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New Teachers Need‌ Optimal Working Conditions: 1. On-site support, preferably located in close proximity to the new teacher and in the same subject area and/or grade level 2. Time to work with returning teachers 3. Opportunity to network and dialogue with other new teachers 4. Orientation to the school that includes a curriculum overview, planning, location of resources, and orientation to the community including school goals and expectations

Appropriate and Continuing Support: New teachers need consistent support through the induction period. This support should be: 1. Practical and relevant to their needs 2. Conducted with consideration of the other demands placed on their time 3. Tailored to cover the content in sufficient detail to help new teachers develop pedagogical skills, content knowledge, and awareness of student needs 4. Designed to offer opportunities to discuss their own needs and concerns 5. Followed by activities that assist new teachers in using the skills and knowledge in their classrooms

Support from the Entire Faculty: The entire faculty can be involved in supporting new teachers in the following ways: Sharing: Volunteering to: * lesson plans

* observe, listen actively, and provide feedback

* instructional materials

* discuss your teaching area

* classroom materials

* help with routine paperwork

* time management strategies

* listen to any other concerns

* classroom management strategies

* let him/her observe you

* words of encouragement

* teach a lesson together (team teaching)

2013 Teacher Induction Program  

APIS Teacher Induction Program