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PIGEONS Man shoots grandmother, abducts baby daughter BY PISSANU LUNSIN An ex-son-in-law shot grandmother before abducting his own 5-month-old daughter and ditching her in the canal. The Deputy Inspector at Ubon Ratchathani Police Station, Pol.Capt. Manoon Kraharn, got a report about an assault with a firearm. After the police learned about the case, they immediately rushed to investigate the accident site. At the scene which took place in a small one-story dorm, the police found Thithipha, a 54-year-old grandmother, outside the

brazenly kidnapped his 5month-old daughter, Noi, whose real name was not disclosed. Nid then hurried to assist her mom to save her daughter but to no vail. Suddenly, Nikom pulled out his gun and shot his Mrs Nid, Nikon’s ex ex-wife’s mother before -wife, told the police that fleeing with the terrified before Nikon committed daughter. the act, he came to the After being notified house and gave some by one witness, who money to her mom for heard the shout of the alimony. Shortly poor girl, the police afterwards, she heard a rushed to the scene and heated fight between the cordoned off the two, after which Nikom room with a minor injury after reportedly getting grazed by a bullet from Nikon Nampituk, an exson-in-law and she was later taken to Sapphasitthiprasong Hospital for treatment.

AG Student Dies in Hit and Run

A 5-year-old girl is found by policemen Photo credit:

meadow where Nikom was hiding. After the wait of less than 30 minutes, the police found Noi lying on an earthen dyke, butNikom had already eluded the police. Noi had some cuts and scrapes on the right side of her mouth and was later taken to

Sapphasitthiprasong Hospital. The officials investigated the scene, and looked for more evidence in order to charge Nikom with attempted murder. They also tried to figure out the truth and the motives of the criminal.

High school rescuer dies in tragic crash

BY SAOWANEE RIDSAN An Agriculture faculty student got a hit and run by a car in front of Ubon Ratchathani University gate. On March 30, 2017, Sutirach Promchat, a second year student in Fisheries Major of Faculty of Agriculture, Ubon Ratchathani University, got hit by a car while crossing the road on a motorcycle in front of UBU gate. He got severely injured and later died at the scene. The car driver immediately drove away.

Eyewitnesses were riding back to their dorm, and at the second gate of UBU, they heard something crash, so they looked at the side mirror. They saw a motorcycle colliding with a car. They then stopped riding and looked at the scene. The car driver then reversed and escaped from the scene. After that, he followed the car and called the police, but the driver drove very fast. So they could only follow him until Nasuang intersection, and then they lost the car. After that, they returned back and told the information to the police.

The car driver is trying to escape after crashing a motorcycle Photo credit:

The rescuers are investigating and helping the injured in the car wreckage Photo credit:

BY PISSANU LUNSIN A selfless girl rescuer died on duty after a collision of an ambulance and a truck that left at least 7 other people injured. According to Thairath report, 7 people were injured in an egregious car crash at Naswang Sub-district, Nayear District, Ubon Ratchathani, and one of the unfortunate victims was Ms.Kwanjira Doungjan, a high-school rescuer, who died at the scene. Many rescue teams, for instance, Srikai rescue team, Na-Suang rescue team, and Warinchumrab Hospital were

gathered at the scene to help take the injured to nearby hospitals. The officials reported that the ambulance crew had just finished a previous incident in Detudom District and was heading to Warinchumrab District, Ubon Ratchathani. The truck, on the other hand, was heading through Nayear District’s intersection where there was no traffic light. Because both drivers did not stop or pay attention, they forcibly collided with each other. A grieving team of rescuers at Ubon Ratchathani, especially from Jee-Tam-Khor rescue team

expressed their heartfelt condolences on social media to the family who lost their beloved one. As for Kwanjira, she was studying in grade 11th at Narinukul School. Apart from her studies, she spent her spare time as a volunteer helping people involved in road accidents. She was described as cheerful and loving. Before her death, she had been volunteering for only 6 months.



