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Leader in Rotational Molding America's leading Undergro und

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To rnado Shelters!!

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4. In-Gro und Saf e t y She lt e r

Underground Tornado Storm Shelter The Ingro und Safety Shelter by The Granger Plastics Co mpany is the leading Sto rm shelter inno vatio n amo ng safety enthusiasts and experts. Granger Plastics, spent several years do ing dilligent reasearch

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and develo pment in regards to the Safety Shelter. The results pro duced the industry leading, Granger ISS. When mo st co nsumers are co nsidering the purchase o f an Ingro und Safety Shelter, they are taking a co nscio us effo rt in pro viding the safest enviro nment po ssible fo r their family. Fo r many, purchasing a Safety Shelter is an investment into their families safety fo r many years to co me. The Safety Shelter,

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features a po lymer bo dy, that has a life span, exceeding all o ther shelters o n the market. The Po lyethylene co nstructio n o f the Safety Shelter bo dy, has an extremely durable co nstructio n, that under average and typical co nditio ns, will pro vide a lifespan that will exceed 30 0 years. The To rnado Shelter installs so the do o r is flat to the gro und, No crazy Hills o r Ugly Pitchers Mo und Effects!

Granger Plastics Products, and more!

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Shelter With a multitude o f uses, the Safety Shelter's affo rdability, allo ws families to purchase and install a Safety Shelter in their exsisting o r new ho me at an extremely affo rdable price. This no t o nly adds the o ptio n o f

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having a Safety Shelter/Safe Ro o m to yo ur current ho me, but also pro vides an added family safety incentive and value to yo ur ho me when it co mes time fo r resale! Scroll your mouse across any of the (5) In ground Safety Shelter features below to see the feature pop up!

To rnado Shelters (I.S.S.) The best safety bet!

3-Step ladder entrance

Articulating Handrails

Circular Mo lded Seating

3pt. lo cking security Do o r

Sandsaver (Beach Dredging Alternative) The natural alternative!

Fo reverSafe™ Pro ducts Laundry Carts & Recycling Carts

Laundry Carts

Mo lded-in Ventilatio n

Installed Granger ISS Storm Shelter Gallery

Laundry Carts Laundry Carts & Recycling Carts

Water Mate (Transpo rtable water!) Take Water anywhere!

Intermediate Bulk Co ntainers Bulk Storage Tanks!

In Gro und To rnado Shelter (I.S.S.!) In Ground Tornado Shelter!

Weight-Mate (Truck Acc.) Inclement weather weight ballast!

Spine Bo ards Medical Backboards & Spine Boards

Sto p Beach Ero sio n (Sandsaver!) Dredging Alternative!

Sto rm Shelters (Sto rm Shelters!) Single family storm shelter!

Replacement Bro nze Vases Cemetery Flower Vases

Grange r ISS To rnado St o rm She lt e r

Safe Ro o ms (Ingro und Safe Ro o ms) Single family storm shelter!

Outdo o r Po ker Table (Po ker Tables) Outdoor Poker Table!

In Gro und Sto rm Shelters (Shelters) Best safety bet!

In Gro und Sto rm Shelter (Shelters) Best safety bet!

Burial Urns (Burial Urns) ForeverSafe™ Burial Urns

Ro to mo lding Video s Rotomolding videos!

Replacement Bro nze Vases Replacement Bronze Vases

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How many people fit inside the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter? Undergro und Shelter Safety shelters!

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In- ground Safety Shelter

The Granger ISS Sto rm Shelter pro vides undergro und pro tectio n in co mfo rt, with eno ugh space fo r a mo re peo ple than an average size family. The video abo ve sho ws a family o f 7 (Yes, SEVEN!) co mfo rtably fitting inside o f the shelter and still having ample ro o m fo r either supplies o r mo re peo ple! Whether yo ur co nsidering Sto rm shelter pro tectio n fo r yo ur o wn family, yo ur family members o r even friends and

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neighbo rs, the Granger ISS Shelter o ffers a limited lifetime warranty with an industry leading 1,0 0 0 + year lifespan! The Granger ISS, the o nly To rnado Shelter pro tectio n yo ur family will ever need!


lifespan! The Granger ISS, the o nly To rnado Shelter pro tectio n yo ur family will ever need!

