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A review of police tactics in light of the Martin Place siege by Fraser Duff

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he public may be very interested to have a more detailed appreciation of how the hostage incident could have ended without the loss of innocent lives. I note an article which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald seeking feedback on the tactics used by Police, citing support from a former Deputy Commissioner Clive Small. While the former Commissioner discounted the use of Police Marksman, the Police mindset on how best to respond to ideological terrorist affiliated individuals may need to change in view of the tragic event in Martin Place. There are other viable options available to Police, which could have been used on the day including the use of Police Marksman. However, engaging these options would require a strong commitment and courage from the Commissioner of Police. I say this because there would be considerable political fallout and public criticism of senior Police and Politicians from some minority groups. As a former founding member of the Tactical Operations Unit which carried out the Emergency Action response to recover the hostages, I have a detailed understanding of what options were available to Police on the day. This takes

After September 11 the world changed, hostage takers were now consumed with the taking of innocent lives at whatever cost, while sacrificing their own for their beliefs and for martyrdom. nothing away from the incredible courage of the officers who exposed themselves to extreme danger to protect the lives of the innocent. However it may challenge the conviction of Senior Police and Politicians. The options available to Police are varied, but I will refer to the tactical options and I’ll explain them in detail so the public can be the judge of what they feel would be in the best interest of the innocent. The most favoured Police option in a hostage situation is

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