Three Candidates Compete in UBU Student Presidential Election Campaign 2018 BY APINYA CHAIRACH Three candidates from three parties competed for the UBU student election 2018 with interesting policies from each party. In this competitive election, the candidates from each party created the policies for convincing students to vote for their parties. Before the election day, the candidates and supporters from every party tried to catch students’ attention. It was very exciting and people were full of joy.

Promotional posters of each party in UBU student election 2018 Photo credit:

ceremony, and Loykratong festival on the campus. Ruamchai also created new policies for UBU students such as the honor medal ceremony, the sports between KKU and UBU, and a concert before summer break.

The policies of Peur MorUbon supported the project of Yellow Bicycle Clubs for saving travel expenses, UBU League Cup (e.g. Volleyball, Futsal, Football, Sapak Takraw), setting up drinking fountains at Nong EJame Park to benefit people who The candidate number one exercise, UBU mini marathon for charity and students’ health, and was Ms. Kakanumporn Phawavijan, the third year student E-Sport Tournament an online games competition. from the Faculty of Agriculture. She was the party leader of And the policies of Ruamchai Mor-Ubon. The candi- Kankrao were upgrading WiFi date number two was Mr. around UBU campus, improving Thanapat Weawsri, The third year new Centre Learning Buildings student from the Faculty of (CLBs), supporting the activities in Science. He was the party leader each faculty, providing new of Peur Mor-Ubon. The candidate working centres, improving speed number three was Ms. Sudarat bumps, and supporting a new Pitakpornpanlop, The third year Bike Center for UBU students. student from the Faculty of In addition, there were Political Science. She was the different campaigns from each party leader of Kankrao. party such as walking and The policies of each party dancing in front of UBU campus tried to convince students to vote and debating at the rugby field. for them. The policies of Moreover, they wore different Ruamchai Mor-Ubon mostly coloured shirts, the first party preserved the projects from the previous year such as the project wore blue, the second party wore orange, and the third party wore of UBU Freshy and Lady Boy competitions, Walk Rally for new red for their debates and Kankrao students project, teacher campaigns.

Former MP’s Daughter Wins Student Union Election Mor-Ubon, 2018 BY APINYA CHAIRACH Sudarat, a third year student of the Faculty of Political Science, won the Student Union Election with 4,121 votes and she is now the Student President.

Ms. Sudarat, commonly-known as Kran, is the eldest daughter of Mr. Choowit Pitakpornpanlop, a former Ubon Ratchathani MP and Mrs. Chantana Pitakpornpanlop who is the Mayor of Trakan Sub-district. After she finished high school at Benchama Maharat School, she was interested in politics. So, she decided to study in the Faculty of Political Science at UBU. This special year, a lot of UBU students more than 8,000 people were very excited to vote for their team. It was a great phenomenon that UBU students were very aware of their rights and supported the democracy of Thailand.

Sudarat is promoting the campaign Photo credit

Sudarat has become the UBU Student President in 2018. She was also the President of the faculty of Political Science in 2017. “Thanks for the voters and 4,121 votes for KanKrao Party. I am very happy and proud of being trusted by voters and being given the

Sudarat with her father, Choowit Pitakpornpanlop, a former Ubon Ratchathani MP Photo credit

opportunity to work. I believe that it is a great and important stage for me and my party members to work together, and we promise to develop students’ activities for the benefit of all students. For me, being a UBU Student President, it is such a big responsibility and a

great chance for me and KanKrao party to develop not only for academic section, but also the welfare of UBU students. Moreover, KanKrao party wants to impose stricter traffic rules in order to save students’ lives and their properties”, said Sudarat.



9, 2018 | PIGEONS

Thailand Accounting Challenge 2018 : UBU accounting students rank top 20 BY SAOWANEE RIDSAN Accounting students from the Faculty of Management Science, Ubon Ratchathani University, competed in Thailand Accounting Challenge 2018 held by the Federation of Accounting Professions in Bangkok.

