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Marcus Beuter - PNEM SAF 2012

Toth Kina - PNEM SAF 2012

On 16 and 17 November 2013 the 3rd edition of the annual PNEM Sound Art Festival takes place. An unique festival in the Netherlands, organized by the Platform New Experimental Music.

This festival provides a stage for musicians and artists working at the cutting edge of sound, music and new media. This is also the field of interest of the organizers, an artists’ initiative consisting of Victor Notermans, Antoon Versteegde, Karel den Biggelaar, Dan Hoevenaars and Jan Jongedijk. They all work at the intersection of art, music, sound and installation art. Under the name Radio Approxim they make music and perform together in the Approxim Studio in a former transformer building of the North Brabant Provincial Electricity Company. The very building where the Platform New Experimental Music was founded and where they started organising the PNEM Sound Art Festival in 2011.


This festival offers an international platform for the development and implementation of experimental music and sound art. The artists for this special ‘no budget’ initiative

are ‘recruited’ through an Open Call. For this third edition of the PNEM Sound Art Festival 90 artists from all over the world submitted their work. The organizers selected 30 works here, ranging from performances, video works, soundscapes and sound installations.

Yannick Franck - PNEM SAF 2012

Armeno Alberts composer, musician, sound artist, program maker of VPRO Radio – Cafe Sonore

Third Edition

In the field of existing festivals for contemporary music and sound art (including the famous November Music in Den Bosch, the International Gaudeamus Music Week in Utrecht and HEAR festival in Heerlen, to name but a few), the PNEM Sound Art Festival has now emerged as a very interesting and completely quirky initiative, where the spectator in 2 days in a very special location, in the middle of the woods, an exciting and varied program presented.


There will also be just like in the previous editions a special happening place with the “Wood Walk Experience ‘, a sound walk especially for the beautiful woods around Uden. This year for the first time you can experience Soundart in the romantic and cozy Drive-In Audio Park.

PNEM SoundArtFestival

Xo Xinh - PNEM SAF 2012



T Spark

PNEM SoundArtFestival

Live 4

The third edition of the international PNEM Sound Art Festival in Uden offers you two days of live music and sound art, video and audio projects, lectures and workshops. The festival challenges visitors from regular cultural activities in the Uden region to just let go and open up to innovative images and sound sculptures. The interaction between musicians, artists and audience, the inspiring location in and around the old Pnem building at the edge of the forest where autumn colours in full bloom and the determination of the Platform to push new experimental music to its limits make this soundart festival a truly unique experience.

This international festival, with static and dynamic elements and a line-up with dozens of foreign artists, specifically on ground-breaking sound art, is a welcome addition to the cultural variety in this region. Lovers of art and culture, artists and musicians are introduced to internationally renowned artists and up-coming new talents at a high-quality soundart festival that was organized without significant financial support. The organizers of this festival with a varied programme, working with very little except a lot of positive energy and a modest budget deserve our admiration. The festival could only be realized because the artists travel at their own expense, or present their work digitally, which underlines the importance of this international festival. In Uden they are given a warm welcome and are accomodated with art-loving host families. I wish the organizers every success to consolidate and expand their artistic ambitions in this festival that will be indispensable for the cultural colour of our region. Thanks to the cooperation with regional companies, musicians and secondary schools, the future of the festival is guaranteed and we hope many editions will follow. I wish you a wonderful and inspiring series of concerts! Thijs Vonk, alderman for culture

Initiation Ritual

Chris Sigdell, creator of hositle soundscapes for the modern age, is an experimental electronic musician and lives in Basel. He developed a soft spot for early industrial textures while pioneering ambient soundscapes cutting his teeth in cult industrial band NID (1995-2005). A mysterious and shadowy figure as he is, he ended up assembling sounds of such chilling creepiness that it makes Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 sound like a collection of sugar-coated lullabies. The sound of b°tong feels a lot like an agonizingly slow crawl through a dark tunnel where the dim light at the other end never gets closer. He builds an interesting oeuvre that moves in various

directions at the same time. From dealings with ambient and isolationism on the one hand and experimental music, ranging from the soft microsound end to the more engaging noise end on the other, in a clever combination of ideas… Since 2005 he has particiated in more than 200 concerts in Europe, Russia, Canada and the USA, and has appeared at various experimental and industrial festivals like for instance: Ausklang (DE), Sinus Series (CH) , Shift (CH), Lab 30 (DE), Kildemose (DK), Zeit Für Lärm (DE), Unser Industrie (DE), Støy På Landet (N), Destroy All Artifacts (UK). b°tong has released over 10 albums on labels like Drone Records (DE), Attenuation Circuit (DE), Noecho Records (UK) and Gears Of Sand (USA). b°tong is now signed to both Silken Tofu (B) and Greytone (I).



