.

What has been the most surprising part of your journey? The amount of amazing people we met along the way. Time and time again, people were willing to open up their homes and pockets, offer encouragement, and so many other things, to make sure that we were taken care of. It could not have been completed without the kindness of others along the way.

HOW IS GAMILAH? Was she everything you expected? How did you know she was the right choice for this trip?

Gamilah is loving life back home with her friends, but she still knickers at me every day when I get out to see her, asking, what’s next? I could not be prouder of the relationship we built over the course of the 6 months. Even though I didn’t know how she would react to the rigorous 6-month journey, I knew that Gami would tell me how she felt. Thankfully, she passed every single test with flying colors. The biggest concern that I got from people before this trip was

that I was riding Arabians, and that they could not be trusted in tough situations, because they were overly flighty or anxious. But Gamilah proved every single day that she was my partner, and we were in this together. By the end of the trip, she would do anything for me because of the trust we developed in one another. Gamilah is family and she will always be a part of my herd, just as I hope that I will always be a part of hers.

SW Experience | 2022 | 73

You also rode Hal, to give Gamilah a break. How did he rise to the challenge?

Hal was in good physical condition and LOVES the trail. At the beginning of the trip, I would only ride Hal in places that he would be successful, open spaces with very few obstacles. But as time wore on, we began to trust each other more and more. By the end of the trip, I could take him just about anywhere and feel comfortable about it. We would not have completed this journey without Hal. Even after 25-30 mile rides, he would always be eager for more the next day. He was like the Energizer Bunny sometimes. It was just our job to put him in situations where he would succeed.

HOW CONFIDENT were you that your Arabian horses wouldn’t react in a dangerous way to unknown or first-time experiences? Did their personality help in making the decision to use them on this trip? I was incredibly confident that I knew both horses well enough to know which situations they could handle and which they couldn’t. It was my job to put them into positions where they could be successful and gain confidence. If I had a tough mental day of riding (i.e. cities, rivers, populated areas, tough roads), I would always take Gami. If I had a tough physical day of riding (mountains, long distance days, deserts, or catch-up mile), I’d mostly take Hal. Their strengths complemented each other so well.

You took rest days to allow the horses to recover. How do the horses tell you they need more time? Your pregnant sister Nettie joined you on the trip. How did you convince her to come along?

SW Experience | 2022 | 74

So, we rode the horses two days on, then two days’ rest. Then during the clinics and events we put on, we gave them as much rest as we possibly could. It’s amazing, the horses would always tell me their energy levels through their eyes. If they weren’t feeling up for the ride that day, they would literally give you a physical look and tell you that they weren’t ready. It’s amazing what horses tell you when you listen. Honestly, she convinced me! And there was NO way of telling her no. She’s one of the toughest, smartest, and most amazing women I’ve ever met. She wanted this trip just as badly as I did. She always talked about how this would be a journey of a lifetime for us, and baby Luca. Boy, she was right.

WHY UNBRIDLED? So many times we think about how we need more tools, but I always thought it was the opposite. Before we focus on the tools, it’s so important to think about how we can help the mind of the horse feel comfortable with humans. Once we get the horse’s mind, we have a partner for life.

How do you convince people the bond they can have with a horse is one of the closest relationships you can have? The best way that I have found is to let them feel for themselves. There is no better way Did this than seeing, feeling, and living that connection firsthand. When the opportunity arises to have experience people interact with one of my horses, I make the introduction, and the horses speak for cement in you themselves. what you want to do next in What do your life? ARABIAN HORSES Yes, I want to help the next give to humans generation of horsemen and women. I’m incredibly excited to that no other animal get started on our youth program to provide the opportunity to does? youth everywhere the power of

We can ride, play, and interact with them as if they were a part of you and your being. There is truly nothing else like it.



have an Arabian horse in their lives? Arabians to me are majestic. I’m around them every day, and every day they are teaching me something new. They are not only strikingly beautiful, but they have an intelligence unlike any other. Having an Arabian as a member of the family is a blessing that you will cherish forever.