19th. This was the pride of UBU that had been improved the accounting program until UBU is one of the leading universities of the northeastern region. Moreover, UBU was ranked at the top of 10 universities that provided accounting program among Thai universities. The On January 27, 2018, 150 groups across the country Federation of Accounting Professions under the Royal joined the 6th Thailand Accounting Challenge. All 150 Patronage of His Majesty the groups of representatives were King which has been holding this competition for 6 years. competing the accounting questions. Two groups of “With dedication of the accounting students from UBU teachers and the strength of our scored in rank 13th and rank accounting program reflect

students’ potential academic performance in national competitions. It proved the teaching of UBU which could produce effective accounting graduates and national standards of Thailand” said Ajarn Patrajit Sangsawang, the consulter of the representatives. This unexpected success made the accounting program of Faculty of Management Science, UBU, more famous among the universities around Thailand and it made a good reputation for Ubon Ratchathani University.

Students are participating in the competition Photo credit:

Huge Congrats to 2 UBU Profs, Winning Prestigious Scholarships BY PISSANU LUNSIN Ubon Ratchathani University proudly congratulated on a great success of Dr. Saowadee and Dr. Rungratsee after receiving 2018 Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships.

Management who were 2 professors receiving Executive Fellowships out of more than 7,000 ambitious applicants worldwide. The Ministry of Education and Training and the Australian Embassy in Thailand, On January 24, 2018 H.E. Paul Mulrillard, an Ubon Ratchathani University Australian Ambassador to was utterly overjoyed with the Thailand held a ceremony and success of the Assistant awarded the two who had won Professor Dr. Saowadee the Endeavour Scholarships at Kongpetch, a lecturer in Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok English Language and Western Hotel along with Dr. Sirinthip Literatures, the Faculty of Boonmi, a Vice President For Liberal Arts and Acting Human Resources and Director of Property International Affairs, Ubon Management and Benefit Ratchathani University, who Officer and the Associate also warmly congratulated the Professor Dr. Rungratsee two in the ceremony. Boondee, a Lecturer in The Endeavor Management Information Scholarships and Fellowships System (MIS), the Faculty of

A number of eighteen scholarship recipients is taking a picture together at the ceremony . Photo credit:

are divided into four sections: Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship, Endeavor Research Fellowship, Endeavor Vocational Education Scholarship, and Scholarships. People who won scholarships would go and study in Australia for their research studies, cultural exchanges from January -

November 2018 depending on the duration of each type of the scholarship. It is considered such a great accomplishment of Ubon Ratchathani University that has improved excellent graduates like Associate Professor Dr.Saowadee Kongpetch and Associate Professor Dr. Rungrissee Boondao who are excellent examples of educational professors that received such prestigious scholarships.

3 Foreign Ambassadors visit UBU On February 16th 2018, Dr. Sirithip Boonmee, the Vice President for Human Resources and International Relations, Dr. Oranuch Puangsuk, the Assistant Director-General for International Education, and Dr. Thitipol Pakdeewanich, the Dean of the Faculty of Political Science, Ubon Ratchathani University warmly welcomed Mr. Phiippe Jridelka, the Ambassador of Belgium to Thailand, Mr. Brendan Rogers, Ambassador of Ireland to Thailand, Mrs. Satu SuikkariKleven, the Ambassador of Finland to Thailand for visiting university affair s at the President’s office, and they met up with students at the Faculty of Political Science. On this occasion, the three ambassadors discussed with

students about Universal Declaration of Human Rights issue of United Nation (UN) along with giving a chance for students to discuss about human rights of several countries. In addition, Dr. Thitipol Wanich also consulted about the cooperation and useful programs to support students, such as opportunities to intern at the Embassy of Belgium in Thailand. BY ORRAPICH CHOKCHANA

Three ambassadors are visiting student affairs at UBU. Photo credit:





ave you ever heard of this saying, “Actions speak louder than words?” I think most of you have heard it before. Did you try to do something without saying anything? Exactly! the answers can be both yes or no. In my experience, I have observed that many people like to say things without actions. In reality, everyone may have a partner, and they may tell him/her that they love him/her as many times as they want. But the most important thing is your actions that you react to them. I would like to remind you that some feelings cannot be expressed by words; you have to act out to prove that you love him or her. Therefore, the actions, I think, are more important than words. Apart from this, you may apologize for your mistakes over and over again. In fact, if you do not change your behavior, your words would be meaningless. Therefore, if you cannot keep your words, you have to be careful with your words. Do not make a promise with anyone with your unreliable words if you cannot keep it. Your actions can immediately show who you are, but words, you have to take time to prove it.

