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a far broader base. But we have far less excuse to shirk the task, for ours is one of the decision times of history a n d what we do now will shape the destiny of m a n k i n d . . . in fact, determine o u r very own future. W h a t does o u r future portend? Are we prepared to meet o u r responsibility of the next half century? Perhaps o u r introspection can be best compared to what a m a n knows at fifty. His knowledge is no longer one of formulas or forms of words, b u t of people, places and actions. His is ;i knowledge gained by touch, sight. sound, victories, failures, sleeplessness, devotion, love . . . the whole gamut of h u m a n experience a n d emotions of this earth a n d of one's self a n d other men. H e knows t h a t in the flower of his life he must apply all of his collective being for the advancement ol his fellowman, lest he shall die an ignoble death. H e knows finally, that time a n d history have doubled back on him, a n d he is trapped into the position of demonstrating that b r o t h e r h o o d is neither a mystical abstraction nor a mechanical gadget, but a constant caring a b o u t the rights of others. Alpha Phi Alpha at fifty is better able to take full advantage of its ever greater o p p o r t u n i t i e s in the full

effectuation of its original purpose . . . of achieving right here in America, once a n d lor all, a society in which there are n o u n i m p o r t a n t or underprivileged people. W e can begin anew by m a k i n g this 50th Anniversary a testimonial to outavowed d e t e r m i n a t i o n ; by directing our every official act toward solutions to the terrifying problems that beset us. T h e n we can r e t u r n h o m e rewarded with greater awareness of the true m e a n i n g of o u r fraternity a n d its utility in the world, a n d better prepared to accept responsibility. Let us r e m e m b e r t h a t what we do here tonight, this week, a n d the months ahead, has international as well as national significance. Let us set our sights on the goal of h u m a n happiness a n d march forward with strong a n d active faith in the secure knowledge that the test of our future progress is not whether we make lasting contributions to m a n k i n d . In the inspiring words of the poet: " W e live in deeds, not years; In thoughts, not breaths; In courage, not cowardice; In feelings, not figures of a dial. W e should count time by heart throbs. H e lives most who thinks most, Feels the noblest a n d acts the best."

Educational Director Makes $25,000 Scholarship Recommendation EDITOR'S NOTE: This brief address is by Brother William H. Hale, Director of Educational Activities of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. It was delivered on the occasion of the presentation of the Fraternity's $25,000.00 scholarship award to Cornell University, Ithaca New York, August 11, 1956. Doctor Hale is presently professor of Sociology and Chairman of the Department of Social Science, Clark College, Atlanta, Georgia. I T H A C A , N . Y . - B r o t h e r Galvin, Brother General President Stanley, Honored Jewels, Brothers and Friends: It has been said t h a t an institution is but the lengthened shadow of a m a n . Looked at in a n o t h e r way a social institution is a h u m a n creation designed to meet a particular need. O u r fraternity a n d the purpose which brings us to this beautiful campus of our b i r t h fit these designations, for they are, at o n e a n d the same time, developments of the idea so D E C E M B E R , 1956

h u m b l y yet earnestly begun fifty years ago. I n the whole area of social change there are for the student of society no m o r e perplexing questions t h a n

these: H o w d o the customs a n d conventions which have crystallized over the years give way to new forms and new behavior systems? H o w does the individual gain new images of himself a n d new conceptions of his role so that he moves into a n d becomes a part of a new life? W h a t h a p p e n s when groups w h o differ either physically or culturally or both, a n d who by virtue of these peculiarities are assigned differential positions in the social structure come together to share a c o m m o n life in a c o m m o n geographical setting bringing with them as they always do their own peculiar status systems as well as expectations as to how they should behave a n d how they should be behaved toward? I n 1906 the seven star crest young men w h o found themselves together here at Cornell became immediately for all practical purposes, members of two different groups each having its own u n i q u e status in the society. T h e y were, first of all, Negro youth; a category sufficient generally, in light of social expectations, to say w h o the individual is, w h a t those goals are toward which he might aspire, what he might become a n d how he should act a n d be acted toward. At the same time they were college men, a designation in itself well designed to ascribe or assign to the individual a particular place in his world. In the persons of o u r founders these two master status determining categories met a n d clashed, for the role of college men in 1906 was far from being consistent with the role of a Negro. T h e y were indeed what the s t u d e n t of society calls "marginal people." People faced with severe dilemmas a n d contradictions of their various statuses. People u n s u r e and uncertain as to w h a t they could or should do; people with only vague definitions as to w h o they are. T h e i r problem became one of not only being a Negro b u t also one of acting

M I D - W E S T R E G I O N A L C O N V E N T I O N — December 2 8 - 3 0 , 1956 Convention headquarters will be at the Midtown Hotel, 2935 Lawton Boulevard, phone JEfferson 1-5868, St. Louis, Missouri. Double rooms with bath, $8.20; single rooms without bath, $4.55. Atlas H o t e l — 4 2 6 7 Dslmar Blvd., $4.44 up with or without bath. Adams Hotel—Olive at Pendleton, $5.50 up double rooms with bath. Hermitage H o t e l — 4 4 5 8 Washington, $4.55 up with or without bath Any of the well known downtown hotels are available, also the Y M C A . T h e Housing Committee will work out details for those wishing to reside in homes. For further information, contact Brother Lionel N . Newsome, 3735 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri.

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The SPHINX | Fall/Winter 1956 | Volume 42 | Number 4 195604204  
The SPHINX | Fall/Winter 1956 | Volume 42 | Number 4 195604204  

50th Anniversary Convention. Alpha Wives Chat. Chemist Honored by Chemical Institute. Bro. Neal Brown Gets High Post.