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If mailing,  please  enclose:  

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$40  Entry  Fee  for  up  to  3  images  

Artists of  Texas  has  t wo   levels  of   membership,  Friends  of   AOT   or   those   with   juried   Member   status.   AOT   exhibits   award  juried  cash  awards  annually  for  excellence.  

Completed Entry  Form  for  up  to  3  images    

Please mail  check  payable  to:  

ARTISTS OF  TEXAS   c/o  Vernita  Hoyt   P.O.  Box  86,  Spring,  TX  77383  

Friends of  A OT  are   individuals  or  businesses  who  support   the   mission   of   this   organization,   but   are   not   eligible   for   AOT   exhibitions.  Some  are  previous  Exhibiting   Members   who  maintain  their  signature  status,  but  who  have  moved   outside  of  the  state  of  Texas.  

Or visit  our  website  at   for  link  to  online  Jotform  entry   and  for  information  on  becoming  a  m ember.  


  Juror  Joe  Peña  is  the  Assistant  Professor  of       Art   at   Texas   A&M   University,   Corpus       Christi.   H e   has   h eld   the position   of   Public       Arts   Manager   in   Corpus   Christi   before       assuming   the   role   of   Gallery   Director   for       TAMUU-­‐CC.   In   y ears   p revious,   he   assisted     in   creating  and  operating  a  contemporary   a rt   gallery   in   NYC   before  moving  to  Babcock  Gallery.  H e  exhibits  in  solo,  group,   and  juried   exhibitions  and  has  been  featured   in  five  major   print  publications.  H e  is  a  lecturer,  workshop  instructor,  and   his  work  is  widely  collected.  

Exhibit Calendar   Exhibition  Dates:  March  15-­‐April  29,  2017   Entry  Postmarked  by  February  1,  2017   Notifications  e mailed  February  9,  2017   Shipped  Works  Arrive  Feb  27-­‐March  3,  2017   Hand   delivered   Works  arrive   Sat.   Mar  11,  2017  10:00-­‐                 3:30  &  Sun.  Mar  12,  2017,  1:00-­‐4:00  pm   Opening  Reception  Wed.  March  22  5:00-­‐7:00  pm   Works  picked  up  Sun.  April  30,  2017   Returned  Works  Shipped  first  week  of  May,  2017  

The juried   Members   of   the   Artists   of   Texas   are   current   residents  of  Texas,  have  been  selected  based  on  a  body  of   work,  and  are   working   in  a  professional  manner  as  they   pursue  their  a rt.  Some  have  achieved  Signature  Status  and   others  have   gone  on  to  achieve  Master  Signature  Status   within  the  organization.  This  jury  process  ensures  that  a   quality  exhibition  is  always  maintained.    



The Artists   of   Texas   hold   two   exhibitions   per   year   throughout  various   cities  within  the   State  of   Texas.   One   full  juried  exhibition  is  located  in  a  gallery  o r  museum,  and   a  second   is   either  a  full  exhibit   in  a  gallery  or  museum,  or   a  web-­‐based  member  exhibit,   with  the  possibility  of  the   top  10  winning  paintings  b eing  exhibited  in  a  local  gallery.   Cash  awards  from  both   exhibitions  are  presented  to  the   Artists  selected  by  an  invited  a rt  professional  hired  as  the   Juror  of  A wards.  In  addition  to  exhibitions,  m embers  get  a   web  page  with  the  A rtists  of  Texas  website,  a  site  that  gets   traffic  within  the  thousands  weekly.  

March 15  –  April  29,  2017    

KUCERA GALLERY   Art  Center  of  Corpus  Christi   100  N.  Shoreline  Blvd   Corpus  Christi,  TX  78401   361-­884-­6406     The  mission  of  the  Artists  of  Texas  is  to   celebrate,  advance  and  promote  art  in  the  State   of  Texas.      Artists  of  Texas  is  committed  to   providing  art  education  opportunities,   scholarships,  painting  workshops,  marketing   and  technological  support,  and  encouragement   to  its  members,  at  a ll  levels  of  membership.   Levels  of  membership  include  Master  S ignature,   Signature  and  Professional,  and  members  must   be  current  residents  of  the  S tate  of  Texas.  

LOCATION: The  Kucera  Gallery  is  located  within  the  Art    

Center of  Corpus  Christi  -­‐  a  favorite  location  of  t ourists,   and  the  creative  hub  and  e vent  venue  in  downtown  Corpus   Christi.  It  is  situated  in  t he  heart  of  the  Bayfront  district.    

ELIGIBILITY: Open  to  Artists  of  Texas  Juried  Members,   Signature   Members,   and   Master   Members   only   (this   excludes  “Friends  of  AOT”).  Media  eligible  for  admission   include   works   on  canvas,   a rchival   art   board,   or   archival   paper,   photography,   and   sculpture   created   within   the   last   three   (3)   years   from   the   entry   deadline.   All   work   must  be  created  by  the  submitting  Artist  within  and  is  to   be  o riginal  and  derived  f rom  a rtist’s  original  concept  and   references.    

SELECTIONS: The  top  30-­‐50  artworks  (as  size  will   allow)  will  be  selected  by  the  Juror  and  will  hang  in  the   Kuchera  Gallery  exhibition  at  the  A rt  Center  of  Corpus   Christi.      

AWARDS :  More  than  $1500  in  cash  a wards  will  be   announced  at  the  opening  reception.    

