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Accountability: The Teacher Induction Program is most effective when teachers work together to maintain a level of mutual respect based on support and accountability. All teachers must meet on a weekly basis throughout the first quarter to discuss: areas of need, materials, resources, successes, difficulties, strategies, etc. All weekly meetings will be recorded and a copy of these notes will be sent to the committee lead teachers. Here are some important reminders concerning meetings: • Meet weekly, or more often when necessary (i.e. high stress/work times of year) • Regularly scheduled meetings are more effective and show good intentions • Have a focus, goal, and objective for each meeting • Model professionalism • Use your communication/listening/questioning skills • Begin your meetings with a check in of emotions and health • Use previous meeting notes to review where you have been and where you are going • Listen to and help problem solve complaints for a short period of time, but don’t encourage “venting” at each meeting • Try to avoid personal biases • Share professional readings and professional development information • Always end meetings with closure, a review of progress, and your next meeting time • Provide hope, perspective, and encouragement • Document your meeting and share monthly meeting notes with the committee lead teacher

The Teacher as Learner and Leader: The Teacher Induction Program works in conjunction with the school-wide “Teacher as Learner and Leader” program to ensure both student learning and teacher growth. This program not only allows teachers to be reflective of their teaching, but is also intentionally structured to maximize professional conversations of educational best practice, transparency, and accountability. Please refer to the “Teacher as Learner and Leader” program for further information about observations, goal-setting, and data collection, which will be coordinated through area principals.

2013 Teacher Induction Program  

APIS Teacher Induction Program