To follow Patrick’s ongoing journey and incredible bond with Arabians, visit Gamilah Unbridled on Facebook. SW Experience | 2022 | 75

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The Arabian horse can teach their human … PATIENCE


Horses teach physically, as well as emotionally, in ways that need no words. Coordination and balance come with confidence and empathy. Acceptance and communication build lasting relationships and self-esteem for children and help heal adults in ways they often don’t expect. We teach grooming, groundwork, and horse care with every lesson. Riding is the goal once basic safety and trust are established on the ground. Many riders start timid and end up national competitors.


Dana Mosher and her horse, Wiley, show in Horsemanship, western pleasure and trail. Her initial introduction to the Arabian came about when her daughter’s older horse needed help with some behavioral issues. That transitioned into leasing a show horse, and eventually, the whole family began showing and has several types of horses. They prefer Arabians over other breeds because of their kindness and patience. Wiley has been a wonderful teacher and gives 100 percent in everything he is asked. He’s sensitive and genuine in his concern for human approval and happiness.

WHY THE ARABIAN HORSE? The magic of horsemanship is an unspoken language of the Arabian, done with style, beauty and strength.


All ages and budget levels can interact with our horses, from the first touch and grooming session, to up into the saddle. Available at Platinum Performance Horses: Riding Lessons Kids Activities (Camps/Birthdays/Field Trips)

Arabians become part of the family. The Moshers shape their whole schedule around riding and caring for them and they receive so much love and learning in return. Keep in mind … the amount of effort you put in determines what you get back. Horses have feelings and opinions and are excellent mirrors of our own emotions. Trust your intuition and let the horse be your partner. It’s a rewarding privilege to ride them and can be found at any budget level, changing your routine and your world. Kids and adults benefit alike when you find your Arabian tribe. The Platinum Performance Horses team environment centers around a team spirit and passion for learning and caring for horses. Riding is often the end result and most celebrated, but any interaction with the Arabian creates responsible and compassionate people who are moving and physically enjoying life.

Host Corporate/Charity Events Meet A Horse

Contact trainer, Mariah Wilson on Facebook at Platinum Performance Horses or at www.Platinumhorses.com

SW Experience | 2022 | 77

The following listing of career opportunities in the horse industry is organized by educational requirements for specific careers, and then subdivided by general segments of the horse industry. You can also visit Equistaff.com to find current job opportunities in the Equine industry.

CAREERS REQUIRING A PH.D., veterinary or professional degree from a college or university Primary Careers Requiring Daily Contact with Horses/Owner Veterinarian Extension Horse Specialist Horse Feed Development Specialist University Professor Equine Veterinary Acupuncturist Geneticist Animal Nutritionist

Support Positions Not Requiring Daily Contact with Horses/Owners Dean of College of Agriculture Dean of Veterinary School

Careers with Horse Shows or Rodeos Horse Show Veterinarian Careers in the Racing Industry Track Veterinarian

SW Experience | 2022 | 78

CAREERS REQUIRING A MASTER’S DEGREE from a college or university Primary Careers Requiring Daily Contact with Horses and/or Horse Owners University Instructor | Animal Behaviorist | Pedigree Analyst | Horse Feed Formulator

Support Positions Not Requiring Daily Contact with Horses or Horse Owners Architect | Attorney | Financial Advisor | Agricultural Engineer | Accountant

CAREERS REQUIRING A BACCALAUREATE DEGREE from a college or university Primary Careers Requiring Daily Contact with Horses and/or Horse Owners Extension Educator or County Agriculture Agent | College Instructor | Clinician Mounted Policeman | Transportation Specialist | Riding Instructor/Coach | Breeder Identification Maker | Stunt Rider/Double in Movies | Youth Director | Rehabilitation Therapist Farm Manager Technical School Teacher | Trainer Veterinarian’s Assistant | Horse Auctioneer | Stallion Manager Laboratory Technician | Bloodstock Agent Animal Abuse Investigator | Humane Society Official Artificial Inseminator | Stable Manager | Veterinary Technician Farrier/Corrective Shoeing | Broodmare Manager X-Ray Technician