FEMA 320/FEMA 361 Composite Door Testing at Texas Tech

G ra ng e r Pla stic s

GrangerPlast ics

GrangerPlastics Demand f or storm shelters increases | ABC57 | South Bend IN News, Weather and Sports | Top Videos … 11 h o u r s a g o · r e p l y · r e twe e t · fa vo r i te

GrangerPlastics White Granite Finish Spiked Cemetery Flower Vase By ForeverSaf e Products Occas... … via @amazon f oreversaf e.inf o 8 d a ys a g o · r e p l y · r e twe e t · fa vo r i te

GrangerPlastics Mahogany Finish Spiked Cemetery Flower Vase By ForeverSaf e

See the multi-layer, to rnado shelter industry leading do o r undergo no t 1, but (2) debris impact tests, bo th FEMA 320 and FEMA 36 1 testing, with the SAME DOOR! Why do n't o ther manufacturers po st their Texas Tech Debris Impact Video s? Maybe the co nsumers sho uld ask that questio n! The Granger ISS is undo ubtedly America's Leading Undergro und St o rm She lt e r !

Tornado Shelter Manufacturing & Assembly

Flower Vase By ForeverSaf e Products Occasional... … via @amazon f oreversaf 8 d a ys a g o · r e p l y · r e twe e t · fa vo r i te

GrangerPlastics Antique Finish Spiked Cemetery Flower Vase By ForeverSaf e Products Occasional ... … via @amazon 8 d a ys a g o · r e p l y · r e twe e t · fa vo r i te

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Granger Plastics Company

In the video abo ve, yo u see the Granger ISS (In-gro und Safety Shelter) being manufactured, quality checked and assembeled, to pro duce what is o ne o f the leading inno vatio ns in the To rnado Shelter industry.

Fiberglass Shelter v.s. Polyethylene Shelter! A MUST watch video fo r anyo ne co nsidering purchasing a To rnado Shelter!

Granger Plastics Yo uTube Channel!

Granger ISS Tornado Shelters on The News! Indiana Storm Shelters

Watch the video abo ve as Indiana To rnado Shelter dealers Clo ver Ho mes speaks to a Indiana News Channel abo ut their recent surge in Granger ISS Sto rm Shelter sales! Also hear testimo nial fro m o ne o f their Sto rm Shelter custo mers!

North Carolina Storm Shelters

In the video abo ve, No rth Caro lina Sto rm Shelter dealers install a shelter fo r a custo mer in No rth Caro lina after a series o f dangero us sto rms hit the Triad regio n!

Granger ISS dealers, ABS Sto rm Shelters o f Greensbo ro , NC installs a To rnado Shelter fo r a custo mer who then raves to the news crews in the No rth Caro lina Triad Regio n!

Tennessee Storm Shelters

Watch in the video abo ve, as Kno xville-Chattano o ga area Integrity Sto rm Shelters talks to Tennessee Valley abo ut their recent success with pro viding Tennessee Sto rm Shelter custo mers with a safe place to go in the middle o f a sto rm!

Tornado Shelter FEMA 320 Door Test To rnado Shelter Do o r Testing at Texas Tech University

The picture below is a representation of the spacing inside of the Inground Safety Shelter.

The I.S.S. co mfo rtably ho lds 3-5 Adults. As yo u can see 4 "very go o d sized" guys fit co mfo rtably with ample ro o m to fit ano ther perso n!

Shelter Website Links To rnado Shelters - www.ingro m Granger ISS- m

Granger ISS- m Undergro und To rnado Shelter- www.ingro undto rnado m Sto rm Shelters- www.ingro undsto m Undergro und Sto rm Shelters- www.ingro undsto m Undergro und Shelter- www.ingro m To rnado Safe Ro o m- www.ingro undsafero o m

Product Information The Ingro und Safety Shelter (ISS) Literature (Click to o pen PDF File)

The Ingro und Safety Shelter (ISS) Literature (Click to o pen PDF File)

The Ingro und Safety Shelter (ISS) Literature (Click to o pen PDF File)

The Ingro und Safety Shelter (ISS) Literature (Click to o pen PDF File)

The Ingro und Safety Shelter (ISS) Literature (Click to o pen PDF File)

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