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T h e Brothers of Beta Chapter have a new outlook on South Africa and the people of that country. They were participants in "Step Afrika," a cultural exchange program designed to enhance c o m m u n i c a t i o n b e t w e e n Alpha Phi Alpha and the people of South Africa. Techniques of "stepping" and African dance were exchanged but the Brothers of Beta C h a p t e r observed: "Lessons l e a r n e d a b o u t s t e p p i n g and d a n c i n g seemed to be relatively small compared to the lessons learned about life—for Brothers at Howard University traveled to Soweto, South Africa, South Africans and African-Americans." as pan of the Step Afrika Cultural Exchange Program. Beta Beta Chapter Brothers who made the Chapter Brothers are shown here with South African youth. trip to South Africa said "traveling there and experiencing the real South Africa instead of African dance steps, the "Gumboot" dance among the media's South Africa opened our eyes to the them. pressures South Africans endure on a day-to-day Contributions to keep the Step Afrika cultural basis." exchange alive may be sent to Brother Desmond In addition to sharing their techniques of step- D u n h a m , H o w a r d University, P. O . Box 506, ping, the Brothers of Beta Chapter also learned Washington, D C 20059. EPSILON PI N O R F O L K STATE UNIVERSITY

Brother Congressman R o b e r t C. Scott was a speaker for a seminar sponsored at Norfolk State by the Brothers of Epsilon Pi. Brother Scott represents Virginia's Third Congressional District in the U. S. House of Representatives. T h r e e other seminars sponsored by Epsilon Pi

addressed personal finance, AIDS awareness and u n d e r s t a n d i n g self. Brother Ken Taylor of the Merrill Lynch investment firm conducted the personal finance seminar, and volunteers from the Norfolk Health Department were speakers for the AIDS awareness seminar. Affirmative Action was a m o n g t h e subjects Brother Scott addressed in his seminar presentation.

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Ten new Brothers have been added to the rolls of Eta Chapter and they immediately immersed themselves in Chapter activities—Project Homeless, the Eastern Regional Convention, the 86th Chapter Anniversary, the Raymond W. Cannon Scholarship Banquet, and New York City's March of Dimes Walk America. T h e anniversary program celebrated the last 10 years of Eta Chapter members.


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ETA Chapter'sF.U.D.G.E. Bros, forge aheadwith plans to feed New York City s homeless.

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