NEVER MIND As far as I am concerned , most foreigners or so-called “FaRang” view Thai people as kind people because they always smile at everything. For this reason, Thailand has been named as the land of smile. The most cliche phase’ “Never Mind” or “Mai Pen Pai” is widespread among Thais. Do you sometimes think that Thais actually say what they are really feeling? When Fa-Rangs come to Thailand, they expect to see Thais appear to be friendly. In reality, what they have

encountered does not follow their expectations. Even FaRungs do not see Thais smile to each other, the remarkable thing of Thais is their kindness; by the catchy phrase “Never Mind”. This can normally be heard everywhere and every situation. For instance, when you show up late in your conference or meeting, Thai people are likely to say “It is alright and do not worry”. By contrast, in many countries, you might get scolded if you





PIGEONS LETTER she asks him “Do you have money enough to buy a new house?” “Give me more time There is a young hot charming please! I also want to buy man. He has a dream to build a you a new ring,” said a man while kissing a little golden perfect family with his girlfriend. His lover waits for him ring on her hand. “Did I ever tell you that I wanted a new at his house door after he left his work every day. When they ring?” said her. “I always want to give you the perfect meet, she always gives him a shiny smile with warm eyes and things my baby,” said him. goes back to her house. One It has been almost 3 months day, he comes home late than he has never seen her. Tousual, and it is strange that he day, he got a big house, so he does not see his lover like every decides to take a leave from day. “Sorry honey. I get home his work one day to meet late because I had an important her. He drives a luxurious meeting,” said a man. “You al- car on rough and bumpy ready bought yourself home road! “You always use this and a car, so why do you still way to see me?” murmured work hard?,” said her. “I want him. to have a larger house and a When he arrives at her luxurious car. Actually, these house, a girl’s mother welthings are FOR YOU baby,” comes him, gives him a said a man. wooden box, and tells him One year later, the girl where she is staying. At a sometimes meets him at his small mound surrounded by house, but he does not have a beautiful garden, he sees a time to care about it. One day,

Too Late

THE PIGEONS Vol.1 No.1 Pigeons is edited for educational purpose in English in Media Subject, Ubon Ratchathani University.


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are not punctual. Because of this, Thais have taken it for granted. Who knows the actual feelings of these kinds of words. Sometimes, Thai people may probably want to avoid serious issues in order to make other people feel less insecure about their mistakes. If Thais do not stop saying “Never Mind”, they will be ignored by people around them. It may lead people to misunderstanding or misperceptions in the future.

stone which is carved her name in the middle of a garden. He cries and his hands start to shake while slowly opening the box. The box is packed with small notes. He starts to read one by one. Every note shows that how much she loved him, and she had to be patient so much to wait for him. A man learns that something that he has been reaching for his whole life may not compare to little things that he uses to have. He just realizes that she is important to him when it is too late. He drives his slick car away. He leaves a box of an expensive diamond ring on her grave. It is not meaningful for him anymore. Even he has a lot of money, he cannot buy time to tell her that he loves her. ANONYMOUS


9, 2018 | PIGEONS

UBU Library’ s Regulations BY ORRAPICH CHOKCHANA Libraries are places where you need to keep the rules. The most important thing when you go inside is do not break the rules. UBU library has a large collection of books and is a public place opening for students or even outsiders. Because of this, the library has to set the rules for student’s benefits. The first rule that you have to remind

yourself is that you must scan your student ID card before entering. In my view, scanning Student ID Badges is a good way to provide safety and security for everyone on campus. And, it is also beneficial to check the amount of students who use the services. Moreover, it is more convenient than signing the names. In contrast, I strongly disagree that it is not comfortable for the outsiders, and people who do not have Student IDs. If you lose your ID Badges, you cannot enter the library. Secondly, the library has limited time. It is open at 08.00 a.m. - 18.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and 10.00 a.m. - 18.00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. In my opinion, the library should prolong the time for UBU students to have more time to study and review the lessons and consult with their friends about their lessons.