PNEM SoundArtFestival



Hugo Paquete PNEM


Unpredictable systems and collapse

PNEM SoundArtFestival

Live 6 Hugo Paquete (1979). Intermedia and sound artist, Master in Contemporary artistic creation in Universidade de Aveiro, Degree in Fine Art and New Media, ESAD. CR. External collaborator in the CESEM - Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical. Composição, interpretação, experimentação. CESEM: University NOVA of Lisbon. His research makes use of concepts of space and microtonality as visual and audible ecosystems displaying spatial and psychological characteristics (acoustic, architectonic, sculptural, communicative, evocative and environmental). The result is an audible interaction, open and indeterminate to the present time scales, nano and macro. Exploring territories of hyper-sensation and experimentation, enclosing (and observing) the body in the listening act. Reflecting in technology and functionality in a post-functional

aestheticism. Applying technical practices ranging from field recording to computergenerated sound synthesizing and audio spatialization. Exploring stochastic possibilities of computer algorithmic and programming interaction with software in combination with objectoriented composition and performative expression. Paquete was resident artist in the ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, IMA | Institute for Music & Acoustics. He collaborated with the Lithuanian Artist Julijonas Urbonas to develop the sound composition to the Talking Doors project that earned the Distinction in the Interactive Art category prize Prix Ars Electronica 2010, and recommendation jury 14th Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan 2010 and honourable mention in the Media, Live 2011 Grand Prix, Turku, Finland.

Karl Salzmann





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Künstlerhaus (Vienna), expo Austria pavillion (Shanghai). At the PNEM soundart festival Salzmann will perform and present his TT instrument.

Th e

Karl Salzmann (1979) is a sound artist and curator, currently based in Vienna. He works within the borders of fine art and music and develops sound installations, sculptures and objects connected to sound. He studied digital art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and is founder and curator of the Klangkunsttage festival. With his works he participated in many exhibitions and performances in museums and galleries such as (selection): Kunsthaus (Graz), MAK-museum of Applied Arts (Vienna),

PNEM SoundArtFestival







Margriet Kicks-Ass



PNEM SoundArtFestival

Live 8

Splashbox is an audio-visual performance made by Margriet Kicks-Ass. With this self-built interactive sound sculpture, two basins of water are literally put in motion (with a remote controller) and made audible by using two underwater microphones. In her live performances Margriet builds compositions with selected daily objects under water by adding them or taking them away. Each object has its own sound. This live concert consists of the noises of combined underwater resonances without added effects! During this wet dance a minicamera registers her actions. These moving images are projected on a big

screen, so the audience can have a look into the source of this sound kitchen. Margriet Kicks-Ass has over 10 years of experience in sound art and is the designer, builder, conductor and musical performer of her own instruments. The physical power of sound is Margriet’s source of inspiration. Her explorative journey consists of a mixture of electronic sound with acoustic vibrations. Margriet Studied Sound & Image (Art & Science) at the Royal Conservatory and Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague (NL).

Radio Approxim



The music institute Radio Approxim is a response to experiences with improvised jazz. Hence the warning as the caption of each sound from this company: Probably Not Your Kind Of Jazz. This is evident in the approach of the musicians who take a more intellectual, not danceable and less commercial attitude to the traditional audience. Approxim stays away from traditional ideas and techniques, but elicits like unconventional sounds of traditional musical instruments and household appliances, neither are the musicians impeded by any knowledge. The members of Approxim are also founders of the new platform experimental music, the organization behind the PNEM Sound Art Festival.

Recently Radio Approxim took part in a series of international radio projects in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, in cooperation with the Lisbon Architecture Triennial. To this end they made an ‘audio portrait’ of their hometown Uden, in which the atmosphere and space with sounds of their city was mapped. At first, a base tape was made from a 20-minute journey through the landscape of Uden, which was recorded as a single track. Afterwards more layers with local sounds were recorded and mixed to the final audio portrait, named ‘Next Stop’. The premiere of the piece was played in Lisbon, during the Architecture Triennial and simultaneously worldwide via Radio During the festival you can not only hear the soundtrack, but also view the video that was made during the rough journey around Uden.

