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AUS / UK Space Bridge Building the space workforce

The Government of Western Australia and Australia in Space presented a morning of discussion and networking on leveraging the UK-Australia Space Bridge to build the Space Workforce in London this month.

The Space Bridge between the UK & Australia is a partnership focused on facilitating collaboration between the two countries’ space sectors. The Space Bridge has unlocked improved access to trade, investment and academic research opportunities, better business advice, and innovative bilateral collaborations.

With both the UK & Australia facing challenges in building a strong Space sector for the future it makes sense that the UK - Australia Space Bridge should be leveraged to assist with this. But how? An array of industry experts presented ways this can be achieved, with an opening address by Chris Hewett, General Manager, Space Strategy, Australian Space Agency and Joseph Dudley, Director, Space Skills Alliance.


Gary Hale - Director, Space & Defence Curtin University

Leanne Cunnold – CEO, AROSE

Martin Soltau – Co-Chair, Space Energy Initiative

Dr Louise Butt – Centre & Business Development Manager, South Coast Centre of Excellence for Satellite applications

Mark Cassidy – Systems Engineer, Fugro SpAARC

Dr Joanna Hart - Skills Factory Director, National Labs, UKRI - Science & Technology Facilities Council

Brett Biddington - Founder, Biddington Research