Students are surfing the information on the Internet Photo credit:

There are a variety of books inside the library that you can enjoy reading Photo credit:

Thirdly, students should be allowed to bring foods and drinks into the library. Most people think that bringing foods and drinks to the building is not appropriate because of its smell and dirtiness. On the other hand, if students can bring foods and drinks to the hall, it can greatly benefit students during their intense studies, and it can help them to enjoy

taking short breaks. Furthermore, I am certainly sure that students in UBU have awareness and responsibility to take their litters to the garbage. The regulations of our library should be more flexible to make it more beneficial for UBU students. I think it could be a lot better if the regulations of our library are changed in order to make it more beneficial for UBU students.

YOU DARE WEAR CASUAL UNIFORM IN CLASS? BY APINYA CHAIRACH The Faculty of Liberal Arts has its own formal uniform for students. Some students choose to wear a uniform, while some choose to wear casual dresses. It has been a contentious argument amongst many people why some people can dress so freely or the regulations of the faculty are not strict enough for them to follow suite. Therefore, in this short article, I would like to share my perspectives towards wearing casual uniform to sit in class.

Students are wearing casual uniform in class Photo credit:

First and foremost, I personally think that it is very comfortable when you wear casual dress to university. Imagine, you are driving a motorcycle, wearing an A-shaped skirt. It is hard for you to balance your motorcycle, and you may have an accident because you are worried about your skirt. Moreover, if you are not a kind of person who likes to iron your clothes, wearing casual uniform is the perfect way for you. In addition,

suppose you are waking up late, casual uniform can greatly save your time. Another reason that I think wearing a casual uniform to university is encouraging students to be themselves. It seems to me that it is okay for me because I can freely select what I like to wear as long as I do not break the rules, know my limits and be aware of what I am doing based on the occasions and time. Wearing university uniform, on the other hand, does not control students’ behaviors. Some students may not behave appropriately. For example, many female students like to wear revealing clothes or too short which they can be seen in negative ways. Wearing uniform to the university does not mean that you are following the rules. I want to leave you with a quick thoughtprovoking question that “if you are a university student, what kind of clothes would you like to wear either a university uniform or casual attire?

LIFESTYLE UBU Agricultural Fair 2018 The theme of this fair still preserved its outstanding agricultural exhibitions filled with a lot of vegetations, flowering and ornamental plants that you could not only look at, but you could also purchase them. Moreover, there were many trade fairs, for example, local The fair was held for 10 days foods, juice shops, and Thai from 9th– 18th February, 2018 by the handcrafted souvenirs which you cooperation of the Ministry of could buy. What is more, the event Agriculture, the Ministry of Public was not just only the place for people Health, and more than 60 to simply take some gorgeous organizations from both public and pictures, but also they were able to private sectors learn about agricultural technology machines. Furthermore, there were In this event, the organizers many interesting competitions such provided onlookers with beautiful places such as sunflower gardens, giant as singing contests, music bands, and art and cultural performances. This loofahs’ tunnel, petting zoo and year, more than 50,000 people decorated aquarium for those who love atteding the fair, including students, taking photos. The event was held agriculturists and local people. especially for people who were BY ORRAPICH CHOKCHANA interested in agricultural products.





The Southern Isan Agricultural Fair 11th was organized by the Faculty of Agriculture at Ubon Ratchathani University. This year's theme was "King's Philosophy to Thai's Agriculture Development 4.0 fulfilling His Majesty's great vision.

P’Ting is seen happily cooking Thai noodles Photo credit: Orrapich Chokchana

Must Try! If you are a noodle lover, Tor.Teaw is the best choice for you. It has been established for 9 years. Every recipe is inspired by P'Ting - the owner of Tor.Teaw- who is passionate about food, especially, noodles. Tor.Teaw, a little restaurant, has various menus, such as rice noodle spicy soup with stewed pork and egg noodle soup with stewed chicken. They are usually served with snacks. Also the restau-rant offers free fresh vegetables, if you want, you can serve yourself. Tor.Teaw has its remarkably unique dishes because she always creates new dishes for her customers. If you are concerned about the price, do not worry because it is unexpectedly reasonable-less than 50 Baht.