PNEM SoundArtFestival




Teresa Matias NL


The peach tree impro

PNEM SoundArtFestival

Live 10

Since arriving to Amsterdam in 2007, Portuguese block flute player and performing artist Teresa Matias has discovered a whole new aproach to her instrument, including computer interactive performance systems and extended techniques, like circular breathing. Since then she has been focused on developing a one-woman-ensemble where she combines bass ‘blokfluit’ models, voice, layering and sound manipulation, creating a ‘unconventional, very unique approach to the ‘blokfluit’. Her original compositions are grounded somewhere between classical music and ambient music genres, in an organic, ethereal, multi-layered soundscape, delivered by both acoustic and electronic

sources. In her performances everything you hear is live, i.e., no pre-recorded sounds are being used. Last year’s highlights include solo performances at the Van Gogh Museum Friday Night Series, European Heritage Days and duo performances at Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture and Gentse Festival. Teresa is a former student of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Utrechts Conservatorium and Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. During these years of education she focused on both early and contemporary music as well as on the improvisatory practices of both periods.

Tropic of Coldness US

Unrelated Causalities Tropic of Coldness is a duo formed by David and Giovanni, who met by chance, or maybe not, in Brussels, Belgium, during the autumn of 2011. David is a guitarist, synth and sample player, already active on the Brussels scene with his electro / experimental project ‘Drawing Virtual Gardens’. Giovanni plays the guitar, voice and samples for the NorthEast Italian band ‘Fuji Apple Worship’, involved in a melting pot of drones, field recordings and minimal sound sculptures. Since its beginning in November 2011, Tropic of Coldness focused on drones / ambient / electro-acoustics originating from improvised sessions, with layers of processed guitars and synths, surrounded

and filtrated by field recordings in a sort of acoustic archaeology. The sound research permeates every single note and the harmonic pattern is oriented towards both instrumental and compositional exploration, in a combination of ambient and electronic elements. In March 2012 they released the E.P. ‘Commuting’, first as digital download and then as CD-R for the label Cathedral Transmissions. ‘Commuting’ has been well received by the press and was included in the ‘The Year’s Best Winter Music 2012’ by A Closer Listen and in the ‘Long List’ of 2012 Best Albums by Fluid Radio. Tropic of Coldness’ second release, ‘Unrelated Causalities’, was issued in February 2013 as digital download and in 100 copies limited edition CD-R.



PNEM SoundArtFestival





PNEM Young Local Heroes 2013

7 AM

PNEM SoundArtFestival

Live 12

PNEM Young Local Heroes 2013

We will perform under the name of ‘wander’. Our project is going to be called ‘7 AM’. We are Lex Raijmakers and Rutger Schimmel, we are both 18 years old and live in Uden, you might have heard of it. We have had several musical projects together, mainly Lex playing bass guitar and Rutger playing lead guitar. But we have also made electronic music together under the name of Guaypaut.

Now we are taking a more serious turn in our musical partnership. With Lex performing the music and Rutger creating the visuals, we will perform our piece called ‘7 AM’. It’s about a person’s ordinary morning, like his morning has been for the past 15 years. The piece contains all the phases that the person goes through every morning, both physically and emotionally.


Chess Queen


David Rogers Marc Yeats Shadow play


David Rogers’ practice includes installation, performance and screen based work and audio, ranging from soundscapes to compositional sound. Work exhibited in both gallery and nongallery situations. Finding himself in an engaging environment, or where some aspect of the environment provokes interest, he records both sound and video. Marc Yeats’ music is performed, commissioned and broadcast worldwide. Transduction, complex surface relationships, un-synchronised alignments, contextual, harmonic and temporal ambiguities, polarised intensities and a visceral joy of sound are all primary concerns. ‘Shadow play’ is a video ‘field recording’ of ‘pure’shadows without any intervention from surface, form or colour with no digital manipulation other than editing.

