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Travel with us media kit 2013

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A Brazilian Travel Blog

We’re three Brazilian expats writing in Portuguese for the Brazilian independent traveler, mostly about the US and Europe. We travel to other places too, so you will find trips from Jordan to Japan, Mexico to Turkey. With children, with our spouses, luxury, designer or budget. All of our travel reports are filled with information on Accommodations, Food, Travel Tips, Shopping (something the Brazilians love to do!), Romance and Honeymoon, and we also take 360º photos and HDR. All photos used in this media kit were taken by us, on our travels.

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Claudia Luciana


3 Brazilian Expats

Claudia Beatriz Saleh is from Rio de Janeiro and lives in the US Capital, Washington DC. She started Aprendiz de Viajante in 2010 and writes about her travels in the US and abroad, alone or with her family. Luciana Misura is also from Rio de Janeiro and lives in Austin, Texas. She writes about her family trips in the US and abroad. Heloísa Righetto is from São Paulo and lives in London. Helô writes about her city and her European travels, Design hotels, trendy shops and restaurants.

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since the site started in July 2010, over

2 million pageviews

Our Story in Numbers We are still growing, every month.

Apr 2012

Nov 2012 144,607 Pageviews

83,663 Pageviews 64,351 Uniq Visitors 37,494 Uniq Visitors

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We are Everywhere

We connect with our readers through Social Media: Facebook (4,000+ fans) Twitter (16,000+ followers) @AprendizViajant, @claudiabia, @chatdeviagem @lucianamisura @helorighetto Pinterest (new) Instagram (new): Every Wednesday we host a travel chat on Twitter with the #ChatdeViagem hashtag. We have been on the Brazilian Trending Topics several times.

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Our Readers’ Profile

63% Married 34% Single

Have Kids 30%

61% earn more than 75,000/year

89% will travel in the next 6 months in Brazil and Abroad 78% traveled at least twice in the past 6 months

Age Range

41% Undergraduate 26% Graduate 9% Masters 6% High School 3% PHD

14% 18-25

52% 26-35

20% 36-45



27% Male

Income Level

73% Female

Travel Frequency



We find information about our readers using 2 different methods: our annual Survey (latest one - July 2012) and Google Analytics (location information)

85% Brazil

7% USA

2% Portugal

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We Travel with our Children We travel with our kids since they were babies. From Disney to Japan, to the beach resorts in Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean; from old European cities to Jordan, we are always trying to find things that kids and parents can all enjoy together.

We believe family trips can be fun for everybody. We give parents all the information they need to plan ahead, so they can relax as much as possible during the trip!

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We Influence Travelers @mulherbarbada Loving to find out there’s more to Arizona than the Grand Canyon

@fezinhapgo I’m at the airport, waiting for the flight to DC. We’ll try to follow all of your tips!

@1000dias Cheers! Starting our trip through 101 with your tips in mind! ;-)


Aryele Herrera (Facebook) I had to say all your Tokyo tips were awesome, we were just there with our kids and followed several of your tips, it was great! I want to go back!

@cristomasi I dream of going to Jordan and your trip is making me really want to go!

@christiangump DC, NY & Las Vegas wouldn’t be as much fun if I hadn’t read your posts. Great job!

of readers surveyed made a purchase / decision in some aspect of their travel (hotel, restaurant, shop) based in what they read in our blog/twitter or Facebook

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Number 1 in Google

We are number one in Google Brasil for hundreds of travel-related keywords, from US Visa information to What to do in Berlin, Grand Canyon tourism tips, Budget Hotels in NY, Shopping in Las Vegas, and many more.

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Upcoming Trips

We are planning our trips for 2013, if you would like us to be part of a fam or press trip, let us know so we can plan accordingly! We’ll be in Niagara Falls, Canada; Dallas and Houston, Texas; New York City, New York; Las Vegas, Nevada; Florence, Italy; Stockholm, Sweden; Iguassu Falls and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Aruba.

Thanks for Betting on us

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These are some of the organizations that have partnered and/or advertised with us in the past, we would love to have you on this list.

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Media Buzz

Aprendiz de Viajante was mentioned in a recent article about travel internet resources in the Correio Brasiliense newspaper as an “excellent blog”

O Globo newspaper published Claudia’s “vow renewal” with Elvis in Las Vegas, with the step-by-step instructions on how to do it

Aprendiz de Viajante was featured as the Recommended Blog in the Turista Profissional column in Estadão newspaper

Multishow TV Channel chose us to be part of their Outros500 project, which features the 500 most influential bloggers in Brazil, in several topics

Viagem & Turismo magazine called us “Blogger Specialist in Destinations in the United States”

Veja Rio magazine interviewed Claudia and mentioned Aprendiz de Viajante as a resource for those traveling with kids

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Sponsored Content

We’re looking for partners to sponsor custom travel guides (Las Vegas and Chicago will be released in the first half of 2013), newsletters, apps, e-magazines and our weekly #chatdeviagem. Let us know if you want any more details!

We also work with sponsored tweets and posts, let us know what your company needs.

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Digital Magazine

At the end of 2012 we released our digital magazine, to be downloaded and read offline on tablets, smartphones, laptops & desktops. We’ll release a new version every three months, for subscribers only.


We have well over subscribers and this number increases daily. If you would like to buy an ad, let us know and we can discuss pricing, themes and deadlines for publication.

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Ad Placements

These are our standard placements, we can always talk about packages that fit your needs. Home Page placements shown:

Banner areas A 728 x 90 B 300 x 90 C 250 x 125 D 125 x 125 E 250 x 250

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Ad Placements

Single Post Placements shown Banner areas (same placements as Home Page) A 728 x 90 B 300 x 90 C 250 x 125 D 125 x 125 E 250 x 250 Only on Single Posts page E 250 x 250 F 300 x 125 G 300 x 250 H Footer (any format)

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Contact Information

We hope you choose to partner with us. We’ll be glad to discuss any special projects you have in mind, advertising formats and pricing. Please contact Claudia at your convenience: Skype: claudiabsaleh Phone: 1(917)7BRASIL (1-917-727-2745)

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