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How To Find New Backlinks Using Flippa 4 Replies

A really great met hod t o find t he best backlink st rat egies t oday. It ’s VERY cool and under-ut ilized! This entry was posted in Cyberdelic Studio and tagged Backlinking, Page Rank, SEO on May 22, 2013.

Building Links Like A Pro – Tiered Link Strategy Leave a reply

Today I’m going t o t alk about link building and t he best pract ices behind it . I’m seeing a lot of dist ressed market ers who’s sit es are get t ing t anked by recent Google updat es. And, t he number #1 reason for t his is poor backlinks. I’m going t o show you how t o avoid t he t rap t hat 90% of market ers fall int o. You should all know t hat t he st rengt h of your sit e depends on Trust and Relevancy. Google loves t hese t erms and it will award you a rank based on t he pages linking t o you. It ’s t ime t o implement “Real Company St uff” so let ’s get down t o business… What is a T iered Link Pyramid? A Tiered Link Pyramid is building backlinks in t he form of a pyramid st ruct ure. A mist ake t hat I see so many people making is t hat t hey buy cheap backlink gigs and send t hem st raight t o t heir sit e. This is a surefire way of get t ing slapped by Google. You can see from my example t hat t here are act ually very few links point ed direct ly t o t he websit e. This will serve t wo import ant funct ions: 1. Tiers act as a ‘buffer’ bet ween links and your sit e. Should t he worst happen, your sit e is ‘firewalled’ and safe from any fallout . 2. You have FULL cont rol of all t he links point ing t o your sit e. You can build as many t iers as you want but only t he second t ier is point ing t o your websit e. These links can be removed at any t ime.

Slowly, as t hese links become indexed t he aut horit y t hey creat e will be passed on t o your sit e. This slow (drip fed) effect is oft en referred t o as ‘Link Juice’. A few mont hs back I creat ed an affiliat e sit e for a product I was promot ing. The sit e did well and was making money. One of my compet it ors decided t o play dirt y and sent spammy blog comment s t o my sit e. It wasn’t pret t y – my sit e went from rank #1 t o God knows where (I st ill haven’t found it ). You see back t hen I was building links direct ly t o my money sit es and here lies t he problem. I want ed t o t rick Google int o giving me rankings and it worked. But t his also meant t hat my sit es were very vulnerable t o negat ive SEO at t acks because my Trust and Relevancy rat ings were ext remely low. Google expected me t o build backlinks like t his so once t he blog at t ack came along, my sit e was doomed. So lesson learnt . No more ‘churn & burn’ – it was t ime t o build aut horit y and backlinks like t he pros. Link Pyramids will help you do t hat in spades. Let me break down t he st rat egy for you: T ier #1 – t his is t he most import ant t ier. I always build Web 2.0 sit es like Weebly, Tumblr, The t rick is t o add relevant cont ent wit h lot s of images, videos and LSI keywords. I normally build bet ween 10-20 Web 2.0s wit h about 500 word cont ent . You can use t he same cont ent on each Web 2.0 propert y. This is called Cont ent Syndicat ion. Don’t use anymore t han 2 out bound links t o your websit e from t his t ier. T ier #2 – you can go a lit t le crazy at t his t ier so buy cheap links like blog comment s, social bookmarks, wiki links et c and point t hem t o your t ier #1 pages. T ier #3 – from t his point onwards, you can blast what ever you want . Low qualit y, abundant links work well at t his st age so consider edu links, press releases, blog comment s or art icle direct ories. All t hese links point t o your t ier #2. This st rat egy t akes a lot more work t o implement but I can assure you it ’s wort h it in t he long run. Link Pyramids t ake care of everyt hing from Link Velocit y (t he rat e at which you build links) t o est ablishing aut horit y. I highly recommend t hat you super charge your sit es and st art dominat ing t he search engines. This entry was posted in Cyberdelic Studio and tagged Backlinking, Links, Page Rank, SEO, Tiered, Tiered Link Building on May 10, 2013.

How To Get High PR Backlinks Without Costing The Earth Leave a reply

Finally, a relat ively easy and cost effect ive way t o find high PR backlinks! Enjoy‌ This entry was posted in Cyberdelic Studio and tagged Backlinks, High PR, Page Rank on April 8, 2013.

How To Crush It With Guest Posting/Blogging! Leave a reply

Checkout my lat est video. I show you Blog Comment ing on STEROIDS! It works wonders for me. This entry was posted in Cyberdelic Studio and tagged Guest Blogging, Guest Posting, High PR, Page Rank, Traffic on March 28, 2013.

