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Precision Control Of Water Quality And So Much More! Reliable, essential and increasingly high tech, dosing pumps and control systems are the unsung heroes in any water treatment system as they quietly go about the business of ensuring accurate amounts of chemicals are delivered to the water within swimming pools and spas. Convenient and easy to use, the automation they provide has made the life of owners and operators that much simpler and we roundup what’s available By Jon Wadeson


ystems that expertly control water treatment are a must in today’s commercial market and are also sought after in ever increasing numbers in the growing and demanding consumer market place too. So what are the benefits of automatic dosing and control systems? The biggest has to be safety. To have equipment installed room that recognises, reacts and then treats frequently changing bather loads and ensures that water users are protected from horrors such as cryptosporidium or giardia is quite frankly priceless. From a ‘nasties’ point of view, perfectly regulated pool water is the first line of defence in providing a safe and trouble free wet leisure experience for bathers and offers peace of mind to owners. It also ensures swimmers skin and eyes are not irritated by spent chlorine or water that has an out of balance pH. Any guesswork is removed out of water treatment process, allowing owners and operators to spend less time testing and guessing, leaving them to pass the responsibility over to the automatic mechanical marvels that efficiently take control. Some automated management can be extended beyond just water supervision and anything from maintenance to lighting, heating to even audio and entertainment systems can now be controlled. In many cases, remote operation is available through a smart phone, tablet or computer so that the pool or spa is primed and ready for action well before the user has even donned their swim gear. As you’ll see, today’s systems are uncomplicated and user-friendly meaning that the most technically unsavvy person can skilfully ensure perfect water management and beyond at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen.

VERDER – A PASSION FOR PUMPS AND DOSING SYSTEMS Verder Liquids manufactures pumps, mixers and systems which are distributed through 27 offices via a worldwide network of distributors, which ensures a local service and on-time deliveries.

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As a manufacturer, Verder Liquids can maintain the highest standards over the design, build and testing procedures, which reduces risk and costs to customers. The company are also able to translate requirements from the market into new products. Verder’s staff are skilled with not only pump knowledge, but also specific applications. They listen to customers and are experienced in finding pump solutions for most applications! Under their Microdos brand, they manufacture and distribute peristaltic pumps and solenoid dosing pumps including related professional control instruments, panels and complete dosing systems. Over the years, Microdos has developed a strong position in many European countries. Microdos’ products and knowledge have proven success in the swimming pool, detergent dosing (dish washing and laundry) and water treatment applications. Microdos also provides private labelling pumps for third party companies. Recently the brand has invested heavily in the expansion of the company buildings, R&D and production capacity to cope with growth in demand. Verder’s pool and spa products are designed and built using tried and tested principles, trusted components and rigorous

assembly procedures. All processes are conducted to ISO 9001 and each pump is tested prior to shipping. The company are proud to have many long-serving employees with a wealth of experience in engineering, processes and products. They invest great efforts in training and maintaining knowledge and share best practice throughout the Verder Group worldwide. Countless customers already use VERDERFLEX and VERDERDOS measuring, control and dosing systems for monitoring and regulating their swimming pool water quality and are extremely satisfied with them. From simple systems to compact dosing products for pH and chlorine, Verder has the right product for all needs.

SEKO’S WORLD LEADING IOTENABLED DOSING SYSTEMS For those with the luxury of having their own swimming pool, it’s a safe bet that they envisaged fun and relaxation rather than work and maintenance when having it installed. However, it’s a fact that maintaining the delicate balance of water-quality values is essential to ensure clean, safe swimming conditions, with the unsung heroes being the dosing pumps and control systems that achieve this. So how do domestic pool owners with limited or no specialist knowledge know that the water is safe while leaving the technical side to the experts? SEKO, manufacturer of world-leading IoT-enabled swimming pool chemical dosing systems, has solved the problem by designing two distinct online tools for users and technicians – SekoAir and SekoWeb. SekoAir is the unique smartphone app that Verder’s pool and spa products are designed and built using tried and tested principles, trusted components and rigorous assembly procedures

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