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SWIM SPAS – ENTRY-LEVEL The Active-Plus EP-12 swim spa joined the successful TidalFit range supplied by Artesian Spas in 2015

The Danube from Wellis is available with a single River jet in the standard version and also with upgraded Power and Turbine (pictured) options



Artesian Spas released its first TidalFit swim spa model, the EP-14, back in 2008 and since then they have introduced a wide range of quality models to suit all swim spa needs and budgets. Their 12ft Active-Plus EP-12 joined the successful range in 2015, taking its place as the entry-level option in the four model EP swim spa series. The Active-Plus EP-12 offers a choice of two different adjustable swim jets, both providing a variable swim current perfect for light and strong swimmers alike. The exercise element of the TidalFit does not end there though as stationary resistant swim tether and/or rowing bars plus resistant cords are all available for the ultimate workout. Standard features include an advanced digital control system, a maintenance free Kingwood cabinet that is both beautiful and durable, an 18” grab rail for stability during a workout and a 3kW heater. For those with a bit more in the budget, the EP-12 is available with an optional hydrotherapy system which includes 28 Helix Jets, a 3hp 1-Spd pump and a BellagioFall water feature and for owners who want to turn it into more of a party spa, both multicolour LED and DynaBrite LED lighting is available plus there’s a choice of sound options too – a Bluetooth Music Experience Stereo or a bba™ Bluetooth Audio System. The EP-12 can be placed above-ground or semi in-ground and with its shell available in three colour options and cabinet in six, designing the perfect swim spa for any setting is easy.

Over recent years, the Wellis brand has gone from strength-to-strength and in 2016, the European manufacturer added swim spas to its expanding range following a major increase to the company’s manufacturing capacity. The Wellis swim spa range consists of a number of models but one of the most important features across the entire range is that all of their swim spas have a depth of 1.5m and a width of 2.3m. This consistent specification allows users of all their swim spas, regardless of the model chosen, to have the perfect swimming experience. In addition, all of Wellis’ swim spa models sport the EveRest premium design elements, taken from their successful hot tub model. This result in outstanding looks across the range of swim spas and superior comfort for all users. Their entry-level model is called the Danube. This 4m long exercise pool is available with a single river jet in the

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Supplied by Summit Leisure, the OD35 from AllSeas Spas is a superb value ten person party swim spa

standard version and also with upgraded Power (3 river jets) and Turbine options which cater for more serious swimmers. All of Danube models feature a 5mm fibreglass reinforced acrylic spa shell and each is constructed with a stainless steel frame. They also feature UV-C water sanitisers, swim tether swimming aids and come with a Thermo cover as standard. A number of other options are also available across the range too including an AQUASOUL™ 2.1 POP-UP sound system which is sure to make both workouts and entertaining a lot more fun.

OD35 – PROVIDING AN ALL-YEAR ROUND ENTERTAINMENT VENUE Supplied by Summit Leisure, the OD35 from AllSeas Spas is a superb value ten person party swim spa. It features a pair of high output swim jets at one end which take full advantage of the OD35’s 3.54m x 2.3m size for swimming although Summit advise that consumers looking for a serious training pool should look to other models in their extensive AllSeas swim spa range. For entertaining, four high output 2.5hp jet pumps power eight seats and two loungers, making the OD35 perfect for large families, those who love to have guests round, or even small clubs. Up to ten adults can be accommodated at once in two comfortable loungers and eight seats offering a wide and varied range of massages through the 79 hydrojets. Soft tissue massage is also catered for by way of 18 strategically placed air jets driven by a heated air-blower, with nocturnal illumination supplied by both underwater and perimeter LED colour changing lighting systems. 28/11/2017 23:22

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