5 Tips That Will Help You Make Money Online 2 Replies

If you’re new t o Int ernet Market ing t hen I am sure you will know how frust rat ing it can be t o get st art ed. There is so much informat ion out t here and so many different ways t o make money. Most of t he t ime you will see t he self-appoint ed “gurus” promot e every Int ernet plat form, st rat egy and promise you riches. Unfort unat ely, it ’s going t o t ake much more work t han t hat . You can definit ely make an excellent living online – I do. I’m just your average Joe from a working class family. I’m not a rocket scient ist from Harvard Universit y and t rust me, you don’t need t o be Mark Zuckerberg t o make it in t his game. I am going t o share wit h you some of my t ips t hat helped me t o overcome t he learning curve and st art seeing money in my bank account :

Tip #1 – Enjoy The Journey Int ernet Market ing has many “ups and downs”. You will experience days of euphoria followed by days when you want t o t hrow it all in. This is very normal but t ry t o remember why you st art ed t he journey in t he first place. When you “make it ”, life will get easier but enjoy t he experiences along t he way. Celebrat e bot h your success and failures. As long as you don’t give up, each experience will bring you closer t o your object ives.

Tip #2 – Follow Sensible Marketers When I first st art ed out , I followed market ers who made sense. Market ers who offer you value are t he most import ant t o you. You see, 70% of t his indust ry is waffle – “Gurus” who spout nonsense, t rying t o promot e t heir product or service in t he process. I know t his because I have spent $10,000+ buying crappy link building services and aut omat ion t ools. I spent more t ime t rying t o get my 60 day

refund from Clickbank t han wit h t he product it self. It ’s easy t o find t he right ment ors and it doesn’t have t o cost you money. You can follow t hem on Forums, Twit t er and sign up t o t heir blogs. Here’s a sit e t o get you st art ed.

Tip #3 – Stay Away From “Push Button” Software I’m sure you have seen sales copies t hat promot e “push but t on” soft ware. Soft ware t hat will build a 6 figure income on complet e aut opilot . This is a complet e myt h – if soft ware could build a 6 figure income wit h one mouse click t hen we would all be millionaires, right ? By all means, use soft ware t o aut omat e mundane t asks. That ’s what I do. But remember – t he soft ware will aut omat e processes, it doesn’t do t he t hinking for you. My product s offer soft ware solut ions t hat will aut omat e t asks but I t each st rat egies via webinars and coaching sessions. That is somet hing t he soft ware can never replace.

Tip #4 – Keep Records Of Everything You Test Or Tweak This is SO import ant . You need t o record everyt hing you do, doesn’t mat t er how small it is. I record my SEO campaigns on one spreadsheet which includes all my backlinking such as Web 2.0s, Guest Post s, Fiverr gigs et c. Imagine you st umble upon a syst em t hat ranks #1 on Google every t ime. You can use t his informat ion t o keep ranking your sit es, provide local SEO or sell t his informat ion as an eBook/course. If you plan t o sell (flip) your websit e t hen your buyers will be more confident if you keep all t he SEO dat a.

Tip #5 – There Is No “One Size Fits All” Solution Don’t expect a syst em or st rat egy t hat is working for someone else t o aut omat ically work for you. It ’s import ant t o learn from t he best but t here may come a t ime when you need t o add your own t wist t o t he product or syst em. I t each my st udent s t he “Rip, Pivot , Jam” philosophy:

Rip – find a syst em t hat works and COPY it . Pivo t

– t ake t he syst em and t weak it

– add your own t ouches t o it . Don’t

be scared t o t ry out

new t echniques

on est ablished met hods. Jam – t ake t his syst em and “jam” it . That is follow t he EXACT blueprint t o rinse and repeat wit h fut ure sit es. If you find a syst em t hat works for you but deviat es from t he original – t hat ’s fine! Go wit h it and keep repeat ing for t he same result s. There is absolut ely no reason t o keep re-invent ing t he wheel. This entry was posted in Cyberdelic Studio and tagged Cyberdelic Studio, Internet Marketing, Tips on March 4, 2013.


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Sanjay lives and breathes Internet Marketing. This blog provides some strategies that have made him successful. You will find tips that will help you boost rankings, PR, and traffic. He also reviews Internet Marketing tools and services and will give you early-bird access to his product launches. The information on this site is designed to help you make money online. Feel free to use everything and share it if you find it useful. If you need personal coaching or SEO advice, contact Sanjay and his team.


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SENuke Inferno Guru has the best information and tips on how to take care of your website and those who are starting to learn S...