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES   • All   works   must   be   in   keeping   with   the   theme   “H2O”   and   represent  the   artist’s   interpretation  of   water  in  its  many  forms.   • Maximum  weight   of   sculptures   shall   b e  30  lbs.   and   easily  handled  by  one  person.   • Maximum  dimensions  on  wall  art  will  be  72  inches       on  the  longest   side   INCLUDING  MOLDING   (there   is   no  minimum).   • Frames   must  be   clean,   wired   with  sturdy   wire   for   the   appropriate  weight,  and  hanging  within  the  top  1/4  of   the  frame  using  screw  eyes  or  D-­‐rings.     • Works   on   paper   are   to   be   framed   under   Plexiglas,   except  for  pastels,  which  may  be  framed  under  glass.   Artists  must  be  responsible  for  securely  packing  works   using  glass,  and  to  insure  against  breakage..   • Mats  shall  be  white  or  off-­‐white.     • Label  jpeg  images  by  Name,  Title,  Size,  &  Medium,  to   correspond   with  the  form,  and   sized  1400   pixels   on   the   longest   side,   at   100   dpi   resolution.   Example:   (JohnCarver_MorningSunrise_oil_16x20.jpg)    

FEES AND  ENTRY:  $40  entry  f ee  for  up  to  three  works  is   non-­‐refundable.  Send   completed   entry  form   with   check   to  A rtists   of   Texas  by   the  postmarked  d eadline   listed   in   the   calendar.   Postmarked   submission   images   must   be   emailed   to   For   online   entry   see   for    

jotform  entry  with  Paypal  payment  by  the  “Web  Entry”   deadline.    

SELECTIONS AND  SALES:  The  exhibit  selections   will   b e   made   from   JPEG   images   online.   Artists   of   Texas   and   The   Arts  Center  of  Corpus  Christi  reserve  the  right  to  reject  the   delivered   works   selected   for   the   exhibit   that   differ   significantly   from   the   JPEG   images   submitted,   or   that   exceed  size  limitations.    A ll   notifications  to  artists  will   b e   by  email.  A  30%  commission  will  b e  retained  from  a ll  sales   on  artwork  a ccepted  into  the  exhibition.    

DELIVERY OF  ACCEPTED  WORK  must  arrive  within  the  

Name: ______________________________________   Address:  ____________________________________    


Email: ______________________________________   Phone:  _____________________________________


ENTRY #1         Retail  Sales  Price:    $  _____________     Title:  ______________________________________  

dates noted  on  the   calendar,  whether  shipped  or  hand-­‐ carried.  It   is   suggested   to  carry   full   insurance   on   shipped   works.   All   accepted   works   must   be   ready   for   a   gallery   setting.   Each   work   must   be   labeled   on   back   with   the   Artist’s  name,  Title  of  work  and  Entry  number,  conforming   to   the   information   submitted   in   the   online   entry   form.   The  A rt  Center  of  Corpus  Christi  will  b e  responsible  for  a ll   unpacking,  receiving  work,  installation  and  de-­‐installation   of  the  exhibit,  as  well  as  packaging  works  to  be  shipped   back.  The  A rtist  may  not  withdraw  any  work  of  a rt  b efore   the  end  of  the  exhibition.  

Image size  (unframed)  _________________________  

INSURANCE AND   LIABILITY:  Every  precaution   will  be  

Media and  support:  ___________________________  

taken in   handling   the   works;   however,   Artists   of   Texas   and   the   Art   Center   of   Corpus   Christi   will   not   be   responsible  for  loss,  d amage  or  other  force  majeure,  nor   will  they  be  held  responsible  for  damages  incurred  due   to  f ire  o r  natural  d isasters  of  any  k ind.  Please  insure  your   works  fully,  particularly  if  shipping  b reakable  items.    

PROMOTIONAL: By  submitting  an  entry,  the  artist  grants  

permission for   Artists   of   Texas   and   the   Art   Center   of   Corpus   Christi   to   retain   any   accepted   image   and   to   photograph  the   works  for  any  noncommercial  future  use,   including,  but   not   limited   to,   promotional  materials  and   the  exhibition  web  site.    

JOIN ARTISTS   OF   TEXAS:   To  apply  for  Membership  in   order  to  enter  an  exhibition,  please  allow  one  month  prior   to  entry  deadline  for  the  Jury  Panel  to  view  the  images  you   send   with   your   application   for   membership.   See  for  membership  application.      

Cut here

(please read  in  full)    


Media and  support:  ___________________________   __________________________________________    

ENTRY #2         Retail  Sales  Price:    $  _____________     Title:  ______________________________________   Image  size  (unframed)  _________________________  


ENTRY #3         Retail  Sales  Price:    $  _____________     Title:  _______________________________________   Image  size  (unframed)  __________________________   Media  and  support:  ____________________________   ____________________________________________ I  have  read  the  prospectus  and  t hese  entries  adhere     to  the  requirements  stipulated  within  t his  prospectus.    

________________________________________                                                                                  Signature  

By signing  this   form,   and   during   login  on  the   online   entry   form,   each   artist   agrees   with   the   terms   and   conditions  stated  herein  

Aot 2017 spring prospectus corpus christi  

Prospectus for Artists of Texas Spring Exhibition in Corpus Christi, Texas. This is a member only exhibition to be held at the Art Center of...

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