Tor.Teaw is one of the most popular restaurants around UBU campus because P'Ting is very friendly and talkative. She always tells jokes to entertain customers. Because of this unique personality, a lot of customers constantly visit her restaurant. If you want to give it a try or you might be thinking about your next visit, this cozy restaurant is highly recommended for you. Tor.Teaw is located in Warinchamrab district, Ubon Ratchathani Province opposite to PTT gas station. It is open every day from 11.00 a.m. - 20:00 p.m. and Keep a keen eye on the new menus! BY ORRAPICH CHAICHANA

The windmill and beautiful flower gardens are the highlights of this event Photo credit:ม.อุบลฯ-จัดงานใหญ่-

Chic and Check-in UBU Flea Market at dusk while shoppers are walking on the busy street

UBU Flea Market, Perfect Place to Shop Hor Nai and the Medical Students’ residence. This enchanting market has become undoubtedly popular amongst many people, particularly UBU students who like to relax, enjoy their time shopping or even eating. Well, if you come to the market, I am certain that you will find yourself in a more exciting place than the ones you have been to. How come? It is because at the market, there are many different varieties of shops available for you. For instance, food shops This flea market is a two-lane where you can taste some savory street located near UBU Food Center, dishes. For those who are looking for commonly-known as Rong Ar Harn a trendy pair of shoes, fashionable Do you have your favorite place to shop or some new places where you can shop, hang out with friends and let off some steam near UBU Campus? Well, when talking about this kind of place like this, of course, a lot of UBU students might think of UBU Flea Market. You know what? Today, it is such a great pleasure to me to take you to get to know more about UBU Flea Market. Okay, let’s go!

Photo credit:

clothes for your next night-outs as well as some shimmering accessories, UBU Flea Market is no doubt just right for you. But, there are not so many men’s clothes shops to be honest. If you get exhausted walking, you can simply grab some snacks and drinks to eat along the way.

costly, in case you think it is a bit pricey, you can kindly negotiate a lower price because the vendors here are very friendly.

If you wish to visit here, do not forget to check the date and time first because this small market is open only on Monday and If you come around 06.00 Wednesday around 05.00 p.m.– 09.00 p.m., you will see that the market is p.m. filled with of a huge crowd of UBU Anyway, if you are looking for students. Some are very busy looking a new place like this, I highly for their clothes or walking along the recommend you visit UBU Flea street, some are sparsely sitting on Market or just give it a try because the pavements talking and playing why not? I am sure you are going to around with their friends love it. Many of you might think of the price – Is it expensive? I do not have much money can I go there?, okay let me tell you this. It is very



owadays, cross-dressing has been widely accepted among our modern societies. People have been more accepting and open - minded to transvestite people. For this reason, these people are more open to their sexual identities.



Khun Chotika Sriponthong graduated from the Faculty of Liberal Art in Communication Arts, Ubon Ratchathani University. She has recently been working as an academic technical officer at LA, UBU. She is the founder of cross-dressing project in an attempt to encourage gender equality. The project was started a few years ago. Today, I have a special opportunity to take you to get to know more about this movement. Q: What inspires you to conduct this campaign? A: We are born only to be males and females, but we can choose our sexual orientation. We can freely choose to be whatever we want whether or not it is a female in male body. The most crucial thing for them to feel at their best is a uniform, especially, in the

graduation ceremony. Q: Do you face any obstacles? A: Yes, but only in the first period of running the project. As time passes, people in the society have become incredibly understanding, so transvestite people have been accepted. So many people ask me why I have to cross-dress. I think on their successful day, they wish to dress in female graduate uniform in their graduation ceremony. Q: How long does this campaign take? A: It takes around a few weeks. For people who file for the approval of cross-dressing of their graduation ceremony including the

Just accept yourself, be responsible, and do your best

result of mental health checking attached to the university’s form in order to notify the exact number of people cross-dressed to the Royal Household. Moreover, you have to bear in mind that you should dress very properly. Q: How are the feedbacks after the campaign is launched? A: Many transvestites are more confident to cross-dress and it inspaires them to not only to dress in class, but also in their graduation ceremony. I think tranvesties may dress neater than real women sometimes. Hahaha.. Q: Are you proud of this successful campaign that you run? A: Of course, this campaign has helped so many students and allowed them to be their best self. Q: Would you like to encourage those people who are afraid to cross-dress? A: Just be confident about who you are because people in our society nowadays are open-minded.

