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Playboy Magazine June 2013 Art Director : Justin Page Author : Jacob Sanders Illustrated By : Liesl Schillinger This fiction story takes place at the pool of a run down art-deco style motel in Key West that a newlywed couple is staying at for their honeymoon. The title page is meant to reflect a drink menu that the couple would have ordered cocktails from during the afternoons they spent at the pool.

Men’s Magazine Fall Fashion Preview 2013 Photographer : Brian Pescador Stylist : Carlyn Park 8 Page Fashion Spread This fashion story is about the latest trends in men’s fall fashions. The story follows two friends and their adventures during their weekend in Palm Desert.

Special Edition A l l - We a r D o w n J a c ke t ( $ 2 9 9 . 0 0 )

When you’re hiking with a 50 pound plus pack, you want to make sure you stay nourished. There are times when my blood sugar felt low, and I needed a quick fix. Be sure to take granola, power bars, nuts, jerky and other quick little snack foods. Hawkings McGill A n g l a n d J a c ke t ($89.00), Staple Sydney Pullover Sweatshirt ($68.00), L e v i ’s 5 1 1 R i n s e d Playa Jeans ($58.00), a n d N i xo n P l a t f o r m Backpack ($49.00).

L e v i ’s 5 1 1 R i n s e d P l a ya Jeans ($58.00)

M E N ’ S M A G A Z I N E [ 4 ] FA L L P R E V I E W

B u r n t O ra n g e Beanie ($89.00)

Hawkings McGill A n g l a n d J a c ke t ($89.00)



Addidas Heritage Logo Sweatshirt ($59.00)

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M e n’s B e t t e r 1 / 4 Z i p Sweater ($99.00), Salt Va l l e y Ve n i c e F l a n n e l We s t e r n S h i r t ( $ 4 9 . 0 0 ) , L e v i ’s 5 1 1 R i n s e d P l a ya


The last thing is to make sure you pack deodorant. I know what you’re thinking – “You’re a man, why does a man need deodorant when he’s out in the wilderness?” You are absolutely right! You don’t need to use any deodorant while you’re out in the wilderness.

M e n’s C l a s s i c Re t ro X - Ve s t ($179.00), O’Hanlon Mills Nep Sweater ( $ 5 4 . 0 0 ) , L e v i ’s 5 1 1 R i n s e d Playa Jeans ($58.00).

M E N ’ S M A G A Z I N E [ 8 ] FA L L P R E V I E W

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Art Director : Thea Karas Coachella Pop-Up Shop Print and Web Campaign These are preliminary comps of the web and print campaign for the 2014 ShopBazaar Coachella Pop-Up Shop. The e-blasts to the left use images from the BAZAAR archives and the In-Book pages use images and copy from past In-Book pages.



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When: April 13th to April 15th 11 a.m.–6 p.m. How: Appointments are a first come, first serve basis. GET THE BEST BRAID WITH HERBAL ESSENCES


Get the perfect Coachella hair style at the Herbal Essences poolside counter where stylists will be using the Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong Strengthening Serum and Silkening Spray.

For a festive manicure, head to the Butter LONDON counter at the Shop BAZAAR Pop-Up Tent. Love your look? Own it, by visiting

For additional details, visit

To view the full line, visit

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Where: Parker Palm Springs Gene Aurty Pool, 4200 E. Palm Canyon Dr. Indio, CA 92264



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BeaUTIeS This spring, music headliners and fashion’s elite descended on Coachella Valley, CA for the famed music festival. Kicking it off, Harper’s BAZAAR’s new online store,, popped up at the Parker Palm Springs, offering private shopping experiences with BAZAAR editors as well as beauty indulgences.


Herbal Essences hosted a poolside braid bar at the ShopBAZAAR pop-up, where stylists relied on the new Honey I’m Strong Strengthening Serum and Silkening Spray to deliver silky-strong strands and effortlessly chic looks.


SHARE your beautiful braid by using #GETTHEROSE on Instagram

FASTPHO Mobile App / Stationary FASTPHO is a restaurant that specializes in quick delivery and easy ordering of pho soup. The mobile app makes ordering easy and allows the customer to customize their pho soup. Paired with the app is the stationary that the corporate employees would use.

Our story is simple. You want pho and we want to give it to you. Just pick your filling, your broth, and your choice of pick-up.

California Science Center Co-Designer : Andrew Sampson Large Scale Posters : 8ft x 10ft Street-Side Banners : 2ft x 7ft As the new home of the Endeavor Space Shuttle, the California Science Center experienced an increase in its number of daily visitors. In celebration of the new addition of the Endeavor and the increase in visior enthusiasm, Andrew and I thought it was fitting to design a new poster system. The system was inspired by clean, sans-serif letters, white space, and striking images. The posters are meant to hang in the museum and around Exposition Park.

AIGA Promotional Material Chalk Mural 15ft x 10ft Email Blast

California African American Museum Co-Designer : Melissa Portillo Posters : 5ft x 7ft This poster series is a promotional campaign for the Design Elements Show that is being exhibited in February 2014 at the California African American Museum. To inform museum visitors about the show, Melissa and I thought it was important to create posters that were didatic as well as promotional. By pairing design elements and principles with common items, we felt that the viewer could form their own associations and definitions of the particular element or principle.

CITYBUN Co-Designer : Elli Hanson Sock Bun Packaging 2.75in diametter Flipbook 2.5in diameter CITYBUN is a boutique company that specializes in the packaging of sockbuns. The company is based in New York City and is inspired by art-nouveau aesthetics and Victorian nuances. Each CITYBUN contains a sock bun, canvas tote, tin container, and Bun Book that features 10 different bun styles.

The final portfolio blank  
The final portfolio blank