PNEM SoundArtFestival

The poem ‘Chess Queen’ was born to Gabriel Labanauskait in the year 2012 while she was a trainee in London. The artist spent most of her time at the British Library surrounded by the royal antiques doing research for her dissertation about drama narrative. This proved to be an inspiration to create a video for the poem ‘Chess Queen’, where day-to-day actions are dramatically charged and engulfed in an arcane aura. The soundtrack for this moony and playful arrangement was created by Vladas Dieninis and Aivaras Ruzgas. The visuals were conceived by the video artist Solveiga Serova. AVaspo collaborates with various artists to create poetry and video installations. The band is also involved in recording soundtracks for short films and playing live performances during screenings in silent film festivals. The music of AVaspo, prompted to life by texts of playwright and poet Gabriel Labanauskait, has never stagnated under one form of musical expression. The albums ‘N ra okeano’(2009) and ‘Niagara’(2010) had delivered sounds of diverse musical styles.



Mark Cauvin

Die Dunkelkammer

Max Alper

Flatbush Lonesome


PNEM SoundArtFestival

Video 14

Australian artist Mark Cauvin (1973) attended the School of Music (Sydney) and studied with Fernando Grillo (19452013) in 2006. He has navigated an eclectic musical path resulting from investigation of gesture, sound, and extended techniques on the double bass. ‘Die Dunkelkammer’ for Soloist and Electronic Music is composed as a performance art installation video. The music and choreography bear close reference to dancer Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) and physicist Giovanni Aldini (1762-1834). ‘My music echoes an imaginary playground of wacky worm wrapped in a void of strange sounds. I compose for musical instruments, sound objects, lights and moving image. Upside down my double bass is the piece of furniture, amplifier, and waterdrum, the recording studio is the workshop for composing sound and image’.


Flatbush Lonesome (Melting Into Each Other)’ is a deconstruction of the electric guitar, a complete disregard of the instrument’s traditional use. Both guitars are set to Ostrich tuning style, meaning each string is of the same pitch, in this case all Es or Cs depending on the player. By having both players gradually tune each string to D, the listener can pick up on the tension between these thin steel strips, as they slowly begin melting into each other. This piece is the first in a series of ten video and sound works entitled ‘Flatbush Lonesome’. Max Alper is a composer, performer, and producer living in Flatbush, Brooklyn. He currently studies with Morton Subotnik. When not composing, he performs in experimental pop group The Pluto Moons.

Mirjam Tally / Ülo Pikkov

The End (2012), an experimental animation film by Ülo Pikkov, music by Mirjam Tally ‘Last year’s sun still glitters in the drop of water’, edited version. P: Anna Svensdotter (flute) + electronics. In modern times, audiovisual culture spreads and develops more than ever, but the classical film print as a material is forced to back down in the face of digital solutions. Film stock, which was once synonymous with film, is destined to disappear. It is thought that when a person dies, his whole life runs before his eyes. But what would a century-old film see before it finally loses its standing to digital media? Is it cut-off film frames, a film torn to shreds, or something else?

Sound is central in Mirjam Tally’s (1976) creations. Her music is a flow of playful contrasts where a sense of humour and the poetic use of sound are blended. Apart from writing works for the contemporary music scene, she is active as a film composer. Ülo Pikkov (1976) is a filmmaker of Estonian animation movies. In 1998 he graduated from the Turu Academy of Art (in Finland) and in 2005 from the Institute of Law, University of Tartu, Estonia.



PNEM SoundArtFestival


The End


Dan Senn’s International Space Band US



PNEM SoundArtFestival

Live 16

The American sound artist and composer Dan Senn is the inventor of these instruments that he calls ‘lydes’ (lyde = Danish for sound). In fact they are cast aluminum lids of pans. On two occassions the artists Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik were invited to participate in a performance with the lydes. It seems that their performance got Dan’s approval, because Dan sent 12 lydes to the Netherlands, and this meant the birth of Dan Senn’s International Space Band.

The Band consists of a group of max 12 people who enjoy playing the lydes. For the PNEM festival Petra and Mario will give a workshop, open for everyone to join. No musical skills are required. Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik will give a small concert at the end of the workshop.


Sun Powered Musical Instruments is a sound based exploration of the assumptions underlying technology’s harness on nature. A series of robots, constructed as a combination of simple electronics and elements from nature, create different rhythms depending on how much sunlight they are exposed to. The sounds are created in an attempt to recreate natural sounds. They end up sounding mechanical and repetitive, with the only variation coming from the changing sunlight. Or Zubalsky is a musician, programmer, and artist. He is a part of the collectives Fantastic Futures and Trade School, and music projects Juviley and The Youngest. Or’s work has been supported by The New Museum, The Brooklyn Museum, Eyebeam, Vox Populi, TedX, and Maker Faire.