Support Positions Not Requiring Daily Contact with Horses or Horse Owners High School Agriculture Teacher | Engineer Agricultural Equipment Designer | Agricultural Researcher Actuary (Insurance representative) | Lobbyist Public Relations or Executive Sec. of a Horse Organization Breed or Discipline Association Executive | Field Secretary State Director of Identification Services Director of Technical School | Tailor or Clothing Buyer Commercial Feed Manufacturer | Laboratory Technician Advertising (newspapers, magazines, horse publications) Author | Equine Journalist | Trade Press Editor Instructional Material Author | Sales of Agricultural Equipment Pharmaceutical Sales | Insurance Sales | Advertising Designer Landscape Architect | Auditor | Horse Feed Wholesaler | Insurance Investigator | Agricultural and Research Economist | Museum Curator Land Consultant/Farm Realtor | Publisher/Writer/Editor

SW Experience | 2022 | 79

CAREERS REQUIRING A BACCALAUREATE DEGREE from a college or university (cont.) Careers with Horse Shows or Rodeos Timing Equipment | Security

Careers in the Racing Industry Racing Chemist | Judge | Timing Equipment Engineer Racing Steward | Racing Secretary | Handicapper Director of Mutuels | Security | Equine Tattoo Inspector Racing Commissioner | Personnel Mutuel Machine Maintenance

Careers Related to Horse Recreation Trail Engineer | Park and Recreation Administrator Recreation Planner

CAREERS REQUIRING ONE OR TWO YEARS OF EDUCATION beyond High School Support Positions Not Requiring Daily Contact with Horses/Owners

Film Distribution Specialist | Clothing Designer | Boot Manufacturer Commercial Artist | Advertising Sales Manager | First Aid Personnel Reporter/Journalist | Horse Trailer Designer | Web Designer Film Editor | Blood Typing Specialist | Advertising Copywriter Equestrian Illustrator | Fire Prevention Specialist | Meeting Planner Pest Control Specialist | Motion Picture/TV Writer Technician, Director, Camera Crew, Producer

Careers with Horse Shows or Rodeos

Horse Show Manager/Receptionist | Fair/Exposition Manager Inspector | Drug Inspector | Technical Representative/Delegate | Judge | Steward | Referee | Photographer | Course/Obstacle Design (Jumps/Trails) Test Designer | Publicity Director | Lighting Director

Careers in the Racing Industry

Publicity Staff | Maitre d Hotel | Track Manager | Horseman’s Bookkeeper | Jockey | Driver | Mutuels Manager Turf Club Director | Technical Representative | Comptroller | Trainer | Jockey Valet | Jockey’s Agent Marketing/Publicity

Careers Related to Horse Recreation Guest Ranch Host/Hostess | Parade Organizer | Country Club Manager | Field Master SW Experience | 2022 | 80

CAREERS REQUIRING A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA Primary Careers Requiring Daily Contact with Horses/Owners Groom | Sales Company Employee Horse Drawn or Mounted Tour Guide

Support Positions Not Requiring Daily Contact with Horses/ Owners Office Personnel in Equine Organization | Concession Operator Feed Store Operator | Publications Distributor | Bookkeeper Tack/Equipment Maker | Printer | Carpenter | Leather Dealer Typesetter | Advertising Salesman | Wholesale Tack/Clothing/Feed Sales Guard | Film Processing Specialist | Painter | Landscaper | Gardener Sign Maker | Identification File Clerk | Auction Clerk | Tractor/Truck Operator | Grounds Maintenance | Office Clerk | Ribbon/Trophy Designer | Horse Trailer Dealer | Horse Bedding Supplier | Photography Computer Programmer | Travel Agent | Tour Guide