UBU The Musical “Beauty and the Beast” An English and Communication Major, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Ubon Ratchathani University held UBU's Beauty and the Beast the Musical that was performed on 5-7 November 2018. It was open 2 rounds a day at 2.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. at the Liberal Arts Theater, Ubon Ratchathani University.

From the fairy tales in classic cartoon to the musical, Beauty and the Beast has come back in a new interesting version in form of English musical drama along with A scene from Beauty and the Beast Thai subtitles directed by Mr.Songpon Inthasean. Musical drama is about the Beast, the prince, who is cursed to be a monster and keeps himself in the castle with his servants. So the prince will be set free from the curse when he finds true love before the last rose petal falls down. The Beauty, Bell, is the villager who loves her family more than anything. Moreover, she also loves reading literature books.

The protagonists are performing

Mr.Songpon Inthasean, a lecturer in English Languages and Western Literatures Ubon Ratchathani University, the director of the performance said, “I choose this fairy tale

because it is the most remarkable fantasy animation of Disney, and the musical version has been produced for many years by world-class productions, and it was performed in Thailand last year. I think it would be a challenge to perform this show, and it would be another story that would impress the audiences. So I guarantee with the previous performance, such as UBU's the Little Mermaid the Musical and UBU's Aladdin the Musical, that the audiences were very impressed by our great performance”. BY ORRAPICH CHOKCHANA




UBU athletes and coach are paticipting in the sport competition Photo credit:


The Stand Cheer from the Faculty of Law is cheerfully performing

UBU Games has been held annually for 31 years in order to strengthen the relationships between students from various departments in Ubon Ratchathani university. This event is run by UBU Student Union at UBU central stadium. It aims at getting UBU students to participate in sporting events. It also helps students to have good health and supports the unity of students to form students’ harmony and strength. There are many activities that you can take part in, including Volleyball, Petong, Football, Basketball, and Badminton. Moreover, you can join these fun activities by both playing sports and cheer up your favorite team. The highlights of this event are cheerleading and stand cheer competitions. Every year, each team would have their own unique theme to capture the audience’s attention. Besides, every team focuses on social issues, stimulates imagination,

creativity. The criterion of these competitions are coherence, solidarity, and creativity. Last year, multiple faculties were interested in this event. They signed up in many types of sports. The prominent leader team that won the reward was from the Faculty of Management Science. The most outstanding performance was from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science winning the stand cheer competition. This faculty has well-known for its fascinating performance, so many people come to see great shows from this faculty. Last but not least, I wholeheartedly recommend you guys to visit, also you can experience the incredibly great works from UBU students. This event could be UBU tradition that they would continue preserving for one generation to another. BY APINYA CHAIRACH

Another step of Ubon Ratchathani University athletes won 3 bronze medals divided into two medals from amateur boxing and one medal from chessboard, in the 45th Thai University Games "Rajamangala Thanyaburi". In this competition, Mr.Songpon Inthasean, a Vice President of Student Development, the head of athlete team, took 206 athletes to participate in the competition which was held from 20th – 31st January 2018 at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. There were over than 114 universities, athletes about 15,000 people participating in this game.

The result of the competition, UBU athletes won 3 bronze medals. For two bronze medals were from amateur boxing., female flyweight boxing (57 –60 kg.) by Ms. Suttaya Chanam, a third year Engineering student. Next, male flyweight boxing ( by Mr.Chai Mongkol Charoippan, a fourth year Agriculture student. The last bronze medal was from the single chessboard by Ms. Ornicha Chaiyachai, a second year Management student. These competitions made Ubon Ratchathani University rank 61th out of 114 universities. BY PISSANU LUNSIN

The Cheerleader team from the Faculty of Liberal Art is performing at UBU Central Stadium photo credit:

Final pigeons  
Final pigeons  

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