2 Humans 1 Paper



Osvaldo Cibils, born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1961. Lives and works in Trento, Italy. His work is mainly oriented towards drawings, computer sounds, shortlow videos and experimental ideas. Videoart, soundart ‘2 Humans 1 Paper‘ is a live performance with plotter paper 200 x 107 centimeters by Fiorella Alberti and Osvaldo Cibils. Place: Via della Cervara, 55 - 38121 Trento (TN) Italia. Date: 22 March 2013, 20 hours. Recorded performance with YouTube webcam.


Sun Powered Musical Instruments

Osvaldo Cibils

PNEM SoundArtFestival

Or Zubalsky


Ballet Mécanique/ Augment Diminish


PNEM SoundArtFestival

Video 18

Ruistuin is an experimental audio project, mainly focusing on electronics and ambient. The project was started while experimenting with a heavily modified SK5 and some fx. For the current setup, drumcomputers, synthesizers and samplers are used as well to create a moving wall of sound. The soundtrack for ‘Ballet Mécanique’ was performed live at the event ‘Sidetrack View’ at WEI in Eindhoven on 23/12/2011. For this project a new soundtrack has been created to accompany this experimental silent movie of the early 20th century and perform it live during the show. The short movie ‘Augment Diminish’ was created during the 2 day STEIM workshop ‘sound as source for film’ on 20/7/2013, a 2-day workshop on experimental sound approaches for cinema.

Anna Puhakka Kuilu/Void


Anna Puhakka (1983, Tampere) is an internationally practicing Finnish artist. She is also the lead singer and co-songwriter for Tristanuevo that in 2013 published their first album ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Weaker’. Puhakka lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Her soundscape Void (Kuilu in Finnish) was created in 2013 and is a response to the melding of cities and natural environments. It is composed from a collage of live recordings and specifically created music by the artist including music made by an African thumb piano, a traditional Finnish harp a Kantele, acoustic guitar and her voice.





Arran Poole Ôtautahi

The Anormals project incorporates unique ingredients such as sounds from nature, animals etc. and electronic guitar sonorities, setting itself up as a new occurrence in the field of electronic music. Combining electronic sounds and guitar improvisation, the experimental music of the Anormals expresses, most of all, the internal freedom of its creators. The pieces are utopian and psychedelic at the same time and they bring within themselves a chaos which becomes organized while it is still happening. The general impression is of absolute freedom, of total liberation of the music from any claim of harmonic consistency. Still, within the apparent chaos, the music happens and develops following a logic, which leads to a higher sense of musical harmony and perception. The listener is continuously challenged to respond emotionally to the pieces, to recreate them in his/her own ears and mind. This is magnified during the performances by the interaction of images and sound, since they are enriched by visual performances that accompany the music in a totally exciting and unique audiovisual experience. And psychedelic!


Arran Poole (1985) is a UK-based composer and sound artist whose work explores improvisation, drone and noise. His composition, Otautahi, is a sound installation inspired by a string of several thousand earthquakes that Arran witnessed in the New Zealand city of Christchurch. The piece attempts to depict the trauma, the panic, and the existential fear that Arran considers to be embodied not simply in the physical experience of an earthquake, but in the sonic profile as well. Presented as a transient event, which - like its earthquake inspiration - springs into action at an unspecified time without the advance knowledge of its audience, the piece aims to present a cacophonous burst of energy that momentarily floods a space with sound.


PNEM SoundArtFestival




In the Winter of Cities

Augusto Meijer Structures


PNEM SoundArtFestival

Audio 20

The AS.EM is a new but growing AV collaboration between musician Goto R and pianist and VJ Selim. Exploring the intersection between sound and video performance this collaboration concentrates on motifs and cultures from the ancient to modern and contemporary times and includes electronic sounds, photography, poetry and visual arts. The Project reflects the multifaceted quality of its members, who come from different backgrounds such theatre, film, photography, classical and rock music and is conceived to make the audience experience a new kind of ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’.


‘Structures’ is the result of a research composition project initiated by Augusto Meijer, during the Master of Music program at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Main focus: exploring creations of complex structures into sounds, which are developed into a large number of varieties. The goal is to achieve an improvement in the process of sound creation for Acousmatic works. ‘Structures’ has been presented at various occasions around the globe, including the International Computer Music Conference, Linux Audio conference, and more. Augusto Meijer is an electronic music composer from the Netherlands. He obtained a Master of Music degree at the Utrecht School of the Arts, after successfully completing the European Media Master of Arts degree. In this study, he focused strongly on electro-acoustic music, and composition techniques. He uses synthesizers and samplers to create his sound material. As a lover of analogue/digital gear, he will never stop to expand and improve his beloved home-studio setup. His work is strongly and inevitably based on personal experiences and fascinations.