Careers with Horse Shows or Rodeos Horse Show Secretary | Rodeo Clown | Rodeo Pick-up Rider Program Manager | Jump Crewmember | Gate Person Rodeo Stock Contractor | Jump Builder | Rodeo Cowboy Announcer | Crewmember | Rodeo Laborer

Careers in the Racing Industry Track Maintenance | Mutuel Clerk | Paddock Judge | Office Staff Money Room Personnel | Stable Superintendent | Patrol Judge Starter | Locker | Grounds Manager | Track Photographer Film/TV Patrol Operator | Horse Identifier | Announcer Program Director | Facility Maintenance | Hot Walker Exercise Rider | Outrider

Careers Related to Horse Recreation Packer/Guide | Reservation Clerk | Trail Crew

Educational Requirements provided by the Animal Science Dept. @ UConn Univ.

Oula Aljassimya is a 12-year-old Arabian mare enjoying her show ring retirement and new “Mommy” life at Anvil Arabians in San Diego, California. She is a former Youth National Champion mare, shown by her teenage owner, and enjoys being ridden when she’s not busy raising babies. A photo of Oula can be found on page 60. SW Experience | 2022 | 82

Circle the differences... Here’s a clue, there are eight total missing items! GOOD LUCK

SW Experience | 2022 | 83

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DALE BROWN PERFORMANCE HORSES 1064 Emily Currie Road | Rentz, GA 31075 (478) 290-2784 dalebrownph@yahoo.com | www.dalebrowninc.com

TALARIA FARMS 1101 Emmett Young Road | Newnan, GA 30263 (770) 251-7005 | info@talariafarms.com www.talariafarms.com

VICKI HUMPHREY TRAINING CENTER & ATLANTA RIDING CLUB 734 Roper Road | Canton, GA 30115 | (770) 740-8432 Riding club: (470) 281-0881 | vhtc@vickihumphrey.com Atlantaridingclub0881@gmail.com www.vickihumphreytrainingcenter.com



PLATINUM PERFORMANCE HORSES 6414 Lagunitas Rd. SW | Albuquerque, NM 87105 (505) 480-6000 | Mariah.Wilson88@yahoo.com www.Platinumhorses.com

RBC SHOW HORSES, LLC 2379 Creechs Mill Road | Smithfield, NC 27577 (919) 202-8384 | info@rbcshowhorses.com www.rbcshowhorses.com



STEWART PERFORMANCE HORSES 93370 Hwy 99 S | Junction City, OR 97448 (541) 515-1053 | Dstewartstables@aol.com www.sphtraining.com

KYRIE ARABIANS 273 Clonmell Upland Rd | West Grove, PA 19390 (585) 943-4333 | tim@kyiearabians.com www.kyriearabians.com



PALMETTO ARABIANS 4506 Langston Road | Timmonsville, SC 29161 Sarah O’Brien: (843) 346-5874 www.palmettoarabians.com

KIESNER TRAINING, INC. 3418 Miser Station Road. | Louisville, TN 37777 Barn: (865) 984-5245 | ashton@kiesnertraining.com www.KiesnerTraining.com

ANGEL HEART FARM 4844 Byrd Lane | College Grove, TN 37046 (615) 566-4976 www.angelheartfarm.com




GARLANDS LTD 934 Knob Park Rd. | Bristol, TN 37620 (804) 598-3657 www.TommyGarland.com

OAK HAVEN FARMS 2885 Fm 2137 N | Bullard, TX 75757 (903) 245-0575 | laurenalyx@aol.com

LONGSHOT FARM 1177 U.S. Hwy 12 | Roberts, WI 54023 (715) 377-6443 | jennifer@longshotfarm.net www.longshotfarm.net

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