IKTA was founded by Victoria Trinder to showcase experimental sound works. Interested in the use of analogue and digital technologies Trinder edits and manipulates field recordings using handmade contact microphones, audio recorders and musical kinetic sculptural objects. Using social networking platforms such as SoundCloud, Twitter and Tumblr, IKTA shared experimental sounds to an on-line community. In response to the communication with web users, IKTA began to accept sound works from an international community. This allowed for interaction that crossed cultural, academic and social boundaries. IKTA broadcasts, live improvised musical jam sessions featuring collaborators, Simon West, Rosie Stewart, Jack Stewart and Kate Ross. Radio listeners gain audio access to hour-long sound play sessions revealing the creative processes and methods explored by musicians and artists with varied levels of experience and skill. Together they use musical instruments, electronic beats and ‘home-made’ percussive objects consisting of motors and contact microphones.

Ulular Mambo


Neural Xolotl is a response to violence and authoritarianism in Mexico, a kind of anesthetic echo of tenderness. I attended bass and jazz theory lessons with Aaron Cruz, and SuperCollider lessons with Hernani Villasenor at CENART. Recently, I’m in a Master Program on Music Technology at UNAM. Some of my pieces have been selected for national and international festivals. Ulular Mambo is a lullaby to the violence growing in the world. It’s a tribute to dogs (representing all animals) and childhood (representing humankind), because both of them have been murdered, tortured, abandoned and forgotten. This is a tender supplication for peace, a processed soundscape in which noise, music, and nature sounds are searching for an impossible spiritual unity. (Note: water sampler is used under Brunhild Ferrari’s permission, this sound is absent in WoodWalk Area).


The Happening

Neural Xolotl

PNEM SoundArtFestival



Nils Potet Reflets


PNEM SoundArtFestival

Audio 22

Nils Potet studied classical music then turned to electro-acoustic composition. After he discovered microtonal music by listening to composers like Yvan Wyschnegradsky, Julián Carrillo or Franck Christoph Yeznikian, he decided to explore in particular the synergies that can exist between electro-acoustics and micro-intervals. Reflets is a piece composed for a virtual instrument in quarter-tones created from the sound of a wine glass. The piece was written after two other works using a piano tuned in eight-tones. In Reflets, the virtual instrument acts as a soloist, and develops a rhythm and melodic line in the specific harmonies of the quarter-tone system. The virtual instrument line is accompanied by a sort of mysterious and strange sound landscape in which it evolves and with which it interacts.



João Ricardo’s work investigates the nuances of vibrations in our lives through the use of slow evolving compositions, which emphasize the need for calm and slowness in today’s fast paced world. Ricardo explores abstract sceneries as motifs to describe the idea of imaginary space, creating meditative environments, which suggest the expansion of space and time. João Ricardo was born in Porto, Portugal. After having toured as a death metal guitarist in the 90s and technically assisting super stars in a casino, he immersed himself in electronic music and never looked back. In the advent of the new millenium the ocp project came to life. Presently, João dedicates himself to performing live and to composition/production/ experimentation with multimedia. Throughout his career his work has been presented in Portugal, Holland, France, USA, Germany, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Argentina, India, Turkey, Brazil, UK, Italy and Rumania.


Paul Amlehn is an interdisciplinary artist based in New Zealand. He works in the mediums of: literature, painting, photography, music and film. Amlehn’s art works have been placed in the collections of the MoMA, ZKM, and documenta Archiv. His works have also been exhibited at festivals such as the IX Cuenca Bienal, Art 42 Basel (with the Serpentine Gallery), the 51st Venice Biennale, and the 55th Venice Biennale. Paul Amlehn has collaborated on music projects with musicians from the bands of Lou Reed, David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Tom Waits and others, and with members of the Kronos Quartet and Philip Glass Ensemble. He is currently working on an album of music with texts and vocals by William S. Burroughs, courtesy of his Estate, and on an album of music, which re-configures and re-imagines the music of John Cage, courtesy of the John Cage Trust.

A Sad Waltz in D-Minor How do I know any of this was real?


A Sad Waltz in D-Minor is the non-deplume of Peter Bryant, who is a Londonbased sound collage maker and musician. Using a bricoleur’s sensibility and a DIY approach to construction and editing, Peter improvises sounds, images and video, remixes and re-purposes them for his projects. He draws heavily on the abstract and concrete notions of found sounds. Each track mixes new instrumentation/noise with found sounds dug up on ephemera like tapes or heard ‘out there’. This piece explores the idea of existing and engaging as a digital stranger in the online world and the consequences of taking things that are said and done at their word. It challenges what it means to construct an identity in the digital age. The voice is by Megan Rutledge.


Cross the Wounded Galaxies

Peter Bryant

PNEM SoundArtFestival

Paul Amlehn



A deux voix, moments/ City Soundings

Xo Xinh Contagion I


PNEM SoundArtFestival

Audio 24


Wiska Radkiewicz and Andrea Cohen have formed a Soundson Collective within which they have been collaborating on various audio projects as well as on pedagogical activities. These collaborative projects use their own online platform for audio sharing and collective composition ( called Soundson. As a collective, they produced radio works at French Public Radio (‘Chere Toi’, ‘Correspondances’), and composed other collaborative radio pieces: A deux voix, moments. This piece was composed in a process of exchanging sonic letters as an attempt to create a poetic /musical language that carries the memory of past moments and, at the same time, constitutes a unique composition. City Soundings. To compose this collaborative work, we invited 14 sound artists from different countries to participate. Each artist recorded soundscapes in his/her respective cities. The final composition emerged after each participant modified the piece in the predetermined order.



Xo Xinh is a Vietnamese-American electroacoustic composer music educator living in Bay Area, California. Most of his works aim to re-contextualize the essence of traditional instruments through spectral processing and interactive manipulation of the acoustic sound by the computer, as well as to explore the transformation of traditional music through the contemporary and experimental medium. His main interest is to experiment the new sounds and new techniques that are able to merge the old with the new, the tradition with the contemporary, while mending the gap between them sonically and musically. Xinh’s compositions have been performed in the U.S., Canada, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Italy, France and Netherlands.


Marbling is an interactive mixed reality marble track. Spectators can place two different types of real objects on the display. One is a ‘marble source’, the other is an object against which virtual marbles bounce. Once a marble enters the system, a piano sound is heard. The same note is played when the marble bounces against one of the other objects. When the spectator moves an object, the image on the display freezes and only a thin pad sound is heard. The system continues when the spectator removes his hand from the display. Marbling was awarded with the 2nd prize at the Blooom Awards by Warsteiner at the ART.FAIR in Cologne in November 2012.

WAVES: Ultimate Sound


The sound artists Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik from Eindhoven have been working for more than 30 years making concerts, performances, in situ projects, installations en research projects. Their work ranges from winddriven sound objects and home-made feedback instruments to spectacular string installations that play and tune themselves. Their concerts can be either very simple improvisations, or complex interactive systems that they themselves don’t fully understand either. Petra en Mario recently presented their works a.o in New York, Vladivostok, Brisbane, Istanbul, Praag, Warsaw, Madrid, Belgrade and Tel Aviv. The press about the work of Petra and Mario: ‘Another boat of music weirdoes in the open sea with no familiar coordinates… The only compass is their creative intuition. Let’s start this obscure journey based on the principle ‘the one who takes risks makes profit’....



Petra Dubach Mario van Horrik

PNEM SoundArtFestival



Tijdschrift over vernieuwende muziek en cultuur



Mind The Gap sampler

Muziek • (Beeld-)cultuur • Media • Kunst • Maatschappij Interviews • Essays • Achtergrond • Nieuws • Recensies GONZO



11 7

#116- MTG #103


cultuur Laibach-Kunst (SL) e muziek en (AT) uwend sief (D) / Paul Poet vernie Schlingen Over Christoph



Savage, Spookhuisje & meer


De terugkeer van de Boom



Interview Alan Bishop & Electro Shaabi: de sonische Egyptische revolutie






bstep? Weg van de postdu LUCRE CIA DALT Met een basgitaar dwars JOHN ZORN door de crisis genie? , goeroe Platenkakker,




#10 CD 2


Neoklassieke escapade


Kosmische kortsluiting



Van ‘Silver Apples of the


en cultuur

Over tapeloops, 9/11 en ‘Nocturnes’

INCUBATE-SPECIALTRA IEVE 9 CLUS Vatican Shadow, Hierog EX ABeing, CKS 4 lyphic Sean Nicholas TR




mei - juni 2013


FEMEN Refunc Marc Bijl Teun Castelein Miktor & Molf Aldo van den Broek Jeroen Kooijmans Boris Tellegen (R&S) Felix & Mumford Alicia Framis Breure & van Hulzen Eddie The Eagle Museum Abner Preis Arno Coenen IRIS ROYALSTEEZ Jan Cremer Gert Jan Kocken Hugo Kaagman Hans Citroen Henk Wildschut Olaf Mooij Rob Hornstra Jonas Ohlsson Ego Leonard Bert Teunissen Willehad Eilers Ronald Ophuis geluidskunstenaar schocktherapeut tot VanViaOral Pipsqueak was here!!! Merijn Hos Midas Zwaan Lilith Lovee werking van zingen De helend Waal de Martin C. Marc van Elburg Sluik / Kurpershoek


september - oktober 2013


Over vernieuwende muziek #115- MTG #102

juli-augustus 2013

#117- MTG #104

Electroboutique (RU) Goldie (UK) ex (DK) TOPOTEK1 (D) + Superfl Conor Harrington (UK) Köken Ergun (TR)


en cultuur





Over vernieuwende muziek

Jonathan Meese (D) Marina Abramović David Černý (CZ) Architects of Air (UK)

Nieuw mecenaat of buigen

Moon’ tot apps






GEBER ZEIT Jan Pötter t Speedy J & Lucy


Nieuw Scheidler Davidprojec

topku’ nst aleISME ation intern Jelle de Graaf TAIN ‘SUS BijlsmaSCHWARZ OVER SarahIEL MICH & nederlands talent Daniel Maalman

SAND König RES ALEK TENA Matthias KUNS Hans Runge van de maan Kirsten Wilmink

kant De andere Born Digital






Rob van der Hoeven Stefan Gross UE Studio Kortmann van Rossem, VOICE | HIELE | PROLOG + free lectures by Maarten IVVVO | HIS ELECTRO BLUE de Mul ON | MIK QUANTIUS | | LORIJosGOLDST FEIGLSteinz, ZOROPieter + 18 days Silent Disco + many many more….



Elektronische blues


juli-augustus 2013 8,-



mei-juni 2013 8,-


| PETER JOHAN NIJLAND Eindelijk een coole Biënnale!


PNEM Sound Art Festival 2013 is made possible by:

PNEM SoundArtFestival Pnemstraat 1a NL-5406 XA Uden, Nederland www. Next Open Call May 1 - July 31, 2014



Festival organisation Antoon Versteegde Dan Hoevenaars Jan Jongedijk Karel den Biggelaar Victor Notermans

Accountants & Adviseurs

PNEM SoundArtFestival

BGH Accountants & Adviseurs Rabobank Uden Veghel Rotary Uden Sam’s Kledingactie ArtWorksAndMore Earconia Väfge Gemeente Uden



2DaYS of SoUNd NOiSe aNd MusiC

Sound Art Festival Saturday live


Doors open, video room Radio Approxim NL Armeno Alberts NL Teresa Matias PT NL Karl Salzmann AT Pause Mirjam Tally/Ülo Pikkov SE EE Teresa Matias PT NL Hugo Paquete PT Pause IT BE Tropic of Coldness US


18:00-24:00 19:40-20:00 20:00-20:15 20:20-20:30 20:35-20:50 20:50-21:10 21:10-21:16 21:20-22:35 21:40-22:10 22:10-22:30 22.30-23:05

Sunday WoodWalk Experience Drive-in Audiopark Petra Dubach/Mario van Horrik NL Margriet Kicks-Ass NL AT Karl Salzmann Wander NL B°tong CH Margriet Kicks-Ass NL Mirjam Tally/Ülo Pikkov SE EE Radio Approxim NL Dan Senn’s International Space Band


Hugo Paquete PT


v No


11:00-16:00 11:00-16:00 12:00-12:30 12:30-12:50 13:00-13:20 13:30-13:50 14:00-14:20 14:30-14:50 15:00-15:06 15:07-15:27 15:30-15:50



PNEM Sound Art Festival 2013  

On 16 and 17 November 2013 the 3rd edition of the annual PNEM Sound Art Festival takes place. An unique festival in the Netherlands, organiz...

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